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					                             Future planning grade 7 Science
DIRECTIONS: Work on this assignment for 40 minutes each school day.
You will construct a notebook of the following topics, each with its own separate tab to see easy access
to each of the topics completed:

1 Research the History of the microscope to construct a timeline from the origin to the present and
what significant changes occurred, also include images of the scopes and names (and faces) of
significant people.

2 Microscope ….Visit the following sites be familiar with part and
function        try this until you get 100%       each section will take you to different view links, list the links you visit
and describe (and/or illustrate and label) several

3 Research , describe and illustrate how the Electron Microscope works.

4 Collect and print out several images from the electron microscope.

5 Chapter 3

    1. Develop Cornell Notes for each section of chapter 3 on Protists
    2. Develop a vocabulary list from the yellow highlighted words and write a short meaning of the
    3. Go on-line to research and print out short information on:
           a. Shapes of protists
           b. Slime molds
           c. Reproduction of protists
           d. Algae (all colors)and phytoplankton
           e. Diatoms
           f. Dinoflafellates
           g. Euglenoids
           h. Heterotrophs
           i. Fungi characteristics and examples
    4. Write the summary into notebook from top of page 67
5. Answer 1-10, pg 67
6. Answer 1-28 pages 70-71
7. Contruct a 3-D model of any 2 organisms and label the parts, have a title and write a short
   summary of each organism.
8. Outline 3 sections from pages 74-75
9. Do each of the three activities on pages 74-75

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