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									                    Grade Worksheet for MATH200/ME50 (Brown), Fall 2011
                                                                                    Worksheet revised 26 May 2011

General instructions: The red-bordered cells are ready for you to fill in your scores. The text and formulas in
the other cells are protected against accidental overwriting.

Chapter 1                  Enter all your
Chapter 2                  quizzes at left.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4                  Enter 0 for any
Chapter 5                  quiz you missed,
Chapter 6                  but leave blank
Chapter 7                  any quiz that
Chapter 8                  your class did
Chapter 9                  not have.
Chapter 10A
Chapter 10B
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Subtotal               0        Quiz count:           0
Drop lowest              Lowest quizzes
Drop 2nd lowest          drop
Quiz total               automatically.
                       0 Possible points:             0

Extra credit:              Enter EC points at left.
P.M.'s errors
Project talk             EC will count only if your
Subtotal               0 base average is passing
                         (60% or more).

                  Actual       Possible
Quizzes                0                              0
Prof. conduct              (3/wk, max 45)
Sleep Lab
Shoe-Size Lab
ESP lab
Project                    (omit EC)
Final Exam
Subtotal               0                              0
Base average
Extra credit           0
Total                  0                              0
Min Grade   Letter    Keyword               Night
        0   F                               ^^^^^^^^^^^
      60%   D minus   The Keyword must be one of Day,
      63%   D         Night, Summer.
      67%   D plus
      70%   C minus   Course start              Aug 2011
      73%   C         Section                ME50
      77%   C plus    Subtitle                   Fall 2011
      80%   B minus   Points per quiz                   15
      83%   B         Points for midterm                 0
      87%   B plus    Points for final                 120
      90%   A minus   Points for ESP lab                50
      93%   A         Points for project               100
                      Prof unit                       week
                      Points per prof week               3
                      Professional weeks                15

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