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									                                  The Adventurer
                                    JANUARY 2007                               NUMBER 237

                           Troop 234 Activity Information: 376-7023
Steve Israel               JANUARY 2                    Troop Meeting
                           (Tuesday)                    Los Perales, 7:30 pm
Tony Gerst                 JANUARY 4                    Committee Meeting
                           (Thursday)                   St. Monica PEACE Center, 8:00 pm
MEMBERSHIP CHAIR:          JANUARY 7                    Urban Hike
Vacant                     (Sunday)                     Starbucks, 8:30 am

ADVANCEMENT CHAIR:         JANUARY 9                    Troop Meeting – Open House
Bonnie Hazarabedian        (Tuesday)                    Los Perales, 7:30 pm

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES         JANUARY 16                   Troop Meeting
CHAIR:                     (Tuesday)                    St. Monica PEACE Center, 7:30 pm
Martin Gicklhorn
                           JANUARY 20-21                Snow Camping
TRAINING CHAIR:            (Saturday-Sunday)            Starbucks, 7:00 am
Dan Smith
                           JANUARY 23                   Troop Meeting
CHAPLAIN:                  (Tuesday)                    St. Monica PEACE Center, 7:30 pm
Roy Adams
                           JANUARY 30                   Patrol Meetings
SECRETARY:                 (Tuesday)                    Various Locations, 7:30 pm
Janice Lieu

Jeremy Kun

Mike Shire (631-7866)

                           Coming in February:

                              February 4               Bike Trip
                              February 10-11           Ski Trip
                              February 13              Court of Honor

                                       Troop Website
                                       Smoke Signals

                                     New Location for Troop Meetings

Bid farewell to the Los Perales Multi-Purpose Room and Hacienda for Troop and Committee Meetings. During
January, we will be transitioning Troop meetings to the St. Monica PEACE Center. We wish to thank St. Monica
Church and Jim Putkey, our Charter Organization Rep., for providing first-class facilities for our Troop activities.
For those not aware, the St. Monica Men’s Club is the Charter Organization for Troop 234.

Please note meeting locations for the month of January:

Troop Meetings
January 2             Los Perales
January 9             Los Perales
January 16            St. Monica PEACE Center
January 23            St. Monica PEACE Center
January 30            Patrol Meetings

Committee Meeting
January 4         St. Monica PEACE Center

                                  MERIT BADGE COUNSELORS WANTED

Do you have a hobby such as photography or woodworking or enjoy a recreational sport such as golf or swimming
or general fitness (or even reading)? Want to share your professional training and experience in personal finance,
communication skills or computers? Consider becoming a Merit Badge Counselor!

Our Troop currently has about 20 adults counseling 60 badges, but most of these folks are each covering several
topics, and many haven’t had boys in the troop for years but have been kind enough to continue to help out. We
need current troop parents to step up and share their wealth of knowledge as Merit Badge Counselors.

All that is required is an interest in and knowledge of the topic (either as your vocation or avocation) and the
ability to do/teach what is required of the boys for the Merit Badge (see or BSA pamphlets).
Counselors need to register as such with the District (it’s a simple form) and work with two or more boys at a time,
either at their request, or through a Merit Badge workshop, where you set the date and time and offer your
expertise to whomever in the troop is interested.

T234 Scouts love the variety of Merit Badge classes offered at Camp Royaneh, and we should do all we can to
encourage their continued learning and advancement throughout the Scouting year. Please consider serving as a
Merit Badge Counselor ----- and if you’re already one, contact me so we can calendar a MB workshop for boys
interested in your area of expertise. “If you offer it, they will come!”

Bonnie Hazarabedian
Advancement Chair

                                         Troop Committee Changes

The slate of Committee Members voted and approved at the last Committee Meeting is as follows:

 Committee Chairperson                   Tony Gerst

 Secretary                               Janice Lieu
 -Newsletter Editor                      Mike Shire
 -Sep. ’07 Scout Dinner                  Vacant
 -Dillon Beach Outing                    Roy Adams
 -May ’07 Scout Dinner                   Vacant
 -Courts of Honor Coord.                 Vacant
 -Eagle Court of Honor                   Mike Shire
 -Web Master                             Vacant

 Treasurer                               Vacant
 -Friends of Scouting                    Yvonne Roberson
 -Carwash Leader                         Tony Silva

 Outdoors/Activities Coordinator         Martin Gicklhorn
 -Calendar Keeper                        Vacant
 -High Adventure Team Coord.             Vacant

 Advancement Coordinator                 Bonnie Hazarabedian
 -Participation Recorder                 Susan Vandebittner
 -Boards of Review                       John Wonder
 -Eagle                                  Ed Isely
 -Merit Badge Counselor Coord.           Leslie Price
 -Rimrover/Highlander Awards             Martin Gicklhorn
 -Scout Spirit/Scout Soul Awards         Martin Gicklhorn
 -100 Mile Club Award                    Martin Gicklhorn
 -BSA 50 Miler Award                     Martin Gicklhorn

 Chaplain                                Roy Adams

 Training Coordinator                    Dan Smith
 -Den Chief Coordinator                  Richard Brown
 -Brownsea/NYLT                          Richard Brown

 Equipment Coord.                        Richard Harland

 Membership Coord.                       Vacant
 -Cub Pack Liaison                       Vacant
 -Jan. ‘07 Open House Leader             Vacant
 -Family Info. Gatherer/Keeper           Vacant
 -Annual Registration/Recharter Coord.   Vacant

 Chartered Organization Rep.             Jim Putkey

Martin Gicklhorn is stepping down after over 5 years as the Troop Committee Chair. His efforts and dedication
are greatly appreciated. Fortunately for the Troop, he will continue to support the Committee in several other

As you can see there are many positions that still need to be filled. Please say yes when you are asked to

                                           E-Mail Address List

An updated email address list will be emailed to all Troop Families soon. Please use this list when sending out
announcements. Do not send out announcements by forwarding off a newsletter address list. You will not be
sending to all Troop families as I divided my address list into 2 parts.

The Editor


                              Troop 234 ANNUAL URBAN HIKE
                                       A Friendly Reminder

                           Scouts, Dads, Moms, brothers and sisters

                   Get ready for Troop 234's premier family event of the year

                                       When: Sunday, January 7

                                      Where:      Oakland/Piedmont

                                Meet at Moraga Starbucks at 8:30

                           Join us for an exciting new adventure as we:

       Journey in the footsteps of Jack London on the Oakland waterfront and check
                                    out his Alaska cabin

                Walk along the shores of the nation's oldest wildlife sanctuary

             Explore the final resting place of some of the most famous people in
                                        California history

                      And last, but not least, end it all with a hearty lunch.


                  LEE VANDEKERCHOVE                

                     OR JUDY JACOBS              
                                         Snow Camping Outing

A weekend of Camping, Building Igloos and Playing in the Snow at Sugar Pine State Park, Lake Tahoe


                                  Weekend of January 20 and 21, 2007

                                             Meeting Place/Time:

                              Saturday, January 20 at Starbucks Parking Lot
                                           at 7:00 AM (sharp)

                        Return to Moraga: early evening of Sunday January 21

                                1. Filled out “Blue Form” Permission slip
                          2. $50.00 outing fee for Campsite, Food, Gas and Misc.
                             Due by Sat. Jan 13, 2007
                                    (Make Check out to “Troop 234”)
                                           (Parents go for Free)

                                1. Clothing/Sleeping Gear to keep you warm
                             2. Money for travel meals. (Dinner on way home.)


                                         Joel Lindheimer: 376-3563
                                           Dan Smith: 247-0855

                                       Pinnacles Rimrover Trek
Mark your calendars now for the planned Pinnacles Rimrover Trek. The Trek is scheduled for March 17-18. This
event has been rained out for the last two years, so I anticipate a big demand for this outing. We have a 29-place
campsite. Patrol leaders should let Richard Harland know how many in their patrols plan to go. We last made this
outing in 2002. Pictures from the outing can be seen at:


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