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									Phonak Hearing Aids - Hearing Made Easier
It is not possible to pay attention to what is around you all the time. It is even harder for people who have
troubles in hearing. The sounds produced seem so muffled, and like they are coming from far away. The
voices, somehow, cannot be deciphered. And, some of the hearing aids do nothing but amplifying sound,
so, even the unwanted noise is amplified. The Phonak hearing aids here, is meant to make listening a
easier process for people suffering from hearing defects.

These hearing aids come at a different level of technology. The least advanced ones are the Analog. These
hearing aids are manually changed, and they do not adjust themselves to an individual's preference in an
automatic way. All the do is, receive the sound and amplify them.

There are hearing aids that are digitally programmable, and they can be programmed using the computer
software. This is one of the greatest advantage of the digital Phonak listening aid. They have settings that
are pre-programmed.

Digital Phonak hearing aids really shines. It has a good digital technology backing it up, and is the best
suited for your personal preferences. This begins with fitting, but does not end right there.

As you start using the Phonak earing aids, you will naturally be able to set the volume according to the
way the noise around you is. You will adjust automatically, depending on the surrounding, like a crowded
football arena, or the quiet atmosphere in a monastery. After sometime, the self learning process involved
will make you adapt yourself according to the given situation, and you will adjust your volume

There is an option to self log in your Phonak hearing aids, which stores the information about your choice
of the volume for a particular situation, that is given by the audiologist. Then, there is a feature called the
Auto Pilot, where the hearing aid will automatically set its volume depending on the preset adjustments.
The Surround Zoom is another feature that diminishes the noise from the surrounding.

The Phonak Hearing aids also offer one type of aid called the Micro Power, which is tiny. It is powerful
enough to help people with acute hearing losses. It is a BTE hearing aid. It's speaker rests on the back of
the ear. The tubing that is given for this hearing aid is very small. All the Micro Style hearing aids are
small in size, both in the case of tubing and the hearing aids. They are feather light.

These hearing aids come in usual styles. These are ITE hearing aids, called In-the-Ear Hearing aids. ITE
hearing aids are fine if the hearing defect is not all that bad. The BTE hearing aids, or Behind-the-Ear
hearing aids are accurate for the user with any level of hearing defect, and also for the children.

No hearing aid is capable of giving back what you have lost, your capability to hear without any aid. But,
it can be corrected, and with the best, in the form of Phonak Hearing Aids. This makes hearing simpler for

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