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Brown University Recreational Sports


									Brown University
       Recreational Sports

What’s Inside                                                                                                Welcome
                                        RecSports is a part of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. RecSports is
                                        responsible for the Physical Education Classes, Intramural Sports Program, Club Sports
                                        Program, Personal Training, Golf Lessons, General Recreation Program, and manage-
         Welcome                   3    ment of the satellite fitness centers and Olney-Margolies Athletic Center, known as the
         Recreational Facilities   4
                                        RecSports prides itself in providing something for everyone. Our qualified staff is com-
         Intramural Sports         6    mitted to excellence and is attentive to the developmental needs of the Brown com-
         Club Sports               8    munity. We work to promote and advance healthy lifestyle choices through participa-
         Physical Education        10   tion opportunities, educational experiences and supportive services. All programs are
                                        designed to maximize participation and accommodate a wide range of interests and
         Staff                     12   abilities.
                                        We offer over 50 physical education courses in the areas of Aerobics & Fitness, Dance,
                                        Leisure Sports, Martial Arts & Self-Defense, and Yoga. Our physical education courses
                                        average over 1,500 participants annually. Our intramural sports program consists of 27
                                        offerings in a variety of team, dual, individual and special event programs to roughly
                                        4,250 registered participants within the Brown community. Our 17 Club Sports teams
                                        service over 400 student athletes. We strive to provide an organized, structured and
                                        competitive environment for students interested in club sports at Brown University.

                                                                                        Have a friend visiting for the weekend?
                                                                                        Get a guest pass!
                                                                                        Guest Day Passes are $7 for Brown Students,
                                                                                        Faculty, and Staff guests. Guests must be ac-
                                                                                        companied by a Brown University cardhold-
                                                                                        er. Passes may be purchased at the OMAC
                                                                                        front desk during operational hours using a
                                                                                        credit/debit card.
                                                                                        For more guest pass information, please vis-
                                                                                        it our website or call 401.863.2773 between
                                                                                        10:00am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday.

2                                                                                 3
Recreational Facilities
                                                                    Meehan Auditorium:                      The Olney-Margolies Athletic Center (OMAC) hous-
                                                                    University Ice Skating                  es offices, training support, facilities, a 6-Lane 200m
                                                                    Monday - Thursday: noon-2pm             Track, 3 Basketball Courts, 2 Badminton Courts, a
                                                                    Sunday: varies                          Volleyball Court, Free Weight Room, Cardio Corner,
                                                                                                            Aerobic/Dance Studio, and Women’s & Men’s Locker
                                                                                                            Rooms & Showers.

                                  Satellite Fitness Centers:
                         Bear’s Lair, located in Grad Center E
    Emery, located in Emery Dormitory on Pembroke Campus
                  Bigelow, located in the Keeney Quadrangle
                                Monday – Friday: 6am-midnight
                                Saturday-Sunday: 9am-midnight

                                      Pizzitola Memorial Sports Center:
                                      Squash & Tennis Courts
                                      There are five regulation size squash courts and four tennis courts
                                      (located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Pizzitola, respectively)
                                      available to Brown Students, Faculty and Staff at designated                                                        Fall & Spring Semester Hours
                                      hours. Please check for the hours on the website (listed opposite).
                                                                                                                                                          Monday – Thursday: 6am-midnight
                                      Reservations can be made during the academic year by calling
                                                                                                                                                          Friday: 6am-10pm
                                                                                                                                                          Saturday: 8:30am-8:30pm
                                                                                                                                                          Sunday: 8:30am-10pm
                                                    Aquatics Bubble
                                                    Recreational Swim                                                                                     Winter, Spring & Summer Break Hours
                                      Academic Yr      Summer                                                                                             Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm
                    Mon - Fri         11am - 2pm       11am - 2pm                                                                                         Saturday & Sunday: noon-5pm
                    Tues/Thurs        7:30pm - 10:30pm 4pm - 7pm
                    Sunday            3pm - 6pm        1pm - 4pm

    Please access the pool from the OMAC where locker rooms and
                                          restrooms are located.

4                                                                                                                                         5
Intramural Sports                                                                                                                                                                         Special Events
The Program                                                                                                           Re c Fest
                                                                                                                                      September 6, 11a-4p - Pembroke Field
The mission of the Brown University Intramural Sports program                                                         Welcome back to Brown as we kick off the year with food, giveaways, prizes and a DJ! Join Brown Recre-
is to provide students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to                                                     ational Sports & Services for a day of fun, sports and fitness activities and learn how to get involved with
participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports in a                                                      intramural sports, club sports and physical education.
safe environment; to facilitate the opportunity for enjoyable
experiences and healthy living; to create opportunities for the
                                                                                                                      Rhode Island Quahog Classic - Fall & Spring
growth and development of all participants with a focus on
student development; to contribute to and help foster an envi-                                                        The Rhode Island Quahog Classic was established in the sum-
ronment conducive to academic enrichment; and to meet the                                                             mer of 2008 in an effort to unite intercollegiate intramural
diverse needs of the Brown and Rhode Island School of Design                                                          sports programs across Rhode Island. Currently the Quahog
communities.                                                                                                          Classic consists of five one-day events where each school’s top
                                                                                                                      team(s) compete to determine a state champion in their respec-
Fall Leagues (Sept-Oct)                    Winter Leagues                   Spring Leagues (Feb-May)                  tive sport. Points are tallied at the end of each academic year
                                           (Nov-Dec & Feb-Mar)                                                        and one school will stand out among the rest and be awarded
•   Flag Football                                                           •   Flag Football                         the Quahog Cup.
•   Volleyball                             • Basketball                     •   Softball
•   Sunday Softball                        • Ice Hockey                     •   Ultimate Frisbee
•   Outdoor Soccer                                                          •   Indoor Soccer                                                              Ski Trip - Spring
•   Squash                                 Winter Events                    •   Badminton
•   Tennis Doubles                                                          •   Squash                                                                     Tired of the ice and slush of winter in Providence? Come enjoy the snow
•   Fantasy Football                       • Dodgeball Tournament           •   Tennis Singles                                                             out on the slopes! Join us for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding.
                                                                            •   Cornhole Doubles                                                           Lessons will be available for beginners so whether you’re just starting
Fall Events                                                                                                                                                out or are a powder pro, this trip makes for a great weekend getaway!
                                                                            Spring Events
•   Wiffleball Tournament
•   Outdoor Volleyball Tournament                                           •   Free Throw Shooting Competition       Battle of the Classes Bowling Tournament - Spring
•   Kickball Tournament                                                     •   Dodgeball Tournament
                                                                                                                      In a tournament that pits class against class, teams of four
•   Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament                                        •   Bowling Tournament
                                                                                                                      compete in a 10-frame match for the King Pin Champion-
•   3v3 Basketball Tournament                                               •   Golf Scramble
                                                                                                                      ship. At the start of the tournament, players guess their
                                                                                                                      individual final score. The team then tries to bowl as close
Brown Cup                                              Registration                                                   as possible to the team’s combined guessed score. Oth-
The Brown Cup has seen many identities over the        All participants must have an account on www.imleagues.        er chances to win include: Best Team Name, Gutter Ball
years. Originally named All-Campus Points, then        com. Through this website you can create/join teams and        Champ, Best Dressed, Turkey Champ (Most Strikes), High
Campus Points Race, this competition has been at       organize all your events on one calendar. You can also track   Roller and Low Roller.
Brown since 2002. The Brown Cup is an Intramural       your scores and ranks while viewing photos and blogging in     Visit the site for more information:
Decathlon designed to encourage friendly com-          a social networking environment. Each season has a nomi-       Bowling/championship.html
petition throughout the intramural season. The         nal team fee to be paid through TouchNet. The payment
team that collects the most points in an academic      link can be found on our homepage (listed opposite). Fees
                                                                                                                                                           Golf Scramble - Spring
year will be presented with The Brown Cup, and         range from $5 for individual sports to $30 for team sports,
earns bragging rights for the following year.          with some special events offered at no charge.                                                      This golf scramble will consist of 6 open divisions by class with teams of
                                                                                                                                                           2 or 4 players. In addition to the Grand Prize, prizes will be awarded to
                                                       Don’t have a team? Become a Free Agent!                                                             the winners of the Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin Competitions.
                                                       Free agents are individuals that are not currently on a                                             Other awards include Best Dressed Award, Caddy Shack Award (silliest
                                                       team. Free agents can reach out to existing teams or be                                             golf swing), Brown Bear Award (wearing the most Brown gear) and the
                                                       drafted by them. To do so you must create an account on                                             Noonan (Miss It) Award (highest score).
                                              and sign-up as a free agent.                                                      Visit the site for more information:

6                                                                                                                                                                                                         7
Club Sports
*Denotes Head Coach
                                                       Men’s Lacrosse                                           Men’s Skiing*
                                                       This team competes in the NY Metro Division of the       The ski team races alongside the Women‘s Varsity
                                                       NCLL ( against 7 other teams each         Ski team in the USCSA McConnell Division. The
                                                       year with the possibility of reaching playoffs in mid-   team seeks athletes who have high school ski racing
                                                       April.                                                   experience. In the fall, the team practices on week-
                                                                                                                day afternoons with the coach and the women’s
                                                       Women’s Lacrosse                                         team. The racing season spans from early January
                                                       The Women’s Club Lacrosse team is designed for           into mid-February, lasting about 5 to 6 weeks.
                                                       women who do not want to commit to the varsity
                                                       level in college, but who want to stay competitive       Men’s Soccer
                                                       and have fun. They invite women of all skill levels to   This team competes against other club teams in the
                                                       play in the fall and then have tryouts in the spring,    New England area and around the country. They
                                                       when they compete in the New England Women’s             are quite competitive and strive to maintain a high
                                                       Lacrosse League. The commitment level is interme-        level of play.
Men’s Basketball                                       diate, with practices a few times a week and games
Men’s Club Basketball is a group of students who       scheduled on the weekends.                                                                                      Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
love to compete at a high level without the aca-                                                                Women’s Soccer                                         The Men’s Ultimate program offers three different
demic and social strain of a varsity commitment.       Men’s Rugby*                                             Women’s Club Soccer is a competitive soccer envi-      teams, competing from the local to the national
The team competes in the winter and spring against     Men’s Rugby competes in the New England Rugby            ronment. They practice twice a week and play ev-       level. No prior experience is needed, and new play-
Ivy League and regional rivals and participates in     Union, a local branch of the United States Rugby         ery weekend during the fall against local colleges     ers can develop their talents quickly. Those inter-
the national championship tournament.                  Union. They have both fall and spring seasons on         including two traveling tournaments; one being the     ested are encouraged to get involved in the fall.
                                                       their practice and match field on Elmgrove Avenue.       Regional Tournament. They also have a shortened
Field Hockey                                           Brown Rugby practices on Mondays, Wednesdays             spring season.                                         Women’s Ultimate Frisbee*
Club Field Hockey is a group of students that con-     and Thursdays from 5:30 to 8pm, with matches on                                                                 Women’s Ultimate is one of those rare examples
tinue to play field hockey without the varsity com-    Saturdays and Sundays.                                   Men’s & Women’s Tennis                                 of what the word ‘community‘ really means. We
mitment and welcome newcomers to the sport.                                                                     Club Tennis is an active organization of competi-      welcome all skill levels and encourage everyone to
The team practices twice a week and meets an ad-       Women’s Rugby*                                           tive tennis players and consists of both a men’s and   come out and play, even if you’ve never thrown a
ditional day for a group run.                          Women’s Rugby is the most unique club sport you’ll       women’s team, each of which has approximately          disc before. We play in the fall and spring, but the
                                                       find on campus. Most of our players have never           20-25 members. Both teams practice semiweekly          fall is less competitive and is a great opportunity to
Men’s Golf                                             even seen a rugby ball before joining, but each year     and compete together in regional and national          come and learn the game.
Men’s Club Golf is a group of students that get        are able to succeed at the national level. Come give     tournaments. Most team members played varsity
together, in both the fall and spring, to take part    this awesome sport a try and they promise you’ll         tennis in high school, and some have prior USTA        Men’s Volleyball
in weekly practices, as well as regional tourna-       love the team!                                           tournament experience.                                 The Men’s Club Volleyball team allows players who
ments. This club team allows students to hone                                                                                                                          have played in either high school or in other leagues
their golf skills in a competitive environment with-   Sailing*                                                                                                        to continue playing volleyball while at Brown with-
out the commitment of a varsity level team.            The Brown University Yacht Club, founded in 1896,                                                               out having to commit to the time needed for var-
                                                       is one of the oldest established organizations at the                                                           sity sports. They practice twice a week year-round
Ice Hockey                                             University and was one of the first college sailing                                                             and play against other regional club teams in the
Club Ice Hockey provides players with a more com-      programs in the country. It is also one of the most                                                             Spring. They currently compete in Division I of the
petitive alternative to Intramural Hockey. Most        active, sailing seven days a week during season                                                                 New England Collegiate Volleyball League.
players have played at the high school varsity level   (Sept-Nov and Mar-May). Within the club there
or higher before coming to Brown. The team is self-    are two main branches to accommodate a variety                                                                  Women’s Volleyball
run, which means that they coach, manage and           of members:                                                                                                     The Women’s Volleyball Club is a competitive team
organize themselves. They are a member of the          Recreational: practice every afternoon, weather                                                                 looking for players who have great attitudes and
ACHA, whose season lasts from mid-September            dependent.                                                                                                      want to have fun. They welcome all levels to try-
until late February.                                   Sailing Team: A “Club Varsity” sport.                                                                           out.

8                                                                                                                                                                           9
Physical Education
                                      All Access PE Pass. Only $99 for so many classes!                  Personal Training is a great way to meet your goals
                                      Physical Education classes are offered to Brown and RISD stu-      One-on-one sessions, tailored to your personal fitness needs! You will be matched based on your
                                      dents, faculty and staff in addition to valid Brown Recreation     fitness goals and what each teacher has to offer.
                                      Pass Holders. These classes are offered as a package each sea-
                                      son and are priced based on session length and class options.                Personal Training Packages
                                      Classes vary each session with a diverse selection in aerobics &
                                                                                                         Single Session                      $45
                                      fitness, dance, leisure sports, martial arts & self defense, and
                                      yoga. All classes are drop-in and have a maximum occupancy         4-Session Packages                  $170
                                      based on instructor preference or room capacity. Class reserva-
                                      tions are not available.                                           8-Session Package                   $330

 Aerobics & Fitness                                                                                      12-Session Package                  $480

 • Body Sculpting
 • Cardio Kickboxing                                                                                     Golf Lessons: learn a new sport or improve your game
 • Spinning
                                                                                                         Personalized golf lessons are available around your schedule. Clinics are offered to small groups to
                                                                                                         work on form, technique, and strategy.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Golf Lesson Offerings
 • Ballet
 • Hip-Hop Beginner/Intermediate                                                                                                                                    Private Lesson (1 person)          $75
 • Studio Mio (formerly Zumba)
                                                                                                                                                                    Semi-Private (2 persons)           $90

 Leisure Sports                                                                                                                                                     1-Hour Clinic                      $30
 • Ice Skating
                                                                                                                                                                    A-Z Clinic Series                  $120
 • Squash
 • Tennis

                                                                                                                                              Employment Opportunities
 Martial Arts & Self-Defense
 • Aikido                                                                                                         • Intramural Sports Student Coordinator                           • Fitness Instructor
 • Chi Kung                                                                                                       • Intramural Sports Supervisor                                    • Personal Trainer
 • Tai Chi                                                                                                        • Intramural Sports Official                                      • Office Assistant
                                                                                                                  • Videographer                                                    • Web Specialist

 Yoga                                                                                                              visit for job listings
 • Ashtanga                                                                                                                                   Leadership Opportunities
 • Hatha
 • Vinyasa Flow                                                                                                Recreation Internships available - Take your first step into the professional world of
                                                                                                                                                  Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education.
        * Class offerings are subject to change. For a complete list of class offerings, descrip-
        tions and instructor bios please visit our website (listed opposite). Links to purchase                           Please contact one of our professional staff members for more information.
                              All Access PE Passes can also be found here.

10                                                                                                                                                          11
   General Questions - OMAC Front Desk - 401.863.3537

         Recreational Sports Staff
Matthew G. Tsimikas                Brian Beam
Brown Athletics & Physical Educ.   Intramural Sports &
Assistant Athletic Director        Facilities Coordinator
401-863-1949                       401-863-3532            

Sheila Kramer                      Charles Hampton
Administrative Assistant           Facilities Supervisor
401-863-2074                       401-863-3537         

Allyson Caudell                    Dwayne Wilkerson
Fitness & Recreation Coordinator   Facilities Supervisor
401-863-2694                       401-863-3537

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