Dangers of High Winds

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                                               HSE Bulletin                                                           04/96

                                                     Dangers of High Winds
On June 16 1996 at about 17:00 a severe storm front buffeted the Qarn Alam camp area.
Twelve persons were injured and treated at the PDO clinic. Widespread destruction occurred when several portacabins were
 lifted from their bases and toppled along the ground. About twenty accommodation portacabins were completely destroyed
 and another forty portacabins were damaged by the storm.

Recommendations to prevent recurrence
All portable buildings should be securely anchored to the ground as required in the Engineering Reference Document ERD
92-02. In event of severe wind storms, do not enter or stay in unanchored portacabins .

Learning Points
High velocity wind storms can occur unpredictably. Long term weather records are not available and it is impossible to
predict the regularity of another occurrence. A similar wind storm resulted in a fatality 10 years ago. The Directorate
General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (DGCAM) have noted 11 significant low pressure systems that have occurred in
Oman since 1963. Interior camps should be prepared for the
worst at all times.
The contents of this Safety Alert should be communicated to all PDO and Contractor employees by Section Heads and Contract Holders.
 Records of the discussion should be maintained for review.

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