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                              HYDERABAD 500 001

                                             No.TA/GM(NC)/CDR Project/

         A review meeting on CDR Billing & Customer Care Project implementation
in South Zone was conducted on 2-7-07 in the Office of CGM,A.P.Hyderabad.

The following Officers were present for the meeting:-
S.Ramalingam, CGM,A.P. Telecom Circle, Hyderabad
K.S.Srinivasan, CGM,, Kerala Telecom.Circle
P.S.R.Krishna, PGM,HTD,Hyderabad
Shubhendu Ghosh, PGM,Bangalore Telecom District
K.Ramchand, CGM (IT) Pune
A.Purnachandra Rao, GM(NC) A.P.Telecom. Circle, Hyderabad
D.S.Narendra, GM(Plg.) Hyd Telecom District
A.Subramanian,GM(Op.) Karnataka Circle
R.K.Jain, CE (Civil)A.P.Telecom.Circle
P.S.R.Patrudu,CE (Elec.)A.P.Telecom.Circle
T.S.Ramakrishna, DGM(IT), IT Circle, Pune
Manish Nigam, DGM(IT) IT Circle, Pune
Alok Ranjan Mahapatra, DGM(F), Karnataka Circle
V.Sendhil Vasan, DGM(IT) Chennai Telephones
R.Saji Kumar, DGM(IT) Kerala Telecom Circle
Smt.K.Geethanjali, DGM(TR) Chennai Telephones
Varaprasad, DGM, Bangalore
K.V.K.Prasada Rao, AM(Central) Hyd Telecom District
D.R.Rajeswari, DGM(Proj Plg.) Hyderabad Telecom.District
G.Raghavendra Rao, DGM (Sw.Plg.) Hyderabad Telecom District
A.Nagaraja Rao, SE (Civil) A.P.Circle
G.R.K.Chowdhary, SE (Elec.) A.P.Circle
Ramamohan, CAO(TR) Bangalore Telephones
Sumeet Agarwal, Jt.DDG (IT) BSNL Corporate Office
Nilanjan Biswas, DGM(IT) IT Circle, Pune
Bhatnagar & his team from M/s HCL

Sri S.Ramalingam, CGM,A.P.Circle, presided over the meeting.

       Sri A.Purnachandra Rao, GM(NC) O/o CGM,A.P.Hyderabad, welcomed all the

       In the opening remarks, Sri S.Ramalingam, CGM,A.P., emphasized the importance
of commissioning Data Centre as per the targets to derive maximum benefit especially in
the competitive environment. Sri K.Ramchand, CGM,IT Circle, gave the overview
presentation of the project. It was mentioned that there will be only three platforms in
BSNL viz. Broad band Billing, Cellone Billing and CDR Billing.All the Circles are
requested to communicate the Nodal Officers/Consignee particulars of SSAs/Circles. In
the South & East Zone, it is CSG Kerian Billing System and for the North & West Zone,
it will be “Convergys”. For the C-Dot Exchanges, Circles have to give the requirements
for the CES units and for E-10B, the requirement of MTE has to be given. For the New
Technology exchange where X-25 interface is already available, the speed may be
verified and a min.of 64 kbps Data rate is required for capturing CDRs. All the Stand-
alone, C-DOT 256 SBM exchanges are to be converted into A/N RAX. All SBMs are to
be converted into RSUs.

       In accordance with the existing guidelines, all the PCs which are more than 5 years
old and are out of service to be scrapped by the SSAs and new PCs may have to be
procured by SSAs. . For the existing PCs, the Circles have to ensure that licensed anti-
virus software is loaded and is active.

     Call Centres will continue to be with the Circle and the required interface between
the Call Centre and the Data Centre will be provided by IT Circle.

     The electronic stapling is a part of this project. With the help of this the customers
can be given combined bill for Land lines, Mobile, leased circuits etc.

        A separate portal for implementation of this project is created and the link is
available in the Home page of Corporate Intranet. All the Nodal Officers may upload the
required data in the portal and all communications from the IT Circle will be
disseminated from this portal.

      Leased Lines connectivity will be provided by BSNL at its cost.

         PGM, Bangalore raised the issue of Consignee and it was mentioned that having a
single Consignee for a City like Bangalore is very difficult and exchange-wise Consignee
would be better. It was broadly decided that there will be one Consignee per SSA and for
the cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. decision will be communicated later.

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      CGM,IT Circle mentioned that there are three tenders in all floated by BSNL
Corporate Office for this Project viz. Data Centre & Network Tender, Storage Tender
and Bill Printing Tender. For South Zone, it was decided to have the Bill printing at
Chennai. The Bills will be distributed from Chennai to entire south zone through Postal

       CGM,Kerala Circle, PGM, Bangalore Telephones, GM(NC), A.P.Circle, and
some other Officers mentioned that the idea is impractical and an alternate solution has to
be implemented. Jt. DDG (IT) From IT Circle mentioned that the issue is still open and
will be separately reviewed in the Corporate Office and a decision will be taken

      All the POC SSAs were requested to finalize the following and give the
consolidated requirement to the undersigned with a copy to IT Circle.

   1.   Proposed Network diagram for the exchange connectivity.
   2.   Requirement of CES,MTE
   3.   Work stations
   4.   Requirement of new terminals and Anti-virus software
   5.   Requirement of iP phones
   6.   Network elements – Exchange routers, Aggregation Routes, 24 port Ethernet,
        Switches, 16 port switches, LAN extenders ( in pairs ), Remote Routers, Central

        The Vendor, M/s HCL, gave a presentation regarding the facilities available in the
software applications and various hardwire/software being procured. It was requested by
the Vendor that all the Circles should complete infrastructure (Civil & Electrical) to meet
the target lines. CE (Electrical) A.P.Circle appealed that the power requirement should be
given based on ‘actuals” as otherwise BSNL would end up paying higher service charges
and penalties to the respective State Electricity Boards. It was further mentioned that the
Vendor has to choose the correct no.of pulses for the UPS to save on the power. M/s
HCL will work out actual power requirement for various Data Centers and submit the
same to IT Circle, before 10th of this month.

      In the post lunch session, all the POC SSAs reviewed requirement along with the
Officers of IT Cell and the Vendor. As per the discussions, the network diagram may be
finalized and the consolidated requirement may be given to IT Circle.

      In his concluding remarks, CGM,A.P.Circle, appealed to the Vendor to work out
the exact Power and Space requirements so that the necessary corrections can be carried
out immediately. CGM requested the Corporate Office and IT Circle to review Bill
Printing and distribution issues so that some practical decision can be arrived at.

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     CGM,A.P.Circle requested all Circles to ensure that the target of completing “proof
of concept SSAs” within nine months, the scheduled time target.

                                                             (Mukesh Kumar Nihale)
                                            Dy.G.M.(Nodal Officer – CDR Data Centre)
                                                  O/o CGM,BSNL,Hyderabad 500 001
                                                                Mobile: 94400 00393

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All concerned
Sr.PS to CGM,A.P.Hyd

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