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					                                                        The Wisdom Mountain Climbing! Ojijo*†

       The wisdom of mountain climbing states that if I wish to travel high and fast, I need to travel light. If I carry
       heavy laden, I never reach to the top, unless I lose some on the way. If I carry only what I need, I will reach
       the top effortlessly.
       Everything in life depends on and revolves around mountains; around relationships. My family, my friends,
       my clients and my colleagues; these are my people, and they determine how far I rise, or fall. A relationship
       is my greatest mountain to climb. If I need to make it in my current relationship, I need to leave the baggage
       of earlier relationships at the foot of the mountain. I need to drop all my emotional baggage, my
       complaining, and my negativity. I need to take off all my envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and
       fears. This far in my life, I have acquired broad experience in various issues. I will separate the relevant from
       the irrelevant, and when I start the mountain climbing, I will only carry what is relevant for the current
       relationship between me and my colleagues, clients, family or friends. I need to discard the other baggage at
       the bottom of the mountain. If I need to travel happily, I must travel light.
       Mountain climbing will be brutal; it will force me to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar
       comfort. I will be constantly off balance. The journey will be fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-
       mindedness. Nothing will be mine except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, and the sky – all
       things tending towards the eternal.
       When I am climbing my mountain, I will recall that the journey; and not the arrival, matters. My destination
       will never be a place, but a new way of seeing things. If I travel without observing, I will be like a bird flying
       without wings. In the end, it is the person I become not the things I achieve, that will be most important.
       As I climb my mountain, I will remember that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. If I
       do not travel, I will never know the value of men. Indeed, mountain climbing is the best way to know who
       my true friends, family, clients and colleagues are. I will find out that there is not surer way to find out how
       much (or less) I like someone, than to travel with them. For this reason, I will travel only with my equals or
       my betters; and if there are none, I will travel alone.
       As I climb the mountain, I will remember that the mountain is not designed to make me comfortable. It is
       designed to make its own people comfortable. I will take the roads less traveled by. My happiest moments
       will come when I stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of another. This will make all the difference.
       Finally, I will make sure I have all that I need before I start climbing my mountain. An involuntary return to
       the point of departure is, without doubt, the most disturbing of all journeys. But the most important thing
       in mountain climbing is to start from the bottom. No one climbs a tree from the top.

                          *              Ojijo is a bunch of solutions from Homa-Bay County, Kenya.
 Ojijo is AHA Volunteer (Africans Helping Africans Initiative-www.ahainitiative.net); public speaker & trainer on financial literacy, personal (talent & career) development & political leadership
(www.allpublicspeakers.com); e-commerce & e-governance lawyer & lecturer (www.alrecgroup.com); author of 19 books on religion, sexuality, poetry, politics, economics, medicine, law, history,
         entrepreneurship, network marketing, retirement planning, languages (Swahili & Luo), financial literacy, investing, personal (talent & career) development; founder & team leader at
         InformedInvestors, a social-franchise-enterprise promoting financial literacy, personal (talent & career) development and African volunteerism (www.informedinvestors.biz); social
                     entrepreneur; performance poet; believer in open religion; and a socialist & party leader, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Kenya (www.sdpkenya.com).

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