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					Office Assistant Job Description
Office Assistant Job Profile and Description
The Office Assistant performs basically a number of tasks which are a wide range of
responsibilities that are covered by their maximum qualifications and competencies. The
job actually depends up on the individual policies of that institution that they have signed
up with. The office assistance conducts a myriad of office support and administrative
functions in the designated area. Their specific tasks depend greatly upon the institution.
Office assistants are expected to have good people skills and must have adequate
knowledge in operating various commonly used office equipments and electronic media.

Duties and Responsibilities of an office assistant
As an office assistant has to perform a lot of duties and responsibilities generally, the
scope of the duties and responsibilities of the office assistant are as follows:

      An office assistant has to do the basic job of receiving and direct telephone calls.
       He or she will also have to relay conversation and pertinent messages to others in
       this they actually have to maintain the accuracy, clarity and confidentiality.

      He or she will have to do the contact making job such as he or she will have to
       perform primary contact and establish rapport with clients, visitors and as well as
       with those people who are going in and out of the institution on a daily basis.

      He or she will have to entertain and answer basic queries made by the clients
       related to the business and will have to pertain to the services provided by the
       institution, its mission and vision and its rules and regulations.

      He or she will have to create the appointment schedules for the clients,
       shareholders and other visitors.

      He or she will also have to take care about the comfort level of clients with
       ensuring the comfort and seeing to the needs of the clients, visitors and people
       dropping by the institution.

      He or she will have to assess the various needs and purposes of the clients in order
       to make the comfort level. And direct them to the proper sources in order to
       address their concerns.

      He or she should be very perfectly devoted to the job as he or she will have to do
       the work such as receiving, obtaining and storing pertinent client information and
       will have to ensure the validity, completeness, accuracy and confidentiality of
       these records.
   An office assistant has to maintain the needed records of institution and keep
    track of the institution’s supplies and the purchases made to and from the

   He or she will have to prepare a written output on the transactions, purchases and
    other pertinent incidents that have transpired throughout the day in the institution.

   He or she will have tom do the proper filing of pertinent documents.

   An office assistant has to do the work related to planning, coordinating and
    organizing various meetings and conferences within the department to maintain
    the accuracy.

   He or she will have to do the work of a receiver and has to do make the official
    documents and important mail addressed to the office.

   He or she will also have to note down the needed relevant notes during the
    process of meetings and conferences so will have to take part in them.

   He or she will have to give the service as the provider of informal guidance as
    well as the work of conducting training to new employees and also have to
    conduct close monitoring up on the employees’ productivity and progress of

   He or she will have to watch the work of all office personnel and colleagues that
    if they are adhere closely to the rules and regulations of the institution and if not
    then do the required improvement and solutions.

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