ALL INDIA GRADUATE ENGINEERS & TELECOM
                            OFFICERS ASSOCIATION
                                         (An Association of DR executives of BSNL)
                                 Website: www.aigetoachq.org / www.aigetoaap.org
                  Circle Secretary                                       Circle President
                  B.Laxman,                                              P.Naga Murali Krishna,
                  email:laxmanbsnl@gmail.com                             email:pnmuralikrishna@bsnl.co.in
                  Phone:9490144699                                       Phone: 9490899555
                  Flat No.205,Sree Sree Towers,Mythrinagar,Madinaguda,Hyderabad-050.


       In the view of CMD and Middle management’s comments on DR Community to
leave BSNL for better career progression and as per the resolution taken at CHQ’s
emergency meeting held at New Delhi on 7th & 8th August,2011, AP Circle has called for
its Emergency CEC on 15th August 2011.

        The representatives of SSA’ including Circle body members have attended and
shown their unity and support to our CHQ. All the representatives were asked to give
their views on the present situation of DR community in BSNL. Sri.B.Laxman,CS,
Sri.Satyavardhan,JS(South),CHQ,Sri.Ch.V.Srinivas,ACS explained the full details of
CHQ’s meeting and its resolutions and urged to all the representatives to take this
information to the ground level of association. This meeting has taken some of the
resolutions as:


   1. It is unanimously decided to support the CHQ’s course of action/resolution taken
      at CHQ meeting. It is decided convey strongly to our members to follow the
      words of GS, says be like a leader or like follower.
   2. It is resolved to follow the activities ,if need arises:
            Self care month must be followed: In this month every DR Executive will
               take care about his pending issues in BSNL and try to solve those issues
               by continuous persuasion( like EPF transfer/Arrears/transfer/bills etc)
            Reject all officiating/looking after/extra duties.
            Follow work to rule.
            Strictly follow the BSNL hierarchy for all official works like
               reporting/assignment of work etc.
            Asking BSNL, duties and responsibilities of TTA/JTO/SDE/DE through
               RTI/by any other means.
   3. It is unanimously resolved to support the decision of CHQ to form a DR JAC with
      like-minded associations (like SNATTA).
   4. It is resolved to take up JTO transfers of Non tenure SSAs immediately.
   5. It is resolved collect the funds at SSA level, hence each SSA should open
      Association Bank account by 30th September and as a emergency requirement Rs
      500/- per member should be collected and deposited in Circle account by 30th
      August 2011.
   6. All SSAs should conduct emergency SSA/Branch level (Invite all batch DR
       JTOs/ SDEs) meetings and convey the prevailing situation of DR issues in BSNL.
   7. The tentative date for Circle Conference is decided as 2nd Saturday and Sunday of
       November 2011.
   8. All the SSA DS/DP should inform the member’s data to CP/CS/CFS every
   9. All DS/DP/Active members are requested to approach the new JTOs of recent
       recruitment make them aware of actual thing about their issues and ask them to be
       with AIGETOA.
   10. As per CHQs decision, the Association is going to supply Diaries for 2012, which
       will be printed by Maharastra Circle.
   11. This meeting has also discussed on disclosing of APARs , which not been done
       by many of the wings and few incidents of wrong methodologies are also brought
       to the notice. Hence all the members are requested to demand for a Xerox copy of
       their APARs to avoid any further damage to their future.
   12. If any SSA is conducting meetings kindly mail to CS/Web Secretary to post it in
       Circle Website

   Many other issues were also discussed like tenure Sub divisions/places in place of
Tenure SSAs, Internal discipline in Association, Web site updation.

   Circle Secretary
   AP Circle.
     Members attended:

S.No.   Name                 Desg    Mobile       SSA    Total   Tot Members
1       B.Laxman             CS      9490144699   HTD
2       Nagamurali Krishna   CP      9490899555   Krnl
3       CH.V.Srinivas        ACS     9490140007   HTD
4       DCH..Ranganayakulu   ACS     9490122100   ATP
5       Rajaram              CWC     9490000727   HTD
6       G.Rajashekar         DS      9490759157   KAA    22      22
7       CH.Ravi              DS      9490143743   NLR    29      29
8       D.Venugopla Rao      DS      9490195939   VJW    35      29
9       K.Sreekantha Reddy   DS      9440000205   ATP    35      35
10      P.Immanialbabu       DS      9441699777   KRNL   40      24
11      G.Madangopal         DP      9490145654   KHM    34      34
12      T.Krishna Reddy      DS      9441224666   MBNR   37      37
13      Veera Bhadra Rao     DP      9440648648   HTD    ~290    ~250
14      K.Haribabu           Ex.CS   9493266678   ONG    50      12
15      P.Apparao            OS      9490122211   RJY    30      30
16      K.Prakash Goud       VP      9440000205   MBNR
17      Subba Rao            DP      9490141455   MBNR
18      D.Srinivasa rao      -       9490145676   KHM
19      J.Srinivasa rao      VP      9490188567   VJW
20      Rupa Prakash         DFS     9491286786   VJW
21      D.V.Ranganayakulu    VP      -            HTD
22      K.Guruprasada rao    DP      9490000699   KRNL

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