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					       2010 Auction
Gala Dinner    March 27, 2010
   Presenting Sponsor: Robert Veith, M.D.

  Steps to Healing
With Thanks to Our Sponsors
           Platinum ($15,000)
            Robert Veith, M.D.                              PROSTHETICS
            Gold ($5,000)                                   FOUNDATION

                                          2010 Gala Dinner Auction
        Chad and Mary Gladhart
          Chris and Donna Ishii

             Emerald ($3,000)
     Linda Breneman and Eric Strand           Presenting Sponsor - Robert Veith, M.D
  William Calarese and Keith Williamson
             Gladys Kenfack

                                              Tonight’s Schedule
      Karl and Susan Entenmann,             5:00 pm   Registration, Silent Auctions Open
           Daniel McNamara,
      David and Christine Tweedy            6:10 pm   Red Silent Auction Closes

                                            6:25 pm   Blue Silent Auction Closes
                                            6:40 pm   Green Silent Auction Closes
              Silver ($2,500)
        George W. Bagby, M.D.               6:45 pm   Dinner and Live Auction Begin
     Mark Dales, M.D. and Kim Dales
     DuBois Law Firm: Amanda DuBois

             Bronze ($1,500)                           On-Stage Hosts
         Elaina and Paul Herber                    Auctioneer: Graham Crow
             Katherine Robbs                    Master of Ceremonies: Ken Carson

     Tom Grava and Chris Economou

Message from the Executive Director                                                 2010 Board of Directors
Prosthetics Outreach Foundation (POF) helps developing countries restore
mobility and independence to disabled children and adults. Thanks to your                 Mary Luft Gladhart, President
continued support, more than 15,000 disabled men, women, and children
are now enjoying renewed mobility. Farmers can work their fields again and
earn a living for themselves and their families, mothers are able to care for           William Calarese, Vice President
their children, and children can go to school. By establishing local capacity
to help people walk for a lifetime, POF permanently transforms lives.
                                                                                           Ernest A. Burgess, Treasurer
Looking back, last year we were able to maintain our commitment to
hundreds of disabled children and adults served through our existing                       Katherine Robbs, Secretary
programs and we launched several new orthopedic initiatives despite a
challenging fundraising environment:
    • We launched a new prosthetics program for amputees in Liberia,                 Robert G. Veith, M.D., Medical Director
      West Africa;
    • We initiated an ambitious country-wide program in Bangladesh to
      treat children with clubfoot; and                                                         Linda Breneman
    • We expanded our clubfoot treatment program in Vietnam from 4 to 10
                                                                                                Gladys Kenfack
Moreover, through our orthopedic assistance programs in Sierra Leone,
Vietnam and Bangladesh we:
                                                                                               Bernice Kegel, RPT
    • Fabricated and repaired prostheses for 24 amputees, and
    • Performed 102 orthopedic surgeries, correcting severe limb deformities

All in all, more than 700 disabled children and adults directly benefitted from
our orthopedic programs in Asia and Africa last year.
                                                                                  Headquarters & Auction Staff
Additionally, we have continued our strong emphasis on local capacity
building in developing countries by:                                                   Winfried Danke, Executive Director
    • Training hundreds of doctors and nurses in clubfoot identification and
      treatment, orthopedic surgeons in improved surgical techniques, and
      prosthetic technicians in artificial limb fabrication techniques; and         Frederic Jacobs, Director of Development
    • Advancing in-country fabrication of essential prosthetic components
      (artificial feet, etc.) with locally available materials.
                                                                                       Raymond Pye, Director of Programs
Through these efforts, we are ensuring that amputees and other disabled
individuals will have access to vital orthopedic services not only today, but
for a lifetime.
                                                                                         Jessica Dyer, Program Assistant

As we enter our third decade of service, we look forward to bringing hope              Griffyn O’Donnell, Office Manager
and healing to many more disabled children and adults in developing
countries. Thank you for your generous support that makes our work possible.
                                                                                       Charla Ojala, Auction Coordinator
With warm wishes,

Winfried Danke
Executive Director
  4                                                                                                                            5

             Tonight’s Speakers                                                Table Centerpieces
                                                                    Win these two bottles of delicious special label wine produced
      Robert G. Veith, M.D., Medical Director                            specifically for the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation!
 Robert G. Veith, M.D., a graduate of Stanford University and
  University of Washington Medical School, is an orthopedic              Created by Northwest Cellars, these award-winning
    surgeon with Valley Orthopedic Associates in Renton,                        wines have received rave reviews.
 Washington. He has both led and participated in numerous
       surgical missions to countries including Vietnam,              To take them home tonight, listen for Auctioneer Graham
                     Bangladesh, and Haiti.                                  Crow’s instructions during the Live Auction.

                                                                                      Featured Wines & Awards:
           Mary Luft Gladhart, President,                                            2005 Yakima Valley Merlot Blend
                Board of Directors                                      Double Gold, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition -
Mary Luft Gladhart is a retired financial consultant with over 30                     Gold, 2009 Seattle Wine Awards
years of experience in the investment industry. Ms. Gladhart                  Bronze, Dallas Morning News Wine Competition
 also serves as a member of the Bagby Family Endowment                2008 Columbia Valley Adagio - Gold, 2009 Seattle Wine Awards
  committee. Her education is in international affairs and
 anthropology with an emphasis in worldwide medical and
                         cultural studies.

        Winfried Danke, Executive Director
     Winfried Danke has served as Prosthetics Outreach
     Foundation’s executive director since 2001. Prior to
  joining POF, Mr. Danke led a community and economic
  development nonprofit organization in southern Oregon.
 He holds a Master’s degree in International Studies from the
 University of Southampton, England, and a Master’s degree
  in Political Science and Economics from the University of
                     Hamburg, Germany.

       2010 Table Captains                             2010 Event Volunteers*
                                                 We greatly appreciate the time & energy our volunteers
               George W. Bagby, M.D.
                                                     have contributed leading up to this event and
           Linda Breneman & Eric Strand           throughout today. We could not produce this event
                 Renee & Jay Burrell                             without their support!
               Ernest & Diane Burgess
                                                    If you see volunteers tonight wearing Prosthetics
                   Ernest Burgess, II
                                                  Outreach Foundation t-shirts, feel free to thank them!
                   William Calarese
                  Kim & Mark Dales                        AJ Westford               Janine Sing
                Winfried & Kim Danke                 Alina Diem-Thuy Tran        Jennifer Bender
                                                        Allison Blackwell            Jim Mellon
                   Amanda DuBois
                                                         April Clements             Jodi Griffiths
                   Chris Economou                         Andrea Hess             Jordan Phillips
              Karl & Susan Entenmann                        Andy Lind              Kate Cancro
    Lois Gelman & Gelman Anesthesia Services             Ashley Brown           Kate Kuttler-Phillips
               Mary & Chad Gladhart                      Beth Gardner                Katie Apfel
              Gordon & Alice Godfred                           Bill Rist         Kelly Humphreys
                      Tom Grava                          Bridgett Bonte           Kelly Merschel
                                                          Carrie Dorrell           Kelsey Wallin
           Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics
                                                     Cecilie Helm Darling       Kelsey Weidkamp
                Paul & Elaina Herber
                                                        Cedar Budinger            Malissa Anglea
                  Chris & Donna Ishii                 Chantel Pickering           Melia Albrecht
                     Fred Jacobs                        Christina Waine            Mindy Nolan
                   Gladys Kenfack                          David Kelly               Phuong Le
    Bernice Kegel, RPT & Wally Kegel, DDS, MSD       Dominique Deramat             Rachel Wong
                  Daniel McNamara                          Ellen Hawks             Richard Wall
              Vijya Patel & Scott Block                  Emily Solberg           Robyn Tramaine
                                                            Eric Weber                Sarah Bui
                   Katherine Robbs
                                                           Erick Hawks           Shevy Schmaus
          Susan Stanley & Robert Kendrick                 Gene Kujec            Stephen Reynolds
              David & Christine Tweedy                 Hilary Engelhardt              Tricia Yost
                 James Utzschneider                       Hillary Robins          Tammy Leland
                Robert G. Veith, M.D.                   Jamie Anderson
                 Ruth & Jerry Verhoff                     Janelle Hani
              Bennett & Susan Williams                        *At time of program printing

     Tonight’s In-Kind Sponsors                            Tonight’s In-Kind Sponsors
We are grateful to the team at Visual Media Group LLC            Bags for Package Pick-up
for their generous contribution of services & support to
          create tonight’s video presentations.

          Producer/Post-Production Services


     We are grateful to all of our in-kind sponsors
        whose generous contributions help
          make tonight’s event possible.
                                                                Pizza for Volunteer Meetings
                      Dinner Wine

                  Event Photography                             Printing Supported In-Part By
George W. Bagby, M.D., proudly supports
  the work of the Prosthetics Outreach
       Foundation in Bangladesh
        and around the world.

             Karl & Susan Entenmann,
                Daniel McNamara,
             David & Christine Tweedy

          Proud to Support the
    Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

     Serving Federal Way, Gig Harbor & Tacoma

    253-572-1282 •

                 Se Habla Espanol
  12               Auction Rules                                                                                     1

              General Rules & Information                                            Live Auction

Use your bid number for both the live and the silent parts      1.To bid, simply raise your bid number. Please do not
of the auction. Please read all detailed descriptions of        take any items from the live auction tables. We will bring
items before bidding, including restrictions and expiration     the items to package pick-up where you can collect
dates. Your winning bid constitutes an agreement to             them at the end of the night.
purchase the item at that price. You may not withdraw
bids. All sales are final. The following is a guide to the
evening:                                                                           To Pick Up Items

                         Silent Auction                         1.You may register at the beginning of the evening for
                                                                ExpressPay to avoid standing in the Check-Out line at
  1.   Select item(s) you are interested in winning.            the end of the event.

  2. Write your bid number on the form next to the              2. If you are using ExpressPay, gift certificates that you
  amount you want to bid. You do not have to take the           won during the Silent Auction will be brought to you
  next available bid amount. You can skip ahead to the          by volunteers during the Live Auction. If you also won
  amount you want to bid. If you want to ensure that            items other than gift certificates, and you are using
  an item is yours at the end of the night, write your bid      ExpressPay, simply proceed straight to Package Pick-Up
  number next to the amount labeled “Guaranteed Bid.”           at the end of the live auction. Present your bid number
  Once a bid number is written on the “Guaranteed Bid”          to the volunteers at Package Pick-Up and they will bring
  line, the bidding for that item is closed.                    you the items you have won.

  .You may keep bidding on items until the section             .If you are not using Express Pay, please go to the
  closes. Once a section closes, the top bid for each item      Check-Out desk to pay for the items you have won and
  will be circled and copies of the bid forms will remain       then proceed to Package Pick-Up to collect them.
  on the tables until the final section is closed, so you can
  check to see which items you have won. Please do not          4.If you are using ExpressPay and all of the items you
  take bid forms or any items off of the table. Your items      won were gift certificates, you do not need to go to
  will be packaged for you by our volunteers.                   package Pick-Up. You may simply exit.

                                                                5.Payments may be made with cash, check or by
                                                                credit card at the Check-Out desk. Please be sure to
                                                                take all merchandise with you, including centerpieces.
                                 make your name known.                                           15


 Proud to work with             Thank you, Prosthetics

   the Prosthetics              Outreach Foundation,
                                  for giving people
       Outreach                   around the world
     Foundation!                   back the ability
                                  to live their lives.

    Charla Ojala
   (253) 221-0973

                                                                   Starts :45pm
 Chris Economou & Tom Grava
                              We are proud to support
                              the Prosthetics Outreach
We are proud to salute the          Foundation.
  Prosthetics Outreach
                                  DuBois Law Firm • PLLC
      Foundation!               927 N Northlake Way Ste 210
                                     Seattle WA 98103
                                    Phone: 206.547.1486
 Now, more than ever, it’s
 important to support the              Property Division
                                       Paternity Action
  causes you care about.        Domestic Partnership Dissolution
                                         Child Custody
  Thank you, Prosthetics             Professional Divorce
  Outreach Foundation!            Parenting Plan Modification
                                      Contested Divorce
                                       Amicable Divorce
                                                                           :45pm - Live Auction Begins
    1                                                                                                                                  17

1            Washington Wines Executive Package                       3            Calidora Skin Clinic Day for Two
Don’t miss the opportunity to add some of the most sought after       Pamper yourself and a friend with this Calidora “Girlfriend’s Package”
Washington wines to your wine cellar! In addition to the amazing      - includes a photo imaging complexion analysis and custom signature
wines listed below, this executive wine package includes a Magnum     facial for two at any Calidora Clinic. You’ll also receive 2- $250.00
bottle of wine from Mark Ryan Winery! Package also includes:          gift certificates, 2 -vitamin B serums and 2 - Calidora gentle cleansers.
                                                                      Look and feel your best with Calidora!
 • 2002 Woodward Canyon Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon
 • 2002 Cayuse Vineyard Impulsivo Tempranillo                         Certificate good at any Calidora Clinic locations: University Village,
 • 200 Leonetti Cellar Merlot                                        Downtown Seattle, Redmond, or Bellevue. Expires: 3/27/2011
 • 2005 McCrea Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Syrah
 • 2005 Long Shadows Vintners Feather Cabernet Sauvignon              Value: $1,120          Donor: Calidora Skin Clinics
 • 2005 Basel Cellars Merlot/Cabernet Franc Blend
 • 2007 Archery Summitt Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Value: $600            Donors: Dr. David Isenberg,                    4            Elegant Summer Dinner Party for Ten
                               Mary & Chad Gladhart,
                               & Dr. Robert Veith                     A summer seasonal feast for 10 awaits you! Hosted by Diane and
                                                                      Ernie Burgess and Annette and Roger Rieger, this dinner will occur at
                                                                      Roger and Annette’s gorgeous home nestled on the th Fairway of
                                                                      the Broadmoor Golf Course. Out come the linens, china, and crystal-
                                                                      -nothing but the best for you and your friends. Master Chef Tom
2            Whidbey Island Cabin Long-Weekend                        Bennett, who has cooked for the Pacific NW Ballet and the Seattle
                                                                      Symphony, will surprise and delight you with this innovative 5-course
             Getaway for 4                                            menu. Cocktails and wine will flow freely and Diane, Ernie, Annette
Enjoy three nights in a professionally-designed waterfront cabin      and Roger will be at your service throughout the evening!
on the west side of Whidbey Island between Greenback and
Coupeville. This fantastic getaway includes one bedroom and a         Mutually agreeable dates.
loft that sleeps four people, 1.5 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a
covered deck. Located close to Fort Casey, near the ferry to Port     Value: $1,500          Donors: Ernie & Diane Burgess,
Townsend for fun shopping, and overlooking Admiralty Bay. Walk                                       Roger & Annette Rieger
miles of beaches, bask in unobstructed views of Puget Sound and the
Olympics, and watch spectacular sunsets!

Mutually agreeable dates.                                             5            40 Hours of Handyman Services
Value: $600            Donors: Mark Dales M.D. & Kim Dales            Jacob Novelozo, union carpenter and all-around good guy, will work
                                                                      on your home projects for 40 hours! Carpentry, drywall, painting,
                                                                      repair--all those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off
                                                                      will be quickly and efficiently accomplished by a pro.

                                                                      Tasks and scheduling to be mutually agreed upon and completed
                                                                      during 2010. Materials not included.
                                                                      Value: $2,000          Donor: Jacob Novelozo

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                     :45pm - Live Auction Begins
    1                                                                                                                                    1

6        2010 Seahawks Opening Game Day for 4                             8           Private Gourmet Dinner
         & Signed Football                                                            & Jazz Performance for 8
Cheer on your Seattle Seahawks as they start off the 2010 season at       Spend an incredible evening with 7 friends or guests feasting on an
Qwest Field! You and three guests will catch all the on-field action      array of delicious dishes and listening to an incredible private jazz
from your seats located in the 27th row, on the 50 yard line! The         performance! This magical evening will be hosted in the beautiful
winning bidder will also get to take home this authentic football         Bellevue condo of POF Board Member and Presenting Sponsor
signed by the Seahawks 1st round draft pick, linebacker Aaron Curry.      Dr. Robert Veith. With sweeping views of Lake Washington and
Don’t miss this incredible game-day experience for four!                  downtown Bellevue in the background, you and your guests will
Value: Priceless       Donors: Ernie & Diane Burgess,                     dine on a gourmet meal prepared by Todd & Belinda Gray, long-
                               Ken Carson,                                time friends of POF and experienced chefs! Todd & Belinda will help
                               Seattle Seahawks                           you develop a menu to your liking and will even offer wine pairing
                                                                          recommendations. During or after your meal, you and your guests
                                                                          will also have the amazing experience of a private jazz performance
                                                                          by members of Pearl Django & Malibu Manouche. You are sure to
                                                                          remember this amazing evening of terrific food, pleasant company,
7            Weekend Trip for Two Anywhere in the U.S.                    and fantastic music!
             - Maybe New York!
Pack your bags, head to the airport, and getaway for a long               Mutually agreeable dates.
weekend for two anywhere your hearts desire within the United             Value: $2,300         Donors: Dr. Robert Veith,
States! You and a guest will stay at the Kimpton Hotel of your choice                                   Belinda & Todd Gray,
for three nights and best of all ... the airfare is included! These two
                                                                                                        Malibu Manouche,
roundtrip Southwest Airline tickets have no blackout dates and will
take you anywhere they fly within the U.S. As an added bonus, if you                                    Neil Andersson,
and your guest decided to travel to New York, we’re throwing in two                                     Peter Pendras
tickets to the taping of Jimmy Fallon’s late-night comedy show and
tickets to the taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Just pick the
destination and get ready for a memorable weekend getaway!                9           7-Day Holland America Cruise for Two
Kimpton Hotel Certificate expires 3/31/2011. Airline tickets expire       When you step aboard one of the five-star ships of Holland America
4/1/2011 and have no restrictions and no blackout dates.                  Line, you will experience a voyage unlike any other! Here is your
                                                                          chance to choose any cruise for two for seven days to Alaska, the
Value: $1,750          Donors: Broadway Video,                            Caribbean, Mexico, or Canada/New England! Your journey will
                               Daily Show with Jon Stewart,               include extra-ordinary dining, a spacious ocean view stateroom,
                               Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants,            elegant surroundings and days filled with new discoveries and
                               Southwest Airlines                         gracious pampering by an award-winning crew. Choose to partake
                                                                          in as many - or as few - activities as you wish, from the renowned
                                                                          Greenhouse Spa and Salon to cooking demonstrations and wine
                                                                          tasting in the Culinary Arts Center. Or simply relax and enjoy the
                                                                          spectacular scenery from the beautiful wrap-around teak deck!

                                                                          Excludes Alaska CruiseTours. Mutually agreeable date and subject
                                                                          to availability. Minimum ocean view stateroom. Airfare to and
                                                                          from departure and arrival ports not included. Winning bidder is
                                                                          responsible for taxes, onboard charges, shore excursions, and hotel
                                                                          service charges. Certificate does not expire.
                                                                          Value: $3,200         Donors: Kirk Lanterman, Holland America
:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                        :45pm - Live Auction Begins
   20                                                                                                                                          21

10           California Wine Country Vacation                                11           Themed Cocktail Party for 30
             & Wine for Two                                                  Let POF Board Member Linda Breneman and her legendary posse
                                                                             of party experts produce a cocktail party for you and up to 0 of
Pack your bags for a fantastic weekend in Napa or Sonoma Valley,
                                                                             your closest friends! Choose a theme - clowns, pirates, cowboys,
your choice! These valleys are synonymous with fine wines! In
                                                                             dinosaurs, Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, 007, Tolstoy or Agatha Christie;
the perfect climate and rich soil of the valleys, grapes for making
                                                                             birthday or anniversary; Roaring Twenties or Swingin’ Sixties - whatever
Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah,
                                                                             your heart desires. Or, if you prefer, forego the theme. In either
and dozens of other varieties of wines, ports, and brandies all thrive.
                                                                             case, invitations, decorations, food, drinks, and entertainment will be
You and your guest will savor the fruits of the wine country and take
                                                                             provided to your specifications. The party will be held at Linda and
a personalized five hour wine tour in a chauffeured Mercedes S430
                                                                             Eric’s gorgeous Madison Park home!
Sedan. Whether you are first-time visitors or veteran wine tasters,
you’ll enjoy an enlightening, fun-filled day in this picturesque region.
                                                                             Mutually agreeable date and time in 2010
The informative winery tour will be customized based on your
individual wine preferences! Stroll through magnificent gardens and          Value: $3,000          Donors: Linda Breneman & Eric Strand
taste wines recognized as being among the best the world has to

Your trip for two includes:                                                  12           Pick Your Paradise - Vacation for 2
• Two round-trip airline tickets                                             Which of the following would you like to experience in the next two
• 4 days/ nights accommodations at either the Napa Valley Marriott          years?
  Hotel & Spa or The Lodge at Sonoma, a Renaissance Resort & Spa
• Daily complimentary breakfast                                              • Exploring the beauty and serenity of Bali with a one-week stay in
• All room-related taxes                                                       your own private villa located on the Indian Ocean
• Private 5-hour winery tour                                                 • Watching elephant, rhino, leopard, giraffe, hippo, zebra, cheetah
• Free concierge reservation service                                           and buffalo during an incredible six day/six night South African
                                                                               photo safari with four star accommodations
But that’s not all! Why wait for your vacation to taste some excellent       • Living “Under the Tuscan Sun” with a spectacular one-week stay
Napa Valley wine? Tonight, you’ll take home an case of incredible              in a beautifully restored apartment in a 17th century building in the
wine from LaTour Vineyards in Napa Valley. Case includes six bottles           heart of Cortona, Italy.
of 2006 Syrah and 6 bottles of 2007 Heritage Clone Chardonnay!               • Overlooking the beautiful Umbrian countryside, surrounded by
                                                                               views of sunflowers and olive groves, while you prepare for your
Funds bid above $1,327 go to the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation.              special cooking class during a one-week stay in Todi, Italy
Package is non-refundable and subject to availability. Certificates
are not replaceable if lost, stolen, destroyed or expired. Travel is valid   Tough choice, isn’t it? But tonight’s winning bidder will be able to
for 12 months from date of issue. A 30 day advance reservation is            select which part of paradise they want to enjoy. All trips are for two
required. Airfare is for two from Seattle only. Transportation to and        people and are good for two years from the date of the auction!
from airport not included.
                                                                             *All meals are included in the Africa Safari option.
Value: $3,910          Donors: Kip Toner Benefit Auctions,                   *Airfare is NOT included in any of the trips
                               LaTour Vineyards                              *No sales or transfers are permitted
                               & Tom & Barbara LaTour,
                               William Calarese                              Value: $3,000          Donor: Graham Crow Benefit Auction
                                                                                 to $4,000

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                             :45pm - Live Auction Begins
   22                                                                                                           2

13           Hand-blown Lotus Flower by Acclaimed
             Artist Martin Blank
“The lotus is a stunning object whose growth and evolution symbolizes              “One person can make a
the ability to persevere and blossom beyond the muddy waters.”
- Martin Blank                                                                     difference and every person
                                                                                   should try.”
This incredible hand-blown glass lotus flower was created by                       -John Fitzgerald Kennedy
local artist Martin Blank. Established as one of America’s most
significant figurative sculptors, Martin’s work is about carving space,
courageously challenging the material, and creating a bold new                     Tonight is your chance to
vocabulary for fine art sculpture. His work is exhibited in galleries              truly make a difference in
throughout the United States and in museum collections at The
Boston Museum of Fine Art, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Corning                    the future of the Prosthetics
Museum of Glass, Museum of Glass, Millennium Museum Beijing, The                   Outreach Foundation and in
Shanghai Museum of Fine Art and the American Embassy in Slovakia.
                                                                                   the lives of the many people
Value: $4,500          Donors: Martin Blank & Martin Blank Studios                 transformed by POF.

                                                                                   During tonight’s event, our
14           Vietnam Luxury Vacation for 4                                         auctioneer, Graham Crow,
Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime! You and three guests will                will give you the opportunity
have the incredible experience of spending five nights in a luxurious,             to support the important
fully renovated apartment located deep in the old quarter of Hanoi,
Vietnam. Ammenities will include two double beds, a full-time maid,                work POF does around the
English-speaking caretaker, a ride to and from the airport and the                 world. Please hold up your
use of the Prosthetic Clinic vehicle when available. You and your
guests will also delight in amazing daily cooked breakfasts and one
                                                                                   bid card at the amount you
additional daily prepared meal by the on-site professional chef!                   wish to pledge. The amount
During your stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to take a tour of the           you indicate will be charged
local prosthetics clinic. It doesn’t stop there!
                                                                                   to your auction account and
To make the trip even more memorable, Fun in Vietnam Tour Group                    you may pay that amount
has offered to take you and your guests on a guided Hanoi day tour-                along with your other auction
lunch and drinks included. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you
wont want to miss!                                                                 purchases. You may hold
                                                                                   up your card at more than
Mutually agreeable dates. No pets, no smoking.
                                                                                   one amount if you wish. This
Value: $5,000          Donors: Colin McFarland,
                               Fun in Vietnam Tours,
                                                                                   portion of your donation is
                               Prosthetics Outreach Foundation                     fully tax deductible.

                                                                                   Thank you for helping children
                                                                                   and adults walk again!

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                              :45pm - Live Auction Begins
   24                                                                                                                                     25

15           VIP Golf Experience for 4                                    17          Washington Wines Executive Package #2
With this fantastic golf package you’ll improve your swing and            Don’t miss the opportunity to add some of the most sought
your scorecard! First, you’ll receive a 60-minute swing evaluation        after Washington wines to your wine cellar! In addition to the
from certified GolfTec Instructor Todd Barney. Todd will help you         amazing wines listed below, this executive wine package
understand your swing and help you unlock your tee-to-green               includes a Magnum bottle of O.S Winery’s highly-acclaimed 2004
potential. Next, follow up with three lessons with Todd, helping          Ulysses vintage, rated 91+ by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate!
you drive the ball farther and straighter. Last, gather three of your
friends and show off your new skills during an 1-hole round of golf      Package also includes:
at the Glen Acres Private Golf & Country Club. Located in South
Seattle, the award-winning Glen Acres course was built by renowned        • 2000 Russell Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
architect Arthur Vernon Macan and features a men’s par 71. Two car        • 2004 Cote Bonneville DuBrul Vineyard (Bordeaux Blend)
rentals will also be included!                                            • 2005 Boudreaux Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
                                                                          • 2005 Dunham Cellars Syrah Lewis Vineyard
GolfTec certificate expires 12/31/10. Glen Acres Certificate does not     • 2005 Woodward Canyon Charbonneau (Bordeaux Blend)
include tax and gratuity and expires 3/1/2011.                            • 2005 Chateau Rollat Edouard (Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon)
                                                                          • 200 Buty Connor Lee Vineyard Chardonnay
Value: $660            Donors: Glen Acres Private Golf
                               & Country Club,                            Value: $700           Donors: Diane & Ernie Burgess,
                               GolfTec                                                                  Linda Breneman & Eric Strand,
                                                                                                        OS Winery

16           Historic Lake Union Houseboat Weekend
                                                                          18          The Ultimate Emerald Downs Experience for 10
             Vacation for 4
                                                                          With a stunning view of Mount Rainier as a backdrop, Emerald Downs
Spend two nights in a Historic 120’s houseboat on Seattle’s Lake         provides exciting Thoroughbred racing for the entire family from April
Union! This beautiful, renovated housboat sleeps up to four and           to September.
features one bedroom with room for two and a futon near french
doors opening out onto the lake! The nearby Pete’s grocery store          You and nine guests will enjoy valet parking and a delicious dinner
has everything you’ll need for your stay and enjoy lunch or dinner        for 10 in the private Turf Club at Emerald Downs! During your dinner,
at Duke’s Chowder House with this $50 gift certificate. Curl up           one of Emerald Downs’ expert handicappers will visit your table and
one evening and watch “Sleepless in Seattle” and enjoy Seattle’s          provide you with an up-to-date lesson on handicapping the races.
Best Coffee the next morning. To make the weekend even more               You’ll also go on a special guided tour of the saddling paddock and,
memorable, you and your three guests will enjoy a Lake Union & Lake       best of all, a race will be named in your honor with a presentation in
Washington Waterways Cruise! On this 2 hour cruise you’ll see scenic      the Winner’s Circle! Also, take home a commemorative color photo
Seattle in all its glory - beautiful shorelines, snow-capped mountains,   of your special day at Emerald Downs!
towering downtown skylines, plus a history lesson from your Captain.
                                                                          Mutually Agreeable Date. Expires: End of racing season, 9/2010
Mutually agreeable dates. Not available during the months of July,
August, & September.                                                      Value: $1,100         Donors: Emerald Downs,
                                                                                                        Jack & Theresa Hodge
Value: $950            Donors: Paige Stockly Lerner,
                               Waterways Cruises & Events,
                               Charla Ojala,
                               C&M Events,
                               Duke’s Chowder House
:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                        :45pm - Live Auction Begins
   2                                                                                                                                        27

19           Kitchen or Bath Re-model Design                             21           Custom Jewelry from
Let’s get started planning the kitchen of your dreams!! This                          Green Lake Jewelry Works
certificate is good for the planning and design of one kitchen
remodel by Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company. You’ll have an inital          Treat yourself or the woman you love with this incredible opportunity
client meeting, do a site visit with the designer, receive plans and     to have a custom jewlery piece made specifically for her! The
elevations, and product selections specifications. The drawings and      artisans at Green Lake Jewelry Works will create a beautiful and
other collateral created during the design process will be yours to      individual piece to fit your specific style and preferences with this
keep to get started on the kitchen of your dreams!                       $1,000 gift certificate. Carving waxes, casting, hand fabricating,
                                                                         hand engraving and carefully matching and hand seting the stones
Expires: 3/27/2011                                                       right in their Seattle workshop!

Value: $1,500          Donors: Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company,            Certificate good towards custom design project only. No expiration
                               Bernice & Wally Kegel                     date.
                                                                         Value: $1,000          Donors: Shelly Sutton,
                                                                                                        Green Lake Jewelry Works
20           Beautiful Hand-Blown Glass Sculpture
             Plus Private Glass Blowing Class for 4
This is an incredible opportunity for you and three friend to have a     22           Create Your Dream Garden
private four-hour glass blowing class at the downtown Seattle Glass      Transform your home garden or business courtyard with this all-
Blowing Studio! You’ll learn from a professional artist how to gather    inclusive gardening package! First, POF Board Member Mary
glass onto a rod, shape key forms such as spheres and cylinders,         Gladhart will create an inspiring and breath-taking garden design
and how to apply color to glass. Each of you will also have the          for your Seattle area home or business. Then, get started on
opportunity to make a variety of pieces to take home, which can          creating your new garden with  hours of labor from Kemper/
include paperweights, cups, bowls, plates and small vases! However,      Iversen landscaping! Using 5 sq yards of locally-made Cedar Grove
the winning bidder of this package will receive an extra treat to take   compost, a $50 gift certificate to Oasis water gardens, and a $50
home this evening- an amazing hand-blown glass piece by local            Beauty & Bamboo certificate, Kemper/Iversen will make your dream
artist Michael Holberg. This gorgeous work of art would make an          garden design come to life! There’s still more! To finish it all off, Joe
incredible addition to any home and is a one-of-a-kind piece. This       Jaech has created a beautiful handmade contemporary concrete
package is sure to be a hit, so get your bid card ready!                 & steel coffee table/bench for a place to sit and enjoy your new
Morning, afternoon, and evening classes available. Mutually
                                                                         Landscape design limited to a 25’ x 25’ commercial or residence
agreeable date. Expires 3/27/2010                                        site. Manual labor to be arranged during a mutually agreeale time
Value: $1,200          Donors: Charla Ojala, C&M Events,                 Mon-Friday only. Greater Seattle area only. No materials or dump
                               Michael Holberg,                          fees included. Labor certificate expires 9/24/2010. Table/bench may
                               & Seattle Glass Blowing Studio            be exchanged for another item of equal value ($350) featured at
                                                                Winning bidder responsible for pick-up/
                                                                         delivery of table/bench and Cedar Grove Compost.
                                                                         Value: $1,450          Donors: Beauty & The Bamboo,
                                                                                                        Cedar Grove Compost,
                                                                                                        Kemper/Iversen Ltd.,
                                                                                                        Mary Gladhart,
                                                                                                        Oasis Water Gardens

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                          :45pm - Live Auction Begins
   2                                                                                                                                       2

23           Gamer’s Behind-the-Scenes Experience for 4                   25           Family Photo Session & Canvas Print from
You and three guests will be one of the firsts to take a private guided                Mike Nakamura Photography
tour of Valve Software and see their brand new 0,000 sq ft Bellevue
office space from one of the original founders. See walls covered         Capture precious family moments with a family photo session! First,
with never before released artwork and artists and engineers working      you and your family will have a design consultation in your home with
away on unannounced products. Get glances of games not to be              photographer Mike Nakamura. You’ll decide on the location, discuss
released for months, sometimes years in the future!                       clothing suggestions, and print options. After, you and your family will
                                                                          have your own photo session at the decided upon location- maybe
You and a guest will also take part in a private play test session for    the beach or your favorite park! Later, you’ll meek Mike at his Lake
the upcoming game Portal 2, six months before it’s available to the       Alice Studio for the projection session where he’ll show you the edited
public. With Portal 2 still in development, your feedback can and         images of your family. You’ll be able to select one print specifically
usually will directly affect the game design so be prepared for an        for a ‘Guest Room’ canvas portrait print, size 24”x24”. Additionally,
intense and exciting experience. Beginners and experts welcome.           you’ll receive 15% off any addition prints, framing, or other photo
You’ll also receive copies of Left 4 Dead 2 and 2007’s original Portal,   investments!
plus more!
                                                                          Mutually agreeable dates.
NDA is required so anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a               Value: $2,550          Donors: Mike Nakamura Photography
parent or guardian.
Value: Priceless               Donors: Ken Birdwell
                                       & Valve Software
                                                                          26           Washington Wine Lovers Wine & Tasting for 6
                                                                          Together with five friends, enjoy a private wine tasting and barrel
                                                                          room tour at Northwest Totem Cellars in the heart of Woodinville Wine
24           Private Authentic Gujarati Dinner for 8                      Country. Winner of the 200 Seattle Wine Awards, Northwest Totem
                                                                          Cellars is a family-owned winery producing outstanding wines!
You and seven guests will delight in an authentic Gujarati dinner
experience at the beautiful Woodway home of POF Board Member,
                                                                          We’ve saved the best for last! With this package, you’ll also take
Bernice Kegel and her husband Wally. Prepared and hosted by
                                                                          home a case of superior Walla Walla wine from Russell Creek Winery.
Ganga Patel, Vijya Patel, and Scott Block , this Thali style dinner
                                                                          The 200 Winemaker’s Select Merlot received 1 points in Wine
features very traditional and complex cuisine served on a large
                                                                          Spectator Magazine and it’s yours to take home, if you’re the winning
rimmed platter with matching bowls, creating a sensory and sensual
experience. The platter and bowls are filled with various Gujarati
food items that will please the seven senses of the tongue: texture,
cold/hot temperature, sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter. It will be   Mutually agreeable date. All guests must be at least 21 years of age.
an exciting culinary adventure for you and your guests!                   Expires: March 27, 2011
                                                                          Value: $1,080          Donors: Jim & Jayne McCarthy
Mutually agreeable dates.                                                                                & Northwest Totem Cellars
Value: $1,000          Donors: Bernice & Wally Kegel,
                               Vija Patel & Scott Block
                               Ganga Patel

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                         :45pm - Live Auction Begins
  0                                                                                                                                                  1

                          Leo Thi Chai                                                                 DESSERT FRENZY
Son La Province is breathtakingly beautiful country where families work hard
  at farming, vegetable hawking, raising animals, and weaving to make
                                   a living.
                                                                                      4001      Creme de la Creme White Chocolate Mousse
Leo Thi Chai, an amputee, a mother, and a remarkable individual, was a                          Cake with Raspberries
young girl with a promising future. At nineteen years old, she worked as a
                                                                                      This delicious white chocolate mousse cake with raspberries is the
nurse and was newly married. Then, Leo lost her leg in a traffic accident.
                                                                                      most popular cake at Creme de la Creme!

On crutches Leo could no longer work as a nurse. She felt embarrassed                                Donor: Creme de la Creme
about her amputation, and hopeless about her future. Compounding her
despair, her husband’s family now felt that she was damaged, useless as a
wife and incapable of being a mother.                                                 4002      16 Mini Gourmet Cheesecakes from
                                                                                                The Confectional
Today, life is far better for Leo, thanks to your support. She walks ably with
a prosthetic leg and greets visitors with a radiant, ear to ear smile in her
                                                                                      Savor this 1 pack of individual servings of creamy cheesecake in
                                                                                      a variety of tempting flavors from The Confectional in Pike Place
                                              small home. She proudly told us         Market!
                                              that she is a new mother. Since
                                              receiving her prosthesis, she finally
                                                                                                     Donor: The Confectional
                                              feels normal again and hopes to
                                              return to nursing, but isn’t sure if
                                              the hospital will accept her. When      4003      New Renaissance Carrot Cake
                                              asked if she can perform all of the
                                                                                      This isn’t your grandmother’s carrot cake! Featuring a poached
                                              tasks for nursing, she smiles quietly
                                                                                      apricot drizzled syrup and ginger cream cheese icing. Nuts are not
                                              for a moment, before answering in       part this masterpiece, so don’t worry about any allergies!
                                              the affirmative. She had just spent
                                                                                                     Donor: New Renaissance Cakes
                                               months of pregnancy walking on
                                              her prosthesis, working in the field,
                                              harvesting and drying vegetables
                                              up until the day that she gave birth    4004      Chiffon Strawberry Cake
                                              to her child.
                                                                                      Tantalize your tastebuds with this amazing chiffon strawberry cake
                                                                                      from Famous NW Catering!
                                            Today she easily carries around her
                                            -year-old son and works at the
                                                                                                     Donor: Famous Northwest
                                                                                                             Catering Company
                                            family farm doing all kinds of chores.
                                            Leo is proof that the real stories are
                                            not the limbs, but of the people
                                            themselves. The limbs are important
                                            vehicles, but it is the spirit of the
                                            individuals that put the limbs into
                                                                                                                                :45pm - Live Auction Begins

4005      Bakery Nouveau Triple Layer Chocolate                            4010       Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherlode Cake
          Ganache Cake                                                     This cake is like no other! No only is it gigantic, but also devilishly
” triple layer chocolate cake with decadent chocolate mousse,             delicious. Six-layers of chocolate cake with chocolate chips, fresh
sandwiched between moist cake layers and covered with chocolate            walnut, and chocolate fudge frosting!
ganache!                                                                                   Donors: Vijya Patel & Scott Block
               Donor: Bakery Nouveau

                                                                           4011       Decadent Tiramisu from Whole Foods
4006       Whole Foods Fruit Tart                                          Decadent, luxurious, and divine! This incredible 8 inch tiramisu
Bountiful fruits and an exceptional crust comprise this  inch delicious   features marscapone cream, espresso, ladyfingers, and cocoa
fruit tart from Whole Foods!                                               powder.

               Donor: C & M Events                                                         Donor: C & M Events

4007       Starry Night Signature Chocolate Truffle Cake                   4012       Tom Douglas Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie
Enjoy the cake that made Starry Nights Catering famous - their             Treat yourself to world-famous Chef Tom Douglas’ Famous Triple
decadent chocolate truffle cake!                                           Coconut Cream Pie!

               Donor: Starry Nights Catering & Events                                      Donors: Tom Douglas & Dahlia Bakery

4008       12 Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale
Bite into one of Seattle’s Best Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale! This
variety of one dozen yummy cupcakes is sure to make your table
               Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart

4009       Vanilla Raspberry Mousse Cake
Luscious vanilla cake with fresh raspberry mousse, made with local
and organic ingredients by Silvana Specialty Desserts!
               Donor: Silvana Specialty Desserts

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                           :45pm - Live Auction Begins
  4                                                                                                                                      5

                         Tasmina                                                     RESTAURANT FRENZY
               Off and Running in Bangladesh
Tasmina was born at her grandmother’s home a little more than
a year ago. The village midwife who delivered her noticed
that her feet were severely bent inward. At the local hospital,         5001      $50 Certificate to Sport Restaurant & Bar
Tasmina’s parents learned that their daughter had clubfoot, a
devastating condition that would eventually rob their child of the      Catch the game and some great food at Chef John Howie’s Sport
ability to walk.                                                        Restaurant & Bar, located across from the Seattle Space Needle
                                                                        in the Fischer Plaza! Open for lunch and dinner, inside and patio
                                                                        seating, with over 5 plasma, HD, and LCD tv’s throughout.
                                           “We were already
                                           so poor,” recalls            Certificate redeemable for full amount only. Food and beverages
                                           Tasmina’s father             only. Tax and gratuity not included. Expires 2/15/2011
                                           Mohammad. “It was
                                           a nightmare to even          Value: $50             Donor: Chef John Howie Restaurants
                                           think about raising a
                                           disabled child.” The
                                           family can barely
                                           afford life’s necessities.
                                           When a family member         5002      $50 Certificate to Anthony’s Homeport
                                           needs medical care,
                                           Mohammad tries to                      on Shilshole Bay
                                           save enough money to         Enjoy dinner entrees for two at Anthony’s HomePort on Shilshole
                                           visit the village doctor,    Bay in Ballard. Watch the boating activities at the entrance of the
                                           but he must often “rely      Hiram Chittendon Locks and Puget Sound with the backdrop of the
                                           on God’s help.”              Olympic Mountains!

                                           At the hospital,             Does not include liquor, tax or gratuity. Expires 2/12/2011
                                           Tasmina’s parents
                                           learned of the new           Value: $50             Donor: Anthony’s Restaurants
                                           clubfoot casting
                                           program available
                                           to Tasmina free of
                                           charge, which would
                                           allow their daughter         5003      $50 Le Gourmand Restaurant Certificate
                                           to walk normally. “We        Sourcing only locally and organically raised ingredients, Seattle’s
                                           felt like an angel had       Le Gourmand French Restaurant has won international acclaim for
                                           brought extremely            offering guests the most flavorful ingredients the Pacific Northwest has
                                           good news,” says             to offer.
                                                                        Not valid: 2/14, 7/14, 12/31. Expires: 3/31/2011
Tasmina has since traveled several times to the hospital to receive
plaster casts that have gradually corrected the position of her         Value: $50             Donor: Le Gourmand
tiny feet. Now, to the immense relief of her parents, her feet
are indistinguishable from those of other children. Tasmina will
wear shoe braces at night for the next three years to retain the
                                                                                                                    :45pm - Live Auction Begins

5004       $50.00 Certificate to Seastar Restaurant                     5007      $50 Certificate to Chef John Howie Steak
           & Raw Bar Bellevue                                                      in Bellevue
Experience an amazing array of freshly prepared seafood, great          Experience the delectable flavors of Chef John Howie’s Steakhouse in
steaks, poultry, pastas and raw bar items at Chef John Howie’s          Bellevue with this $50 gift certificate. Open for lunch and dinner and
Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar in Bellevue.                               offering a variety of dishes and quality meats like none other!

Good for Sunday only. Tax and gratuity not included. Dine in food       Redeemable at John Howie Steak for full amount only. To be used
and beverages only. Expires: 2/15/2011                                  for dine-in food and beverage purchases only. Gratuity not included.
                                                                        No cash value. Expires 2/15/2011
Value: $50             Donor: Chef John Howie Restaurants
                                                                        Value: $50            Donor: Chef John Howie Restaurants

5005       $50 Certificate to Bis on Main
Bis on Main is one of Bellevue’s most popular restaurants offering a
unique blend of French, Italian, and American dishes and an award-      5008      $50 Purple Cafe & Wine Bar Gift Certificate
winning wine list of over 270 wines!                                    Enjoy a delicious dinner at one of Purple Cafe & Wine Bar’s four
                                                                        locations across the Puget Sound with this $50 gift certificate.
Restricted to food only, does not cover alcohol, gratuity, or taxes.    Located in Bellevue, Kirkland, Seattle, and Woodinville.
Expires: 3/27/2011
                                                                        Expires: 3/27/2011
Value: $50             Donor: Bis On Main
                                                                        Value: $50            Donor: Heavy Restaurant Group

5006       Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Evening for 2                         5009      $100 Artisanal Brasserie & Wine Bar Certificate
Certificate includes admission covers and dinner entrees for 2 at the   Artisanal Brasserie & Winebar is the Eastside’s French comfort food
premier west coast jazz club, Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Seattle!        restaurant and cafe, where classic dishes are made using the highest
                                                                        quality ingredients. From house-made mac & cheese and the
Valid only Tuesday-Thursday. Not available for all artists, call for    Artisanal burger to filet mignon and scallops, there’s something for
validity. Expires: 3/27/2011                                            everyone, every taste, every occasion!
Value: $100            Donor: Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley                    Expires: 3/27/2011
                                                                        Value: $100           Donor: Artisanal Brasserie and Winebar

:45pm - Live Auction Begins                                                                                      :45pm - Live Auction Begins

5010      $50 Certificate to Seastar Restaurant
          & Raw Bar Seattle
Experience a amazing array of freshly prepared seafood, great
steaks, poultry, pastas and raw bar itemat Chef John Howie’s Seastar
Restaurant & Raw Bar in Seattle.

Certificate redeemable at Seattle location for full amount only. Dine
in food and beverages only. Tax and gratuity not included. Expires
Value: $50            Donor: Chef John Howie Restaurants

5011      $150 Certificate for El Gaucho Bellevue
Live piano music plays softly as you enjoy tableside for preparations of
Caesar, Chateaubriand, flaming swords, and Bananas Foster flambé
as you dine at El Gaucho in Bellevue!

Redeemable at Bellevue location only - not valid with other offers or
Value: $150           Donor: El Gaucho

5012      $100 Certificate to Rover’s Restaurant
Dine at “The Chef in the Hat” Thierry Rautureau’s Rover’s Restaurant
in Madison Valley! Sourcing ingredients that are local, sustainable,
organic, and seasonal, Chef Thierry buys from a variety of purveyors,
including Washington State cheese makers and area farmers to
create his Pacific Northwest dishes refined by french accents.

Expires: 12/01/10
Value: $100           Donors: Thierry & Kathy Rautureau,
                               Rover’s Restaurant

:45pm - Live Auction Begins
   40                                                                                                                             41

        How does somebody with one arm care for 12 extended family
        members? The answer, if your name is Finnah Kamarrah, is with
                      a prosthetic arm and a smile.

In 1, Ms. Kamarrah lost her arm during Sierra Leone’s brutal 10-year civil
war. Together with her brother, her six-year-old daughter Damba, and 
neighbors, she was harvesting vegetables when gunshots rang out. Rebels

took the whole group captive, killed Ms. Kamarrah’s brother and another
man, and then amputated the arms of the survivors with a machete. The
victims walked for  days to the hospital. They spent the next  years traveling
between refugee camps.
                                           In 2007, Ms. Kamarrah received

                                           a new prosthetic arm from the
                                           Kendall Barker Clinical Rehabilitation
                                           Center in Makeni, established by the
                                           Prosthetics Outreach Foundation.
                                           Her new arm is a lightweight
                                           mechanical prosthesis with a
                                           comfortable, custom-fit socket. She

                                           greatly prefers her new arm to her
                                           earlier prostheses which did not work

                                            Prosthetists from the Kendall Barker
                                            Center can service her arm on
                                            outreach trips to Kabala, where she
                                            lives today with 5 of her children,
                                            2 children born to her deceased
                                            sister, 2 cousins, her older brother,

                                                                                      Closes :10pm
                                            her sister-in-law, and her aunt. She’s
                                            brought them all together “because
                                            there is no one else to care for

                                             Now, she says, “I can do so many
                                             things to support the family: tie-dye,
                                             soap making, cooking, carrying
water, and housework.” The whole family sells her fabrics and soaps. The
business started small, but it’s growing. She uses the profits to buy rice from
the village to sell in the town market. All of the children attend school, and
help with the business after school.
                                                                                          :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   42                                                                                                                                             4

1001          Three Bottles of LaTour Vineyards Wine                       1005         Books & Coffee
Enjoy these three delicious bottles of wine from LaTour Vineyards in       Enjoy a cup (or two!) of delicious coffee and a book with this
Napa Valley. Perfect for your next dinner party or pour yourself a         fantastic package! Include $25 Caffee Ladro Coffee Card, $25
glass after a long day at work!                                            certificate to Fremont Place Book Company, $10 certificate and 6 -
                                                                           10% off coupons at World Wide Books & Maps!
Value: $75              Donor: Tom & Barbara LaTour
                                                                           Value: $60              Donors: Caffee Ladro,
                                                                                                           Fremont Place Book Company,
                                                                                                           Wide World Books and Maps
1002          One Hour Harbor Cruise for 4
This exciting tour will take you and three friends on an eight mile
cruise of Elliott Bay! Take off from Pier 55 on the Seattle waterfront
and experience the stunning Seattle skyline, the majestic Olympic          1006         Selection of Delicious Wines
Mountains and all the sights of the bustling Seattle harbor during this    Take home these three bottles of delicious wines to add to your
one hour cruise.                                                           cellar! Includes a bottle of French Taittinger Champagne, 1999 Eyrie
                                                                           Vineyards reserve Pinot Noir, and 2007 Kamiakin Sauvignon Blan/
Call for scheduled departure times. Not redeemable for cash.               Semillon blend.
Expires: 3/27/2011
                                                                           Value: $100             Donors: Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD
Value: $70              Donor: Argosy Cruises                                                              & Bernice Kegel RPT

1003          Trader Joes Italian Food Basket                              1007         Live a Healthier Life
Create a gourmet Italian meal with this fantastic bag filled to the brim   Start living a healthier life and feeling your best with this collection
from Trader Joe’s in Bellevue. Includes chocolate almond biscotti,         of health books! Includes the “Low Starch Diabetes Solution”,
Italian ravioli, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sauces and more!             “Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook” and “Glycemic Load Diet” -
Value: $30              Donor: Trader Joe’s                                everything you need to know about eating and living healthy.
                                                                           Value: $51              Donor: Rob Thompson MD

1004          $50 Georgetown Brewing Co. Gift Card
Celebrate game-day or your next party with a keg from Georgetown           1008         Kayaking for Two on Lake Union
Brewing Co.! Offering four different micro-brews, including Manny’s        You and a guest will enjoy the beauty and wonder of Seattle’s Lake
Pale Ale, located in the heart of Seattle’s historic Georgetown.           Union while kayaking for two hours on the majestic waters. Northwest
Value: $50              Donor: Georgetown Brewing Co.                      Outdoor Center is located on Westlake Avenue, right on gorgeous
                                                                           Lake Union.
                                                                           Value: $56              Donor: Northwest Outdoor Center

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                         :10pm    - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   44                                                                                                                                         45

1009          One Hour Massage with Hanna Crews                           1013         ArtsWest Tickets for 2
Pamper yourself or give the perfect gift, a one hour massage with         Treat yourself and a guest to an evening of entertainment at
Hanna Crews in downtown Edmonds.                                          ArtsWest in West Seattle. Upcoming ArtsWest 2010 mainstage season
                                                                          performances include “Sunlight” by Sharr White (thru April rd) and
Value: $60              Donor: Hanna Crews                                Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Tell Me On a Sunday” (April 2th-May rd)

                                                                          Tickets may not be used for the Summer Musical Theater Program
                                                                          performances. Expires: 3/27/2011
1010          “Making Marriage Work” DVD & Book Set
                                                                          Value: $64             Donor: ArtsWest
Through a series of in-depth quizzes, checklists, and exercises,
relationship expert John Gottman provides you and your spouse with
the framework you need to cope with differences and strengthening
your marriage. “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” DVD
and book set outlines seven principles that will reinforce the positive   1014         3 Sessions of Personal Training
aspects of your relationship and help your marriage endure during         Get in shape and feel your best with personal training from a LIFT
the rough moments.                                                        Fitness trainer in Seattle’s Belltown. This gift certificate entitles the
                                                                          winner to 3- 1 hour sessions plus a fitness consultation. LIFT’s personal
Value: $33              Donor: Belinda Gray                               trainers use only free weights and functional techniques to specifically
                                                                          target your goals and challenge new ones!

                                                                          Expires: 6/1/2010
1011          Dance Lessons for 2 at Century Ballroom
                                                                          Value: $225            Donor: LIFT Fitness Training
Join Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill to learn the dance of your
choice! This certificate is good for two people for one session of
classes. Choose from Salsa, Swing, Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, or
any other step they teach!
                                                                          1015         Fashion Accessories Gift Basket
Contact Century Ballroom to register, class schedule available online.    This basket is filled to the brim with an assortment of knit and crochet
Certificate has no expiration date.                                       fashion accessories! Includes fingerless mittens, hat, shawl, brooch,
                                                                          necklace, evening purse, scarf and more. For more information visit
Value: $120             Donor: Century Ballroom                 
                                                                          Value: $300            Donor: Cynthia Yongvang

1012          Leather Hiking Boots
Summer is almost here, so get ready for summer hiking and
backpacking with these brand new women’s leather hiking boots             1016         Custom Haircut at Designs by Dupree
size 7.                                                                   Treat yourself to a consultation, shampoo, custom cut, and style at
                                                                          Designs by Dupree!
Value: $150             Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Glen A. Cosby
                                                                          Must be used within one year of receipt, by appointment only please.
                                                                          Value: $60             Donor: Design by Dupree

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                       :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   4                                                                                                                                             47

1017          Handcrafted Blue Origami Bracelet                           1022          Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #1
Add a bit of color to any outfit with this beautiful blue origami         Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
handcrafted scrabble tile bracelet crafted by Beth Gardner. Perfect       birds on a gold background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or
for any occasion!                                                         an accent piece to any dining room table!
Value: $40              Donor: Beth Gardner                               Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

1018          Manicure & Pedicure at Serenity Nails & Spa #1              1023          Two-Tone Silk Ruffle Scarf
Treat yourself or someone you love to a relaxing manicure and             Bring some flare to any outfit with this flirty black and beige two-tone
pedicure at Serenity Nails & Spa in Tukwila. Whether it’s for a special   silk scarf by MC Oasis.
occasion or just to say I love you, any woman would love this
opportunity to be pampered!                                               Value: $30              Donor: Laura Bee Designs

Expires: 6/27/2010
Value: $37              Donor: Serenity Nails & Spa                       1024          Custom Portrait Session #1
                                                                          Spend an hour with Rebecca Douglas while she creates a beautiful
                                                                          Fine Art, Whimsical or Heirloom portrait of you and your family.
                                                                          Package includes a portrait session plus a $25 credit towards your
1019          Jewelry Beading Kit                                         print order.
Learn to create your own jewelry with this beginners beading kit from
Fusion Beads. Includes wire, beads, claps, tools and more!                Portrait session may be in studio or at a location of your choice on
                                                                          Vashon Island or in the Seattle area.
Value: $100             Donor: Fusion Beads
                                                                          Value: $175             Donor: Rebecca Douglas Photography

1020          Olympus Spa Passes for 2
Pamper yourself and a friend with a pass to the spa facilities            1025          “Big Cat” Kids Collection from Top Ten Toys
at Olympus Spa in Lynnwood. Enjoy their inviting and relaxing             All kids love big cats, lions, tigers, and leopards! Treat your little lion
therapeutic whirlpools with hydrojets, radiant energy rooms, Mugwort      to this collection which includes a 24-inch plush tiger, 1-inch plush
steam sauna, and herbal dry sauna!                                        black leopard and the “Big Cats” book.
Value: $70              Donor: Olympus Spa                                Value: $73              Donor: Top Ten Toys

1021          Long Crystal Necklace
Accessorize yourself with this longer-style necklace featuring clear,
copper-colored and black crystal beads. A perfect addition to any
woman’s jewelry case!
Value: $75              Donor: Jane F. Paulson

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                         :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   4                                                                                                                                         4

1026          $50 Certificate to Ivar’s and Kidd Valley                    1030         Delfino’s Pizza of Your Choice
              Restaurants                                                  Need a quick dinner? Take your spouse or family to Delfino’s Pizzeria
                                                                           in University Village for a classic Chicago-style pizza of your choice!
Try lunch, brunch or dinner at any of Ivar’s three fine dining
restaurants, seafood bars, or Kidd Valley hamburger restaurants.           Value not to exceed $28. Expires 12/31/2010
Ivar’s restaurants are located on the Seattle waterfront, on North
Lake Union, and at the Mukilteo ferry landing.                             Value: $28             Donor: Delfino’s Pizzeria

Expires: 3/27/2011
Value: $50              Donors: Ivar’s and Kidd Valley Restaurants
                                                                           1031         Handknit Kid’s Beanie
                                                                           This hand-knit kids beanie features threads of cream with brown
                                                                           stripes and is made from 100% wool for warmth. Perfect for fall and
1027          “The Book of Dragons” Signed 1st Edition                     winter weather, size 3-13 yr.
Take your children on an adventure with “The Book of Dragons” by           Value: $25             Donor: Andrea Page
Stephen J. Walker. This first edition copy is even signed by the author!
Value: $25              Donor: Jennifer Carroll
                                                                           1032         San Francisco Weekend of Fun
                                                                           Get ready for a weekend of fun in San Francisco! The winning bidder
1028          One Month of Karate Training                                 will receive four family passes to the Wax Museum, two tickets to the
                                                                           Asian Art Museum, and a $35 gift certificate to Gymboree!
Get a “kick” out of this certificate for one month of Karate classes at
The Feminist Karate Union in South Seattle. Certificate is good for one    Value: $125            Donors: Asian Art Museum,
month of regularly scheduled karate classes for one adult woman or                                        Gymboree,
one child (male or female age 6-12). Certificate may alternatively                                        The Wax Museum at
be redeemed for two weeks of classes for two people.                                                      Fisherman’s Warf
Expires: 12/2010
Value: $85              Donor: The Feminist Karate Union
                                                                           1033         Balloon Bouquet
                                                                           Put a smile on the face of a friend or loved one with a fantastic
                                                                           Balloon Bouquet from the Red Balloon Company! You’ll receive a
1029          Indoor Ski or Snowboard Lesson                               helium-filled balloon bouquet of either 24 11-inch latex balloons or
Learn to ski or snowboard with a lesson and full equipment at Mini         12 1-inch latex balloons in any color. Balloons make any birthday
Mountain’s indoor slope in Bellevue! This is a great way for kids and      surprise or celebration perfect!
adults to learn before hitting the mountain. Indoor lessons lead to on
snow fun!                                                                  Must have certificate to redeem. Bouquet must be picked up. Free
                                                                           delivery may be available if another delivery has been scheduled for
Call for appointment. Expires: 11/30/2010                                  the same location at standard rates.

Value: $40              Donor: Mini Mountain                               Value: $48             Donor: The Red Balloon Company

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                       :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   50                                                                                                                                       51

1034          Capilano Suspension Bridge Day Passes for 4                1038         Famous Swedish Pancake Breakfast for 4
Explore Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver B.C.’s with 4 day        Nothing in better than a pancake breakfast on a Sunday morning!
passes. Spanning 250 feet across and 20 feet above Capilano             The winner will receive a certificate for 4 for the Swedish Cultural
Canyon, Capilano Suspension Bridge leads you to the living forest        Center’s Famous Swedish Pancake Breakfast. Hosted the first Sunday
and Treetops Adventure - a series of seven foot bridges suspended        of every month at the Swedish Cultural Center in Westlake, this
between towering Douglas Fir trees giving you a “squirrel’s eye view”    breakfast also features music, folk dancing and real Swedish coffee-
of the surrounding forest.                                               Yummmmy!

Restrictions/conditions may apply.                                       Not valid for the months of July and August. Expires: 3/28/2011
Value: $108             Donor: Capilano Suspension Bridge                Value: $32            Donor: Swedish Cultural Center

1035          $50 Little Gym of Bellevue Certificate                     1039         Philips Sonicare Toothbrush for Kids
The Little Gym is the premier motor skill development program            Teach your kids to take care of their pearly whites with the Philips
for children ages 4 months to 12 years. Offering programs in             Sonicare re-chargeable toothbrush for kids! KidTimer increases
gymnastics, dance, karate, cheer, camps, parent survival nights and      brushing time slowly over 0 days, building toward the dentist
birthday parties! $50.00 gift certificate is good towards any class or   recommended 2 minutes. Ergonomic design enables parents and
membership.                                                              kids to brush together or on their own!

Only valid at Bellevue, Issaquah or West Seattle locations.              Value: $52            Donors: Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD
                                                                                                       & Bernice Kegel RPT
Value: $50              Donor: Little Gym of Bellevue

                                                                         1040         Veterinary Exam & Vaccine at Phinney
1036          Handmade Baby Beanie & Blanket
                                                                                      Ridge Animal Hospital
Keep your little one warm and cozy with this handmade baby beanie
and blanket! Baby beanie is size 0-12 mos and knit from a wool/          Give your dog or cat the gift of good health with an exam and one
silk blend for extra softness. Blanket is made from a tie-dye cotton     vaccine at the Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital in Seattle.
flannel and is perfect to wrap around your little one.
                                                                         Call for appointment. Expires: 3/38/2011
Value: $45              Donor: Andrea Page
                                                                         Value: $74            Donor: Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital

1037          “I Speak Soccer” Movie & T-shirt
American Terry Kegel takes viewers on a worldwide tour of soccer in
“I Speak Soccer”, shot over a course of four years and spanning six
continents. Soccer is the worlds most popular game yet % of the
world’s players never get their picture taken, it’s now their turn!
Value: $25              Donor: Mr. Terry Kegel

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                     :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   52                                                                                                                                            5

1041          Ride the Ducks of Seattle Certificate for 2                   1044         Victrola Coffee Roasters Gift Cards
Get ready for the party on wheels that floats! You and a guest will         Order up your favorite cup of locally roasted artisan coffee with
hop aboard a WWII amphibious landing craft for an adventure tour            these two $15 gift cards to Victrola Coffee Roasters. These cards are
of Seattle narrated by a Coast Guard-certified maritime captain who         redeemable at all locations- Beacon Hill and two location on Capitol
will dance to funky music and quack you up with jokes and comedy.           Hill.
Then, splash into the water to cruise on Lake Union and view breath-
taking views of the Seattle skyline!                                        Value: $30              Donor: Victrola Coffee Roasters

Expires: 3/31/2011
Value: $55              Donor: Ride the Ducks of Seattle                    1045         Handmade Table Runner from Bangladesh
                                                                            This handcrafted table runner from Bangladesh features a striking
                                                                            turquoise color - a perfect compliment to your home decor!
1042          Thistle Theatre’s “The Tales of Peter Rabbit”                 Value: $25              Donor: Winfried & Kim Danke
              Tickets for 4
Get ready for a fun family adventure with “The Tales of Peter Rabbit”
- a family puppet show from Thistle Theatre! You’ll receive two             1046         3 Bottles of 2003 Russell Creek Tribuary
general tickets plus two child/senior tickets good for one show at any
of the three location- Magnuson Park Theatre in Seattle, Sunset Hill        Add to your cellar these  delicious bottles of Washington State 200
Community Club in Ballard, or the Bellevue Youth Theatre.                   Russell Creek Winery Tributary red wine blend. This wine received 
                                                                            points from Wine Spectator!
Reservations required and subject to availability. Good for 2010            Value: $75              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation
performances only.
Value: $32              Donor: Thistle Theatre

                                                                            1047         Hand-Turned Nut Bowl
                                                                            Compliment your home decor with this -inch hand-turned nut bowl
1043          Dick’s Drive-In For a Year & More!                            created by Chad Gladhart. Made of African Padauk wood, this bowl
Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants have been serving up classic hamburgers,        is perfect to display on a coffee or dining room table.
fries, and shakes in the Puget Sound since 1954! Enjoy delicious            Value: $75              Donor: Chad Gladhart
burgers made with only the finest and freshest beef, real potato fries
sliced daily, and old-fashioned milk shakes each month with these 15
$2.00 gift certificates. Also, take home this memory book and show
your Dick’s Drive-In pride with these post cards and 2 “Dick’s” T-shirts!
                                                                            1048         Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #2
Value: $71              Donor: Dick’s Drive In Restaurants
                                                                            Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
                                                                            birds on a silver background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or
                                                                            as an accent piece to any dining room table!
                                                                            Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                          :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   54                                                                                                                                         55

1049          Hearst Castle Experience for 2                             1053         Hothouse Spa & Sauna Guest Passes for 2
Enjoy a tour for two of the historic Heart Castle and a screening of     Relax and unwind with your best girlfriend at the women’s only Hot
the National Geographic Theater movie, “Building the Dream.” The         House Spa & Salon in Capitol Hill. You’ll have full and unlimited
Hearst Castle estate, located on Highway 1 half-way between San          access to the relaxation area, hot tub, steam room, and sauna - all
Francisco and Los Angeles, features 0,000 sq feet set atop a hill of    using filtered water. Stay as long as you need to free your mind and
the Santa Lucia Range at an altitude of 1,600 feet!                      soothe your body.
Value: $48              Donor: Hearst San Simeon                         Restricted to women only.
                               State Historical Monument
                                                                         Value: $26             Donor: Hothouse Spa & Sauna

1050          Handmade Bag From Mali, West Africa
                                                                         1054         Handmade Autumn Necklace
Enjoy this beautiful and authentic handmade bag from Mali, West
Africa.                                                                  Adorn yourself or someone special with this gorgeous necklace
                                                                         featuring Autumn-colored carnelian stones with hematite and jasper
Value: $55              Donor: Fabric of Life                            bead accents. Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else!
                                                                         Value: $60             Donor: Jane F. Paulson

1051          Pamper Your Hair at JBU Salon in Bellevue #1
Whether it’s date night or you are just wanting a new look, let Gwen     1055         Personal Safety Seminar for 6
Quach at Just Between Us Salon in Bellevue help you discover the
                                                                         There’s really only one reason to learn self-defense: to enhance your
most radiant you with a certificate for a consultation, cut and style!
                                                                         quality of life. Here’s your chance to learn safety skills in a friendly,
                                                                         inviting and supportive atmosphere with 5 of your friends or family
Expires: 10/5/10
                                                                         members. Gift certificate is good for a 1 1/2 hr exclusive Personal
Value: $62              Donor: Ms. Gwendolyn Quach                       Safety Clinic with Strategic Living’s Joanne Factor.

                                                                         Expires: 12/30/2011
                                                                         Value: $175            Donor: Strategic Living
1052          “Beauty Is Before You” Artistic Mirror
Add some funky style to your bedroom or bathroom with this unique
mirror hand-decorated with beads and found objects!
                                                                         1056         4 Passes to Tour Pittock Mansion
Value: $300             Donor: Jennifer Carroll
                                                                         Take your family on a journey through history as you explore the
                                                                         Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon, a historic house museum that
                                                                         has been restored and furnished with period antiques and art. Built
                                                                         between 10 and 114, the grounds encompass 4 acres with
                                                                         miles of serene hiking trails and a wonderful 1000-foot view of the
                                                                         mountains, rivers and city.

                                                                         Reverse side of pass must be completed to validate for entry. Does
                                                                         not expire.
                                                                         Value: $28             Donor: Pittock Mansion
:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                      :10pm    - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   5                                                                                                                                             57

1057          $50 Oasis Water Gardens Gift Certificate                        1062         Majestic Bay Theatres Movie Passes for 4
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced water gardener, Oasis               Enjoy a night in Ballard with three friends at the Majestic Bay Theatres!
Water Gardens in South Seattle is your “complete water gardener’s             Showing select new releases, this triplex features luxurious amenities
nursery”. Featuring aquatic flora and fauna, filtration equipment,            such as plush high-back seating, wall-to-wall screens, velvet curtains,
beautiful imported water basins and much, much more!                          and all of your favorite concessions.
Value: $50              Donor: Oasis Water Gardens                            Redeemable at box office. Expires: 12/2010
                                                                              Value: $40             Donor: Majestic Bay Theatres

1058          Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #3
Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
birds on a silver background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or   1063         Haircut at Salon in the Park - Merle Norman
as an accent piece to any dining room table!                                  Try a new look with a certificate for a women’s haircut at Salon in the
                                                                              Park, located near in Madison Park. You’ll feel and look great after
Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation                an afternoon at Salon in the Park!

                                                                              Expires: 5/19/2010

1059          Haircut & Style at Seven Salon #1                               Value: $50             Donor: Salon in the Park
At 7 Salon, you’ll receive a haircut that suites your bone structure,
enhances your skin, accentuates your eyes and makes you feel your
best! This certificate is good for one haircut with Cassie at 7 Salon’s
Bellevue Square location.                                                     1064         Smoky Quartz Necklace & Earring Set
                                                                              Designed by Seattle jeweler and gallery owner Manya Vee, this
Value: $50              Donor: Seven - The Salon                              smoky quartz and sterling necklace goes from dressy to casual with
                                                                              ease. Accessorize any outfit with this gorgeous accessories set!
                                                                              Value: $76             Donor: Manya Vee Selects
1060          Leather Basket Made in Senegal
This unique brown leather basket with a lid was made in Senegal,
Africa from recycled prayer mats! Don’t miss your chance to take
this unique item home today!                                                  1065         Round of Golf for Two at Nile Golf Course
                                                                              Pull out the clubs, grab a friend and get ready for the best kept
Value: $50              Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                          secret in Seattle golfing- the beautiful and challenging 5001 yard golf
                                                                              course at the Nile Shrine Center in Mount Lake Terrace! Enjoy playing
                                                                              a course where hawks and bald eagles can often be seen soaring
                                                                              overhead with this gift certificate for two 18-hole rounds of golf.
1061          “Go Green!” Wool Knit Throw
This one-of-a-kind throw was handcrafted from a variety of recycled           Dress code enforced.
wool knit fibers, including fine merino, cashmere, lambswool, and             Value: $66             Donor: Nile Shriners Golf Course
alpaca wool sweaters. With 12” block squares and a total size of
72” x 4”.
Value: $125             Donor: Karlen Huff-Becvar

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                           :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   5                                                                                                                                            5

1066          Hand-Turned Pen & Pencil Set                                   1069         Doe Bay Resort & Retreat Orcas Island
This elegant hand-turned pen and pencil set is made from Madrone                          Overnight Getaway
burl and crafted by Chad Gladhart. A perfect addition to your office
desk!                                                                        Your Orcas Island retreat awaits! Use this $100 gift certificate towards
                                                                             accommodations at the Doe Bay Resort & Retreat, located on over
Value: $60      Donor: Chad Gladhart                                         thirty-three acres of pristine waterfront property with a variety of
                                                                             accommodations in a rustic, down-to-earth environment. You and
                                                                             your guest(s) can start the day with yoga practice in the studio and
                                                                             a trip to the soaking tubs and sauna, have a delicious meal in the
1067          Dinner & Fun for Two at Garage                                 waterfront café, take a guided kayak trip in the afternoon or hike in
                                                                             nearby Moran State Park!
Make it a night out with this gift certificate for two to enjoy a 4-course
dinner and 1 1/2 hours of pool or bowling at Garage Billiards in
                                                                             Not valid during Doe Bay Festival. Reservations are required. Expires:
Capitol Hill. Featuring tournament style pool tables, a one-of-a-kind
bowling alley, and delicious food and cocktails, you and your date
will have a blast at Garage Billiards!                                       Value: $100            Donor: Doe Bay Resort & Retreat
Certificate good Sunday through Thursday only. Must present
certificate to be validated. Expires: 3/27/2011
Value: $100             Donor: Garage                                        1070         Buddha Face Oil Painting
                                                                             Originally purchased from a street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City,
                                                                             Vietnam, this black framed oil painting features the face of Buddha
                                                                             - a symbol of enlightenment and nirvana!
1068          1994 Matthews Cellars Bordeaux-style Blend                     Value: $250            Donor: Duke Pham
Donated from the private wine cellar of David Benoff, this is truly
a rare opportunity to add an incredible and limited bottle of
delicious Washington State wine to YOUR wine cellar - the 14
Matthews Cellars Bordeaux-style blend. Comprised of 50% Cabernet             1071         Full Car Detail, Oil & Filter Change at
Sauvignon, 0% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot, this wine is the from one
of the first Matthews Cellars bottlings.                                                  Acura of Lynnwood #1
                                                                             Make your car look and feel like new with a full body detail and
Value: $100             Donor: Mr. David Benoff
                                                                             complete oil and filter change at Acura of Lynnwood. Dedicated to
                                                                             maintaining excellent customer service, the Acura of Lynnwood staff
                                                                             is highly qualified and committed to your car’s excellence!
                                                                             Value: $270            Donor: Acura of Lynnwood

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                                                          :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes
   0                                                                                                               1

1072          1998 Matthews Cellars Bordeaux-style Blend
Donated from the private wine cellar of David Benoff, this is truly
a rare opportunity for you to add a delicious and limited bottle of
Washington State wine to YOUR wine cellar - the 1 Matthew
Cellars Bordeaux-style blend. Comprised of 5% Cabernet
Sauvignon, 2% Merlot, and 1% Cabernet Franc.
Value: $150             Donor: Mr. David Benoff

1073          Your Best Smile Basket
This basket is definitely something to smile about! Full of personal oral
health products including the Oral B Triumph electric toothbrush with
Smart Guide, Supersmile oral rinse and toothpaste, Crest Spinbrush,
and many other oral hygiene products to keep your smile healthy
and white everyday.
Value: $200             Donors: Drs. Michael and Wendy Spektor

1074          Hand-Turned Segmented Display Bowl
Adorn your home with this -inch hand-turned segmented display
bowl crafted by Roy Behm. Made from Bolivian Rosewood,
Marblewood, Yellow Heart & Canary woods, this bowl would make a
beautiful addition to your home!
Value: $75      Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart

1075 “Dwelling #256” by Local Artist
     Graham Fracha
Local artist Graham Fracha uses his intuitive style to convey changes
in nature and evolving landscapes in this mixed media painting
entitled “Dwelling # 25”. Painting is featured on birch board and is
size 12”x15”.
Value: $400             Donor: Graham Fracha

:10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes                             :10pm   - Red Silent Auction Section #1 Closes

Kamoles Bishaws is a bright young man of from the village of Jaliapara in the
Southwestern part of Bangladesh. The loss of his leg several years ago was a
  severe setback. But he’s once again leading a happy, productive life.

On May 2, 2002, Kamoles’ father asked him to buy some fish to sell, “Early
in the morning I jumped on a van to buy fish at Karal Bazar. I took the seat

next to the driver. After driving -10 km, the driver looked as if he was getting
sleepy. Suddenly the van hit a tree by the side of road, and hit my right leg
with such force that my leg was crushed from below the knee.”

“My father used all his savings to pay for my treatment. He even sold his
                                           land. So now we are landless and

                                           penniless”, says Kamoles. “The
                                           accident destroyed all my plans
                                           and disabled my family. Suddenly
                                           my family had to live from hand
                                           to mouth, so my parents couldn’t
                                           afford my studies anymore”, he says,
                                           as tears stream down his face.

                                           One day, a local government officer
                                           called Kamoles and sent him to
                                           Prof. Dr. Ruhal Haque at the Nalta
                                           Hospital. Says Kamoles, “When I met
                                           with [Dr. Haque] and explained my
                                           situation, he advised me to have
                                           a prosthesis from Nalta Hospital
                                           free of charge.” In April 200,
                                           Kamoles received his custom-made

                                                                                    Closes :25pm

                                            The prosthesis had changed his life.
                                            “An accident not only makes a man
                                            disabled, it destroys you mentally,
                                            economically and socially,”
                                            Kamoles says. Today I am [no
                                            longer] mentally, economically and
socially disabled. My family depends on the income from my grocery shop. I
am grateful that Prof. Ruhal Haque and Nalta Prosthetic Center made me a
prosthesis so I could return to a normal life. I am running a small grocery shop
with my fitted prosthesis. Today, Kamoles is truly back on his feet again.              :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   4                                                                                                                                     5

2001          Custom Cookie Bouquet & Certificate                      2005         Book & Coffee Lovers Package
Enjoy this delightful seven-cookie arrangement, ready to take home     Curl up with a warm cup of coffee and a great book with this
tonight! You will also receive a gift certificate for another seven-   package! Includes a $25 Fremont Place Book Company certificate
cookie classic bouquet.                                                and a $25 Caffee Ladro coffee card.

Certificate expires in one year.                                       Value: $50             Donors: Caffee Ladro,
                                                                                                      Fremont Place Book Company
Value: $108             Donor: Cookies by Design

                                                                       2006         Starbuck’s Gift Basket
2002          The Essential Riverdog Pooch Package                     Enjoy this taste of the Northwest with a gift basket from Seattle’s own,
The Essential Riverdog Pooch Package includes everything you           Starbucks! This basket includes everything you need to get your
need to keep your best friend happy! Includes a basket of doggie       morning started including a white embossed logo mug, water bottle,
goodies, gourmet doggie treats from Simon & Huey, Zanies training      coffee press, and a delicious coffee and tea sampler.
toys, and a special pouch from Outdoor Hound to hold all these
essentials. As an added bonus you and your dog will have the           Value: $123            Donor: Stephanie Heard
opportunity to attend any Obedience Class of your choice at the
Riverdog Canine Coaching Center in Issaquah!

Obedience class certificate expires: 3/27/2011                         2007         Brunch for Two at Trellis Restaurant
Value: $225             Donor: Riverdog Canine Coaching                Enjoy Executive Chef Brian Scheehser’s brunch for two at Trellis
                                                                       Restaurant located at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland. Many of the
                                                                       menu items are grown on the chef’s five-acre garden at the South 47
                                                                       farm, bringing truly local flavors for your dining experience.
2003          Collection of Mystery Novels                             Not redeemable for cash. Reservations based on availability. Expires:
Add to your collection of mysteries and with these 10 hardback         3/31/2011
novels, donated by the Mystery/Crime Columnist for The Seattle
Times, Adam Woog.                                                      Value: $65             Donor: Heathman Hotel
Value: $240             Donor: Adam Woog

                                                                       2008         Handcrafted Red Origami Bracelet
                                                                       Add a bit of color to any outfit with this beautiful red origami
2004          “The Couple” by artist Edward Nelson”                    handcrafted scrabble tile bracelet crafted by Beth Gardner. Perfect
This original canvas oil painting is titled “The Couple” and was       for any occasion!
created by local artist Edward Nelson. Size 12” x 12”, framed, and
ready to hang in your home!                                            Value: $40             Donor: Beth Gardner
Value: $500             Donor: Edward Nelson

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                     :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes

2009          Ballet Folklorico Performance Tickets for 2                    2013         “Bitch” Wine & Chocolates Basket
Here’s your chance to win two tickets to the May th performance             Indulge yourself with your very own “Bitch Basket”! Includes “Bitch”
by Ballet Folklorico ”Quetzali” de Veracruz at the Edmonds Center            Australian red and sparkling wines, plus a selection of fine chocolates
for the Arts! Ballet Folklorico is a visual fiesta of culture and folklore   - every woman’s dream!
featuring many regional dances of old Mexico! The music is
performed live on authentic stringed instruments and has earned              Value: $50            Donor: C & M Events
standing ovations from Cuba to Malaysia.

Must redeem by 4/24/10
                                                                             2014         Dinner and a Show!
Value: $60              Donor: Edmonds Center for the Arts
                                                                             It’s date night and you and your date can partake in a fun evening
                                                                             of dinner and theatre with this amazing package! Begin with a $50
                                                                             gift certificate for Ten Mercer restaurant on lower Queen Anne in
                                                                             Seattle, a classy neighborhood bistro specializing in house-smoked
2010          Ethnic Beaded Necklace                                         pork tenderloin, garlic-crusted Washington chicken, risotto with
Take home this unique ethnic beaded necklace in silver and                   seasonal ingredients, and an extensive wine list. Then head across
hematite with gorgeous blue lapis lazuli bead accents. This necklace         the street to INTIMAN Theatre where you will have two tickets for one
would make a perfect accent to any outfit!                                   of their productions. Upcoming shows include “Paradise Lost”, “The
                                                                             Thin Place”, “Ruined”, “The Scarlett Letter” and more!
Value: $65              Donor: Jane F. Paulson
                                                                             INTIMAN certificate redeemable for performances Sunday-Thursday
                                                                             only and subject to availability. Not valid for Opening Nights or our
                                                                             holiday productions. Tem Mercer gift card cannot be redeemed for
2011          Hothouse Spa & Sauna Guest Passes for 2                        cash and does not include gratuity. Expires 11/24/2010
Relax and unwind with your best girlfriend at the women’s only Hot           Value: $150           Donors: INTIMAN Theatre,
House Spa & Salon in Capitol Hill. You’ll have full and unlimited                                          Ten Mercer
access to the relaxation area, hot tub, steam room, and sauna - all
using filtered water. Stay as long as you need to free your mind and
soothe your body.

Restricted to women only.                                                    2015         Handmade Hmong Purse from Vietnam
                                                                             Take home this authentic purse handmade in Vietnam by the Hmong
Value: $26              Donor: Hothouse Spa & Sauna
                                                                             ethnic group. With burgundy velvet trim and an embroidered Hmong
                                                                             design, this purse truly in one-of-a-kind.
                                                                             Value: $55            Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart
2012          Make-Up Lesson
Enjoy this make-up lesson to help you look your best every day!
Marilyn Young is located in Edmonds, Washington and will offer you
tips to use for the every day and for special occasions.
Value: $75              Donor: Marilyn Young

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                           :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes

2016          Big Picture Movie Evening for 2                               2020         Haircut & Style at Seven Salon #2
Plan the perfect evening with this certificate for cocktails and a          At 7 Salon, you’ll receive a haircut that suites your bone structure,
movie at Big Picture in Seattle. Featuring a swanky lounge and first-       enhances your skin, accentuates your eyes and makes you feel your
ever TempurPedic theatre seats, you’ll enjoy the ultimate indulgence        best! This certificate is good for one haircut with Cassie at 7 Salon’s
of a cocktail delivered to your exact theatre seat at the exact             Bellevue Square location.
time you choose. Top it off with a bucket of award – winning white
cheddar Champagne popcorn … welcome to heaven!                              Value: $50             Donor: Seven - The Salon

21 and over only, no special events.
Value: $40              Donor: Big Picture                                  2021         Cascading Earrings
                                                                            These silver cascade earrings feature a unique design inspired by the
                                                                            swirling currents around Vancouver Island! Created by local artist Jill
                                                                            Jandreau, these lovelies add a little fun to your wardrobe or work well
2017          Silk Scarf                                                    as a stand alone accent to your little black dress. Each silver circle is
Compliment any business or casual outfit with this gorgeous silk scarf      hand forged, hammered and brush finished. The earrings hang 2 1/4”
in chartreuse and brown with an Asian motif. A perfect addition to          long.
any woman’s closet!
                                                                            Value: $89             Donor: Jill Jandreau
Value: $50              Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart

                                                                            2022         Manicure & Pedicure at Serenity Nails & Spa #2
2018          Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #4                            Treat yourself or someone you love to a relaxing manicure and
Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring          pedicure at Serenity Nails & Spa in Tukwila. Whether it’s for a special
birds on a gold background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or   occasion or just to say I love you, any woman would love this
as an accent piece to any dining room table!                                opportunity to be pampered!
Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation              Expires: 6/27/2010
                                                                            Value: $37             Donor: Serenity Nails & Spa

2019          Jake Bergevin Trumpet Performance
              Tickets for 2                                                 2023         Handcrafted Gold Origami Bracelet
Enjoy a live evening performance by local singer-trumpet player Jake
                                                                            Add a bit of color to any outfit with this beautiful gold origami
Bergevin on Friday, April 23rd at the Kirkland Performance Center!
                                                                            handcrafted scrabble tile bracelet crafted by Beth Gardner. Perfect
Jake’s latest cd “Holding Back the Dawn” features mysterious and
                                                                            for any occasion!
moody ballads with a generous dose of vocalese and soaring solos
from Jake as well as saxophonist Saul Cline. It is sure to be a very        Value: $40             Donor: Beth Gardner
romantic, thoughtful and extremely musical performance you’ll never

To redeem, bring form to KPC’s Box Office or mail. Not redeemable
for cash; no exchanges.
Value: $40              Donor: Kirkland Performance Center
:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                          :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   70                                                                                                                                           71

2024          Seattle Musical Theatre Tickets for 2                       2028         Ex Officio Men’s Wear
It’s a night out for two at the Seattle Musical Theatre located at        You need clothing as versatile as you are! These Amphi convertible
Magnuson Park in Sand Point. For more than 0 years Seattle               pants are durably engineered to dry quickly and resist wrinkles, water
Musical Theatre has been Seattle’s only theatre company devoted           and stains. The Air Strip is Ex Officio’s #1 selling shirt. It will protect
exclusively to producing the finest selections of the great musical       you from the sun with built-in UV protection and keep you cool with
theatre catalog - and boy do they deliver! Certificate is good for two    climate control ventilation. All are men’s size large.
admissions to any upcoming show.
                                                                          Value: $151             Donor: Ex Officio
Expires: 3/27/2011
Value: $70              Donor: Seattle Musical Theatre
                                                                          2029         One Year of Peet’s Gourmet Coffee
                                                                          Enjoy the taste of Peet’s deep-roasted coffee all year long with this
                                                                          “12 months of Coffee” gift certificate. You’ll redeem 1 pound of
2025          Classic Manicure & Pedicure                                 coffee each month or 1 quarter pound of tea. Peet’s has locations
              at Frenchy’s Day Spa                                        on Queen Anne, Capital Hill, Fremont, Greenlake and Redmond.
Pamper you or someone you love with this gift certificate for a classic
manicure and pedicure at Frenchy’s Day Spa. Located on Madison            Redeemable only at Peet’s retail stores. Reserve coffees and rare
St near the Japanese Gardens, Frenchy’s Day Spa has been offering         teas excluded.
Seattle women a luxurious spa experience for over 1 years.               Value: $215             Donor: Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Value: $56              Donor: Frenchy’s Day Spa

                                                                          2030         A Day for Four at Interbay Golf Center
2026          Lightweight Queen Size Comforter                            With this certificate, you and three guests will enjoy a 9-hole round
This lightweight queen-sized comforter is filled with white down and      of golf at the Interbay Golf Center located in Seattle. So grab your
encased in a 305 thread-count shell. Perfect for year-round comfort!      clubs and call some friends for a fantastic day of golf!

Value: $100             Donor: Pacific Coast Feather Co.                  Certificate must be redeemed entirely in one visit. Expires 3/27/2011
                                                                          Value: $60              Donor: Interbay Golf Center

2027          Housewares Lunch/Market Totes
              & Gift Certificate                                          2031         3-Flats of Bedding Annuals for Your Garden
Make a trip to the market and brown bag your lunch in style with          Get ready for spring with 3-flats of gorgeous bedding annuals from
these insulated Mario Batali totes from HouseWares! This black &
                                                                          Bel-R Greenhouse, Inc in South Seattle. Annuals provide that perfect
beige insulated lunch tote can double as a purse and the green &          extra dash of color and enhance any garden!
brown market tote can doubles as a picnic bag. Get anything else
you may need with this $25 gift certificate to HouseWares, located in     Value: TBD              Donor: Bel-R Greenhouse, Inc.
Value: $109             Donor: House Wares

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                         :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   72                                                                                                                                            7

2032          Decorative Bookends                                             2036        Hotel Andra Suite
Add to your collection this unique pair of antique bronze bookends            You and a guest will enjoy a sophisticated evening at Hotel Andra,
featuring an elegant stag. Great for your home office!                        Seattle’s ultimate address for urban luxury! On the seam of Belltown
                                                                              and the downtown core, the Andra is conveniently located near
Value: $75      Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                                  boutique shopping, fine dining and Seattle’s best attractions. The
                                                                              hotel’s Andra Suites feature premium linens, goose down comforters,
                                                                              plush spa bathrobes and signature Scandinavian touches throughout,
                                                                              such as Swedish bath amenities and Tivoli clock radios. Sophisticated,
2033          $100 Baas Framing Studio Certificate                            stylish and discreet, Hotel Andra is the perfect location for an urban
Bring in your child’s diploma, family photos, posters, fine art print or      getaway!
paintings and have them framed with this $100 gift certificate! Baas
Framing Studio is located in Seattle and has over ,000 framing               Reservations required and based on availability. Not valid July-
samples to choose from for your framing needs.                                September 2010, 12/31/10 or 02/14/10. Expires 3/27/2011.

Value: $100             Donor: Baas Framing Studio                            Value: $368           Donor: Hotel Andra

2034          Learn to Tie Your Own Flies                                     2037        Lively Lidded Vessel
Learn to tie your own fishing flies with this fantastic fisherman’s           This beautiful one-of-a-kind porcelain ceramic vase is titled “White
package! Includes fly tying books and videos to teach you the                 Heron in Porcelain” and features high and low fired glazes. Size 10-
basics, a fly tying vise, and tool kit. Great for beginners and               1/2”h x 5-/4”w, this piece is the perfect addition to any home or
advanced.                                                                     office.

Value: $175             Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                          Value: $180           Donor: Barbara Dunshee

2035          Full Car Detail at Lexus of Bellevue                            2038        Hand-Turned Presentation Gavel & Strike Block
Have your car looking like you just drove it off the lot with a full detail   This hand-turned presentation gavel and strike block is made from
at Lexus of Bellevue! Dedicated to providing world-class service,             Pacific Madrone with Bolivian Rosewood inlay and was created by
Lexus of Bellevue will give you and your car the VIP treatment.               Chad Gladhart. A perfect addition to your office desk!
                                                                              Value: $100           Donor: Chad Gladhart
Expires: 3/2011
Value: $269             Donor: Lexus of Bellevue
                                                                              2039        Garnet and Silver Beaded Necklace
                                                                              This unique garnet and silver-beaded necklace in 4-inches long and
                                                                              can actually be worn as a single or double strand! Versatile, stylish,
                                                                              and ready to be worn by you!
                                                                              Value: $125           Donor: Jane F. Paulson

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                           :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   74                                                                                                                                         75

2040          1997 Matthews Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon                    2044         “Pure Flavors” Cookbook
Donated from the private wine cellar of David Benoff, this is truly                    & $25 Sugar Mountain Certificate
a rare opportunity for you to add a delicious and limited bottle of       Create a delicious Pacific Northwest-inspired meal right at home! This
Washington State wine to YOUR wine cellar - the 17 Matthews             incredible package includes a copy of the “Pure Flavors” Cookbook,
Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon from the Elderling Vineyards in Yakima         featuring Pacific Northwest Recipes by Kurt Beecher Dammeier,
Valley. Matthews Cellars is a boutique winery in Woodinville and          and a $25 gift certificate to Sugar Mountain, the home of Beecher’s
produces very limited bottles of amazing Bourdeaux-style wines!           Handmade Cheee, Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro and Pasta & Co.
Value: $150             Donor: Mr. David Benoff                           Value: $58             Donor: Sugar Mountain

2041          Framed Elephant Photo by Wally Kegel                        2045         $50 Boston Street Baby Certificate
Adorn your home or office with this gorgeous framed photograph of         This Pike Place Market kids’ store stocks fun play clothes as well as
a free-roaming elephant in Africa taken by Wally Kegel!                   dressier fashions for babies and children. You’ll find locally made
Value: $200             Donors: Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD                  100% cotton clothing and everything you need for the little ones at
                                & Bernice Kegel RPT                       Boston Street Baby!
                                                                          Value: $50             Donor: Boston Street Baby

2042          Custom Portrait Session #2
Spend an hour with Rebecca Douglas as she creates a beautiful Fine        2046         Paint Your Own Set of Four Ceramic Plates
Art, Whimsical or Heirloom portrait of you and your family. Package       Tap in to your “inner Picasso” and join in the fun at Paint the Town in
includes a portrait session plus a $25 credit towards your print order.   University Village. Gift certificate entitles the winner and three guests
                                                                          to paint one coupe or rim salad plate each - includes paint, glaze
Portrait session may be in studio or at a location of your choice on      and firing. Items will be ready for pick up one week later and can be
Vashon Island or in the Seattle area.                                     used or displayed as art!
Value: $175             Donor: Rebecca Douglas Photography
                                                                          Certificate limited to 4 couple or rim salad plates, not transferable to
                                                                          other items in the store.
                                                                          Value: $70             Donor: Paint the Town
2043          Admission for 2 to Seattle Art
              or Asian Art Museum
Experience the arts with admission for two to the Seattle Art Museum,     2047         Hand-knit Peruvian Crib Mobile
located on First Ave in downtown Seattle, or the Seattle Asian Art
                                                                          This precious hand-knit crib mobile features Peruvian animals in
Museum, located in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill in Seattle. You’ll
                                                                          pastel shades and would make a perfect gift for an expecting or
encounter international exhibits, cultural activities, amazing art
collections and more!                                                     new mother. Hang over the crib and watch baby’s face glow with
Expires: 3/31/2011                                                        Value: $85             Donor: Martha E. Harris Flowers and Gifts
Value: $30              Donor: Seattle Art Museum

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                        :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   7                                                                                                                                      77

2048          “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child”                2052         Center for Wooden Boats Family
              DVD & Book Set                                                         Membership & Rowing Certificate
Written for parents and caregivers of children of all ages, “Raising    Enjoy two hours of rowing in one of The Center for Wooden Boats’
an Emotionally Intelligent Child” by Dr. John Gottman, will enrich      historic wooden rowboats, plus a one-year family membership!
the bonds between parent and child and contribute immeasurably          Receive reduce boat rental fees, discounts at wood suppliers and
to the development of emotionally healthy adults. Learn to be an        marine shops, gift shop discount, newsletters, and more!
“emotional coach” to your child, responding to their emotional
needs and setting him/her up for a healthier, more successful life.     Value: $105            Donor: The Center for Wooden Boats

Value: $33              Donor: Belinda Gray

                                                                        2053         Sparkling Scarf from Spin A Yarn
                                                                        Simply beautiful, this blue multi-colored hand-knit scarf with sequin
2049          Museum Family Fun Pack                                    accents is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!
Get ready for a weekend of family fun with this museum fun pack!
Includes 4 admission tickets to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field,   Value: $50             Donor: Spin a Yarn
one of the world’s largest air and space museums in the world. You’ll
also receive a children’s family fun pack from The Children’s Museum!
Value: $86              Donors: Seattle Children’s Museum,              2054         The Art and Science of Love -
                                Museum of Flight
                                                                                     A Couples Workshop on DVD
                                                                        This 4 part DVD series from John and Julie Gottman’s live couples
                                                                        workshop, The Art and Science of Love, will teach you relationship
2050          Ice Skating Party for 10                                  skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship
                                                                        in your relationship. Using the included manual complete with
Make your child’s next birthday a party everyone will remember at       workshop exercises, you and your partner will learn to resolve conflicts
the Lynnwood Ice Center! This package include 10 admission tickets      in a healthy and productive way, foster respect, affection, and
and skate rentals, everything you need to get started on the birthday   closeness, and strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship.
part of the year.
                                                                        Value: $175            Donor: Belinda Gray
Value: $100             Donor: Lynnwood Ice Center

2051          Hand-knit Hat for Your Baby
              & Two Hand-Knit Children’s Hats
Keep your little ones warm and cozy with these hand-knit hats.
Perfect for those rainy and cold Northwest days!
Value: $75              Donor: Ms. Judy Williams

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                      :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   7                                                                                                                                             7

2055          UW Meany Hall Samarabalouf Performance                          2059         Hoodsport Winery Private Tasting for 10
              Tickets for 2                                                   Located on the rural Olympic Peninsula, Hoodsport Winery is a small
You and a guest will enjoy an evening performance on Saturday,                and local winery that originated in 17 when there were only sixteen
April 17th by Samarabalouf at the University of Washington’s Meany            Washington wineries! You and nine guests will experience a private
Hall for the Performing Arts. With a nod to the late great Django             winery tour, wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres with majestic views of
Reinhardt, this fiery gypsy jazz trio is from Amiens, France and performs     the Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains in the background.
a concert full of musical pyrotechnics. Their lightning licks, wide range     Hoodsport produces limited bottlings of some of the finest award
of music styles, and abundant good humor make for a thoroughly                winning Washington State wines including Chardonnay, Merlot, and
captivating evening!                                                          Sauvignon Blanc.

Tickets must be redeemed by 4/2/2010 for performance on Saturday,             Advanced reservation is required. All guests must be 21. Certificate
4/17/2010.                                                                    cannot be exchanged for wine or other products. Expires: 3/27/11

Value: $66              Donor: UW World Series                                Value: $150            Donor: Hoodsport Winery

2056          Handmade Table Runner from Bangladesh                           2060         Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #6
This handcrafted table runner from Bangladesh features a striking             Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
turquoise color - a perfect compliment to your home decor!                    birds on a gold background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or
                                                                              as an accent piece to any dining room table!
Value: $25              Donors: Winfried & Kim Danke
                                                                              Value: $30             Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

2057          Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #5
Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
birds on a silver background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or
as an accent piece to any dining room table!
Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

2058          Three Bottles of LaTour Vineyards Wine
Enjoy these three delicious bottles of wine from LaTour Vineyards in
Napa Valley. Perfect for your next dinner party or pour yourself a
glass after a long day at work!
Value: $75              Donor: Tom & Barbara LaTour

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                            :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
   0                                                                                                                                             1

2061          One-Year Family Membership to                                    2064         “Quick Fix Mini Facial“
              the Frye Art Museum                                              Rejuvenate your skin with a Quick Fix Mini Facial from Trevino Skin
                                                                               Care in downtown Seattle. Olivia Trevino is a Certified Esthetician
The winner of this package will take home a one-year family                    and uses the most accurate, comprehensive and effective system
membership to the Frye Art Museum on Seattle’s First Hill.                     of analyzing and solving problem and aging skin care needs. Isn’t it
Featuring over 200 paintings, nineteenth- and early-twentieth-                 time to look and feel your best?
century American artworks, historical exhibitions and more! Your
membership also includes invitations to member events, discounts               Expires: 12/31/2010
at museum store, and the quarterly museum newsletter with early
notification of museum programs.                                               Value: $65             Donor: Trevino Skin Care

Expires: 3/27/2011
Value: $75              Donor: Frye Art Museum
                                                                               2065         Wool and Silk Scarf
                                                                               Take home this beautiful one-of-a-kind Nuno felted scarf made from
                                                                               Merino wool and iridescent silk! Lightweight and ready to wear
2062          Organic Bling Necklace                                           indoors or out. Dress your outfit up or down - business or casual. May
                                                                               be hand-washed using gentle soap.
Take home this beautiful, hand-crafted 1 1/2 inch necklace
designed with sterling silver and smooth rock crystal nuggets. The             Value: $165            Donor: Indigo Crane
perfect contemporary accessory for any outfit from casual to dressy!
Value: $125             Donor: Heartstrings by Linda Dicus
                                                                               2066         90-Minute Private Pilates Session
                                                                                            at Studio Evolve
2063 One Session of Lil’ Kickers Soccer                                        Learn the fundamentals of Pilates with a personalized private
Lil’ Kickers is a nationally renowned child development soccer                 session with one of Studio Evolve’s certified, experienced instructors.
program for kids ages 18 mos to 9 years! This gift certificate gives your      Studio Evolve’s gorgeous eco-friendly studio is located in Seattle’s
child his/her choice of one of the following: 1 Lil’ Kicker Session of         Wallingford neighborhood.
Classes (1mo-yrs), 1 Lil’ Kickers TNT Training Clinic (-12yrs), or 1 Lil’
Kicker Birthday Party (2-102 yrs). Lil’ Kickers is located in the Redmond      New clients only. Expires: 9/3/2010
Arena Sports.                                                                  Value: $96             Donors: Studio Evolve Pilates
Certificate valid only at Redmond location. Expires: 3/27/2011                                                and Bodywork

Value: $250             Donor: Lil’ Kicker Soccer for Kids

                                                                               2067         Red Striped Agate Necklace & Earring Set
                                                                               Made locally and from all natural elements, this red striped agate
                                                                               necklace and earring set features faceted carnelian and 14 kt toggle
                                                                               closures. Perfect for day or evening wear!
                                                                               Value: $95             Donor: Wendy Cole

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                             :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes

2068          Pamper Your Hair at JBU Salon in Bellevue #2                2071         Folkloric Performance for Your Event
Your hair will look its best with a consultation and personalized         Delight your family and friends at your next event with a performance
hair color by Tina Responte at Just Between Us Salon in Bellevue.         of folkloric songs and stories from around the world by Dr. Maggie
Focusing on your skin tone, Tina will help you find the hair color that   Bennett. Using the Irish harp, autoharp, and mountain dulcimer as
brings out your best features and beauty!                                 accompaniment, Dr. Bennett’s programs are suitable and enjoyable
                                                                          for all ages!
Expires: 3/27/2011
                                                                          Mutually agreeable date.
Value: $95              Donor: Ms. Tina Responte
                                                                          Value: $250            Donor: Dr. Maggie Bennett

2069          Little Black Dress by Designer Nicole Bridger
Get ready for a night on the town with this stylish black dress in        2072         Hand-Turned Hollow Vessel
bamboo jersey featuring draped pockets and a pointed hemline.             Take home this hand-turned 5 and 1/2 inch hollow vessel made from
Designed by Vancouver based, Canadian fashion designer Nicole             spalted maple and ebony created by Chad Gladhart.
Bridger who focuses on using sustainable materials to create
contemporary women’s wear. Dress is size small, but can be                Value: $75             Donor: Chad Gladhart
exchanged for another size.
Value: $256             Donor: Nicole Bridger
                                                                          2073         “Mt. Rainier” by Local Photographer
                                                                                       Leo V Santiago
2070          1 Month Unlimited Classes                                   Adorn your office or living room wall with this gorgeous photograph of
                                                                          Mt. Rainier taken from the Aurora Bridge by local photographer Leo
              at American Dance Institute                                 V Santiago. Framed and printed on canvas, this photo captures the
With this one month of unlimited dance classes at American Dance          beauty and wonder of this majestic mountain.
Institute in Greenwood, you can choose from a variety of dance            Value: $295            Donor: Leo V Santiago Photography
styles to learn, including: Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Irish Step
Dancing, Flamenco, Polynesian Hula, Creative Dance, Parent/
Toddler and/or Nuturing Baby classes.

Restricted to new student only. Not valid for dance camps. Expires:
                                                                          2074         Limited Edition Art Print by Charles Frace
3/272011                                                                  Don’t miss your chance to own this Charles Frace limited edition
                                                                          art print titled “Watchful”. Charles Frace is one of the nation’s most
Value: $172             Donor: American Dance Institute                   sought-after illustrators of wildlife and has been on display at the
                                                                          National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution
                                                                          in Washington, D.C. This piece has been gallery framed, signed,
                                                                          numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity!
                                                                          Value: $250            Donors: Dorothy & Jeff Parsons

:25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes                                                        :25pm - Blue Silent Auction Section #2 Closes
4                                              5

     Closes :40pm

        :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes

3001         African Scarf                                                    3005         Seattle Musical Theatre Tickets for 2
Stay stylish with this gorgeous African scarf featuring dark tan and          It’s a night out for two at the Seattle Musical Theatre located at
black with an African motif.                                                  Magnuson Park in Sand Point. For more than 0 years Seattle
                                                                              Musical Theatre has been Seattle’s only theatre company devoted
Value: $50              Donor: Chad & Mary Gladhart                           exclusively to producing the finest selections of the great musical
                                                                              theatre catalog - and boy do they deliver! Certificate is good for two
                                                                              admissions to any upcoming show.

3002         Two Months of Unlimited Classes                                  Reservations required and subject to availability. Expires: 3/27/2011
             at Samadhi Yoga                                                  Value: $70             Donor: Seattle Musical Theatre
Attain your original state of bliss, or Samadhi, with this gift certificate
for two full months of unlimited yoga classes at Samadhi Yoga Center
in Seattle. Classes are offered 7 days a week
Value: $240             Donor: Samadhi Yoga                                   3006         Fresh Flower Arrangement
                                                                                           from Ravenna Bloom
                                                                              Welcome Spring with a fresh flower centerpiece from Ravenna
                                                                              Bloom. Featuring bright Spring colors, this arrangement is ready for
3003         Patagonia Outerwear For Women                                    you to take home from the auction and enjoy!
Keep warm and dry with this women’s outerwear package from                    Value: $125            Donor: Ravenna Bloom
Patagonia in Seattle! Package includes an “El Cap” fleece zipper-
front jacket in Medium, “Torrentshell” jacket in Medium and a “single
shot” bag for carrying essentials!

May be exchanged for size or color only, if in new condition with             3007         Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #7
tags.                                                                         Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring
                                                                              birds on a gold background. This plate is perfect for displaying fruit or
Value: $267             Donor: Patagonia Seattle                              as an accent piece to any dining room table!
                                                                              Value: $30             Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

3004         Handcrafted Sterling Silver Necklace
             by Dottie Z
                                                                              3008         Blue Ribbon Cooking Class
Dress up any outfit for a night out with this handcrafted sterling silver
necklace by Dottie Z! A perfect compliment to any outfit.                     Improve your cooking skills with a cooking class at Blue Ribbon
                                                                              Cooking School. Located on Lake Union’s waterfront, you’ll learn to
Value: $145             Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                          plan and create a delicious meal from the pros!

                                                                              Expires 8/11/2011
                                                                              Value: $95             Donor: Blue Ribbon Cooking

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                         :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes

3009         Hand-Turned Salad Bowl                                     3013        “Celtic Woman” VIP Paramount Club
Impress your friends and family at your next dinner party with this                 Seats for 2
beautiful 12-inch hand-turned salad bowl by Chad Gladhart. Made
                                                                        Your VIP night at The Paramount Club starts long before the curtain
from maple burl wood, this bowl is a beautiful addition to your
                                                                        rises! Pass through the VIP entrance into the VIP lounge and enjoy
kitchen and dining accessories.
                                                                        complimentary appetizers created by Tom Douglas Catering plus
Value: $175             Donor: Chad Gladhart                            cocktails at the private bar. Afterwards, you and your guest will make
                                                                        your way to the loge area in front of the first mezzanine, where your
                                                                        seats afford an unobstructed view of the grand Paramount stage! It
                                                                        will be a memorable night as you enjoy the celestial sounds of the
3010         Get Up & Dance at Fifth Avenue                             Irish music phenomenon, Celtic Woman.

             Dance Studio                                               Show dates are May 11th-13th, 2010. Tickets are valid for one
Learn to shake and move with an introduction to the beginning           performance and reservations must be made at least 8 days prior
basics of Latin, swing, and ballroom at the Fifth Avenue Dance Studio   to the performance. All shows are subject to availability. Dates are
in downtown Seattle. Lessons can be used by an individual or couple     subject to change and restrictions may apply. Certificate must be
and package includes five 1/2-hour private lessons, two group           presented at Club entrance.
classes, and three dance parties!                                       Value: $206           Donor: Seattle Theatre Group
Lessons available by appointment only Monday through Friday,
3-10PM. Must be over 21. Must take first class by: 5/5/10 “
Value: $307             Donor: Fifth Avenue Dance Studio                3014        Hand-Blown & Formed Glass Art Piece
                                                                        This one-of-a-kind variegated green stripped art piece was hand-
                                                                        blown and formed by the artists at the Seattle Glass Blowing Studio.
                                                                        An amazing addition of art and style to any home or office!
3011         Bellevue Arts Museum Guest Passes for 8                    Value: $250           Donor: Seattle Glass Blowing Studio
Experience the Bellevue Arts Museum’s many exciting and new
exhibits planned for 2010 with eight one-time guest passes. The
Bellevue Art Museum is the Pacific Northwest’s center for the
exploration of art, craft, and design through exhibitions and
educational programs.
                                                                        3015        Rustic Yurt Weekend Getaway for 6
                                                                        Spend the weekend at a rustic custom made yurt above the
Expires: 3/27/2011                                                      Teanaway on Lookout Mountain in Central Washington (elevation
                                                                        ,200 feet). Featuring solar power, wood stove, outhouse, water
Value: $72              Donor: Bellevue Arts Museum                     provided by Mother Nature’s snowfall, and views forever! Guests
                                                                        must snow shoe or hike in to access in winter, car access in summer.
                                                                        Accommodations include two bedrooms and a loft, sleeps
                                                                        approximately  adults.
3012         Abalone and Apatite Necklace
Dress up your day or evening wear with this beautiful abalone and       Mutually agreeable date to be determined at least 3 weeks in
apatite beaded necklace.                                                advance. Expires: 3/27/2011

Value: $65              Donor: Jane F. Paulson                          Value: $250           Donors: Ty Cramer & Steve Romein

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                  :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes
   0                                                                                                                                  1

3016         50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition                     3019-3023 “Life Images” Coffee Table Books”
             “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis                            Take a journey through the history of the land and lives of people
One of the most celebrated jazz recordings of all times - “Kind of    in Bangladesh, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Vietnam. “Life Images”
Blue” by Miles Davis! Take home this 50th Anniversary Collector’s     captures the incredible beauty of the land and people, as well as
Edition including a 0-page book, 2 CD’s, DVD and rmp vinyl         the amazing work done by long-time supporters of the Prosthetics
recording.                                                            Outreach Foundation in these countries. There are 5 of these breath-
                                                                      taking books available for bidding!
Value: $125             Donor: Fred Jacobs
                                                                      Value: $120           Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart

3017         Seattle Symphony Concert Tickets for 2
Enjoy a night for two at the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall in     3024         “Sparkle” Photograph by Mary Gladhart”
downtown Seattle! You’ll have your choice of two tickets for either
Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 (7:0pm Thursday, April 15th),       This breath-taking photograph titled “Sparkle” was taken in Africa by
Beethoven’s Fifth (2pm Sunday, April 25th), or Conductor Andrew       POF Board President Mary Luft Gladhart. Framed and size 16” x 20”,
Manze Leads Baroque Themes & Variations (8pm Saturday, May 8th).      this photograph is ready to hang in your home or office!
                                                                      Value: $185           Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart
Voucher must be returned at least 5 business days prior to
performance. Tickets are subject to availability and are non-
transferable. Tickets to be picked up at will-call the night of the
performance. Certificate is not valid for any other performances.
                                                                      3025         Beautiful Bed & Pillow Covers from Bangladesh
Value: $90              Donor: Seattle Symphony
                                                                      Add a unique and vibrant look to your bedroom with this handmade
                                                                      Queen-sized bed and pillow covers from Bangladesh. In beautiful
                                                                      colors of burnt orange and wine, this bedding will add beautiful color
                                                                      to your room!
3018 “Morning Light’ Photograph
     by Mary Gladhart                                                 Value: $75             Donors: Winfried & Kim Danke
This stunning photograph titled “Morning Light” was taken by POF
Board President Mary Luft Gladhart on a trip to Bangladesh. Framed
and size 16” x 20”, this photograph would be perfect in any home or   3026         Framed Leopard Photo by Wally Kegel
                                                                      Adorn your home or office with this breath-taking photograph of an
Value: $185             Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                  alert leopard lounging in a African tree. Photo was taken by Wally
                                                                      Value: $200           Donors: Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD
                                                                                                    & Bernice Kegel RPT

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes

3027         Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #8                         3032         Demitri’s Blood Mary Seasoning
Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring      If you love a good bloody Mary, this package is for you! Demitri,
birds on a unique zebra pattern. This plate is perfect for displaying   creator of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning, has filled this basket to
fruit or as an accent piece to any dining room table!                   the brim with everything you need to make the perfect bloody mary.
                                                                        Includes Demitri’s Bloody Mary Classic recipe, chili peppers, extra
Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation          horseradish, rim salt, a bottle of Citron Absolut vodka, baseball cap
                                                                        and 2 travel mugs.

                                                                        12-month shelf life
3028         Hand-Turned Walnut Display Bowl
                                                                        Value: $100             Donor: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix
Add this unique hand-turned 10-inch walnut display bowl to your
home decor today! Featuring an ebonized rope detail and made
from maple, gambrel oak & and apricot wood, this bowl also
includes 5 hand-turned wood eggs and was created by Chad
Gladhart.                                                               3033         Billiards Party for 20 at Jillian’s
                                                                        Eat, Drink, & Play at Jillian’s Billiards Club in Seattle. You and 1 friends
Value: $185             Donor: Chad Gladhart                            will have your choice of  different gaming packages for billiards,
                                                                        electronic video games or a combination of the two! Enjoy good
                                                                        food with good friends at Jillian’s.

3029         Hand Painted Plate from Vietnam #9                         Reservations required. Subject to availability. Alcohol, beverages,
Take home this beautiful hand-painted plate from Vietnam featuring      tax and gratuities not included. Not valid 12/1 through 12/23. Party
a unique orange and black swirl pattern. This plate is perfect for      must end by10pm Sunday through Thursday and 6pm Friday and
displaying fruit or as an accent piece to any dining room table!        Saturday. Jillian’s is a 21 years of age and older at 9:00pm. Expires:
Value: $30              Donor: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation
                                                                        Value: $120             Donor: Jillian’s

3030         Three Bottles of LaTour Vineyards Wine
                                                                        3034         WORX Professional Circular Saw
Enjoy these three delicious bottles of wine from LaTour Vineyards in
Napa Valley. Perfect for your next dinner party or pour yourself a      Complete those unfinished home or garage projects with the Worx
glass after a long day at work!                                         Professional Circular Saw, combining power, performance and
                                                                        comfort! Ergonomically designed to maximize productivity and
Value: $75              Donor: Tom & Barbara LaTour                     minimize injury, this 7- 1/4 in circular saw also features a smooth-glide
                                                                        mechanism so the handle moves seamlessly and automatically in
                                                                        harmony with the position of your body in action.
                                                                        Value: $150             Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart
3031         Eastside Jazz Club Evening for 4
Jazz up your week with four tickets to a jazz concert at the intimate
Sherman Clay Eastside Jazz Club in Bellevue. Concerts take place
the 2nd Tuesday of each month and feature local and national
Value: $60              Donor: Eastside Jazz Club

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                    :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes
   4                                                                                                                                           5

3035         3 Month Allstar Fitness Membership                            3039         City Rain Sprinkler Services
Get fit for summer with this certificate for 3-months of all club access   Improve your lawn with 2 hours of sprinkler system repair, service,
membership to All Star Fitness!                                            evaluation or installation with City Rain. Your lawn will be the envy of
                                                                           all the neighbors!
Certificate is good for any location.
                                                                           Expires: 9/30/10
Value: $314             Donor: Allstar Fitness
                                                                           Value: $150             Donor: City Rain

3036          Full Car Detail, Oil & Filter Change
              at Acura of Lynnwood #2”                                     3040        X Box 360 Arcade
Make your car look and feel like new with a full body detail and           The new X Box 0 Arcade has everything you and your friends will
complete oil and filter change at Acura of Lynnwood. Dedicated to          need for loads of gaming fun! Featuring Xbox Live, this console
maintaining excellent customer service, the Acura of Lynnwood staff        makes games and entertainment come alive by allowing you to
is highly qualified and committed to your car’s to excellence!             use voice chat and play games with your friends or other players
                                                                           anywhere and anytime using an internet connection. You can also
Value: $270             Donor: Acura of Lynnwood                           amplify your music, photos, video, and TV, watch DVDs, and share
                                                                           your digital pictures with friends! Complete with wireless controller
                                                                           and 25MB of memory, the Xbox 0 Arcade is the must-have
                                                                           gaming system of 2010!
3037         Coffee Lovers Delight                                         Value: $220             Donor: Christopher Halsne
Start your morning right with this package filled with coffee lover’s
delights!! Includes the Bodum 8-cup French press, Krups electric
grinder, two Villeroy and Boch coffee cups and 2 pounds of Doma
coffee beans!                                                              3041         Guided Tour for 20 of Seattle Fire Station #10
Value: $110             Donors: Chad & Mary Gladhart                       Plan the perfect birthday party for your little fireman-in-training with
                                                                           a guided tour for 20 of Seattle’s Fire Station #10! They’ll learn how
                                                                           Seattle’s firemen respond to fires, what the inside of a fire truck looks
                                                                           like, and maybe even get to slide down the fire pole.
3038         Two Hours of Financial Planning
                                                                           Tours available Monday-Sunday from 10am-5pm. Allow 2 weeks for
Take advantage of this certificate for a two-hour meeting with             arrangements. Expires: 3/27/2011
the Bank of America financial planning division, U.S. Trust, Bank of
America Private Wealth Management. Discuss estate planning,                Value: Priceless        Donor: Seattle Fire Department
income taxes, preparing heirs for managing wealth, debt structuring,
life insurance, asset allocation modeling, and more.

Appointment necessary. Expires 12/31/2010
Value: $150             Donor: Bank of America

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                       :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes

3042         Three Days of Family Fun at the Hands On                    3045         The Comedy Underground Tickets for 4
             Children’s Museum                                           Tickle your funny bone with four tickets to a comedy show at the
                                                                         Comedy Underground in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. With cutting edge
Treat you and your family to three days of fun at the Hands On           comedy 7 nights a week and nationally recognized comedians, you
Children’s Museum in Olympia, WA. With over 50 hands-on exhibits,        and your guests will experience a night to remember!
six galleries, and a young-at-art studio the Hands on Children’s
Museum has been voted “Best Place to Take Kids” for nearly a             Expires: 3/27/2011
decade! Certificate is good for three different visits for a family of
four- come now or wait until Fall 2011 to visit the new and expanded     Value: $80            Donor: The Comedy Underground
museum location.

Not valid for museum special events. No expiration date.
Value: $96              Donor: Hands On Children’s Museum                3046         Leonetti Cellar Wines
                                                                         These delicious and rare wines from Leonetti Cellars could be yours!
                                                                         Take home a bottle of the 2002 Columbia Valley Merlot and 2002
                                                                         Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to add to your cellar tonight!
3043          Seattle Sounders #17 Fredy Montero                         Value: $150           Donors: Dr. Dan Baker & Dr. Susan Whiting
              Autographed Mini Soccer Ball
Seattle Sounders #17 Fredy Montero is one of the most up and
coming players on the team! Making club history during the very
first inaugural game, Fredy has continued to wow the audience and        3047         Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel
other players with his skills. Take home a piece of Seattle Sounders
history with this mini soccer ball signed by Fredy Montero himself!                   Overnight Getaway
Value: $15              Donors: Seattle Sounders                         Escape the stresses of every day life with deluxe overnight
                                                                         accommodations for two at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel!
                                FC Charitable Donations
                                                                         Located within walking distance of Pike Place Market, the Olympic
                                                                         Sculpture Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and numerous waterfront shops
                                                                         and restaurants, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront features stunning
                                                                         views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. It is the perfect place
3044         Day of Golf for 2 at Kahler Glen                            to stay for a weekend of exploring all that downtown Seattle has to
             Golf & Ski Resort
Located near Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth, the Kahler                  Reservations required and based on availability. Not valid for Easter
Glen Golf & Ski Resort is Washington State’s most unique mountain        Sunday, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and the
golf course. With the 1 hole course located in the foothills of the     months of July and August. Expires 3/27/2011
Cascade Mountains, you and a guest will experience a truly amazing
day of golf with this certificate for 2 - 18 hole rounds and a cart      Value: $200           Donor: Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Good Mon-Thur, No Holidays. Not redeemable for cash or
Value: $115             Donor: Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                   :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes

3048         5th Ave Theatre “Candide” Production                        3051         Phyzz Yoga Class For 10 at Any Location
             Tickets for 2                                               Phyzz Yoga will bring a 1-hour yoga class to you and up to 9 other
                                                                         participants in your home or workplace. All levels of yoga experience
It will be a magical night as you and a guest enjoy the May 0th         are welcome!
7:00pm performance of “Candide” at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre.
Inspired by Voltaire’s classic satire, this legendary musical features   Winning bidder is responsible for any associated venue costs.
a sparkling score by the great Leonard Bernstein that includes the       Equipment available. Mutually agreeable date, time, and location
famous “Candide Overture”, the hilarious and bravura showstopper         within 20 miles of Seattle proper, outside of which a travel fee of $15
“Glitter And Be Gay”, and the moving and inspiring anthem “Make          will apply.
Our Garden Grow”. This Seattle premiere offers you the rare
opportunity to experience one of “the best musicals you’ve never         Value: $120            Donor: Phyzz Yoga

Must be redeemed 48 hours in advance of the performance.
Value: $166             Donor: The 5th Avenue Theatre                    3052         Britesmile In-Office Whitening System
                                                                         Achieve your whitest and brightest smile in just two hours at the
                                                                         downtown Seattle office of Don Jayne, DDS & Associates! BriteSmile is
                                                                         an in-office whitening system that allows you to achieve your whitest
3049         Haircut & Color at Soma Salon & Day Spa                     smile using patented blue light technology, not a laser. Also includes
                                                                         a set of custom touch-up trays and enough whitening solution for 1
Treat yourself or someone you love with this Soma Salon & Day Spa        months.
gift certificate for a haircut and color by designer Anthony Molinero.
You’ll look and feel your best with a fresh cut and color fit to your    Value: $700            Donors: Dr. Don & Darrin Jayne
facial structure and skin tone. Soma Salon & Day Spa is located in
Value: $100             Donor: Soma Salon and Day Spa
                                                                         3053         Silhouette Titan Wave Rimless Eyeglass Frame
                                                                         Don’t let your eyeglasses get in the way with the Titan Wave titanium
                                                                         eyeglass frame by Silhouette. These frames are rimless, screwless,
3050         Unique Double-Sided Turquoise Pendant                       stylish and light as a feather!
Take home this uniquely double-sided silver wrapped turquoise            Value: $325            Donor: Dr. Alan Bernstein
pendant on a necklace of hypersthene, labradorite and hematite
stones- an absolutely gorgeous addition to any outfit!
Value: $125             Donor: Jane F. Paulson
                                                                         3054         Kiehl’s Gift Box
                                                                         Pamper yourself with these luxurious body care items from Kiehl’s.
                                                                         Includes face protecting sunscreen, hair volumizer, conditioner,
                                                                         cucumber hand and body lotion, and more!
                                                                         Value: $108            Donor: Kiehl’s Since 1851

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                    :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes
   100                                                                                                                                         101

3055         Style Coaching with Uniquely Savvy                            3058         W Seattle Hotel Overnight Getaway for 2
Get your look right where you want it to be! Whether you’re looking        The W Hotel in downtown Seattle offers you the opportunity to relax
to develop your personal brand identity or update your signature           and unwind with a guest room sanctuary for two for a Friday or
style, receive a one hour of customized style coaching by 10 year          Saturday night stay. Within walking distance of Benaroya Hall, the
veteran Style Coach/Personal Shopper & Owner, Kim Crumpler, of             5th Avenue Theatre, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum and
Uniquely Savvy. Kim teaches you how to best dress your style, frame        many downtown shops and restaurants, you can do whatever you
& coloring, edit your existing wardrobe, create wardrobe plans, help       fancy during this weekend of refuge, and then return to the hotel
you with that special occasion attire, or help you shop to pull it all     where its signature pillow top mattresses, dark wood furnishings, and
together. Learn to reflect your authenticity, individuality & lifestyle!   contemporary Northwest touches await you.

Half hour gratis, additional travel at regular fee schedule. Expires:      Expires: 3/31/2011
                                                                           Value: $400             Donor: W Seattle Hotel
Value: $180             Donor: Uniquely Savvy Inc.

                                                                           3059         Full Pull Washington Wine Tasting for 10
3056         The Art and Science of Love                                   Gather  of your closest friends for a fantastic time at the Full Pull Wine
             - A Live Couples Workshop                                     Warehouse in South Seattle. With owner Paul Zitarelli’s extensive wine
                                                                           expertise, you’ll develop a tasting theme and choose amongst some
This two day Live Couples Workshop with John & Julie Gottman of            of the most delicious Washington wines for your wine tasting party for
the Gottman Relationship Institute will teach you relationship skills      ten!
that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your
relationship. Learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive       Mutually agreeable date. Expires: 3/27/2011
way, foster respect, affection, and closeness, and strengthen and
maintain the gains in your relationship.                                   Value: $250            Donor: Full Pull Wines

Workshop takes place in Seattle. Expires: 5/2011
Value: $775             Donor: The Gottman Relationship Institute          3060         Black Orchid Amethyst Accessories Set
                                                                           Take home this gorgeous black orchid amethyst pendant in sterling
                                                                           silver with faceted amethyst accents. Also includes matching
                                                                           earrings to complete the look. In Tibet, amethyst is considered sacred
3057         Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System                        to Buddha. Western mystics say the stone helps instill the hightest
This Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of        ideals and urges one to do what is right!
more than 00 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth
your skin. In just 0 seconds a day, the micro-massage action gently       Value: $120             Donor: Wendy Cole
yet effectively loosens dirt and oils to clear your pores more than
twice as effectively as manual cleansing.
Value: $195             Donor: Clarisonic

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                       :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes
   102                                                                                                                                    10

3061         Seattle Repertory Theatre Tickets for 2                    3064         Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Evening for 4
Seattle Repertory Theatre produces a mix of classic comedies, recent    It’s time to jazz up your night life with 4 tickets for a show at the
Broadway hits and cutting-edge new dramas. Experience any               legendary Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, the west coast’s premiere jazz club in
regularly scheduled 2010 season play at Seattle’s only Tony Award-      the heart of downtown Seattle! Featuring some of the most amazing
Winning Bagley Wright Threatre with this certificate for two tickets.   performers from all around the world, Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley has been
                                                                        bringing you jazz for over 30 years. It’ll be a night to remember!
2010 season only, seating based on availability. Offer is valid for
Sunday through Thursday performances only and excludes special          Expires: 3/27/11; Valid only Tuesday through Thursday, not available
engagements or events. Expires: 12/31/10                                for all artists, call for validity.
Value: $100             Donor: Seattle Repertory Theatre                Value: $200            Donor: Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

3062         Beach House Weekend Getaway                                3065         Limited Edition Wildlife Art Print
Relax in the beautiful sun and enjoy some time away with a weekend                   by Carl Brenders
getaway to a cozy beach house in Manzanita, Oregon! Located             This amazing art print titled “Tundra Summit Arctic Wolves” was
near Nehalem Bay State Park, this  bedroom/2 bathroom house            created by Canadian wild-life artist Carl Brenders. Signed and
is located 1/2 mile from the beach. Perfect for a family vacation       numbered with certificate of authenticity!
or romantic weekend retreat, don’t miss your chance to win this
incredible package!                                                     Value: $600            Donors: Dorothy & Jeff Parsons
Value: $300             Donors: Alison & Laurence Colman

3063         1998 Matthews Cellars Bordeaux-style Blend
Donated from the private wine cellar of David Benoff, this is truly
a rare opportunity for you to add a delicious and limited bottle of
Washington State wine to YOUR wine cellar - the 1 Matthew
Cellars Bordeaux-style blend. Comprised of 5% Cabernet
Sauvignon, 2% Merlot, and 1% Cabernet Franc.
Value: $150             Donor: Mr. David Benoff

:40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes                                                   :40pm - Green Silent Auction Section # Closes
104                                                                                                                                        105

      Thanks To All Item Donors:                                              Thanks To All Item Donors:
         Acura of Lynnwood                     Dr. David Isenberg          Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort              Seattle Fire Department
            Adam Woog                       Dr. Don & Darrin Jayne                 Karlen Huff-Becvar              Seattle Glass Blowing Studio
    Alison & Laurence Colman                  Dr. Maggie Bennett                        Ken Carson              Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel
             Allstar Fitness        Dr. Michael and Dr. Wendy Spektor               Kiehl’s Since 151                Seattle Musical Theatre
    American Dance Institute                     Dr. Robert Veith        Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants              Seattle Repertory Theatre
            Andrea Page                   Dr. Wally Kegel DDS, MSD                   Kirk Lanterman                       Seattle Seahawks
       Anthony’s Restaurants                        Duke Pham              Kirkland Performance Center           Seattle Sounders FC Charitable
            Argosy Cruises                     Eastside Jazz Club                  Laura Bee Designs                            Donations
 Artisanal Brasserie and Winebar        Edmonds Center for the Arts                   Le Gourmand                         Seattle Symphony
                ArtsWest                         Edward Nelson             Leo V Santiago Photography                  Seattle Theatre Group
          Asian Art Museum                          El Gaucho                       Lexus of Bellevue                    Serenity Nails & Spa
        Baas Framing Studio                  Ernie & Diane Burgess                 LIFT Fitness Training                  Seven - The Salon
          Bakery Nouveau                              Ex Officio              Lil’ Kicker Soccer for Kids            Silvana Specialty Desserts
          Bank of America                          Fabric of Life               Little Gym of Bellevue               Soma Salon and Day Spa
          Barbara Dunshee               Famous Northwest Catering               Lynnwood Ice Center                       Southwest Airlines
        Belinda & Todd Gray                         Company                     Majestic Bay Theatres                          Spin a Yarn
       Bellevue Arts Museum              Fifth Avenue Dance Studio                 Malibu Manouche               Starry Nights Catering & Events
       Bel-R Greenhouse Inc.                       Fred Jacobs                    Manya Vee Selects                        Stephanie Heard
          Bernice Kegel RPT           Fremont Place Book Company                      Marilyn Young                         Strategic Living
            Beth Gardner                       Frenchy’s Day Spa           Mark Dales M.D. & Kim Dales        Studio Evolve Pilates and Bodywork
              Big Picture                       Frye Art Museum          Martha E. Harris Flowers and Gifts                 Sugar Mountain
             Bis On Main                          Full Pull Wines                     Mini Mountain                   Swedish Cultural Center
        Blue Ribbon Cooking                       Fusion Beads                      Museum of Flight                           Ten Mercer
         Boston Street Baby                            Garage                        Neil Andersson                            Terry Kegel
          Broadway Video                  Georgetown Brewing Co.              New Renaissance Cakes                   The 5th Avenue Theatre
            C & M Events                        Graham Fracha                         Nicole Bridger              The Center for Wooden Boats
            Caffee Ladro                      Gwendolyn Quach                 Nile Shriners Golf Course             The Comedy Underground
        Calidora Skin Clinics                       Gymboree                Northwest Outdoor Center                      The Confectional
   Capilano Suspension Bridge          Hands On Children’s Museum                Oasis Water Gardens                 The Feminist Karate Union
          Century Ballroom                        Hanna Crews                         Olympus Spa              The Gottman Relationship Institute
      Chad & Mary Gladhart          Hearst San Simeon State Historical       Pacific Coast Feather Co.             The Red Balloon Company
  Chef John Howie Restaurants                       Monument                         Paint the Town             The Wax Museum at Fisherman’s
        Christopher J Halsne             Heartstrings by Linda Dicus               Patagonia Seattle                               Warf
               City Rain                        Heathman Hotel                   Peet’s Coffee & Tea                 Thierry & Kathy Rautureau
              Clarisonic                  Heavy Restaurant Group                      Peter Pendras                          Thistle Theatre
         Cookies by Design                      Holland America           Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital                      Tina Responte
        Creme de la Creme                      Hoodsport Winery                         Phyzz Yoga                      Tom & Barbara LaTour
         Cynthia Yongvang                          Hotel Andra                       Pittock Mansion                          Tom Douglas
   Daily Show with Jon Stewart              Hothouse Spa & Sauna         Prosthetics Outreach Foundation                      Top Ten Toys
            David Benoff                          House Wares                        Ravenna Bloom                            Trader Joe’s
           Delfino’s Pizzeria                     Indigo Crane           Rebecca Douglas Photography                      Trevino Skin Care
    Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix                Interbay Golf Center             Ride the Ducks of Seattle             Ty Cramer & Steve Romein
          Design by Dupree                      INTIMAN Theatre             Riverdog Canine Coaching                     Uniquely Savvy Inc.
    Dick’s Drive In Restaurants     Ivar’s and Kidd Valley Restaurants            Rob Thompson MD                           UW World Series
        Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley                  Jacob Novelozo                Roger & Annette Rieger                  Victrola Coffee Roasters
     Doe Bay Resort & Retreat                    Jane F. Paulson                   Rover’s Restaurant                 Vijya Patel & Scott Block
       Dorothy & Jeff Parsons                    Jennifer Carroll                   Salon in the Park                       W Seattle Hotel
     Dr. & Mrs. Glen A. Cosby                      Jill Jandreau                     Samadhi Yoga                             Wendy Cole
          Dr. Alan Bernstein                            Jillian’s                 Seattle Art Museum               Wide World Books and Maps
Dr. Dan Baker & Dr. Susan Whiting                 Judy Williams             Seattle Children’s Museum                   Winfried & Kim Danke

                     Auction Wish List
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Item #:_______________   Description:__________________________________________


                           We equip and train

                           local technicians to
                           cast and fit prosthetic
                           limbs, so they can

                           travel to amputees
                           in remote areas of
                           developing countries.


Restoring Mobility         We train local
Rebuilding Lives           healthcare
                           professionals to
The Prosthetics            identify and treat
Outreach Foundation        babies born with
creates opportunities      clubfoot.
for children and
adults in developing
countries who suffer
from limb loss and
limb deformities to        SURGERY
lead more fulfilling
lives. POF provides        We train local
access to prosthetics,     orthopedic surgeons
orthopedic surgery,        to restore mobility to
physical rehabilitation,   children and adults.
and non-medical


                           We train local
                           technicians to design,
                           manufacture, and
PROSTHETICS                maintain prosthetic
                           components suited
OUTREACH                   to local needs, using
FOUNDATION                 locally available

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