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									                        P-4 Newsletter
                        October 20, 2011

Dear Families,
Halloween Update
Reminder our school will be celebrating Halloween on Friday
October 28th. Students will be allowed to wear their
costumes to school but we will not be having a traditional
Halloween party. Mrs. Davis and I have planned a super fun
filled day that supports our literacy theme of the month:
Famous People. Children are encouraged to dress up as a
famous person. They can be living or dead, but not fictional.
Mrs. Lindberg and I will be dressing up too! We are fortunate
that the PTA is hosting a “Spooktacular” event that same
evening from 6 to 8 pm.

On the other side of this newsletter is an outline of our
“Famous Person” celebration. We would love to have you as a
part of our celebration however, because our classes are
working together, we ask that you let us know when you are
coming. This way we can let you know which room we will be in
and how we can best use your help

Kids will be enjoying lots of treats at the PTA’s afterschool
event. So, we are asking for healthy snacks to serve during
the bingo game at 1:35. You can send in snack/drinks at any
time during the day. Please email, send a note or give me a
call if you are able to contribute food to help me plan for this

Fashion Show
All students in second grade will get to watch each other
share their famous people costumes. Each student who
chooses to dress up as a famous person will get the
opportunity to share their costumes and tell about who they
are. Tina McGann has offered to be our official photographer
for this event. Many of our literacy groups have been
studying famous people and they will get a chance to share
what they have learned after the fashion show.

Famous People Celebration: Friday, October 28th
Mrs. Lindberg and Mrs. Davis’ class

   10:00: Jack-o-Lantern dice math game
   10:30: Real pumpkin decorating (we will be using real mini-
    pumpkins as inspiration for a fiction story the students
    have been working on)
   11:30: Famous People Fashion Show
   12:00: Reading Group presentations
   1:30: Halloween Bingo and snacks
   2:15: Early Release

Reminder: As per our school policy, costumes can’t include
blood, gore or weapons. Also, please have your child wear
their costume to school; we do not have a place for them to

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