From the Banyan Resort Management by pengxuezhi


									The Banyan Estate Group, Hua Hin Newsletter number 008                                               August 2009

 Banyan @ International
                                                           Banyan Estate, Hua Hin
 property exhibition in                                    has been nominated for
 Stockholm                                                 the prestigious Thailand
 The Banyan team would like to invite all Swedish
 homeowners and customers to meet us in the                Property Awards 2009
 Globen Arenas in Stockholm. The Banyan Estate,            in the categories:
 Hua Hin will participate at the “BUYING PROPERTIES
 ABROAD” exhibition in Stockholm on 19 th and 20 th
                                                                Best Architectural Design
 September 2009.                                                Best Villa Development (Hua Hin)

  From the Banyan Resort Management

                                 New menu Lemongrass
                                 Restaurant & Bar
                                 From 15th August the Lemongrass Restaurant &
                                 Bar has a new menu. The new menu consists of
                                 excellent dishes from Thai and Italian cuisine,
                                 steaks and burgers, complimented by a good
                                 selection of wines, cocktails and ice-cold beers.
                                 The signature dishes are: the blue crab cake with
                                 a smoked tomato pesto, the honey coated rack of
                                 lamb and rosemary, the grilled garlic pork chop
                                 with lemon capers and the Massaman beef curry.
                                                                                                 Kidspool at Banyan Resort

Banyan Thai Cooking Course
Thailand is famous for its delicious food. Have you tasted a mouthwatering Tom
Yam Goong (spicy shrimp soup) or Kaeng Kiew Warn Gai (green curry with
chicken)? Now you can learn how to prepare those dishes yourself! Join the
Banyan Thai Cooking Class at the Lemongrass Restaurant (every Wednesday).
Our talented chef will teach you how to cook traditional Thai food. Of course you
can taste the dishes you’ve prepared and you will receive a cooking book with
the recipes, so you can practice your new cooking skills at home. For bookings
and more information, please contract our resort at +66 (32) 538 888 or Email:

                                                               Banyan Resort Sightseeing
                                                               The Banyan Resort offers new sightseeing trips. Visit the
                                                               Hua Hin Safari Elephant Camp by Banyan Resort’s tram
                                                               or take a Horse carriage around Banyan Resort in the
                                                               weekend! For bookings and more information, please
                                                               contract our resort at +66 (32) 538 888 or Email:
                                                      The Banyan Resort team
                                                               is looking forward to see you.

The Banyan Estate Group, Hua Hin Newsletter number 008                                                          August 2009

 From the General Manager of the Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin
 I have selected festivals and events as the theme of this          It’s around this time of
 month’s newsletter and to begin Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin          the year when we need
 was at the forefront of the Cha Am / Hua Hin Golf Festival         to make our plans for
 2009 which is a marketing initiative between the Tourist           Christmas and New Year
 Authority of Thailand and the Pranburi Prachuabkirikhan            especially if you’re
 Golf Association (PPGA) to help promote the region as the          planning to travel
 preferred golfing destination in Thailand. I am a committee        overseas for a winter sun
 member of the PPGA and I was awarded my official green             break. Our team is now
 jacket by the Chairman earlier this year.                          planning the Festive
                                                                    Season Calendar which
                                                                    will include a traditional
                                                                    Christmas day lunch and
                                                                    an exciting New Years Eve Party featuring a lavish International
                                                                    buffet with live cooking stations, an 8-piece band and firework
                                                                    finale. More information will be released in our future mailing
                                                                    to you but if you require further details or you wish to guarantee
                                                                    your place kindly contact
                                                                    for more information.

                                                                    Another event taking place this month is the traditional
 Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin staged the grand opening final           hoteliers and club staff soccer tournament. Banyan Estate,
 round on Sunday, 2nd August 2009 with 144 participants and         Resort and Golf Club, Hua Hin has formed a combined team
 since then we have experienced more than 3,500 golfers             and at the opening game we drew 1-1 with Asara Villas. Our
 playing our golf course. Not only will the Golf Festival help      group also consists of teams from the Sofitel and Courtyard
 promote Hua Hin as a great golfing and tourist destination         Marriott. The Holiday Inn, Regent Cha-Am Hotel was last
 but it shall also strengthen our brand image, identity and         year’s winners.

 quality reputation in the golf and leisure industry since it’s
 our first year of operating.

                                      The Cha Am / Hua Hin
                                      Golf Festival is in its 8th
                                      year of runnin g a n d
                                      golfers to the region can
                                      enjoy playing all of the
                                      golf courses in the area
                                      until 30th September at
                                      just THB.800/- excluding
                                                                                                          Golf 2009
                                      caddie and cart fees.
                                      Furthermore, Hua Hin          The Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin will host the ‘Kids in Need’
                                      is celebrating its 100 th     charity golf and BBQ dinner on Friday, 11th September 2009.
                                      year anniversary and          ‘Kids in Need’ is a charity organization that aims to help
                                      many social events and        those kids that really need help. The first ‘Kids in Need’
                                      celebrations have been        charity of many more to come is the Border Military School
                                      scheduled by the local        in the Pala-U area where 250 children between the age of
                                      municipality throughout       4 and 13 are being educated. Contact Linda Robinson,
                                      the year so look out in       Mobile 08 5406 1476, to make
                                      the local press and           a booking or donation to the charity.
                                      media for more details.

The Banyan Estate Group, Hua Hin Newsletter number 008                                                     August 2009

Khun Sanit Sirisan, our
Food & Beverage Manager
at Banyan Golf Club has a
very knowledgeable
background in wine and
wa s runner up in the
National Wine Challenge
Competition in 2007. He
has joined the Andaman
                                                                   We experienced a visit from
Wine Club and was
                                                                   CEO of Golf in Dubai and Vice
invited to the first
                                                                   Chairman of the Dubai Desert
introductory evening held
                                                                   Classic 2009 staying at the
at Putaracsa Resort on
                                                                   Banyan Resort and came to
24th August 2009 with a blind tasting of 10 different varietals
                                                                   visit our golf club. Mr. Mohamed
of Penfolds sponsored by BB&B followed by a 4-course
                                                                   J Buamaim was the first tournament organizer to bring Tiger
dinner. Amongst the wines being tasted was Penfolds
                                                                   Woods to the Middle East playing in the European Tour Dubai
Grange 2003 with a market price of THB 50,000.- per bottle.
                                                                   Desert Classic. The event was recognized worldwide with
Banyan Golf Club will host a similar event with the Andaman
                                                                   Tiger Woods teeing off from the helicopter pad of the world’s
Wine Club in December 2009.
                                                                   only 7-star hotel – The Burj al Arab.
In association with Bangkok Post next month we will be
exhibiting Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin at the Queen Sirikit
Centre from 25 th – 27 th September 2009. We will be
displaying our merchandise, facilities as well as selling pre
paid golf vouchers for golf lovers in Thailand.

                                     Finally, all future events
                                     can be now enjoyed
                                     under the new shading
                                     extension to the Terrace
                                     restaurant and it was
                                     enjoyed by the Thai
                                     Airways Challenge Cup
                                     group from Hong Kong
                                     recently. Also, since we
                                     reopened the restaurant
                                     together with a new a
                                     la carte food menu and
                                     wine collection the
                                     Terrace has become
                                                                   Our social calendar of events scheduled for September
                                     more popular. Our guests
                                                                   2009 include Club Night on 7 th & 21 st, Golf and BBQ on
                                     are enjoying the pleasure
                                                                   15th with our signature Golf and Wine dinner on 25th. We
                                     of being able to sit
                                                                   hope to see you visit the golf club soon and should you
                                     outside and savor the
                                                                   have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
                                     magnificent golf course
                                     and mountain views.
                                                                   Kind regards,
                                     The Terrace shading is
                                     definitely an added benefit
                                     to our dining facility.
                                                                   Stacey Walton
                                                                   General Manager

The Banyan Estate Group, Hua Hin Newsletter number 008                                                    August 2009

   From the Building Management
                                                                  CD Villas
                                                                  All CD Villas have been handed over to the owners. We
                                                                  would like to congratulate all owners with their villas and
                                                                  hope to welcome them soon on the Banyan Estate! The
                                                                  kids pool area has been furnished and is ready for use.
                                                                  At the moment the building team is constructing the
                                                                  Splash Pool Bar & Playground at the Banyan Resort.
                                                                  The bar will serve a range of tempting snacks, burgers,
                                                                  pizzas and Thai dishes in a relaxed setting. The
                                                                  playground will become the favourite spot of all the little
                                                                  Banyan visitors.

                              Construction of Splash Pool Bar
                                                                  Private Villas
                                                                  A second lot of villas has been handed over to the proud
                                                                  owners of plot 26, 27 and 33. The remaining villas make
                                                                  good progress and more will be delivered soon. Please
                                                                  read the experience of our new residents at our Banyan
                                                                  Estate in this newsletter.

                                                                  The infrastructure is progressing smoothly with the
                                                                  drainage along the mountain currently installed. The
                                                                  electricity has started already and all the permissions
                                                                  are in place.

                                                 M2 Villa 39

  The Banyan Estate Homeowner
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Bergstrom are the proud homeowners of a M1
                                                                Banyan Villa. On the beautiful terrace of their Villa Dalea,
                                                                Mrs. Bergstrom tells us about her new home “We’re very
                                                                happy with our new villa, it’s exactly what we hoped
                                                                and expected it to be.”

                                                                The villa is spacious and comfortable; we have three
                                                                children and two grandchildren and there is enough space
                                                                for all of us. The terrace and sala are my favourite spots.
                                                                To sit here in the evening with the view over Hua Hin is just
                                                                amazing. At first we wanted to buy a house in Spain, but we
                                                                couldn’t find what we were looking for. Friends told us about
                                                                Hua Hin and the Banyan. When we saw the house models
                                                                and heard about the possibility to become a Banyan Golf
                                                                Club member, we made a reservation right away. And now
                                                                we’re living here, in our beautiful villa. We’re very
                                                                satisfied; the villa suits us, Hua Hin is a good place to live
                                                                and the Banyan staff is helpful and friendly. To the new
                                                                homeowners I would say: “You have a lot to look forward
                                                                to. When your villa is finished you won’t be


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