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									Post Classical Era Unit Test Study Guide AP World History

The Post Classical Unit test will consist of two parts. A 70 question multiple choice portion and an essay. You
will be given 55 minutes to complete the multiple choice and 40 minutes to complete the essay.
Test Dates: Essay ___________________ Multiple Choice __________________

What regions were significant in the shaping of Islam? What regions were unaffected by Islam? Which regions
were the first to convert to Islam?
Describe the significant events of Muhammad with respect to the development of Islam.
How did the death of Muhammad affect Islam?
What was the nature of Muhammad’s revelations with respect to other monotheistic religions?
Describe the cultural contributions of the Muslims during the Abbasid period.
Describe the nature of the Abbasid government.
Describe the level of trade and the agricultural economy of the Abbasid Empire.
What made the Sufi movement within Islam unique?
What caused the political center of Islam to move away from Baghdad?
Who were considered dhimmis in the Sind?
Describe the Hindu response to Islam.
How was the nature of Islam in Southeast Asia unique?
Describe the differences between African civilizations and other post classical societies. .
What about Islam appealed to the rulers within the Sudan?
What is the difference between the spread of civilization in eastern and Western Europe?
Describe the technological developments of the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Era
What was the outcome of the conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Muslims?
What are the similarities and differences between the Byzantine and Chinese bureaucracy?
What were the causes of the split between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches?
What was the impact of Christianity on polytheistic religions in western Europe?
Describe the three-field rotation system.
Explain investiture.
Describe the functions of the merchant and artisan guilds.
Describe the medieval economy.
Compare Renaissance and medieval culture.
How did Western Europe respond to trade difficulties in 1400?
Explain the status of women in the following societies:
    China
    India
    Rome
    Byzantine
    Western European

Essay Topics:
o Compare and Contrast the Han and Roman Attitudes toward Technology.
o Compare and contrast women in Islam and Christianity.

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