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									                              SBS N
                              Friday 11th, November 2011
                                                                                                                    Vol 1, Issue 5

                              Census 2011 : EVERYONE COUNTS
     GOVERNMENT OF                                                   tion to finish on the Monday, 7th • Graphs and tables are good
         SAMOA                                                       October, 2011 at exactly 12 mid-      ways to summarise data and
                                                                     night. followed by the Preliminary    illustrate trends, but the key
                                                                     Count in December 2011                points need to be described as

SAMOA BUREAU OF                    CENSUS 2011                                                             well.
                                                                                                        • Analysing data means thinking
   STATISTICS                                                                                              about the context – why might
                              STICKER          FIELDWORK
                                                                                                           things have changed? Is the data
                              FINALISED                                                                    being analysed consistent with
                              The white sticker process went
                                                                                                           other data? For example pro-
                              ahead as planned and completed
                                                                                                           duction of Kava has continued
                              on time. The Household lists and
                                                                                                           to decline – this is related to the
                              maps were finalized when the field-
                                                                                                           closing of the European market
                              work for stickers were completed.                                            and is consistent with trade
                              CENSUS ENUMERATORS                                                           data.
                              AND SUPERVISORS                        Institutional Strengthening But in some cases results can be
                              TRAINING                                                                  related to differences in how the
                              The Census Manuals were com-           Project                            data is collected – make sure the
                              pleted on time and printing was                                           collection methodologies and/or
                              conducted internally in preparation                                       questions asked are the same be-
                              for the training of Supervisors and    The Bureau of Statistics Institu-
                                                                                                        fore making comments and draw-
                                                                     tional Strengthening Programme
                              Enumerators.                                                              ing firm conclusions. For example
                              As planned, the Supervisors train-     continues its capacity building
                                                                                                        in 2009 the Agriculture Census
                              ings were held respectively on the     work.                              asked how many fishing trips were
                              11th and 12th October for Upolu        Agriculture Census 2009            made in the last month. Previous
                              and Savaii Supervisors at the Minis-   Analysis and Writing Work-
                                                                                                        censuses asked how many fishing
                              try of Education, Sports and Cul-      shop                               trips in the last week, so the an-
                                                                     In September The Bureau held an
                              ture main office (Malifa               Analysis and Writing workshop swers are not directly comparable.
                              Compound).                             based around the results of the The workshop developed a first
                              The Enumerators training for           Agriculture Census 2009. Partici-
Inside this issue:
                              Upolu was held at the Tooa Sala-       pants were invited from agencies draft of the Agriculture Census
                              masina Hall. The training for Savaii   interested in Agriculture Sector Analytical Report 2009. The report
                              Enumerators was held on 17th to        and included staff from the Minis- will be available at the end of No-
CENSUS 2011               1   21st October at certain locations      try of Agriculture, Ministry of
                                                                                                        vember 2011.
                              to minimize financial constrains .     Finance and the Ministry of
Inside this issue             Hopefully with these training car-     Women, Community and Social
                                                                                                        Review of Economic Statistic
                              ried out, will minimize errors and     Development. The workshop
Progress of ISP       1       time      lapse when the Census        included presentations on Guide- The ISP Team has just completed a
  Population Census 1                                                lines for Good Report Writing Review of Economic Statistics.
                              We thanks MESC for their con-          and Using Charts for Statistical Economic Statistics are well estab-
  Institutional               tinuous support , hence strength-      Analysis. Some important points lished in Samoa but there are still
Progress of ISP Cont’d 1&2
                        2     ening the close collaboration with     from the workshop included:        a number of areas for develop-
  Programme                   the Bureau for future Survey/                                             ment . User feedback has been
                              Census                                 • Users of statistics are inter- very positive about the relevance,
     Outgoing Staff           Census 2011 Field Work                    ested in trends and how things range and scope of the economic
                      2                                                 are changing over time, in com- statistics. Issues have also been
In Brief                  3   Finally, the day as planned arrived,
                                                                        parison to previous censuses.   mentioned, however, mainly in
   Vacancies                  the waiting was over, the census
                      2                                                                                 relation to timeliness, quality and
                              2011 kicked off on Monday 31st         • Using percentages can illustrate c o n s i s t e n c y .
                              October. The census will be con-          trends very clearly – but the The review has helped to identify
  In Brief            2
GO DA MANU                4   ducted in two weeks, the man-             underlying numbers are impor- areas needing development and in
                              dated period is for the data collec-      tant too.                       setting priorities for the ISP’s
    Page 2                                                                                                    Statistics Newsletter

Institutional Strengthening Program Cont’d
work under the umbrella of the        •Agriculture information devel-        SBS advice on statistical
Samoa Strategy for the Develop-         opment (MAF lead)                    activities
ment of Statistics.                   •Improvement of the business           The Bureau of Statistics has a             STAFF
                                                                             mandate to support statistical             This month the Bureau
                                        survey register and database
                                                                             activities and services in Samoa. In       bid farewell to two of it’s
The key priority areas of work are:     and the associated processes
                                        for maintaining this and carry-      this role SBS can sometimes offer          staff ;
•The rebase of the National Ac-                                                                                         Mr Lae Siliva—Principal
 counts, to be completed in 2012        ing out surveys of business in       help in various aspects of the
                                                                             design and carrying out of activi-         Statistician National Ac-
•The update of Government Finan-        2012.
                                                                             ties being undertaken by other             counts
 cial Statistics to be completed in   •Development of documenta-                                                        Mr Livigisitone Nuusila—
                                        tion, capacity building and on-      agencies, and in providing infor-
 2012                                                                                                                   Senior IT Officer
                                        going improvement of proc-           mation about best practise and
•Improvements to trade data, in-                                                                                        Once again the Bureau
                                        esses as part of the Institutional   international standards.
 cluding a new analytical report by                                          If you or your agency are involved         wishes all the best in
 March 2012                             Strengthening Project over                                                      greener pastures that you
                                                                             in the development or use of
•Publication of existing short-term     2011 - 2013.                                                                    will be moving to, hope-
                                      Ongoing development of these           statistics about Samoa, contact us
 indicators to be developed over                                                                                        fully we will see your smil-
                                      statistics will involve the lead       to see if we can help.
 the period to the end of 2012                                                                                          ing faces in the Bureau in
                                      agencies, key stakeholders and         Even if we can’t help now, we
•Tourism information development                                                                                        the nearer future .
                                      the Bureau of Statistics working       would like to hear from you, to
 (STA lead)                           closely together to ensure suc-        help us understand your needs
•Labour market information devel-
 opment (MCIL Lead)
                                      cessful development and ongo-
                                      ing capacity building.
                                                                             and how we can assist in provi-            Vacancies
                                                                             sion of these in the future.
                                                                                                                    Corporate Service Division
In Brief...                                                                                                         •     Senior IT Officer

 Findings and Indicators disseminated in August and September 2011 includes:

 International Arrival Statistics
         - Total Arrivals increased by 0.5% compared to August 2010                                       New CPI
           - Total Visitors also increased by 2.2% compared to August 2010
                                                                                                        2010 = 100
           - 5,077 visitors from New Zealand down 4.7% compared to August 2010
           - 2,105 visitors from Australia up 5.3% compared to August 2010
           - 535 visitors from USA down 23.0 % compared to August 2010
 Consumer Price Index
       - All items Consumer Price Index increased by 4.3%
 compared to September 2010
           - All items Underlying Index increased by 2.0% compared
 to September 2010

    Fugalei Market Survey: Findings for September 2011
 - The volume of taro is 47% lower with its price increasing by 16%
 compared to September 2010.
 - The volume of banana is 15% lower with its price increasing by
 4% compared to September 2010
 - The volume of taro palagi is 39% lower with its price increasing
 by 18% compared to September 2010
 - The volume of ta’amu is 11% increase with its price down17%
 when compared to July 2010
 - The volume of coconut is 57% higher with its price up by 9% compared to September 2010
 - The volume of breadfruit is 8% increase with its price down 26% compared to September 2010
 - The volume of yam is 49% increase with its price down 6% compared to September 2010


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