Skill Adjectives by dfhdhdhdhjr


									   Mr. Solis
Seventh Grade
 June 9, 2008
Story: “The Truth About Toy Story”

• Follow the instructions of each phase. Do as
            Phase I: Pre-Listening
• What are adjectives?
  – Adjectives are words that describe:
     • Examples of adjectives are –
        –   valuable
        –   good
        –   horrible
        –   precious
        –   emotional
   Phase I : Pre-Listening Activity
• Using your dictionary look for the synonyms of
  these adjectives:
  – valuable
  – good
  – horrible
  – precious
  – emotional
         Phase II : Listening

Listen to the following story. The teacher will
read it three times. Do not write ANYTHING at
this point. Just listen.
    “The Truth About Toy Story”

One day Woody and Buzz Lightyear were playing
     Playstation. All of a sudden it stopped
      working. The entertaining box broke!
None of the toys could believe such tragedy.
Mr. Potatohead broke his own hand as a sign of
After thinking profoundly, Buzz came up with an
“Let’s ask our good friend Bobby if he can lend
   us his Playstation since he doesn’t use it.”
Woody seemed incredulous to the idea. But he
           decided to go on it.
Buzz called Bobby and explained the horrible
 event. Bobby said he would lend his precious
console, but they had to be extremely careful.
Buzz and Woody were so happy that they went
           flying to Bobby’s house.
Once they arrived they started looking for
 Once they found Bobby he gave them the
console and told them again to take care of it
    with their lives. An emotional Woody
 answered: “Don’t worry beloved friend. We
                will be careful.”
Off they went back home with the valuable
item. The anxiety of beginning to play made
 them forget their promise of being careful.
Upon arriving Woody gave the great news!
Buzz received a warm welcome.
Woody and Buzz were crowned as heroes!
 Phase III : Post-Listening Activities
1 - Write one sentence for each adjective.

2 - Summarize the story you’ve just listened to in
  your own words.
        Phase III : Continuation
• Fill in the blanks with the adjectives provided.
  good precious horrible valuable emotional
1. You have a __________ baby.
2. He had an __________ evening.
3. That watch is a __________ piece of jewelry.
4. Mr. Colon is a __________ person.
5. She had a _________ accident.

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