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									Theresa Cross
Pathfinder for Revolutionary War Grade 3

The third grade class is studying the Revolutionary War, with an
emphasis on the years 1776-1783, and the events, people and
places in the Princeton and surrounding areas. Students are
expected to learn about the role of Princeton in battles, and as
the nation’s capital for a brief time in 1783. We would like
students to choose a specific event, place or person as a topic of
research and presentation. A variety of presentation options will
be available for students.

                    MAGAZINE ARTICLES (through EBSCO HOST)

How They Chose These Words. Isaacson, Walter. Time; July 7,
2003, Vol. 162, Issue 1, p 76, 2p, 3c.
This article is about the writing of the Declaration of

The Not-So Hidden History. Boy’s Life; Oct. 2006, Vol.96,
issue 10, p 44-47, 4p.
This article discusses methods of combat (straight line
formation), and strategies used in Revolutionary War battles.

Private Yankee Doodle. Fleming, Thomas. Boy’s Life; July 2003,
Vol. 93, Issue 7, p13, 1p.
This article gives a day-in-the-life account of a colonial soldier
serving under Gen. George Washington.
World Turned Upside Down. Miller, Jerry. Cobblestone; Oct.
2006, Vol. 27, Issue 7, p26-28, 3p, 1c.
This article highlights the impact of the Revolutionary War on
daily life in the colonies.


Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-
This is the Biographical Directory of the Members of the U.S.
Congress. It provides biographical information, portraits, and
images of artifacts (letters, etc.) of any member of Congress
from 1774 to the present. In addition to biographical
information, it has links to various Research Collections for
specific and unique information about certain members. Great
for information on R. Stockton, E. Boudinot, C. Thompson, and
other delegates from 1783.

The American Revolution
This site has a vast amount of information about the American
Revolution. There are links for battles, important places,
important people, viewpoints, events, documents, timelines, etc.
It also has a few “Ads by Google” where you can purchase related
items (think PTO money).

This a British site that provides information, images, etc. about
battles fought by Britain from the 18th to the end of the 19th
century. It is exclusively about battles. It also has products
(maps, replicas, etc.) that can be purchased. The point of view on
this site might be very interesting. Who really won the Battle of
Princeton? Does it depend on whom you ask?

Amazing Women in War and Peace
This site provides information about women who fought or played
other important roles in the American Revolution. It includes
information on well-known women and others who are rarely
mentioned in American history books. Although it does not
provide a wealth of information, it does give information about
additional resources. Mentioned on this site are Deborah
Samson, Molly Pitcher, Sisters of the Revolution, Annis Boudinot
Stockton, etc.

Historical Society of Princeton
This is the site of the Historical Society of Princeton. It has
great information on historic people, places and events in and
around Princeton, especially during the Revolutionary War era.
This is also a great resource for class trips and outreach

Washington Crossing Historic Park

This is an excellent site about the famous Crossing of the
Delaware. It also has great activities for students and
information about trips and events.
Colonial Williamsburg
This is the site for Colonial Williamsburg. Although it is about
like in Virginia, it presents a wealth of information and online
activities related to colonial life and the colonial class system.

              NON-FICTION BOOKS

The American Revolution Carter, Alden R                 973.3 CAR
This book discusses the causes, events, personalities and
aftermath of the American Revolutionary War.

The American Revolution: A Nonfiction Companion To
Revolutionary War on Wednesday
                             Osborne, Mary Pope          973.3 OSB
Presents a picture of life in colonial America and reviews the
causes and major events of the American Revolution.

The American Revolutionaries: A History in
Their Own Words             Meltzer, Milton             973.3AME
Letters, diaries, memoirs, interviews, ballads, newspaper articles,
and speeches in the American colonies during the Revolutionary

Buttons For General Washington Roop, Peter            973.3ROO
Reconstructs a possible mission for the fourteen-year-old spy
who carried messages to George Washington’s camp I the buttons
of his coat.
The Story of the Thirteen Colonies
                                 Alderman, Clifford 973.2 ALD
A history of the 13 colonies from the settlement of Jamestown
to the Revolutionary War. Discuses the new settlers and reasons
for leaving their homelands, struggles for survival, and growing
resentment toward England.

Yankee Doodle and the Redcoats        Beller, Susan     397.3 BEL
Excerpts from diaries, letters, newspaper articles and other
primary sources, that tell the everyday lives of the soldiers who
fought the Revolutionary War, for both the British and for the

                  FICTION BOOKS

The Battlefield Ghost Cuyler, Marjorie            FIC CUY
When a family moves into a house in Princeton, they find it
haunted by the ghost of a Hessian soldier form the Revolutionary
War and try to reunite hi with the ghost of his horse.

Meet Felicity          Tripp, Valerie              FIC TRI
 Nine-year old Felicity lives in Williamsburg shortly before the
Revolutionary War. She seeks help from her family to save a
horse from an abusive owner. This is a great introduction to the
Felicity and other American Girl books.
The Journal of William Thomas Emerson,
a Revolutionary War Patriot      Deneberg, Barry        FIC DEN
William is a twelve-year-old orphan, who writes of his experiences
in pre-Revolutionary War Boston, where he joins the patriots.

The Secret in the Tower           Ransom, Candice       FIC RAN
This is the first book in the new time travel series. Alex
discovers an old spyglass in a secret room and is suddenly
transported back in time to the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War on Wednesday
                                Osborne, Mary Pope      FIC OSB
Using their magic Tree house, Jack and Annie travel back in tot
he time of the American Revolution and help General George
Washington during his famous crossing of the Delaware.

George Washington’s Socks          Woodruff, Elvira      FIC WOO
During a camp-out of the Adventure Club, four children are
transported back in time to the Revolutionary War. Great
insights into loyalties, and who the “bad” guys are during a war.

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