King Menes and Cleopatra

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King Menes
       By :
Kevin Martinez And
 Yadira Reynaga
 At the age of 18, she
  became the ruler of
  Upper and Lower
 She had knowledge in
  medicines,... She
  could even ride a
                 How She Ruled Egypt

    Politically, she ruled with
     the help of her prime
     minister (dioiketes) and
     she kept an eye on
     Greek governors who
     were in control of other
     parts of the country.

Born:        69 B.C.
Birthplace:  Egypt
Died:        30 B.C.
             (Suicide, by snake)
Best Known As: The famously
             alluring Queen of
              Cleopatra’s Qualities
• Lots of stories were written
  about Cleopatra's beauty
  and charisma, she was a
  kind of sorceress who could
  easily have won your heart.
• Pascal said:"if Cleopatra's
  nose had been shorter, it
  would have change the face
  of the world"

                     Cleopatra’s Qualities
•   Cleopatra showed directly she was
    talented, she instaured new laws,
    she devaluated the money by one
    third for the exportations.
•   She instaured new religious laws
    in favor of her own folk.
•   She was also busy trying to solve
    the international conflicts, mainly
    with Rome.
•   According to Egyptian law,
    Cleopatra was forced to have a
    consort, who was either a brother
    or a son, no matter what age,
    throughout her reign
    Cleopatra’s Intrests and Heritage
   Cleopatra had many interests
    including astronomy, alchemy,
    cosmetics and perfume and
    spoke as many as 9
   Being of Greek heritage and
    culture, it is often argued if she
    in fact had dark features like
    black hair and dark brown eyes,
    or blonde hair and blue eyes.
                     Egypt Suffering
   Between 51 and 49 BC,
    Egypt was suffering from bad
    harvests and famine because
    of a drought which stopped
    the much needed Nile
   Ptolemy XIII signed a decree
    on October 27, 50 BC which
    banned any shipments of
    grain to anywhere but
                   Cleopatra’s Death
   Ptolemy XIII signed a
    decree on October 27, 50
    BC which banned any
    shipments of grain to
    anywhere but Alexandria.
   It is thought that this was
    to deprive Cleopatra and
    her supporters who were
    not in Alexandria.
   Her death was the mark of
    the end of the Egyptian
    Monarchs. The Roman
    Emperors came into to rule
    in Egypt.
   The Ptolemies were
    Macedonian in decent, but
    ruled as Egyptians, as
   Cleopatra was the last
    Pharaoh of Egypt Cleopatra
    died by suicide by a
    poisonous snake that bit her
    in the chest.
                               King Menes

 In Egyptian legend,
  the first king of Egypt
  was Menes.
 Menes was the first
  pharaoh of the 1st
  Dynasty in Egypt.
                   The Ruler of Lower and
                        Upper Egypt
   Menes was the
    founder of the unified
    Egyptian state which
    combined Upper and
    Lower Egypt under a
    single monarchy.
            King Mene’s Double Crown
 One day, King Menes had an
 If the color of a crown was so
  important, why not invent a new
 King Menes created the Double
  Crown, a mix of white and red.
 His idea worked. Both Lower and
  Upper Egypt respected the
  Double Crown.
 They called their land "The Two
  Lands". Over time, The Two
  Lands became known as Egypt.
    Source: www. Egypt for kids. com
          King Menes Death Mystery
 His death is a mystery,
  for, according to legend
  he was attacked by wild
  dogs and Nile crocodiles
  in Faiyum.
 Menes' tomb resides at
  Saqqara, the famed
  necropolis of Memphis.
 He died at the age of
  Sixty Three.
                       King Menes’s Wife

    His chief wife was Queen
     Berenib, though she was
     not the mother of his
     heir, KingDjer, and his
     mother was Neithotepe.
 King Menes’s Monument and Tomb
 With Menes the story told by
  Herodotus unites Egypt, with
  the vague data of the
  earliest monuments.
 Menes dwelt chiefly in lower
  Egypt, the more civilized
  portion of his dominion, and
  built Memphis there to be
  his capital.
 This tomb of Menes, his
  construction of Memphis as
  his capital, and other relics
  all show him to have been a
  great builder.
               King Menes’s
        Celebrations and Civilization
   Menes left the temples and
    festivals of Set in place, and
    assumed the other gods of
    the north as well.
   His wise actions make it clear
    that the worshipers of Horus
    had no intention of wiping
    out the advancements of the
    Set-people, but attacked in
    order to establish a premise
    for the civilizations to merge,
    albeit under Horus's control.
                      King Menes’ Laws
1.   Each Egyptian had the right to marry
     only one woman.
2.   Woman is equal to man and she has
     the right to have her own property and
     enter into sale or purchase contracts.
3.   Father’s wealth shall be inherited
     equally by his sons and daughters,
     without distinction between males and
4.   Every man is free to make his own will.
5.   Slavery was not sanctioned by the
     Egyptian law at that time.
6.   Neighbouring landlords normally
     shared water for irrigation.
              King Menes’ Years of Rule
 He ruled some time
  between 3100-2850
  B.C during the
  Protodynastic era of
  Egypt's history.
 King Menes ruled for
  sixty-two years after
  this mystery death.
             King Menes’ Kingdom Era
   The city of Memphis
    was the royal
    residence and capital
    of Egypt during the
    Early Dynastic period
    and the Old Kingdom.

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