Senators from JC3 states are key to EFCA vote

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                                                        APRIL 2009
                                                   VOLUME 53, NO. 2

                                OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF JOINT COUNCIL OF TEAMSTERS #3
       Covering Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Nebraska

       Senators from JC3 states
       are key to EFCA vote
            U.S.Senators from three of the seven               Council--Arizona, Idaho, Utah and              in three other Joint Council states —           states targeted as vital during President
       states within Teamsters Joint Council 3                 Wyoming — conservatives hold both seats        Colorado, Montana and New Mexico.               Obama’s campaign for president, and
       could be instrumental the decision by the               in the U.S. Senate. All eight of those sen-    And, as this story went to press, most of       Montana was considered “in play” until
       Senate on whether or not to pass the                    ators have said they will not vote for         them were either noncommittal on the            late in the campaign.
       Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).                        EFCA.                                          issue, or were undecided. It is interesting           Their somewhat wimpish approach to
            In each of four states in the Joint                     However, Democrats hold both seats        that both Colorado and New Mexico were          EFCA, which was not exhibited during the
                                                                                                                                                              presidential campaign, has puzzled some of
                                                                                                                                                              their labor supporters. Their reluctance to
                                                                                                                                                              endorse EFCA was exemplified in a recent
                                                                                                                                                              comment by Sen. Michael Bennet (D-
                                                                                                                                                              Colo.), who said:
                                                                                                                                                                    “We’re going to have to see whether
                                                                                                                                                              or not there’s a consensus that can be
                                                                                                                                                              reached that makes it something that can be
                                                                                                                                                              passed because right now there isn’t some-
                                                                                                                                                              thing that can be passed . . . Temperatures
                                                                                                                                                              are running high on both sides of this. We
                                                                                                                                                              need to make sure that no matter how this
                                                                                                                                                              turns out . . . that we’ve got all hands on
                                                                                                                                                              deck working on health-care reform
                                                                                                                                                              because this is the year to get that done.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Bennet is running scared. He faces his
                                                                                                                                                              first election in 2010 and has been caught
                                                                                                                                                              like a deer in the headlights by the complex
                                                                                                                                                              national issues during his short time in the
                                                                                                                                                              senate. He was appointed less than three
                                                                                                                                                              months ago by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter to
                                                                                                                                                              fill the unexpired term of Sen. Ken Salazar
                                                                                                                                                              who retired from the senate to become
                                                                                                                                                              Interior Secretary in President Obama’s
                                                                                                                                                                    Bennet’s ambivalence on EFCA and
                                                                         MMMMM, GOOD!                                                                         other issues has apparently not endeared
                  Young Della, foster daughter of Nancy Lindstrom, a job steward for Montana Local 190 at the City of Billings,                               him to the electorate in Colorado, which
           puts the bite on a hot dog at Local 190’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade. See Local 190 column on page 7.                                                 Continued on page 2

       President’s Column
       Time for the U.S. Senate to stand up for America
                   here is so much waffling going              Democrats, we are sure to lose, no fili-       levels that diminishes our federal and state    rights in the work-
                   on today in political circles               buster needed.                                 labor laws. On the other hand, organized        place. Workers can
                   that it reminds one of the local                 Labor is also having problems on the      labor has worked hard over the years to         be fired and replaced
                   I-Hop.                                      state level in some legislatures where so-     enact laws establishing Social Security, the    by scab replacement
            On the national level, some of labor’s             called progressives are in control. Union      40-hour workweek, occupational safety           workers for going on
       so-called friends are now wringing their                leaders often complain about the shortage      and health safeguards, workers’ compensa-       strike, and they are
       hands, biting their lips and looking for the            of support for labor issues among office       tion, unemployment benefits, overtime pay       confronted by a
       nearest exit every time they are asked about            holders who were endorsed and supported        and others.                                     growing income gap
       the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).                    by the unions.                                      If today’s politicians were in office      between themselves
       They were he heroes of the working class                     All of the sudden with the politicians,   when those laws were enacted, I am not          and the wealthy             STEVE VAIRMA
       until confronted with a real labor issue.               it’s like this: “Wow, the labor guys want      sure they would have had the courage to         class.                        PRESIDENT
            At this point, the final outcome of the            something from us. How do we get out of        stand up to the business interests that were         Fortunately, in       JOINT COUNCIL 3
       EFCA issue is anybody’s guess. The fact                 this one? We didn’t expect this. We real-      running the political show at the time.         this country we are
       that the Democrats fell one or two senate               ly need the money and the boots on the         How tough it must have been in 1935 to          capable of doing something about it. We
       seats (depending on when Al Franken is                  ground, but how can they expect us to sup-     vote for the Wagner Act, which gave the         can go to the polls and vote for our sup-
       seated in Minnesota) short of a filibuster-             port them on this issue?” Oh, pity the poor    unions the right to organize at a time when     porters, once we figure out who they are.
       proof U.S. Senate is troublesome. If we                 business guys whose buddies on Wall            the Roosevelt administration was being               And, lest our politicians forget, we can
       end up needing one or two Republicans, we               Street have been cheating the working mid-     attacked unmercifully by the corporations.      also work against those who pay lip service
       may fall short again because, like                      dle class for years. Checked your 401K              Workers today face serious problems.       to the middle class during a campaign, but
       Democrats, Republican balls seem to                     recently?                                      They work under archaic labor laws, which       bow to the business interests at crunch time.
       shrink in crunch time, so to speak.                          Corporate American supports legisla-      are often interpreted by hostile judges whose        This time, the politicians must stop the
            But if we fail by a small number of                tion every year on the national and state      decisions have chipped away at workers’         waffling and stand up for America.
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster            4/30/09   11:18 AM    Page 2

                                                         THE FACTS
         What the freedom to join unions means to America's workers

                            he Bush administration       has hurt the American middle class,             than a decade, just as it is today. The times                     per capita, lower infant mortality and
                            tried to make up for stag-   increased economic inequality and desta-        in our history when workers have been                             lower death rates; have a lower incidence
                            nant wages with con-         bilized our economy. With deunioniza-           able to come together to speak for them-                          of workplace fatalities; and have better
                            sumer debt a choice that     tion, we have set off a long-term down-         selves in the workplace have been times of                        worker safety net programs such as unem-
                            has proven disastrous.       ward spiral of lower wages and fewer ben-       rising real wages, economic and financial                         ployment insurance and workers' compen-
                            Our country needs more       efits. Pockets of workers with good jobs        stability, rising health care coverage, rising                    sation than states with the lowest union
        money to go to America's workers and less        try to hold on to a middle class standard of    pension coverage and rising productivity.                         density. Unions not only improve the
        to Wall Street speculators and CEOs. That        living, even as more and more people suf-       But when workers' rights are repressed, the                       quality of worker protection programs at
        is why a key element of our nation's eco-        fer lower wages, less health care and no        American economy produces gross                                   state and federal levels — they inform and
        nomic recovery must be to restore workers'       retirement security. As companies fight to      inequality and financial instability.                             educate workers about these programs and
        freedom to form unions, speak for them-          cut costs, consumer demand falls, breeding           Some responsible and profitable                              help them gain access to their benefits and
        selves and negotiate a fair share of the         recession and instability.                      major corporations have adopted majority                          protections.
        wealth they create. Rising income, not                Over the past 35 years, workers' pro-      sign-up as standard practice and an impor-                             Unions also have a large positive
        more debt, is the only way out of the eco-       ductivity has risen by more than 75 per-        tant element of their corporations' success-                      impact on civic participation by America's
        nomic crisis.                                    cent, but inflation-adjusted wages of           ful highroad business plans. The result for                       workers. It comes as no surprise that the
             America became the greatest middle          America's workers — as published by the         companies like AT&T and Kaiser                                    states with the highest union density have
        class society in the world when our country      President's Council of Economic Advisors        Permanente has been workplaces with bet-                          higher voter participation rates than states
        respected workers' fundamental human             — are lower than in 1973. The reality           ter labor-management relations, less ten-                         with the lowest union density.
        right to represent themselves and bargain        today for America's workers is:                 sion, more respect for employees and a                                 Unions and collective bargaining are
        for better wages and benefits. Through bar-           1. Stagnant wages and rising econom-       positive impact on employee morale.                               vital not only in the workplace but also in
        gaining, workers transform bad, dead-end         ic inequality.                                       Of course, there are employers that                          society at large. Half a century ago, the
        jobs into living-wage jobs with opportuni-            2. Pessimism and deepening worker          want America to be a low-wage economy.                            groundbreaking economist John Kenneth
        ties for training and upgrading.' The long-      dissatisfaction with their economic             The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has                                  Galbraith identified unions as a vital
        term decline in collective bargaining cover-     prospects.                                      issued white papers attacking workers'                            source of countervailing power in an econ-
        age is a significant cause not only of wage           A multitude of published studies by        freedom to organize, relying on writings                          omy dominated by large corporations.
        stagnation but also of the nation's health       respected and prominent economists have         by a handful of far right-wing economists.                        That remains true today.
        care and retirement income security crises       found that when workers have the right to            What the chamber doesn't want poli-                               The Employee Free Choice Act is part
        — crises that grow worse by the day.             come together and form unions, their lives      cymakers to know is that union member-                            of a strategy for American economic
             But the law that protects workers'          improve and the larger economy is health-       ship is the route out of poverty for workers                      revival — for a high-wage, high-skill
        freedom to bargain has been perverted.           ier: Productivity rises, product and ser-       in low-wage occupations. For example,                             economy.         Increasing incomes and
        Companies routinely fire workers who             vice quality improves, economic inequali-       union cashiers earn 30 percent more than                          respecting workers' rights on the job must
        stand up for themselves. Workers who             ty is reduced and wages are boosted sub-        nonunion cashiers, union dining room and                          be a central part of that strategy.
        want to form unions are threatened with          stantially for all workers — but especially     cafeteria attendants earn 49 percent more                              What is the plan proposed by the anti-
        plant closings, interrogated, offered bribes,    for low-wage workers and workers of             than nonunion dining room and cafeteria                           worker voices in the business community?
        spied on and intimidated. The result?            color. Unions and collective bargaining         attendants and union janitors earn 31 per-                        More consumer debt? More subprime
        Only eight percent of private-sector work-       have been especially important in giving        cent more than nonunion janitors.                                 mortgages? More jobs without pensions
        ers actually belong to unions, even though       workers access to health insurance and               Today, states with the highest union den-                    and health care? A vain effort to compete
        independent surveys by a leading national        defined-benefit pensions.                       sity enjoy higher wages, higher family                            with low-wage countries by cutting our
        survey firm show that 58 percent of U.S.              During the 1950s and 1960s, when           incomes, lower poverty rates and smaller per-                     standard of living to their levels for all but
        workers say they want a union in their           America's economy grew at the fastest rate      centages of people without health insurance                       the wealthiest Americans?
        workplace — the highest percentage in 25         since World War II, the percentage of           than states with the lowest union density.                             America deserves better than econom-
        years.                                           workers who had unions was at its highest            When workers can form unions, rising                         ic inequality and economic decline. That's
             Denying Americans the freedom to            point in U.S. history. Conversely, on the       wages set off a positive, upward cycle.                           why America needs to restore the freedom
        form unions at their place of work is not        eve of the worst economic crisis of the         States with the highest union density spend                       for all of its workers to bargain for a better
        just unfair, it is destructive economic poli-    20th century, the Great Depression, union       more per pupil on public education; pay                           life by passing the Employee Free Choice
        cy. Taking away workers' rights on the job       membership had been declining for more          teachers higher salaries; have more doctors                       Act.

       JC3 Senators are key, cont.
       Continued from page 1                             battle over EFCA is the fact that in the        threw the book of lies, half-truths and                                 “But if our elected representatives are
       he hopes to win over in the 2010 election         Senate it takes 60 votes to invoke cloture,     innuendos at candidates who supported                              afraid of the liars who represent Wall
       campaign. In a poll recently released by          which is to cut off debate and take a final     EFCA. Those candidates survived and                                Street cheats and thieves, then they proba-
       Public Policy Polling, Bennet’s job               vote on the issue itself. The actual vote       we’re confident they will again if they                            bly shouldn’t be sent to Washington,”
       approval rating was 34 percent, while his         takes only 50 votes to pass, which means        vote for EFCA again.                                               Vairma said.
       disapproval rating was 41 percent                 that up to 10 senators could vote for cloture
             The position of Colorado’s other sen-       and then vote against the bill and it would                                                                                                          APRIL 2009 • VOLUME 53, NO. 2
       ator, newcomer Mark Udall, who was a              still pass with the vice president voting                                                                                 OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF JOINT COUNCIL OF TEAMSTERS #3
                                                                                                                                                                                             Covering Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico,
       sponsor of the bill as member of the U.S.         with 50 Democrats to break a 50-50 tie.                                                                                               Utah, Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Nebraska
       House in 2008, is somewhat puzzling to                  This strategy might appeal to some
       those in organized labor who have always          Democrats who are afraid of the business
       supported him during his long career in           community retribution, but that approach
       the House. Udall has been noncommittal            is chicken-hearted, to say the least.
       on EFCA in recent weeks and is not a co-                “Organized labor for years has been
       sponsor of the senate legislation.                the backbone of the progressive move-                                  JOINT COUNCIL #3 EXECUTIVE BOARD
       However, his labor supporters are still           ment said Steve Vairma, president of the                                               STEVE VAIRMA — Colorado, president
       confident that he supports EFCA.                  Teamsters Joint Council 3. “We’ve been                     ROBERT LEE                       ANDREW MARSHALL                                       TOM MONTHEY
             In Montana, both Democratic sena-           with them, through thick and thin in most             Idaho, secretary-treasurer                   Arizona, vice president                           Utah, trustee
       tors — Max Baucus and John Tester —               cases, helping to finance their campaigns                   JOE DWYER                             WALTER MAESTAS                              MICHAEL SIMEONE
       remain undecided, although Baucus has             and providing foot soldiers in the                  Montana, recording secretary                    New Mexico, trustee                            Colorado, trustee
       said he has some reservations about               precincts. It could be a huge mistake for                Published bi-monthly as the editorial journal of Joint Council of Teamsters No. 3, 10 lakeside Lane, Suite 2E, Denver,
                                                                                                           CO 80212. Subscriptions paid by membership dues. Rate $4 per year. All address changes should be mailed or telephoned
       EFCA.                                             them to misinterpret our intentions. We           to local union office (the address and phone numbers appear in the local union columns). We must have the member’s Social
             Brightest light among Democratic sen-       are deadly serious about EFCA; we want it         Security number in order to make an address change.
                                                                                                                  POSTMASTER: Send address change to Rocky Mountain Teamster, 10 lakeside Lane, Suite 2E, Denver, CO 80212.
       ators in Joint Council 3 at this point is Tom     passed,” he said.                                 We must have the complete reader identification number (top line of mailing label) in order to make an address change.
       Udall, a new U.S. Senator from New                      Vairma pointed out that the U.S.                   The opinions which appear in bylined articles in this newspaper are not necessarily the opinions of Teamster Joint
                                                                                                           Council 3 or the editorial staff. Letters, articles and photographs are welcomed, but they may be abridged to meet space
       Mexico. Udall was a sponsor of EFCA in            Chamber of Commerce had sunk to a new             requirements.
       the House and he has signed on as a sponsor       low in its advertising campaign against                  Address newspaper correspondence to Editor, Rocky Mountain Teamster, 10 Lakeside Lane, Suite 2E, Denver, CO
                                                                                                           80212. Address all other union correspondence to the appropriate local union.
       in the Senate. The other New Mexico sena-         EFCA. “We hope the senators who will                     Periodicals postage paid at Denver, CO and at additional mailing offices. Printed in the U.S.A.
       tor, Jeff Bingaman, remains silent on EFCA.       vote on EFCA realize that during the last
                                                                                                                                                      USPS 469-420 — ISSN 0888-9082
             An interesting aspect to the ongoing        election campaign the U.S. Chamber

       2     ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                                                                         April 2009
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster          4/30/09   11:18 AM    Page 3

       A tale of two workers at FedEx . . .
       The boss and the
       ‘independent contractor’
                 rederick Smith, chairman, pres-            When Jean Capobianco, a FedEx             tives. In the fiscal year ended May 31,         be a big improvement. Fewer than half
                 ident and chief executive offi-       Ground driver, took time off for cancer        2008, he received $51,959 in unreim-            of all nonunion workers receive employ-
                 cer of FedEx Corp, isn’t reticent     surgery, she was fired. “Company offi-         bursed personal use of FedEx’s corporate        er-provided health and retirement plans,
                 about his opposition to the           cials said they were free to terminate her     aircraft, $595,875 in security services         compared with 80 percent of all union
       Employee Free Choice Act.                       because in FedEx’s view she was an             and equipment, $ 64,620 in tax prepara-         members. In case of injury or illness, 62
            “I think the opposition to card-check      independent contractor and therefore not       tion services, $30,673 in financial coun-       percent of union members receive dis-
       is so broad and so deep in American             protected by the Americans with                seling services and $10,661 for personal        ability benefits, compared with just 35
       industry that all we can do is to say we do     Disability Act.”                               use of company cars.                            percent of nonunion members.
       not think that is good public policy,”               Smith and other FedEx executive                Union contracts would provide                   Smith receives the Cadillac-equiva-
       Smith told securities analysts in an earn-      officers don’t have to worry if they lose      employees with job security that thou-          lent of these benefits. The present value
       ings’ conference call last December.            their jobs. They have a “Management            sands of FedEx workers are denied.              of his pension benefits for 36 years of
            But while Smith receives a generous        Retention Agreement” that outlines a           FedEx Ground drivers are required to            service totals more than $27 million.
       salary, assurance of a severance if the         three-year employment agreement fol-           pay for their own delivery trucks, as well      Smith and other FedEx executives also
       company gets bought, perquisites and a          lowing a merger or acquisition. Smith          as for the insurance, repairs, gas and tires    receive $1.5 million in life insurance and
       traditional pension — these are benefits        stands to receive a $26.6 million golden       that they need to do their jobs. By argu-       disability insurance equal to 60 percent
       that FedEx workers can only dream               parachute as well as outplacement assis-       ing that the drivers are independent con-       of the executive’s monthly earnings less
       about. Because FedEx classifies drivers         tance if he loses his job or is demoted        tractors, not employees, FedEx also             $10,000. Finally, FedEx provides its
       for FedEx Ground as independent con-            after a merger or acquisition of the com-      maintains that they can’t unionize.             executives with annual physical exami-
       tractors, the company can fire them at          pany. Fewer than 15 percent of working              One of the key reasons workers form        nations “so they can focus on producing
       will and is not legally required to provide     Americans have employment contracts.           unions is to negotiate for improved             superior financial returns for our share-
       them with such basic benefits as over-               Smith     also    receives     lavish     employee benefits. In the case of FedEx         owners.”—AFL-CIO (
       time pay or expense reimbursements.             perquisites typical of corporate execu-        drivers, just getting basic benefits would

       James P. Hoffa

       Trucking debate with Mexico about U.S. safety
                  here is no question that Mexico      ing Mexico along the U.S. border. More         no certified lab, and the collection and cus-   But alarmingly, U.S. officials were unable
                  is a much more dangerous place       than 7,000 people in the past year have        tody procedures have been questioned by         to determine when a participating Mexican
                  than the United States. So the       been killed.                                   the U.S. Transportation Department’s            truck entered the country or where it went.
                  idea of allowing unsafe trucks            Recent media reports document that        inspector general. U.S. truck drivers are       DOT’s inspector general reported that no
       from Mexico unfettered access to our high-      Hezbollah uses the same southern nar-          taken off the road if they commit a serious     conclusions could be made about the
                              ways, risking the        cotics routes of Mexican drug lords to         traffic violation in their personal vehicle.    trucks’ safety record.
                              lives of U.S. drivers    smuggle drugs and people into the United       Not so in Mexico.                                    A NAFTA tribunal ruled in 2001 that
                              and endangering          States.                                             The Bush administration opened the         the United States has the right to enforce
                              our national securi-          “They work together,” Michael             border to dangerous trucks from Mexico in       safety standards. So when Mexico keeps
                              ty, is outrageous.       Braun, retired assistant administrator and     2007, with a few of the safest trucks hand-     its end of the bargain, we can keep ours.
                                    Congress           chief of operations at the U.S. Drug           picked to participate in a pilot program.
                              recently shut the        Enforcement         Agency,     told    The
                              border to these dan-     Washington Times. “They rely on the
                              gerous trucks, and       same shadow facilitators. One way or               In memoriam
                              Mexico has retaliat-     another, they are all connected.”The U.S.
          JAMES P. HOFFA
        GENERAL PRESIDENT ed by raising some           Justice Department recently filed lawsuits                             Anthony C. Lock
                              tariffs. Supporters      against Union Pacific Railroad Co., seek-
                              cry protectionism.       ing $37 million in damages for allegedly                              Teamster’s Teamster
       But the United States shouldn’t be bullied      failing to prevent its rail cars from being
       by Mexico.                                      used to smuggle drugs into the country.                                   1945-2009
            When NAFTA was passed in 1994,                  Do we really want to open our border              Anthony C. (Tony) Lock, union co-       Pension Trust Fund.
       the United States had a $1 billion trade sur-   to trucks from Mexico, letting them travel        chair of the Western Conference of                Mr. Lock’s commitment and ability
       plus with Mexico. Last year, the trade          freely throughout the United States with-         Teamsters Pension Trust, died on March       in serving the membership in each of his
       deficit had ballooned to $64 billion. That’s    out the ability to track them? I don’t think      20 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 64.           roles or assignments earned him the
       hardly protectionism.                           so. Most Americans agree, which is why                 Mr. Lock was a longtime Teamster        highest regard and respect by all who
            What this debate is really about is        Congress shut down the program.                   who had served the union in many capac-      knew him in the union, as well as the
       safety and security, and Mexico’s record is          Mexican trucks and drivers aren’t            ities since he first became a member at      employers and professionals he dealt
       simple: It hasn’t met our safety standards.     required to meet the same safety standards        age 17 in Phoenix. At age 23, he became      with throughout his career.
            In fact, a Feb. 20 State Department        as U.S. trucks and drivers. Mexican trucks        a business agent for Arizona Teamsters            He was instrumental in leading the
       alert warns U.S. citizens about driving in      are older, dirtier and more dangerous.            Local 104. In 1978, he was appointed an      Western Conference of Teamsters
       Mexico, urging travel during daylight                Limits on the hours a driver can spend       organizer for Teamsters Joint Council 3,     Pension Trust during a time of unprece-
       hours on main roads if driving can’t be         behind the wheel are ignored in Mexico.           which was based in Denver and covered        dented growth. Under his direction, the
       avoided.                                        U.S. truck drivers are routinely tested for       Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and            fund became one of the largest labor-
            An escalating drug war there also puts     drugs and alcohol using labs that meet rig-       Arizona in those days. A year later he       management pension funds in the world.
       our national security at risk by destabiliz-    orous federal standards. Mexico still has         was overwhelmingly elected secretary-             Mr. Lock’s willingness to go
                                                                                                         treasurer of Local 104.                      anywhere anytime to explain the sta-
                                                                                                              One of his biggest accomplishments      tus of the pension trust, whether

                      Buy                                                                                as the head of Local 104 was facilitating
                                                                                                         a record breaking National Labor
                                                                                                         Relations Board return to work settle-
                                                                                                                                                      favorable or not, was an indication of
                                                                                                                                                      his integrity and his intense dedica-
                                                                                                                                                      tion to the union members who relied

               U n i o n-M a de                                                                          ment and negotiate a new labor agree-
                                                                                                         ment after a six-year strike at Associated
                                                                                                         Grocers in Phoenix. Mr. Lock served as
                                                                                                                                                      on him to protect their interests. He
                                                                                                                                                      was recognized an as expert in his
                                                                                                                                                      field and was used as a resource by

                 A merica n
                                                                                                         secretary-treasurer of Local 104 until       many defined benefits plan retirement
                                                                                                         1985 when he moved to Seattle to take        plan trustees and managers across the
                                                                                                         on the challenging job of Western            country. He was a mentor to many
                                                                                                         Conference warehouse director. Soon          and a friend to all who knew him.

                 P ro d u ct s                                                                           thereafter, he became chairman of the
                                                                                                         Western Conference of Teamsters
                                                                                                                                                           Mr. Lock is survived by his wife,
                                                                                                                                                      Peggy, and an extended family.

       April 2009                                                                                                                                      ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                   3
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster            4/30/09   11:18 AM    Page 4

       Construction picking up as summer approches in Idaho
                     LOCAL 483                          members. If you have any questions con-          helped negotiate this agreement.                     Be sure to request a withdrawal card
                                                        cerning your place on the out-of-work list,           Severance packages have been agreed        when being laid off, going on leave of
       BOISE — With the onset of spring our con-        please call our construction dispatcher,         to for 15 customer service representatives at   absence, lengthy medical leave, military
       struction work is beginning to pick up and       Joanne Libengood, and she can answer your        the QBI call center. Hopefully, this is the     leave or terminating your employment.
       many of our construction members have            questions.                                       last of the cut backs and those of you who      There is no charge for a withdrawal card,
       already been dispatched to Western                    With the members’ rejection of the          remain can go about doing your business of      providing all dues and other financial oblig-
                                  Construction.         company’s last and final offer our negotia-      taking care of the customers. Please call us    ations are paid to the local union, including
                                  Western      has      tions with First Student continue. New pro-      with any questions you may have concern-        the dues for the month in which the with-
                                  several projects      posals were formulated by those members          ing your health care, pension or severance      drawal is effective.
                                  lined up this         who attended the March 25 meeting and the        package.                                             It is your responsibility to obtain a
                                  year with most        company has been given several dates in               UPS has completed the shutdown of the      withdrawal card, so please take care of it as
                                  of them being         April, which the union has open for negoti-      day sort and the affected workers have been     soon as possible after leaving the company
                                  located in the        ations. I will keep you informed as progress     moved to their new shift. Business Agent        so that you will not be obligated to pay extra
                                  Magic valley,         is made.                                         Nino Suarez has worked on your behalf to        dues. Failure to request a withdrawal card
                                  Pocatello and              The members from Albertsons                 make sure that the company followed the         may cause you to pay back dues.
                                  Idaho      Falls      Sundries center have ratified a new three-       provisions of the labor agreement and that           As a reminder, if you have recently
            Mark Briggs           area. The new         year contract that includes increases to their   everyone was treated fairly. After one week     moved or are planning to move, please con-
          Secretary-Treasurer     Southern Idaho        wage and pension package. The contract           of the shutdown only one problem and            tact local 483’s office immediately with
                                  Master Labor          also includes language that modifies the         grievance has surfaced and will be dealt        your new address. Notice of address
       Agreement has been signed by the five craft      application of dues check-off, banked holi-      with at the next panel. None of us like         changes should also be reported to the
       unions and Steve Heaton. Currently we are        days, floater board, funeral leave, flex time    change but at least everything was done fair-   appropriate administration offices that
       awaiting the signature of Lonnie Simpson         and seniority. I would like to thank shop        ly and now all we can do is hope the econo-     administer your pension and health and wel-
       from Debco Construction so that we can get       stewards Susan Lusk, Marilyn Long,               my improves and freight levels return to the    fare benefits.
       the contracts printed and passed out to the      Delaine Mclafferty and Larry Quintin who         norm.

       Stewards, new and old, hone skills at seminar
                    LOCAL 222                           mind when they hear the word                                        Thank your stewards for      down part of its operation and let so many
                                                        “Teamster.”                                                    the time and effort they dedi-    great members go. Some members were
              Proudly representing workers                   The first lesson learned                                  cate to you and your co-work-     able to retire or lock in their 25-year lock
             in the State of Utah since 1931            was that even though the stew-                                 ers.                              with the pension fund.
                                                        ards work for more than 30 dif-                                                                       YRC has now completed the consolida-
                 2641 South 3270 West                   ferent companies, all under dif-                               Huge Teamster volunteer           tion of the two companies. This has not
               Salt Lake City, Utah 84119               ferent contracts and working                                   effort     in    K-Bull      93   been an easy task and we are still working
                  Phone: 801-972-1898                   conditions, the face of their                                  radioathon                        through problems. I want to thank everyone
                Toll free: 800-824-4352                 management is the same.                                             As they did last year,       for their hard work and patience. YRC
                   Fax: 801-972-8226                    Many commented that this               Tom Monthey             Teamster members and/or their     rushed this through and, had it not been for
                     method of introduction and           Secretary-Treasurer       family members showed             the members working hard to protect the
                                                        interaction made them realize                                  tremendous support of the K-      customers, it would have been a bigger
           LOCAL 222 BUSINESS AGENTS                    that they are not alone and that all of them    Bull 93/Huntsman Cancer Institute                mess. We have had some lay-offs and we
                 Tom Monthey – ext. 17                  and the members in their charge face the        radioathon this year by stepping up to volun-    may have some more to come. The econo-
                  Rusty Hart – ext. 28                  same issues. A true feeling of unity, soli-     teer their time on phone lines, event set up,    my is the driving force behind most of the
                 Craig Eddins – ext. 29                 darity and identity was felt by all.            etc.                                             changes that the company has made. We all
                 Cory Haslam – ext. 13                       One impressionable comment from                  John Coffman of ABF was once again         hope that the economy will improve, and
                 Marty Cowin – ext. 15                  Flores, who is from Texas – also a so-called    the diehard, volunteering both days, all day.    freight will start moving again.
            Jeff Kendall, organizer – ext. 14           “right-to-work” state – was that “in Texas,     He could not be made to go home and was               There are several grievances that have
                                                        they believe they have the best members;        being teased as being one of their staff.        been filed by the local to protect seniority
               TEAMSTERS LOCAL 222                      they join the union because they want to,       Teamsters Local 222 sponsored the 12-1           and our line driver primary routes. I will let
                  EXECUTIVE BOARD                       not because they have to”.                      “power hour” on Saturday.                        you know how these turn out as soon as we
                       Tom Monthey                           Local 222 Organizer/Business Agent               The involvement of the membership in       get a decision.
           secretary-treasurer (principal officer)      Jeff Kendall went a bit deeper into the         these community events is turning public
                   Rusty Hart, president                grievance handling procedures outlining         opinion of unions to that of a positive one.                    By Craig Eddins
              Steve B. Jensen, vice president           some common mistakes with grievances                  Many thanks to all of you who lend your                    Business agent
             Lisa Oveson, recording secretary           and how to avoid them.                          support to these causes.                               In the Construction Division, the local
                   Jeff Anderson, trustee                    Stewards with 20-plus years comment-                                                        was able to get a contract with Kiewit on the
                   Clark Johnson, trustee               ed that the seminar was very educational to                      By Rusty Hart                   two joint ventures with W.W. Clyde. Kiewit
                  Spencer Hogue, trustee                them, taking them back to basics they had                  President/business agent              is still holding out on a contract on a trans-
                                                        not been formally taught and refreshing               RTS negotiations have been completed       mission line in northern Utah. At present
                     By Tom Monthey                     them on things learned in the past.             and a new three-year contract has been rati-     they are not using Teamster equipment but
                    Secretary-treasurer                      Through the “meet a stranger” intro-       fied by the members. Our members at RTS          I’m sure they will and we will act according-
                     Principal officer                  ductions at the steward seminar, the most       unload the trailers and containers off the UP    ly.
       SALT LAKE CITY — More than 55 stew-              common answers to why stewards signed up        rail cars in Salt Lake City. We are part of an         Construction negotiations — Heavy
       ards from various companies came together        to be stewards was that “no one else would      area agreement that also includes Stockton,      and highway negotiations are coming this
       at a seminar held February 21 at                 do it” or “my co-workers asked me to.”          California, and Seattle, Washington. Even in     summer. Watch for notice of meetings to go
       Thanksgiving Point.                                   Members, you will never realize what       today’s economy we were able to get some         over issues.
            The seminar covered a lot of ground         your stewards do for you behind the scenes,     modest increases in hourly salary, pension             Pipeline — Pipeline is dead with no
       and took the stewards through an A to Z          or how much of their time is spent to police    contributions and continue to protect the        current projects. There is still a possibility
       course of the many responsibilities of a         your workplace, promote your union, etc.        maintenance of benefits (full MOB) for           that some work in Wyoming could pop up.
       union steward.                                        They are not paid for the hours they       health and welfare.                              This is the first time in four years we have
            Iliana Flores from the IBT Department       spend on the phone or at the union hall with          We have lost more than 70 percent of       not had any work in pipeline. This is true
       of Training and Development, who present-        their business agent and members resolving      our members at DHL because they closed           across the country, as many planned jobs are
       ed the seminar, started the meeting by ask-      grievances, negotiations and conducting         their domestic operation down. All clerical      being put off due to the economy. The only
       ing every steward to “meet a stranger.”          union business. They are often under attack     employees in the Salt Lake City office were      good news is the Ruby is still on schedule for
       They were asked to introduce the stranger, a     from their own co-workers as well as man-       Teamsters under the National Master              2010. The size of the project will be almost
       fellow steward they had never met, and tell      agement.                                        Freight Agreement with Airborne Express.         equal to Kern River with Local 222 dealing
       about themselves, their employer, why they            These ladies and gentlemen do not vol-     A severance package was negotiated that          with three contractors crossing Wyoming
       became stewards, their hobbies and past          unteer for this duty because they have to;      will help while members look for new jobs.       and Utah.
       times and describe what one word comes to        they do it because they want to.                It is never easy to have a company close                                  Continued on page 5

       4     ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                                      April 2009
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster             4/30/09   11:18 AM    Page 5

       Continued from page 4                              the MTC Job Corps negotiations. The mem-        thoughts to a prospective member:                       This is simply not true. It is the only
             Sand and gravel/ready mix — Sand             bers will have improved working conditions,          1.- Wages, benefits and representation        argument they can come up with against this
       and gravel ready mix has had a slow winter         wages, bereavement and other issues impor-      are all tied to Teamster contracts.                legislation. This is about the survival of the
       and spring with layoffs going deeper into          tant to the membership. I would like to              2. Wages, benefits and representation         middle class and the American Dream, not
       seniority and lasting longer than I can            thank the hard work of the negotiating com-     are critical to our individual family’s well       labor law.
       remember. There is work for the summer but         mittee. Their focus and understanding of the    being and security.                                     The IBT has a Million Member
       the hours are not going to be there as past        memberships needs were a critical part of a          3. To protect our individual family’s         Mobilization drive (petition) for members to
       years.                                             successful contract negotiation.                well being and security, we need to be             sign, which will send to President Obama
             This is a time for all of us to do what we        Magna Water company negotiations are       Teamsters.                                         and Congress a message of support for the
       can to get through this slow economy. The          in the works. We intend to address the needs                                                       passing of this legislation. You can contact
       economy also affected Parson’s attempt to          of the membership and conclude with a con-                  By Jeff Kendall                        Local 222 for a petition or sign up on the
       become Teamsters. Many who supported in            tract that continues to improve and mature.             Organizer / Business agent                 IBT’s website. Click on “Take Action,”
       the past were just too scared to make a stand           RTC Enterprises Inc. annual wage           America needs the Employee                         then on the “Be One In A Million Voices”
       against the company. They are at present just      appropriations are also underway. We hope       Free Choice Act                                    article/link. If you would like more infor-
       glad to have a job at any pay and benefits.        to have them complete with favorable results          When workers are free to choose to join      mation on the EFCA, please visit
             Attention Geneva drivers: To all             as soon as possible.                            a union, our economy can work for everyone
       Geneva Rock drivers: Please go over your                We have seen an impressive increase in     again. That’s why we need the Employee                  MV Transportation — As this article
       trucks and write up anything no matter how         membership in our white paper contracts.        Free Choice Act (EFCA), federal legislation        goes to press the company and the
       small. I don’t care if you have to write it up     Membership has increased by more than 80        that would help level the playing field and        International Union are in talks for a possi-
       every day for months until fixed. This is the      members since August of 2008. A majority        give workers the freedom to choose to join a       ble national contract. Either way, we will be
       only protection you have and puts responsi-        of these members were existing employees        union, so that can earn better wages and ben-      entering into negotiations with the company
       bility on the shop. Telling the company you        who have been further educated as to the        efits.                                             soon and with the support of the members,
       told the shop won’t protect you so write it        importance and necessity of Teamster repre-           The Employee Free Choice Act will            we hope to see great improvements on this
       up!                                                sentation. Their understanding of the impor-    allow employees to sign a union authoriza-         contract. We hope to have some information
             Hertz — Hertz is also suffering due to       tance of representation, wages, benefits and    tion card lessening intimidation. Employees        on the status of the talks between MV and
       the economy, and this also will make upcom-        seniority has been expanded due to the          would have the choice of a majority card           the IBT. We will keep you posted on the
       ing contract negotiations hard. Local 222 is       efforts of our stewards and members. I          check or an NLRB election, taking the              next step of negotiations.
       going to arbitrate the subcontracting of defu-     would like to welcome all of our new mem-       power and decision away from the employ-                UPS Freight — We continue to try to
       eling. We are going to make every effort to        bers.                                           er, on how they choose to join a union.            clear up contract “intent” and to work on
       protect our work from being subcontracted               I would also like to stress the impor-     There will be stricter penalties for illegal and   many issues that have come up that are not
       out.                                               tance of high union membership and partici-     unfair labor practices.                            addressed in the contract, as well as process-
             Other contracts opening this year —          pation. The solidarity and strength of our            The Employee Free Choice Act will fix        ing grievances. This is typical with a first
       Other contracts, which I represent that open       union membership means better benefits,         a broken system which gives corporations           contract.
       this year, are Tramcor and Praxair. Watch          wages and working conditions for our mem-       far too much power.                                     We know this is all new and can be frus-
       for meeting notices.                               bers. A testimonial provided by a co-work-            Workers often face harassment and            trating. We ask for your continued patience
                                                          er concerning the importance of our union       intimidation when they try to organize             and support.
                  By Marty Cowin                          can be an effective and critical factor in      (unionize). EFCA opponents argue that it                I would like to thank the stewards who
                   Business agent                         recruiting a prospective member. It is          will be the unions who will intimidate work-       are doing a great job!
            We have just successfully concluded           important to communicate the following          ers into joining.

           Local 222 stewards’ seminar
                        draws a crowd

             new mexico
       Spring is a busy time for New Mexico Teamsters
                    LOCAL 492                                                                             Chuck Blanton. We also would like to thank         assemble a con-
                                                                  Report from Business Agent              outgoing stewards Ramon Garcia, Duane              tract committee
            Report from Walter R. Maestas                             Ruben Armendariz                    Oldfield, and Larry Kozlowski.                     before the end
                  Secretary-Treasurer                           ABF – ABF has 27 members on the line                                                         of the current
       ALBUQUERQUE — I would like to wish                 and 18 on the dock laid-off. The work is        Report from Business Agent Mike Butler             contract. If you
       the following retirees best of luck in their       starting to pick up and the local union is           OMI – A notice was posted on March            have any ques-
       future endeavors: Camilo J. Martinez –             monitoring the freight flow closely.            22, 2009, at the wastewater, administration,       tions,    please
       RDY, Larry Ortiz – RDY, Bill Hatchitt –                  YRC – YRC has 43 members on the           and maintenance Buildings for a steward            approach these
       YTI, Anthony Perea – YTI, Richard                  line and 17 on the dock currently laid-off.     election. These postings were removed on           stewards. This
       Cordova – YRC                                      The Teamsters nationally and at our local are   March 10, 2009. The new primary steward            local     union    Walter R. Maestas
            Local 492 would like to express our           still dealing with the change over issues       will be Robert Apodaca. The two alternate          looks forward       Secretary-Treasurer
       condolences to the families of:                    between Yellow and Roadway and also the         stewards will be T.J. Doering and Andy             to continuing a
       Robert Whitbeck – ABF, Ralph Aragon –              problems with the change of operations.         Hall. Congratulations to all three members         good working relationship with all involved.
       ABF, Bill Tudor – ABF, Edward J. Coates –          The local would like to congratulate the new    for stepping up to assist in the daily applica-         UPS, Northern New Mexico – Several
       CFWY, Herman L. Weaver – CFWY, John                stewards in line-haul on their election:        tion of the collective bargaining agreement.       issues have been resolved at the local level.
       Cooper – YTI                                       Bobby Gonzales, James Mikkelsen, and            These stewards are actively looking to
                                                                                                                                                                                      Continued on page 6

       April 2009                                                                                                                                             ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                   5
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster             4/30/09   11:18 AM    Page 6

             new mexico
       Continued from page 5                              of the economy. We are seeing some lay-         was returned to work and was awarded full        more efficient without losing jobs and
       Some timeliness complaints have been               offs with feeder drivers, package car dri-      back pay and benefits for 60 days.               hours. I would like to thank those of you
       addressed with management to include the           vers, and some part-time employees.                  A road driver who was terminated for        who volunteered to participate in this year’s
       proper steps in the grievance procedures.               I would like to thank all stewards for     an accident was put back to work after           Truck Roadeo. We are proud to have you
            The 9.5 guidelines should have reached        their help. Please, feel free to contact me     being off for seven days. The local union’s      representing not only SCS but this local
       all the centers in Local 492’s jurisdiction.       anytime, on issues or concerns. You may         investigation into the circumstances of the      union.
       However, some questions continue to arise          reach me at the union hall.                     accident produced overwhelming evidence               Political – The Employee Free Choice
       out of the rank-and-file. If you have a ques-                 Report from Business                 that the driver was not at fault. We later       Act (EFCA) is one of the hottest topics in
       tion about the proper criteria to follow, or                 Agent Moises L. Ortega                recovered the seven days of lost pay for our     politics today. U.S. Senator Tom Udall has
       where you may fall within the guidelines,               Movies – As with most of our other         member.                                          always been a friend of working families
       please give Kenny Duran or me a call with          industries, the motion picture industry is           We are now getting to the point where       here in New Mexico and is one of the spon-
       your concerns so we may address them.              currently suffering from a lack of work.        we are settling issues at home, which is the     sors of EFCA. All of our U.S. representa-
            I’ve got to be brutal about the next          They tell me that movies are recession          way it should be. I commend this group           tives are also sponsors of the Act and are
       issue, the G.P.S. or Global Positioning            proof and that we will be getting busy          and their stewards, Paul Lopez and Keith         working very hard in putting the middle
       System. The J.A.L.M. continues to hear             again soon. We currently have a few griev-      Brewer, for hanging tough through this           class back in this country.              U.S.
       more of these cases from all over the              ances going forward on the two shows that       process of establishing a first contract. The    Representatives Martin Heinrich (1st
       Southwest, including New Mexico. The               are not in production.                          morale of the bargaining unit has been           District), Harry Teague, (2nd District) and
       information can only be triggered from the              The biggest issue out there is the “hir-   greatly improved by seeing some tangible         Ben Lujan, Jr. (3rd District) have all been
       D.I.A.D., and it is as accurate as you can get.    ing by grouping” from our industry experi-      results.                                         keeping in contact with this local and keep-
       So with that being said, I will tell you to fol-   ence roster. Hopefully, we can establish                                                         ing us informed with the status of EFCA.
       low your trace, take your break and lunch          the legitimacy and therefore the enforce-               Report from Business Agent                    Although we have a strong presence
       appropriately, and – last but not least – fol-     ability of our roster system. In an attempt                    Kevin H. Pohl                     representing the people of New Mexico in
       low your methods. The company has the              to establish a verifiable list by group of           Sara Lee Store – Congratulations to all     Washington, D.C., we need 100 percent
       ability to track everything you do, where you      those members available for work, the           of our members on a new contract. I would        commitment for EFCA to pass. Local 492
       are and when you are doing it. If you are          local union has contracted with Film            like to personally thank your Steward Robin      would like to urge all of our members to
       doing something that inflates your day or          Savage to compile a searchable database of      Bryant for all the hard work and time she        write U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman and ask
       increases your personal time, the company is       drivers and wranglers. If you have not          put in to these contract negotiations. Not       him to support the Employee Free Choice
       going to catch on to it. Losing your job in        done so already, you need to contact us at      only is she the voice of the membership, she     Act, which will protect the rights of workers
       the current economy is not anything that           the hall so that you can have your informa-     understands the process it takes to get a        across our nation to establish and participate
       anyone needs to be testing.                        tion downloaded into the database. Film         good contract. During contract negotia-          in a union without harassment or intimida-
            Again, if you’re confused, ask someone        Savage is not going to be dispatching dri-      tions, Moises and I never heard her say “I       tion from employers.
       who has the correct information and can get        vers, or adjusting grievances. They simply      want…” or “What’s in it for me?” With                 It is important for workers to be able to
       you the proper answer. Let me know if you          have been contracted to provide the union       every issue, she looked to see how it would      form unions in order to guarantee a decent
       have any questions and if I can answer them        with the tools to make putting you to work      benefit the entire membership.                   standard of living. Let Senator Bingaman
       at that time I will.                               easier.                                              Support Contract Services – Spring          know it’s time to grant working families the
                                                               UPS Freight – At the January, 2009,        bidding is complete and it seems as though       basic freedoms and protections they need by
            BE SAFE OUT THERE!                            grievance panel, our local cartage steward,     the company took advantage of the drivers        supporting the passage of the Employee
               Report from Business Agent                 who was terminated in November, 2008,           input on suggested runs trying to make them      Free Choice Act.
                     Kenny F. Duran
            UPS, Southern New Mexico – This
       serves the purpose of raising awareness on
       issues we are currently dealing with around
       the state. Issues are as follows:
            Undependability – Please be aware
       that when calling in sick the company is tak-
       ing into consideration your nine-month
       prior history on call ins, no call/no shows
       and tardiness when issuing discipline.
                                                          Negotiations underway with Mission Industries
            9.5 Issues – Please be advised when fil-                   LOCAL 104                          company-maintained health                                     McDonalds restaurants locat-
       ing a 9.5 grievance you may possibly get a                                                         and welfare, job preservation                                 ed in southern Nevada. The
       three-day ride. Know your 340 methods,                   Report from Business Agent                and pension. One point I                                      76 employees of G.S.F.
       follow your trace, and take your lunch and                   Russell Medigovich                    would like to stress to the bar-                              Phoenix, AZ Division, under-
       break as allowed per the contract.                 PHOENIX — Contract negotiations will            gaining group is “Solidarity.”                                stand the need for solidarity.
            GPS (Global Positioning System) –             begin in April between Teamsters Local          Together we will be success-                                  The shop stewards who help
       It’s out there. Be aware. Again, follow            104 and Mission Industries in Lake              ful.                                                          keep the company in check
       your trace, stop complete at delivery point        Havasu City, AZ. I have recently met with            Golden State Foods –                                     are Joe “JR” Rivera, Daniel
       and the same with pick-up locations.               the membership to get their input on the        100 percent membership at                                     Solarez, David Foster, Daniel
            DO YOUR JOB AS YOU HAVE                       most important issues that need to be           G.S.F. includes the employees        Andrew Marshall          Gamez and Shane Duncan in
       BEEN TRAINED.                                      addressed during negotiations. Wages are        working in Las Vegas                 Secretary-Treasurer      Las Vegas.
            Currently we are all feeling the effects      always at the top of the list followed by       Nevada, who service the

                      YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE BECK
             In accordance with various court              paying the uniform dues and initiation         ment of the major category of expen-            contract proposals or to participate in
         decisions and the rulings of the                  fees.                                          ditures for the Teamsters local union,          union affairs.
         National Labor Relations Board, you                   Nonmembers have the right under            Teamsters Joint Council No 3, and the               If you elect to be or remain a non-
         are hereby notified of the following              Communications Workers of America              International      Brotherhood       of         member, you must notify the local
         rights you have under the National                v. Beck, 487 U.S. 735 (1988) to                Teamsters, designating which of such            union in writing each year that you
         Labor Relations Act,                              9bject to paying for union activities          expenditures are representational and           wish to remain a nonmember and
             You have the right to become and              not germane to the union’s duties as           therefore chargeable; and (3) their             object to paying full union dues and
         remain a nonmember of the union,                  bargaining agent and to obtain a               right to challenge these figures.               fees. You objection must be submit-
         which right derives from NLRB v.                  reduction in fees for such activities              While you have the right to                 ted to the union each year, not more
         General Motors 373 U.S. 734 (1963).               that are not germane to (1) Collective         become and remain a nonmember of                than 90, not less than 60 days prior to
         In General Motors, the Supreme                    bargaining. (2) Contract administra-           the union, and while only nonmem-               the anniversary date of the collective
         Court held that the obligation to                 tion, and (3) Grievance adjustment.            bers have the Beck rights described             bargaining agreement covering your
         acquire membership in a union pur-                Nonmember bargaining unit employ-              above, including the right to pay less          employment. Upon receipt of time
         suant to a union-security clause under            ees, who have objected or who object           than the full amount of dues and fees,          objection, you will be provided with
         Section 8(a) (3) had been “whittled               within 30 days of the issuance of this         nonmembers do not have the rights               the current year’s figures for the rep-
         down to its financial core.” That is,             notice of their right to object, have the      that come with union membership.                resentation fee, basis of calculation,
         employees could satisfy the member-               right to be provided with a notice con-        For example, nonmembers do not                  major categories of expenditures and
         ship requirements of a lawful union-              taining a statement of (1) the percent-        have the right to run for union office,         notice of your right to challenge these
         security clause by merely meeting the             age of dues reduction; (2) the basis           to attend and vote at union meetings,           figures.
         financial obligations of such a clause,           for the calculation, including a state-        to participate in the formulation of

       6     ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                                        April 2009
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster         4/30/09   11:19 AM   Page 7

       Tony Lock, friend and colleague, will be missed
                    LOCAL 190                         team, riders, a                               the Teamsters Hall for a hot dog feed and       these bills, such as the so-called “right-to-
                                                      panel wagon                                   music by The All Hands String Band. We          work” legislation and bills that would have
                      By Joe Dwyer                    and          the                              had a great turn out and everyone had a         excluded more workers from workers’
                   Secretary-treasurer                Teamster truck.                               good time. There were approximately 150         compensation benefits. We also succeeded
       BILLINGS — It is with great sadness that       Teamsters and                                 in attendance including retirees, current       in killing multiple bills that would have
       I report the death of the union chairman of    their families                                members and their families. We would            weakened current laws on independent
       the Western Conference of Teamsters            volunteered as                                like to thank all who were involved in this     contractors. Watch your mailbox for your
       Pension Trust, Tony Lock. Brother Lock’s       walkers     and                               event. It wouldn’t have been the success it     2009 Legislator Voters Guide for a com-
       leadership, knowledge of and commitment        handed      out                               was without all of you.                         plete review of our efforts in the legisla-
       to the plan and its participants are what      pencils     and                                    Pension meetings – Spring pension          ture.
       made the Western Conference plan the pre-      candy to the           Joe Dwyer              meetings were scheduled for April 20-24,             On the federal level, the Employee
       mier defined benefit plan in the country.      crowd.      The                               2009, with scheduling cut off on April 6.       Free Choice Act (EFCA) has stalled. This
            As a trustee I will miss Brother Lock’s   horse    drawn                                We had a lot of members sign up for indi-       legislation is very important in helping to
       insight and leadership. The Trustees have      wagon and team belongs to Aaron Meyer         vidual meetings and print outs both. These      grow our union. Please contact our sena-
       selected Brother Chuck Mack as the new         and was driven by Shawn Doss. The riders      individual meetings and print outs are a        tors and ask them to support and co-spon-
       union chairman. I know that Chuck will         were Fred Charette and Monica Bradshaw.       great way to plan your financial future. If     sor the Employee Free Choice Act.
       carry on with the same tenacity and leader-    The 1955 Chevy Panel Van belongs to Les       you would like information on your pen-         Senator Tester can be reached toll free at
       ship as Tony and I wish him the best of        Masterson. And the Joint Council 3            sion, you can call your Pension office at       866-554-4403 and Senator Baucus at 800-
       luck in this new position.                     Teamsters truck belonging to all of us was    any time to answer your questions.              332-6106.
            St Patrick’s Day Parade – The weath-      driven by Jim Adams. Old and young alike           2009 legislative Session – In the state         Reminders – Don’t forget to keep your
       er was exceptional for the 2009 St Patrick’s   are always impressed when the truck passes    legislative session, there are numerous bills   address, phone number(s) and other perti-
       Day Parade held on March 14, 2009 in           by.                                           that were a direct attack on the working        nent information current with our office.
       Billings. ”Teamsters Then and Now” was              After the parade, volunteers and         families of Montana. Through our lobby-         Also request your withdrawal cards in a
       the theme with a horse drawn wagon and         Teamsters were invited to an open house at    ing efforts, we were able to kill many of       timely manner.

                  Teamsters Then and Now

                                                                                                      “Teamsters Then and Now” was the theme of the Teamsters'
                                                                                                           entry in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Billings.

                                                                                                            Driving the team, which is owned by Aaron Meyer,
                                                                                                             was Shawn Doss and riders were Fred Charette
                                                                                                                          and Monica Bradshaw.

                                                                                                      The 1955 Chevrolet panel truck is owned by Les Masterson,
                                                                                                   and the Joint Council 3 Teamsters truck was driven by Jim Adams.

         Join Drive
       April 2009                                                                                                                                    ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                  7
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster           4/30/09    11:19 AM     Page 8

       Advice to part-time employees on UPS layoff notice
                   LOCAL 455                            hub sort you are assigned to.                       your daily guarantee.                         issue to arbitra-
                                                             2. Layoffs never go by your assigned               5. Any questions about layoffs please     tion.
               Report from Business Agent               work area. They go by the entire sort you are       contact your union steward or contact Local         Western
                       Alan Frisbee                     assigned to.                                        455 at (303) 458-1600, extension 312.         Sugar,       Fort
       DENVER — Just a reminder to all part-time             3. If you are not the most junior person                                                     Morgan – As
       employees or Article 22.3 full-time employ-      on the shift to which you are assigned, then    Report from Business Agent                        this        year’s
       ees assigned to the Commerce City Hub. If a      you should not be laid off.                              Bob Adams                                process season
       UPS supervisor comes to you and says to you           4. If you start work on your shift and   Praxair – The company claimed it need-              neared an end,
       that you are laid off, you must remember the     UPS management comes to you and says you ed to reduce the Speed Management                        the     company
       following things:                                are laid off for the rest of your shift, you need
                                                                                                 Guidelines negotiated in the labor agreement             compiled       its       Steve Vairma
            1. Layoffs go by seniority by which         to find a union steward and file a grievance
                                                                                                 as a cost savings measure. However, when                 annual holdover        Secretary-Treasurer
                                                                                                                              asked to pro-               list to determine
                                                                                                                              duce the esti-              what seasonal workers would continue to
                                                                                                                              mated cost sav-             work and who would be laid off.
                                                                                                                              ings,        the                  When the company finished, it was clear
                                                                                                                              employer could              that many members had not been fairly con-
                                                                                                                              not. A griev-               sidered to remain on the list. Twelve griev-
                                                                                                                              ance was filed              ances were filed. At the step two meeting our
                                                                                                                              because      the            local union held the position that all members
                                                                                                                              action taken by             should be considered and that seniority and
                                                                                                                              the company                 skills must be recognized. At the end of the
                                                                                                                              will most likely            meeting, all grievances were resolved.
                                                                                                                              result in a loss                  Western Sugar Scottsbluff – Because
                                                                                                                              of earnings to              the warehouse was full of produce and the
                                                                                                                              our members.                packaging lines could not be run at capacity,
                                                                                                                              At the second               the company decided to do daily layoffs.
                                                                                                                              step meeting,               However, when these layoffs occurred, they
                                                                                                                              the company                 were out of seniority order and five senior
                                                                                                                              refused to com-             people were laid off.
                                                                                                                              ply with the                      The local union took the position that any
        Teamster Ron Jensen, right, recently retired after 43 f o r Vern Alder, right, a 31-year Teamster who recently        provisions of               layoff must comply with the provisions of the
       years at U.S. Foodservice. He is congratulated by Gary      retired from Safeway Distribution Center, is congratu- the         contract,           labor agreement. The company stipulated and
                        Stugart of Local 455.                            lated by Bob Adams of Teamsters Local 455.           and our local               all five were paid for the time they were
                                                                                                                              has referred the            forced to be off.

       Vern Kiefer is congratulated on his recent retirement by           Longtime Local 455 member Michael Green, right, is
        Bob Adams of Local 455. Kiefer retired after 27 years            congratulated on his recent retirement by Ron Cash of             Congratulations to Lynn Bybee, a member of Local 455,
                             with Ryder.                                   Local 455. Green retired after 31 years of service.              recently retired after 31 years at Kiewit Construction.

       Historic measure approved by executive board
                     LOCAL 17                           Local 17 and I have agreed to                                  earned.                                  There has been a grievance filed for the
                                                        voluntary take a 10 percent pay                                     Freight levels have been       company subcontracting freight out of
                   By Mike Simeone                      cut. The savings from this his-                                down at this company. We            Denver that is to be serviced out of the
                  Secretary-Treasurer                   toric measure will continue to                                 have seen more layoffs at ABF       Pueblo terminal. This grievance will go
                   Principal Officer                    increase Local 17's financial                                  than I can remember as the          straight to the subcommittee: For TNFINC,
                                                        growth. Following the lead                                     business agent. As this report      Tyson Johnson and Gordon Sweeton. For
       DENVER — The executive board of                  from the Local 17 YRC mem-                                     goes to press it seems like         TMI, Jim Roberts and Bob Davidson. We
       Teamsters Local 17 recognizes and under-         bers, we want all Local 17                                     freight is picking up. We have      will keep you informed. Also, a grievance
       stands the sacrifices that all of our members    members to know that we share                                  one recall at the Denver break-     has been filed by the local because we feel
       are making. During these difficult times it is   the benefits and sacrifices                                    bulk and two recalled at the        the company has an excessive number of 4-
                                                                                              Mike Simeone
       more important than ever to keep the local’s     together with you.                   Secretary-Treasurer       Cheyenne line-haul board.           10 hour bids. Again we will keep you
       expenses down and maintain a solid and                Standing together during                                  Hopefully, this trend contin-       informed. The company also has been ask-
       profitable budget.                               good times and tough times is what               ues.                                              ing that the workweek at 824 be changed
            At my request the Local 17 executive        Teamsters Local 17 is all about.                      Also, there has been an issue with hours     from M-F & Tue-Sat to M-F & Sun-Thurs.
       board has done just that over the past three                                  Until next time,    worked. Remember the JWAC decision                Mr. Simeone’s response has been if it is not
       years. Local 17 has realized a substantial                                               Mike     with the 10-hour rule. All employees cov-         in the contract or the Western Work Rules, I
       growth in membership and over a 125 per-                                                          ered by the P & D contract must have 10           don’t want to discuss it. Thank you Mike
       cent gain in assets and cash, making Local              Report from Business Agent                hours off between work shifts. Also, if           Simeone!
       17 one of strongest locals with a very                          Mike Ramos                        worked more than 14 hours a day, it triggers           I hope you all enjoy a great spring and
       healthy bottom line. This is because of the           ABF — Congratulations to recent             a money claim. This decision helps our laid       stay positive throughout the recession. We
       many cost saving measures enacted by Local       retirees Fred Paswaters and Vernon               off members. Please advise your stewards if       will survive. We are TEAMSTERS.
       17 in the last three years. This includes        Johnson. Thanks to them for all the contri-      the company violates this decision.
       moving to a more rent efficient building that    butions they did for Local 17 as stewards             YRC — Congratulations to recent                  Report from Recording Secretary
       has made Local 17 so financially solid.          and members. I want to personally thank          retirees Steve Timmermeyer and Jim Peters.                      Ed Bagwell
            In an unprecedented move, all fulltime      them so much for the way they helped me. I       Thank you for being great Local 17 mem-               We want to thank all of you who have
       officers and business agents of Teamsters        hope they enjoy their retirement. It is well     bers. Enjoy that retirement.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Continued on page 9

       8    ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                                          April 2009
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster           4/30/09   11:19 AM      Page 9

       Continued from page 8                            take the time to make sure that your route         encing it’s a bad time for some of us who            system. You get to say what you want, not
       stepped up to the plate and talked at work       boundaries honestly reflect what your actual       aren’t working. Therefore, there is no rea-          what your boss wants to do. Card check has
       about the benefits of joining Local 17.          route is.                                          son for supervisors to be working (NONE).            been used by unions for 40-plus years to
       Whether you are a steward or an activist              If it does not, get with your steward to      They need to plan better and keep their              unionize companies as large as AT&T and
       with local 17, it is important to continue our   address the issue with your manager prior to       hands off the packages and allow us to do            the old Bell System. This bill will also force
       growth by telling the non-believers or non-      filing your grievance.                             our work. That is why Local 17 has placed            the employer to sit down at the bargaining
       members that the Teamsters can and do                 I would like to congratulate Steward          new information on our grievance forms and           table and bargain in good faith. The first
       make a difference when representing work-        Vernon Johnson and Steward and Sergeant            a new emphasis is going to be placed on that         contact is the hardest to get due to the fact
       ers for the City and County of Denver. We        of Arms Fred Paswaters on their retirements        information and the old information that is          that the companies, as it is now, don’t have
       would also like to welcome a new steward to      from ABF. We wish them well.                       stated directly under the signatures on the          to bargain in good faith. Under the
       Local 17. Her name is Maria Blea. This lit-           I would like to extend my sincere con-        grievance form. If the manager does not set-         Employee Free Choice Act, there is a provi-
       tle bundle of energy has been actively sign-     dolences to the family and friends of Local        tle a grievance with the grievant and the            sion that a contract must be reached within a
       ing up new members and wants to do more.         17 members Joe and Theresa Noel. Joe and           steward and I ultimately receive that griev-         reasonable length of time or the contract will
       I welcome her enthusiasm to represent the        Theresa worked for UPS at the Douglas              ance, the information on the grievance shall         go to binding arbitration.
       members at DHS, and would ask that all           Wyoming center, both passed away recently          be enforced unless the grievant or the stew-              This is why as members of Teamsters
       members at DHS call her and give her your        and will be truly missed by those who knew         ard is given authorization by either Local 17        Local 17 we need to support the Employee
       support.                                         them.                                              or me to settle the grievance.                       Free Choice Act. You can help to rebuild
            In these troubling financial times, we           As a reminder, if you do not work for an           We have been experiencing a number of           the middle class by insuring we have strong
       are seeing wage cuts and furlough days for       entire calendar month, you can contact             retirees from UPS and Local 17 and I want            pensions, health care and union wages for
       many members of our membership. Our              Local 17 and take a withdrawal card. If you        to wish them and their families all the best.        many years to come. We all need to write a
       principal officer, Michael A. Simone, recog-     take a withdrawal card, you must notify the        I know how difficult it was for them to per-         letter to Senator Bennett. The letter should
       nizing the financial burden that has been        local immediately upon returning to work.          severe.                                              be in your own handwriting and be sent or
       placed on many Teamster local 17 members,             Work safe and have a great summer.                                                                 dropped off to the Local at 7010 Broadway,
       has made the decision to cut his salary by 10                                                            Report from Political Coordinator               suite 200 Denver Colorado 80221. Local 17
       percent. He does this because he believes                Report from Business Agent                                 John Jackson                         will forward your letters to the International
       that “an injury to one is an injury to all.”                    Chris Rodriguez                          This year has been a busy year already.         Brotherhood of Teamsters offices in
       Michael Simeone has been a Teamster for               Just a quick note: If anyone goes out on      President Obama and Congress are back to             Washington D.C. and they will be handed to
       40 years and is dedicated to the members of      disability, workman’s comp, leave of               work on the national level and the Colorado          the Senator’s office. The letter should
       Local 17. I am also going to cut my salary       absence or is terminated from United Parcel        legislature is nearing the end of its session        include your name and home address so the
       by 10 percent to follow Brother Simone’s         Service either small package, CSI or UPS           this year. In the U.S. Senate we have final-         senator can send a response back to you.
       example. Remember, In Unity there is             Freight and takes a withdrawal card, it is         ly seen the Employee Free Choice Act intro-               In Colorado, Local 17 supported House
       Strength!                                        their responsibility to call and inform the        duced. It is one of the most important pieces        Bill 1010, a bill that would have created
                                                        local when they return to work.                    of labor friendly legislation we have seen in        good paying Teamster Local 17 jobs in the
               By President Duane Grove                      If you don’t take a withdrawal card and       many years. Big businesses are lining up to          movie industry. The bad news is that the
            Local 17 has opened contract negotia-       thereby allow your standing with Local 17 to       do and say whatever they can to stop this            House Appropriations Committee voted to
       tions with Meadow Gold Dairy. I will be          become past due – and then you ignore the          bill. They are lobbying hard.                        remove the expanded incentive funding ($10
       meeting with the employees to map out our        subsequent warning of imminent suspension               The story they are telling is that we           million) from the legislation, effectively
       negotiating strategy and determine what pro-     that the local sends you – you are going to be     don’t need this, nor does your average               killing the proposed new incentive program.
       posals we will be presenting to the company.     suspended. You will then be responsible for        American want this. Only the “union boss-            The committee stated that the current state
            We have about 20 outstanding griev-         past dues and re-initiation fees when you          es” want this as a way to force people to join       of the budget does not allow for the funding
       ances at UPS Freight, most of which will be      return to work. You will also be responsible       the union. If this is true, why is it that, in the   of the incentive program at this time. Why
       settled after the issue has been resolved at     for past dues and re-initiation fees if you fail   March 22 copy of the Parade Magazine,                do anything to add more jobs to the state
       the national level grievance panels. I would     to deposit your withdrawal card with the           when the question was asked, “Does                   when it is easier just to make excuses.
       like to remind all employees to see their        office after returning to work. It just takes a    America still need labor unions?” 92 percent              The good news is that the committee
       steward if they are having a problem at work     phone call 1-800-343-6790.                         said yes, adding that working people need to         did approve by unanimous vote the re-estab-
       or just have a question about the contract.           There seems to be some question from          unite so they can all get decent wages and a         lishment of the film commission as a state
       The stewards at each location have been pro-     the package car drivers as to the methods          pension. Companies oppose unions because             agency under the Office of Economic
       vided contract books to distribute to the        that UPS wants them to follow. Do the              they are greedy – they want to pay for exec-         Development and International Trade.
       members.                                         methods the way that the company wants it          utive perks off the sweat of our labor.                   The last two weeks of March, I was
            We have about 50 outstanding griev-         done. It is their company and they insist that          Big business has been doing a good job          assigned to DRIVE for the state of
       ances with UPS Package, most are 9.5 or          everyone that has a job assignment, so             of lobbying congressmen by telling them              Wyoming by Secretary-Treasurer Mike
       supervisor working grievances. The biggest       whether you’re part-time, package car dri-         lies. Some supporters of the bill last year are      Simeone. I did DRIVE education in Local
       issue that we are working to resolve is the      ver, mechanic or a feeder driver, you need to      now backing away by not being a co-spon-             17's jurisdiction in Wyoming. We had a
       route and center boundaries in the state of      follow THEIR methods. In turn it is imper-         sor this year and saying they are not sure           good showing by the members in the state
       Wyoming. It is the position of Local 17 that     ative that everyone take their lunch breaks        they will vote for it.                               with over 50 percent signing up for DRIVE.
       center boundaries and route boundaries do        between the third and sixth hour or as per              The Employee Free Choice Act doesn’t                 If you have any questions please call me
       not overlap. We have some managers that          article 18 of the Central Region Supplement.       take anything from you; it gives you the             at 303.378.5545 - email JJackson@team-
       have used very broad and nonspecific                  With the downturn of the economy and          right to choose what you want to do. You   
       boundaries when bidding routes. Please           the number of lay-offs we have been experi-        can still do a secret ballot or the card check

       Teamsters file motion to ‘stay’ court ruling
                    LOCAL 961                           start April 14, 2009 in Chicago,                                Fort. Morgan secretary, Lilly                Swift & Company Lamb – In our labor
                                                        and updates will be available on                                Aguirre, on the birth of her            management meeting we discussed the 401K
                  President’s Letter                    the Local 961 UAL web site and                                  grand daughter on April 1.              plan and other issues at the plant. On March
                 By Matthew Fazakas                     the IBT Airline Division web                                                                            10 and 17, we met with employees and
            President and Principal Officer             site.                                                            Report from Business Agent             explained how the 401K plan works.
                                                              The Denver Newspaper                                             Matthew Fazakas
       DENVER — The Teamsters Union has filed           Agency requested early negoti-                                       Allied Systems, LTD –              Report from Business Agent Bill DeGroot
       a motion to “stay” the Frontier Airlines’        ations as a result of the banks                                 The company has committed to                 Soon we will once again be out of the
       maintenance and material specialists contact     claiming the company was in                                     research obtaining freight from         winter season and starting into the summer.
       court rejections in N.Y. Federal District        default of it $135 million in                                   the AXIS group. PMT has lost            Most of the over-the-road drivers by now
       Court. The union is waiting on the decision      loans.     The Pressman and           Matthew Fazakas           all of the General Motors work          have had their fill of chaining and unchaining
       of the court. Updates will be forthcoming as     Transportation Departments rat-                                 in California with more than            and dodging ski bums from out of state who
       the case progresses.                             ified their three-year contracts with the         200 drivers losing their jobs.                        think a four wheel drive will never spin out,
            As this column was written, there has       implementation date of March 16, 2009. The            Report from the Fort Morgan office                or can stop on a dime. I urge all of you not
       been no answer on the UAL 20 percent out-        very important “SNAP” back agreement                        from Norberto Ricardo,                      to let your guard down and show everyone
       sourcing grievance. The arbitrator is drafting   calls for a salary cap on management wages              Adan Morales and Victor Mora                    that a union driver is a professional and cour-
       a decision that will be presented to the union   and has provisions for the return to the origi-        Cargill Meat Solutions – We had two              teous driver.
       and company System Board of Adjustment           nal contact rates based on semi-annual audits     employees reinstated with full seniority and               As we all know economic times are
       (SBA) members. It will be finalized after        and the term of the agreement.                    benefits who were suspended pending termi-            tough and it affects us all, union or nonunion.
       the SBA confers and then will be presented             The DNA has secured the business of         nation. The local union recovered $3355.23            Layoffs are all around us. We hope the econ-
       to the parties. The audits for 2007 and 2008     printing the USA Today and the Fort Collins       for pay issues where employees were not               omy recovers soon. I want to remind every-
       will be conducted once the arbitrator resolves   Coloradoan daily newspaper.                       paid correctly. The local was able to get             body that this is YOUR union. Get involved,
       meaning of the language. The pending 2006              Congratulations on the retirement of        written warnings for 18 members removed               and attend your monthly membership meet-
       grievance will also be addressed by arbitra-     DNA Pressman Bob Haynes, Adnan Babaa,             from employees’ files. We were also able to           ing so you know what is going on. I want to
       tor's decision. UAL contract negotiations        and Ray Jackson. Congratulations to our           get another 31 grievances resolved.                                            Continued on page 10

       April 2009                                                                                                                                                ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                    9
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster              4/30/09   11:19 AM     Page 10

       Continued from page 9                               introducing a short term disability insurance    The Airline Division Advisory Committee           (303) 458-1415 Ext. 16      John Hennelly
       encourage you to volunteer as we are only as        policy to the members. Eventually this plan      will be meeting to address the release from       Secretary Treasurer/Business Agent
       strong as you are. You need to be involved.         will be available to all Teamster Airline        mediation for the flight attendants and dis-      (303) 458-1415 Ext. 15 Raoul “Bill” DeGroot
            Arkansas Best Freight – Business has           Division members. The company is not             patchers.                                         Recording Secretary          Mike Porreco
       been slow which has resulted in layoffs.            allowing the insurance representatives onto            AIRSERV Corp. – The new contract            Trustee                   Zenaida Palomo
            YRC             (formerly           Yellow     their property because it is not a company       was ratified and is in place. We picked up        Trustee                  Walt Cunningham
       Freight/Roadway Express) office, janitori-          policy, so alternative sites are being           some paid sick time, a paid birthday holiday,     Trustee                     Don Slawinski
       al, maintenance and line drivers – The              arranged. This is another example of terrible    and the four scheduled layoffs were can-          Business agent
       local union is still fighting the office staffing   company policies that punish our members         celed. The company paid back wages for            (970) 867-7311           Norberto Ricardo
       issue and is attending the national meeting in      for a no-cost item to the company. Look for      two suspended members. The new contract           Assistant business agent
       Florida April 14, 2009. The staffing of the         details of where and when the meetings will      is out for signature.                             (970) 867-7311              Adan Morales
       10 additional shop mechanics is progressing.        be held to be posted on your bulletin boards.          Earl Scheib – With the state of the         Assistant business agent
       There have been numerous run-around                 The union continues to process grievances        economy, if you need your car painted con-        (970) 867-7311                 Victor Mora
       penalty payments as a result of the company         involving illegal upgrades to supervisors.       tact Earl Scheib in Colorado Springs.             UAL chief coordinator
       running teams over the top of Denver. YRC                United Airlines – The steering commit-            Denver Newspaper Agency trans-              (303) 717-2866            Ramon Gonzales
       currently has layoffs in place and even with        tee wrapped up an intense week of prepara-       portation (DNA) – The new contract was            UAL grievance coordinator
       the merger of Yellow and Roadway you have           tion and finished almost all non-economic        ratified with the concessions and changes in      (303) 717-1676                Pete Angelos
       to have freight to put in the trailers to keep      proposals for the upcoming contract negoti-      fleet truck make up from class “A” trucks to      UAL recording secretary
       people working. No matter where you work,           ations. The testing committee met with           class “C” trucks. The local union was able        (303) 717-2720                 Craig Kelly
       if you get laid off please make sure you            company officials to discuss changes in the      to increase the class “C” rate of pay for cur-    UAL PV/GQ coordinator
       request a withdrawal card.                          procedures as well as discussing settlement      rent class “A” drivers that are forced to the     (303) 506-9803             Ken Meidenger
            UPS Freight – There are numerous               of several grievances for members that were      lower class “C” rate of pay.                      UAL TK representative
       grievances filed regarding the lack of work         forced to transfer out of Denver and/or were           DAJA/Standard Parking valet park-           (303) 476-3644                    Jim Prout
       and call-ins.                                       not allowed to test.                             ing – A planned layoff was canceled when          UAL safety representative
            Lanier Brugh – This company is still                UAL Chief Coordinator Ramon                 the City and County of Denver pointed out         (720) 234-4486                  Vic Austin
       looking for drivers to run the U.S. Mail from       Gonzales – During the week of March 16           the staffing requirements of the contract to      UAL EAP representative
       Denver to Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me          through March 20, Ken Meidinger, Craig           the company. The staffing levels will             (303) 884-8245                Mike Brooks
       if you are interested.                              Kelly, Scott Brown, Rich Olsen, Alcino           remain the same and the re-bid has been can-      Office manager
            DHL – The severance package deadline           Marques and I were in SFO for the contract       celed.                                            (303) 458-1415 Ext. 11     Kathy McBride
       has passed, there are only 11 employees left        steering committee meeting. We accom-                  AMPCO/Nationwide                Parking     Titan administrator
       on the active list with one office person on        plished a lot and will be meeting with the       AMPCO AMODs – The local union has                 (303) 458-1415 Ext. 12       Jackie Purcell
       letter of lay off who didn’t take the severance     company on April 14, 2009, for the official      reviewed the 2009 wage increases mandated         Denver secretary
       package.                                            start of contract negotiations. Ken and I are    through our contract and the RFP with the         (303) 458-1415 Ext. 10         Karen Hess
            BUC Transport (DHL contractor) –               representing Denver. While in SFO 4 griev-       City and County of Denver.                        Fort Morgan secretary
       BUC has completely gone out of business in          ances were settled with SFOLR. Don't for-              AMPCO/Nationwide lot supervisors            (970) 867-7311                Lilly Aguirre
       Denver as DHL awarded the IC contract to            get to stay strong and united during these       – The negotiations for a new contract are
       another company.                                    trying times. We must show the company           about wrapped up with only some minor lan-           El Sindicato Hace una
            Sidwell Transportation (DHL con-               that we are a union and sticking together. I     guage to be hammered out. Lot supervisors
       tractor) – Sidwell has two drivers in               urge you all to attend your union craft meet-    will get a 3.2 percent pay increase retroac-        Moción de “suspender” la
       Colorado Springs as a result of the DHL cut-        ings                                             tive to February, as well as an increase in the       Decisión de la Corte
       backs.                                                   UAL TK Jim Prout – A reminder that          elective insurance opt-out payment.
            Frontier Airlines aircraft appearance          the United IBT website has been developed              Report from Mike Porreco, chief                         Carta del Presidente
       agents and MX cleaners – For the most part          to provide union-specific UAL information        chairman DNA pressmen – At the Denver                        Por Matthew Fazakas-
       things have been going well even as the air-        for our members and is located on the web        Newspaper Agency, the pressman ratified                   Presidente y Oficial Principal
       line industry has had a rough time making a         at:          their contract on Monday, March 16. The
       profit. Frontier has made a lot of changes          Information will be posted promptly on this      company was asking for $20 million in con-        DENVER — El Sindicato ha hecho una moción
       and seems to be turning things around.              website as it becomes available.                 cessions from all of the unions at the paper.     de “suspender” el rechazo del contrato de los
            Hertz Car Rental Maintenance,                       UAL Safety Vic Austin – The IBT             Our wages were reduced by 1.75 percent            empleados de Frontier Airlines de manten-
       VSAs, Bus Drivers and HLE – The compa-              Aviation Division Director David Bourne          with the addition of a new “washer” classifi-     imiento y de los especialistas de materiales
       ny and union are in discussions to extend the       and I recently spoke at length about the qual-   cation. The rest of the concessions were in       hecho por la Corte Federal del Distrito de Nueva
       current contract, which is set to expire in         ity of the organization’s safety structure.      benefits and working conditions.                  York. El Sindicato está esperando la decisión
       October of this year. This would be a one-          Mr. Bourne assured me that the division will           We are expanding our newspaper pro-         de la corte. Se les mantendrá informados en
       year extension, which would be voted on by          strengthen its aviation safety program and       duction and commercial work. We will start        cuanto al progreso del caso.
       the membership.                                     asked for help from the United Airlines safe-    printing the USA Today on March 24, five                Cuando se escribió este artículo, aún no
                                                           ty committees. He mentioned a new IBT            days a week, and the Fort Collins                 había habido una respuesta al agravio de man-
              Report from Business Agent                   Aviation Safety manager Paul Alves, whom         Coloradoan, seven days a week. The Rocky          dar afuera el 20 por ciento de UAL. El árbitro
                      John Hennelly                        I recently spoke to. Paul comes to us from       Mountain News printed their last publica-         está escribiendo la decisión que será presentada
            Continental Airlines MX and facili-            the pilot ranks with experience in the USAF      tion on February 27. Surprisingly, we lost        al Sindicato y a los miembros de la Junta de
       ties maintenance – Contract negotiations            and in commercial aviation. He is keen on        very little circulation; it was all transferred   Ajustes de Sistema (SBA-System Board of
       with the company are ongoing with updates           safety issues and programs having been           to the Denver Post, hopefully the Rocky           Adjustment) de la compañía. Se finalizará
       available on the Local 961 web site. Some           involved in many high-level positions. I         Mountain News subscribers will renew their        después que el SBA confiera, y se le presentará
       questions regarding changes in policy and           have confidence that we will make produc-        subscriptions when they expire. With sad-         a los partidos envueltos. La auditoría del 2007
       local agreements are being addressed.               tive headway towards our safety goals. I         ness we have lost brother Dave Martin and         y 2008 se llevará a cabo tan pronto el árbitro
       Congratulations to Gary Stanich (Den-line)          encouraged the organization to seek input        two retirees Ray Willan and William Pugh.         resuelva el significado del lenguaje. El agravio
       for 35 years of service and Keith Randolph          from our mechanic ranks as we build upon               General membership meetings – The           que todavía queda del 2006 también será resuel-
       (Den-line) for 25 years of service.                 our safety structure.                            May general membership meeting has been           to por la decisión del árbitro. Las negociaciones
            Frontier Airlines maintenance and                   I participated in an internal OSHA          moved to 9a.m., May 17, 2009, as a result of      del contrato de UAL comienzan el 14 de abril de
       material specialists – The second “gap”             preparatory audit by Unity’s corporate safe-     the conflict with the Memorial Day holiday.       2009 en Chicago, se les pondrá al día en el lugar
       began with far fewer temporary furloughs            ty department and we walked through the          Regular monthly meetings are held at 9 a.m.       de la red mundial (website) del Local 961, el de
       than originally planned. Some 77 members            main underground facility for our baggage        on the fourth Sunday of each month at the         UAL, y el del IBT Airline Division.
       were furloughed, with 30 of those scheduled         system. We have a very talented mechanic         union hall, 10 Lakeside Lane, second floor              El Denver Newspaper Agency pidió nego-
       for an early return date of April 6. The            staff keeping the many belts, sensors and        meeting room, Denver, Colorado 80212.             ciaciones tempranas debido a que los bancos
       remaining 47 members are scheduled to               motors running smoothly to bring our cus-              Local union withdrawal cards –              reclaman que la compañía no pagó $135 mil-
       return on April 18, as the company is sched-        tomers’ bags to their flights in one piece and   Please remember to call the Denver or Fort        lones de dólares en préstamos. Los hombres de
       uled to return a 318, and receive a new 320         on-time. There are also many areas of dan-       Morgan office to be placed on withdrawal if       prensa y el Departamento de Transportación rat-
       in exchange. The original number of fur-            ger that we must be aware of, so any missing     you are going to be off work for a month or       ificaron sus contratos de tres años con la imple-
       loughed members was expected to be around           protective devices or dangerous conditions       more. When you return to work you must            mentación del mismo el 16 de marzo de 2009.
       123 but increased needs in both inspection          found will be corrected.                         notify the local union immediately.               El acuerdo importante de “SNAP” back pide un
       and RON's reduced the number. The union                  UAL EAP Representative Mike                       Change of address/telephone number          límite de salarios en los salarios de la gerencia y
       and company have also signed off on a 12            Brooks – Anyone needing assistance as a          – Please contact either local union office if     tiene provisiones para volver a las tarifas origi-
       shift agreement that keeps the current con-         result of the recent layoffs please contact      you have a change of address or telephone         nales del contrato basándose en auditorias semi-
       tractual LOA in place and adds language to          me. There are programs available for re-         number.                                           anuales y el término del acuerdo.
       expand the start time and premium pay for           training and assistance with unemployment                                                                El DNA ha asegurado el negocio de
       these shifts.                                            Great Lakes Aviation flight atten-            Teamsters Local 961 officers and staff          imprimir los periódicos USA Today, y Fort
            US Airlines (Denver, Colorado                  dants and dispatchers – The pilots have          President and Principal Officer                   Collins Coloradoan.
       Springs, and Boise Idaho) – The Teamsters           petitioned the NMB for a representation          (303) 458-1415 Ext. 17 Matthew Fazakas                  Felicidades a los Hombres de Prensa reti-
       Union, in conjunction with Colonial Life is         election with IBT Local 747 and the UTU.         VP/Business Agent                                                            Continued on page 11

       10     ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                                              April 2009
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster                4/30/09    11:19 AM     Page 11

       Continued from page 10                                      Sidwell Transport (DHL contractor) —          específica de UAL para nuestros miembros            febrero, tanto como un aumento en el pago de
       rados: Bob Hayne, Adnan Babaa, y Ray                  Sidwell tiene a dos conductores en Colorado         aquí: Se pondrá la        no optar por seguro electivo.
       Jackson. Felicidades a nuestra secretaria de Ft.      Springs como resultado de los cortes de DHL.        información tan pronto se tenga.
       Morgan, Lilly Aguirre, en el nacimiento de su               Frontier Airlines Aircraft Appearance               UAL       Safety     Vic     Austin      —               Reporte de Mike Porreco
       nieta el primero de abril.                            Agents y MX Cleaners — Por la mayor parte           Recientemente hablé con el Director de la                Presidente en Jefe del DNA Pressmen
                                                             las cosas han estado bien, con tal de que la        División de Aviación del IBT, David Bourne,               El contrato fue ratificado el lunes 16 de
                Reporte deMatthew Fazakas                    industria de las aerolíneas ha tenido un mal        sobre la calidad de la estructura de seguridad de   marzo de 2009 por los hombres de prensa en el
                    Agente de Negocios                       tiempo tratando de hacer dinero. Frontier ha        la organización. El señor Bourne me aseguró         Denver Newspaper Agency. La compañía pedía
            Allied Systems, LTD — La compañía se             hecho muchos cambios, y parece que están            que la división mejorará el programa de seguri-     $20 millones de dólares en concesiones de todos
       ha cometido a investigar a obtener carga del          mejorando las cosas.                                dad de aviación, y les pidió ayuda a los comités    los sindicatos en el periódico. Nuestra paga fue
       grupo AXIS. PMT perdió todo el trabajo de                   Hertz Car Rental Maintenance, VSA’s           de seguridad de United Airlines. Él mencionó        reducida por un 1.75 por ciento con la adición
       General Motors en California con más de 200           Bus Drivers, y HLE — La compañía y el sindi-        al nuevo gerente de seguridad del IBT, Paul         de una nueva clasificación de “wahser”. El
       conductores perdiendo su trabajo.                     cato están en discusiones para extender el con-     Alves, con quien hablé recientemente. Paul          resto de las concesiones fue en beneficios y
           Reporte de la Oficina de Fort Morgan              trato actual, que se supone que expire en octubre   viene de los rangos de piloto, con experiencia      condiciones de trabajo.
         Norberto Ricardo, Adan Morales y Victor             de este año. Esto sería una extensión de un año,    en el USAF y aviación comercial. Él es un                 Estamos expandiendo nuestro trabajo de
                             Mora                            el cual será votado por la membresía.               entusiasta de los problemas y programas de          producción de periódicos y trabajos comer-
            Cargill Meat Solutions — Se ha reinstal-                                                             seguridad, y está envuelto en muchas posi-          ciales. Empezaremos a imprimir el USA Today
       ado a dos empleados con toda su señoría y ben-                Reporte del Agente de Negocios              ciones de alto nivel. Estoy confidente de que       el 24 de marzo, cinco días a la semana, y el Fort
       eficios que habían sido suspendidos pendientes                          John Hennelly                     iremos hacia delante de manera muy productiva       Collins Coloradoan, siete días a la semana. El
       a la terminación. El Sindicato Local recobró                Continental Airlines MX y Facilities          en nuestras metas de seguridad. Le pido a la        Rocky Mountain News imprimió su última pub-
       $3,355.23 por problemas de paga en los cuales         Maintenance — Las negociaciones del contra-         organización que hable con nuestros mecánicos       licación el 27 de febrero, perdimos muy poca
       los empleados no habían sido pagados correcta-        to se están llevando a cabo y se pueden poner al    para construir nuestra estructura de seguridad.     circulación y toda fue transferida al Denver
       mente. El Local logró que removieran 18 avisos        día en el lugar de la red mundial del Local 961.          Participé en una auditoria preparatoria       Post, si Dios quiere las personas que tenían el
       de miembros de sus archivos de empleados.             Se están viendo varias preguntas en cuanto a        interna de OSHA hecha por el departamento de        Rocky Mountain News renovarán sus subscrip-
       También resolvimos 31 agravios.                       cambios en la póliza local y los acuerdos.          seguridad de la corporación Unity. Vimos la         ciones cuando expiren. Con tristeza les informo
            Swift & Company Lamb — En la reunión             Felicidades a Gary Stanich Den-line por 35 años     facilidad subterránea para nuestro sistema de       que perdimos al hermano Dave Martin, y a dos
       de gerencia del trabajo discutimos el plan 401K,      de servicio, y a Keith Randolph Den-line por 25     equipaje. Tenemos a mecánicos muy talen-            retirados, Ray Willan y William Pugh.
       y otros problemas en la planta. El 10 y 17 de         años de servicio.                                   tosos que mantienen las correas, censores y               Reunión de la Membresía General — La
       marzo nos reunimos con los empleados y les                  Frontier Airlines Maintenance y               motores corriendo muy bien para que nuestros        Reunión general de membresía de mayo fue
       explicamos como funciona el plan 401K.                Material Specialists — El Segundo periodo de        clientes tengan sus maletas en sus vuelos en una    movida al 17 de mayo de 2009, a las 9:00 de la
                                                             “gap” comenzó con menos licencias a las orig-       pieza, y a tiempo. También hay muchas áreas         mañana, como resultado del día de fiesta de
            Reporte de Bill De Groot, Agente de              inalmente planeadas. Se licencio a 77 miem-         de peligro de las cuales ustedes deben de saber,    Memorial Day.
                            Negocios                         bros, con 30 de ellos a volver el 6 de abril. Los   por consecuencia a cualquier área que le falte      Las reuniones regulares de la membresía gener-
             Pronto la temporada del invierno termi-         otros 47 volverán el 18 de abril, ya que la com-    equipo de protección, o tenga condiciones peli-     al serán el cuarto domingo de cada mes a las
       nará, y empezaremos el verano. Muchos con-            pañía va a devolver un 318, y recibirá un nuevo     grosas, será corregida.                             9:00 de la mañana en el Union Hall en 10
       ductores han tenido suficiente manejo con el          320 a cambio. Se esperaba licenciar a 123, pero           UAL EAP Representative Mike Brooks            Lakeside Lane, Denver, CO 80212, en el cuar-
       poner y quitar de las cadenas, y esquivando a         la necesidad aumentó en las inspecciones y          — Cualquier persona que necesite ayuda              to de reuniones del segundo piso.
       conductores que van a esquiar que vienen de           RON’s, y esto resulto en la reducción de            debido a un reciente despido, pónganse en con-            Tarjetas de Retiro — Miembros, por
       afuera del estado y que piensan que su cuatro         números. El sindicato y la compañía han             tacto conmigo. Hay programas disponibles            favor acuérdense de llamar a la oficina de
       por cuatro nunca se saldrá de la carretera, o que     aprobado un acuerdo de 12 turnos que mantiene       para el re-entrenamiento, y ayuda con el desem-     Denver, o Ft. Morgan para ser puestos en retiro
       podrá parar en un santiamén. Les urjo a todos         el contrato de LOA en lugar, y añade lenguaje       pleo.                                               si no van a estar trabajando por un mes o más.
       que no bajen su guardia y que le enseñen a todo       pare expandir la hora de empezar y de paga                Great Lakes Aviation Flight Attendants        Cuando vuelvan al trabajo notifíquele al
       el mundo que un conductor de Sindicato es un          prima para estos turnos.                            y Dispatchers — Los pilotos han pedido del          Sindicato Local inmediatamente.
       profesional y un conductor cortés.                          US Airlines (Denver, Colorado Springs         NMB representación de elección con el IBT                 Cambio de Dirección o de Número de
             Como todos saben los tiempos económicos         y Boise, Idaho) — El Sindicato Local y              Local 747 y el UTU.              El Comité de       Teléfono — Por favor póngase en contacto con
       están difíciles, y esto nos afecta a todos, unión o   Colonial Life están introduciendo una póliza        Asesoramiento de la División de Aerolíneas se       la oficina del Sindicato Local si su dirección o
       sin unión. Los despidos están alrededor de            seguro de incapacidad de corto termino a los        reunirá para ver el cesamiento de la mediación      número de teléfono cambian.
       nosotros. Esperamos que la economía se recu-          miembros. Eventualmente este plan estará            para los asistentes de vuelo y los
       pere pronto. Quiero acordarles a todos que este       disponible a todo miembro de la División de         despachadores.                                                SINDICATO LOCAL 961
       es SU sindicato. Envuélvanse, y vayan a las           Aerolíneas del Sindicato. La compañía no deja             AIRSERV Corp. — El nuevo contrato se                 OFICIALES Y EMPLEADOS
       reuniones mensuales de membresía para que             que los representantes del seguro vayan a su        ratificó y está en lugar. Se logró recuperar        Presidente y Oficial Principal
       sepan lo que esta pasando. Quiero que sean vol-       propiedad puesto que es en contra de las pólizas    alguna de la paga de enfermedad, un                 (303) 458-1415 Ext. 17      Matthew Fazakas
       untarios, ya que solo somos tan fuertes como          de la compañía, se están haciendo otros arreglos    cumpleaños de fiesta, y cuatro de los despidos      VP/Agente de Negocios
       ustedes lo son. Necesitan estar envueltos.            de visitar otros lugares. Este es otro ejemplo de   que se habían programados, fueron cancelados.       (303) 458-1415Ext. 16           John Hennelly
             Arkansas Best Freight — El negocio ha           horribles pólizas por parte de la compañía, que     La compañía pagó salarios que les debía a dos       Tesorero Secretario/Agente de Negocios
       estado lento, y como resultado ha habido despi-       castiga a nuestros miembros por algo que no le      miembros suspendidos. El nuevo contrato está        (303) 458-1415 Ext 15 Raoul “Bill”De Groot
       dos.                                                  cuesta nada a la compañía. Busquen los detalles     por firmarse.                                       Secretario que Archiva
             YRC(Antes conocido como Yellow                  de las reuniones en los tableros de anuncios. El          Earl Schieb — Con la situación económi-       (303) 458-1415 Ext. 18           Mike Porreco
       Freight/ Roadway Express) Office, Janitorial,         sindicato está procesando agravios que envuel-      ca del estado, si necesitan pintar su automóvil,    Comisario                   Walt Cunningham
       Maintenance y Line Drivers — El Sindicato             ven el ascenso ilegal a supervisores.               debe de ponerse en contacto con la tienda de        Comisario                     Zenaida Palomo
       Local todavía está batallando el problema de per-           UnitedAirlines — El comité de iniciativas     Earl Schieb en Colorado Springs.                    Comisario                      Don Slawinski
       sonal de la oficina, e irá a la reunión nacional en   terminó una semana de intensa preparación, y              Denver         Newspaper           Agency     Agente de Negocios
       Florida el 14 de abril de 2009. El empleo de 10       terminó casi todas las propuestas no económicas     Transportation (DNA) — El nuevo contrato            (970)867-7311               Norberto Ricardo
       mecánicos más en la tienda está progresando. Ha       para las venideras negociaciones del contrato.      fue ratificado con las nuevas concesiones y         Asistente de Agentes de Negocios
       habido varios pagos de penalidades de la com-         El comité de exámenes se reunió con oficiales       cambios en la flota de camiones de camiones de      (970)867-7311                   Adan Morales
       pañía como resultado de tratar de esquivar a          de la compañía para discutir cambios en los pro-    la clase “A”, a camiones de la clase “C”. El        Asistente de Agentes de Negocios
       Denver. YRC tiene despidos, pero aunque se            cedimientos, y discutir el acuerdo de varios        sindicato local logró aumentar el salario de        (970)867-7311                      Victor Mora
       hayan unido Yellow y Roadway, todavía se nece-        agravios para los miembros que fueron forzados      paga de la clase “C” para los conductores que       UAL Coordinador Jefe
       sita carga en los camiones para que la gente siga     a transferirse afuera de Denver, y que no se les    ahora tienen clase “A”, y están siendo forzados     (303)717-2866                Ramón Gonzales
       trabajando. No importa donde trabaje, si usted es     fue permitido tomar el examen.                      a la categoría de paga más baja de la clase “C”.    UAL Coordinador de Agravios
       despedido, acuérdese de llenar su tarjeta de                UAL Chief Coordinator Ramon                         DAJA /Standard Parking Valet Parking          (303)717-1676                     Pete Angelos
       retiro.                                               Gonzales — Durante la semana del 16 de              — Un despido programado fue cancelado cuan-         UAL Secretario que Archiva
             UPS Freight — Hay muchos agravios en            marzo al 20 de marzo, Ken Meidinger, Craig          do la Ciudad y Condado de Denver le mostró          (303)717-2720                      Craig Kelly
       cuanto a la falta de trabajo, y las llamadas.         Kelly, Scott Brown, Rich Olsen, Alcino              los requisitos contractuales de personal            UAL Coordinador de QV/PC
             Lanier Brugh — La Compañía todavía              Marques, y yo fuimos a SFO para las reuniones       disponible a la compañía. Los niveles de per-       (303)506-9803                  Ken Meidenger
       está buscando a conductores que lleven el correo      del comité de iniciativas del contrato. Se logró    sonal permanecerán iguales, y la re-oferta ha       UAL Representante de TK
       de Denver a Salt Lake City, Utah. Pónganse en         mucho, y nos reuniremos con la compañía el 14       sido cancelada.                                     (303)476-3644                         Jim Prout
       contacto conmigo si está interesado.                  de abril de 2009 para el comienzo oficial de las          AMPCO/Nationwide Parking AMPCO                UAL Representante de Seguridad
             DHL — La fecha límite para tomar el             negociaciones del contrato. Ken y yo represen-      AMOD’s — El Sindicato Local ha repasado el          (720)234-4486                       Vic Austin
       paquete de separación ha pasado; sólo hay 11          tamos a Denver. Los cuatro agravios de SFO          aumento de salarios del 2009 mandados por           UAL Representante de EAP
       empleados en la lista de activos, con una per-        fueron resueltos con SFOLR. No se olviden de        nuestro contrato y el RFP con la Ciudad y           (303)884-8245                     Mike Brooks
       sona en la oficina con carta de despido que no        ser fuertes y estar unidos durante estos tiempos    Condado de Denver.                                  Gerente de Oficina
       tomó el paquete de separación.                        difíciles. Le debemos de mostrar a la compañía            AMPCO/Nationwide Lot Supervisors —            (303) 458-1415 Ext 11          Kathy McBride
             BUC Transport(DHL contractor) —                 que somos una unión y nos quedamos juntos.          Ya casi se acaban las negociaciones del nuevo       Administradora de Titan
       Buc ya no está en negocios en Denver; ya que          Les urjo que vayan a las reuniones de oficio.       contrato, lo único que falta es ver el lenguaje.    (303) 458-1415 Ext 12            Jackie Purcell
       DHL le otorgo el contrato de IC a otra com-                 UAL TK Jim Prout — Acuérdense del             Los supervisores del lote recibirán un aumento      Secretaria de Ft. Morgan
       pañía.                                                website de United IBT que tiene información         de paga de un 3.2 por ciento, retroactivo a         (970)867-7311                     Lilly Aguirre

       April 2009                                                                                                                                                    ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                     11
90817RMT April 09:Rocky Mountain Teamster          4/30/09   11:19 AM    Page 12

       When it’s springtime in the Rockies
                   COLORADO                            Yellow Freight; Lawrence Mattingley,          Esther Paswaters, Local 17, and Jimmy                Trustee Tom Monasmith gave some
                                                       Local 435; Marjorie Akard, spouse of          and Sharon Henson, Local 455. We rec-           information on health issues and told
                                   DENVER —            L.D., Local 961; Lawrence Anderson,           ognized and welcomed our new members            some cute jokes. The drawing was held
                                   The February        Robinson Dairy, Local 537; Howard             with pride and gave them retiree lapel          for ten $25 checks and Kaiser donated
                                   general mem-        Bowker; Lois Haarhues, spouse of              pins.                                           two tote bags for the drawing.
                                   bership meet-       Arthur; Norman Norfleet, Manna-Pro;                Our special guest was Jil Inman from            Members are reminded to keep their
                                   ing was held at     Margaret Phenning, spouse of Henry;           Robert F. May Co. We had the drawing            dues paid up. If you are in doubt about
                                   the Pipefitters     Clyde Valdez, CF; Bruce Manning and           for ten checks at $25 each and Local 17         when your anniversary date is for pay-
                                   Local Union         Ray Burkhart, former president of Local       donated two Teamster watches for the            ment of dues, call Carole at the retiree
                                   No. 208 meet-       961. May they all rest in peace. We have      drawing.                                        office, 433-8184.
                                   ing hall on         also learned of the untimely passing of a          The March meeting was held on                   Thanks go to our volunteers, Carole
            Jerry Loose            February 20         good friend and brother, Anthony C.           March 20 with 101 members in atten-             Salter, Sharon White, Les Pettera, Tom
              President            with        112     Lock, union chairman of the WCT               dance. Special guests were Jil Inman of         Monasmith, Larry Monson, Bernie
                                   members      in     Pension Trust Fund. Tony had a connec-        Robert F. May Co.; Becky Starr of Kaiser        Cooley and Mark Ertle, our coffee man.
       attendance. The members stood for the           tion to Denver as an organizer for Joint      Permanente, who introduced her associ-          We also thank Jack Monson, who is
       Pledge of Allegiance and remained stand-        Council 3 early in his career. He was         ate, Shawna Broadas. They spoke on              always available when we need an extra
       ing for a few moments of silence in             always available for help with the pen-       Kaiser and Medicare and addressed ques-         helping hand.
       respect for our departed Teamster broth-        sion plan. Denver Teamster retirees are       tions from the members.             Becky            As the weather turns nice, remember
       ers and sisters and also for all of the men     thankful for Tony’s efforts on their behalf   announced that Brian Crady, our Kaiser          to watch out for the kids in the streets,
       and women in the armed forces of our            and extend condolences to his family.         account manager. is transferring to anoth-      especially around the schools. Be good
       country.                                            We had the following new members          er department and Mr. Tony Locatta will         to each other and, above all, remember
            The departed members for January           for February: William J. Boitano, Local       be our new account manager. Another             we are all Teamsters and that means you
       and February are: Paul Aguilar, IML,            435; Bill and Janet Mattson, Local 435        guest was John Jackson of Local 17, who         are a member of the best group of people
       Local 17; Otis Monger, Rio Grande;              and Joe and Judy Martinez, Local 17.          spoke to the members about the                  in the country, bar none!
       Harold Reams, Keebler, Local 219;               New members for March are: Michael            Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and
       Florence Wegrich, spouse of William,            and Marlene Lawson, Local 17; Fred and        distributed information.

       The months zoom by
                        UTAH                           enjoy yourself and have plenty to eat. I           COME AND JOIN US AT THE                    Wendover trip, meetings are not at the
                                                       invite each and every one of you retirees     MONTHLY MEETING! Check out the                  union hall and will be advertised in
       SALT LAKE CITY — It seems the first             to come and always bring your spouse or       Retirees Club. You won’t be disappoint-         advance.
       four months of the New Year have                friend. They are always welcome. If you       ed. Your club dues are paid by the union             The 2009 meeting calendar is as
       zoomed by. Soon it will be summer. I            have any questions, you can call anyone       for the first year. After that, they are only   follows:
                                  hope you will        of us on the Board.                           $15 a year. Not bad for a nice lunch                 January   January 14, 2009
                                  be ready for              Congratulations to the following on      every month, plus all of our drawings,               February  February 11, 2009
                                  the      warmer      their recent retirements: Brian Boehme,       prizes and fun meetings we have. Come                March     March 11, 2009
                                  weather.         I   Yellow; Frank Bucher, Roadway; Brian          give us a try.                                       April     April 8, 2009
                                  know we will         Burgess, Yellow; Richard Butler,                   If you have any questions, please call          May       May 13, 2009
                                  be. Pretty soon      Yellow; Deanna Hartman, IML; Mike             me, David H. Fackrell, president, at 801-            June      June 10, 2009
                                  we will be           Hortin, Yellow; Kim Kennington,               574-5530.                                            July      July 8, 2009
                                  planting our         Roadway; Larry Lefevre, Yellow; Kenny              Our meetings are always held on the             August    August 12, 2009
                                  gardens.             Manzanares, Yellow; Rallo Oakeson,            second Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m.              September September 9, 2009
                                       Our meet-       Roadway; Charles Paul Loulsen, Lanier         here at the Teamsters Union Hall located             October   October 14, 2009
         David H. Fackrell
               President          ing and lun-         Brugh; Willis Simmons, Milne; Dan             at 2641 South 3270 West, in Salt Lake                Novembe November 11, 2009
                                  cheon          for   Stewart, Magna Water; Robert Smales,          City. On special occasions, such as a                December December 9, 2009
       January was held on the 14th. Our speak-        Yellow, and James Young, Roadway.             summer picnic, Christmas luncheon,
       er, Charles Bannich, who was here on
       other business, stopped by and talk to us
       about our pension. He explained to us
       how very safe our Western Conference
       Pension Fund is, which we all needed to
       hear in these times of uncertainty. For
       lunch we had our famous soup bar with
                                                             America Needs You Now
       all the trimmings and desert, and our
       monthly cash drawings.
            We lost three more members in
       January. They are Donald Henry Krase,
       Art Rudd and David C. Larsen. They
       will be greatly missed.
            Our meeting and luncheon for
       February was on the 11th (always the
       second Wednesday of every month at 1
       p.m.). Of course, we had a valentine
       theme with pizza from Pizza Hut and
       pink and red punch and deserts. I think
       everyone enjoyed the lunch. We also
       played Bingo and gave away some
       prizes. Plus we have our monthly cash
       drawings that the members like to partic-
       ipate in.
            Our March meeting was on the 11th.
       We always start each and every meeting
       by standing and saying the Pledge of
       Allegiance to the flag. We had our fabu-
       lous chili and potato bar with all the trim-
       mings you could ever want with desert.
       We do a lot of visiting and the last few
       months, our attendance has been up.
            Hope to see more of you coming out
       and joining us. I guarantee you will
                                                             BUY AMERICAN!
       12    ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEAMSTER                                                                                                                                               April 2009

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