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					Aggressive Affiliates Guerilla Tactics
Brought To You By... Peter Parks And Eric Rockefeller

Paid Content Network Traffic Is Killer And I’m About To Show You Why...
Look I’m not going to beat around the bush in this report and I’m going to get right to it. I can’t stand those so called “special reports” or “ebooks” promising you content and all you get is dribble for ten, twenty, thirty plus pages and then the last page has some bit of content, then a bunch of affiliate links. So lets rip right into it so you know everything you get from this point is all meat and you learn how to make BANK. Content Network traffic is the one of the most under unitized and by far the most deadly effective way to generate and leverage massive amounts of traffic at will in such a small time frame, that it actually scares millions of marketers because of the sheer power of it. W hy do I venture into the PPC realm and clean up while millions of marketers fall victim to it every day? Because the traffic is just so vast that I’d be a fool to ignore it It’s for these reasons that I prefer to use PPC to generate very quick income then I’ll venture out and blow out my campaigns by including web 2.0 into the mix. Using this model, I’ve virtually guaranteed myself to exponentially explode my income. As well using PPC you have more control over what your traffic does and can condition them with direct response marketing in the short term, then incorporating web 2.0 for long term profits, its like taking candy from a baby. So rather than giving you the basics in PPC Advertising, I want to accelerate your learning curve today, not tomorrow or next week but right now.

It is why you downloaded this special report to know exactly how to attack the content network, search network and web 2.0. So let’s take a look... Now right off the bat I’m going to tell you that PPC networks are all different and there are leverage points that you must understand, to each of them, and why you should avoid the rest. W hile I’m not going to get into the technical aspects of the networks and their interface platforms, what I will get into how you make the damn money and BANK all sorts of profits.

OK so I’m going to get into why you should use these two networks for PPC advertising and why most of the other networks you should stay away from. The reason being is these two networks have different buying demographics so you need to understand that as it will be the difference between you a break-even campaign and a highly profitable one. I kid you not, all I care about when it comes to PPC is profits, revenue doesn’t mean jack to me, (well let me take a step back, revenue is good but you can still be raking in revenue and still be borderline broke) Profits are where it’s at my friend and any chance you get to increase your profits with your campaigns is a good thing.

OK so lets dig into this quickly and we’ll start with Demographics
Demographics are key when it comes to leveraging these two platforms. And the two platform I’m talking about is Google and Yahoo I’m not going to worry with MSN.

So here’s why its so important to understand the demographics information when it comes to the buyers on google that many people don’t understand, yet it can make or break a PPC campaign.

Googles base covers a wide range of different age groups, levels of education and very different levels of technical abilities. Knowing this and understanding how to use it to your advantage can make a huge difference in your planning and implementation of a PPC campaign. If your looking for great profits instead of marginal profits you’ll read the next few paragraphs extremely closely and then more importantly go out and execute what you’ve just learned and get rid of your day job. Google is the 800lb gorilla when it comes to natural search traffic, and its been my testing that google surfers don’t really care about looking for news and lifestyle information online but are more inclined to look for extremely specific information related to a nice topic or niche interest. As well Google surfers are very web savvy and have a good understanding of how to navigate the internet when it comes to looking for specific information to solving an immediate problem or dilemma. It’s a fact if you measure that stats for terms such as “how to... or how do I... or free...” you’ll see these terms are in much more of a demand than in Yahoo. Understand what happens when you look at Googles Front page VS Yahoo’s front page.

Here’s the down and dirty, Google has geared up their front page so it doesn’t give their surfers access to all sorts of clutter about lifestyle, news, sports, current events, advertisers (a huge biggie) and an assortment of other distractions, it attracts more of an older, web savvy technical type surfer. Someone that is looking for a solution to a problem they may be having, or searching for a more definitive type search as they have given the user a bar to type in specific searches.

Now this knocks out a lot of clutter and is a very good thing when it comes to being a PPC marketer because now as a PPC marketer we’re getting into the psychology of what the surfer is looking for and we can tighten our ad campaigns based accordingly. This in my opinion is a PPC marketer’s dream come through because the google keyword tool specifically goobles up all this data and banks it for you to use and leverage as a PPC marketer. Now don’t get me wrong because I say a more sophisticated web surfer uses google it doesn’t mean that a younger crowd isnt interested in google at all, it’s just the opposite google does attract a very nice young user base, but not as big as Yahoo, which we’ll get into in a second. But as a PPC marketer, let me assure you that your campaigns will work on a younger target audience. You just have to be smart about your advertising campaigns and know how to write your adwords. Google surfers as a rule of thumb whether you want to believe it or not will give you a better return on quality of traffic than the other search engines and thats why advertisers are fighting hand over fist for every click they can get on the adwords platform, because they know that google has consumption type web surfers that buy products and services at an alarming rate. Now lets take a look at Yahoo :)

Now you’d have to be living under a rock to not notice how Yahoo has impacted their home page and why they’ve done it. This is a highly stimulating page that assaults all your sense at once and it makes for a very sticky page, geared for a younger more alert crowd. Notice how Yahoo has taken their home page to the next level by interacting with their visitors and providing them with the latest content and the most interesting stories in real time. Miraculously Yahoo traffic stats are on the move because of this new interactive home page and its starting to attract visitors in droves to it. W hen you spend some time on the Yahoo front page, you’ll start to get a feel if your smart to the kind of offers you can promote using clickbank, and certain types of CPA offers that will work best with Yahoo’s users. Think about how I just positioned the page to you and what your looking at and you’ll soon realize the types of offers you can promote. Let me give you the inside skinny so you don’t lose your shirt when you start to promote on Yahoo’s platform. This is from forking over a ton of cash and learning a very stiff lesson when it comes to promoting on their platform. Its been my experience that Yahoo users have no problem and actually like to... click your PPC ads to death and not take the desired action you want them to take. Yahoo surfers are extremely “PPC Click Happy” and have no fear having a fun time clicking on ads then exiting out from them. Here’s the scoop as I don’t want to waste your time reading pages of pages of text. If and when you choose to advertise on Yahoo’s platform, you better set your daily budgets low, test on a very low level, watch your campaign like a hawk for the first couple days then scale up once you’re satisfied your bringing in commissions to fund your advertising. If you don’t set your budgets low and test small, you can blow through your ad budget in a matter of hours and not only lose money, but make no commissions as well. This is a PPC marketer’s worse nightmare.

Now most PPC marketers still venture into Yahoo’s platform and go hog wild with their budgets and quickly within a few weeks will burn through thousands of dollars and never make a cent in commissions. I will say that Yahoos traffic is pretty decent quality once you understand the type of ads to write and the type of CPA offers to promote. (Again you have to look at their page, look at their demographics and you’ll know what type of offers will click with this crowd) Now here’s the sneaky part, many marketers have now started to target Yahoo’s adverting platform because of all the latest new information products coming online stating how great yahoo’s platform is and how easy it is to make money. Now that may be true, but this makes it easier for you because you can leverage google and make a killing. OK now that you understand why I like those two networks and why you should take advantage of either or, lets get into why you want to leverage the content network on google and make BANK. W hen you set up your content network campaign properly, you can get your ad approved within minutes and be making money literally within hours. The best time to set your campaigns to go live would be at the beginning of the week and in the early afternoon as the content network ad campaign are manually reviewed. Most marketers haven’t the slightest clue about this fact as they set up a campaign, and they wonder why their campaign is taking days to go live and why they haven’t gotten any traffic. Or worse I’ve seen and heard of marketers setting up their campaigns on the weekend hoping to capture weekend traffic and having to wait until Monday until they start to see impressions. Now you’ve just got one of the biggest secrets revealed to you when it comes to launching out a campaign. Now this isn’t a hard and fast rule of thumb, but I’ve done enough testing of my own and asked a few close friends how their campaigns have turned out to know that I’ve just saved you a lot of time and headache.

Content network traffic can produce massive traffic fast. It’s true, when you target your campaigns properly and set your bids right, you can see an enormous amount of traffic hitting your affiliate offers fast, it’s unbelievable the amounts of volume you can generate leveraging the content network. Researching the right markets and niches, with the right keyword phrases (which many drop the ball on) you can have your ads showing millions of times per week. (Now if your thinking you can have your ad showing millions of times in a day, you most definitely can, and there’s a method for that as well.) Bottom line this gives you a massive opportunity to show your ads to a very hungry market of millions of actively engaged customers with credit card in hand, providing you get it. W hat the secret to raking it in with content traffic? Direct linking and sending traffic back to your own single page website such as a squeeze page. Let me show you what is possible with the content network traffic with a couple of my screen shots. I’m about to show you a traffic for just one day with one campaign and a monthly shot.

Now what is important here is the clicks, because you can have a low CTR but that doesn’t mean that your going broke because you want to be list building. Imagine in This campaign the size of the list I built that I can now monetize for life ;-)

Sure some marketers would say they would shoot themselves in the face if they had click through rates like these, but then again, most marketers aren’t list building when they use PPC, especially when their trying to leverage the content network. Everyone goes for the sale, goes for the throat for the commissions and instead they should be building the list and monetizing it for life. So here’s the deal, you’ve just taken a look inside one of the accounts to see how we as aggressive affiliate drive traffic using the content network. Just to let you know if you look at the screenshots you’ll see how much the clicks are costing me. Now tell me you don’t want to get numbers like that and build a list to make thousands a month on autopilot. Now so you understand google is aggressively cracking down on all the junky sites as they want them out of their network so everyone profits. As an aggressive affiliate, I’m going to show you how you can for the most part get your click cost in content network traffic for up to 70% less than the search network traffic.

The insiders key to content network traffic and getting cheap clicks is to understand your web surfer is not engaging in buying activity on the content network. Albeit they do buy, the main focus to success on the content network is to provide rock solid ads that are extremely disruptive to the user but provide value that the surfer didn’t even know they were looking for. Let me reveal another secret for you and how you can be an aggressive affiliate in the content network and clean up making BANK. Your landing page has to match your disruptive ad and continue the curiosity factor to engage your surfer to give up their information but in a way that they want to give you their info, such as first and last name. Great landing page copy will always win out in the content network rather than trying to make a sale right off the bat to the end user. This is where marketers (and that’s most of them) scratch their heads in disbelief and wonder off thinking that the content network is junky traffic and doesn’t convert. Now let me remind you, the numbers you’ve seen as far as getting that volume of traffic, and spending that kinda of money just doesn’t happen all at once. So don’t be alarmed thinking you have to spend thousands a day. You obviously have to work up to this stage, and know your limits if you have them. Meaning don’t spend more on your daily budget at first that your prepared to lose. Put it this way you want to set your ad budgets low like $20 - $25 dollars per day and test. You can have lower budgets as well like $15 - $20 per day, that’s fine. In a nutshell one of the golden rules of PPC is you want to be making $1 profit for every $1 spent. All right I’m going to cut this off short now as I promised you that I didn’t want to give you any fluff or filler and wanted to keep the content packed for you. Bottom line... the content network is killer, once you understand it and I’m going to make sure you do so your earning commission on a steady basis

In closing I’d like to talk about very briefly leveraging buying keywords and using a killer negative keyword list to capture the buyers and getting read of the dead weight Using a good negative keyword list and focusing on “buying” keywords is the key to eliminating the tire kickers and grabbing the buyers. Ignoring this one thing will cost you lots of money and give you lots of headaches and frustration. A partial quick list of buying keywords backed up with a negative keyword list *Buy, *Purchase, *eBay, *Coupon, *Price. Backed up with a short list of negative keywords like... *Cancel, *employment, *Troubleshoot, *Scam, *Support Now that’s a very short quick list, there is a list that is golden in the hands of the right marketers and those marketers will be the one that come and see what Aggressive Affiliates is all about. ( I know that will be you) I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this fast paced and meaty report and hope you learned a few tidbits on becoming an aggressive affiliate. Stay tuned for more exciting and proven content to help you make BANK being an Aggressive Affiliate. To your continued online success Peter Parks and Eric Rockefeller Aggressive Affiliates

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