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					Peter Samland
                                                                                                787 S Jasmine St
                                                                                         Denver, Colorado 80224
Web Developer                                                                 

  Highly qualified Web Developer with experience growing and expanding technology offerings and
  efficiencies for rapidly growing companies. Experience developing web projects focused on site usability
  and Search Engine Optimization best practices. Ability to work conceptually with internal and external
  clients to establish project requirements tied to meeting the end goals of the project.

  90octane                                  Denver, CO                  July 2006 - Current
  Sr. Systems Engineer
      • Designed and developed proprietary lead generation and nurturing system
      • Optimized the user experience and usability of sites with unobtrusive JavaScript
      • Transitioned from an ASP/VB to Ruby on Rails lead generation CMS within 3 months
      • Transitioned infrastructure from Windows Server to a virtualized Xen environment
      • Tested Eucalyptus Hybrid Cloud with EC2 and improved deployment practices
      • Promoted and used Agile, XP and Scrum throughout company
      • Grew department from just myself to four people and managed multiple contractors

  Davis Technology Group                   Denver, CO               November 2005 – July 2006
  Web Developer
     • Used home-grown ASP/VB/MSSQL CMS to deploy multiple web applications
     • Worked in a contract environment in a small shop
     • Worked directly with clients on e-commerce, community, event management and lead
         generation web sites
     • Created and maintained server infrastructure

  The Conflict Center                      Denver, CO                 July 2005 – December 2005
  IT Consultant
      • Audited technology infrastructure and created an upgrade plan
      • Rebuilt and updated computers
      • Assisted with a long-term technology plan

  Kansas State University                 Manhattan, KS                August 2003 – May 2005
  Graduate Teaching Assistant
     • Taught Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Excel and Introduction to Programming with

  McPherson College                        McPherson, KS              May 2003 – August 2003
  Website/Database Development
     • Grant project to improve the college accreditation process by managing the data and
        dynamically generating the required documents
     • Built the website using PHP, MySQL, RedHat, SVN

  Center For Neighborhood Technology     Chicago, IL                 May 2002 – August 2002
  Website/Database Development
     • Quickly learned PHP and PostgreSQL
     • Modified a large database and website for improved searches and faster queries
     • Worked in a Linux environment with CVS for code management

  McPherson College                      McPherson, KS                   September 1999 – May 2003
  PC/Network Tech
     • Networking and general IT support
     • Supported and maintained campus computers
Peter Samland
                                                                                                 787 S Jasmine St
                                                                                          Denver, Colorado 80224
Web Developer                                                                  

  TECHNOLOGIES                       EXPERIENCE                         PROFICIENCY
  Ruby                               2 years                            Advanced
  Rails                              2 years                            Intermediate/Advanced
  PHP                                3 years                            Intermediate
  ASP/VB                             4 years                            Advanced
  Java                               3 years                            Intermediate
  JavaScript                         8 years                            Advanced
  SQL                                9 years                            Advanced/Expert
  Windows Server                     6 years                            Advanced
  Linux                              9 years                            Advanced

  ASP, Rails, Sinatra, Prototype, jQuery, Dojo, JavaScript, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, JSON, CGI, HTML, CSS,
  XML, Yaml, Ruby, VB, C, C++, Java, UML/USE, Pascal, Fortran 90, ECJ, CVS, SVN, Git, CouchDB, MsSQL,
  PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle, Linux(Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), Apache, Lighttpd, Mongrel,
  Passenger, Tomcat, J2EE, Monit, Coldfusion, ActionScript, Flex, Windows Server 2003, Sharepoint,
  Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, Capistrano, Wordpress, Chef, SMTP, MailChimp API, TDD, TestUnit, Rspec,
  FlexMock, XHR, SOAP, XML/RPC, AWS, EC2, S3, Eucalyptus

  Ruby, Sinatra, Radiant, CouchDB, Android Development, Eucalyptus

  Business Marketing Association                  2007
  Developed and presented on how to make technology choices that will promote standards driven
  websites and in turn make for good SEO.
  Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group                  2007
  Similar to the above presentation with an emphasis on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript best practices in
  order to make websites easily crawlable.
  MarCom Awards - Gold Award                           2007
  Development of Gates Corporation Poly Chain GT Carbon Microsite

  Pragmatic Programming Intro to Ruby                 March 2007            Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler
  Pragmatic Programming TDD                           July 2007                Jim Weirich, Joe O'Brien
  MS Computer Science                                 Ongoing    Kansas State University Manhattan, KS
  BS Computer Science/Philosophy and Religion         May 2003       McPherson College McPherson, KS

  Available on request

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