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Grade 7 Letter


									                      Welcome To Grade 7!
September 2010

Welcome to our new school year at St. Peter!

        My name is Stefanie McArthur and I am excited to be back as part of the St
Peter's staff and to be teaching your child for their Grade 7 year. I would like to take this
opportunity to welcome each student, as well as their family to what I hope will be a
successful, exciting and memorable year here at St. Peter’s Catholic School.

         Throughout this year, the students will be learning many new things in many
different subject areas. The students will strive to achieve the goals they have set, and I
will strive to encourage and assist them in any way that I can. As well, I will remain in
constant dialogue with you regarding student progress, behavior and evaluation. I feel
that constant communication between the student’s school and home life is a key factor in
their success. It is my hope that through constant communication and encouragement I
can help each student grow and develop into responsible and successful young citizens in
our community. I believe that when teachers, parents, and students collaborate together,
and focus on the richness of learning, wonderful and rewarding things can happen in

        The school agenda will continue to be used for recording homework and
assignments daily, recording important dates and events and communicating between
the parent and teacher. The agenda is the vehicle to which important information can be
communicated between the school and home. It is the student’s responsibility to make
sure that important messages recorded in the agenda are received by either the classroom
teacher or parent. I ask that you read the information with your child, and then take the
time to respond accordingly. It is vital to the students’ success that each family take an
active role in their child’s learning.

        In addition to the school agenda, a classroom website has been set up as a tool for
students and parents to check important announcements, dates or any special events in the
comfort of their own home. Homework and assignment handouts will be posted on this
site and can be accessed through the board website. This is a new and convenient way for
parents to stay involved in their child’s learning this year, especially if hardcopies,
become “lost” between the school and home. For families without access to the internet,
please refer back to the agenda for these important dates and events. Hardcopies of
rubrics and assignment outlines will also be provided to each student. If you have any
questions or concerns regarding your child or the curriculum, please feel free to contact
me anytime at the school.
Getting Online to the Classroom Website: ClassNet”
    Select the board website:
    In the lower right hand corner under “View All Headline” section, select the link
    On the next screen select St Peter
    Click on Ms. McArthur under Grade 7 and it will direct you to our classroom site

Below is a list of materials your child will need to bring to school:
    An appropriate bag to carry homework and lunch
    1 three ring binder and 5 dividers
    Pencil case and calculator
    Lined paper for duo-tangs and binder
    Appropriate gym shoes for Tuesday and Thursday (note: during the fall and
      spring season, it is recommended that students have shoes everyday)

Important Notes and Dates:
    Please read carefully ALL notes and forms that are brought home this year by
      your child as soon as possible.
    Our first event will be held on Thursday September 23, 2010 beginning at 5pm.
      This will be a pizza night and information session for students and their family.

        It is my hope that together as a Grade 7 community, we can work towards making
this year rewarding academically, socially as well as spiritually for everyone.


Stefanie McArthur

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