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Project Charter

Project      Physicians Centers of Wisconsin, Inc. Startup IT Infrastructure Project
Created By   Jon M. Berg                         Date          6/25/2008
Phone        920-555-1212                          Email

Mission      The IT staff of Physicians Centers of Wisconsin will provide for the organization
             a plan to bring online all five centers that will be opening in the near future. Each
             center will have requirements to provide for the staff as well as supporting
             departments and provide for interconnecting the centers to facilitate the transfer
             of information and better serve the future patients of Physicians Centers of
Objectives    There will be five centers, two in Madison, one in Oshkosh, one in Appleton, and
                 one in Green Bay. The main site will be located in downtown Madison.
              There will be upwards of 680 total staff the first year and possibly more than 850
                 within two years.
              A LAN will be provided at each site, all necessary hardware and software.
                 Terminals will be available in all patient care areas.
              The IT system will provide a centralized solution for data storage and
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Deliverables   Total Number of Users
               2008 - 680
               2009 - ??
               2010 - 850

               Thin Client Devices Per Floor
               1st - 35
               2nd+ - 33

               Phones Per Floor
               1st -
               2nd+ -

               IT Staff - 18 total
               5 managers - us
               2 monkeys per site
               1 DBA in Madison <- unnecessary if MRM out-sourced
               1 Sysadmin in Madison <- unnecessary if MRM out-sourced
               1 Application Analyst in Madison <- may be unnecessary if MRM out-sourced

               Doctor wants:
                 * See patients at any sites
                 * Access patients information from any sites
                 * Doctors’ offices open 6-14 hours (7am-9pm)
                 * Main office must provide a centralized solution for storing and managing other 4 offices
                 * Patients info and billing collections must be host by all sites
                 * Doctors wants redundant connectivity
                 * Replicated copy of patient info host on a hot server located outside of the central office

               Future thoughts; wireless laptops, PDAs, VoIP phone between sites, and dictation devices.

               Each office must have the following:
                 * One file/print server
                 * Three high speed network printers/copiers/scanners
                 * Two fax machines
                 * Voice messaging with paging services
                 * Workstations at each location for the staff + growth
                 * At any time, 35 staff will by on at each location
                 * Calls into the office should be routed to that doctor, each doctor will have a separate office
                 * Network devices to support infrastructure

               The main office will have additional equipment as follows:
                 * App server hosting a cutting edge Medical Records Management Software
                 * Separate server to host business management apps, accting, HR, etc
                 * Server for AD, DNS, DHCP
                 * web server
                 * Network connection
                 * Email

               Workstation capabilities:
                * MS Office
                * Email client
                * Web browser
                * Internet access
                * Medical Records Management software client
                * Network connectivity
Stakeholders    The implementation team for this project will consist of the following associates:
                 Jon Berg, Scott Meisenhelder, Phia Thao, Brian Asbel, and Allan Lohman.
                The key stakeholders in this project will be the management team of Physicans
                 Centers of Wisconsin Inc.
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Roles and           Chairperson/Project Manager: Jon Berg
Responsibilities    Additional roles to be filled as needed.

Risks               Leaving the project incomplete would be costly in terms of a poor ROI.
                    Change of scope late in the project could be expensive or time-consuming to
                     cope with.
                    Unforeseen growth of Physicians Centers of Wisconsin could significantly change
                     the scope of the project.

Documentation        Project documentation and status notes will be made available via the project wiki

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