NFL Star Tim Tebow is What Katy Perry’s Mom want for her Daughter by jennifermordith


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									NFL Star Tim Tebow is What Katy Perry’s Mom want for her Daughter

        Honestly, I do starting to like the guy. Though I am into sports and never know he existed until
just now. Thanks to Google for keeping me up to date! For the record Katy, I ain’t gonna steal him from
you. Sort of dreaming about him is enough. Silly me! Let’s take a break from hip lawsuit issues and for a
while be entertained by light news, or should I say rumors?

        The subject may not be as serious as asr hip recall,recalled hip replacements, hip lawyer and
the related stuff. But nevertheless I will continue my story.

         According to a survey it appeared that Tim Tebow, a Denver Broncos quarterback was preferred
as America’s best celebrity neighbor. It seems that this survey was comprised of women correspondents
alone. And also it seems that Mary Hudson, Katy Perry’s mom wouldn’t mind Tebow as her neighbor as
based with OK! Magazine, Perry’s mom is aching to introduce her daughter to NFL star. Well, nothing’s
foul as Tebow is very single and so too is Ms. Perry. Yes her marriage to Russel Brand is officially over.

        Based with internet sources, this NFL star is a devout Christian, and his unwavering positive
attitude, his firm faith and his humility are reasons behind his success. The adrenaline rush victory he
caused over the crowd-favored Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs made him an audience hero. And
even those who are not that interested in his religiosity are finally convinced that he is indeed a good
quarterback. OK! Magazine added that Perry’s mom believes that Tebow is perfect man for her
daughter. “He's handsome, charming, intelligent and above all, a good Chri stian."

        Mary Hudson’s perception might be clouded as she and his husband are both pastors. And her
fondness for Tebow might be attributed to NFL star upbringing where both parents are missionaries. It
seems that Tim Tebow and Katy Perry had a common denominator. Even though the singer was raised
by Christian pastor parents, it is indeed hard to believe since Perry’s lifestyle is far from what the public
expects of her as a pastor’s daughter.

         Previously, rumors circulated that Tebow is dating Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic skier. And just like
Katy Perry, Vonn at that time when the dating gossip circulated was just recently divorced. Vonn though
clarified the rumors that she and Tebow are just good friends.

        Now the football season fever is over, Tevow is seen to so some charitable works and while at
charity he was asked if he and Katy Perry is an item. The NFL quarterback replied "No, me and Katy
Perry don't have a thing, but she's a very good artist," he said, smiling.

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