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Patrick SAndker by xiagong0815



Subject Number:
8.1 “Improving Operation and Lifetime: Gear Boxes, Blades, Generators, Electric Control,

Full title of the paper:
Centralised Lubrication Systems in Wind Turbines Reduce Costs and Increase Key
Component Lifetime

Title, full name and address of one author for all correspondence:
Mr. Patrick Sandker, Dipl. Ing., MBM
P.O. Box 37292, Chempet 7442, Cape Town, R.S.A.

For each author and co-authors, title, full name, affiliation and Address
Mr. Bernd Saendker, Dipl Ing., One of the first engineers to introduce lubrication systems to
wind turbines
Lincoln Technology Center, Neuenhausplatz 73, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

+27 21 552 0878 / +27 21 552 7943 /

Purpose of the work:
The purpose of the paper is to effectively demonstrate the advantages of automated
centralised lubrication systems used in wind turbines. Costs, prolongation of key component
lifetime and environmental aspects are dealt with in the paper.

The paper is substantiated with information gathered since the early 90’s pertaining to the
benefits of proper lubrication

Scientific innovation and relevance:
Tribology, the study of friction and wear, is a subject that scientists have been dealing with
for centuries. Today, innovations are primarily linked to the application and the method of
ensuring that grease is timeously introduced to the point of friction. The economic and
environmental relevance is not to be underestimated.

Over a thousand lubrication system installations in wind turbines have proven to reduce
operating costs such as maintenance and component replacement, as well as optimize the
overall lubricant consumption.

Centralised Lubrication systems simplify servicing, cut costs, reduce wear and tear (thereby
prolonging component life expectancy) and increase the intervals between scheduled

Bernd Saendker – Dipl. Ing.
Born: September 11th, 1945 in Duesseldorf, Germany
Citizenship: German

Work History Resume

1972-1974             Plant Engineer: Carborundum, Duesseldorf
                       Responsible for the production, including the design &
                         engineering of facility machinery and systems
                       Composition of tenders, selection of suppliers and project
                         supervision up until first commissioning
                       Experience gained in fluid dynamics, measuring techniques,
                         control and automation technology

1974-1986             Lincoln GmbH, Walldorf

      1974-1977       Project Engineer
                       Planning and design of lubrication systems
                       Formulation and preparation of offers
                       Project coordination
                       Preparation of documentation

      1977-1980       Regional Manager South East Europe
                       In charge of distributors and OEM accounts
                       Reorganization of Austrian and Swiss sales territories

      1980-1986       Regional Manager North West Germany

1988-1992             District Manager North & West Germany for oil circulation
                      systems: Hydac
                       Sales, consulting and planning of large oil circulation systems
                       Direction and supervision of seminars & training for fluid

1992-Present          Lincoln GmbH, Walldorf

      1992-1993       Director Sales Asia
                       Development of a sales organization, responsible for key OEMs
                         and training of distributors

      1993-1994       Additional responsiblity for the Walldorf System House

      1994-1999       Director of Sales & Marketing

      1999- present   Director Sales Europe North
                       In charge of the Duesseldorf office and North European sales
                                                                                     10 Windblom Road
                                                                                   Bloubergstrand Ext. 1
                                                                                7441 Cape Town, R.S.A.

                                                                                  Tel. (+27) 21 554 0140

Patrick Sandker – Dipl. Ing., MBM

Personal Details   Born: May 4th, 1970 in Canada
                   Citizenship: Canadian – Pass Port No PC410878

Work Experience    2001–Present                Lincoln Lubrication S.A. cc     Alberton N., R.S.A.
                   Sales & Marketing Manager
                      Coordinate and manage sales & marketing activities of the company
                      Set-up and support of distribution network

                   1998–2001                   Lincoln GmbH                     Walldorf, Germany
                   Marketing Manager
                      Responsible for the management and supervision of the marketing and
                       marketing services department – 5 employees
                      In charge of the development of key OEMs outside of Germany
                      Perform market research to investigate market requirements and potential
                       new business fields

                   1994–1998                   Lincoln GmbH                     Walldorf, Germany
                   Project Application Engineer
                      Planning & design of lubrication systems for all industries
                      Project coordination – from inquiry to installation and set-up

                   1990 - 1993                 Co-op Education Program – Waterloo University
                   University Engineering Co-op Student Worker
                   Internship as a student engineer for 5 different companies
                    Streamlined manufacturing processes and developed cost reduction

Education          1997-1998              University                               Berlin, Germany
                    Master of Business Marketing (MBM)

                     Business-to-Business Marketing
                     Strategic Planning
                     Product and Market Management

                   1989-1994                University                     Waterloo, Canada
                    Bachelor of Applied Science – Civil Engineering

                     Other courses include fluid power, tribology and economics

Interests             Travelling, cycling, skiing and sailing
   Developing new and innovative ideas
   Woodwork and renovations

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