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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Niche keywords may be fewer in number but they have fewer competing web pages. If you have a web page that
   is based on niche websites you are going to have a greatly increased opportunity to land on the top rankings of
                                             the major search engines.
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                        How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
                                                                By Trevor Levine

    How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines by Trevor Levine

If you advertise on pay-per-click search engines --
like -- here's the easiest way to
minimize your risk and maximize your profits:

Visit and click "Advertiser Login" at the
upper left. Then, near the lower left corner of the
page, click on Search Term Suggestion Tool.

Now here's the fun part: pick a keyword phrase that
your prospects are searching on. For example, if you
sell a business opportunity, you might pick

Type that keyword into the Search Term Suggestion Tool
and click the blue arrow. You instantly get to see all
of the keywords that Overture visitors searched on last
month, how many searches were done on each word!

Why is this so valuable? At first, you might think the
"secret" is to bid on the most popular keyword phrases
... the ones that receive the most searches.

True, this will bring you lots of traffic, but it will
also cost you a fortune! After all, these words are
also the most competitive. So they command the highest
bids. At the time of this writing, the #1 listing
under "business opportunity" costs $1.36 per click!

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

My profit-boosting secret is to do just the opposite:
bid on all of the least popular, least competive words.

They're dirt cheap! For example, at the time of this
writing, you can buy the #1 position under "full time
income opportunity working from home" for just just 16
cents per click!

The secret is to find at least 100 of these less
competitive words, all of which are relevant to your
web site, and place bids on all of them. In this way,
you can generate just as many clicks as if you bid on
the high-priced "business opportunity" -- but at a
much lower cost per click!

How do you find 100 cheap keywords? Keep typing "core"
keywords into the Search Term Suggestion Tool. For
example, the phrase "home based" will yield dozens of
additional keyword phrases you can bid on. Good luck!

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                  Pay Per Click Management Guide
                                                              By Jamie Simpson

 At its most simple, Pay per Click or PPC as it is known and as the name suggests, is a way of
advertising on the Internet where the advertiser pays for their ad when their ad is actually clicked on by
an Internet user. As it hasn't been around for that long, many people still don't understand how Pay per
Click works or if Pay per Click is something they could actually benefit from. If it's managed properly, a
Pay per Click campaign can be highly lucrative.

Pay per Click search engines are those search engines that offer the Pay per Click option. When an
Internet user runs a search on an Internet search engine, say Google for example, which is one of the
most popular Pay per Click search engines on the web, they will obviously put some key words or
phrases relating to what it is they are searching for.

When the results page appears, they will also see some adverts appearing on their search page. If
they then click on these Ads and are taken to the landing page of the advertiser, the advertiser will pay
the amount they originally bid on the particular key words or phrases. Of course there's no guarantee
that by arriving at the landing page the Internet user will actually engage and sign up for or buy
something, that will then depend on the appeal of the advertisers website. The fact that someone
clicked on the ad is enough to generate a fee.

If a content website or blog chooses to display Ads on their website, advertisers will usually pay a fixed
amount for the keywords as opposed to a bid. Again, they will only pay when an Ad is clicked on.

Pay per Click Campaigns

Basically when setting up a Pay per Click campaign you would have to choose your key words, decide
how much you are willing to pay and which search engine or search engines you want to go with and
then open an account with your chosen search engines. The greater the market coverage of the
search engines the higher the price you are likely to pay.

Different search engines will have different 'rules' or guidelines concerning the Pay per Click ads you
can place. Generally though, they will consist of a short title and description of what you are offering
along with a link to your website. This title and description has to be relevant and is subject to review
before your Ad will be accepted.

Obviously, the particular search engines you want to go with and the key words and phrases that you
choose are of the utmost importance if you want to have those click throughs to your site.

When bidding on your chosen keywords you will pay more for popular keywords. It is you that decides
what the maximum amount is that you are willing to pay for any particular keyword. Those who pay the
most will appear higher on the search pages. The price of keywords can range from pennies to pounds
or cents to dollars and will vary from country to country.

A properly managed Pay per Click campaign will increase click throughs (traffic to your site) and the
number of conversions (those who actually become customers) which will give you a greater return on
your investment.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

Pay per click is a fantastic, measurable way of marketing your website. If you wish to learn more about
external pay per click management, then talk to the PPC experts at Search Laboratory.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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