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									Board of Directors January Meeting MINUTES
Friday, January 9, 2009, via teleconference

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa Flynn, APR, Penny Delaney Cothran, Ashley
Sherry, Marcia Purday, APR, Melea Mauldin, Allison Skipper, Karla Falk, Keela
Middleton, Julie Scott, Amy Bomar, Erin Watson, PJ Norlander

Board Members Not in Attendance: Brett Turner, APR, Reed Byrum, APR, Ansley
Welchel, Lee Bussell, Sharmin Hill

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m.

The December minutes were immediately approved. The president was not in attendance, but allocated topics to
various board members to report on.

The Vice President did not have a report.

Ms. Sherry gave an update on the Mercury Awards. She stated that the CFE e-blast would go out and a
reminder/extension would go out the week of Feb. 2. Melissa mentioned that we should look at an incentive since
we may not have as many entries this year. Ms. Sherry stated that the venue and location was confirmed for the half-
day conference and the awards banquet. Also, she mentioned a celebrity speaker that may attend, which would draw
a bigger crowd.

Ms. Cothran gave the treasurer’s report and noted that SCPRSA was $10,000 in the red for 2009. We needed to look
at our financials more closely and when working with contracts, if we have any questions, to contact her directly to
work on it.

Ms. Falk gave a report on the membership survey. She said there were 32 responses. Courtney (membership chair)
and Chris (lowcountry) were going to outline information from the members and get ideas. We suggested that we
put the luncheons on all media calendars. Also, there should be a meeting with the new members for 5-10 minutes
beforehand to welcome them. She announced that SCPRSA has 237 members at this point. There were no new
members or reinstated members in the past month and she noted lower hits on the web site.

PJ Norlander made the Lowcountry report. She was ecstatic over new involvement in lowcountry.

Melea Mauldin gave the Upstate report. She said her speaker was approving the release for the luncheon program
scheduled for Jan.

After the board reports, various committee reports were given. Erin said she is putting a plan in place for a senior
level advisory panel.

There was no new business.

Adjournment was at 9:35 a.m. These minutes are respectfully submitted by Ashley E. Sherry, Secretary SCPRSA.

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