MEMS Technology and MEMS Devices

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					MEMS Technology and MEMS Devices
Conclusion remarks
Scott Chang GM R & D Center (1977-99) Delphi Research Labs (1999-2006) Wayne State University Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems (2007)

Conclusion Statement by

MEMS fabrication employs a wide range of materials and equipment solutions

Monolithic or Hybrid Monolithic (CMOS-MEMS) outweigh hybrid

*Intelligent *Reliable *Low cost

*Sensor market are fragmented *Application dictates system atchitecture

*Modular approach

C om m ercialization of M E M S P rod u cts 商品化微机电系统所需具备的条件
• P ool of k n ow led ge an d tech n ical ab ilities (知 识 与 技 术
– In tegrated m an u factu rin g ap p roach w h ere d esign , m aterial, an d fab rication , p ack agin g an d testin g are d evelop ed con cu rren tly 设计 材料 制程 封装 测试 等 同时 统筹研发 C ollab oration am on g (合 作 ? 伴 )
• • • U n iversities (b asic research , en trep ren eu r)( 大 学 ) G overn m en t (fu n d in g, b asic research , coord in ation ) (政 府 ) In d u stries (ap p lied research , m an u factu rin g (工 业 团 体 )


In ter-d iscip lin ary an d team w ork ( 多 学 科 间 之 协 作 )


C u stom er k n ow led ge an d m ark etin g ch an n el (让 顾 客 知 道 产 品 的 存 在 和 开 发 消 售 网 道 )
I.e., M ark etin g an d sale (行 销 与 售 卖 )

E ssen tial F actors for a S u ccessfu l In trod u ction of M E M S P rod u cts (成 功 的 推 出 微 机 电 系 统 产 品 的 主 要 因 素 ) •
• E x isten ce of starvin g m ark et segm en t ( 商 场 极 端 需 求 ) e.g., p ressu re sen sor (en gin e con trol); accelerom eter (air b ag) C on vergen ce of tech n ology (技 术 会 聚 ) e.g., A D I’s m icro -accelerom eter -su rface m icrom ach in gin g/IC tech n ology • S ystem s ap p roach (系 统 处 理 ) D evelop er an d m an u factu rer sh ou ld d evelop of th e en tire M E M S system in p arallel fash ion • S elect fab rication tech n ologies w h ich fit righ t in th e ex istin g p rocess m od u les (选 用 与 现 有 制 程 模 块 配 合 的 生 产 技 术 ) e.g., A u tom otive accelerom eter (a su ccess story) E lectroform ed N i-rin g gyroscop e (a failu re story)

Automotive Sensors
汽车传感器共有40余种 有些器件可用微机电技术制作

Some of the devices can be fabricated by MEMS-based technology

Where Are We Today?
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Electronic Spark Control Body Control Computer Speakers and Enclosures High Fidelity Music Systems Compact Disc Players AM Radios Anti-lock Brakes Traction Controls Engine Control Modules Suspension Controllers FM Radios Power Modules Remote Keyless Entry Cellular Telephone Emergency Call Service Satellite Radio Automatic/Remote Mirror Control • Remote Start • CB Radio • Voltage Regulators • Anti-Theft Systems • Electromechanical Instrument Clusters • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Controls • Electronic Instrument Clusters • Driver Information Center • Head-up Displays • Steering Wheel Controls • Airmeter Electronics • Air Bag Electronics • Pressure Sensors • Ignition Electronics • Four Wheel Steering Systems • Vehicle Stability Control Systems • Power Train and Transmission Control Modules

• • • • • • • • • •

Collision Warning Systems Adaptive Cruise Control Night Vision LED Displays Incandescent Lamp Lighting UV Front Lighting Motor Controls Low Tire Pressure Warning Reconfigurable Displays Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems • Cockpit Modules • Automatic Wiper Control • Automatic Head/Tail Lamp Controls

Future Automotive Electronic Applications
Advanced Thermal Comfort Systems Comfort Controller Remote Engine Start - Preconditioner Regenerative Air Filter Electronic Compressor Control Advanced Sensors & Actuators


Mobile Telematics 活动性远程信息处理 Mobile Media Link Bus Digital Receiver Advanced Playbacks/Displays Two-Way Communications Adaptive Reception
Direct Broadcast Satellite Receive In-vehicle Internet & E-mail Passenger video & games system Personal assistance services Navigation system Premium surround sound system Satellite radio

Advanced Safety Systems Adaptive Restraint System (“Smart Airbags”) Integrated Adaptive Belt Restraint Seat Modules

Optimized Modular Steering Columns Vehicle stability control system Voice activated controls Collision Avoidance 避免碰撞 先进能源 Auto profiling - fingerprint ID Radar & Vision Sensors Advanced Energy Systems Passive entry/passive go Energy Generation, Control, Storage Processors & Software 电控控制系统 Warning Displays LiPo Battery Drive-By-Wire Control Systems Brake, Throttle & Steering Systems 42 Volt Systems Throttle-By-Wire Adaptive cruise control Converters/Inverters Steer-By-Wire Driver vision enhancement system Motors/Generators Brake-By-Wire External vehicle sensing aids Fuel Cells Suspension-By-Wire 先进引擎处理


灵活的感测器 与制动器

Smart Sensors & Actuators Integrated Vehicle E/E Systems Higher Value Sensors/Actuators E/E Controllers Flexible Architecture Smart Switches, Actuators, Open Systems Connectors, Sensors, Antennas, Virtual and/or Sharing Sensing Generators, & Batteries

Advanced Engine Management Systems Gasoline & Diesel Direct Injection Controls Hybrid Vehicle Controls Electric Vehicle Controls Electronic Valve Actuation/Timing Advanced Emission Sensors/Controls

Concluding Remarks (结束语)
Car of the Future 未来的汽车
自动,省油,容易操作, 舒适, 便宜,无污染

      

Don’t Have Accidents Never Get Lost Can’t Be Stolen Never Get Caught in Traffic Jams Drive Themselves Don’t Guzzle Gas Don’t Pollute

   


Don’t Have to Wait at Toll Booths Never Spin Out of Control Are Never Out of Touch Surf the Internet Never Break Down Are Very Entertaining

 

Yet, Are Very User Friendly & Comfortable And, Are Not Expensive!

O u tlook of A u tom otive M E M S (汽 车 用 微 机 电 系 统 的 前 景 )
• Automotive MEMS have been and will continue to be a major market for MEMS devices
汽车用微机电系统器件 将继续构成该器件的主要产品


The advancement of MEMS science and technology will continue to be the major driving force for the improvement of performance and cost, and the broadening of the applications of automotive MEMS
Integration of MEMS and IC’s will continue Linking multiple sensors with decision making microprocessor---Smart sensing system
微机电器件和集成电路的整合将持续--把多种传感器和 意向决定的微信息处理机组合---构成灵活的感测系统 微机电科技的提升将继续是微机电器件成品改进 成本降低 和应用扩大的主要动力


自主开发台湾汽车工业 汽车微机电系统 的科研是重要的一个项目

Thermal Management of microelectronics 1. There is urgent need of effective cooling of microelectronics

2. Microchannel heat sinks have a high heat dissipation capability (微导管散热力气有很高的热处能力) 3. Issues for the actual implementation (实际应用的技术问题) *Process compatibility *Long term reliability
制程兼容 长期可靠性

*Adequate coolant
适合的冷剂 热管与热虹吸器不需 泵

*Proper pumping mechanism

(heat pipe and thermosyphon are pump-less systems) 4. Method of hot spot mitigation via the modification of microchannel has been experimentally demonstrated

5. Microchannel heat sink cooling capability may be enhanced by the modification of the microchannel surface

电子业是台湾的重要工业 因此应大力开发电子热处理方法

Magnetic hard-drive;AFM storage (Longsheng’s area?)

for hand-held electronics and cell phones

Micro-power generation through energy harvesting TE device

Fuel cell

(Tsinghua U and Cheng Gong U) Miro-fluidics for biology and chemistry systems: Micro-valves for separation and crystallization of proteins, Cell transportation and manipulation Example:

MEMS resonantors

in-bedded MEMS-based oscillator Potentially the size of Transceiver can be Significantly reduced By using MEMS-based Components

MEMS Gas Chromatography;Chip-scale atomic clock Spectrometer, Atomic force microscopy


1。 加强 政,产,学 之间的合作
目前,产学之间 缺乏实质的合作

2。 选择适合台湾产界的项目
电子业----electronic cooling e.g.,laptop, desk top (microchannel?PZ fan? Micro-heat pipe? Heat loop pipe? TE?….) 汽车业(台湾终於决心自主开发汽车)---MEMS-based sensors 应列为主项 (pressure sensor, acceleroleter, gyro, night vision, driver condition monitoring bioMEMS 家电消费品---- convective acceleration sensor (handheld electronics) MEMS-based gyro (consumer product) RF MEMS (cell phone)

3。目前政府资助前瞻性MEMS 科研,如BioMEMS。 应与医药界实质合作,拟定成品生产计划。

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