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									                     GOVERNMENT OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR,
                          SERVICES SELECTION BOARD,
                     Sehkari Bhawan Near Bahu Plaza Jammu.
It is notified for the information of all concerned that:
     1) the interview of the eligible shortlisted candidates shown in Annexure “A” to this notification
        who have applied for the post of “Teacher” District Cadre Pulwama (Item No 382)
        advertised vide Notification No: - 07 of 2010 dated 12-11-2010 shall be conducted as per dates
        shown at Annexure “A” of this notification at Dak Banglow Pulwama at 10:00 AM
   2) The criteria of selection for the post of “ Teacher ” shall be as under:

           1.      10+2                        25 Points (on pro rata basis)
           2.      Graduation                  10 Points ((on pro rata basis)
           3.      ETT/NTT                     05 Points (on pro rata basis)
           4.      B.Ed                        15 Points (on pro rata basis)
           5.      Post Graduation             10 Points (on pro rata basis)
           6.      M.Ed                        10 Points (on pro rata basis)
           7.      M.Phil                      02 Points (Across the Board)
           8.      Ph.D after M.Phil           03 Points (Across the Board)
                   P.hD (direct without        05 Points (across the Board)
           9.      Viva Voce                   20 Points
        Total                                  100 Points

    3) The weightage has been calculated on prorata basis with reference to %age of marks obtained in
       each examination. The formula to calculate points for each qualification is given below:
                            (%age        x       Total points for a particular qualification)/100
   4) The candidates shown in Annexure “A” to this notification are shortlisted in terms of 1:5 ratio in
       each category.

   5) In case of the candidates whose name does not figure in the shortlist and have got
      points more than or equal to the cut-off point, are advised to submit their claim on
      application along with all relevant testimonials self attested and duly attested by
      Gazetted Officer to the Divisional Office, J&K Service Selection Board, Parrey Pora
      Srinagar by or before 11-04-2011 for consideration on merits and thereafter no claim
      shall be entertained.
   6) The interview schedule and particulars of the eligible candidates will also be available in the
      offices of the Administrative Officer, J&K Services selection Board, Jammu /Srinagar
   7) The additional qualifications / reserved category certificate acquired by the candidate after the
      last date of receipt of application forms shall not be entertained;
   8) Mere figuring of name in the list does not entitle the candidate to appear in the interview as it
      shall be subject to the scrutiny of all testimonials of the candidates shortlisted.
   9) No further interview call letter shall be issued to any candidate whose names figure in the said list
      and they are required to appear before the interview committee on the schedule date & time.
      Failure of a candidate for appearing in the interview on the given date shall not be interviewed
      later and shall forfeit his right of consideration
  10) In case of any deficiency with reference to eligibility etc proved at the time of interview, the
      candidate shall not be allowed to appear in the interview, or if any deficiency is found
      subsequently the candidate shall not be considered for selection and will be treated as
  11) The candidate shall have to produce all original certificates / testimonials as asked for vide above
      referred advertisement notification before the selection committee at the time of interview. The
      candidates who fail to produce such certificates / testimonials may forfeit their candidature.
  12) Any candidate found guilty of impersonating or submitting fabricated / tampered documents /
      testimonials or making false, incorrect or suppressing material information shall render him / her
      liable for criminal prosecution under law and may be debarred permanently or for a specific
      period for consideration of any or all recruitments made by the Board. Also canvassing / lobbying
      in any form will entail disqualification of the candidate.
  13) No TA/DA shall be paid for participation in the interview.

       Note(1) The candidates are advised to bring Photostat copy of each
                certificate duly attested by Gazetted Officer with his/her seal and
                signature and self signed by the candidate itself should be brought
                along for depositing with the Board at the time of interview in
                addition to original documents.
           (2) The candidates in different categories especially under Handicapped
                /Ex-Serviceman have been short listed on the basis of entries made
                in the OMR application forms. However, their final eligibility shall be
                determined on the basis of their valid certificates on the date of
                interview and if their claim under the relevant category is not found
                in consonance with the relevant rules, their interview shall not be
                conducted at all.

                                                                       J&K Services Selection Board,
       No. SSB/Sel/Secy/ 1964-75 /2011                                    Dated:     02-04-2011.
  Copy to the:-

                                                 ANNEXURE 'A'
                       PULWAMA ITEM NO 382 ADVERTISED NOTICE NO 07 OF 2010 DATED 12-11-2010

                                                                                                     DATE OF
S.NO   CAT   BARCODE_B   NAME            FNAME         ADD1            ADD2            ADD3          INTERVIEW

                        AASIA         ABDUL RAOUF
   1 OM     976342      ANDRABI       ANDRABI          RATNIPORA       PULWAMA                        8-Apr-2011

                         AASIFA          MOHAMMAD
   2   OM    995177      AKBER           AKBER WANI    NEWA            PULWAMA         KASHMIR        8-Apr-2011

                                         HABIB ULLAH
   3   OM    771073      AB MAJID DAR    DAR           URICHERSOO      PULWAMA                        8-Apr-2011

                         AEJAZ AHMAD     HABIB ULLAH   OPPOSITE POST
   4   OM    952892      BHAT            BHAT          OFFICE          AWANTIPURA      PULWAMA        8-Apr-2011

                         AFAQ AHMAD      AB REHMAN     RO PO PANZGAM
   5   OM    751871      DAR             DAR           PULWAMA         VIA VIJ KMR                    8-Apr-2011
                    AFROZ         GH MOHD        BELLOW          RAJPORA
6    OM    956100   AHMAD CHAT    CHAT           DERGUND         PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    AFROZ         GH MOHD        BELLOW          RAJDOR A
7    OM    690827   AHMAD CHAT    CHAT           DERGUND         PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    AFROZA        FAROOQ
8    OM    656621   AKHTER        AHMAD BHAT     TULBAGH         PAMPORE        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    AFROZA        ALI MOHD
9    OM    966006   JABEEN        PARA           NAIRA           TAHAB          PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                                  SYED SIRAJ
10   OM    758525   AFROZA JAN    UD DIN         PACHAHAR        PULWAMA        KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                                  GH MOHD
11   OM    976573   AFSHANA GUL   SHEIKH         TAHAB           PULWAMA                        8-Apr-2011

                    AIJAZ AHMAD   ABDUL HAMID
12   OM    951835   BHAT          BHAT           NARWA           PULWAMA        KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    AIJAZ AHMED   MOHD AMIN
13   OM    656556   MASOODI       MASOODI        NAMBLABAL       PAMPORE        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                                  SANA ULLAH
14   OM    994857   AJAZ AHMAD    NAIK           DANGERPORA      PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    AJAZ AHMAD    AB REHMAN
15   OM    690895   BHAT          BAHT           PAYIR PULWAMA                                  8-Apr-2011
                                  ABDUL                          DISTT AND
                    AJAZ AHMAD    RASHEED        SHEIKHPORA      TEHSIL
16   OM    994853   SHEIKH        SHEIKH         MURRAN          PULWAMA                        8-Apr-2011

                    AJAZ AHMAD    ABDUL AHAD
17   OM    656410   WANI          WANI           KHREW           PAMPORE        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

18   OM    953283   AJAZ GANI     AB GANI BHAT   KUCHMULLA       TRAL           PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    ALTAF AHMAD   ALI MOHMMAD    NEW COLONY
19   OM    656841   BHAT          BHAT           KONIBAL         PAMPORE        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    ALTAF AHMAD   AB RASHID                      NEWA
20   OM    656630   KHAN          KHAN           KHAN MOHALLA    PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    ALTAF AHMAD   YOUSUF         KAICHACH KOOT
21   OM    690852   SHAH          SHAH           KAIGAM          AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    ALTAF         MOHD
                    HUSSAIN       YOUSUF         MOHALA          CHAKURA
22   OM    976631   SHEIKH        SHEIKH         SUHPORA         PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                                                                 INSTITUTE OF   UNIVERSITY
                                  ABDUR          ABDUR RASHID    ISLAMIC        OF KASHMIR
23   OM    953265   AMAT U SAMI   RASHID BHAT    BHAT            STUDIES        SRINGAR         8-Apr-2011

                    ANJUM HILAL   SHAFI AHMAD
24   OM    756663   BHAT          BHAT           KHREW           PAMPORE        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                                  AHMAD                                         JAMMU AND
25   OM    951891   ARIF GULZAR   PANDITA        KARIMABAD       PULWAMA        KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    ARSHID        MOHD AKBAR     KAMAL COLONY    AWANTIPORA
26   OM    951623   AHMAD DAR     DAR            PANZGAM         PULWAMA        J AND K         8-Apr-2011

                    ARSHID        AB RAHMAN                                     TEH AND DISTT
27   OM    951691   AHMAD GORI    GORI           TALANGAM        KOIL           PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
28   OM    789412   SHAH          GH NABI SHAH   MIDOORA         AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    ASHAQ         MOHMAD
                    AHMAD         AKBAR
29   RBA   789350   HUSSAIN       RATHER         BUCHOO          TRAL           PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    HUSSAIN       GH HYDER
30   OM    671117   BHAT          BHAT           DADASARA        TRAL           PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    HUSSAIN       GH MOHD
31   OM    771492   WANI          WANI           BANDZOO         PULWAMA        KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011
                    RASOOL        GH RASOOL
32   OM    994807   RESHI         RESHI          DANGERPORA      PULWAMA        PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    HUSSAIN         AB REHMAN      MALIK PORA
33   OM    278262   BHAT            BHAT           PULWAMA                                         8-Apr-2011

                                    MOHD AMBIR
34   OM    380407   ASIMA JAN       MALIK          DALIPORA        PULWAMA         KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    ASIYA           MOHD
35   OM    278236   YOUSUF          YOUSUF DAR     BONAPORA        ACHHAN          PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    ATHER           GH MOHI UD
36   OM    677711   HUSSAIN MIR     DIN MIR        RAJPORA         PULWAMA                         8-Apr-2011

                    AUSHAK          MOHD AKRAM     BELLOW                          PULWAMA
37   OM    380405   HUSSAIN MIR     MIR            DERGUND         RAJ PORA        KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    AUSHAQ          ABDUL AZIZ
38   OM    966219   HUSSAIN DAR     DAR            DOGRIPORA       AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    AYASH           HAJI GH
                    AHMAD           MOHAMMAD       DEGREE
39   OM    952074   NENGROO         NENGROO        COLLEGE ROAD    PRICHOO         PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    AZAD AHMAD      AZIZ UD DIN
40   OM    976380   ANDRABI         ANDRABI        RATNIPORA       PULWAMA         VIA PUMPORE     8-Apr-2011

                    BASHARAT        GH AHMAD                       TALANGAM
41   OM    380420   HUSSAIN DAR     DAR            TALANGAM        PULWAMA         TALANGAM        8-Apr-2011

                    BASHIR          AB WAHAB       NEAR PETROL     GANGOO
42   OM    956152   AHMAD MIR       MIR            PUMP            PULWAMA         GANGOO          8-Apr-2011

                                    ALI MOHD
43   OM    796799   BENAZIR ARA     DAR            LADHU BANPORA   PAMPORE         PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     AB REHMAN
44   OM    951648   DAR             DAR            CHAKURA         PULWAMA         PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     GH MOHD        DOGRIPORA TEH   DISTT           PO DOGRIPORA
45   OM    972963   DAR             DAR            AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA         VIA BIJBEHARA   8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     AB REHMAN
46   OM    380435   DAR             DAR            ALAIE PORA      TRICHAL         PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     GH AHMAD
47   OM    953279   KUCHAY          KUCHAY         MONGHAMA        TRAL            PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     AB RAHMAN
48   OSC   952063   KUMHAR          KUMHAR         MURRAN          PULWAMA         KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     GH MOHI UD                                     DISTT
49   OM    966016   PARA            DIN PARA       R/O NAIRA       P/O TAHAB       PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    BILAL AHMAD     GH RASOOL      TRICHAL
50   OM    976572   SOFI            SOFI           PULWAMA         PULWAMA                         8-Apr-2011
                    BILAL AHMAD     ABDUL          LOOSWANI        PULWAMA         POST OFFICE
51   OSC   771210   TALIE           RASHID TALIE   PULWAMA         KASHMIR         WAHIBUGH        8-Apr-2011

52   OM    976485   BILAL SIDIQEE   SIDIQ MALIK    MALIKPORA       PULWAMA                         8-Apr-2011

                    BILKESH         RAFIQ AHMAD
53   OM    666832   AKHTAR          MALIK          CHERSOO         AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    BUSHRA          MOHD                                           DISTT
54   OM    956050   GULL'           SHABAN DAR     R/O PANZGAM     P/O BIJBEHARA   PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011

                    DILADAN         MANZOOR        DALIPORA NEAR
55   OM    976238   MANZOOR         AHMAD WANI     WANI MASJID     PULWAMA         KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    DILSHADA        AB REHMAN      NEAR NEW BSNL   DANGERPORA
56   OM    976230   AKHTER          DAR            EXCHANGE        PULWAMA         PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                                                   RO RAKHI        TEH PULWAMA
                    FAHMIDA         MOHD BASHIR    LAJURAH POR     DISTT
57   OSC   976405   BASHIR          UD DIN         LAJURAH         PULWAMA         KASHMIR         8-Apr-2011

                    FAREEN                                         KADLABAL
58   OM    785064   QADIR MIR       GH QADIR MIR   TULI MOHLLA     PAMPORE         PAMPORE         8-Apr-2011
                    FAROOQ          MOHAMMAD
59   OM    966217   AHMAD DAR       DAR            DOGRI PORA      AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA         8-Apr-2011
                    FAROOQ        LATE MOHD
60   OM    952102   AHMAD MIR     SUBHAN MIR     V/O GUNDIPORA   PO PINGLENA   T/ D PULWAMA   8-Apr-2011

                    FAROOQ        GH MOHI UD                     LITTER
61   OM    956315   AHMAD MIR     DIN MIR        AREMBAGH        SHISHTER      PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                    FAROOQ        ABDULLAH
62   OM    966365   AHMAD WANI    WANI           NAINA           PULWAMA                      9-Apr-2011

                    FAYAZ AHMAD   ABDUL          KHANBAGH
63   OM    656461   DAR           KHALIQ DAR     LETHPORA        PAMPORA       PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                                                                 NEAR HIGHER
                    FAYAZ AHMAD                                  SECONDARY
64   OM    966396   FAYAZ         GH NABI BHAT   PINGLENA        SCHOOL        PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    FEHMEEDA      MOHD                                         DISTT
65   OM    758651   MUNAVER       MUNAVER MIR    RAJPORA         TEH PULWAMA   PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    FIRDOSE       ABDUL AHAD     MITRIGAM
66   OM    951950   AHMAD WANI    WANI           PULWAMA                                      9-Apr-2011
                    AHAMD         ABDUL RAHIM
67   OM    758783   YATOO         YATOO          DADOORA         PULWAMA       KMR            9-Apr-2011
                                  AHMAD                          TRAL E
68   OM    789411   GAWSIA AMIN   KASHOO         KASHOO HOUSE    PAYEEN        TRAL PULWAMA   9-Apr-2011
                                  SYED AIJAZ
                    GAZALA        AHMAD          R/O PO          TEHSIL        DISTT
69   OM    995285   ANDRABI       ANDRABI        RATNIPROA       PULWAMA       PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    GH HASSAN     LATE AB AZIZ
70   OM    951601   DAR           DAR            DANGERPORA      RAHMOO        PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    GOUSIYA       GH HUSSAN      NAMBLABAL       NEAR NUNDH
71   OM    995015   HUSSAIN       MIR            PAMPORE         WALI MASJID   PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    GOWHAR        ABDUL HAMID
72   OM    995368   AHMAD MALIK   MALIK          DALIPORA        PULWAMA                      9-Apr-2011

                    GOWHAR        FAYAZ AHMAD
73   RBA   956268   JOHN          GANAIE         KAMRAZI PORA    DRUBGAM       PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                    QADIR         GH QADIR                                     PULWAMA
74   OM    976341   SHEIKH        SHEIKH         RATNIPORA       VIA PAMPORE   KASHMIR        9-Apr-2011

                                  GHULAM NABI    NEAR JAMIA
75   OM    271181   GOWSIYA GUL   BALA           MASJID          AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    GULSHANA      ABDUL
76   OM    955938   ARA           GAFFAR MIR     MUCHPUNA        MUCHPUNA      PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011

                    GULZAR        AB SALAM
77   OM    789210   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           MONGHAMA TRAL                                9-Apr-2011

78   OM    758817   AHMAD MIR     GH NABI MIR    R/O PARIGAM     D/T PULWAMA   P/O NEWA       9-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD         ALI MOHD                                     PULWANA
79   OM    955964   RATHER        RATHER         RAMOOH          ASTHANPORA    KASHMIR        9-Apr-2011
                    QADIR         GH GADIR
80   OM    966568   GANAIE        GANAIE         WASHBUGH        PULWAMA       KASHMIR        9-Apr-2011

                    HAMIDULLAH                                                 PULWAMA
81         789427   BHAT          AB GANI BHAT   NADER           TRAL          KASHMIR        9-Apr-2011

                    HASEENA       AB RAHMAN                      BADIBAGH
82   OSC   952134   AKHTER        TALI           BADIBAGH        PULWAMA       PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                    HEEMA         MOHAMMAD
83   OM    278288   GULZAR        DHOBI          HAWAL           PULWAMA                      9-Apr-2011

                    HENNA         GH MOHI UD
84   OM    380429   KAUSAR        DIN SHEIKH     PINGLENA        PULWAMA                      9-Apr-2011

                    HILAL AHMAD   AB RASHID      ALAMDAR         RAHMOO
85   OM    952165   DAR           DAR            COLONY          PULWAMA       PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                    HILAL AHMAD   SHAMAS UD
86   OM    995005   SHAH          DIN SHAH       WAGAD           TRAL          PULWAMA        9-Apr-2011
                                   ABDUL GANI    PINGLENA
87    OM    966425   HIMNA GANI    BHAT          PULWAMA         PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                                                 NEW COLONY      TAL PULWAMA
                                   ABDUL SALAM   NEAR DISTRICT   PO TEH AND    PULWAMA
88    OM    380441   HUMAIRA JAN   THOKER        HOSPI           DISTRIC       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     HUMAIRAH      HABIB ULLAH
89    OM    771085   JAN           DAR           URICHERSOO      PULWAMA                     9-Apr-2011
                                   GULAM                                       TEHSIL TRAL
                     HUMEERA       RASOOL                        CIVIL LINES   PULWAMA
90    OM    656425   RASOOL        TANTRAY       TRAL BALLA      TRAL          KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     HUMERAH       KHURSHID                                    PULWAMA
91    OM    758912   AKHTER        ANWER         KOIL            PULWAMA       KASHMIR.      9-Apr-2011
                     IMRAN         MOHD
                     ABDULLAH      ABDULLAH                      DISTRICT
92    OM    972836   BHAT          BHAT          BRAW BANDINA    PULWAMA       PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     MUSTAFA       GH MUSTAFA    AMLAR P/O                     PULWAMA
93    OM    789494   MALIK         MALIK         BOCHOO TRAL     TRAL          KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     IMRAN         AB RASHID
94    RBA   271518   RASHID        WANI          BAIGH PORA      AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                     IMTIYAZ       ALI MOHAD
95    OM    975896   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT          MIDOORA         AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         ABDUL RAHIM   NEAR PLYWOOD    PINGLANA
96    OM    976630   IMTIYAZ       BHAT          FACTORY         PULWAMA       PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                                   GUL MOHD
97    OM    956251   IMTIYAZ GUL   DAR           SAIL            CHERSOO       AWANTIPORA    9-Apr-2011
                     HUSSAIN       GHULAM
98    OM    380422   LONE          RASOOL LONE   PRICHOO         PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     IMTIYAZ       MUHAMMAD
99    OM    793528   YOUSUF        YOUSUF MIR    RAJPORA         PULWAMA                     9-Apr-2011

                     IMTIYAZA      ROUF AHMAD                                  PAMPORE
100   OM    785869   BASHIR        BHAT          GOUSIA COLONY   NUMLABAL      PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                     INAMUL        BASHIR
101   OM    951606   BASHIR        AHMAD DAR     ACHAN PULWAMA   PULWAMA                     9-Apr-2011

                     INTIKHAB      GH MOHD
102   OM    953250   ALAM BHAT     BHAT          HARI PARI GAM   AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                     IQBAL AHMAD   GH QADIR
103   OM    758676   GANAI         GANAI         LETHPORA        PAMPORA       PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     IRFAN         ABDUL         TEHSIL          DISTRICT      POST OFFICE
104   OM    751936   HUSSAIN DAR   RASHID DAR    AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       BIJBEHARA     9-Apr-2011
                     IRFANA        ABDUL HAMID                   COMPUTERS     PULWAMA
105   OM    951863   ANJUM         DAR           PATHAN          COURTS ROAD   KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         GH QUADIR
106   OM    380426   PANDIT        PANDIT        KARIMABAD       PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     IRSHAD        MOHD
                     AHMAD         YOUSUF
107   OM    976760   GANAIE        GANAIE        TAHAB           PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         WALI MOHD                     PULWAMA
108   OM    955915   IRSHAD        BHAT          PINGLENA        KASHMIR       J AND K       9-Apr-2011

109   OM    951621   AHMAD MIR     GH MOHD MIR   PAYER           PULWAMA       PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                     IRSHAD        AB SALAM
110   OM    955913   AHMAD NAIK    NAIK          PINGLENA        PULWAMA       PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     IRSHAD        MOHAMMAD
111   OM    956076   AHMAD WANI    WANI          LOOSVENI        WAHIBUGH      PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

112   OM    667929   RAHIM         ABDUL RAHIM   PINGLENNA       PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     ISHFAQ        AB RASHID
113   OM    688344   AHMAD WANI    WANI          PANZGAM         PULWAMA       KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     ISHRAT        ABDUL HAMID
114   OM    952097   HAMID         BHAT           CHATTAPORA       PULWAMA      KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     ISHRAT        YOUSUF
115   OM    758592   YOUSUF        KHAN           RAHMOO           PULWAMA      KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011
                     ISHTIYAQ      MOHD
                     AHMAD         ABDULLAH
116   OM    994953   HURRAH        HURRAH         MANDUNA          PULWMAA      KASHMIR       9-Apr-2011

                     JAN MOHD
117   OM    966221   DAR           AB AZIZ DAR    DOGRIPORA        PULWAMA      PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     RAHEEM        JAVED AHMAD
118   OM    994973   WAGAY         WAGAY          TIREN BAT PORA   PULWAMA                    9-Apr-2011

                     JASSIA AHAD   AB AHAD                         TEHSIL       DISTRICT
119   OM    976281   BHAT          BHAT           BANDZOO          PULWAMA      PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011
                     JAVAID        MOHAMMAD                        BANDINA
120   OM    772200   AHMAD LONE    LONE           BRAW BANDINA     AWANTIPORA   PULWAMA       9-Apr-2011

                     JAVEED        AB MAJED                        BELLOW
121   OM    994941   AHMAD DAR     DAR            DANGER PORA      DURGUND      BELLOW       11-Apr-2011
                     HUSSAIN       MOHD AKRAM
122   OM    976727   WANI          WANI           KOIL             PULWAMA      KASHMIR      11-Apr-2011

                     JAVID AHMAD   MOHD AHSAN
123   OM    758915   DAR           DAR            MALIKPORA        PULWAMA      KASHMIR      11-Apr-2011

                     JAVID AHMAD   GHULAM
124   OM    656934   DAR           AHMAD DAR      SAMBOORA         PAMPORE      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     JAVID AHMAD   HUSSAIN                         TAHAB
125   OM    951608   GANAIE        GANAIE         TAHAB            PULWAMA      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                                                                                AT PRESENT
                     JAVID AHMAD   GH QUADIR                       NOWPORA      GADBUGH
126   OM    995049   ZABOO         ZABOO          HARRAPORA        PAYEEN       PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011

                     JAWAID                                        GOOSU
127   OM    671140   AHMAD BHAT    GH NABI BHAT   GOOSU            PULWAMA      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         AB GAFFAR
128   OSC   955995   TELWANI       TELWANI        NARWAH           LAJURA       PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011

                     K MUBASHIR    AB QAYOOM
129   OM    771116   QAYOOM        KHAN           NARWA            LAJURAH      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                                                                   C/O SH       R/O
                                   SHAM LAL                        NRANJAN      KARIMABAD
130   OM    700638   KAMAL DHAR    DHAR           KAMAL DHAR       NATH BHAT    PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     KAUSAR                                        PULWAMA
131   OM    976568   AKHTER        GH MOHD MIR    NOWPORA TRAL     KASHMIR      KASHMIR      11-Apr-2011

                     KAWNSAR       MOHD RAFIQ
132   OM    690688   JAN           SHIEKH         GOOSU            PULWAMA                   11-Apr-2011

                     KHALID        MOHAMMAD
133   RBA   690870   AYOUB         AYOUB NAIK     BAIGH PORA       AWANTIPORA   PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011

                     KHURSHEED     ALI MOHD
134   OM    771053   AHMAD MALIK   MALIK          TUMLAHAL         TAHAB        PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011

                     KHURSHID      GULAM                           BANDINA
135   OM    952189   AHMAD LONE    RASOOL LONE    BRAW BANDINA     AWANTIPORA   PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     TABASUM       SHEIKH NAZIR
136   OM    656785   NAZIR         AHMED          FRESTBAL         PAMPORE      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     KOUSAR        MAQBOOL
137   OM    758743   JABEEN        SHAH           LARVE            KAKAPORA     PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     KULSOOMA      MOHIUDDIN
138   OM    966395   AKHTER        WANI           CHATAPORA        PULWAMA                   11-Apr-2011

                     LATIEF        ABDUL AZIZ                      INDER
139   OM    769230   AHMAD KHAN    KHAN           HASSANWANI       PULWAMA      PULWAMA      11-Apr-2011
                     LATIF AHAMD    AKBAR
140   OM    976795   SHEIKH         SHEIKH        LAJURAH          PULWAMA        KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011

                     LATIF AHMAD    ABDUL GANI                     PULWAMA
141   OM    271453   WANI           WANI          CHEWAKALAN       KASHMIR        PO WANI BUGH   11-Apr-2011

                     MADIHA         BASHIR        C/O SANA ULLAH   MAIN ROAD
142   OM    758531   BASHIR         AHMAD DAR     DAR ADVOCAGTE    MALIKPORA      PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MADINA         LATE MOHD
143   OM    956219   AKHTAR         ANWAR BHAT    PUTRIGAM         PULWAMA        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     MAHJABEENA     ZAMIRUL
144   OM    995391   AKHTER         MASAUD        KARIMABAD        PULWAMA        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MAHJABEENA     GH QUADIR     RO LITTER PO     TEHSIL         DISTRICT
145   OM    976627   AKHTER         WANI          LITTER           PULWAMA        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR        GH QADIR
146   RBA   953002   AHMAD BABA     BABA          JAWAHIRPORA      TRAL           PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR        AB KHALIQ
147   OM    658939   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT          SAIMOH           TRAL           PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR        ABDUL                                         DISTRICT
148   OM    953353   AHMAD BHAT     KHALIQ BHAT   VPO SAIMOH       TEHSIL TRAL    PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR        WALI MOHD                      BOONURA
149   OM    951770   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT          MOKDUM PORA      PULWAMA        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD          AB RAZAQ
150   OM    976182   SHEIKH         SHEIKH        PINGLISH         TRAL           PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     MANZOOR        MOHIUDDIN     NOWHAR           TAHAB
151   OM    995245   AHMAD SOFI     SOFI          MULPORA          PULWAMA        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR        AB REHMAN     RO PO PANZGAM
152   OM    751870   AHMED DAR      DAR           PULWAMA          VIA BIJ KMR                   11-Apr-2011
                     AHMED          GH NABI
153   OM    976640   SHEIKH         SHEIKH        PAYER            PULWAMA        KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR UL     GH HASSAN                      LOOSWANI
154   OM    902899   HASSAN WANI    WANI          WANI MOHALLA     WAHIBOUGH      PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR UL     GH MOHD                                       PAMPORE
155   OM    656972   HUSSAIN        BHAT          ZABDAGI          TULBAGH        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MAQSOODA       GH RASOOL
156   OM    956363   RASOOL         KOKA          PANJREN          ACHAN          PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                                                                   TEHSIL TRAL
                     MARAJ UD DIN   AB GANI                        PO BATAGUND    PULWAMA
157   OM    966432   MALIK          MALIK         KUCHMULLA TRAL   TRAL           KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011

                     MASARAT        KHURSHEED     DALIDORA
158   OM    658837   KHURSHEED      AHMAD WANI    PULWAMA          PULWAMA                       11-Apr-2011

                     MASSRAT        GH MOHI UD
159   OM    758996   JOHN           DIN WANI      AGLAR            CHIRAT         PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     MATINDER       PAL SINGH
160   OM    673034   KOUR           BALI          SAIMOH PAYEEN    TRAL KASHMIR                  11-Apr-2011

                     MEHR UN        MOHAMMAD                       COLLEGE
161   OM    789360   NISA           SHAFI NAIK    HAMZAH COLONY    ROAD           TRAL PULWAMA   11-Apr-2011

                     MEHRAJ UD      AB RASHID     KAICHACHKOOT
162   OM    789371   DIN SHEIKH     SHEIKH        KAIGAM           AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MIR GAZALA     DR MOHD                                       DISTT
163   OM    995284   MAQBOOL        MAQBOOL MIR   RATNIPORA        TEH PULWAMA    PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MIR JAVAID     GH HASSAN                      TRAL           PULWAMA
164   OM    789400   AHMAD          MIR           DADASARA         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD ANWAR     AB RAHMAN
165   OM    278209   BHAT           BHAT          ARIGAG           TRAL           PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD           MOHD          GOZU MOHALLA
166   OM    976298   ASHRAF BHAT    SHABAN BHAT   KARIMABAD        PULWAMA        KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011
                     MOHD          MOHD
167   OM    956139   IBRAHIM DAR   YOUSUF DAR      GOODU            WAHIBUGH        PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD IQBAL    GH MOHD
168   OM    976542   DAR           DAR             DRUBGAM          PULWAMA                        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD LATEEF   IRSHAD
169   OM    789547   DAR           AHMAD DAR       ARIGAM           TRAL            PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     MAQBOOL       MOHD AKBAR
170   OM    380466   MIR           MIR             TRICH            RATNIPORA       PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     NAGEEN        GH QUADIR
171   OM    951771   RATHER        RATHER          BANPORA          BOONERA         PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD RAFIQ    GH RASOOL
172   OM    771246   BHAT          BHAT            UMER COLONY      PARIGAM         PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD SHAFI    ALI MOHD
173   OM    956134   BHAT          BAHT            PRICHOO          PULWAMA         KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD SHAFI    AB AHAD
174   OM    666720   WANI          WANI            MALANGPORA       AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD SHUAIB   GH NABI
175   OM    976023   GANAI         GANAI           TAJ MOHALLA      TRAL I PAYEEN   TRAL PULWAMA   11-Apr-2011
                     MOHD                                           BUNAGAM
                     YASEEN        AB SALAM                         TAHAB
176   OM    278275   GANAI         GANAI           BUNAPORA         PULWAMA         PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     YASEEN        AB REHMAN
177   OM    976662   GANIE         GANIE           BABHARA          PULWAMA                        11-Apr-2011

                     MOHD          ABDUL AZIZ
178   OM    966142   YOUSOF DAR    DAR             KAKAPORA         PULWAMA         KASHMIR        11-Apr-2011
                     YOUSUF        ALI MOHD
179   OM    380498   KHAN          KHAN            TRICH            RATINIPORA      PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011

180   OM    972937   AMIN GANAI    AB AZIZ GANAI   HARI PARI GAM    AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA        11-Apr-2011
                     MOHMAD        MOHD
                     PARVAIZ       MAQBOOL                          TEHSIL          DISTT
181   OM    658949   WANI          WANI            NARWA            PULWAMA         PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     MUBASHIR      AB RASHID
182   OM    771513   RASHID        KHANDAY         AMLAR            TRAL            PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     MUBEENA       AB AZIZ WANI                     KARIMABAD
183   OM    691017   AKHTER        GH NABI LONE    BARPORA          PULWAMA         PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     MUDASAR       AB AHAD         RO NOWNAGRI PO
184   OM    677579   AHMAD         GANAIE          TAHAB            DIST PULWAMA    J AND K        12-Apr-2011

                     MUDASIR       GH QUADIR
185   OM    350816   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT            KOIL             PULWAMA                        12-Apr-2011

186   OM    995287   AHMAD MIR     AB GANI MIR     PAYER            PULWAMA         PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         NAZIR AHMAD                      DADASARA
187   OM    789267   RATHER        RATHER          BATIEPORA        TRAL            PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         ALI MOHMAD
188   OM    953316   RATHER        RATHER          LARIYAR          TRAL            PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     MUDASIR       MAQBOOL                                          JAMMU AND
189   OM    793381   MAQBOOL       DAR             TRAL             PULWAMA         KASHMIR        12-Apr-2011

                     MUDASSIR      GHULAM                           RATNIPORA
190   OM    966372   AHMAD         AHMAD MIR       NEW COLONY       VIA PAMPORE     PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

191   OM    976586   IQBAL MIR     GH QADIR MIR    MIRPORA          CHAKOORA        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     MUZAFFAR      GHULAM          EXCHANGE
192   OM    976684   DAR           QUADIR DAR      COLONY           DANGERPORA      PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     MUKHTAR       MOHD AKBAR
193   OSC   976085   AHAMD DAR     DAR             BAYGUND          TRAL            PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     MUKHTAR        MOHD YOUSF                      SAIL CHERSOO   GOURTENGH
194   OM    672156   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           SAIL CHERSOO     AWANTIPORA     SAIL          12-Apr-2011

195   OM    966239   AHMAD DAR      AB AHAD DAR    TALANGAM         PULWAMA        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011

                     MUMINA         FAROOQ
196   OM    656946   FAROOQ         AHMAD DAR      LADHOO           PAMPORE        PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                     MUNEER         GULAM
                     AHMAD          MOHMAD                                         DISTT
197   OM    690998   RATHER         RATHER         DADASORA         TEHSIL TRAL    PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     MUQDASIR       BASHIR
198   OM    771259   BASHIR         AHMAD DAR      KAKAPORA         PLWAMA                       12-Apr-2011

                     MURSALIN       BASHIR
199   OM    278278   BASHIR         AHMAD MIR      RAJPORA          PULWAMA                      12-Apr-2011
                                                   RO TRALI BALA
                     MURSHID                       NEAR             TEHSIL TRAL    DISTRICT
200   OM    789406   MUSTANSIR      GH NABI KHAN   KHARMASJID       PO TRAL        PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                     MUSHTAQ        MOHAMMAD
201   OM    789603   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           LADERMER         AWANTIPORA     PULWMAA       12-Apr-2011
                                    MOHD                                           PAMPORE
                     MUSHTAQ        ABDULLAH                                       DISTT
202   OM    271417   AHMAD DAR      DAR            SAMBOORA         BANPORA        PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

203   OM    771756   AHMAD DAR      HAMZA DAR      DOGRIPORA        AWANTI PORA    PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     MUSHTAQ        GH HUSSIAN
204   OM    976328   AHMAD DAR      DAR            GANGOO           PULWAMA                      12-Apr-2011
                     MUSHTAQ        GH
                     AHMAD          MOHAMMAD
205   OM    994952   HURRAH         HURRAH         MANDUNA          PULWAMA        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011
                     MUSHTAQ        GHULAM
                     AHMAD          MOHIUDDIN      BELLOW
206   OM    951627   RATHER         RATHER         DARGUND          RAJPORA        PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     MUSHTAQ        MOHD AMIN
207   OM    789228   AHMAD SHAH     SHAH           KANJINAG         AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     MUSHTAQ        AB MAJEED      KHANAGUND PO
208   RBA   789306   AHMAD SOFI     SOFI           ARIPAL           TRAL           PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                     MUSHTAQ        ABDULLAH                        KARIMABAD      KARIMABAD
209   OM    691164   AHMAD WANI     WANI           KARIMABAD        PULWAMA        PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                     MUZAFER        MOHD
                     AHMAD          ASHRAF                          LORAGAM
210   RBA   952934   SHEIKH         SHEIKH         PANZOO           TRAL           PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                     MUZAFFAR U     MAQBOOL
211   OM    995116   ZAMAN KHAN     KHAN           NARWA            PULWAMA        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011

                     MUZAMMIL       GULAM NABI
212   OM    956180   NABI BHAT      BHAT           KOLI             PULWAMA        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011
                     MUZFFAR        BASHIR
                     AHMAD          AHMAD                           TEH            DISTT
213   OM    976136   BANDH          BANDH          CHACHKOOT        AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA J&K   12-Apr-2011

                     MUZZAFAR       GH AHMAD
214   OM    952067   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           SHIEKH MOHALLA   MUCHPONA       PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     MYMONA         ABDUL          NATIONAL         KADALBAL       PULWAMA
215   OM    271433   RASHID         RASHID MIR     HIGHWAY ROAD     PAMPORE        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011

                     NAHIDHA        BASHIR                          DISTT
216   OM    771374   BASHIR         AHMAD PARA     VILLAGE NAIRA    PULWAMA                      12-Apr-2011

                                    ALI MOHD
217   OM    994935   NARGIS JOZY    WANI           CHATAPORA        PULWAMA        KASHMIR       12-Apr-2011

                     NASEEMA        AB RAHIM
218   OM    995173   AKHTER         DAR            MALANGPORA       AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011
                                                                    POST OFFICE
                     NASEER         JALAL UD DIN   RESIDENT OF      KOIL TEHSIL    DISTRICT
219   OM    771273   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           VILLAGE PATHAN   BLOCK          PULWAMA       12-Apr-2011

                     NAYEEM         ALI MOHD                                       PULWAMA J
220   OM    756355   ULLAH SIDIQI   SHEIKH         DADASARA         TRAL           AND K         12-Apr-2011
                     NAZAR UL      MOHAMAD                                         DISTRICT
221   OM    782779   ISLAM         ISHAR WANI     VILLAGE NAIBUGN   TEHSIL TRAL    PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                                   MOHD AMBIR
222   OM    380410   NAZIMA JAN    MALIK          DALIPORA          PULWAMA        KASHMIR        12-Apr-2011

                     NAZIR AHMAD                                    PAYER
223   OSC   976486   BANO          GH NABI BAND   MANZ MOHALAH      PULWAMA        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     NAZIR         HUSSAIN
224   OM    975659   HUSSAIN       PEER           MIDOORA           AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     NEELOFAR                     C/O BUILDING NO
225   OM    758532   NEELAM        GH HASSAN      03 SET 04 GOVT    QUATER SKIMS   SRINAGAR       12-Apr-2011
                     NEELOFAR      GH HASSAN      C/O BLOCK NO 03   QUARTERS
226   OM    690801   NEELAM        WANI           SET NO 4          SKIMS          SRINAGAR       12-Apr-2011

                     NEELOFER      GH MOHD
227   OM    271147   JAN           PANDIT         BUNAGAM           KARIMABAD      PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                                   GHULASM                          PULWAMA
228   OSC   955912   NELOFER JAN   QADIR NAJAR    KAIRMABAD         KASHMIR        J AND K        12-Apr-2011

229   OM    271434   NIGHAT ARA    AHMAD MIR      KADLABAL          PAMPORE        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

230   OM    952820   NIGHAT JAN    AHMAD BHAT     NAIBUGH           NAIBUGH TRAL   TRAL PULWAMA   12-Apr-2011

                                   ABDUL MAJID                                     DISTRICT
231   OM    953191   NIGINA BANO   BHAT           BONAMOHALLA       TRAL I BALA    PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     NISAR AHMAD   MOHAMMAD
232   OM    690776   DAR FARHAD    DAR FARHAD     ASTANPORA         RAHMOO         PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     NISAR AHMAD   GULAM MOHD
233   OM    667626   GINAE         GINAE          WASHIBUGH         PULWAMA                       12-Apr-2011

                     NISAR AHMAD   GH HASSAN
234   OSC   771406   KUMAR         KUMAR          GOOSU             PULWAMA        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     NISAR AHMAD   ALI MOHMAD                                      PULWAMA
235   OM    955965   RATHER        RATHER         RAHMOO            ASTANPORA      KASHMIR        12-Apr-2011
                                                                    POST OFFICE
                     NISAR AHMAD   MUSHTAQ        R/O KULLULLO      LAJOORAH
236   OM    995090   RESHI         AHMAD RESHI    POUCHAL           PULWAMA        KASHMIR        12-Apr-2011

                     NISSAR        MOHD ISMIAL
237   OM    951693   AHMAD DAR     DAR            TALANGAM          PULWAMA        KASHMIR        12-Apr-2011

                     NIYAZ AHMAD   GULAM QADIR    PATHAN            DISTRICT       TEHSIL
238   OSC   952138   AHANGAR       AHANGAR        PULWAMA           PULWAMA        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                     NIYAZ AHMAD   AB RAHMAN
239   OM    966397   KHAN          KHAN           NARWAH            LAJURAH        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011

                                                  NEW EXCHANGE
240   OM    966497   NUSRAT AZIZ   AB AZIZ DAR    ROAD              PULWAMA        PULWAMA        12-Apr-2011
                     NUSRET        TANVEER
241   OM    278775   NASREEN       RASOOL         NEW COLONY        PULWAMA                       13-Apr-2011

                     NUZHAT        GH MOHI UD                       GANGOO
242   OM    956373   AKHTER        DIN MALIK      MALIK PORA        PULWAMA        PULWAMA        13-Apr-2011

                     NUZHAT        MOHD
243   OM    278745   IBRAHIM       IBRAHIM BHAT   HARIPORA          DRABGAM        PULWAMA        13-Apr-2011

                     NUZHAT        GH QUADIR
244   OM    955945   QUADIR        WANI           MALANGPORA        PULWAMA        KASHMIR        13-Apr-2011

                     OVAIS AHMAD   AB AZIZ        NEAR JAMIA
245   OM    952075   NENGROO       NENGROO        MISJID            PRICHOO        PULWAMA        13-Apr-2011

                     PERVAIZ       GH MOHD
246   OM    656414   AHMAD DAR     DAR            NAMBLABAL         PAMPORE        KASHMIR        13-Apr-2011
                     IRSHAD        PIRZADA AB                       CHANDGAM
247   OM    278285   AHMAD SHAH    RASHID SHAH    PEER MOHALLA'     TAHAB          PULWAMA        13-Apr-2011

                     RAAFIA        SYED NAJAM
248   OM    955905   NAJAM         UD DIN         KARIMABAD         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        13-Apr-2011
                     RAFIQ AHAMD   AB KHALIQ
249   OM    976436   DAR           DAR            GUDOORA          PULWAMA        KASHMIR         13-Apr-2011

                     RAFIQ AHMAD   AB RASHID                                      DISTRICT
250   OM    789070   RENGRAZ       RENGRAZ        TRAL I PAYEEN    TEHSIL TRAL    PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     RAFIQ AHMAD   GH MOHD
251   OSC   758867   TEELI         TEELI          RAKHILAJURA      NARWA          PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     RAMANJEET     VERENDER
252   OM    789187   KOUR          PAL SINGH      CHATROOGAM       TRAL           PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     REHANA        ASSADULLAH     AHANGAR          PATHAN
253   OSC   758612   AKHTER        AHANGAR        MOHALLA          PULWAMA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     REHANA        BILAL AHMAD
254   OM    952034   JABEEN        BHAT           RAKHI LAJURAH    PO LAJURAH     PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     REYAZ         AB RASHID
255   OM    953280   AHMAD MIR     MIR            MONGHAMA         TRAL           PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     REYAZ         AB AHMAD
256   OM    656767   AHMOD DAR     DAR            GORI PORA        AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                     RIFFAT        GH RASOOL                       PULWAMA
257   OM    976617   RASOOL        WANI           WANI MOHALA      KASHMIR        NARWA           13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMAD   SONA ULLAH
258   OM    271578   DAR           DAR            RAKHI LAJURAH    MONDI PORA     PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMAD   GH NABI                         TEHSIL         DISTRICT
259   OM    656813   GANAI         GANIA          HARI PARIGAM     AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA J K     13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMAD   AB RASHID
260   OM    271416   LONE          LONE           SAMBOORA         PAMPORA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                     RIYAZ AHMAD   MOHAMMAD
261   OM    976491   MIR           MIR            VILL GUNDIPORA   PO PINGLENA    T/D PULWAMA     13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMAD   MOHMAD         VILLAGE                         DISTRICT
262   OM    656710   MIR           AKRAM MIR      DADASARA         TEHSIL TRAL    PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMAD   AB MAJID       NOWPORA          PULWAMA        DISTT
263   OM    976606   SHEIKA        SHEIKH         PAYEEN           TEHSIL         PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     RIYAZ AHMED   GH HASSAN      BHAT MOHALLAH    TEHSIL         DISTRICT
264   OM    271166   BHAT          BHAT           KHREW            PAMPORE        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                     RIZWANA       MOHAMMAD                        KARIMABAD
265   OM    952106   SAAJIDA       PANDIT         KHALPORA         PULWAMA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                                   NAZIR AHMAD
266   OM    656800   ROHEENA JAN   MIR            FRESTABAL        PAMPORE        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                                                  BELLOW           RAJPORA
267   OM    666813   ROHI NABI     GH NABI LONE   DARGUND          PULWAMA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                     ROOF AHMAD    AB AHAD        GANAI
268   OM    789038   GANAI         GANAI          MOHALLAHA        TRALI PAYEEN   PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                                   ABDUL GANI                      NEWA PO        TEH AND DISTT
269   OM    667664   ROOHI JAN     WANI           WANI MOHLA       NEWA           PULWAMA KMR     13-Apr-2011

                                   GH NABI                                        TUMLAHALL
270   OM    951804   ROOHI JAN     SHEIKH         RO TUMLAHALL     PULWAMA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                     MUDATHIR      HABIB ULLAH
271   OM    771113   KHANDAY       KHANDAY        KOIL             PULWAMA        KASHMIR         13-Apr-2011

                     ROUF UR       RAFIQ AHMAD                     PULWAMA
272   OM    690914   RAFIQ         DAR            LAJURAH          KASHMIR        J&K             13-Apr-2011

                     ROUOOF        HABIB ULAH                      PO
273   OM    672129   HABIB GANIE   GANIE          BRAW BANDINA     DOGRIPORA      PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                     ROUQUYA       AHMAD
274   OM    953379   WALI          TANTRAY        SHAIRABAD        TRAL           PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011

                                   TANVEER ALI
275   OM    966168   RUBI JAN      DAR            PATHAN           PULWAMA                        13-Apr-2011
                     RUKHSANA      YOUSUF         BARPORA P/O
276   OM    951700   AKHTER        GANAIE         KARIMABAD        PULWAMA        PULWAMA         13-Apr-2011
                    RUKHSANA       YOUSUF         BARPORA
277   OM   690957   AKHTER         GANAIE         KARIMABAD         POULWAMA        PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                                   BASHIR                           CHINAR
278   OM   758546   SABA BASHIR    AHMAD WANI     LEATHER LANDS     COMPLEX         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SABBA          MUSHTAQ                          KHANKAH
279   OM   656454   MUSHTAQ        AHMAD          90A-NEW COLONY    BEGH            PAMPORE    13-Apr-2011
                    SABEENA        GULAM          NEAR SUB DISTT    TRAL
280   OM   789359   RASOOL         RASOOL         HOSPITAL          PULWAMA         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SABEEYA        AB MAJEED                        GHAT
281   OM   656974   AKHTER         TAK            AWANTIPORA        MOHALLA         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                                   AB GAFFAR
282   OM   994861   SABIYA JHON    GANAIE         WAGAMA            PULWAMA         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011
                    SAFINA         ABDULLAH
283   OM   698426   ABDULLAH       RATHER         BUCHOO            TRAL            PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAJAD AHMAD    GH MOHD        R/O TALANGAM      T/O PULWAMA     P/O KOIL
284   OM   995175   DAR            DAAR           PULWAMA           KASHMIR         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAJAD AHMAD    HAMID ULLAH                      MOHALLA         PO KOIL
285   OM   667120   DAR            DAR            KOIL PULWAMA      DALLON KOIL     PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAJAD          MUHAMMAD
286   OM   771397   HUSAIN WANI    SIDIQ WANI     ASTANPORA         KARIMABAD       PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAJID AHMAD    FAROOQ
287   OM   953393   MIR            AHMAD MIR      DADASARA          TRAL            PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAKINA         ABDUL
288   OM   995351   KHALIQ         KHALIQ MIR     DRUSSU            PULWAMA         KASHMIR    13-Apr-2011
                                   ABDUL MAJID    PULWAMA           DISTT AND TEH
289   OM   690864   SAMINA MAJID   NENGROO        KASHMIR           PULWMA          PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SAWJID HABIB   HABIB ULLAH
290   OM   955847   BHAT           BHAT           GOOSU             PULWAMA         KASHMIR    13-Apr-2011
                    HUSSAIN        GH MOHI UD                                       GANGOO
291   OM   966325   NENGROO        DIN NENGROO    STAR SANITATION   MAIN CHOWK      PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SHABEENA       GH HASSAN                        DISTT
292   OM   758441   HASSAN         GANAIE         VILLAGE TAHAB     PULWAMA         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011
                    SHABINA        RAMZAN         MOMINABAD DC
293   OM   654271   KOUSAR         THAKUR         COLONY                                       13-Apr-2011

                    SHABIR         GH HASSAN      MANDUNA           KAKAPORA
294   OM   966478   AHMAD DAR      DAR            PINGLENA          PULWAMA         PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

295   OM   656799   AHMAD MIR      AB RAHIM MIR   FRESTABAL         PAMPORE                    13-Apr-2011
                    SHABIR         MOHAMMAD
                    AHMAD          RAMZAN
296   OM   994946   PANDIT         PANDIT         BUNGAM            KARIMABAD       PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011
                    SHABIR         MOHAMMAD
                    HUSSAIN        ASHRAF
297   OM   658934   SHEIKH         SHEIKH         RAHMOO            PULWAMA         KASHMIR    13-Apr-2011

                    SHABIR UL
298   OM   278210   ISLAM MIR      GH MOHD MIR    MALANGPORA        PULWAMA         KASHMIR    13-Apr-2011

                    SHABNAM        FAYAZ AHMAD
299   OM   956035   ARA            GANIE          WANPORA           KOIL            PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011
                    SHABNUM        AHMAD          NOWHAR
300   OM   771383   BASHIR         GANAIE         MALPORA           TAHAB           PULWAMA    13-Apr-2011

                    SHABNUM        GH AHMAD
301   OM   966193   JAN            WANI           NEWA              PULWAMA         KASHMIR    14-Apr-2011

                    SHAHEEN        KHURSHID       NEAR BAZAAR                       PULWAMA
302   OM   953245   KHURSHID       AHMAD          MASJID            TRAL I BALA     KASHMIR    14-Apr-2011
                                   SYED MOHD
                    SHAHEEN        SHAFI          HR SECONDARY
303   OM   956089   TABASSUM       ANDRABI        LANE              RATNIPORA       PULWAMA    14-Apr-2011
304         690916   SHAHEENA      AHMAD SHAH     DEVER TRAL       TRAL            PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAHEENA      AB GANI
305   OM    952861   AKHTER        WAGAY          TRAL I BALA      TRAL            PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     HUSSAIN       ABDUL AZIZ
306   OM    658883   WANI          WANI           NAINA            PULWAMA                       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAHIDA       GULAM
307   OM    789249   HASSAN        HASSAN BHAT    NOORPORA         AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                                                                   DISTRICT AND
                     SHAHIN S      PEER           RATNIPORA VIA    TEHSIL
308   OM    956262   LOVELOCK      ABADULLAH      PAMPORE          PULWAMA                       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAHNAWAZ     MOHAMMAD                        NEAR POST
309   OM    952825   AKRAM         AKRAM          TRAL I BALA      OFFICE          TRAL          14-Apr-2011

                     SHAHNAWAZ                    MALIK PORA       TEH AND DISTT   JAMMU AND
310   OM    951854   NABI SOFI     GH NABI SOFI   PULWAMA          PULWAMA         KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAHNAZA      NAZIR AHMAD
311   OM    995303   AKHTER        RESHI          DRUSOO           PULWAMA                       14-Apr-2011
                                                                   DISTRICT AND
                     SHAHZAD UL    GH HASSAN                       TEHSIL
312   OM    956009   HASSAN        SHEIKH         R/O GOOSU        PULWAMA         PO WAHIBUGH   14-Apr-2011
                     MOHAMAD       ABDUL GANI
313   OM    758800   GANI          DAR            TALANGAM         PULWAMA         PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAISTA       SHOWKAT
314   OM    789169   RUBY          AHMAD BHAT     NOORPORA         AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAKEEL       MOHD ISMAIL
315   OM    667698   AHMAD ALAIE   ALAIE          KATIBUGH         NEWA            PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         GH AHMAD
316   OSC   966585   HAJAM         HAJAM          TRICH            RATNIPORA       PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAKEEL       AB HAMID
317   OM    666985   AHMAD SHAH    SHAH           ADOORA           SHAHOORA        PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAMIMA       MUDASIR
318   OM    789122   HUSSAN        AMIN BADER     NEAR TOWN HALL   TRAL            PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAMSHADA     GH MOHI DU                      TAHAB
319   OM    951841   AKHTAR        DIN MOHAND     TRICHAL          PULWAMA         PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAMSHADA     GH MOHD
320   OM    952083   AKHTER        MALIK          CHURSOO          AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAREEFA      AB KHALIQ
321   OM    995256   AKHTER        BHAT           PAYER            PULWAMA         PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     SHAYISTA      ABDULLAH
322   OM    995198   ABDULLAH      RATHER         INDER            PULWAMA         KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAZIA        GULZAR         WASHBUGH
323   OM    955943   GULZAR        HAMAD BHAT     PULWAMA          PULWAMA         PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHAZIYA       MOHD SHAFI
324   OM    789569   SHAFI         GANAIE         KAICHACHKOOT     AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHEENAM       MUDASIR
325   OM    966093   ABRAK         AHMAD MIR      PAYER            PULWAMA         PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHEERAZ       ABDUL                           TEH             DISTT
326   OM    666745   AHMAD DAR     RASHID DAR     PANZGAM          AWANTIPORA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                                                                                   PULWAMA VIA
                     SHEERAZ       GH NABI        AZADPORA                         BIJBEHARA
327   OM    651121   AHMAD GANIE   GANIE          PANZGAM          AWANTIPORA      ANG           14-Apr-2011
                     ANSAR         GH MOHD                                         JAMMU AND
328   OM    658867   HUSSAIN       SHEIKH         GANGOO           PULWAMA         KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011
                     SHEIKH        AHMAD          PEDGAM           LAJURAH
329   OM    666982   IMRAN AHMAD   SHEIKH         SHEIKHPORA       PULWAMA         LAJURAH       14-Apr-2011

                     SHERAZ        ASSAD ULLAH                                     PULWAMA
330   OM    672233   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           BATIPORA         TRAL            KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011
                     SHIFA         GHULAM MOHI
                     TASNEEM       UD DIN                          NAMLABAL
331   OM    656471   BANDAY        BANDAY         GOUSTA COLONY    PAMPORE                    14-Apr-2011

                     SHOWKAT       ABDUL
332   OM    976259   AHMAD DAR     RASHID DAR     GOOSU            PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     SHOWKAT       MOHD
                     AHMAD         YOUSUF
333   OM    858745   GANAIE        GANAIE         NILOORA          PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     SHOWKAT       MOHAMMAD
334   OM    966286   AHMAD MIR     MIR            INDER            PULWAMA      KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011

                     SHOWKAT       GH HASSAN                                    PULWAMA
335   OM    995072   AHMAD SOFI    SOFI           SOFI MOHALLA     KOIL         KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011
                     SHOWKAT ALI   MUHAMMAD
336   OM    966421   GANAI         GANIA          WAGAM            PULWAMA      KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011

                     SHOWKET       MOHMAD
337   OM    976317   AHMAD WANI    YOUSUF WANI    LOOSVENI         WAHIBUGH     PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHUGUFIA      AB GAFFAR                       PINGLENA     PULWAMA
338   OM    966342   GAFFAR        BHAT           PINGLENA         PULWAMA      KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011

                     SHUGUFTA      MASOOD
339   RBA   952830   MASOOD        AHMAD BAND     BANDER PORA      SHAHOORA     PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SHUGUFTA      NASEER                                       DISTT
340   OM    966012   SHAHEEN       AHMAD BHAT     R/O ACHAN        PO ACHAN     PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SKANDAR       ABDUL GANI
341   OM    966191   PANDIT        PANDIT         UTHOORA          PINGLENA     PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SOFI FIDAH    MOHD ANWAR                      GOOSU
342   OM    955866   AHMAD         SOFI           HERIPORA         PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     SUHAIB        BASHIR                          TEH
                     AHMAD         AHMAD          VILLAGE          AWANTIPORA
343   OM    789059   BANDH         BANDH          CHACHKOOT        PULWAMA      J&K           14-Apr-2011
                     SUHAIB UL     GULAM
344   OM    765397   HASSAN        HASSAN         BATPORA          RAJPORA      PULWANA       14-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         ABDUL AHAD                      PINGLENA
345   OM    771562   SHEIKH        SHEIKH         SHEIKH MOHALLA   PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SUHAIL UL     AB REHMAN
346   OM    789035   REHMAN        TANTRAY        MIDOORA          AWANTIPORA   PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                                                                   TEHSIL       TEHSIL
                                   GHULAM MOHI    SHOPIAN ROAD     PULWAMA      PULWAMA P/O
347   OM    671070   SUMI JAN      UD DIN RESHI   DRUSSU DRUSSU    DISTRICT     PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SUMIA         AHMAD ULLAH
348   OM    955939   NISSAR        SHEIKH         NAIRA            TAHAB        PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SUMMIA        AB RASHID                                    PULWAMA
349   OM    758716   RASHID        GANAIE         BUNGAM           TAHAB        KASHMIR       14-Apr-2011
                     SYED          SYED                            GANAI
                     MANZOOR       MOHMAD         RATNIPORA        MOHALLA
350         966630   AHMAD         AMIN           PULWAMA          RATNIPORA                  14-Apr-2011
                     SYED MOHD
                     YOUSUF        SYED AHMAD                      MITRIGAM
351   OM    666864   HAMDANI       SHAFI          MITRIGAM         PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     NADEEM        SYED NEYAZ
                     IQBAL         AHMAD                           ANDRABI
352   OM    658865   ANDRABI       ANDRABI        M U PORA         MOHALA       PUCHAL        14-Apr-2011
                     SYED          SYED                                         NEAR HIGHER
                     RAKASHANDA    ISHTIYAQ                                     SECONDRY
353   OM    976473   ISHTIYAQ      RASOOL         RATNIPORA        PULWAMA      SCHOOL        14-Apr-2011

                     SYED SHIRAZ   GH MOHMAD
354   OM    956743   AHMAD SHAH    SHAH           LITTER           VIA ACHAN    PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
                     SYED          SYED
                     TAWHEEDA      BASHARAT                                     RATNIPORA
355   OM    874895   INDRABI       SALEEM         RATNI PORA       PULWAMA      PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     SYEDA JEHAN   SYED GH
356   OM    955985   ARA           JEELANI        SHIEKHARA        TIKEN        PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011
357   OM    995084   AKHTER         AB AZIZ SOFI   TRICH PULWAMA    KASHMIR                      14-Apr-2011

                     TABASUM        FAROOQ         MUKADAM          TRAL I BALA
358   OM    789490   ARA            AHMAD          MOHALLA          TRAL           PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                                    SONA ULLAH
359   OM    656531   TABASUM JAN    BHAT           WUYAN BALA       PAMPORE        PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     TABASUM        AB RASHID      RASHIEPORA AT                   NEW COLONEY
360   OM    976566   RASHID         BHAT           PRESENT          STADIUM ROAD   PULWAMA       14-Apr-2011

                     TAFAZUL        SHARIF UD                       MALIK PORA
361   OM    758963   SHARIEF        DIN SHAH       MALIK PORA       PULWAMA        PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     TAHIRA         SOFI ABDUL                      GOOSU
362   OM    955825   TABASUM        HAMID          GOOSU            PULWAMA        PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011
                                    PEERZADA ALI
                     TAHMENA ALI    MOHD                            NAMBLABAL
363   OM    271044   MASOODI        MASOODI        BAGANDAR         PAMPORE        PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011
                                    SUHAIL MOUH    NEAR SUB DISTT   TRAL
364   OM    789184   TAHNINA NABI   UD DIN         HOSPITAL         PULWAMA        PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     TANVEERA       BILAL AHMED                                    PULWAMA
365   OM    656560   AKHTER         SHIEKH         KONIBAL          PAMPORE        KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AHMAD    GH AHMAD
366   OM    789385   MIR            MIR            DADASARA         TRAL           PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AHMAD    GH AHMAD
367   OM    953376   MOHAND         MOHAND         SHAIR ABAD       TRAL           PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ ALI      ALI MOHD
368   OSC   976642   NAJAR          NAJAR          PAYIR PULWAMA    PULWAMA        KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ          GH HASSAN                                      PULWAMA VIA
369   OM    785407   HASSAN WANI    WANI           PANZGAM          AWANTIPORA     BIJBEHARA     15-Apr-2011
                     TARIQ JAVID    MOHMMAD                         EXCHANGE       PULWAMA
370   OM    771230   DAR            KHALIL DAR     DANGARPORA       ROAD           KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011
                                                   LAJURAH          LAJURAH        LAJURAH
                     TAROOQ         GH QADIR       PULWAMA          PULWAMA        PULWAMA
371   OM    956109   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           KASHMIR          KASHMIR        KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011

                     TASLEEMA       GH MOHD
372   OM    771186   AKHTER         HAFIZ          PRICHOO          PULWAMA                      15-Apr-2011

                     UBAIDA         MOHAMMAD
373   OM    951875   AKHTER         SHAFI MIR      URICHERSOO       INDER          PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     ULFAT ARAG     GULAM NABI
374   OM    956283   JAN            BHAT           ZADOORA          WAHIBUGH       PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                                    GH QUADIR                       PANJREN        PULWAMA J
375   OM    966532   ULFAT JAN      GANAIE         GANAIE MOHALLA   PULWAMA        AND K         15-Apr-2011

                     UMBRINA        MUSHTAQ        MOKHDAM
376   OM    789509   MUSHTAQ        AHMAD BHAT     MOHALLAH         TRAL I BALA    PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     URSHEED        ALI MOHD
377   OM    691054   AHMAD WANI     WANI           CHANDGAM         HUFTANGOO      PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                                                   NEAR JAMIA
378   OM    271180   USMA GULL      GH NABI BALA   MASJID           AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                                    GH HASSAN
379   OM    951702   VASEEM BARI    WANI           BANDZOO          PULWAMA        KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011
                                    AHMAD          PEDGAM           LAJURAH
380   OM    951974   VASEEM RAJA    SHEIKH         SHEIKHPORA       PULWAMA        LAJURAH       15-Apr-2011

381   OM    789568   AHMAD BHAT     GH NABI BHAT   GAMIRAJ          TRAL           PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                     WAHEEDA        MOHAMMAD
382   OM    656500   AKHTER         YOUSUF DAR     SAMBOORA         PAMPORE        PULWAMA       15-Apr-2011

                                    ALI MOHD
383   OM    952059   WAHEEDA ALI    GANAIE         GONGO            PULWAMA        KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011
                     WAHID UD DIN   AHMAD                           PULWAMA PO
384   OSC   278629   AHANGER        AHANGER        PATHAN           KOIL           KASHMIR       15-Apr-2011
                                                     NEW COLONY                   DISTRICT
                        WIKAR UN      AJAZ AHMAD     KADLABAL        TEHSIL       PULWAMA
385   OM    656609      NISA          MIR            PAMPORE         PAMPORE      KASHMIR    15-Apr-2011

                                      ALI MOHD
386   RBA   787649      YASEEN ALI    SHEIKH         GULZARPORA      AWANTIPORA   PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011
                        YASMEENA      YAQOOB                         WAGAM
387   OM    758811      YAQOOB        GANIE          WAGAM           PULWAMA      PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011

                        ZAHIDAH       GH HASSAN                                   DISTT
388   OM    789488      HASSAN        KHANDAY        ARIGAM          TRAL         PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011

                        ZAHOOR        AB REHMAN      SYED MEHMOOD
389   OM    271224      AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           ABAD            WUYAN        PAMPORE    15-Apr-2011

                        ZAHOOR        GHULAM
390   OM    994844      AHMAD BHAT    AHMAD BHAT     BONGAM          KARIMABAD    PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011

                        ZAHOOR        MOHMMAD                                     DISTRICT
391   OM    671634      AHMAD BHAT    RAMZAN BHAT    HARI PARI GAM   TRAL         PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011
                        ZAHOOR        MOHMAD
392   OM    956171      AHMAD LONE    LONE           LONE MOHALLAH   KAKAPORA     PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011

                        ZEENAT        SYED GULAM
393   OM    271211      AKHTER        MOHD           DUSSU           PAMPORE      PULWAMA    15-Apr-2011

                                      GH AHMAD
394   OM    758945      ZEENAT ARA    PARRA          NAIRA TAHAB     PULWAMA      KASHMIR    15-Apr-2011
                        ZOULAL        MUHAMMAD                                    PAMPORE
395   OM    271523      SOFIA GULL    HAKEEM         TENG MOHALLA    NANLABAL     KASHMIR    15-Apr-2011

              LAST CUT POINT UNDER ST CATEGORY===10.47

                        AB AZIZ       MOHD SHAFI     SANGERWANI
 1    ST    976432      GOORSI        GOORSI         PULWAMA         PO ABHAMA               16-Apr-2011

                        AB GANI       HAKIM DIN                      LADHOO
 2    ST    656615      BARO          BARO           JEEWAN SAHIB    PAMPORE      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011

                        AB KAREAM     HABIBULLAH                     HAJINAGAR
 3    ST    789211      GOJAR         GOJAR          CHECK SATURA    TRAL         PULWANA    16-Apr-2011

                        AB KHALIQ     AB WAHID       LADOO VPO
 4    ST    656431      BAJARD        BAJARD         KHREW           PAMPORE      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011

                        AB RASHID     MOHAMMAD                       TRAL
 5    ST    953079      GOJER         SHAFI GOJER    GUTROO          PULWAMA      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011

                        AB RASHID     AB KARIM
 6    ST    976224      GORSI         GORSI          ADITRAGH        SANGERWANI   PULWAMI    16-Apr-2011
                        AB WAHEED     QUASIM         MACHHAMA
 7    ST    789158      FAMDA         FAMDA          ZARIHAR         TRAL         PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                        ABDUL HAQ     HUSSIAN                        HILL
 8    ST    673038      GORSI         GORSI          SANGERWANI      SANGERWANI   PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                        ABDUL         ABDUL
                        MANAN         QUYOOM         BAGH            TEHSIL       DISTT
 9    ST    667699      GOORSI        GOORSI         SINGARWANI      PULWAMA      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011

                        ABDUL RAZAQ   MOHD YOUSF     RO BATADALEVE   PULWAMA
10    ST    656722      BAJARD        BAJARD         KHREW PAMPORE   KASHMIR                 16-Apr-2011

                        AJAZ AHMAD    LT AB RASHID                   TEHSIL       DISTT
11    ST    771077      KOOLI         KOOLI          SANGERWANI      PULWAMA      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                                                     GUJJER BASTI
                        ALTAF AHMAD   GHULAM         KARAWA
12    ST    951999      KEELA         QADIR KEELA    DRABGAM         DRABGAM      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                        ALTAF AHMAD   HUSSAIN
13    ST    758838      KHATANA       KHATANA        ADITRAGH        SANGERWANI   PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                        FAREEDA       YOUSUF
14    ST    966581      AKHTER        DEADED         SANGERWANI      PULWAMA      PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011

                        GULSHAN       MOHD RAFIQ
15    ST    995096      RAFIQ         KOLI           BAMNO ACHGOZA   BAMNO        PULWAMA    16-Apr-2011
                   GULZAR         YOUNUS
                   AHMAD KHAN     KHAN
16   ST   774706   CHOHAN         CHOHAN         BRANPATHERI     TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   HURAN          MAHDI ALI      PANNER JAGEER
17   ST   789064   BEGUM          KHAN           TRAL PULWAMA                                  16-Apr-2011
                   AHMAD          MOHD AMIN                                     BAMNOO
18   ST   966476   KOLAY          KOLAY          KOLAY MOHALLA   ACHOGAZA       PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   JAMAL AHMAD    AHMAD
19   ST   953249   GOJAR          GOJAR          YOUNGWANI       NAGNAD         ARIPAL         16-Apr-2011
                   KHADIM         BASHIR
                   HUSSAIN        AHMED          DRUKLAREN       ABHAMA
20   ST   966213   CHAYCHI        CHAYCHI        ABHAMA          PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                                  SAFDER ALI
21   ST   953156   LAILA SAFDER   KHAN           CHEW ULLAR      TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   M ARSHAD       MOHD RAFIQ
22   ST   995095   RAFIQ          KOLE           ACHAGOZA        BAMNO          PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MIR SEEMA                     DALIPORA
23   ST   956044   MAJID          AB MAJID MIR   PULWAMA         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        16-Apr-2011
                   ASHRAF         MOHD ISHAQ     MACHHAMA
24   ST   690694   GOJAR          GOJAR          ZARIHAR         TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   ASHRAF         BASHIR                                        PULWAMA
25   ST   956049   KEELA          AHMAD KEELA    KANIGAM         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD ASLAM     AB RASHID                      SANGERWANI
26   ST   976316   GORSI          GORSI          NICHEN DIGEN    PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD ASLAM     AB RASHEED                     PANNER JAGIR
27   ST   789324   KHAN           KHAN           KATHWARD        TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   IBRAHIM        MOHD
                   GUJJAR         YONOUS
28   ST   953397   CHOWHAN        GUJJAR         BRANPATHERI     NAGBAL TRAL    PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD ISHAQ     GHULAM                         DISTT
29   ST   975810   GOJER          HASSAN GOJE    JAWAHIRPORA     PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   MOHD ISHAQ     ABDULLAH       WAZULKULNAR     TRAL
30   ST   953383   KHOKHER        KHOKHER        LALPORA         PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD ISHAQ     SULLIMAN       BRANPATHERI
31   ST   789435   PASWALL        PASWALL        NAGABAL         MACHHAMA       TRAL PULWAMA   16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD JUNAID    MOHD SIDIQ     DRAKLERN
32   ST   994928   DEADED         DEADED         PULWAMA         PULWAMA                       16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD USMAN     GH MOHAMAD
33   ST   976288   DEADED         DEADED         ADITRAGH        SINGERWANI     PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD YOUSF     GH HUSSAIN
34   ST   976285   DEEDED         DEEDED         ADITRAGH        SANGERWANI     PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MOHD YOUSF     RAJWALI
35   ST   952976   GOJAR          GOJAR          HAJANNAR        TRAL                          16-Apr-2011
                   YOONIS         NAZIR AHMAD
36   ST   966348   GOORSI         GOORSI         ADITRAGH        SANGERWANI     PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   YOUSF          AB HAQ                         SANGERWANI
37   ST   976294   CHACHI         CHACHI         SANGERWANI      PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   MUHAMMAD       HUSSAIN
38   ST   789208   ALI KHAN       KHAN           PANNER JAGIR    TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011

                   MUMTAZ         MOHD AKBAR
39   ST   758691   AHMAD KALAS    KALAS          SANGERWANI      PULWAMA        PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   AHMAD          GH QUADIR
40   ST   976284   KASANA         KASANA         ADITRAGH        SANGERWANI     PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   NASEEMA        WAHEED         MACHHAMA
41   ST   690695   AKHTAR         GOJER          ZARIHAR         TRAL           PULWAMA        16-Apr-2011
                   NASEEMA       DODA           LADOO VPO
42   ST   656430   AKHTER        POSWAL         KHREW            PAMPORE       PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   NAZEER        MOHMAD
                   AHMAD         SHAFI
43   ST   771462   DEADED        DEADED         ADITRAGH         SANGERWANI                16-Apr-2011

                   NIMRA         NAZIR AHMAD
44   ST   952833   FATIMA        KHAN           BATHNOOR JAGIR   TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   NISAR AHMAD   GH QADIR
45   ST   966346   GOORSI        GOORSI         GORSI MOHALLA    SANGERWANI    PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   NOOR          NAZIR AHMAD                     ADITRAGH
46   ST   758610   HUSSAIN       DEADED         ADITRAGH         SINGERWANI    PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   AHMAD         GH MOHD
47   ST   683778   PASWAL        PASWAL         SANBANJER        KHAIGAM       PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   RAFIQ AHMAD   ALI MOHD                        GULSHANPORA
48   ST   789340   GUJAR         GUJAR          NAGBAL           TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   RAJA ABID
                   HUSSAIN       RAJA ANWER     PANNER JAGEER
49   ST   789251   KHAN          KHAN           TRAL PULWAMA                               16-Apr-2011
                   RAJA MOHD
                   MUDASIR       MOHD ANWER     PANNER JAGEER
50   ST   789250   KHAN          KHAN           TRAL PULWAMA                               16-Apr-2011
                   HUSSAIN       RAJA AHMAD
51   ST   789200   KHAN          ALI KHAN       PANNER           TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   MUSTAFA       RAJA IFTIKAR
52   ST   789190   MUAZZAM       HUSSAIN        PANYAR JAGIR     TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   RAJA          IFTIKHAR
                   SHABAHAT      HUSSAIN
53   ST   789252   IFTIKUAR      KHAN           PANYAR JAGIR     TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   REYAZ         MOHMAD
                   AHMAD         HUSSAIN                         DRKLARAN
54   ST   976291   GOORSI        GOORSI         DRAKLARAN        PULWAMA       PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   RIYAZ AHMAD   MOHD SOBA                       SANGERWANI
55   ST   976295   DEADED        DEADED         ADITRAGH         PULWAMA       PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   RIYAZ AHMAD   MOHD SIDIQ     DRAKLERN
56   ST   994929   DEEDED        DEEDED         PULWAMA                        PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   SAJAD ALI     MOHD AKBAR
57   ST   953321   KHAN          KHAN           BATHNOOR JAGIR   TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011
                   AHMAD         ALI MOHD       MACHHAMA
58   ST   690693   GOJJER        GOJJER         ZARIHAR          TRAL          PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   SHABIR        GH RASOOL
59   ST   771929   AHMAD KHAN    KHAN           NAINA            AWANITPORA    PULWAMA     16-Apr-2011

                   SHAGUFTA      MOHMAD
60   ST   976290   AKHTER        SHAFI KOOLI    SANGERWANI       PULWAMA       PULWAMA     18-Apr-2011

                   SHAKEEL       MOHD                            KHAIGAM
61   ST   758907   AHMAD DOIE    ISMAIEL DOIE   SONABANGER       PAKHER PORA   PULWAMA     18-Apr-2011
                                 YOUSUF                                        DISTRICT
                   SHAKILA       GOJAR          RO KARMULLA AP                 PULWAMA J
62   ST   976014   AKHTER        CHANJA         SAIMOH           TEHSIL TRAL   AND K       18-Apr-2011
                   SHOWKAT       REHMAN         BANGRAN
63   ST   955805   AHMAD KHARI   KHARI          ABHAMA           PULWAMA                   18-Apr-2011
                   AHMAD         NAZIR AHMAD                                   PULWAMA
64   ST   952111   DEADED        DEADED         ADITRAGH         SANGERWANI    KASHMIR     18-Apr-2011

                   SYMA          SARFRAZ        NEAR JAMIA
65   ST   995189   KOUSER        HUSSAIN        MASJID           SANGARWANI    PULWAMA     18-Apr-2011
                   TASLEEMA      BASHIR         ACHAGOZA         PULWAMA TEH   JAMMU AND
66   ST   758998   JHON          AHMAD KOLIE    BAMINOO          PULWAMA       KASHMIR     18-Apr-2011
                   YASMEENA      MOHD SIDEEQ    ACHAGOZA         PULWAMA       JAMMU AND
67   ST   995416   SIDEEQ        KOLI           BAMINOO          TEHSIL        KASHMIR     18-Apr-2011

                       ZAIDHA                       MACHHAMA
68   ST    789157      AKHTER        ALI MOHD       ZARIHAR         TRAL           PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       ZAREENA       MOHD SADIQ
69   ST    789111      BANOO         WANA           OVERIGUND       LALPORA TRAL   PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       ZULUFQAR      SABDAR ALI
70   ST    789290      ALI KHAN      KHAN           CHEWAULLAR      TRAL           PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011


                                     MOHD                           QUSBAYAR
1    RBA   951676      AFROZA JAN    ABDULLA MIR    QUSBAYAR        PULWAMA        PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       AFTAB AHMAD   AB REHMAN
2    RBA   380490      MIR           MIR            YADER           SHADIMARG      PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       AIJAZ AHMED   ABDUL GANI     ACHAGOZA        PO KELLER      TO PULWAMA
3    RBA   666872      WANI          WANI           BAMNOO          MUSTAPORA      DO PULWAMA   18-Apr-2011

                       ALI MOHD      GH MOHD
4    RBA   951634      SHEIKH        SHEIKH         BAIGPORA        AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       ALTAF AHMAD   AB GANI
5    RBA   666751      WAGAY         WAGAY          DRAKLARAN       ABHAMA         PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011
                                                                    DIST AND
                                                    ACHGOZA         TEHSIL
6    RBA   951760      ARJFAT JHAN   GH MOHD MIR    BAMNOO          PULWAMA        KASHMIR      18-Apr-2011
                       ARSHID        GULAM
                       AHMAD         HASSAN
7    RBA   956033      PADROO        PADROO         BANDEP PORA                                 18-Apr-2011
                       HUSSAIN       AB RASHID
8    RBA   789077      KHANDAY       KHANDAY        MOMIN ABAD      BUCHOO TRAL    PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011
                       HUSSAIN       GH HASSAN
9    RBA   956079      MAGRAY        MAGRAY         DRACKLARAN      ABHAMA         PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       ASIFA         ABDUL SALAM    NEHAMA          TEH DISTT
10   RBA   665841      SALEEM        WANI           (PAMPORE)       PULWAMA                     18-Apr-2011

11   RBA   955924      ASMAT ARA     AHMAD GANIE    MUQDAM MOHLLA   KAMRAZIPORA    PULLWAMA     18-Apr-2011

                       AYAZ YOUSUF   MUHAMMED
12   RBA   966182      MIR           YOUSUF MIR     DANGERPORA      SHADIMARG      PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011
                       AHMAD         MOHD JAMAL
13   RBA   771247      GANAIE        GANAIE         MIRGUND         THOKERPURA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       BILAL AHMAD   ABDUL AHAD                     AVENGOUND
14   RBA   995164      MIR           MIR            MAIN CHOWK      RAJPORA        AVENGOUND    18-Apr-2011

                       BILAL AHMAD   GH MOHD                        AGLAR
15   RBA   976655      NAIK          NAIK           AGLAR KANDI     BULWAMA        PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       BILAL AHMAD   GH NABI
16   RBA   951780      PANDIT        PANDIT         GULZARPORA      AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       BILAL AHMAD   GH MOHD
17   RBA   956208      RATHER        RATHER         GRAW GUND       AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       BILAL AHMAD   MOHD SADIQ                     CHAKURA
18   RBA   994919      SHEIKH        SHEIKH         GRAWGUND        AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011
                       DAVINDER      JARNAIL        KANGLOORA                      PULWAMA
19   RBA   616837      SINGH         SINGH          LALPORA         TEH TRAL       KASHMIR      18-Apr-2011

                       DILLAWAR      ABDUL
20   RBA   771154      AHMAD WANI    RASHID WANI    BAIGH PORA      TOKUNA         PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                       DILSHADA      NAZIR AHMAD    BEIGPORA
21   RBA   976250      AKHTER        WANI           TOKANA          AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011
                       MOHMAD        AB GANI
22   RBA   953108      RAMZAN        RATHER         BUCHOO          TRAL           PULWAMA      18-Apr-2011

                                                 WANI MOHALLAH   PULWAMA M C
                    FARHAT        MANZOOR AH     ACHAGOZA        H PHARMACY     ROAD
23   RBA   966460   MANZOOR       WANI           BAMNOO          NEWA           PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    FAROOQ                       GGJIAANGAN
24   RBA   769489   AHMAD BHAT    AB GANI BHAT   KHANAGUND       ARIPAL TRAL    PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD         LATE AB
25   RBA   975955   YATOO         RAHIM YATOO    PANZOO          TRAL           PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    FAYAZ AHMAD   MOHD                           QUSBAYAR
26   RBA   951677   MIR           ABDULLA MIR    QUSBAYAR        PULWAMA        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                                  GH MOHMAD      JAWAHIRPORA
27   RBA   975890   FEHMIDA GUL   GANIE          LAM             TRAL           PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    FIRDOOSA      HAMEED
28   RBA   966133   HAMEED        KUMAR          DANGERPORA      SHADIMARG      PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    GH HASSAN     ALI MOHD       HANDOORA        TRAL
29   RBA   789025   KHAN          KHAN           LOROW           PULWAMA        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    GHESFEEDA     MOHMAD                         TEHSIL         DISTRICT
30   RBA   966124   GULZAR        WANI           GULZARPORA      AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    GOWHAR        MOHAMMAD
                    AHMAD         KAMAL
31   RBA   951649   NAIKOO        NAIKOO         BEIGHPORA       PULWAMA        KASHMIR         18-Apr-2011

                                  GH MOHI UDIN   GULZARPORA
32   RBA   952831   GUL AFROZA    BHAT           TOKUNA          AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    GUL           MOHD AKBAR                     TUJAN
33   RBA   956383   MOHAMMAD      DAR            MUKDAMPORA      PULWAMA        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD         GH AHMAD
34   RBA   683780   HAJAM         HAJAM          SANGERWANI      PULWAMA        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD         AB GANI
35   RBA   789363   PARAY         PARAY          KHANAGUND       TRAL           PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    GULZAR        MOHAMMAD       KHAIGAM         TEHSIL         DISTT
36   RBA   754176   SYEED         SYEED          PAKHERPORA      PULWAMA        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    IMTIYAZ       GH QUADIR
37   RBA   380419   AHAND SHAH    SHAH           SHAH MAHALLA    AGLAR KANDI    PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

38   RBA   271554   AHMAD BHAT    AB GANI BHAT   NEHAMA          PAMPORE        PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    IMTIYAZ       GH MOHI UD
39   RBA   965695   AHMAD BHAT    DIN BHAT       LOROW JAGIR     LORAGAM        TRAL PULWAMA    18-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD         AB HAMIED
40   RBA   976713   WAGAY         WAGAY          HEARPORA        ABHAMA         PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                                  FAROOQ         URI AMLOOK                     DISTRICT
41   RBA   984689   IRAM NAAZ     AHMAD          COLONY          TEHSIL URI     BARAMULLA       18-Apr-2011

                                  PEER MOHD                      SHADIMARG
42   RBA   758895   IRFANA JAN    ABDULLAH       SHADIMARG       KALAMPORA      PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    IRSHAD        GH AHMAD
43   RBA   976245   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           GRAW GUND       AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                                                 WANI MOHALLAH                  VIQAR MEDICAL
                    IRSHANA       MOHD AMIN      ACHAGOZA                       STORE
44   RBA   966495   AMIN          WANI           BAMNOO          DIST PULWAMA   PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011

                    JAHANGEER     GH MOHD                        DIAROO
45   RBA   995422   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           HARPORA         SHOPIAN        SHOPIAN         18-Apr-2011

                    JAHANGEER     MOHD ISMAIL
46   RBA   976365   SHEIKH        SHEIKH         BANGAM          KALAMPORA      PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    JAHANGIR                     GRAWGUND
                    AHMAD         GH NABI        CHAKURA
47   RBA   976514   RATHER        RATHER         PULWAMA                                        18-Apr-2011

                    JAVAID        GH MOHAMAD
48   RBA   758446   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           LOLIPORA        NEHAMA         PULWAMA         18-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD          GH MOHD                         CHAKURA
49   RBA   666270   RATHER         RATHER         GRAWGUND         KASHMIR       PULWAMA       18-Apr-2011

                    JAVID AHMAD    BASHIR         YADER
50   RBA   666868   MIR            AHMAD MIR      SHADIMARGH       PULWAMA       PULWAMA       18-Apr-2011

51   RBA   952007   KHALIDA AZIZ   AB AZIZ MIR    AVENGOUND        RAJPORA       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MAHJABEENA     GH AHMAD
52   RBA   976262   AKHTER         BHAT           KALAMPORA        PULWAMA                     19-Apr-2011

                    MAHRAJ U DIN   HUSSAM U DI
53   RBA   758853   SHAH           SHAH           MARWAL           PAMPORE       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MANZOOR        NAZIR AHMAD    JAWAHIRPORA
54   RBA   789081   AHMAD DAR      DAR            LAM              TRAL          PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011
                    AHMAD          AB AHAD
55   RBA   976438   WAGAY          WAGAY          ABHAMA           PULWAMA       KASHMIR       19-Apr-2011

                    MASRAT         AB MAJEED                                     NEAR JAMIA
56   RBA   966198   MAJEED BHAT    BHAT           KHADERMOH        PULWAMA       MASJID        19-Apr-2011
                    MERAJ U DIN    MOHAMMAD
57   RBA   666945   HAJAM          HAJAM          NEHAMA           KAKAPORA      PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011
                    NASREENA       WALI MOHD      ACHAGOZA         TEHSIL        DISTRICT
58   RBA   994883   WALI           MIR            BAMNO            PULWAMA       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011
                                   NOOR                            ACHAGOZA
                    MOHAMAD        MOHAMAD                         BAMNOO
59   RBA   690891   IRFAN MALIK    MALIK          ACHAGOZA         PULWAMA       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHAMMAD       AB MAJEED
60   RBA   975894   ALTAF LONE     LONE           DAR GANIE GUND   TRAL          PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHAMMAD       ABDUL SALAM    BATAPORA         TEH           DISTT
61   RBA   952084   YOUNS WANI     WANI           GULZARPORA       AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ABBAS                    KHAN MOHALLA                   DISTRICT
62   RBA   789019   BHAT           GH NABI BHAT   ARIPAL           TESHIL TRAL   PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ABBAS     GULAM NABI                                    DISLL
63   RBA   952994   MIR            MIR            R/O MACHNAMA     T/O TRAL      PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ALTAF     GH MOHD                         TOKUNA
64   RBA   956300   KAWA           KAWA           GHAT TOKUNA      AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ALTAF                    NEHAMA           DISTRICT
65   RBA   952181   LONE           GH NABI LONE   PAMPORA          PULWAMA       TEH PULWAMA   19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ALTAF     AB HAMID       PANZOO
66   RBA   952935   SHIEKH         SHIEKH         LORAGAM'         TRAL          PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD AMIN      ABDUL                                         TRAL
67   RBA   975823   MIR            GANIMIR        SHAHPORA         TRAL          PULWAMA.      19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD AMIN      AB SAMAD       SYED ABAD        TRAL
68   RBA   789050   RATHER         RATHER         PASTANA          PULWAMA       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD           MOHD
69   RBA   656636   ASHRAF MIR     RAMZAN MIR     BATHEN KHREW     PAMPORE       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD ISMAIL    HABIB ULLAH                     KHREWA
70   RBA   656816   LONE           LONE           ZAINATRAG        PAMPORE       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011
                    MAQBOOL        AB GANI
71   RBA   278228   CHOPAN         CHOPAN         BAMNOO           KELLER        PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD RAFIAQ    SONA ULLAH
72   RBA   995104   GANAIE         GANAIE         THOKER PURA      THOKER PORA                 19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD           GH HASSAN
73   RBA   994852   SALEEM BAIG    BAIG           BAIG PORA        AWANTIPROA    PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD TAHIR     ABDUL RAHIM
74   RBA   690795   PANDIT         PANDIT         GULZARPORA       AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD           ALI MOHD
75   RBA   952890   YOUSUF WANI    WANI           LALPORA KAHLIL   TRAL          PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011

                    MOHD YUNUS     ALI MOHD                        MARWAL
76   RBA   271135   KOKA           KOKA           MALIK MOHALA     PULWAMA       PULWAMA       19-Apr-2011
                     MUDASIR        SONAULLAH
77    RBA   278227   AHMAD KHAN     KHAN           BAMNOO            ACHAGOZA      PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     MUDASIR        AB HAMID
78    RBA   956975   AHMAD KHAN     KHAN           BAMNOO            PULWAMA       KASHMIR        19-Apr-2011

                     MUMTAZA        SAJAD
79    RBA   667124   AKHTER         YOUSUF         DANGERPORA        SHADIMARG     PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     MUSHTAQ        ABDUL GANI
80    RBA   782959   AHMAD BHAT     BHAT           KHANAGUND         TRAL          PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     MUZAFFAR       ABDUL QADIR                      PO
81    RBA   666703   AHMAD DAR      DAR            KALAMPORA         KALAMPORA     TO PULWAMA     19-Apr-2011

                     MUZAFFAR       MOHD RAJAB                                     PULWAMA
82    RBA   976519   AHMAD DAR      DAR            LOLIPORA          NEHAMA        KASHMIR        19-Apr-2011

83    RBA   789414   AHMAD BHAT     GH NABI BHAT   KHANAGUND         ARIPAL        TRAL PULWAMA   19-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD          AB GANI
84    RBA   666281   AHANGAR        AHANGAR        BUCHOO            BUCHOO TRAL   PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     MYSARA         AB AHAD                          KHADERMOOH
85    RBA   666803   BANO           BHAT           WANI MOHALLA      KAKAPORA      PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                                    MUHAMMED       KALAMPORA         DISTT
86    RBA   966131   NAHIDA SHAFI   SHAFI WANI     PULWAMA           PULWAMA       J AND K        19-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD          ABDUL RAHIM                      AWANTIPORA
87    RBA   690794   PANDITH        PANDIT         GULLARPORA        PO TOKANA     PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011
                     NASEER UD      NEZAM UD       NEAR IRRIGATION   MARVAL
88    RBA   657791   DIN SHAH       DIN SHAH       STATION           PULWAMA       PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     NAZIR AHMAD    WALI MOHD                        ACHOGOZA
89    RBA   976421   KHANDAY        KHANDAY        HARPORA           BAMNOO        PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     NISAR AHMAD    ABDUL AZIZ
90    RBA   966304   WANI           WANI           BAMNOO            KELLER        PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011
                     NISSAR         LATE GH
                     AHMAD          MOHMAD
91    RBA   951848   WAGAY          WAGAY          ABHAMA            PULWAMA       KASHMIR        19-Apr-2011

                     PARVAIZ        GH HASSAN
92    RBA   380488   AHMAD WANI     WANI           GULZARPORA        AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     PARVEEZ        GH MOHD                          TEHSIL        DISTRICT
93    RBA   966123   GULL           WANI           GULZARPORA        AWANTIPURA    PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     RAFIQ AHMAD    ASSADULLAH                                     DISTRICT
94    RBA   789241   LONE           LONE           DAR GANIE GUND    TEHSIL TRAL   PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                                    GH RASOOL
95    RBA   994871   RAFIQA JAN     MIR            AVENGUND          DRUBGAM       PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011
                     RAISE AHMAD    MOHAMMAD
96    RBA   952972   RATHER         RATHER         GONG              BATAGUND      TRAL PULWAMA   19-Apr-2011

97    RBA   951837   AHMAD DAR      AB AHAD DAR    ABHAMA            PULWAMA       KASHMIR        19-Apr-2011

                                    MOHD YOUNS
98    RBA   758474   RIFAT ARA      WAGAY          ABHAMA            PULWAMA       CHARISHARIEF   19-Apr-2011

                                                                     TEHSIL        DISTRICT
99    RBA   966136   RIFAT JAN      ALI MOHD MIR   ACHAGOZA          PULWAMA       PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                                    GH MUSTAFA
100   RBA   953185   RUBINA JAN     JAN            MACHAMA           TRAL          PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                                    ALI MOHD
101   RBA   787652   RUBINA JOHN    SHEIKH         GULZARPORA        AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                     RUHAIL AHAD    ABDUL AHAD
102   RBA   953213   RATHER         RATHER         VILLAGE BUCHOO    TRAL          PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

103   RBA   667188   RUQAYA JAN     AHMAD WANI     BAIGH PORA        AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

104   RBA   666924   AKHTER         AB AZIZ BHAT   NEHAMA            PAMPOR        PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011
                     SAKEENA       ASSADULLAH     JAWAHIRPORA
105   RBA   774705   ASSAD         DAR            LAM             TRAL          PULWAMA        19-Apr-2011

                                   GHULAM NABI    KHANAGUND                     PULWAMA
106   RBA   953209   SAMARAH JAN   BHAT           PAYEEN          ARIPAL TRAL   KASHMIR        19-Apr-2011
                     SAMEER        MAQBOOL        BAIGHPORA
107   RBA   995158   AHMAD WANI    WANI           TOKUNA          TENGPORA      BAIGHPORA      19-Apr-2011

                     SANDEEP       SHAMSHEER
108   RBA   789015   KOUR          SINGH          DHARAM GUND     TRAL          PULWAM         19-Apr-2011
                     SAYAR         MAQBOOL
109   RBA   951635   AHMAD DAR     DAR            GHAT TOKUNA     TOKUNA        AWANTIPORA     19-Apr-2011

                     SHABEER       MOHD ISMAIL
110   RBA   995295   HSSAIN MIR    MIR            KANIGAM         PULWAMA       DRABGAM        19-Apr-2011

                     SHABIER       GH AHMAD
111   RBA   683781   AHMAD MALIK   MALIK          ABHAMA          PULWAMA       PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SHABIR        ASSAD ULLAH    BAIGHPORA
112   RBA   771062   AHMAD BEIGH   BEIGH          TOKUNA          AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SHABIR        JALAL UD DIN
113   RBA   976153   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           KHANAGUND       ARIPAL        TRAL PULWAMA   20-Apr-2011

                     SHABIR        BA SALAM
114   RBA   953063   AHMAD KHAN    KHAN           LOROW JAGIR     LORAGAM       TRAL PULWAMA   20-Apr-2011

                     SHABIR        MOHD KHALIL
115   RBA   952971   AHMAD MIR     MIR            GONG            BATAGUND      TRAL PULWAMA   20-Apr-2011

                     SHAFIQ        AB AHAD
116   RBA   789533   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           KHANAGUND       TRAL          PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                     SHAHID        MOHD
                     AHMAD         SHABAN
117   RBA   658900   PADROO        PADROO         BANDERPORA      KOIL          PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SHAHZADA      GH RASOOL
118   RBA   952936   AKHTER        AHANGER        LOROW           TRAL          PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                     SHAHZADA      AB RASHEED                                   TEH
119   RBA   666718   AKTHER        DAR            GHAT            TOKUNA        AWANTIPORA     20-Apr-2011
                     SHEERAZA      AHMAD
120   RBA   789554   MUSHTAQ       RATHER         BUCHOO          TRAL          PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                     SHOWKAT       MOHD
                     AHMAD         ABDULLAH
121   RBA   976243   RATHER        RATHER         GRAW GUND       AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SHOWKET       HABIB ULLAH                    KANDIZAL
122   RBA   656775   AHMAD BHAT    BHAT           LARBAL MASHID   PAMPORE       PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SUHAIL        MUKHTAR
123   RBA   789357   AHMAD BHAT    AHMAD BHAT     KHANGUND        ARIPAL        TRAL PULWAMA   20-Apr-2011

                     SUMMIA        AB RASHID
124   RBA   667186   RASHID        SHEIKH         GULZAR PORA     AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     SYEED         GULZAR
125   RBA   758821   GULZAR WANI   AHMAD WANI     BAMNOO          ACHAGOSE      PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AHMAD   GH AHMAD       SYEDABAD        TRAL
126   RBA   953285   AHANGAR       AHANGAR        PASTANA         PULWAMA       PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AHMAD   LATE GH NABI                                 VIA CHAR I
127   RBA   771293   BABA          BABA           ABHAMA          PULWAMA       SHAREEF        20-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AHMAD                  ACHGOZA
128   RBA   951762   MIR           GH MOHD MIR    BAMNOO          PULWAMA       KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011

                     TARIQ AKBAR   MOHD AKBAR     BAIGHPORA
129   RBA   966255   WANI          WANI           TOKUNA          NAIK MOHALA   BAIGHPORA      20-Apr-2011

                     TARIV AHMAD   AB KARIEM
130   RBA   976223   WAGAY         WAGAY          ABHAMA          PULWAMA       KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011

                     TAWFEEQ       ABDUL GANI
131   RBA   772055   GANI          BHAT           GULZARPORA      AWANTIPORA    PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         WAJAHAT       GH MOHD
132   RBA   951782       SARTAJ WANI   WANI          GULZARPORA       AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         WASIQ         BASHIR        ACHAGOZA         TEHSIL         JAMMU AND
133   RBA   967655       AHMAD WANI    AHMAD WANI    BAMINOO          PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011

                                       ABDUL GANI
134   RBA   953112       YASMEEN JAN   RATHER        BUCHOO           TRAL           PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         YOUNIS        MOHD
                         AHMAD         SHABAN
135   RBA   667144       RATHER        RATHER        GRAWGUND         AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                         ZAHOOR        GH MOHMAD
136   RBA   956388       AHMAD DAR     DAR           HARPORA          TUJAN          PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         AHMAD         HABIB ULLAH
137   RBA   758493       NAJAR         NAJAR         DRAKLARN         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011

                         ZAHOOR UD     HABIB ULLAH
138   RBA   789520       DIN           TANTRAY       DAR GANIE GUND   TRAL           PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                         ZEENAT UL     AB RASHID
139   RBA   976492       NISA          SHAH          SHADIMARG        PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011
                                       AB GANI
                         ZUBEEDA       GANIE RIYAZ
140   RBA   774714       GANI          AHMAD BHAT    KAMLA I          BUCHOO TRAL    PULWAMA KMR    20-Apr-2011

                         AB RASHID      AHMAD
 1    OSC   966032       KUMAR          KUMAR        KOIL             PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011
                         ARSHID         MOHD
                         AHMAD          SULTAN
 2    OSC   951930       NAJAR          NAJAR        SIRNOO           PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011
                         RASOOL         GH RASOOL                                    PO TAHAB
 3    OSC   966413       NAJAR          NAJAR        PAYER PULWAMA    PULWAMA        PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         GH NABI        SULTAN                        NAINA
 4    OSC   972765       HAJAM          HAJAM        MATI MAHALA      AWANTIPORA     PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                         JAVAID        GH AHMAD
 5    OSC   666885       AHMAD TALI    TALI          NEWA             PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011

                         MOHD SHAFI    GH MOHD
 6    OSC   966313       NAJAR         NAJAR         HAFTENGO         CHANDGAM       PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011

                         MOHD YASIN    GH HASSAN     RO MIDOOR
 7    OSC   975949       TALI          TALI          AWANTIPORA       AWANTIPORA                    20-Apr-2011

                         NISAR AHMAD   GH MOHD
 8    OSC   994884       NAJAR         NAJAR         MAGRAYPORA       GANGOO         PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                                       MUHAMMAD                       TRAL
 9    OSC   789010       ROMA ALI      AHANGER       DIVER            PULWAMA        PULWAMA        20-Apr-2011
                         AHMAD         GH MOHD
10    OSC   758744       KUMAR         KUMAR         CHANDGAM         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        20-Apr-2011


                                       SH THORU                       POST OFFICE
 1    SC    918120       AJAY KUMAR    RAM           VILL BAKORE      JOURIAN        DISTT JAMMU    20-Apr-2011

                                       SH BHUTTU
 2    SC    602940       AJIT KUMAR    RAM           PARNALLA KATNI   BILLAWAR       KATHUA         20-Apr-2011

                                       RATTAN        VPO KISHANPUR
 3    SC    806569       ANURADHA      CHAND         DUNGARA          TEH BILLAWAR   DISTT KATHUA   20-Apr-2011

                         ARJUN                       HNO 42 WARD
 4    SC    815875       KUMAR         HARBANS LAL   NO9 R S PURA     TEH R S PURA   DISTT JAMMU    20-Apr-2011

                                       SAGAR         WARD NO 5
 5    SC    839230       ARUN SAGAR    ANAND GILL    HOUSE NO 169     TEH R S PURA   DIST JAMMU     20-Apr-2011
                                                                   P/O MIRAN
                   ARUNA                                           SAHIB TEH RS   DISTT JAMMU
6    SC   839063   KUMARI        BALWANT RAI    BANSULTAN          PURA           STATE J&K       20-Apr-2011

                                 PAWAN          VILL HARSA         PO DEOLI TEH
7    SC   848463   ASHU DEVI     KUMAR          DABBER             BISHNAH        DISTT JAMMU     20-Apr-2011

                   BEENU                                           POST OFFICE    TEHSIL SMABA
8    SC   826843   KUMARI        JAMIT RAJ      VILLAGE THALORI    VIJAYPUR       DISTT SAMBA     20-Apr-2011
                                 DEWAN          CHAK MOHAMMAD      TEHSIL R, S    JAMMU PO
9    SC   700733   BODH RAJ      CHAND          YAR                PURA           DABLEHAR        20-Apr-2011
                                                                   ROOP NAGAR
                                                HOUSE NO 73P       HOUSING
10   SC   620670   BRINDA ATRI   DAYA RAM       SECTOR-5           COLONY         JAMMY           20-Apr-2011
                   DHIRENDER     YASH PAL       H NO 65 W NO 10    BRAHMANA
11   SC   601465   KUMAR         SANGRA         DOLLIAN            SAMBA                          20-Apr-2011

                                                VILLAGE POST       TEH DISTT
12   SC   803489   GULZARI LAL   GIAN CHAND     OFF JAKHBAR        KATHUA         KATHUA          20-Apr-2011

                   HARDEEP                      H NO-202 W NO-32   PO GOLE        TEH DISTT
13   SC   907416   KUMAR         RATTAN LAL     VILL GOLE          GUJRAL CAMP    JAMMU J&K       20-Apr-2011

                   HARDEEP                      RO RAJPUR                         TEHSIL AND
14   SC   620789   THAPA         DEVI DASS      MANDI              PO BATEHRA     DISTT JAMMU     20-Apr-2011

15   SC   729450   KUMAR         GIAN CHAND     DEWAL PO MALTI     BILAWAR        KATHUA          20-Apr-2011

                                 PAWAN                             KEERIAN
16   SC   942696   JOTI BALA     KUMAR          RAM NAGAR          KATHUA         KATHUA          20-Apr-2011

17   SC   691128   KIRANA DEVI   JASHY RAM      CHECK MAUGA        SAMBA          JAMMU           20-Apr-2011

18   SC   624967   KUMAR         KRISHN LAL     NANDPUR            MIRAN SAHIB    JAMMU           20-Apr-2011

                   KULDEEP       SH SWAMI
19   SC   844353   KUMAR         RAJ            RO VILL JAGOTA     TEH THATHRI    DISTT DODA      20-Apr-2011

                                                RO BAKHAN CHAK
20   SC   848059   KUSHAM LATA   HARBANS LAL    PO RAMGARH         TEHSIL SAMBA   DISTT SAMBA     20-Apr-2011

                                                VILL ISMAIL PUR    POST OFF       TEH DISTT
21   SC   920759   MADHU BALLA   GIRDHARI LAL   KOTHEY             DHARAP         JAMMU           21-Apr-2011

                   MANJEET                      H NO 341
22   SC   607928   KUMAR         BALWANT RAJ    JAWAHAR NAGAR      NEW PLOT       JAMMU           21-Apr-2011
                   MEENA         RAMAN                             BYE PASS       DIST-TEH
23   SC   601446   KUMARI        KUMAR          H NO-124 WNO-5     CANAL ROAD     SAMBA           21-Apr-2011

                   MUKESH                       WARD NO 8
24   SC   609201   KUMAR         PRITHVI RAJ    SAMBA              TEH PO SAMBA   DISTT SAMBA     21-Apr-2011

                   NARINDER                     H NO 156 WARD      TEH PO R S
25   SC   815750   KUMAR         KRISHAN LAL    NO 9 R S PURA      PURA           DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011

26   SC   826954   NEETA DEVI    SINGH          CHAK NATHAL        HIRANAGAR      KATHUA          21-Apr-2011

                                                R/O CHACK                         TEH AND DISTT
27   SC   829610   NEETA DEVI    SH SANJI RAM   JANGHI             P/O DIANI      SAMBA           21-Apr-2011

                   NEHA                         H NO 95 WARD NO    RAILWAY ROAD
28   SC   612820   CHADGAL       KULDIP RAJ     5                  VIJAYPUR       DIST SAMBA      21-Apr-2011
                                 SH ASHOK
                   NUPER         KUMAR
29   SC   640680   SANYAL        SANYAL         BHARAT NAGAR       JAKHENI        UDHAMPUR        21-Apr-2011

                                                VILLAGE DEOLI      TEHSIL
30   SC   709532   PARSHAN LAL   OM PARKASH     PO DEOLI           BISHNAH        DIST JAMMU      21-Apr-2011

                   PARSHOTAM                    VPO
31   SC   948108   LAL           MORI RAM       GANDHARWAN         TEH AKHNOOR    DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011

                                                RO DHALLI PO       TEH
32   SC   928643   PINKY DEVI    THAKUR DASS    DAYALA CHACK       HIRANAGAR      DIST KATHUA     21-Apr-2011
                                                WARD NO 3         BEHIND          STORE TEH
                   RAJESH         SH GUR                          NEAR RAILWAY    BRAHMANA
34   SC   847486   KUMAR          BACHAN LAL    WNO 12 H NO 108   STATION         SAMBA J AND K   21-Apr-2011

                   RAJINDER       PURAN                           TEHSIL RS
35   SC   926354   KUMAR          CHAND         VPO CHAKROHI      PURA            DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011
                                                VILL DHINDEY      HEY PO
                                                KALAN TUMU DE     RATTIAN TEH R
36   SC   945084   RAJNI DEVI     PREM CHAND    KOT               S PURA          DIST JAMMU      21-Apr-2011

37   SC   921888   KUMAR          SITA RAM      SHAMA CHAK        SHAMA CHAK      JAMMU           21-Apr-2011

                   RAKESH                       VILLAGE DABBAR    TEHSIL
38   SC   827928   RAMOTRA        BANARSI LAL   PO DEOL I         BISHNAH         DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011
                   KUMAR                                          BYE PASS        BARI
39   SC   915890   KATTRU         DEV RAJ       H NO 124 W NO 5   CANAL ROAD      BRAHMANA        21-Apr-2011

                                  BANSI LAL
40   SC   794664   RANI BHAGAT    BHAGAT        POCHHAL           KISHTWAR        KISTHWAR        21-Apr-2011

                                                                                  TALAB TILLO
41   SC   804222   RANI DEVI      BREHM DASS    HOUSE NO 1        TIRATH NAGAR    BOHRI JAMMU     21-Apr-2011

                   RANJEET                                        TEHSIL
42   SC   932046   SINGH          BHURI SINGH   RO KAHILLA        THATHRI         DISTT DODA      21-Apr-2011
                   REETA          KRISHAN                         NUMBER 81       TEH BISHNAH
43   SC   815672   KUMARI         KUMAR         WORD NUMBER 2     ARNIA           DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011
                   REETA                        CHUMBIAN          POST OFFICE
44   SC   710954   KUMARI         SH RAJ PAUL   BRAHMANA          CHAK BANA       TEH BISHNAH     21-Apr-2011

                                                VILLAGE TINDAY    POST OFFICE     TEH R S PURA
45   SC   945136   RENU BALA      RATTAN LAL    KALAN             RATTIAN         JAMMU           21-Apr-2011
                                                VILLAGE BUN       TEHSIL DISTT
                   SANJEEVAN      SH JAI        KULEED            AND POST
46   SC   348458   PARKASH        KRISHAN       KISHTWAR          OFFICE          KISHTWAR        21-Apr-2011

47   SC   794590   SEEMA DEVI     GULDEV RAJ    MANASHA           BISHNAH         JAMMU           21-Apr-2011
                                                HIRANAGAR         ARAN POST       DISTT KATHUA
                   SH MANGAL      SH SANSAR     WARD NO 2         AND TEHSIL      JAMMU AND
48   SC   803824   NATH           CHAND         GURAH BELD        HIRANAGAR       KASHMIR         21-Apr-2011

49   SC   676051   SHOBA DEVI     CHAND         RAGHUNATHPURA     HIRANAGAR       KATHUA          21-Apr-2011

                   SKINDER        SH RAM        R\O RARIAN P\O    TEH&DISTT
50   SC   944774   PAUL           CHAND         GHO BRAHMANA      SAMBA           STATE J&K       21-Apr-2011

                                                VILL KATHAR P/O
51   SC   547712   SONU BALA      SUKHDEV RAJ   PINDI KALAN       TEH BISHNAH     DISTT JAMMU     21-Apr-2011
                   KUMAR          SARDARI LAL                                     DISTRICT
52   SC   825010   BHARTI         BHARTI        VPO DIANI         TEHSIL SAMBA    SAMBA           21-Apr-2011
                                                RESIDENT OF       DISTRICT
                                                DRANGA TESHIL     DODA PO
53   SC   744694   VED PARKASH    LEKH RAJ      BHAD              UNDRANA                         21-Apr-2011

                                  SH THORU                                        NANAK NAGAR
54   SC   924968   VEENA DEVI     RAM           H NO 178          SECTOR 9        JAMMU           21-Apr-2011
                                  BHAJAN        WARD NO 4
                   VEENA          SINGH         PAROLE TARAF      NEAR ARWAN      TEH AND DIST
55   SC   928344   KUMARI         LALOTRA       BALA              MORE            KATHUA J&K      21-Apr-2011
                                  NARESH        R/O VILL DELAIN   BHADERWAH
56   SC   909187   VEERTA DEVI    KUMAR         BHADERWAH TEH     DIST DODA       J&K             21-Apr-2011

                                                                  TEHSIL          DISTT DODA
57   SC   631507   VIJAY KUMAR    SHAM LAL      VILLAGE DALIANE   BHADERWAH       J&K             21-Apr-2011

                                                                                  DISTT JAMMU J
58   SC   925150   VIJAY KUMARI   OM PARKASH    VPO LANGOTIAN     TEH RS PURA     AND K           21-Apr-2011

                                                RO DAL            TEH             DIST RAJOURI
59   SC   756168   VIMAL KUMAR    OM SHOOR      MANGALDEVI PO     NOWSHERA        J&K             21-Apr-2011

                     SINGH         AMAR SINGH    SARSWATI VIHAR    BARI KATHUA
60   SC    904094    LANGEH        LANGEH        WARD NO 16 KALI   JAK                           21-Apr-2011

                     ABDUL         GHULAM
                     MAJEED        ;QADIR                          NEWA
1 OM    914557       RATHER        RATHER        HAKRIPORA         PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     FAYAZ AHMAD   SONA ULLAH
2    OSC   874245    BHAT          BHAT          LAJU RAH          PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     FIRDOUS       ALI MOHD
3          995294    AHMAD DAR     DAR           LAJOORA           PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011
                     IRSHAD        ABDUL
                     AHMAD         GAFFAR        NIGEEN PORA       DISTRICT
4    OSC   953177    AHANGER       AHANGER       TRAL KASHMIR      PULWAMA                       21-Apr-2011

                     MANZOOR       GHULAM
5    OM    951643    AHMAD BHAT    AHMAD BHAT    BANPORA           DADOORA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     MOHD          GH QADIR      NEAR JAMIA        KHANIJIPORA
6          956106    ASHRAF BHAT   BHAT          MASJID            LAJURAH        LAJURAH        21-Apr-2011

                     MOHD ISHAQ    MOHD
7    OM    994837    WANI          YOUSUF WANI   LITTER            PULWAMA                       21-Apr-2011

                     MUSHTAQ       ABDUL GANI
8    OM    789083    AHMAD BHAT    BHAT          NOWDAL            TRAL           PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     NIGHAT        GH HASSAN                       DRANGBAL
9    OM    656498    HASSAN        MALIK         DRANGBAL          PAMPORRE       PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                                   GH MOHD
10   OM    795000    RAZIA GUL     PARAY         YADER             SHAHOORA       PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     RIZWAN UL     GHULAM
11         771291    QADIR         QADIR DAR     GOOSU             WAHIBUGH       PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     ROUF AHMAD    GULAM NABI    ASTANPORA
12   OM    758958    DAR           DAR           RAHMOO            PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011
                     RUBEENA       QADEER
13   OSC   667009    QADEER        KUMAR         CHATAPORA         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        21-Apr-2011
14         666719    RUBY JAN      WANI          DALI PORA         PULWAMA        KASHMIR        21-Apr-2011

                     SHABIR        AB AHAD                         TENGPUNA
15   OM    278708    AHMAD WANI    WANI          NAGBAL            PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011
                     SHABNAMA      MUHAMMAD                        MURRAN
16   OSC   966051    ALI           SHEIKH        MURRAN            PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     SHUGUFTA      ALTAF AHMAD                     KOIL PULWAMA
17   OM    966526    ALTAF         WANI          KOIL              KASHMIR        KOIL PULWAMA   21-Apr-2011
                     IQBAL         S BASHIR                        RATINPORA
18   OM    666955    ANDRABI       AHMAD         HERPORA           PULWAMA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                     ZAHOOR        GH MOHD
19   OM    758632    AHMAD LONE    LONE          TIKEN             BATPORA        PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011
                     AHMAD         GH MOHI UD
20         994984    SHIEKH        DIN SHIEKH    BARAGAM           TRAL           PULWAMA        21-Apr-2011

                                                                J&K Services Selection Board

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