Ambassador to Vatican Opposed by Adventists by pengxuezhi


									                                                                LRKE union

                                                     JANUARYS, 1984                               VOLUME LXXVI, NUMBER 1

 Ambassador to Vatican
 Opposed by Adventists
 WASHINGTON, D.C.—The                    state, the Seventh-day Adventist       Seventh-day Adventists has pur-
  Seventh-day Adventist Church           Church, along with the Baptist         chased a half-page advertisement
  strongly objects to the appoint-        Joint Committee on Public Af-         in a newspaper stating its position
 ment of an ambassador to the             fairs, the National Council of        on this issue. Other plans are be-
 Vatican on religious as well as         Churches, the National Associa-        ing made to pursue the matter
 constitutional grounds, according       tion of Evangelicals, and              even further.
 to a church spokesman.                  Americans United for the Separa-          "This objection is not based on
     It has also protested the subtle    tion of Church and State, has          bigotry, or prejudice against the
 way in which this appointment is        stated that it objects because the     Catholic Church, but on the prin-
 being handled. In a bill (HR 2915)      United States Government should        ciple that no church should be
 authorizing funds for the State         not appoint an ambassador to a         favored by the government," said
 Department, an amendment                religious organization.                Owen Troy, communication
 removing earlier strictures on the         The Adventist Church believes       director for • the Seventh-day
 funding of an ambassador to the         this is a violation of an American     Adventist Church in the United
 Vatican was tucked away, quietly        principle embodied in the Con-         States and Canada. "We would
 rushed through Congress and             stitution.                             object to any church being
 signed by the President last               The Vatican is the headquarters     granted that privilege by whatever
 month.                                  of the Catholic Church.                pretext, and we are going to op-
    Because of its historic position        For the first time in its history   pose this act by whatever means at
 on the separation of church and         the General Conference of              our disposal," he said.

 Holy Spirit Evident in Chicago Church                                                                                  Marjorie Powers, the director of the Indianapolis Better Living Center,
 LAKE REGION—When Jose P.                up from his seat.                       heard throughout the church. Mr.       stands with, from left, Lisa, Sheree and John Baker in their home. The
 Valentin, pastor of the Northwest          He walked down to the front of       Torres was baptized along with his     center assisted them, and Lisa and John are now receiving Bible studies.
 Spanish Church in Chicago,              the church, put his arms around         wife and children.
 started an evangelistic crusade,
Antonio Torres, a 15-year-old
                                         Azael Colon, a local elder, and
                                         said, "I must talk to you." With
                                                                                    When Pastor Valentin made a
                                                                                 call another person, Norberto
                                                                                                                        Better Living Centers Serve
who became an Adventist two              tears in his eyes he shouted, "I        Avila, rushed to the front of the       LAKE UNION—I stood on a cor-            share just one.
years ago, brought his family to         must be baptized today. I cannot        church and said, "I've heard the        ner in the inner city. The street         Let me introduce you to Mar-
the meetings.                            stay away from my family. Please,       call of the Holy Spirit and I want      was littered with trash. To my         jorie Powers, the director of the
    Margarita Sevilla, a church          please, I have made my decision         to be baptized." He was also ac-        right was an abandoned house            Indianapolis Better Living Center
member, gave them Bible studies.         for the Lord now."                     cepted into the membership of the        with boarded windows and doors.         and the Baker family—John,
His mother, sister, and brother ac-         Mr. Torres was introduced to        church through baptism.                  To my left stood a burned car. I        Lisa, their daughter, Sheree, and
cepted the Lord and prepared for         the congregation, and amens were          Awilda Gabon also dedicated           stood gazing, trying to under-         their son. Alien.
baptism. However, his father,                                                   her life to the Lord on this             stand, trying to grasp the reasons        John discovered jobs difficult
Juan Torres, said he needed more                                                Thanksgiving Sabbath. Awilda,            why this tragic condition could        to find in 1983. At 21 years of age
time before he could make his                                                   her mother, and her son were all         possibly exist.                        he has little experience to call
decision.                                                                       later baptized together. Her hus-           A small child wandered near         upon in this time of unemploy-
   The Sabbath following Thanks-                                                band will join them soon.                and I noticed the tears. Thinking      ment. The Indianapolis Better
giving was the day set for the bap-                                                Elder Valentin continued the          perhaps I might be able to help, I     Living Center supplied food and
tism, and Mr. Torres was at the                                                 call for visitors to accept Christ. A    asked why he was crying. His           clothing to help.
church to observe and be with his                                               group of ten people walked down          response has haunted me. "I'm             When John became aware that
family. After his wife, daughter,                                               the aisle and expressed a desire to      hungry and I don't know where          the center was sponsored by the
and son were in the pool, he was                                                be in the next baptism.                  my daddy is."                          Seventh-day Adventist churches in
apparently touched by the Holy          Juan Torres is baptized by Pastor                             Azael Colon           Had he wandered away from           the city, he recalled an Adventist
Spirit and couldn't resist getting      Jose P. Valentin.                              Communication Secretary          home and become lost? Had his           man that had befriended him in
                                                                                                                         father abandoned him and his          his youth. Today, he and Lisa are
                                                                                                                         family? These are questions I'll      taking Bible studies from Eleanor
                                                                                                                        never know the answers to,              Pennyman, a Bible instructor.
                                        Next Year's Freshmen                                                            because he ran down the street             Most of us cannot go to the in-
                                                                                                                        before I could say or do anything      ner city to minister for Christ, but
                                        Face January 31 Deadline                                                        more.                                  we can support the Better Living
                                                                                                                           Every day such encounters oc-       Centers through the Inner City
                                        For State Financial Aid                                                         cur in the four Better Living          Offering on January 14. Your
                                                                                                                        Centers in the Lake Union. But         help is needed. The budgets for
                                         ANDREWS UNIVERSITY—                     necessary papers on time."             thank God we are prepared to           the four centers totals over
                                         January 31 is a critical deadline          According to Mrs. Hare, the         help and to show that we care,         $180,000 in 1984. If we are to con-
                                         for Michigan freshmen students         Financial Aid Form (F.A.F.) is          rather than miss the opportunity       tinue to help people like the
                                         applying for financial aid for the     the key document that must be           to help as I did.                      Bakers, there must be a large of-
Teacher Honored                          1984-85 school year, according to       filed by the deadline in order to         If space permitted I could share    fering.
LAKE REGION—The United                  Esther Hare, Andrews' financial         make the student eligible for a         a story of activities from each of                       Don A. Copsey
Ladies Society of Chicago recently      aid officer.                            variety of aid sources, including       the centers, but since 1 can't, I'll             Inner City Coordinator
honored Carmelita Richardson for           Michigan sophomore, junior           state and federal grants and cer-
her dedicated service as a teacher      and senior students have until          tain loan programs.
at Shiloh Academy since 1977. Ms.       March 15 to apply. All other                "We're here to help anyone
Richardson, teacher of the eighth       students in the Lake Union states       that needs help on this," says
grade, works with Shiloh's year-        must apply by April 1.                  Mrs. Hare. "If the F.A.F. seems
book staff by raising funds and            "These are crucial dates for         complicated, give us a call and
supervising the production of the       next year's freshmen who need           we'll help you in every way we
yearbook. "She is a teacher who         financial aid," said Mrs. Hare.         can. We don't want anyone to
does more than is expected of her,"     "Each year, thousands and               miss out."
said Ivan Van Lange, principal.         thousands of dollars are missed by          For help or information con-
She is a member of the Straford         Andrews students merely because         cerning financial aid at Andrews,
Memorial Church in Chicago.             they don't let us help them file the    call 616-471-3334.                                      The Indianapolis Better Living Center
                                                                                                                                Adventist Health System North
                                                                                                                                           Andrews University
                                                                               HERALD • JANUARY 3, 1984 I

Good New Year's Advice
  Christa White was an Andrews        months that God would open up             She says the "promise of love"
University student featured in the    just the right position for me, and    has come to her in the form of a
1983 third quarter NO ONE BUT         now I know He has answered.            "card, letter, or phone call" and
YOU program entitled "Earthen            "Perhaps some thought 1 was         through two grey tiger kittens she
Vessels."                             foolish to accept a position in a      recently acquired to be her "fami-
                                      place so far away without visiting     ly away from family." According
                                      it first, but I knew I must follow     to Christa they provide her with
                                      where God was leading me."             what she calls them, "Cuddles
                                         Apparently God was leading          and Snuggles."
                                      Christa, for she says, "The people        Christa has begun a monthly
                                      accepted me instantly. I found         newsletter which she sends to
                                                                                                                    Chaplain Howard Fish listens to Louise Pikowski as part of his work in
                                      myself welcomed as never before.       friends to keep them posted on
                                                                                                                    building hope and courage at Glendale Heights Community Hospital.
                                      Sabbath dinner invitations came        events in her classroom and in her
                                      furiously, and I couldn't accept
                                      them fast enough."
                                                                             life. In one of those newsletters
                                                                             Christa recorded a day which
                                                                                                                    Turning Despair to Hope
                                         You may remember that               found the children of her class in a   GLENDALE HEIGHTS, 111.—A                  Besides counseling patients and
                                      Christa enjoys singing, and God is     particularly happy mood because        pastoral care department has been      families, Chaplain Fish plans to
                                      also fulfilling her desire to tell     school pictures were being taken.      established at Glendale Heights        assist employees with their per-
          Christa White               others about Him in song. Christa         Christa wrote: "I couldn't help     Community Hospital to not only         sonal problems. He is also
                                      says, "I've had many invitations       but treasure this day, for it once     administer to the medical needs of     developing an on-call program so
  As you may recall, Christa          to sing." The first Sabbath in         again showed me how somewhat           patients, but also the spiritual and   that a clergyman is available 24
graduated during the summer of        Brewster "I was asked to lead the      'simple' or 'little things' can make   emotional needs of their families.     hours a day.
1983 and began teaching at            Sabbath School song service."          children happy for hours! As we           Directed by Howard Fish, the           Another area of emphasis is
Brewster Church School in                Despite enjoying her work and       go through this month, let's look      department coordinates the             providing health education pro-
Washington State last fall.           feeling fulfilled Christa confessed,   for the 'little things' to make us     spiritual emphasis program. The        grams on a variety of topics, in-
                    Christa now       "I admit to times of loneliness, of    happy."                                program focuses on both direct         cluding stop smoking, stress
                 has her own          missing friends and relatives in a        That's good advice for the new      patient care and the development       management and cooking classes.
                 apartment in         way 1 never thought possible. Yet,     year, too. Thanks Christa.             of a ministering community                "Perhaps the most challenging
                 the home of a        God has sent His promise of                                Bonnie Hotter      among hospital employees and           dimension to pastoral care is in
                 church member        love."                                                       Copy Editor      support persons.                       concentrated crisis ministry,"
                   and nas pur"                                                                                        "Each patient has a story to tell   notes Chaplain Fish. "Patients
                   chased a car.                                                                                    or a point to make about               and their families brought into the
   She says, "The Brewster                                                                                          something important to them,"          emergency room are frightened
Church looks a lot like my home                                                                                     says Chaplain Fish. "Our elderly       and angry—perhaps angry at God
church in Fenton, Michigan, and                                                                                     patients may reflect on the past;      for letting this happen to them or
has about 250 members."                                                                                             some express their anxieties and       their loved ones," says Chaplain
   The Brewster Church School                                                                                       fears and others may choose to         Fish. "I try to turn their despair to
moved to brand new facilities dur-                                                                                  pray. If a person is religious,        hope and help them draw strength
ing the week of October 2, 1983,                                                                                    prayer can give them a sense of        from God."
and Christa is enjoying a "pretty                                                                                   hope, strength and courage," he                        Linda Hinrichsen
peach classroom." She says, "My                                                                                     explains.                                    Public Relations Associate
lively group of 17 students in
grades one to four have tested me
and found that I mean what I say.
I realize now how important it is
                                                                                                                    Lifelong Learning Program
for children to have a good quality
                                                                                                                    Offers 28 Possibilities
   She likes her teaching position                                                                                  ANDREWS UNIVERSITY—An-                 ing, by Edward Rogers; German
and says, "I had prayed for many                 Christa thoroughly enjoys working with children.                   drews University's Lifelong            Cooking, by Norma Jullin;
                                                                                                                    Learning program will offer 28         Hospitality Made Easy, by
                                                                                                                    workshops and classes during the       Patricia Mutch; Microwave Cook-

Stretch Program Offered                                                                                             winter quarter covering a wide
                                                                                                                    range of subjects.
                                                                                                                       For the first time a class called
                                                                                                                                                           ing, by Viola Lutz; Single Life-
                                                                                                                                                           styles and a Nutrition Day
                                                                                                                                                           Workshop, by Fonda Chaffee;
To Postgraduate Students                                                                                            Airbrush Techniques will be
                                                                                                                    taught. Lew Carrington, assistant
                                                                                                                                                           Crafts, Advanced Crafts and
                                                                                                                                                           Creative Decorating, by Rona
ANDREWS UNIVERSITY—An-                graduate program, Andrews will         doctoral program and make              professor of technology educa-         Swaine.
drews University will offer an        make up the difference—any dif-        satisfactory academic progress, 3)     tion, is the instructor.                  Adult Sabbath School Teaching
expanded "stretch" program            ference. Employment during             be charged full tuition for the 48        This will be an introductory        Methods, by Roy Naden; How to
beginning with the 1984 academic      vacations and the school year may      credits that apply to a degree.        course designed to teach the stu-      Develop a Sermon, by Carl Coff-
year, according to Vernon Siver,      be used to cover living costs.         (Charges for making up deficien-       dent techniques used by airbrush       man; Marriage Commitment
vice president for financial ad-         Mr. Siver said that graduate        cies do not apply, nor do rebated      artists. The class will meet           Seminar, Marriage Commitment
ministration. The program will in-    level students often have a dif-       or free tuition.)                      Tuesdays and Thursdays from            Leadership Seminar and T-JTA
clude graduate and doctoral           ficult time paying for graduate           Students must 4) apply for all      6:30 to 8:30 P.M., January 5 to        Temperament Testing, by John
students for the first time.          education because they do not          possible external aid, 5) apply for    March 13, 1984.                        and Millie Youngberg.
   "Now any prospective graduate      have financial backing from            and receive a full $5,000                 Speedreading, Speedwriting,            Text (TXT) Processing, by
student will have the opportunity     parents or other sources. When         Guaranteed Student Loan, have          and Personal Typing will also be       Lenora Bidwell; How to Choose a
to pursue a graduate education,"      they are going to school and can-      the full amount credited to and re-    taught. Speedreading will help         Computer, by Rick Birmele; Emo-
said Mr. Siver.                       not work full time, it becomes         tained on account for the four         persons improve their reading          tions, by Gary Dickson, and a free
   The program will complement        very difficult to pay tuition and      quarters, or bring to the university   rate, comprehension and                first-aid and cardiopulmonary
the concept begun in the fall of      living expenses.                       from external sources (not in-         vocabulary. It will be taught by       resuscitation class will be taught
1983 which states that Andrews           "Many students have borrowed        cluding Andrews University labor       Ellen Rieseberg on Mondays and         by Barbara Friesen.
will do "whateverittakes" to give     up to $10,000 just to pay for their    or grants) an amount in cash equal     Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 P.M.,           Electrical Construction, Plumb-
undergraduate students an oppor-      graduate level educational pro-        to the full loan, and 6) keep ac-      January 9 to February 8.               ing Construction I, Welding
tunity for a Christian education.     grams," says Esther Hare, finan-       count in balance each quarter.            Speedwriting is a shortened         Technology I and II, Machine
   "This means that if a student      cial aid officer at the university.       Mr. Siver said that if a student    form of steno shorthand and will       Shop I and Furniture Design and
does everything he or she can to      "This is in addition to what they      (undergraduate or graduate)            enable the student to take notes in    Construction will also be offered
finance the cost of graduate          owe for their undergraduate pro-       wants to attend school at An-          excess of 40 words per mintue. It      in conjunction with Andrews'
school, Andrews will do the rest,"    grams. We want to help them keep       drews, he can "reach as fas as he      will be taught by Ruth Greenway        College of Technology.
Mr. Siver continued. Our commit-      this large-scale borrowing down to     can and Andrews will pull the rest     on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 P.M.,           Academic credit, noncredit and
ment is to reduce a student's bor-    a more reasonable level—ideally        of the way."                           January 11 to March 7.                 continuing education credit is
rowing for tuition, fees and books    not more than $5,000. With the            For more information on the            Personal Typing is a casually       available on various classes. Some
to a maximum of $5,000 for a          stretch concept now applying to        program, interested students may       structured class which offers basic    classes meet for the entire quarter
regular one-year, 48-credit           graduate students, this can be         contact an Andrews admissions          typing skills for new students and     and some are shorter.
graduate program.                     possible."                             counselor toll free: in Michigan,      improved typing abilities for other       For further information on par-
   If a student applies for all          In order to qualify, a student      800-632-2248; nationwide,              persons. It meets 7 to 9 P.M. each     ticular classes and to register, con-
available grants and a loan and       must 1) apply for financial aid at     800-253-2874, or write to Andrews      Tuesday, January 10 to March 13.       tact Lifelong Learning, Andrews
still cannot meet the costs of tui-   Andrews, 2) be a regularly ac-         University, Admissions Office,            Other classes include Quilting,     University, Berrien Springs, MI
tion, books and fees for a            cepted student in a master's or        Berrien Springs, MI 49104.             by Eloise Beardsley; Men's Tailor-     49104, or call 616-471-3286.
   Illinois Conference
                                                                                   I HERALD • JANUARY 3, 1984 I

  Students Experience                                                                                                                                       Education
                                                                                                                                                            That Cannot
  The Joy of Giving                                                                                                                                         Be Measured
   ILLINOIS—More than 100 peo-              brethren, ye have done it unto
   ple in need in Chicago were given        me." Matthew 25:40.                                                                                              ILLINOIS— Illinois schools have
   assistance for Thanksgiving by the          Eugene related how students                                                                                  done it again. According to Iowa
   North Shore church members and           gave money that they had earned                                                                                 Tests of Basic Skills results,
   junior academy students. Gifts of        themselves; not money from their                                                                                achievement is high in the.Advent-
   love in food baskets and monetary        parents. He expressed that Mrs.                                                                                 ist schools.
   gifts were brought to the altar dur-     Sells wants them to experience the                                                                                 The basics have been measured
   ing the Sabbath School program          joy of giving what they have                                                                                     and the learning has been great,
  on November 19, 1983.                    earned from willing hearts.                                                                                      but there is a part of education
      A special feature of the pro-           Eugene explained how students                                                                                 that cannot be measured by a test.
  gram was presented by Eugene              had set a goal of $50. After ac-                                                                                   Illinois Conference teachers set
   Bayora, a fifth-grade student. He       cumulating $5, a small group of                                                                                  their goals for the evangelism of-
   mentioned how his teacher, Kathy        the students were taken to a near-                                                                               fering in November, but the goals
   Sells, stresses the importance of       by store.                                                                                                        were not all financial. Many
   caring and sharing. He explained           There they were taught                                                                                       teachers encouraged their students
  to the Sabbath School members            economical and nutritional shop-                                                                                to reach out to their community in
  the various methods used to help         ping, cooperation and witnessing.                                                                               this endeavor. .
  those in need who come to the            "After a few times," Eugene said,'                                                                                  Children called on homes ask-
  community services center.               "we were remembered by the                                                                                      ing people to sponsor them if they
     "We must bring clothing and           store clerks." Mrs. Sells explained                                                                             had a walk-a-thon, a rake-a-thon,
  toys in .good condition ... we           their mission and the students                                                                                  a read-a-thon, or a run-a-thon.
  wouldn't want to bring rags to           were rewarded with favorable                                                                                        One park district cooperated
  Jesus," he said. Then he read the        comments.                           Baptism at Beverly Hills                                                    with students on a walk-a-thon by
  text, "Inasmuch as ye have done it                Bernace Kirschenbauer                                                                                  asking their employees to delay
  unto one of the least of these my               Communication Secretary      ILLINOIS—Annie Evans was baptized on October 1 by Pastor Enell
                                                                                                                                                           laying asphalt until the children
                                                                                 Hall at the Beverly Hills, Illinois, Church. Edward Crumbly, a lifelong
                                                                                                                                                           walked seven miles through .the
                                                                                 friend, and his wife, Faith, gave Annie Bible studies, according to Mary
                                                                                 Ellen McWilliams, communication secretary.
                                                                                                                                                               Not all schools walked, raked,
                                                                                                                                                           ran, and read for money. Some

                                                                                 Relationship Seminar
                                                                                                                                                           sold things.
                                                                                                                                                              Galesburg Church School set up

                                                                                 Held at Broadview
                                                                                                                                                          a booth and sold picture frames to
                                                                                                                                                          the public. Each person received
                                                                                                                                                          literature when they came to the
                                                                                 ILLINOIS—On the weekend of                Mr. Fardulis has given this booth.
                                                                                 November 11 and 12, 1983, Loren series at both Andrews University            Other schools sold popcorn
                                                                                 Fardulis, dean of men at Broad- and Walla Walla College in the within the school; some sold other
                                                                                view Academy, assisted by Pastor past year. His 11 years as a dean foods. Some children learned to
                                                                                Peter Neri, presented a series of and his master's degree in counsel- do jobs at home. Others brought
                                                                                meetings which covered a wide ing and student development have offerings to school.
                                                                                range of relationships.                 afforded him the experience           All the money has not been,
                                                                                   The seminar included teenage necessary to develop and present turned in, but to date $3,674.46
                                                                                dating (its problems and such a series.                                   has been received from the 1,068
                                                                                pleasures), relationships between         Beginning January 21 Mr. Far- students attending the Illinois
                                                                                friends of the same sex, and rela- dulis will be presenting a 10-week church schools.
                                                                                tionships which lead to marriage.       Relationship Seminar at the           "The Lord will add a special
                                                                                   The titles of the meetings were Brookfield Church at the invita- blessing to this sum of money,"
                                                                                as follows: "Love Is a Many tion of Pastor Andy McRae.                    said Margaret Best, conference
                                                                                Splendid Thing"; "Love and Let            Anyone interested in having assistant superintendent of
                                                                                Love, Be a Friend"; "Sex Is Not a Mr. Fardulis at a local church schools.
 June Jacobson, the North Shore Sabbath School superintendent, ex-              Spectator Sport"; "Simon vs. should contact him at Broadview
 presses appreciation for the numerous bags offood and monetary gifts           Mary—What Price Love"; Academy, La Fox, IL 60147.
 brought to the altar to help those in need who come to the community           "Tough and Tender"; "The                               Jackie De Groot     Old-Fashioned
 services center for assistance.                                                Dating Game."                                Communication Secretary       Ingathering
                                                                                                                                                           At Broadview
 Illinois Conference News Notes                                                                                                                             ILLINOIS—Saturday night,
                                                                                                                                                            December 3, and Wednesday
    • A simulated disaster drill was       has also been successful with In-      held in several homes. Students desire to smoke during the five-         night, December 14, students,
   held on the Broadview Academy           gathering and they helped              will bring materials and do the day session that was led by Pastor       staff and church members of
   campus Sunday, November 6.              distribute food baskets during the     cooking, according to Richard Herman Ottschofski of the Quin-            Broadview Academy united their
   This drill involved the Kane Coun-      holiday season, reported Richard       Cook, communication secretary.      cy, Illinois, Church. He was         talents and efforts together and
   ty Red Cross, the Broadview             Cook, communication secretary.         • The West Frankfort Church assisted by Dr. Roy Olson and                did Ingathering the old-fashioned
   Academy Church's first-aid class        • Charles Middaugh was or-             has a radio program which is Mrs. Anne Mays .of the Quincy               way.
   and 25 B.V.A. students. The             dained as a local elder at Downers    operated by Kenny Shelton and Cancer Society who was the                    • They sang Christmas carols in
   students played the role of victims     Grove Church recently. Giving the      Larry Walsh. It is entitled, "Peo- organizer of the meeting. Another     the streets of Geneva and St.
  and were picked up from the              charge was Pastor Jerry Coyle,        ple Touching People." The object Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking            Charles while solicitors went from
  mock disaster area by the Red            and assisting were the platform       of this program is to help those will be held in St. Mary's Hospital      door to door.
  Cross ambulances and brought to          elders, Richard Cook and Harry        who are in need. Volunteers do in March of 1984, according to G.              Many people brought their
  the gymnasium, which was the             Halverson.                            jobs and run errands for the elder- H. Wiemerslage, communication         children to the doors to hear the
  emergency shelter. Victims were          • Recent guest speakers at the        ly who are not self-sufficient. A secretary.                              carolers. Residents responded
  bandaged and cared for by the            Downers Grove Church were             nutrition program by Jewell • In late October, 25 young peo-              with nearly $1,000 during the two
   first-aid class, clothed and fed by    Stephen Patterson from "Jesus          Vineyard is also broadcasted on ple and adults from the Glen Ellyn        evenings.
  community services, directed by         Behind Bars" and Elder Roger           Thursdays.                          Church collected 70 grocery bags          According to Jackie De. Groot,
. Karen Verheghie. The feeding of         Coon from the White Estate who          • A building is being con- of nonperishable food items from             communication secretary, Peter
  the group was done in cooperation       spoke for the church's 23rd birth-    structed on the West Frankfort their neighbors in Glen Ellyn and           Neri, pastor of the Broadview
  with Tim Watt and the cafeteria         day weekend.                          Church property for a community Glendale Heights. This food, and          Academy Church and Elder
  services. The drill began at 8 A.M.      • Earl and Dottie Alien,             center. Clothing, food, bedding, fresh fruits and vegetables given        Harold Oetman, principal, share
  and was completed by 11 A.M.            Downers Grove Church, have had        and household necessities will be by the church, was distributed to       the same philosophy concerning
  Plans are now being made for            excellent success with a bread-       stocked there to give to the needy, 15 needy families at Thanksgiving     the unifying of students, staff and
  another drill in the near future,       bake. More than 125 people at-        according to Jewell Vineyard, and Christmas. The church plans             church.
  reported Jackie De Groot, com-          tended. Tne Aliens are now in the     communication secretary.             to start a food pantry which can         They state, "In unity is
  munication secretary.                   process of conducting a health         • Twenty-three out of 25 par- be used as a resource for the com-         strength, and working together,
  • The          Downers       Grove      seminar in Naperville. Attendance     ticipants of the recent Five-Day munity services of Du Page Coun-         singing together for the same
  Pathfinder Chiefs collected 130         ranges from 65 to 80 people.          Plan to Stop Smoking held at ty, according to Brenda Morris,              unselfish objective draws us closer
  cans during Hallo ween. The club        Follow-up cooking schools will be     Blessing Hospital, conquered their communication secretary.               together and closer to God."
                                                                                                                                                        Illinois Conference
                                                                                                                                                       Indiana Conference
                                                                              I HERALD • JANUARY 3, 19X41

                                                                              Indiana Conference News Notes
                                                                               • The Logansport community            plete the school kitchen.             added to the Investment program,
                                                                              service facility, directed by           • On November 15, Jean Ken-          according to Ruth Carvin, com-
                                                                              Dorothy Thompson, has been             nedy, home economist and cer-         munication secretary.
                                                                              open one day a week just six           tified home nutrition instructor,     • EvansviUe Pathfinders pur-
                                                                              months, but community needs are        began a cooking class at              chased a 54-passenger bus from
                                                                              increasing. "We may have to open       Yokefellow Institute in Rich-         proceeds of their fall festival
                                                                              two days," reported Rick Snay,         mond, assisted by others in the       booth in the city, according to
                                                                              communication secretary.               church. In this pathway event, the    Sunny Weedman, communication
                                                                               • Joanne Langlois was baptized        Richmond Church hopes to ac-          secretary. The club went to
                                                                              in the Richmond Church                 quaint the community with             Timber Ridge Lodge December 10
                                                                              November 5 by William Kennedy,         meatless cooking and more             and 11 for their December outing.
                                                                              pastor. Her search for Christ          healthful cooking, reported           • The EvansviUe Pathfinder
                                                                              began with a book purchased            Erlabell Petry, communication         Club quartet recently sang at the
                                                                              from Forest Jackson, a literature      secretary.                            Louisville, Kentucky, Adventist
                                                                              evangelist. A Revelation Seminar        • Thanksgiving dinner was            Church on Pathfinder Sabbath.
                                                                              solidified her decision, reported      served to parents of the students     • Sixty people attended a
                                                                              Erlabell Retry, communication          at Gary Church School on              vegetarian smorgasbord and
                                                                              secretary.                             November 20. The pupils, dressed      cooking school held at the
                                                                               • The Richmond Home and               as pilgrims and Indians, presented    Yokefellow Institute in Rich-
                                                                              School project for this year is the    the program in commemoration          mond, Indiana. The nutrition in-
                                                                              publishing of a cookbook called        of the first Thanksgiving Day, ac-    structor was Jean Kennedy, home
                                                                              Meatless Masterpieces. "With           cording to John Bedell, com-          economist and wife of the Rich­
Two Baptized in Flossmor                                                      more than 300 recipes contributed      munication secretary.                 mond Church pastor. Recipes,
ILLINOIS—On Sabbath, October 22,1983, two young people were bap­              by members of the church, the           • The Terre Haute members            demonstrations and films were
tized at the South Suburban Church in Flossmor, Illinois. Pastor Andrew       book will greatly assist in teaching   and their sister church, Mount of     part of the program. "People are
L. Adams, left, baptized Lisa Ogibovic and James Bodinet. Lisa was            the Adventist philosophy of            Olives, gathered for an auction       more aware of the value of a
raised in a Seventh-day Adventist family and recently made her personal       healthful living," said Jackie         conducted by Art Blankenship          vegetarian diet," one woman
commitment to Christ. James is the only Adventist in his family. He           Rogers, Home and School chair-         and assisted by David Harrison        remarked, and at the close of a
became acquainted with the church through the "It Is Written" television      man. Proceeds from the sale of         and Bertie Tyler. Articles were       class expressed a desire to open a
program. He then called upon Elder Adams to find out more about the           the cookbook will be used to com-      donated and a total of $220 was       vegetarian restaurant.
Sabbath and the church that keeps it. Bible studies followed and, as a
result, James was baptized.

                                                                                                The new Elkhqrt, Indiana, Church (Photo courtesy of the Elkhart Truth)

                                                                              Elkhart Church Dedicated
                                                                              INDIANA—The new Elkhart, In-             In 1928 the first church building     The new church has a sanctuary
                                                                              diana, Church was dedicated            was dedicated and 17 students         seating 250, six classrooms and a
                                                                              September 10 by Robert Thomp-          were enrolled in the church           pastor's office on the main level.
                                                                              son, conference president. David       school. Growth caused the church      The lower level has a fellowship
                                                                              Hakes is the pastor.                   to relocate, in 1948, to Goshen       hall, kitchen, utility rooms and
Hammond Receives Check for Evangelism                                           Three women, 77 years ago,           Avenue with 90 members.               two classrooms.
INDIANA—Jerry Lastine, director of Indiana Conference trust services,         made up the nucleus of the               That facility was sold in 1982,        The church school has seven
gives Edgar Robertson, head elder of the Hammond Church and                   original church. Tent meetings         and a new church was planned to       students.
Margaret Kirk, church treasurer, a $4,370 JO check. The money, from a         brought the number to 12 by 1910,      accommodate the growing con-                          Shanon Earls
maturity of a Hammond church member, is for evangelism in Hammond.            and the church was organized.          gregation.                                  Communication Secretary

1,300 Food Items Collected by Pathfinders                                     Falcon Creek Church Organized with 17 Members
INDIANA—Tami Craig was one of the 20 Pathfinders who collected                INDIANA—The Falcon Creek Church, from the Lafayette area of Indianapolis, Indiana, was organized August
1,300 items of food and 800 pieces of clothing in Halloween visits, accord­   20,1983, by Pastor Harry Passion, right; Conference President Robert A. Thompson, second from right, and
ing to Teresa Hermsdorfer, Glendale Pathfinder leader. The food went in­      Conference Treasurer Tom Massengill. Members are currently meeting in a bousing complex assembly room.
to Thanksgiving baskets, and the clothing was donated to the Indianapolis     The 17 charter members have conducted a Revelation Seminar, and they have a strong visitation program. Their
Community Service Center.                                                     outreach plans center around a commitment to be a growing church.
 Lake Region Conference
 Michigan Conference
                                                                               I HERALD • JANUARY 3, 19841

                                                                              Lake Region Conference News Notes
                                                                               • A four-week evangelistic Church in Waukegan during 1983,                 Australia. "Interestingly enough,
                                                                              crusade was held at the Ephesus reported Roxie Ivy, communica-              Elder Fleming was the first
                                                                              Church in St. Anne, Illinois, and tion secretary.                           Pathfinder director of Robert
                                                                              was directed by Juan Leon,           • Many families received               Minisee when he was a young boy.
                                                                              evangelist, and his crusade team. Thanksgiving groceries delivered          Mr. Minisee is the present director
                                                                              The church was filled each night. by the Dorcas Society of Shalem           for the Calvin Center Bobcats,"
                                                                              Forty-five new members were Church of Waukegan, Illinois. "It               said Beatrice Hampton, com-
                                                                              added to the church through bap- was a joy to see the expression of         munication secretary.
                                                                              tism at the end of the crusade, ac- thankfulness on the people's            • On Thanksgiving Day, the
                                                                              cording to Sarah Ann Foster, faces," said Roxie Ivy, com-                   Straford Memorial Church was
                                                                              communication secretary.            munication secretary.                   host for a free community service
                                                                               • Cornelius Harris was • Gaines R. Partridge, acting                      dinner for people living on-
                                                                              presented a plaque at the recent academic dean for Loma Linda              Chicago's Southside and the sur-
                                                                              Lake Region officers meeting for University, recently spent a day at       rounding suburbs. With the help
                                                                              his dedicated service as treasurer Shiloh Academy in Chicago. Dr.          of the Robbins, Altgeld Gardens
                                                                              of the Shiloh Church in Chicago. Partridge is devoting some of his         and Beacon of Joy churches, more
                                                                              Mr. Harris has served as treasurer personal time to making visits to       than 300 persons were given a hot
 Thanksgiving, a Time for Sharing                                             for 25 years.                       academies. He provides students        Thanksgiving meal. Fifty-two
 LAKE REGION—Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and so, on                    • After a three-week Straight with information they will need as           service workers from the four
 November 22 and 23, some members from the llth-grade Bible class at         Answers Bible Course Seminar they make plans to enter profes-               churches were on hand to prepare
 Shiloh Academy in Chicago did just that. They are from left, front row,     presented by Pastor Robert L. sional schools.                               and serve the guests. These
 Barbara Finley, Basje Lewis, Angel Ragsdell. Back row, from left are        Smith, eight people were received • Mr Y. Fleming, Pathfinder               workers also distributed 600
 Howard McHenry, teacher; Rhonda Wilson; Carla Carter; Tonya                 as candidates for baptism and one director for the Michigan Con-            pieces of literature. Straford
 Payton; Angela Jackson; Trina Cox; Carlos Herd, and Joseph                  for rebaptism at the Shalem ference, spoke for the Calvin                   Memorial was one of four sites
 Washington. The students and their teacher visited the homes of five        Church in Waukegan, Illinois. Center Bobcats on Pathfinder                  chosen in Chicago to host a com-
 senior citizens who are members of the Shiloh Church and are not able to    Members from the church gave Day, November 12, 1983. With                   munity service dinner on
 attend church services regularly. The members were Lula Battles, Ethel      weekly Bible studies in the com- stones collected from various              Thanksgiving Day by the
 and Pauline Byrd, and Joan and Elizabeth Vappi. At each home students       munity. Many more members regions of the country. Elder                     Chicagoland Federation. The
 gave a mini-program and presented each woman with a fruit basket,           from the community are studying Fleming pointed out the peculiar            other sites chosen were Shiloh,
 according to Angela Jackson, an llth-grade student.                         the Straight Answers Bible Course quality in each stone that should         Hyde Park and Independence
                                                                             and receiving help from church be manifested in the life and                churches, according to Virginia
                                                                             Bible instructors. More than 20 character of a Christian youth. In          Starks, Straford Memorial com-
 Jackson Summit Church                                                       people united with the Shalem the afternoon'he showed slides of             munication secretary.

 Ordains Woman Elder
LAKE REGION—Elodia Jones               support for this distinction.          Adventists Join Celebration
was ordained in November as the        Pastor Robert L. Jones also gave      MICHIGAN—A three-church                strumentals presented by members         Personal testimonies were given
first woman local elder in the         his support.                          interfaith Thanksgiving service       of the churches represented, and        by a member from each church
Summit Church in Jackson,                 Elodia has been a member of        was held Sunday evening,              the United Methodist choir per-        represented. The member from
Michigan. Women representing           the Seventh-day Adventist Church      November 20, at the United            formed a portion of the cantata,       the Christian Reformed Church
six other churches in the Michigan     for 30 years and has served her       Methodist Church in Marion,           "Alleluia!" The congregation           spoke on "Life Out of Sickness."
area were present to show their        church in a number of areas. She      Michigan. Joining in a celebration    sang several songs of Scripture set    He said he has learned he is not
                                       is presently the regional director    of worship and praise were            to music, and a piano-organ offer-     perfected yet, and God still has
                                      of the Adventist Singles Ministries    members of the United Methodist       tory was played while a collection     some polishing to do; but God
                                      and the international vice presi-      Church, the Seventh-day Advent-       was taken for the Marion Com-          knows what is needed.
                                      dent of this same organization.        ist Church, and the Christian         munity Food Pantry, which helps           Judy Ealy, an Adventist,
                                          Currently Ms. Jones is             Reformed Church.                      residents in need in the Marion       discussed "Strength Out of
                                      employed as a supervisor for all          There were vocals and in-          area.                                  Loss." She had lost several
                                      post-secondary vocational schools                                                                                  members of her family in a short
                                      in the state of Michigan.                                                                                           period of time. She told how God
                                          Elodia Jones has two publica-                                                                                   had provided her with the strength
                                      tions in professional journals.                                                                                    to care for her loved ones in their
                                      One article was published in the                                                                                    terminal illnesses.
                                      Journal of Tropical Pediatrics in                                                                                      A member of the United
                                       1970, and the other in the Clinical                                                                               Methodist Church shared her ex-
 Elodia Jones was ordained as the     Pediatrics Journal, 1971.                                                                                          periences on the topic "Joy Out
first woman local elder of the            Jesse Jones, the son of Elodia,                                                                                of Sadness." She concluded that
Summit Adventist Church in            is the auditor for Lake Region                                                                                     one's joy in the Lord is propor-
Jackson, Michigan.                    Conference.                                                                                                        tionate to the trials and sorrows
                                                                                                                                                         one shares in fellowship with
                                                                                                                                                            The meeting ended with con-
                                                                             From left, Pastor Brace Brown of the Christian Reformed Church,             gregational songs of praise.
                                                                             Pastor Donald Fry of the United Methodist Church, and Pastor Robert                           Bessie S. Dunn
                                                                             Quit/in of the Marion Adventist Church conducted an interfaith                    Communication Secretary
                                                                             Thanksgiving service in Marion, Michigan.                                                     Marion Church

                                                                             Michigan Conference News Notes
                                                                              • A Five-Day Plan to Stop            Church. Another service in            and teachers at the 1983 Craft
                                                                              Smoking was held recently at         Roscommon at the Congrega-            Seminar held at Grand Ledge
                                                                              Delton. Daniel Richardson, direc-    tional Church was sponsored by        Academy on November 13. At-
                                                                             tor of substance abuse at Battle      the Ministerial Association of        tendance totaled 270. Nature is
                                                                             Creek Adventist Hospital and a        Roscommon County.                     the theme for the Michigan Path-
                                                                             member of the Delton Church,           • Five children were dedicated       finder year, so six of the classes
                                                                             joined with Pastor Paul Howell in     to the Lord at a service in           were on the subject of nature. Five
                                                                             the meetings. Thirty people           Houghton Lake Church on               other classes involved getting out-
                                                                             registered, and after five days, 20   November 12. Grant and Debbie         of-doors. Classes taught included
                                                                             indicated they had gained victory     Gair presented their sons, Shawn,     cycling, glass painting, rocks and
                                                                             over the habit. A follow-up pro-      Christopher and Cameron. Alicia,      minerals, birds, and astronomy.
                                                                             gram is planned.                      daughter of Bryce and Sheila Bar-     Each club attending received five
                                                                              • Gordon Stecker, pastor of the      num Gair, and Jason Lee, son of       points toward the "200" Club
Bristol Church Receives New Members                                          Hough ton Lake Church, was guest      Timothy and Mary Morris               achievement. Every May at the
MICHIGAN—Bristol, Michigan, church members met at the Cadillac               speaker at a joint Thanksgiving       Predohel were also dedicated by       Pathfinder Fair there is a special
Church recently: to welcome and witness the baptism of three new             Eve service of several churches in    Pastor Gordon Stecker.                award for the clubs achieving 200
members. Pastor James Micheff, left, baptized Betty and Raymond Sharp        the Houghton Lake area. The           • Twenty different craft classes      points for their varied activities
Jr. and William Kirkby.                                                      meeting was held at the Wesleyan      were offered to Pathfinder leaders    during the year.
                                                                                         Wisconsin Conference
                                                          I HERALD • JANUARY 3, 1984 I

                         Andrews University                                                 Recollections
                                                                                            Inspire Gift
          Financial Aid Deadlines                                                           To Academy
         for 1984-85 School Year                                                            WISCONSIN—Alfred E. Clough,
                                                                                            a 91-year-old nursing home resi-
    Michigan residents—FRESHMEN: January 31                                                 dent and member of the Kenosha,
                                                                                            Wisconsin, Church, found
      All other Michigan residents: March 15                                                himself reminiscing about his
                                                                                            youth. He once sold The Coming
           Out-of-state residents: April 1                                                  King to pay his tuition to Mount
                                                                                            Vernon College in Mount Vernon,
       Call toll free for financial aid forms:                                              Ohio. It only took $150 to register
                                                                                            for his training as a nurse.
             In Michigan 800-632-2248                                                          After graduating with his class,
                                                                                            consisting of eight girls' and
             Nationwide 800-253-2874                                                        himself, he worked at a hospital in
                                                                                            La Grange, Illinois, for two years
                                                                                            before opening a shoe store in
                                                                                               Recalling his unfulfilled ambi-
                                                                                            tion to be a doctor caused Mr.

                                                                                            Clough to think of the young peo-
                                                                                            pie at Wisconsin Academy work-
                                                                                            ing hard to pay for their educa-
                                                                                            tion. He felt impressed to send the

is a very big word.                                                           j             academy a sum of money to
                                                                                            relieve some young person of a
                                                                                            financial burden which he
                                                                                            remembered carrying 74 years
Well, maybe not a word, exactly. But a commitment—a com-                                    ago.
mitment about money. Andrews University will do whatever it                                    Wisconsin Academy has the
takes to give you an opportunity for a Christian education. We                              Youth Educational Scholarship
give you the chance. You make the choice.                                                   (Y.E.S.) plan and the Worthy Stu-
It's called the Stretch Concept. It simply means that                                       dent Fund for students in need of
                                                                                            financial aid. Y.E.S. is funded by
if you do everything you can to make ends meet for
                                                                                            offerings of church members
college, Andrews will do the rest. You must apply                                           throughout the Wisconsin Con-
for all the loans and grants available and work to                                          ference.
your potential. Your parents must stretch to help         jf"*"^                               With matching funds from
you, if they can help at all. Then Andrews will make      HI                                parents and a carefully planned
up any difference. ANY DIFFERENCE. $500,                                                    work program, qualifying
$1,000, $2,000—sometimes as much as                                                         students can pursue their educa-
$3,000. You reach as far as you can and            >*•                                      tion. The Worthy Student Fund is
Andrews will pull you the rest of the way.       £                                          the recipient of direct donations,
                                               ^K':' fy                                     such as the one from Mr. Clough.
With the Stretch Concept at Andrews you                                                        "How thankful we are for the
can't honestly say that a lack of money                                                     regular contributions of members
kept you out of an Adventist college.                                                       and the gifts of encouragement
Because Andrews does whateverittakes.                                                       that come from those who take
Sound too be true?                                                                  time to remember the youth,"
                                                                                            said Jean Anderson, communica-
Put us to the test—toll-free.
                                                                                            tion secretary of Wisconsin
We're ready and waiting                                                                     Academy.
to stretch for you.

                                                                                               Announcements for pubUntton In the Herald
                                                                                             should be received by YOUR LOCAL CON­
                                                                                             FERENCE offlce lit least FIVE weeks before the
                                                                                             scheduled event.

                                                                                             ANDREWS UNIVERSITY
                                                                                             A Marriage Commitment Seminar,
                                                                                             January 13 to 15, will be presented by
                                                                                             Lifelong Learning. Taught by John
                                                                                             and Millie Youngberg, participants
                                                                                             will experience marriage commitment
                                                                                             as a couple. Also, for those couples
                                                                                             wishing to hold their own Marriage
                                                                                             Commitment Seminar weekends, a
                                                                                             Marriage Commitment Leadership
                                                       Call us on the In-Line:
                                                                                             Workshop will be held January 16 to
                                                                                             19 by the Youngbergs. The courses
                                                                                             will be taught for credit; noncredit is
                                                In Michigan: 1-800-632-2248.                 available. For more information call
                                                                                             Lifelong Learning at 616-471-3286.
                                           Outside Michigan: 1-800-253-2874.                 Divorce Recovery seminars will be held
                                                                                             Sundays, January 8 to February 12,
                                                                                             for persons living through a divorce.
                                                                                             Lectures and discussion groups will
                                                                                             meet from 7 to 9 P.M. each evening to
                                                                                             help heal the deep emotional wounds
                                                                                             of divorce. For more information con-
                                                                   Andrews University        tact Pioneer Memorial Church in Ber-
                                                                                             rien Springs or call 616-471-7317.
                                                                                             Andrews University Concert-Picture
                                                                                             and Chamber Music Series continues
                                                                                             through the winter quarter with six
                                                                                              performances. On January 7, "Ski
                                                                                             Time," a film by Warren Miller, will
                                                                                             be shown. Other programs include
                                                                                              "The Gospel of John," a dramatic
                                                                                             presentation, February 10; "Night
   Classified Ads
                                                                                                                  HERALD • JANUARY 3, 1984 I

  Crossing," a film, February 11; Glen-                     SKI CONDO FOR RENT: 2-bedroom,                    Sunbelt hospitals. Must be willing to make a      Mich. The ceremony was performed by                     1983, in Lansing, Mich. He was a member
  da Kirkland, soprano, February 19;                        2-bath condo in Winter Park, Colorado;            job commitment and be willing to move             Elder Gordon W. Rhodes.                                 of the East Lansing University Church.
  Aebersold-Neiweem, duo pianists,                          close to slopes, sleeps 6. Access to new club     about freely for one year while learning to         Terri is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.                    Survivors include his wife, Vesia; 3 sons.
  March 4; and the Andrews University                       facilities with racquet ball, sauna, swimming     become a director of nursing. B.S. preferred      Jerry DeHart, and Ronald is the son of Mr.              Earl, Avery and James; a daughter, Cereda
                                                            pool. Jacuzzi, one hour from Denver. Rates        but not required. 5-7 years of experience re-     and Mrs. Edward Wery.                                   McConnell; II grandchildren and 7 great-
  Orchestra with Donna Steering,                            begin at $60; by week or day. Call                quired. Send resume to: Carolyn Johnson,            The Werys are making their home in                   grandchildren.
  pianist, March 10. Tickets will be sold                   312-325-0935 or 312-655-1715.          —636-1     Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Health           Wilson.                                                    Services were conducted by Pastors James
  at the door prior to each performance.                                                                      Care Corporation, 2400 Bedford Rd.,                                                                       McKinley, Bruce Bobienco and Arnold
  For more information call                                                                                   Orlando, FL 32803. E.E.O.C.          —669-1                                                              Kraner, and interment was in Rose
                                                            AUTO BODY MAN with experience in
                                                            painting and making estimates. Also look-
                                                                                                                                                                Obituaries                                             Cemetery, Bath, Mich.
                                                            ing for experienced mechanic with his own         VIDEOTAPE programs for home or                          BASTIEN, Joseph G., 86, born Oct. 4,                 LOCKWOOD, Lloyd A., 72, born Nov.
  ILLINOIS                                                  tools and ability to meet the public. Send        church. Purchase or rental selection in-             1896, died Aug. 31, 1983, in Jackson, Mich.         30, 1910, in Athens, Mich., died Nov. 24,
  Broadview Academy Alumni: Address                         resume to: Automotive Parts & Service,            cludes programs to interest children, teens,         He was a member of the Bunkerhill Church.            1983, in Battle Creek, Mich. He was a
                                                            P.O. Box 3, Walkerton, IN 46574, or phone         families, pastors, health professionals,                Survivors include his wife, Ruth; a              member of the Battle Creek Tabernacle
  update is essential to receive alumni                                                                                                                           daughter, Vivian Roloff, and a grand-
                                                            219-586-3166.                      —637-1         everyone. For free catalog, contact: Life                                                                Church.
  communications. Please include                                                                              Video, Box 395, College Place, WA 99324;            daughter.                                                Surviving is his wife, Hilda.
  maiden name, address, year graduated                                                                        509-522-0784.                       —670-2              Services were conducted by Pastor James              Services were conducted by Pastors Elmer
  and news for the Exponent Alumni                          ADULT FOSTER CARE HOME
                                                            —Beautiful country setting on 5 acres, 6                                                              McKinley, and interment was in Roseland              Malcolm and Wayne Olson, and interment
  Column to: Ruby Brown Snell, 2616                         miles from Adventist Church. Have opening         LEARN COURT REPORTING. Home                         Cemetery, Jackson.                                   was in Memorial Park Cemetery, Battle
  Willo Drive, Berrien Springs, Ml                          for male and female residents. 1900 W.            study or resident. No Sabbath problems.                 COSTERISAN, Jeffrey D.,27, born Sept.            Creek, Mich.
  49103. The amount of the fund and                         Ludington Dr., Farwell, Ml 48622;                 Government loans available. High income.            30, 1956, in St. Joseph, Mich., died Oct. 23,           McDONNFLl, Emma L., 88, born May
  the number of alumni scholarships                         517-588-6297.                     —643-2          Free placement. Fully accredited. Adventist          1983, in Laingsburg, Mich. He was a                 14, 1895, in Alsace-Lorraine, France, died
  awarded were increased in 1983. In                                                                          owner and reporter also has a worldwide             member of the Stevensville, Mich., Church.           Nov. 23, 1983, in Kankakee, 111. She was a
  order to assist additional students, we                   LADY OR COUPLE for 12 to 16-bed foster            reporting company, Thyra D. Ellis and                   Survivors include his wife, Diann; 2 sons,       member of the Kankakee Church.
  need to replace depleted funds. Con-                      care home in Three Rivers, Mich. Little           Associates International, Inc. Call toll free       Lawrence and Jayson; his parents, Bonnie                Survivors include a son, Elton Guiss; a
                                                            cooking required, apartment furnished.            800-874-3845. Stenotype Institute, Box              and Floyd Costerisan; a sister, Marcia               grandchild, and 2 great-grandchildren.
  tributions may be made to B.V.A.                                                                            50009, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.                Greeley, and a brother, Tim.
  Alumni Association, Box 307, La Fox,                      Husband may have outside job. Steady                                                                                                                          Services were conducted by Pastor
                                                            position, good income, opportunities to                                                —671-6             Services were conducted by Pastors               Richard Peterson, and interment was in
  IL 60605. Plan now to attend                              share faith. Please call Fred or Eloise                                                               Patrick Stevenson, J. D. Westfall and Bruce          Mound Grove Gardens.
  homecoming on April 21, 1984.                             Boothby days, 616-382-2392; evenings,            CHEMISTRY FACULTY POSITION:                          Babienco.                                               MICHAEL, Harold, born Jan. 23, 1900,
                                                            616-628-2579.                   —644-2           Prefer recent Ph.D., any chemistry special-              ERICSON, Inis. born May 3, 1892, in             died Oct. 13, 1983, in Taylor, Mich. He was
 INDIANA                                                                                                     ty, with instrumentation experience. Will           Crystal Falls. Mich., died Nov. 21, 1983, in         a member of the Detroit Oakwood Church.
 W. Melvin Adams, executive director                        NURSING DIRECTOR, BRIGHTON,                      consider others. Experience and education            Iron River, Mich. She was a member of the               Survivors include his wife, Nellie; a sister.
 of Americans United for Separation                         COLORADO: New 58-bed AHS/EMA                     determines rank. Begin fall 1984. Send               Iron River Church.                                   Hazel Renbarger, and several nieces and
 of Church and State, will speak                            facility needs nursing director, nursing         resume/references by February 1, 1984, to               Survivors include several cousins.               nephews.
 January 21 at a religious liberty rally                    management background. Rural communi-            Dr. Raymond Shelden, Loma Linda Univer-                 Services were conducted by Elder Ken-                Services were conducted by Pastors Dean
                                                            ty of 15,000; shopping and events in             sity, Riverside, CA 92515-8247.    —672-1           neth L. Williams, and interment was in                Burns and Norman Yeager, and interment
 in the Indianapolis Southside Church                                                                                                                            Bales Township Cemetery, Iron River.
                                                            Denver, 30 minutes away. Adventist                                                                                                                        was in Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock.
 at 11 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. The church                                                                                                                                 FAIRCHILD, Robert, born Aug. 2,1908,             Mich.
 is located at 4801 Shelbyville Road,                       Church; 10-grade school. Send your resume        COUPLE WANTED WHO APPRE-
                                                            or call Mrs. Jackie Dunkin, Personnel,           CIATES MILD WINTER. Vacation or out-                in Alma, Mich., died Nov. 2, 1983, in Lan-               NEVILLE-McKENNA, Dovir, 98, born
 Indianapolis. Elder Adams actively                         Brighton Community Hospital, 1850                patient. Completely furnished mobile home           sing, Mich. He was a member of the Lansing           Jan. 30,1885, in Sullivan County, Ind., died
 contacts government leaders on issues                      Egbert, Brighton, CO 80601; 303-659-1531.        in lovely location. 2 mites from Wildwood           Church.                                              Oct. 30. 1983, in Indianapolis, Ind. She was
 concerning the church and state and                                                          —656-1         Sanitarium and Hospital, II miles from                  Survivors include his wife. Eva. and 2           a member of the Glendale, Ind., Church.
 will report on events that are fulfilling                                                                   historic Chattanooga. References. $100 per          daughters. Marjorie Shawver, and Lois                    Survivors include 2 sons, Paul and James
 Bible prophecy.                                           NEEDED: PRIVATE DUTY NURSING                      week, utilities included. R. Vital, Box 184,        Schroeder.                                           Wood; 4 daughters, Louise Patterson,
                                                           CARE in southeastern Michigan (home               Wildwood, GA 30757; 404-820-1831.                       Services were conducted by Pastor Arthur         Virginia Belcher, Alberta Price and Pauline
  LAKE REGION                                              health aides, L.P.N.'s or receive training for                                          -673-1        Coved, and interment was m Deepdale                  Bowman; 28 grandchildren, and 54 great-
                                                           a home health aide). Please contact Adven-                                                            Memorial Park Cemetery, Lansing.                    grandchildren.
 Charles D. Joseph, president of the
 Lake Region Conference, will be                           tist Nursing Service, P. O. Box 478, Pon-                                                                 FENNER, Barbara J., 31. bom Jan. 29,                Services were conducted by Elders Ralph
                                                           tiac, MI 48056, or call 313-335-1290. -657-1                                                          1952, in Genesee County, died Nov. 10,              Combes and Harry Passion, and interment
 honored by the Chicago area                                                                                                                                     1983, in Saginaw, Mich. She was a member            was in Washington Park East Mausoleum.
 Oakwood College Alumni Chapter for                                                                                                                              of the Cadillac, Mich., Church.                          PETERSON, Roth M,72, born Oct. 17,
 his service in the ministry, his dedica-                  DIRECTOR OF NURSES NEEDED:
 tion to Christian education, and his
 leadership as president of the con-
 ference. Special recognition will be
                                                           Jellico Community Hospital. 50 beds/acute
                                                           care, located east Tennessee mountains;
                                                           seeking qualified person to manage Nursing
                                                                                                             Mileposts                                               Survivors include her husband, Bryon; a
                                                                                                                                                                daughter, Traci; her mother, Marilyn
                                                                                                                                                                Goynne; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                Charles Seitz; 3 sisters, Ann Howey, Calhy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1911, in Minnesota, died Nov. 14, 1983, in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Eau Claire, Wis. She was a member of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rice Lake Church.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Survivors include her husband, Walter; 2
                                                           Service. B.S. required, masters preferred.
                                                                                                                                                                Odren, Crista Seitz, and a brother, Douglas
 made during the Chicago Chapter's                         Excellent fringe benefits. Contact: Keith         Anniversaries                                      Seitz.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      sisters, Evelyn Greenhill and Goldie Larson.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and 5 brothers, Reuben, Lloyd, Ingwell,
 31st annual dinner on Saturday,                           Hausman, P. O. Box 118, Jellico, TN
                                                                                                               Tbn md Martha Famtaro of Ann Arbor,                   Services were conducted by Pastor James
 January 7, 1984, at 7 P.M., at the                        37762, or call collect 615-784-7252, ext. 301.                                                                                                             Juel and Harvey Melgaard.
                                                                                                 —660-3      Michigan, celebrated 50 years of Christian         Micheff, and interment was in Hillside                   Services were conducted by Pastor Jan
 Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Lee                                                                        marriage on November 1, 1983. In 1933,              Cemetery, Harrietta, Mich.                           Follett, and interment was in Nora
 Pascal, president of the National                                                                          Martha and Tim were married in the Hart-                FENNER, Margaret, 93, born Oct. 5.               Cemetery, Rice Lake, Wis.
 Oakwood College Alumni Chapter,                           NEW VEGETARIAN LOW-CALORIE                        ford Seventh-day Adventist Church by                1890, in Wisconsin, died Nov. 23, 1983, in              SCHELLER, Joseph**, 83, born Nov.
 will be the principle speaker. For more                   ENTREES, baking supplies, whey-based             Elder J. H. Laurence. Ann Arbor members             Fort Atkinson, Wis. She was a member of              29, 1899, in Sheboygan, Wis., died Oct. 26,
 information and reservations contact                      drinks, tofu desserts. Wholesale prices. For     had an open house for the couple to honor           the Oakland, Wis., Church.                            1983, in Stevens Point, Wis.
 Patricia Burns or Earl Galloway,                          details rush printed name and address to:        the occasion.                                           Survivors include 2 daughters, Mrs.                  Survivors include her husband, Neven; a
 312-224-7700.                                             Ann: William M. Lagwig, Star Enterprises,           Roy and Harriet Pairolt, long-time               Ronald Alter and Lucillc Fine, and a grand-          brother, Raymond, and a nephew, Robert.
                                                           Box 203, North Lake, WI 53064.      -662-1       members of the Quincy, Illinois, Church,            child.                                                   Services were conducted by Pastor James
 Song of Praise Productions, presents                                                                       celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary at            Services were conducted by Pastor Ken
 Anthony Whigham of Richmond,                                                                                                                                                                                        A. Ellison, and interment was in Wildwood
                                                           RETIRED ADULTS INVITED. Rooms                    the Quinsippi Nursing Home where Mrs.               Peters, and interment was in New Chester             Cemetery, Sheboygan.
 California, and the Davis Trio of                         available for persons interested in short- or    Parrot! is a patient. Roy is 81 and his wife is     Cemetery, Grand Marsh, Wis.
 South Bend, Indiana, in concert                                                                            85. They were married in St". Louis,                                                                         SLEETH, Walter, born July 4, 1910, died
                                                           long-term board and lodging. Beautiful                                                                   GUNN, Clarence H_ 79, born May 2,                Oct. 13, 1983, in Lansing, Mich. He was a
 February 11, 1984, at 5 P.M. in the                       rural valley near LaCrosse, Wis. Small           Missouri, November 15, 1925. A cake with            1904, in Battle Creek, Mich., died Dec. 4,           member of the Lansing Church.
 Berrien Springs High School, Berrien                      academy student body. Vegetarian diet, hik-      58 candles was centered on a table decorated        1983, in Battle Creek. He was a member of                Survivors include his wife, L.orene, and 2
 Springs, Michigan. A freewill offering                    ing, gardening, chapel and class participa-      with roses. Three guitar players furnished          (he Winter Haven, Fla., Church.
                                                                                                            music, and songs were sung by the 35                                                                     sons, Ronald and Donald.
 will be taken.                                            tion welcome. Come be a part of our school.                                                              Survivors include his wife, Glyna: 3 sons,           Services were conducted by Pastor Bruce
                                                           Alpine Springs Academy, Route 2, Foun-           visitors from their church. The affair was          J. C., Merle and Wendell; 2 brothers, Keith          Babienco, and interment was in Deepdale
 OUTSIDE LAKE UNION                                        tain City, WI 54629; 608-687-8400.               organized by Ardyth Parrick, social                 and Lynn, and 7 grandchildren.
                                                                                                            secretary, who also led the group singing.                                                              Cemetery, Lansing, Mich.
                                                                                                —663-1                                                              Services were conducted by Pastors Elmer
 Homosexuality: Christian Basics for                                                                        Residents of the Quinsippi Nursing Home             Malcolm and Wayne Olson. and interment                   SMITH,Dean N.,69, born Oct. 10, 1914,
 Recovery, a one-day educational con-                                                                       remarked that they "really enjoyed the pro-         was in Riverside Cemetery, Bellevue, Mich.          in Wells County, Ind., died Nov. 9, 1983, in
                                                          OR AND OB HEAD NURSES urgently                                                                                                                            South Bend, Ind. He was a member of the
ference on Sabbath, March 17, 1984,                       needed. Live near the beach on the beautiful
                                                                                                            gram," reported G. H. Wiemerslage, com-
                                                                                                                                                                    HOOT, Mmry EUeen, 79, born Dec. 22,
at the Holiday Inn, Bethesda,                                                                               munication secretary.                                                                                   First Church of South Bend.
                                                          California coast. Previous supervisory ex-                                                            1903, in Worcester, Mass., died Nov. 27,                Survivors include his wife, Betty; a son,
Maryland, sponsored by Quest Learn-                                                                                                                             1983, in Morenci, Mich. She was a member
ing Center, discusses conditions
                                                          perience or extensive staff experience
                                                          necessary. Call collect or send resume to
                                                                                                            Weddings                                            of the Prattville Church.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Stan Wilder; a daughter, Silvia Budd; 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
necessary for homosexual recovery.                        Mark Williams, Administrative Assistant,              Denise F. McBride and Martin V. Oem-                Survivors include her husband, Ronald; a            Services were conducted by Pastor Jerry
The conference will convene at 8:30                       Port Hueneme Adventist Hospital, 307 East          mons were married Oct. 2, 1983, in Bloom- •       grandchild, and 3 great-grandchildren.               Fore, and interment was in Highland
A.M. and end at 9 P.M. Register by                        Clara St., Port Heuneme, CA 93041;                 ington, 111. The ceremony was performed by             Services were conducted by Pastor Robert        Cemetery, South Bend.
                                                          805-488-3661, ext. 215.             —664-1         Elder Heinz Kowarsch.                              Maehre, and interment was in Evergreen
March 2. For cost and more informa-                                                                             Denise is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.         Cemetery, Ransom, Mich.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SUTHERLAND, Gladys E., 87, born
tion write: Quest Learning Center,                                                                           McBride, and Martin is the son of Patrecia                                                             Dec. 17, 1895, in Dane, Wis., died Nov. 7,
                                                          ALLEN ORGAN FOR SALE (Formerly                                                                            HUTTO, Marjorie M., 70, born Oct. 25,           1983, in Aledo, III. She was a member of the
P.O. Box 7881, Reading, PA 19603.                         Andrews University church organ.) Asking           Clemmons.                                          1913, in Indianapolis, Ind., died Oct. 30,
                                                                                                                The Clemmonses are making their home                                                                Kewanee, III., Church.
                                                          only $900 including speakers and amplifiers.                                                          1983, in Indianapolis. She was a member of              Survivors include 2 sons, Walter and
                                                          Everything working good. Needs some paint          in Bloomington.                                   the Glendale, Ind., Church.                          Robert; 2 sisters, Dorothy Lewison and
                                                          work. Can be used for church. Phone:                  Zoe Marie Pereaalt and Dean Alien Scott            Survivors include her husband, Arthur; a
Classified Ads                                            616-471-6793.                      —665-1         were married Nov. 5, 1983, in South Flint,         son, Stephen, and a grandchild.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cora McChesney; a brother, Calvin Mc-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chesney; 4 grandchildren and 2 great-
                                                                                                            Mich. The ceremony was performed by                    Services were conducted by Pastor Harry          grandchildren.
    Al advertisements must be approved by your local      NUTRITIONAL EDUCATOR: Demon-                      Elder Robert Fancher.                              Passion, and interment was in Crown Hill                 Interment was in Oak ridge Cemetery,
 conference olBce. Ads should be sent to the local con­   strate and teach food management skills to           Zoe Marie is the daughter of Mrs. Mary          Mausoleum, Indianapolis.                             Sandwich, III.
 ference offlce at least the weeks before I he desired                                                      Pereault of Davison, Mich., and Dean is the
 issue dale. No phoned ads will be accepted. Final ad     community. Must have B.S. in dietetics, 3                                                                INGALL, Max W., 75, born May 15,                     WILLIAMS, Angel M., 80, born April
                                                          years previous experience in community            son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott of Flint,          1908, in Morenci, Mich., died Nov. 7, 1983,
 deadline at the Lake Union Herald office is M onday,                                                                                                                                                              21, 1903, in Grand Marais. Mich., died
 9 \M., 16 days before the date of issue; SO words        nutrition and excellent public speaking skills    Mich.                                              in Livonia, Mich. He was a member of the
                                                                                                               The Scotts are making their home in                                                                 Nov. 12, 1983, in Flint, Mich. She was a
 maximum. Limit or four insertions.                       required. Qualified applicants send resume                                                           Detroit Oakwood Church.                             member of the Manistee Church.
    Rales: $12 per insertion lor ads from Lake Union      to: Kettering Medical Center, Employment          Davison.                                               Survivors include his wife, Farrell; 2 sons,        Survivors include 4 sons, Hugh, Robert,
Conference church members; $1850 per insertion            Office, 3535 Southern Blvd., Kettering, OH           Jeanne Pierce and Keith Rogers were mar-        Ronald and William; a daughter, Beverly
for ad other advertisers. All ads must be paid in ad­                                                                                                                                                              Edward and Daniel; 4 daughters, Lenore
                                                          45429.                               —666-1       ried Sept. 25, 1983, in Wilson, Mich. The          McEwen; a brother, Gerald; 14 grand-                Smith, Mary Kpzminski, Hazel Foster and
vance of printing. Money orders and checks should
be made payable to the Lake Union Conference.                                                               ceremony was performed by Elder Paul              children and 4 great-grandchildren.                  Kathleen Bottrell; 27 grandchildren and 25
There will be no refunds for cancellations.               COMMUNITY EXERCISE PHYSIO-                        Pellandini.                                            Services were conducted by Pastors Dean         great-grandchildren.
   The Herald cannot be responsible for adver­            LOGIST: Direct and coordinate graded                 Jeanne is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.         Burns, Sam Woods, and Norman Yeager,                     Services were conducted by Pastors John
tisements appearing in its columns and reserves the       exercise testing procedures and research          James Pierce, and Keith is the son of Mr.         and interment was in Acacia Park                     Glass and Kenneth Denslow, and interment
right to edit classified ads in conformance with          projects. Masters in exercise physiology          Wain Rogers and Mrs. Rex Leatherwood.             Cemetery, Southfield, Mich.
editorial policies. The Herald does not accept respon­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   was in Oak Grove Cemetery, Manistee,
                                                          (doctorate preferred), 3-5 years experience          The Rogers are making their home in                 JOHNSTON, Esther J., 87, born Jan. 9,           Mich.
sibility for categorical or typographical errors.                                                           Hendersonville, Tenn.
                                                          in community health education, and ex-                                                               1896, in Quincy, Minn.. died Nov. 14, 1983,             VAN HOUTEN, Bessie M., 94, born
SAVE ON MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: 40                           cellent written and verbal communications a          Ccfe May Renshaw and Merlin Nlles              in Rice Lake, Wis. She was a member of the           Mar. 21, 1889, in Holland, Mich., died Nov.
percent discount. Well-known makes of                     must. Qualified applicants send resume to:        Knight were married Nov. 27, 1983, in Cold-       Rice Lake Church.                                    5, 1983, in Kalamazoo, Mich. She was a
woodwind, string, brass, and percussion in-               Kettering Medical Center, Employment Of-          water, Mich. The ceremony was performed               Survivors include 5 sons; Harold, Miles,         member of the Lansing Church.
struments and guitars. All new. Satisfaction              fice, 3535 Southern Blvd., Kettering, OH          by Elder Neal Sherwin.                            Herb, John and Edward; a daughter, Mar-                  Survivors include 2 sons, Norman and
guaranteed. Write for price list and                      45429.                             —668-1            Cdia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.           jorie Mastrian; a brother, James Dorn; 18            Howard; a sister, Alice Tubergan; 3 grand-
brochure, indicate instrument desired.                                                                      Walter Renshaw.                                   grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.           children and 6 great-grandchildren.
Telephone orders accepted, 616-471-3794.                  CAREER OPPORTUNITY for ad-                           The Renshaws are making their home in              Services were conducted by Pastor Jan L.             Services were conducted by Pastors Bruce
Hamel Music Co., Berrien Springs, Ml                      ministrative minded registered nurse. One         Union City, Mich.                                 Follett.                                             Babienco and Arthur Covell, and interment
49103.                              —635-2                year nursing leadership residency, rotated           Terri Lynn Ryan and RorraM Joseph Wery             KEENEY. Eber E, 90, born April 8,                was in Delta Center Cemetery, Lansing,
                                                          among several Adventist Health System/            were married Nov. 26, 1983, in Wilson,            1893, in Six Lakes, Mich., died Nov. 4,              Mich.
That 1984 May be Different                                                                                                                                                                            ue union • •
Meryle Cumbo
Guest Editorial
Editor's Note: On a recent visit to Hinsdale Hospital I visited Meryle Cumbo,
secretary to Hinsdale's General Vice President William Hilliard and wife of Illinois                 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE LAKE UNION
Conference President Everett E. Cumbo. She handed me a paper bearing the follow-                     CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
ing words. As I read them they spoke to my heart. May the Holy Spirit use these                            Box C, Berrien Springs. MI 491O3
thoughts to encourage you for a blessed 1984.
                                   Through the long centuries of the children                     January3, 1984                        Vol. LXXVI, No. I
                                of Israel, God longed to have His people love
                                Him, want Him, obey Him, depend on Him
                                                                                                                  JERE WALLACK, Editor
                                                                                                                  MARTIN BUTLER, Managing Editor
                                                                                                                  BONNIE KOTTER. Copy Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                         JANUARY 3, 1984
                                                                                                                                                                                         H                                VOLUME LXXVI, NUMBER 1
                                without reservation so that He could engulf                                       BERYL JOHNSON, Editorial Assistant
                                                                                                                  ROSE FROOD, Editorial Assistant-
                                them in every blessing He ached to bestow.                                           Typesetter
                                The onlooking nations, feeling either curios-                                     PAT JONES. Circulation Services
                                ity, admiration, or wonder, would have come                                           CORRESPONDENTS
                                wishing to observe the phenomenon of love                        ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM NORTH. INC.: David L.
                                bestowed by the Eternal God on His people.                       Gray. IS Sail Creek Lane, Hinsdale, IL 60521. (312)920-1100.
                                                                                                 ANDREWS UNIVERSITY: Mark DrisUII. Public Relations
                                   These nations, realizing they gazed upon a                    Department, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104.
                                way of life that drew from their hearts both                     (616)471-3315.
                                                                                                 ILLINOIS CONFERENCE: Bob HolbrOOk. 3721 Prairie
                                envy and desire, would have confessed, "Tell                     Ave , Brookfield, IL 60513. (312)485-1200.
us, tell us of your God. Open to us His ways. Share with us His truths."                         INDIANA CONFERENCE: Jerry Lastine. P.O. Box 1950,
   And so it transpired when Solomon reigned, but history records no                             Carmel, IN 46032. (317) 844-6201.
                                                                                                 LAKE REGION CONFERENCE: Vivian Joseph. 8517 S.
parallel either before or sadly since. God's people have not loved Him, or                       State St., Chicago, IL 60619. (312) 846-2661.
wanted Him, or obeyed Him, or depended on Him, and thereby, minus the                            MICHIGAN CONFERENCE: Glenn Hill.                       Box    19009,
                                                                                                 Lansing, Ml 48901. (517) 485-2226.
heavenly blessing that would have awed and drawn the world voluntarily to
                                                                                                 WISCONSIN CONFERENCE: Dale Ziegele. P.O. Box 7310,
their threshhold, they have initiated a substitute called                                        Madison, Wl 53707. (608) 241-5235.
marketing—marketing God's magnificent message. "Let us share with you                            COPY DEADLINES: Announcements should be received by
these interlocked divine doctrines to convert you, to persuade you that we                       the local conference office five weeks before publication dale.
are God's chosen people."                                                                        NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS: All articles, pictures,
                                                                                                 mileposts, classified ads and announcements must be channeled
   We do have the message, but we don't have the lives. We are still here. We                    through your local conference correspondent (see names and
have not coveted a relationship with Him, we have concentrated on response                       addresses above). Copy mailed directly to the Herald will be
                                                                                                 returned to the conference involved.
and result. We have not glorified God, we have glorified goals. We have not
                                                                                                 NEW SUBSCRIPTION requests should be addressed to the
sought the Saviour, we have sought success.                                                      treasurer of the local conference where membership is held.
  God longs to have His people covet Him, love Him, depend on Him so He
                                                                                                 Entered as second>class matter in the Post Office, Berrieii Springs,
may pour out all of the blessings reserved for such a people. That being ac-                     Michigan. Published biweekly, 26 issues per year. Yearly
complished, the world, realizing it gazes upon a way of life that draws from                     subscription price for persons who are not members of a church In
                                                                                                 the Lake Union Conference, $5.00. Single copies, 25 cents.
their hearts both envy and desire, will come saying, "Tell us, tell us of your
                                                                                                 Postmaster: Send all notices to Lake Union Herald, Box C,
God. Open to us His ways. Share with us His truth." No need to propagate,                        Berrien Springs, MI 49103.
to persuade, to prove.                                                                                         ISSN0194-908X           USPS 302-860
     If I had sought Your blessed face                                                                          Member, Associated Church Press
     If I had loved You without fear
                                                                                                      Indexed in ihe Seventh-day Adventisi Periodical Index.
     If I had owned You were my power,
     This weary soul would not be here.
    If I had made You all my day                                                                    Sunset Tables
    If I had needed You alone
    If I had died so You could live,                                                                                                        	Jan 6       Jan 13
    Ere this 1 would have journeyed home.                                                           Berrien Springs, Mich.             E.S.   5:30            5:37
                                                                                                    Chicago, 111.                      C.S.   4:35            4:43
    If I had glorified Your name                                                                    Detroit, Mich.                     E.S.   5:17            5:24
    If all my world had learned from me                                                             Indianapolis, Ind.                 E.S.   5:36            5:43
                                                                                                    La Crosse, Wis.                    C.S.   4:43            4:51
    How filled with love, how great Thou art,                                                       Lansing, Mich.                     E.S.   5:19            5:27
    Then now could be eternity.                                                                     Madison. Wis.                      C.S.   4:37            4:45
                                                                                                    Springfield, 111.                  C.S.   4:49            4:56

                  The LAKE UNION HERALD is entered as second-clan matter at the Post Office at Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103.
                                    Send Form No. 3579 to Box C, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103.

NEWSPAPER—2ND CLASS MATTER                                                       CHANGE OF ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                                                        This fall students of Northview Adventist School in Cadillac, Michigan, collected 100 bags of groceries from
                                                                                            ~diz~                                                                       Marion, Michigan, residents. The groceries were added to the emergency pantry shelf maintained by the
                                                                                                                                                                        Marion Church, reports Bessie S. Durtn, church communication secretary. Jim Blevins of the Marion Press
                                                                                                                                                                        took this photo offour of the 39 students who participated in the project.
                                                                                                      •ABAipP pajdruiajinun unstn oj SAOOI mof. saojaq
                                                                                  siiMM moj ssajpps Man jrioA put pq»i p|O sq» q»i» uodnoD jaojoo SJTJUS
                                                                                  nip pros •8uiAoui »JB noX ji "toW IW '»*"M«S •»!"»• *3 «* 1H«»H
                                                                                                              mimafi 01 SUOIPSIJOD ssajppi TO ssajpps

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