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					GCSE GEOGRAPHY SCHEME OF WORK                                                       AQA GEOGRAPHY SPEC A
                       UNIT GCSE 4 - INDUSTRY

   Key Questions /        Learning Objectives            Activities             Resources             Homework
What are the inputs,       To understand that      Pupils think of        Powerpoint GCSE      Complete questions
processes and outputs       industry is a system     inputs, processes       4.1                   about industry as a
of the industrial           with inputs,             and outputs for a      Worksheet -           system
system? (1 lesson)          processes and            range of industries     ‘Industry as a
                            outputs                                          System’
How can industrial         To understand the   Pupils try to think        Powerpoint GCSE      To complete grid
activity be classified?     four main sectors of of industries in            4.1                   analysing triangular
(1 lesson)                  economic activity    each sector                Worksheet -           graph
                           To understand how   Pupils complete an          ‘Industrial          To complete living
                            occupations in the   ‘odd one out’               Structure’            graph (SMSC)
                            UK has changed       activity to                Worksheet - ‘Odd
                            since 1800           understand the              One Out’
                           To be able to        sectors                    Worksheet -
                                                Pupils work on a
                            analyse a triangular                             ‘Economic
                            graph                ‘living graph’ to           Activities Living
                                                 see how                     Graph’
                                                 occupations in the
                                                 UK have changed
                                                 (higher ability
What factors affect        To understand how  Pupils look at the          Powerpoint GCSE      To complete leaflet
the location of             physical and human   different siting            4.2                   against Oilco’s
industry?                 factors affect          factors                Worksheet -           decision to locate at
(1 lesson)                industrial location    Pupils work in          ‘Locational           Site B (SMSC)
                         To make decisions       groups on the Oilco     Factors’
                          about where             exercise to see the  Worksheet - ‘Siting
                          different factories     importance of site      a Petro-chemical
                          would be best           factors and the         Works - Oilco’
                          located                 environmental           including base-
                                                  impact                  map, decision panel
                                                                          grid and writing
What factors affect      To understand the      Look at important      Powerpoint GCSE  Complete questions
the location of heavy     importance of           location factors for    4.3                   on Ruhr case study
industry? (2 lessons)     locational factors      the Ruhr industrial  Simulation - ‘How       from
                          for heavy industry      region                  do industrial         Understanding
                                                 Pupils take part in a   regions grow?’        GCSE Geography
                                                  simulation to see      Worksheet - ‘Focus    page 190-191
                                                  the factors that led    on the Ruhr:          (SMSC /
                                                  to development of       Powerhouse of         Citizenship)
                                                  the Ruhr industrial     Europe’              Complete
                                                  area (higher ability  Understanding          simulation and
                                                  pupils)                 GCSE Geography        questions
                                                                          pages 190-191
                                                                         Worksheet - ‘Case
                                                                          Study of a Heavy
                                                                          Industrial Area in
                                                                          the EU: The Rhine
                                                                          - Ruhr Region’
What factors affect      To understand the     Look at Cambridge   Powerpoint GCSE       Complete questions
the location of           importance of          Science Park         4.4                    about Cambridge
footloose industries?     locational factors                         Worksheet - ‘Case      Science Park and
(1 lesson)                for footloose                               Study of a             its impact
                          industries                                  Footloose Industry
                                                                      - Cambridge
                                                                      Science Park’
What factors led to    To understand what  Look at South           Powerpoint GCSE       Complete questions
the success of NICs?    an NIC is              Korea as an            4.5                    about NICs
(1 lesson)             To understand what     example of a          Worksheet -
                        factors led to South   successful NIC         ‘Newly
                        Korea emerging as                             Industrialised
                        an NIC                                        Countries (NICs)’
                                                                     Basemap of East
What factors affect    To understand the     Look at the Niké      Powerpoint GCSE       Complete questions
the location of TNCs?   importance of          factory in Indonesia   4.5                    about Nike in
(2 lessons)             locational factors    Prepare a role-play  Worksheet - ‘Nike       Indonesia (SMSC)
                        for a TNC in an        about the              work at 16p an        Prepare positions
                        NIC                    conditions in the      hour?’                 for Rôle-play
                                               Eltri factory in      Briefing sheet -       (SMSC)
                                               Jakarta                ‘Nike role-play’
What are the factors   To understand how  Pupils look at           Powerpoint GCSE       Answer questions
responsible for         globalisation of       globalisation of       4.5                    from
industrial change? (1   industry, and          industry              Worksheet - ‘The       Understanding
lesson)                 working conditions     (Understanding         Globalisation of       GCSE Geography
                        in NICs and            GCSE Geography         Industry’              pages 194-195
                         LEDCs are               pages 194-195)       Understanding             about the
                         changing industrial    Pupils look at        GCSE Geography            advantages and
                         location                advantages and        pages 194-195             disadvantages of
                                                 disadvantages of                                TNC implantation
                                                 TNC implantation                               Complete questions
                                                 in LEDCs (higher                                on the advantages
                                                 ability pupils)                                 and disadvantages
                                                                                                 of TNC locating in
                                                                                                 MEDCs and
                                                                                                 LEDCs (SMSC)
What are the main      To understand what  Pupils look at the       Powerpoint GCSE          Complete diary of
changes taking place    deindustrialisation   case study of            4.6                       Welsh iron worker
in industry in          is and its            deindustrialisation     Worksheet -               (SMSC)
MEDCs? (1 lesson)       consequences          and                      ‘Industrialisation in
                       To understand how     reindustrialisation      an MEDC - South
                        new industries        in South Wales           Wales’
                        grow in these areas  Pupils write the
                                              diary of a worker in
                                              the Welsh iron
                                              worker who has
                                              lost his job and
                                              now works in a
                                              new industry.
What changes are       To understand the    Pupils look at the      Powerpoint GCSE          To complete São
occurring in industry   nature of industry    example of São           4.6                       Paulo case study
in LEDCs? (2 lessons)   in LEDCs              Paulo and Alcione       Worksheet - ‘Case        To complete rôle-
                       To understand the     Florencia                Study of an               play sheet between
                        changes occurring    Pupils look at the    Industrial Area in   the authorities who
                        in LEDCs as           problems that         an LEDC - São        want Alcione to
                        industrialisation     growth of industry    Paulo’               move, residents
                        takes place           causes to poor       Rôle Play briefing   who don’t want to
                                              people in LEDCs as    sheet - ‘Should      move, HSBC bank
                                              CBDs expand -         Alcione Florencia    and the city mayor
                                              through a rôle-play   move out of Edith    (SMSC).
What are the          To understand that  Pupils consider        Powerpoint GCSE  Pupils create a
environmental          industries create      how MEDCs are         4.7                  leaflet telling the
consequences of        environmental          introducing          Video - ‘Disasters - story of Bhopal or
industry? (1 lesson)   consequences           legislation to        Toxic Clouds’        Seveso and
                                              reduce pollution      including questions  suggesting
                                              while there are      Worksheet -          legislation that
                                              serious problems in   ‘Industry and        could stop it
                                              LEDCs (eg.            Pollution’           happening again
                                              Bhopal)                                    (SMSC)
What are the          To understand that  Pupils take part in a  Powerpoint GCSE  Pupils prepare rôle-
consequences of        growth in the          rôle-play about       4.6                  play positions for a
science parks on       quaternary sector is   whether Cambridge  Worksheet -            debate between
rural-urban fringes?   resulting in           Science Park          ‘Should Cambridge    farmers, business
(1 lesson)             pressure on rural-     should expand         Science Park         owners, local
                       urban fringes                                expand?              government, local
                                                                                         residents and nature
                                                                                         groups (SMSC)
GCSE Geography 1 lesson = 2 periods

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