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					                                             Story Writing

Category                1                      2                       3                          4
Introduction    The reader’s         A catchy                 First paragraph        First paragraph has a
                attention was        beginning was            has a weak             “grabber” or catchy
                not caught in the    attempted but was        “grabber”.             beginning.
                first paragraph.     confusing rather
                                     than catchy.
Organization    Ideas and scenes                         The story is pretty
                                     This story is a little                          The story is very well
                seem to be           hard to follow.     well organized.             organized. One idea or
                randomly             The transitions are One idea or scene           scene follows another in a
                arranged.            sometimes not       may seem out of             logical sequence with clear
                                     clear.              place. Clear                , interesting transitions.
                                                         transitions are
Closure         The story trails     The story has a     The story comes             The story comes to an
                off with no          common or forced to a clear                     intriguing or satisfying
                resolution or        ending which the    resolution or               conclusion and we can
                sense of what        reader accepts.     deliberately leaves         predict what sorts of
                will happen.                             us wondering.               things could happen next.
Conventions     The final draft      There are 4         There are 3                 There are only 1 or 2
                has 5 or more        spelling, usage and spelling, usage or          spelling, usage or
                spelling, usage      punctuation errors punctuation errors           punctuation errors in the
                and/or               in the final draft, in the final draft,         final draft,perhaps
                punctuation          some in common in more complex                  resulting from risk-taking.
                errors, even in      aspects.            aspects.                    Character and place
                common                                                               names that the author
                aspects.                                                             invented are spelled
                                                                                     consistently throughout.
Neatness        The final draft is   The final draft of       The final draft of     The final draft of the story
                not neat or          the story is             the story is           is readable, clean, neat,
                attractive. It       readable and some        readable, neat, and    and attractive. It is free of
                looks like the       of the pages are         attractive. It may     erasures and crossed-out
                student wanted       attractive. It looks     have one or two        words. It looks like the
                to get it done       like parts of it         erasures, but they     author took great pride in
                quickly and          might have been          are not distracting.   it.
                didn’t care what     done in a hurry.         It looks like the
                it looked like.                               author took some
                                                              pride in it.
Requirements    Many                 Most (about 75%)         Almost all (about      All of the written
                requirements         of the written           90%) of the            requirements were met.
                were not met.        requirements met,        written                (date, salutation, length)
                                     but several were         requirements were
                                     not.                     met.
Laurie Gatzke                                                           Date Created: September 6, 2003

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