HWAflies to Washington_ D.C._ attendsKennedyCenterconcert by linxiaoqin


									                                                                              OF THE WORLDW IDE CHURCH OF GOD
VOL.XII, NO. 6                                                                            PASA DENA, CAL IFO RNIA                                                                                  MARCH 12 , 1984

 HWA flies to Washington, D.C.,
attends Kennedy Center concert
             By Aaro n Dean                  of Idaho; Au stri an President Rudolf        the annual all-sta r game, featured
   PAS AD EN A - Pastor General              Kirchsch laeger ; and ot hers.               selected sophomores agai nst a team
Herbe rt W. A r mstro ng returned                Th e tr ip began Feb. 24 when the        composed or facu lty and fresh men.
here Feb . 28 after a four-day t rip to      pas tor ge neral lef t t he Bur ba nk,       Th e game was close for a while, but
Was hington . D.C., and Ambassa -            Cali f., airpo r t at 9 a.rn., Pacific       t he sophomores finally broke the
dor Co lleg e in Big Sa ndy .                St an d a rd Time. A board t he              game open and went on to win.
                                             C hurch's G - II jet wit h Mr. A rm-            Su nday , Feb. 26, amid clouds and
    Aaron Dean. a pastor-rank                st ro ng were eva ngelist Ellis La           rain, t he G - II left Big S and y for
 minister. is Pastor General Her-            Ravia , a vice p resid en t o f t he         Was hing ton. Co nt in u ing to t he
 ben W. A rms trong's personal               A mb assador Foundation, and his             nation's ca pita l with the past or ge n-
 aide.                                       wife, G wen; Wayne Shilkret, di rec-         eral were the La Ravias. S hilkret s
                                             tor of per forming arts for the foun-        and Deans.
                                             d at ion, and his wife, Kat hy; Aaron           Alt hough the weat her was clear
   Duri ng th e tr ip Mr . Arm str ong
                                             Dean, personal aide to Mr . A rm-            for Sunday's 2 p.m. Easte rn S ta n-          EMBASSY VISIT - Pa stor Ge ne ra l Herb e rt W. Arms trong disc us se s a
mel U.S. Vice President George
                                             strong, and his wife, Mic helle; evan-       dard Tim e arrival at N at ional Air -        s c he d ule d pe rforman c e of a Chines e c hildre n' s pe rforming group in the
Bush; Secretary of State George
S hultz; S ena tor Pet e Wil son of Ca l-
                                             ge list Leslie McC ullough , deput y         port in Washingto n, some snow fell           Ambassador Audito rium with Hu Dingyi (right) , dep uty a mbass a dor from the
                                             chancel lor of the Big S and y campus,       Mond ay. Feb . 27.                            People 's Re public of China , Feb . 28 .l Photo by Aaron Dea n]
iforni a; Se na tor Jame s A. McC lur e
                                             and his wife, Ma rion; eva ngelist
                                             Burk McNair , past or of the Big                         Meeti ng a senator               entr ance of the militar y comp lex.          the Ai r Force , and answered qu es-
                                             S and y and T yler, Tex., churches,             Mr. Ar mstrong, the La Ravias and         where the group ente red. Arter being         tions on nonco nfiden t ial item s.

Treasurer                                    and his wife, Billie S ue; and Elaine
                                             Browne, Mr. A rm stro ng 's nu rse.
                                                 Th e McCu llqughs were return -
                                                                                          the Deans dro ve to the Hart building
                                                                                          in downtown Washington while the
                                                                                          S hilkr ets went to the John F. Kenne-
                                                                                                                                       notified or Mr . Armstrong's arrival,
                                                                                                                                       Mrs. Orr met the group in the security
                                                                                                                                       area 'o f the buildi ng and escorted the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr . A r mstr ong ex plained the
                                                                                                                                                                                     act ivities of the A mbassado r Foun-
                                                                                                                                                                                     dat ion and discussed his Janu ary
revtews                                      ing to t he Big Sandy campus after
                                             part ici pat ing in t he fac ult y ex-
                                             change program betwe en t he Pasa-
                                                                                          dy Ce nter for the Performing Arts to
                                                                                          arrange the evening's activities.
                                                                                             Upon enter ing th e Har t building
                                                                                                                                       Armstrong party to her husband's
                                                                                                                                       office. The hallway was ador ned with
                                                                                                                                       historical Air Force pictu res.           .
                                                                                                                                                                                     t rip to New Zea land , Au stralia,
                                                                                                                                                                                     So uth east Asia and Japan .
                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr . La Ravia informed Mrs. Or ro f
mcome                                        de na and Big Sandy ca mpuses, and
                                             the MeN airs were ret urning to Tex-
                                             as after th e first sess ion of th e M in-
                                                                                          Mr . Armst rong was recogn ized by
                                                                                          one of t he security guar ds. S he said
                                                                                          she watched Mr. Armstr ong on tele-
                                                                                                                                          T he gro u p entere d S ec ret ary
                                                                                                                                       O r r's office, where M r. Arm st rong
                                                                                                                                       gree ted Sec reta ry O rr, whom he
                                                                                                                                                                                     a foundation-sponsored concert in the
                                                                                                                                                                                     Ambassador Auditorium and w ash-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ington's Kennedy Ce nter that will
                                             isteria l Ref resh ing Progr am .            vision and enjoyed his programs. S he        knew in Pasadena in th e late 19405           feature a childre n's perform ing group
         By Le roy Neff                          T he G - II touc hed down on t he        asked the pastor general to aut ograp h      and 19 50s (see " HW A Meets Otto             from the People's Repub lic of China.
   PAS AD EN A - February has                ca mpus airst rip at I :30 p.m . Ce ntr al   a copy ofth eApril Plain Trut h.             von Habsburg, Flies East to Speak                 Aft er th e mea l the secretary took
come and gone. but not without its           S tandard T ime. Afl er bei ng greeted          M r. Arm stro ng co nti nued to an        in T hree Cit ies," WN . Jul y 25,            t he group back to his office where he
prob lems for t he financi al area . O n     at the airs tri p and stopping at the        11 a.m . mee ting with Ca lifo rnia          1983) . Mr. and M rs. Orr esco rted           showed some exhibi ts he has col-
the positi ve side, we had a good            ca mpus guest hou se, M r. Arm-              Se nator Pete Wil son, who ret urned         the group to a pr ivate d inin g room .       lected as A ir Force secretary . He
income mont h with an inc rease over         stro ng and his group went to the            from Hondur as t he night.before.               T he d inin g room remi nded the           broug ht in his att ache fro m t he U.S .
February. 1983. of 15.3 percent.             facult y d ining roo m for lunc h. Th e         In the cordial half-hour meet ing,        group of A mbassador Hall on the              St ate Depa rtme nt . Jacqu e Klein, to
Th is brough t the year-to-d ate             Big S and y facult y expressed th eir        Mr. A rmstrong explained the act ivi-        Pasad ena campus with its beau tif ul-        int rod uce him to M r. A rms t rong.
increase to IS percent over 1983 .           delight in having t he cha ncellor jo in     ties of the Am bassador Foundation.          ly cra fted wood wor k. Secretary O rr            Before he co uld be: int roduced,
                                             t hem aga in for lu nch.                     Mr. Armst rong's talk was interru pted       said the roo m o nce was painted, but         Mr. Klein said: 001 know that voice
     Eva ngelis t Leroy Neff is trea-             A rte r lun ch Mr . Ar mst ro ng        severa l ti mes by bu zzing sounds,          wo rk e rs di scovered th e q u ali t y       - th at 'S H er ber t Ar mstr ong. I've
  surer of th e Worldwide Church             walked with Ruth Walter, professor           which the senator explained was a            wood unde rneat h whe n th e room             bee n listen ing to him for 20 years,"
  of God.                                    or music, to the Field House audito-         code system to an nounce whether a           was being prep ared for rep ainting.              Afte r than king the secretary for
                                             rium, where he inspected a new S tein-       S enate proceedi ng was coming up for        T he st ripping and finishi ng was            the luncheon the group left for the
   Th is shows a slight ly inc reas ing      way gra nd piano purchased for the           a vote, how many minut es a senator          done by sta ff volu nteer s after hour s      Four Seaso ns Hotel in Washington.
trend over Janu ary's income fig-            Texas campus. Orde red last year, the        had in orde r not to miss the vote or        and on weeke nds.                                 Th at evening th e group d rove to
ur es. At t he same time , overall 1984      grand piano was hand made in Ham -           whethe r a role call was about to take           T he group was sea ted at a rectan-       the Kenned y C ente r for aco ncert by
expenses have been wit hin budget.           burg, West G er many.                        place. Th e Se nate build ings are con-      gular tab le wit h Sec reta ry Orr at the     the Vien na Philhar monic Or ch es-
    But we do have a tempo rar y prob-            Mrs. Walter played a few composi-       nected by subways, which allow rapid         head and Mr s. O rr seated at t he            tr a. T he Ph ilharmonic pe rformed in
lem with cas h flow. As I previously         tions, and t hen Mr. A rmst rong sat         access to other governm ent build-           ot he r end . T h e t a b le se r vic e       two well- rece ived concerts Feb. 18
repo r ted [see "Treasurer Rev iews          down and played. A big smile showed          ings.                                        incl uded pewte r plates with th e            and 19 in the Ambassad or Aud ito-
H istory of Finances for C hurch,"           t hat Mr . Arm st rong was pleased with         After t he talk M r. Ar mst rong          U.S. Air Force seal. Individual lun-          rium.
WN . J an. 16 ]. the C hurch ende d          the newadd ition tothe campus.               and Se nator W ilson were photo-             cheon me nus written in 1700 s-style              T he Ambassador Founda t ion was
1983 with lower bank balan ces t han             T he pastor general returned to the      graphed toge ther.                           script were on the plat es.                   inst rum ental in maki ng t he orch es-
expected . Thi s was beca use of sev-        guest house, where he relaxed a few             F rom the H a rt build ing, th e             Th e lun ch eon includ ed tomato           tr a's U.S . tou r possib le. Before th e
eral fac tors, includi ng lower than         hours befor e Bible study. Heviewed a        Arm str ong part y d rove to th e Pen-       b isqu e with almo nds, poach ed              Washin gton concer t, the found a-
expected income and higher th an             beaut iful sunset over Lake Lorna            tagon for a luncheon wit h Ver ne            breast of chicke n, ovals of fresh win-       tion sponsored a recepti on at the
expected ex pe nses for No vember            thr ough the home's pictu re windows.        O rr , sec retary of the Air Force, and      te r vegeta b les, warm oven rolls,            Kenn ed y Cen ter und er the patr on-
and December of tha t year.                       Mr . A rmst rong arr ived at the cam-   his wife, Joan. Both the sec reta ry         leaves of paprika butt er and a des-          age or th e A ustri an Em bassy.
   To corr ect t his problem we have          pus auditorium at 7:30 p.m. for as pe-      and his wife are natives of Des              sert of a paper-th in apple tart wit h
requ ested that all C hurch and col-         cial Bible study. Mr. McC ullough             Moines, Iowa, place of M r. Arm -           creme rraic he.                                          Concer t reception
lege depa rtm e nt s red u ce t heir          int roduced a piano recital by Mrs.         strong's birt h.                                 Th e meal and conversation were              Mr : Arm str ong and his group
ex pend it ures until bank balances           Walter on the new St einw ay. T he five        T he limousine with Mr. Arm -             exceptio nal. Secretary Or r recalled         arrived at th e ce nte r at 7:45 p.m .
inc rease . In addi tio n, some budget -      pieces incl ud ed co mposit ions by         strong pulled up to the River Road            man y or his expe riences as leader o f      where they were escorted to the
ary and financial cha nges are being          Domenico Scarl att i, Claude Debus-                                                                                                    Isr aeli Room. Abo ut 20 gues ts were
implemented to ease the cash flow             sy, Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt.                                                                                                   ga t he red th er e for a rec ep ti on.
prob lem . We expec t to be able to            . Next was the videotape presenta-                                                                                                    Includ ed in the group were Roger
work t hroug h th is probl em , but it        t ion of the history or th e P hiladel -                                                                                               St even s, chair ma n or the Kenned y
will take tim e and effort.                   phia era of the Ch urch shown d ur -                                                                                                   Cen te r, and his wife; U.S . Sen ator
    lt is ou r hope t hat br eth ren          ing the Ch urch's 50th anniversa ry                                                                                                    M c Clu r e a nd h is wif e ; Dou g
worldw ide will be prepa red in a spe-        celeb rat ion in Pasaden a Feb. 14 (see                                                                                                W heeler o f the Washingto n Per-
cia l way for the soo n-co ming Holy          " H W A Leads A nni versary Ce le-                                                                                                     forming A rts Soc iety; and ot her
Day offerings [A pril 17 and B ].             brat ion," WN . Feb . 27) . Aft er the                                                                                                 Kenn edy Ce nte r and Austr ian offi-
Even though we have had good                  present at ion, M r. A rms trong re-                                                                                                   cials.
income thi s year, the need is even           ca lled the early day s or the C hu rch .                                                                                                  Mr . Shilk ret, employed by 'he
gr ea ter,                                                                                                                                                                           Kenn edy Ce nter before coming to the
    If breth ren prepare ahead of time                  S abbat h sermon                                                                                                             Ambassador Auditori um , and his
 I am sure t hat t he offering will be          S abbat h afternoon, Feb. 25, M r.                                                                                                   wife, Kath y, were help ful in making
eve n mo re ge nero us th an usual.          Ar mst rong retu rned to th e aud ito-                                                                                                  arrangements and introductions at
    In add itio n, continued ferven t        rium for services. In a powerful ser-                                                                                                   the center .
 praye rs co u ld have even g rea te r       mo n he ex plained the or igin of                                                                                                           After t he half-hour rece pt ion the
effect. God could inspire co-work-           h uman ity 's pr o ble ms with t he                                                                                                     group was seate d for the conce rt.
ers and do no rs to gi ve grea te r          wrong choice made by Ad am , and                                                                                                         Mr. A rmstr ong was seated in th e
amou nts and insp ire noncont rib u-         what the two tr ees in the Ga rden of                                                                                                    Aust rian box adjo ining th e box
tors to beg in giving .                      Ede n mean to bot h th is civilizat ion                                                                                                  reserved for the Preside nt of the
    Thi s increase in fina nces wou ld       and t he one to co me u nder t he reign                                                                                                  Un ited St at es .
ce r ta i n ly h e l p G od ' s C h u rc h   of Jesus C hrist.                            CALIFOR NIA SENATOR - Pa s t or Gen e ra l He rbe rt W. Armstron g                             The preside ntial box was occ u-
 incr ease t he power of preach ing t he        Th at evening the chancellor went         e xp lains ac tivities of the Amba s s a d or Fo unda tio n to Sena to r Pe te Wils on      pied by Geo rge Bush , U.S . vice
Gos pel as a witn ess to the nations         to the women' s and men's basketball         (right) o f Ca lifornia a t the s e na to r's o ffice in Wa sh ington , D.C., Feb . 2 7.    president ; Geo rge S hult z, U.S . sec-
( Ma tt hew 24:14) .                         ga mes. T he men's game, which was           [P ho to by Aaron De an}                                                                              {See HWA. pII g8 121
2                                                                                              Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                               Mond ay, March 12 , 1984
                                                                                                                                                                                              to have sle pt thr ou gh cr ucial new

Why Eastand WestEurope need each other                                                                                                                                                        develo pments in the areas of micr o-
                                                                                                                                                                                              electr onic s and biote chnology, in-
                                                                                                                                                                                              du stri es th at man y be lieve hold th e
                                                                                                                                                                                              key to success in the 2 1st Ce ntury.
   PASAD ENA - T he se lect ion of              product equal to the United St ates,           maintain ing its top posit ion and Japan      ceptible eros ion of t he famous Ger -              " In the importan t area of lar ge-
Konstantin C he rne nko as th e new             and more th an twice th e size of the 10       gaining in import ance,"                      man work et hic - all have u ndo ubt-            sca le mic ro-elec t ro nic circuit ry ,
leader of the Soviet Union rep re-              major Paci fic-b asin economies -                 No European count ry ranks as t he         ed ly played a part. But so have gov-            W est Ge rma ny co un ts only one
sents, as was discussed last time. a            Japan , Au stral ia, Ne w Zealand ,            leadi ng source in any tech nological         ernment tax po lici es, which for                m aj or p rodu cer, Si em ens , and
so rt of holdin g pattern on t he pa rt of      Hong Kong, Sin gapore , Malaysia,              area, in the view of th e exec utives. In     yea rs have d iscouraged investment              ind ustry obse rvers believe it to be
t he Soviet hier arch y.                        South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and             most fields th e top European cou ntry,       and lef t Germa n indu str y desper-             rou gh ly a year and a half behin d th e
    Thi s means th at the Soviet econo-         th e Philippin es.                             usually West Germ any, is ranked a            ately sho rt of cas h .                          U nited St ates and Japan ."
my. along with th at of its East bloc              Today th e EE C has contracte d to          distant th ird when compared with                "Ger ma n qu ality rema ins, but in              The sea rch for an ega litarian soci-
ne ighbors. will con tinu e to limp             93 percen t of America's GNP and               Japan and th e U nited S tates.               too man y cases so do the sa me old              et y has also produced negati ve resu lts.
along. makin g little , if any, progress.       the Pacific 10 have expanded to 62                                                                                                            Th e burgeoning growth of high er
    "Konstant in Chemenko,' notes               percent.                                                                                                                                      edu cation in the postwar period , cou-
the Feb. 27 U.S. News & World                      " T he economic centre of gravity                                                                                                          pled with the dec ision to distribute
Report , " is confronted by the same            of the free world ," wrote Brian                                                                                                              student and facult y talent equally

d ilem ma th at bedeviled Yuri Andr e-          Reading in the Tim es art icle, " is                                                                                                          among the country's 60 univers ities,
pov and ot her leaders of the world' s          moving from mid-Atlantic to mid-                                                                                                              has, added the Times report. "effec-
fi rst self-s ty led worke rs' sta te           Pacific ... Whereas t he Pac ific has                                                                                                         tively ended the long trad ition of the
                                                                                                                  By Gene H. Hogberg
.. . T he work force, nearly 67 years           sa iled throu gh th is latest world                                                                                                           Ge rman professor nurturing a select
afte r th e Ru ssian Revoluti on. is inef-      recess ion with hardl y a pause and                                                                                                           few brilliant students.,.
ficient and unm oti vated . The work            America is pullin g out of it like an                                                                                                            " For the type of wor k we're doin g
et hic is virtually nonexistent. and            express train. somehow we in                                                                                                                  we need to tap an elite," said Hein z
absenteeism isa nationaldisease."               Eur ope have not come to terms with               Desp ite the co ntinual cr y for           product s. Industries famous for                 Schwaertzel, dir ect or of Siemens'
  The Soviets are falling further               the shoc ks of the past decade , ..            greater intra-Europe an coo pe ration         innovation have slipped from th e                Co r porate Labor atories for Inf or-
behind the United States and Japa-                 "Are there sunset continents as             in technology, th e chief executives          pinnacle."                                       mati on Technologies in Mu nich ,
nese economies, which together are              well as sunset industries or econo-            responding to the Journal survey                 Far more worrisome to West                    West Germany. "The problem is
streaking into the high-tech future.            m ies? (fthere are , Western Europe            appeared to favor links with U .S .           German economic planners, ob-                    there is not an elite to tap ."
A new word was coined to express                is one."                                       and Japanese com panies rather than           served the Times, " is the gr owing                  West Germany's unprecedented
A merican and Japanese technologi-                 Ju st how serious the stagflat ion in       with their continental neighbors.             real ization that the nat ion a ppea rs                 (See EUROPE. page 111
cal co lla bora tion - Jamerica.                Eur ope is, was revealed in a poll con -
                                                du cted by The Wall Street Journal                          Faded miracle
         ~ 8ri ti sh   disease ' spreads        and publi shed in its Fe b. I edition .            In We st Germany, the head y
   It is not only in Eas tern Europe            More th an 200 chief exec ut ives rep-         days of the post war Wirtschaft s-
tha t th e eco no m ic future see ms            resenti ng the top 1.000 com pan ies           wunder, or econ omic miracle, are
bleak . Th e once proud indu strial
powers of Western Europe also are
afflicted wit h long-term prospe ct s
                                                in Eur ope (r anked by revenue) were
                                                surveyed by the Journal's Euro-
                                                pean-edition staff.
                                                                                               fad ing int o the past. W est Germany
                                                                                               has slipped surprisingly in th e fields
                                                                                               of te chnology and scientific re -
                                                                                                                                                  European Diary                                                   :;0~,1
of little growth .
   In 1970, according to the Feb. 5
                                                   The survey, report ed the Journal,
                                                " pr od uced stark .e vid e nc e that
                                                                                                  According to a feature articl e in
                                                                                                                                                              By John Ross Schroeder .                              ~
Sunda y Times of Britain, the 10                Europe 's executives believe their con-        th e Feb . I Los Angeles Times: "a
countries of Europe' s Common Mar -             tinent has declined as aso urceof tech-        reluctance to take risks in an er a of
ket had a combined gross nat ional              nology lead er ship , with the U.S .           rap idly accel er ating change. a per-
                                                                                                                                             European Parliament
                                                                                               tivity tothe foref ront.                         BR USS E LS. Belgiu m - Doyou                     Beyond the right to fire EEC
                                                                                                    But this att itude has penet rated       realiz e th at in add it ion to the con -        comm issioner s by two-thi rds ma-

         ~~~l Jl14t ~ hUrIf, ~
                                                                                               marri age relati onships . Even while         vention allawm aking bod ies in each             jori ty vote and to set annua l bud get
                                                                                               having some thin gs in common, we've          of th e Eur ope an Econ omic Commu-              limit s, the Eur o-P arl iam ent has lim-
    'l                                                                                         been encouraged to have independ ent          nity ( E EC) co untr ies, there is a sep-        ited power s at its disposal.
                                                                                               interests, be self-sufficient . and if        ara tely elected European Parlia-                   Even the firing thre at is limited
                                           By Dexter H. Faulkner                               necessary self-supporting.                    ment with legislators from eac h                 becaus e there is no corresponding
                                                                                                    But let's not forget that this is        EEC nation ?                                     power to hire . If they did fire a com -
                                                                                               Satan's world, his society, his ideas.           Th is directly elected Euro- Pa r-            mission er there is nothing to pre -
                                                                                               Satan would love for everyone to do           liam ent is st ill in its infancy. The           vent member countries from rehir-

Marriage the give way                                                                          his or her own th ing ju st like he did .
                                                                                               Thi s kind of independ ence can and
                                                                                               does destroy marri ages.
                                                                                                                                             first pan- Euro pean electi ons took
                                                                                                                                                                                              ing t he same person .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Perh aps thi s parl iamen t' s ch id
                                                                                                                                                                                              fu nction is infor ma l influen ce on
    " Howdo I love th ee ? Let me count         negatively, unfortunatel y.                         On e of th e best presc ripti ons for                                                     policymaking.
th e wa ys." E liza b e t h Barre tt
Browning's poem is a valuab le lesson
in strengthening marri age.
    My wife and I recentl y celebrated
                                                    Eyebrows are d ifficu lt to contro l
                                                when we disapprove. But. if you want
                                                to improve communication in mar-
                                                riage. t hink before you raise an eye-
                                                                                               ma rriage enrich ment is toget herness .
                                                                                                    Marri age should be a blendin g of
                                                                                               personalities . And t hat blendin g isn't
                                                                                               th eoretical only. It's practi cal. It
                                                                                                                                               TO THE EDIT.oR
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Th e Euro pea n Parliament meets
                                                                                                                                                                                              in thre e d ifferent locat ion s - Brus-
                                                                                                                                                                                              sels, Strasbourg, Fr ance, and Lux-
                                                                                                                                                                                              embourg. Strasbourg and Lu xem-
our 25th anniversary. I would like to           brow or squin t an eye. Be positive .          comes from doing thing s together.                                                             bourg each take half of the plenary
dedic ate this column to thos e couples         Smil e - even with your eyes.                       Wh ere can ac ouples tart? Wh y not                                                       sessions, and nearly all committee
                                                                                               with household chore s? Do th e dish es       Letters or appreciation
who are contemplating. anticipating,                Th e smile is life's univer sal positive                                                                                                   meetin gs arc conducted in Brus -
                                                                                                                                                Each time J read "Just One More
planning on , getting up steam ' for.           communication. An English -speak -             togeth er . Straighten up the house or        T hing" it is evident th at God has              sels .
enterta ining the hope of, chompin g at         ing person can smile in th e heart of          apart ment. Th en go outside. Plant           answered prayers. He is inspiring the                Accommodating bureaucracies is
the bit for, lookin g forward to, mar-          Ru ssia and communicate approval               flowers togethe r or ~ -e getable gar-        articles that we, as Christians, :>0 desper-      big busin ess. Strasbourg's neatl y
riage. Believe me,m y wifeand l are aJl         and friendshi p. Yet we don 't use the         den. Mow and manicure the lawn .              ately need to grow - to develop as a             designed Palace of Europe is th e
for it!                                         smile enoug h in ma rriage .                    Wash the car together.                       wholeperson . .                                  only building lar ge enoug h to sea t
    A st udent in my writin g class                 Ag reed - marr iage is a serious                S hare eac h other's regul ar house-        I especially benefited from the article           lSee PARLIAMENT. page 11)
asked . " W hat are the most essential          business. But never forget smiles are           hold act ivities . It'll not only promot e   on" The Best Is Yet to Come" [ WN, Jan.
                                                ice brea kers and friend ship makers.           toget herness, but will give each an         16 ) and have writte n all the suggestions
ing redie nts for a happy , successf ul
                                                                                                                                             on spiritual evaluation in my Sabbath
mar riage?" I thought for a moment              Sm ile and say I love you to your mate .        under standin g of the ot her's tasks.
                                                                                                                                             notebook for quick review.                         mIJC ~orlb\lJibc jlt\lJ1)
and responded . "Giving of yourself.            I've see n it melt mount ains of frosty         Walk inea ch other's shoes.                                              Pauline Earl                     CIRCUl A li ON 54 .000
Loving. Forgiving. Servin g. Sacrific-          silence .                                           Physical togetherness will promp t                                  Orange, Tex.
ing,"                                               Include in your ges tures hand              togeth ernes s in mor e cre ativ e, spiri-                                                    The Worldwide New s is pub li shed b iwe ek ly,
    All this and more is accompli shed           motion s, bod y motions, toucl.es .            tu al and exciting ways. Whil e doin g          I don't wish to single out any particu-       ex cept during the Church 's annual Fall Festi·
                                                                                                th e dishes, a couple can plan an outing.    lar part of the work for praise since I am       val . by Ihe Worldwide Churc h of God . cc cs-
in two words, communication and                  hugs, kisses. Ah yes! How deli ghtful
                                                                                                                                                                                              righ t e 1984 Worldwid e Ch urc h of Goo . AU
togetherness. Herea reso me thoug hts            to live in such a loving e nviro nmen t .      Wh at enterta inments would each             so thankful for each part. But let me say
                                                                                                                                                                                              right s re served
abo ut t hese two most impo r ta nt                 Let' s not forg et modern electr onics      enjoy? Wh at ch urch activi ties can         that Rod Matth ews' column in Th e
                                                                                                                                             World wide News brings tears to myeyes            Editor In chief: Herbert W Armslrong
ingred ients in marri age:                      - th e teleph one . Especiallyexcellent         they be involved in toget her? Wh at
                                                                                                                                             occasionally for pure joy. It really helps       . Managing editor: Dexter H Fa~roer
     Let' s ta lk about good marr iage           when we are away from home. A tele -           inte resting hobb y can the y share ?
                                                                                                                                             to cement the brethren together.                  $enior editor: ~Graham . a••ociate ed t-
comm unication first. Co nside r Web-            phone call. A two-w ay communica-              Wh at spirit ual principles d id th ey                            Nancy L. Graham              tor: ThomasC Hanson .la .,o ut editor: Ronald
ster's final mean ing for communi-               tion ofJove.                                   learn from that sermon, serrnonette or                              Salisbury, N .C.           Grov e . ne • • ediior: MochaetA Snyder ; l ea-
cate: " to have a sympathetic or mean-               Don't neg lect pen and pape r com-          Bible st udy ?                                                                                lure. and " Ac e e n l on the local Chureh" :
 ingful re lationship," Th at' s marriage        mu nication. Sometimes it's only a                 Doing things together does not in          This past year The worldwide Ne .......s        Jeft zeore: ataft writer.: Tom Delamater .
                                                                                                                                                                                               Kern Miles . edilorial a ••'.tant: seoo Bora x;
 at its best!                                    one-liner sayi ng what she or he means         any way discount one's individuality.        has kept us up-to-date on Mr. Herbert             composition: Don Patrick . Wlnlam Ftama n.
     But how docs it get that way? Sim-          to you.                                         Rather , when one gives himself or          W . Armstrong's important travels as              Wendy Styer. photograph.,: GA Belluche Jr .
 ply by following what Webster sta ted               Co mmunication is an old concept ,          herself fully to a joint activity, he or    well as the many other areas of the                   In
                                                                                                                                                                                               KeV Blackburn . Craig Clark. Nathan Faulkner .
 as one of th e primary meaning s: to            and ther e isn't any substitute for it. It      she di scover s unt app ed inner re-        Church's work. WC thank you so much               BaHy Stahl; circureuoe: Ca rol Bu-beck :
                                                 can be as excitin g and fresh as sun -          sources. Each learn s from his or her       for keep ing us informed.                         proofreaders: Karen Fergen. Peter Moore
 make known, to give a message or                                                                                                               Keeping the Church well fed is what
                                                                                                 mate. Eac h desir es and prompt s th e                                                        Notice : The Worldwid e New s c annot be
 informa tion, to exchange inform a-             shine in the mornin g. But we all have                                                      we consider The World wide News is                respon Sible lor the return of unsokcted articles
 tio n, signals, att itudes - in any way,        to work at it daily in our marri ages.          best from th e other .                      accomplishing                                     and pho tographs
 as by talk , ges t ure , writ ing and           Pract ice. Practi ce. Pract ice makes               Wh en we were ma rried refe re nce                 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mottin              SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscflpt,ons are seor
 ot hers.                                        perfect marr iage comm unication .              was mad e to two becomi ng one.                                 Grand Island, Neb.                       lty
                                                                                                                                                                                               aulomatJca to !he merrt>ers of the Worldw>de
                                                                                                 Remember ? T hat' s what togeth er-                                                           Ctuch of God Ada"ess al CQlTWTU"IlC3l1oos 10
     We've talked - or allowed our                   During t he past two deca des we've
                                                                                                                                                                                                The WorfdwldeNews. Box 11 t. Pasadena . Calli .
 mate to talk. That's one way. Possibl y          been bomba rded with the view, Do              ness is all about. S haring responsibili-           s
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 the fastest, but not always the best.            your own thing. So we've sha rpe ned           ties. Creating joint activi ties. Making     and gratit ude to all writers for The            A. Vancouver. B.C . V6C 2M2. cana da . Box 111.
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 Some time s we have to follow th e old
                                                                                                 as well as simply being with , him or        ing me to keep upo n the . . . orld scene but     202. Burle>ghHeads. Queensland. 4220 , Austra·
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Monday, March 12, 1984                                                                     Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS

Invitation to Spanish-speaking brethren

Spanish sites open for transfers
            By Leon Walker                   and S archi art isanry wor ks.                hu mid . Th e C AF AM vacatio n cen-
   PAS A DE N A - , Brethren who               Food and lodgin g will cost $ 100 a         ter offers a variety of acco mmoda-
speak S panish or Portug uese are            person for eight days.                        tio ns and othe r faci lities .
invited to transfer to a Spanish- lan-                                                         T he C AF A M hotel has rates of
guage site . T he re are no trans lat ions                      Peru                       $32 a day for a doubl e room, plus
10 English at any of the sites listed in         The Feast site in Peru has not yet        $ 15 a day per per son for food . A
this art icle .                               bee n det ermin ed. Hu araz co uld be        cabana, equipped with a kit chen -
                                             th e locat ion thi s year . Twenty to 30      ett e, five bedrooms and three baths,
    The Worldw ide News re-                  transfers can be accepted .                   costs$61 aday and will hou se 8 to 10
  ceived this article f rom the                  Hu ar az is in the Hu aylas Co rri-       people. Families or singles ca n share
  Spa nish Departm ent.                      dor , know n as t he Sw it zerland of         t he cost of a ca bana . Also, sel f-
                                             Peru . Th e altit ude, about 12,()(X)         service food is available for about
                                             feet, acce ntua tes th e warm days and        $IO aday.                          .
    Th e Sp anish Department recom -         cool evenings, and provid es pure ,               Round-trip land transportation
mend s that Spanish -speaking                cr ystal clear air . Those transferring       from Bogota , Colombia, to Melgar               SPANISH FEAST -          Brethren from Spain, Portugal and Co lombi a
brethren consid er tran sferring to          to Peru can plan on aside trip befor e        is about $20 pe r pe rson and take s            rela x after Festival services in Cullers. Spain . Spa c e is available for
one of the sites listed below rat her        or after th e Feast to Machu Picchu,          abo ut t hree hou rs eac h way .                75 transfers to the site in 1984 . [Ph oto by Thomas Williams)
tha n to Acapu lco, Mexi co, beca use        site of a hidden Incan city an d one of
of the limi ted number of tran sfers         the modern wonders of the world.
that ca n be acce pted in Acapul co.            The H uaraz area has ma ny sce nic
    Th e Festi val locations des cribed
below range from 75 t0450 in att en-
dance . All sites will presen t the
Feastgoe r with an int imate, famil y
                                             s pots worthy of side trip s, as well as
                                             acc ess to swimming pools, tenni s
                                             courts, horseba ck ridin g and hik-
                                                                                           Site set for Netherlands Feast
at mosphe re.                                                                                         By Johan Wilms                       visitors as well.                            can probabl y be ext ended unt il Ju ne
                                                A tte nda nce is ex pec ted to be
    T ransportation to most sites will       about 250 . A gr oup o f brethren who             UT RECH T, N et herlands - For                 Las. year 525 people kept the             or Jul y. Acco mmod at ions are first
be by air, and it is advisable to con-       speak Quechua, the langu age of th e          th e seco nd year in a row the Dutch            Feast in th e Netherl and s, 345 from        come first served.
tact a tr avel agent to obt ain th e most    Incas , live in the Hu araz area.             Feast will take place at De Tamboer             Holl and and Belgium and 180                     Th ere is no public tr ansport ser-
eco nomical fares .                             T he cos t per person for food and         in the town of Hooge veen . Thi s will          visitors from outside th e Benelux.          vice to the bun galow par ks. Th e
    Room and board cos ts are sub-           lodging ran ges from $ 100 to $250            be the 10th Feast of Tabernacles                co u nt ries. T his yea r the Du tch         bun galow par ks are at d istances
s ta ntial ly lower t han th e ave rag e     for eight days.                               cele brated in the Net herlands .               Office ex pects 370 people fro m Bel-        from th e mee ting hall var ying from
prices of U. S. or C ana d ian Feast                                                                                                       gi um, t he Ne therlan ds and Lu xem-        5 to 8 miles (8 to about 13 kilome-
sites. Th e following will descr ibe                    Odie and Argentina                      l ohan Wilm s is bu sin ess                bour g. and 180 peop le are again wel-       ters ). All are first class.
each available site and list cer ta in          The Feast site s for C hile and              managerfo r the work's Utrecht.               com e from elsewhere. Servi ces will             Most bungalows are of the two
cos ts. All pri ce s are in U.S. del-        Argentina have not been selected                Netherlands, Office. For appli-               as usual be in Dutch, with simulta-          and three bedr oom type s to accom -
lars.                                        yet. It is possibl e that a co mbined           cation/a rms to attend the Feast              neous English tran slations thr ough         modate famili es up to six people, or
    To requ est a transfer to one of         site will be found . Howeve r. those            in the Ne therlands writ e to                 ear phones.                                  two or thr ee singles. Price per bun -
th ese sites, first obtai n a Spanish        brethren interested in transferr ing            A mbassador College. Box 333,                     Mr s.J. Johnstone of Surrey B.C. .       ga low varies from 375 to 750 guil-
Festi val A pplica t ion by writing          to thi s region should request a trans-         Utrecht. Netherlands, or call                 who att ended the Feast in Hoo-              ders (about $12 5 to $250 at Febru -
to:                                          fer application, and the Spanish                3/ (30)3/-7// 7 until April / .               geveen last year , wrot e :                  ary exchange rate s). Thes e char ges
                                             Department will let you know the                After       that   date     ca ll                " ) would like tothank you and my         apply whether the re are from two to
       Spanish Department                    details as soon as final dec isions are         3/ (3429 )/ 709.                              brethren in the Church very mu ch            six people in one bung alow. T he
       S pan ish Tr ansfer Requ est          made .                                                                                        for th e wonderful Feast of Taber-           price is for the period of t he Feast,
       300 W . Green St.                        Attendance could be as high as                                                             nacl es in H oo g eveen . I reall y          Wedn esday, Oc t. 10 , unt il Thu rs-
       Pasaden a. csur.,9 1129               450 if the sites ar e co mbined. Up to             De Ta mboe r means " t he drum-            lear ned so mu ch spir itually and also      day. Oct. 18. Additio nal days can be
                                             40 t ransfers could be accepted.               mer ." In Hoogeveen they would                 th e fellowsh ip with my 'spiritual          arranged .
   Or . you may call the C hurch's               The cost per person for eight days        drum up people for a tte nd ing                 family ' was so good. It was the best            Appl ication forms for the Feast
W ide A'rea Telephone Service                of room and board is not expected to           important events or meetin gs. They            Feast ever .                                 in the Ne therl and s will be sent on
(W ATS ) line . l -g()()'423-444. In         e xceed $200. (B oth C h ile and              did not toll th e bells as the y st ill do in      " A lso the motel Hoogeveen was           requ est. Af ter approval the Dutch
either case , please speci fy which site     A rgent ina are famous for their fine         some provincia l towns.                         exce llent. th e people t here so friend-    O ffice will suppl y addresses of the
you are interested in.                       wines and good food .)                             Hoogeveen is in the north ern par t        ly and service-minded . And thank            bu ngalow par ks so th at members
                                                                                           of the:co un try . about 60 kilomete rs         you also for the beautiful tri ps by         ca n arrange th ei r own boo k ing
             Cullera, Spain                            Melgar, Colombia                     (a bout 37 miles) sout h to southeast          coach which we made . For me it was          dir ectl y with th e man ager s of the
   Th e town of C ullera, just sou th of        The lush , tropical setting of Mel-        of Gr oningen . The area aro u nd               Holland the beautiful!                       chalet parks .
Valencia, S pain's th ird-largest cit y,     gar, Colomb ia, will be host to breth-         Hoogeveen provides one of the most                "It was a time I won't forget. I do           Bungalow par ks are mainl y for
is nestl ed in th e slopes of the Mont e     ren from Co lombia and Ecuador ,               beau tiful , peaceful, natural enviro n-       hope to come back one day."                  people having their own t ranspo rta -
de O ro, an isolated prom on tor y           and up to 25 t ransfe rs can be acce pt-       ments of the cou ntry . Heather,                   De Tamboe r is suita ble for fami ly     tion. O nly motels are linked with
abo ut 700 feet above sea level.             00 .                                          wood lands, brooks, farmlands , lakes           en tert ainm ent such as a dance night       publ ic tr anspor t service . There is a
    An ancient city, wher e you ca n            At 3,000 feet above sea level near         and villages form a peace ful an d              with a profess ional band or a co m-         good motel in the vicinity of Hoo-
see th e re mains of a 4th ce ntury          the equa tor in the Magd alen a Val-           beaut iful sett ing.                           bined dinner-dance, sq uare dance            geveen - bus service every half
o.c.  Iberi an town, C ullera's har bor      ley, the Co lombian Feast site offers             Merged in the land scape are                night , film nigh ts and fellowship-         hour . But th is motel cha rges 75
was f req u ent ed by Ph oen ici an ,        a wide rang e of recreational act ivi-        b unga low, or cha let , park s, seem -         ping.                                        guilde rs (abo ut $24) per per son per
Gree k and Rom an merch ant ships.           ties for peo ple of all ages . Tempera-       ing ly mad e to or de r for Festival                Th e Dut ch Office has an optio n        night inclu di ng breakf ast. A two-
An Arabic cas t le overlooks the             tur es should be in the 90s Fahr en-          acco mmoda tions , not on ly for th e           on five q uali ty bungalo w park s until     bedr oom place is 98 guild ers (abo ut
town , wit ness to fiv e ce nt uries         heit ( mid 305Celsi us) , and it will be      Dut ch-speak ing br ethren , but for            Ap ril 30, but for visitors th is option     $3 2) per nigh t.
(A. D. 740- 1240 ) of Moori sh occ u-                                                                                                                                                       Th e ch ale ts and bungalows at t he
pati on .                                                                                                                                                                                bungal ow resorts feature gas stoves
   Th e scenery around C ullera is                                                                                                                                                       with an oven, a full array of silver-
imp ressive : the majesti c, meand er-
ing Ju car River, lakes Esta ny and
Sa n Lor en zo, t he pinewcods of San -
                                              Big Sandy IDtTSfacility opens                                                                                                              ware and cu tlery for six perso ns,
                                                                                                                                                                                         cen t ral heati ng (w hich will proba-
                                                                                                                                                                                         bly not be need ed in th e middle of
ta Marta (one of th e fines t ca mping                                                                                                                                                   Octo ber), room y din ing and living
areas in Eu rope) and the ubiqui tou s           BIG S ANDY - In what was                  ment s and d eal with several tele-                He said th e area codes rout ed to         room areas, running hot and cold
orange grov es.                              described as "an au ra of real excite-        phon e comp anie s from executive               Texas will ch ange with equipment             water, full elect ricity and oth er nec-
    Bre thren from Sp ain and Portu-         men t ," t he Tel ephone Respon se            levels on down to comp lete the                 additio ns and chan ges in stat ions          essa ry facil iti es. A ll of th is is
gal will att end th is site. an d there      Dep ar tm ent he re rece ived its first       installation."                                  airing the World Tomorrow pro-                included in t he rental price, includ-
will be space for 75 tr ansfe rs. M axi-     W id e Area T el ephon e Service                  He cred ited Fr ed G ilrea t h, man-        grams.                                        ing occupancy for up to six person s.
mum att enda nce will be about 125.          ( W AT S) call at 2:10 p.m ., Ce nt ral       age r of Co mmunica t ion Services in                                                            S uperma rke ts ar e conveniently
                                                                                                                                              O ne hundred four teen Ambassa-            near the meetin g hall and also on th e
    Th er e are convenient flights from      St andard Time, March 6, said Wil -           Pasadena, and employees of th e                 dor College stude nts were hired to
N ew York , Los Angeles, Cal if., and        liam Butler, supervi sor of the Tele-         dep artment for helping complete                                                              chalet resort s. Restaur ant s are also
                                                                                                                                           work in the Te xa s T elephone
 M iami , Fla. , to Valen cia (transfer -    phone Re spon se areas in Pasaden a           the final arra ngements .                                                                     near th e main hall. while the main
                                                                                                                                           Response area und er office man ager          hall ( De Tamboer) prid es itself on
r in g i n M adr id , S pa in). T he         an d Big S and y.                                T he Te xas WATS facility has 16             Frank Parsons, a local elder. " We
secl uded , modern four-star H otel                                                        lines rece iving calls from 12 states.                                                        the best rest aur ant and t he best
                                                 " T he first day brough t a variety                                                       have I00 ot her pote ntia l nonst u-
S icania will house tr ansfers. Rates                                                      " We are sched uled to rece ive four                                                          q uick service. Th ey have a new full-
                                             of callers requ estin g C hurch liter a-                                                      dent s available for wor k also," Mr.
ar~ $20 a day for lodgin g and meals                                                       mor e by late M ar ch and have                                                                fledged re s tauran t and a large
                                             t ure," Mr . Butle r, a local eld er. said.                                                   Butle r added.
 for people 5 year s old and older.                                                         reque sted an add itional eight lines                                                         recreat ion lobb y or hall , besides the
                                             Th e Tex as facilit y receive d 25 call s                                                        Onl y the full-time staff was pre s-
                                                                                           to be insta lled by mid -Jun e," M r.                                                         aud ito riu m. Lun cheon s for any
           Liberia, Cos ta Rica              dur ing its first three hour s of opera-                                                      en t whe n th e firs t cal l came in. " We
                                                                                            Butler said.                                                                                  numbe r of people ca n qu ickly be
                                             tion.                                                                                         had Mr. Parson s, M rs. [J ane] Par-
   Locat ed 30 minu tes fro m the                                                              Ca lls or iginati ng in area cod es                                                       served in this profess ional comp lex.
                                                 T he Big S and y office is ope rated                                                      sons , Lynn and Sh er r y H ebe rt .
Pacific Ocean on a plain acce nted by                                                       205. 208. 308 . 315 . 3 \ g. 402. 40 5.
                                              und er th e auspices of t he M ail Pr e-                                                     James S mit h and myself here ," Mr .
two volcan oes on th e hor izon , the                                                       509. 51g, 605. 614 , 6 15.70 1 and
Cos ta Rica Feas t site can accept 10
                                             cessing Ce nter ( M PC ) in Pasaden a .
                                              Richard Rice, a past or- rank mini s-         802 will be answered in Big Sand y.
                                                                                                                                            But ler said. Mr . H ebert and Mr .
                                                                                                                                           Smith work und er Mr . Parson s as
transfers this year . The warm , dr y
                                              ter, is MP C d irect or .
                                                                                           Thi s incl udes part or all of Alab ama,
                                                                                                                                           floor supervisors while Mr s. Par-                      Recipes
climat e and t rop ic al veg etat ion                                                       Idah o, Lou isiana, Ne braska, New
creates a relaxing at mos phere in one           The Texas facilit y was sched uled                                                        sons and Mr s. Heb ert serve as                     If you would like a copy of
                                                                                            York . North Dakota. O hio. Oklaho-
of the most sta ble Lat in American           to beg in opera tio ns in mid -J anu ar y,                                                   depar t ment secr etaries.                       the unleaven ed bread reci-
                                                                                            ma, So ut h Dakota, T enn essee , Ver -
count ries.                                   but techni cal di fficulti es delayed         mont and Wash ingt on .                            M r. Butler said that " an exten-            pe s that were published in
    Liberi a, a provincial ca pital about     the start-up until M arch .                      " Fig uri ng out which calls to route       sive test ing program (ofthe syst em]             The Worldwide News in the
t hree hour s from the nati on' s cap i-          "The primary reason was th e              to Big Sandy involves some compli-              involving brethren thr oughout the              past two years, plea se send
tal , S an Jose, will be host to brethren     divestiture of the Bell telephone sys-        ca ted calcul ation s," Mr. Butler              U n ite d St at es will t ake pl ace            a self -addre ssed, st amped
fr om Cos ta Ri ca and Pa na ma .             tem into separat e co mpanies at t he         ex p la i ned . " W e wa nt to have             throug h Ma rch 9."                             envelope to :
Att endance is expected to be 75.             begin ni ng of 1984," Mr. Butler              enough calls to fully utilize ou r                 M r. But ler tr aveled to Big Sandy               The Worldwide News
 Point s of inte rest incl ude the Poas       said . " As a resu lt, we had to ma ke        resour ces here. but not too muc h              wit h his wife, Donn a, an d 2-year·o ld          Pa sadena . Cal if., 91 129
volca no, Sa nta Rosa Na tio nal Park         some very compl icated arra nge-              that we overload the syste m."                 da ughte r, T yanne.
4                                                                                                              The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                               Monday, March 12 , 1984

                                    Ministerial Refreshing Program III
                                                                                     Session 2, Feb. 29 to March 13

                                                          Colin & Margaret Adair                   Roy & Ti ne McCarthy                          John & Helen Amos                       Robe rt Berendt
                                                           Rag lonaldirec lor                      Reglon llJd iree:lor                          A..ocl at .paator                       .....oelat. pa.tor
                                                          Canad a                                  SoutlNtrnAfr lc.                              Co lum bus, Ohio , A.M. ilnd P.M .      Edm onton, Alt • ., South

    St even & Harlean Botha             Charles & Be rtha Ca rson               Dan & Jan ice Creed                       Howard & Patti DaviS                      Charles & Marilynn Denny                  Arthur & Marie Docken               Jess & Paula Ernes t
    Chu rc h pas l or                   Loc.lehurch .ld.,                       Chu,chpa,tor                              LQc al ch urch eldef                      Loe.1 chu rch ald. ,                      Chufchp aalor                       Churehp.ator
    Charla alon,Huntingt on ,           Rea'd., Call' .                         Bi smarck , Dickinson                     AubUl'n ,W.ah.                            Syr.cuH ,N,Y.                             F.lrfleld .ndSanla Ro ••, CaUl.     Macomb a nd Peorl • • Ill.
    l°til anandPar k.r,burg ,W .Va .                                            , nd Mlno l , N.D .

    Richard Fenstermacher               Preston & Pauline Fritts                Gilbert' Glo ria Gunderson                Wsyne' Margarel Hagemsn                   Gary' Pamela Harvey                       Selmer' Iris Hegvold               Ronald & Jo y Howe
    Loealchurcfl.1dfi                   Localchurch .ld.r                       Loc.lchurch -.ld.r                        loc.lchurch.kt.r                          Church~'tor                               Cl\urchp..tor                      CI'Iurchp••tor
    h ~.Pa.                             " k:hlganCltr,In(/.                     T.com' ,W ..h.                            Sedro-WoolI.y. W. sh.                     ....wc••u. , Au.tr.lI.                    p..ad.n.lmparlal                    PaucM... A....

                  ~ ;-.--   ..
    James' June Jenkins                 Clyde & Deb o rah Kilough               Harold' Carol lester                      Joseph locke                              Ronald & Patty l ohr                      Donald & lou Mathie                 Frederick & Ca'olMcGovarln
    Churchpaator                        Churchp••tor                            Churc h p.,tor                            Im~rllli School, princip al               Churchp ntol                              Local church ald.,                  l oe.1 c hurc h a lde r
    .. Iddl.town . nd Union . ....J .   Jon ..ee-e.Ark., a n d                  Au, lln.nd Waco, Ta • .                   Local ald.,                               Ta mpa, Fla.                              W.u"u,WI•.                          Pa t.rborough.Onl.
                                        Popl a rBlun,"o.                                                                  P. ..d.n.P....

    Darrls & Debra McNeely              Ronald' Marilyn Miller                  Rand & Glor ia MIlUch                     Eugene' Janice Noel                       Cecil' Senior Pulley                      Robert' Kathleen Regauoll           James & Alice Reyer
    Chu rchpa ,tor                      Churchp..tor                            Churc h pnlor                             Chur chp..to r                            Chufchp..Ior                              Churchpa.lor                        Churc h p l ,tor
    Fort Wa rn., Ind.                   Grand J unction a nd ... . k. r.        Elkhar t. "ichlgan City . nd Plr -        "arcar, P• ., . nd Young , town .         Hamllton ,B .rmUda                        Bunbu,y .ndP.rth,Au, tr.111         Den ....r.Co Io.
                                        0<>0.                                   mouth ,lnd.                               Oh io

                                                                                                                                                                     _ ...$!

    leslie" Darlene Schmedes            Bernard' Arlene Schnippert              Jam es" Judy Servidio                     William" Judith Swa ns on                  De nnis & Sylv ia Yan Devanter           leo' Jane van Pelt                  Ter ence" Beve rley Vi1tler s
    Churc h pl.tor                      Churchp..tor                            Churc h pBl lo r                          Chur chpatlor                              Churchp..tor                             Churchpll,l o r                     ChurchpllI IOl'
    Ro eh ..tar .nd Srrae u,., N.Y.     Klntlman , Arll .• a nd l a. V. g..,    NawOrl aan , andSlldaU,la .               Ogd an and S.lt Lake Cltr , Utah           Hou,ton W• • I a nd Victoria , T' lI.    North BlIr and SUdbur r , Ont.      Bundab.rg , Gr mp le and Ma ry-
                                        N.....                                                                                                                                                                                                    bo routlh , Au.tralia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Not p icture d:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Grace Fenstermacher

                                                            l arr y & Karen Walk er                 Ronald & Carolyn                              Richard' Jan e t Wilding                   Peter & Roberta Walt
                                                            Churc h pa,tor                          Wa.hington                                    Churc h paa tor                            loc al chu,ch a ldar
                                                            Mlnnaapolls, Minn., North               A. , oclatap a llor                           l ond onandSarnl•. Ont.                    Fra ln o ,C a"' .
                                                                                                    St .loul.. .. o .. A... ..ndP ... .
Monday, March 1 2, 1984                                                                      The WO RLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                          5

                                                                                                                                         J o seph      Mc Nai r ,    Timothy        Ste enport . Ramona Stephens. Am y

Pasadena campus announces                                                                                                                McQuoid. Robe rt Meade. Sherri
                                                                                                                                         Mea ns. M ic hael Medina. Joel
                                                                                                                                         Meeker , Te resa Me isner , Daniel
                                                                                                                                                                                    St oner . Linda Stre low, Wendy
                                                                                                                                                                                    Styer , Susan Sutter. Lisa Ta nksley.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Ken Ta te. Robert Te nnant , Karen
                                                                                                                                         Mct z, Kim Mcyc rdi crk s, Melinda         Thomas. Ro xanne Tidmore, Kim-

fall chancellor's and dean's lists                                                                                                       Mc z, Ker ri Miles. Brad ley M i t-
                                                                                                                                         chell, Glenn Mitchell. Jeffre y Mit-
                                                                                                                                         chell . Michael M itchel l. Sheldon
                                                                                                                                         M onson, Ow en M orris.
                                                                                                                                                                                    berl y Tompsett. Gayle Tra vis. Ruth
                                                                                                                                                                                    T ray nor , L aura Urista, Cliffton
                                                                                                                                                                                    Veal, David Vernich ,S ophi a Vi ct or,
                                                                                                                                                                                    C harles Wakefield , Robert W alk er.
   PASADENA - Ambassad or                      Kathl een Bell amy. K enneth Bell a-             Daniel G irouard , Fr anki e G om-           E r i c N el son. K at e N cl so n.    W anda W aller , W esley Web ster ,
College here released the chancel-             my. Donn a Bock . M ark David Bog-            er. Millie Gonzalez. C ynthia Gr ay,        Armando Ol vera, L ee Page, Fr ank         Michael W ell s. David W itt. Perr y
lor's and dean 's lists for th e fall          dan chik. Sandi Bor ax. Bertha Bran-          Coll een Gu s, Barbara H ain es.            Par son s. Denn i s Pelle y. Brenda        W orth en. Deborah Wri gh t and
semes ter. 1984 .                              don. Patti Br iggs. L inda Brooks.            Becky H arde n, Am y Harg anen.             Pet er son . Mi chele Petty. Brian         Agn es Youngblood .
   T he chancellor 's list recognizes          Deni se Browne . Debbie Burbach.              Da vid Hillm an. Roger H ooper ,            Phipps, Tr acy Porter, M artin                           Dean's list
stude nts who have achieved a 3.2 o r          Rob ert Burbac h. Kath y Bu rch.              Dona ld H orn sby. Melissa lve y,           Pr in ce. Liane Prou lx . Jonathan            Greg Achtemi chuk, Heat her
be tter cu m ulative g rade poi nt aver-       Randall Buys, C heryl Campbe ll.              Itoll y James, Kay Jer makowicz,            Rakestr aw, Raul Ramos. Em i ly            Aikins, Ch rist ine Allgeye r. Kelly
age for at least two semes ters. Th e             Gary Campbell. Helen C handler.            M ar y L ynn Joh nson . Socrates            Raynes. Ray mo nd Rex, Da n iel            Ambrose, Fr ancesca A nastasi. Glo-
dean's list recognizes st udent s who          C li fto n C harles, Karen Ch il ders, El i   Karagiannidis. Joel Ki ng, Susan            Reyer. L ynn Reyngoudt , Michael           ria Angel. Darcy As hcroft. Jenni fer
have achieved a 3.2 or bette r grade           C hipro ut, Frank Cla ncy. Joan Clark.        K ipfer. Al K ost eniu k , C hery l         Ri ce. Joel R issinger, Geoffrey Rob-      A tkin son, Fred Attyah , Nigel Bear-
point ave rage for one semester.               Ma rdy Cobb, Ch r isti Cole. Terri            Lamo re, Gerard La nd reth . Saul           ert son . Willia m Rogers, Doug            man, Steve Bearm an. John Bearse.
                                               Conti . Tim Crab b. Beli nda Davies.          L angarica . Linda Lee. Karen Lever-        Ruml , Charlotte Ruppe rt .                   I an Bell . Kathle en Bellam y,
          Cha ncellor' s list                  Connie Deily . Ma r k Dixon . Benne-          en , Donn a l.evoir. Jeffrey Lewi s.            Kat hy Sarfert, Stephen Schemm ,       Dougl as Benner. Paul Bennett.
  Cind y Ache son. Greg Achtemi-               von Dizon . Jeff Dowd. Marjolaine             Curt Lindsley. Ralph Luci a.                Manuela Sch lief, N orber t Schne id-      Rachel Best . Deborah Boraker,
c h u k. Heathe r Aikins . All swell           Dubo is. Marlene D ucker. Raynard                John M abry, Doug Macljonald .           er. Di ane Schnepper , Sarah Segers.       Sandi Bor ax. Daniel Bosch. Arthur
Alalibo. Kelly Ambrose. Glo ria                Eddings. . Cara Edwards. Drew Efi-            Melody Mach in . Brad M ann,                Sio C hing Shi a. Sio Qui Shi a. K athi    Br aidic. Patt i Br igg s, Jeffrey
Angel . Darcy Ashcroft. Jennifer               mov, A lex Evdokias, Pam Fanni n,             Joseph M arti re, Nei l M atk in. Caro-     Shields . Joe Slevin, Linda Snuffer.       Bro adnax , Linda Brook s. Pau l
At kinso n, Nigel Bearman, Steve               Salvatore Fauo ross, Kerry Flaman.            lyn Ma tthew s, Paula McFall . Ran-         L isa Sprone . Jeffrey Stafford, Bar-      Brown . Denise Browne, Lori Bug-
Bearma n. Jo hn Bearse. Ian Bell.              W ill iam Flaman.Sco u Friesen.               dall McGowen. Shannon Mci ntyr e.           r y Stahl. Ga rry Stead man, Lisa                   lSee LISTS , page 91

    BANQUET FEATURES                                                                                                                                                               three -way tie ," said Ja mes
    MISSISSIPPI THEME                                                                                                                                                              Petty. Pas ad ena athletic
                                                                                                                                                                                   dire ctor . " There we re quite a
         PASADEN A - " Cruis in' the                                                                                                                                               number of c lose ga mes and
    Mis si ssip pi " wa s t he the me o f                                                                                                                                          ex c ell ent pla y." .
    th e annual Outreac h se nio r                                                                                                                                                     Greg Albrecht , Pasa de na
    c it ize ns' banquet Sunday                                                                                                                                                    dean of st ud ents, who was
    afternoo n. Feb . 26 .                                                                                                                                                         announ cer for th e ga mes ,
         The ba nquet t ook plac e in the                                                                                                                                          ac kno wle dge d th e se niors
    F ac ulty Din ing Ro om in the                                                                                                                                                 part ic ip ating in th eir last
    Stu de nt Ce nte r. Guests                                                                                                                                                     gam e or pla yin g in t he pep
    inc lude d se nio r ci tizens from t he                                                                                                                                        band . They are : ba sk etb all
    Pasade na c hurc hes and four                                                                                                                                                  p layer s Berth a Brand on. Kay
    ministers and th eir wives , •                                                                                                                                                 Jer mako wic z, Teresa
    accordi ng to M ark Dixon ,                                                                                                                                                    Pet er son, Jo el Rissinger .
    Outreach director. The mea l                                                                                                                                                   David Rothw ell, Rich ard
    bega n at 12: 15.                                                                                                                                                              Walker , Per ry Worth en and
         Af te r th e lunch eon, s l uden ts                                                                                                                                       Ag ne s Yo ungb loo d. and band
    esco rte d th e gue st s to th e                                                                                                                                               memb er s Mark David
    Student Ce nter c lub room s for                                                                                                                                               Bo gd anchik, J o seph McN air ,
    ente rta inme nt . Th e roo ms were                                                                                                                                            Rich ard Morris and Ter es a
    decorate d wit h a w all -si ze mural                                                                                                                                          Peter son.
    ot a riverb o at at sunse t on t he                                                                                                                                                Eac h mem ber of the d anc e
    Mississip pi Riv er ,                                                                                                                                                          team pr e sented a ro se to
         Patrick Moore, an                                                                                                                                                         Mar s ha Suck ling , adviser to the
    Ambassador Coll ege senior,                                                                                                                                                    tea m.
    was mas ter of c ere mo nies, and
                                                                                                                                                                                    FINAL SEASON STANDINGS
    students perform ed vocal and
    inst rume nta l number s s uch as                                                                                                                                              MEN                WON       LOST
    " Old Man River ," "St. L ouis                                                                                                                                                 Facult y            8          2
    Blu e s " and " The Tenn e sse e                                                                                                                                               Junior s              8          2
    Waltz " to co nti nue th e theme .                                                                                                                                             Fr eshm en            5        3
         " The show went                                                                                                                                                           Se nio rs             3        5
    exceptio nall y well ," sa id Mr _                                                                                                                                             Sop homo res          o        8
    Dixon . " It had a ve ry jo you s              TURNING HEARTS - During an all-star ba sketb all g ame Feb . 25 at Big Sand y Ambassado r Coll e ge.                            WOMEN              WON       LOST
    finis h with ' Whe n th e Sai nts Go           Cha nce llo r Herb ert W . Armst ro ng waves to Bri tt any Smith, grand dau ghter of Yo la nda Bailey (c ent er) ,              Fac ult y            7           1
    March ing In.' Every one in th e               w ife of Dal e Bailey, facilities manag er o f the Bi g Sandy campu s. Britt any is the da ughter o f Sco tt                    Fre sh men           7           1
    entertainme nt {a bout 45 peopl e]             and Deb bie Smith. [Photo by Scott Smith]                                                                                       Seniors              4           4
    pa rticipated." Th e event ended                                                                                                                                               J uniors             2           8
    at abo ut 2: 15_                              orga nized the day 's activities.           attended th e dinner and slide             ran every half hour to res trooms         Sophomo res            o         8
         Abo ut 133 st ude nts involved           The gro up skied on ma nma de               presentation.                              at the Bo oth City st udent
    in the Outreach pro gr am help ed             snow . Le s son s were ava ila b le .                                                  res idences, since t he re are
    wit h th e b anquet. This inc lude d          and lunch e s we re pro vid ed by           BARN DANCE INCLUDES                        none near th e barn s.                    PASTOR GENERAL ATTENDS
    abo ut 45 escorts wh o met th e               th e co lle ge . The y return ed to         HAYRIDES, BONFIRE S                            The hayr ide s, w hic h ran on a      TEXAS ALL-STAR GAMES
     gues ts at th e park ing areas.              ca mp us at 6:3 0 p.m.                                                                 a -mil e co urse thr ough th e farm,
     stayed with them until th e lunch                Th e other gr oup ska te d from             BIG SA NDY - Stude nts                 were accompa nie d by                        BIG SANDY - Past or
    bega n and return ed to take                  8:30 to 10:30 and th en watche d            attende d a barn da nce and                s ing-alongs and la st ed abou t 45       Genera l Herb ert W . Armst ro ng
     them to th e cl ub roo ms and                or partici pated in a ho ck ey and          hayri de on the ca mp us far m             minutes.                                  attended the final b as ketb all
    escort them back to th e parking              b room ba ll ex hi bi tion . " A lot of     he re Sat urday evening . Feb . 18.                                                  games of the 1983-84 season in
    areas .                                       international students had never                In one barn st ud ents dan ced         UNDERCLASSMEN WIN                         the Ambassa dor College Field
                                                  skated before , but everyone                and had c hili, hot drinks and             ALL -STAR GAME                            Hous e gymnasium Saturday
    FIELD DAY OFFERS                              seemed to ca tch on quickly,"               c o ok ie s, ac c ording to Dean                                                     evening , Feb . 25 .
    SKATING, SKIING                               said Mr . Mar tin .                         Newcomb, student bo dy                        PASAD ENA - Ambassador                    The first game was between
                                                      lunch was served                        pre s id ent. Decorations included         College students, faculty                 the sophomore and freshman
       PASADEN A - About 150                      picnic-style on ca mpus b et wee n          a st uffed horse made of chi cken          members and othe r Ch urch                women . The freshmen won
    Ambassador College st ude nt s                 1 and 3 p.m., afte r w hich th e           wire covered with paper, which             mem bers attended the end of              37 -33 .
    went t o Snow Summit in B ig                  ska te rs wa tc he d a mo vie. The          pe opl e cou ld sit on.                    the season all-star basketba ll              The second ga me was the
    Be ar , Ca lif.• for a da y of s k iing,      Great Race. in th e c olle ge                   In a s ma lle r hay ba rn, tab les     ga mes in the co ll ege                   annual all -sta r ga me, whe re th e
    while abo ut 400 oth er s walk ed             gy mnas ium.                                we re se t up in th e loft fo r card       gy mnas ium Sat urday eve ning,           sop ho mo res def e at ed a
    to th e lee Cha let Pal a c e in                  Th e ski ers and s ka ters g ot         games. Down st air s we re ga me           Mar c h 3.                                comb ined fre sh man-facult y
    Pa sad ena for ice-skating                     together at 6:30 w hen a shish             booths inc lud ing a ri ng toss ,             In the women's game, which             team 94 ·72 .
    Tues day, F eb . 28 .                          keba b dinner was served fami ly           balloon pop, softba ll p it ch .           began at 7 p .m., the
                                                                                                                                                                                     FINAL SEASON STANDINGS
       The field day, w hich was                   style in the Stu dent Cente r, an d        BS-gun alley and a foo tba ll              freshman -sophomore team
    scheduled to include an option                 slides were shown of the day's             th row , Mr. Newc omb said .               c ame out on top with a score of          MEN             WDN           LOST
    of skiing or inner-tubing, was                 activit ies . Photographers                     Each person was given a               71 -53.                                   Faculty           7               1
    modified whe n the lack of snow                returned to ca mpus at no on to            ticket, and later a drawing to ok              The men 's all -sta r                 Sophomore Gold    4               4
    prevented tubing .                             process the film at the                    place to award prizes , which              freshman -sophomore team                  Sophomore Red     4             4
       Th e skiers left campus at                  Pho tography Dep artm ent. Mr .             inclu de d dinners at fac ulty            came fro m be hi nd to la nd an           Sop homore Blue   4             4
    abo ut 5:30 a.m. and arrived at                Ma rti n sai d.                             me mbe rs ' home s, he sa id .            ove rtime victory 85 -83 .                Fres hman Green   1             7
    Snow Summit at abo ut 8 a.m ..                    F acul ty memb er s and                      Outsi de the barn s we re t wo            " In terms of the men 's teams,       WDMEN           WON           LOST
    according to Amb a s sad or                    mini st er s here for th e                  bo nfires wt-...- e stude nts sa l and    it was a ve ry balan c ed le agu e.       Sop homores       3             4
    Co llege junio r Todd Mar t in, who            Refr eshing Progr am also                   ta lke d . A " po ny- res t expr es s "   We almos t ende d up with a               Fresh men         2             7
6                                                                                  The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                      Monday, March 12, 1984

                                                                                                                            the West. Besideit stands a sad little      alt er 6 o'clock. Even more than in
Berlin: where East meets West                                                                                               memorial remembering the 70·odd
                                                                                                                            East German s who were killed by
                                                                                                                                                                        Moscow itself, I found the sensation
                                                                                                                                                                        of some "Bi g Brother" always look-
                                                                                                                            Communist security guards while             ing over my shoulder weighed
        By Moshe Ben-Simha                Hauptbahnhof Zoologischer Gar-                     s
                                                                                      At f ir the grandeur and horror       trying to escape to the West in the         heavily . I found myself counting the
   BERLIN - "Germany is ... a             ten (the city 's Zoo Gardens Central     of the l'. aLI past are a far cry from   years since the Berlin Wall was             hours and minute s till I'd be return -
mutable, Proteuslike , unpredictable      Railway Station) - the atmosphere        the skyscrapers and sex shops of         raised in 1961.                             ing to the West. All of a sudden
country ," wrote Italian journalist       is more like Times Square and 42nd       West Berlin. But there are echoes.          Talking with West Berliners, the         freedom seemed something pre-
Luigi Barzini in his book The Euro-       Street. Seedy sex shops and porno-       The great forbidding ramparts of         Imperial and Nazi past is far away.         cious that we all take too much for
peans - and, to my amazement, I           graphic cinemas openly displa y          Spandau Prison still stand where          Berlinersare relaxed. cynicaland full      granted.
found Berlin - historic capital of        their wares. Hundreds of sad drug        Adolf Hitler executed participants       of dry humor. In its politics,the city is      The museums of both East and
Germany - the most changeableand          addicts , the "Children of the Bahn-     in the 1944 bomb plot, and where         Social Democrat, moderate left of           West Berlin arc magnificent. but
unpredictable of its cities.              hof Zoo," as they were called in a       the Allies later imprisoned con-         center .                                    the Pergamon Museum in the East-
   There is not one Berlin, but many.     film that shocked West Germany           victed war criminals.                       Former Chancellor Willy Brandt           ern suburb of Dahlem steals the
For a start, there's the great division   three years ago, are slumped on the         Hitler 's Fuehrerbunker is in no-     built his career as mayor of West           show. You can walk through th e
between communist East Berlin, the        pavement or lean against walls.          man's-land. between the guard            Berlin in the crisis-filled years when      processional way of N ebuchadnez-
capital of the prosperous, powerful          The drug addicts and misfits,         posts of the Western city and the        the Berlin Wall was raised.                 1.3r'5 ancient Babylon and visit th e
nation of East Germany, and West          attracted by easy social service pay-    communist East - just a hump in a           I then crossed over to East Berlin       enormous (probably 150 feet long
Berlin - a lonely, embattled outpost      ments, flock to West Berlin. In all of   depressing piece of wasteland .          at Checkpoint Charlie - where               by 20 feet high) altar of the pagan
of the West - prosperous and mod-         West Germany , only Hamburg's               But the old parliament building       American and Soviet tanks faced              temple of Pergamos, " S atan's seat"
ern, but surrounded by the barbed         well-known Reperbahn has a worse         or congress of Imperial Germany ,        each other in the early 1960s when           of Revelation 2:13. Both were exca -
wire, tank traps and concrete of the      reputation forvice.                      the Reichstag, has been full y           the world seemed at the brink of            vated and transported to Berlin,
Berlin Wall.                                                                       restored . Coming to its enormous        nuclear war over Berlin.                    stone by stone, by German archaeol-
                                             Yet walk behind the Central Rail      black, heavy stone mass looming up          While West Berlin was rebuilt in         ogists, more than 80 years ago.
   West Berlin, I found, is a city        Station , and turn right, and the city   as you leave the Tiergarten - so         the 1950sand '60s in the image of an           And just across the road from the
remade in the image of New York ,         puts on' another face. Before long       different from any building built in     American city, the German Demo-             Pergamon Museum stands the his-
with its bright . gleaming skyscrap-      you're strolling in its Central Park,    the city in the past 39 years- is like   cratic Republic restored the East as        toric home of German science, the
ers of concrete and steel. Walking        the Tiergarten. No city in Europe        going back in time to a different        it had been before Briti sh and             Kaiser Wilhelm II Institute, where
along the Kurfuerstendamm, the            has more parks and rivers than Ber-      Berlin and a different Germany .         American bombers wreaked de-                Otto Hahn split the uranium atom
city's main boulevard. the luxury         lin. Incredibly , it has more water-        Inside the building is a well-        struction during the Second World           for the first time in 1938, beginning
shops, solid buildings 'and trees         ways than Venice, Italy.                 equipped. parliament chamber, but        War. The old heavy monumental               the nuclear age.
remind you of the better parts of            Out in the suburbs is Wannsee -       apart from special sessions it is not    architecture was restored, and in the          Oxford historian A.J.P. Taylor
New York's Fifth Avenue.                  with its lakes and marinas, sur-         used. Restored in the 19705it is to be   past two or three years even the stat-      claimed that there has been peace in
   The richness and quality of goods      rounded by trees. Yet in this idyllic    the homeof the parliament onlywhen       ue of Frederick the Great has been          Europe for the past 39 years only
in the department store Ka-De-We          area themostinfamouserimeofmod-          Germany is reunited.                     restored on the Unter den Linden            because Ge rmany is divided .
put Macy's of New York to shame ,         ern history, Nazi Germany's mass            Outside. the grim present asserts     (Avenue of Linden Trees) .                  Nowhere is that division more strik-
and boasts the largest delicatessen       murder of Jews and other people,was      itself at once. Right behind the            In contrast to the bright nightlife      ing than in Berlin, a living city, cut
in the world.                             plotted out at the Wannsee Confer-       Reichstag runs the River Spree .         of West Berlin, the streets of the          in half - with two widely different
   But near the Bahnhof Zoo - the         eneeof January . 1941.                   dividing the communist East from         Eastern city emptied as if by magic         personalities.

                                          Major's adventures with Prince
                                                        tical, honey . I used to have four               walked back to the house. He glanced                Jim came walking through the
         STORY FOR YOUNG READERS                        horses." He turned and gazed off                over his shoulder to make sure the big             orchard. "What's going on?"
           By Shirley King Johnson                      down the hill where the big red barn            horse stayed back in the pasture. The                The beagle leaped up into Jim's
                                                        stood . It was half full of good hay for        Clydesdale was chomping grass, his                 arms and licked his face.
                                                        the two milk cows and their calves. But         eyes blissful as he watched their depar-             "Hey!" yelled Harry Sterner. "You
          Major stared at the size of the horse.        the east side where the boxes once had           ture.                                             keep your dog quiet when I'm riding
       The huge, heavy feet with long hair              stabled four work horses were empty .           • .T hat afternoon Grandfather took                my horse. He could make. Prince
       waving like feathers from hoof to knee           Jim had spent many happy hours play-            Jim to the sale barn in town to see how            throw me!"
       were what impressed him the most. He             ing there with Susie .                          the little calves were selling, and                   Jim put Major down and walked to
       trembled a little as he stood at the pas-           "I wouldn't be surprised if neighbor         Major made a trip down to the Seven                the fence. Major kept one step behind
       ture fence and watched the big horse             Sterner's boy Har ry doesn't invite you          Mile Creek to smell out any new wild              him . "Hello, I'm Jim Wilson. This is
       come stomping up. What if the horse              to ride on Prince. That Clydesdale               life that had come since his last visit.          my dog. Major."
       decided to go through the fence?                                                                      There were.the usual squirrel and                "I don't care what your dog's name is.
          The big horse stopped at the fence,                                                            rabbit scents. The beavers had moved              Keep him quiet." Harry turned back to
       raised his head to look over the barbed                                                          on downstream and their round house                 his horse and swung up rather clumsily
       wire on top, and then leaned down to                                                             of mud and sticks stood quiet and                   into the saddle. "Giddap!" Waving his
       say hello.                                                                                        uninteresting. But frogs leaped in                 whip, he set off at atrot between a row of
          Major touched his nose ever so                                                                 frantic hops just ahead of his nose as he          cedars ."Hi! Giddap! Faster!"
       lightly to the horse's velvet upper lip                                                           zigzagged along the creek bank . He                   Jim's eyes squinted.   HI hate to see
       and gave a little "Woof!" that meant,                                                             spent a happy hour playing with them               him whip Prince ," he told Major .
       "Hello, neighbor."                                                                                and enjoyed it a good deal more than               " Prince isn't supposed to be a fast
          So it was settled. They were friends .                                                         they did.                                          horse. He deserves better treatment." .
       The big horse raised his head . Grand-                                                               The hum of Grandfather's car com-                 Harry seemed to enjoy being
       father and Jim came walking through                                                               ing around the corner on the road                  watched . He rode back again toward
       the orchard to the fenceline that sepa-                                                           interrupted his pursuits , and he                  the fence.
       rated the Wilson farm from the neigh-                                                             whizzed up the hill toward the barn-                  Major opened his mouth to shout an
       bor's pasture.                                                                                    yard as fast as his legs would take him.           exclamation of distaste, but Jim said,
         "I see Major's met Prince, the new                                                              By the time he got to the house, Jim               "Quiet," and Major closed his mouth .
       Clydesdale," Grandfather said with a                                                              and Grandfather had gone inside.                   He sat down and watched.
       chuckle as they stopped beside the                                                                  Major sat down by the back door to                  "Hi! Look at me!" shouted Harry,
       beagle.                                                                                           doze and wait. A curious sound a                   coming up fast on Prince. He reined
          " I wish you had that horse, Grand-                                                            moment later brought him to his feet.              the horse around before they reached
       father ," Jim said, his eyes bright. "I                                                           It came again. A whinny . Then a gal-              the fence and went pounding back
       could ride him all day! Isn't he beauti-                                                          lop of hooves . Prince thundered across            between the trees , his whip flying.
       ful?"                                                                                             the pasture.                                          Jim and Major started to turn away
          "Yes, he's a fine creature."                                                                      Scurrying around the house, Major               from the sight.
          "I see some gray hairs under his                                                               saw the horse coming toward the                      "Hi! Watch me!" Harry shouted
       mouth ," Jim went on. "Is he old?"                                                                orchard and thin, blond Harry sat on               again. He came riding back but Prince
         "Fairly old. He's done his share of                                                             his back. A whip came down on the                  had had enough . The big horse veered
       work and now he 's sort of retired .                                                              horse 's flanks and Major blinked . He             to the left and went under a low
       Neighbor Sterner told me he bought                                                                raced through the orchard to the                   branch. Caught by surprise, Harry
       him at a bargain price just to have a                                                             fence, barking furiously as the whip               was swept out of the saddle and sent
                                                                         Artwork by Judith Docken
       mount for his sons to ride. Horses need                                                           cracked again and again. "Woof!                    tumbling to the ground .
       a lot of attention. They have to be cur-         could carry both of you boys like you            Woorf! Wooorfff!"                                     "Now maybe you'll quit whipping a
       ried every day and fed proper                     were butterflies on his back."                     The boy reined up the horse at the              good horse!" Jimcalledout.
       rations."                                           "When did the Sterners move in?"              fenceline. "Stop that dumb barking!"                  The neighbor boy had rolled over on
         Jim watched the Clydesdale nibble               Jim asked as they watched the horse             Harry shouted . He wore a red plaid                the turn,the whip gone from his hand .
       pasture grass . "I see he eats lots of            move on down the fence row, pulling at          shirt and blue jeans that were tucked              When he slowly pushed himself to a
       grass."                                           long blades of grass that grew there .          into cowboy boots.                                 sitting position, his nose was bloody.
         "Sterner told me he feeds that horse               "Last month. Mr. Sterner has a wife             " Woorf! Woorrff!"                              "Help me. I'm hurt!" Harry whim-
       25 quarts of oats and bran and                    and a little boy Susie's age and another           "I said, stop it!" shouted the boy              pered, his voice muflled as he clutched
       molasses a day - plus 50 pounds of                son older than you . He 's pale and skin-       again. He swung down out of the sad-               his face with both hands .
       hay."                                             ny as a plucked chicken ."                      dle, picked up a handy stone and sailed               The smile faded from Jim's face. He
         "Then I guess you wouldn't want to                Grandmother rang the dinner bell              it straight for Major .                            started to climb over the fence. "Ma-
       get a horse for me to ride," Jim said             by the back porch, signaling that lunch             Startled, Major turned. Thump!                 jor! Go get Grandfather!" He pointed
       wistfully.                                        was ready , and Major trotted along             "Yipe!" Major's hip stung as he ran                to the house. "Hurry!"
          " I love horses, but they aren't prac-         behind Grandfather and Jim as they              fast for the house.                                           (To becontinued)
Monday, March 12, 1984                                                          The WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                  7

                      FOCUS ON YOUTH
  TEENS FROM 16 CHURCHES                                                                                                Met z. It consists of 14 girls        place Jan. 21.
  ATTEND TEXAS TOURNEY                                                                                                  between the ages of 6 and 12.            The evening began with a pot-
                                                                                                                        Linda Hal/iar .                       luck dinner followed by a sing-
     AMARILLO, Tex. - Partic-                                                                                                                                 along led by Cecil Maranville,
  ipants and spectators from six                                                                                        ENGLISH TEENS ATTEND                  pastor of the -Montreal English
  states and 16 church areas                                                                                            EVENING OF DANCING                    church, and accompanied on gui-
  attended an invitat ional volley-                                                                                                                           tar by Ted Callan .
  ball and basketball tournament                                                                                            CROYDON, England -                   After the sing-along, children
  at the West Texas State Univer-                                                                                        More than 140 YOU members            participated in games such as a
  sity Activity Center Dec. 23 to                                                                                        and parents attended a dance         bean-bag toss, jelly - bean race,
  Dec. 25.                                                                                                               here Saturday evening, Jan. 14.      pretzel munch, balloon pop and
      The tournament included                                                                                               Guests were from the London,      others. The game area was deco-
  Bible seminars for the youths                                                                                        . Basildon, Godalming, Maid-           rated with balloons , streamers
  and a marriage seminar and                                                                                             stone and Brighton, England,         and colored clowns' heads.
  Bible study for the adults. James                                                                                      churches. Church member Joe             Dozens of handicrafted gifts,
  Reyer. pastor of the Denver,                                                                                           Doncheck and his son Paul pro-       which were made by women in
  Colo., congregation, gave the                                                                                          vided a variety of dance music.      the church , were given out at the
  sermon on the Sabbath, Dec. 24.                                                                                       Ian Bearman.                          end of the fair . None of the chil-
     After the Sabbath, the games                                                                                                                             dren went away empty- handed.
  began again . Amarillo brethren                                                                                       YOU RAISES FUNDS                      Helmut Wiet.
  took care of scoring; security,                                                                                       WITH TURKEY DINNER
  concessions, setup and cleanup.                                                                                                                             CHILDREN AND TEENS
  The Denver band played for a                                                                                             SMITHS FALLS, Ont.                 PRESENT CONCERT
  dance Saturday evening.               BARBERSHOP QUARTET - Houston, Tex., YOU members (from                           As a fund-raiser, eight YOU
     Sunday. Dec. 25, trophies          left) Mark Wright, Mike Rochelle, Bryan Rogers and Chris Rochelle               members served a turkey dinner            SIOUX FALLS, S.D .
  were presented. Denver I took         participate in "A Musical Salute to the last 50 Years" Jan. 8.lPhoto            with trimmings (cooked by their        Brethren attended a concert per-
  first place, and Midland, Tex.,       by George Foshee]                                                               mothers) to Smiths Falls and           fnrmed by pre-YES, YES and
  placed second in girls' YOU vol-                                                                                      Kingston, Ont.. brethren Jan.          YOU members Jan. 21.
  leyball. In women's volleyball        the following Sabbath. Fiona             bers also attended the party in         14.                                      Children between 3 and 5 sang
  Denver III took first, and Duran-     Mclaren.                                 the Galveston County Park pa-             Pastor Jon Kurnik asked the         and acted out such songs as "I'm a
  go, Colo. , placed second. Denver                                              vilion. The party included a ham-      blessing on the meal and app re-       Little Teapot" and "Where 0'
  I took first place in mixed volley-   BELLE VERNON CHURCH                      burger lunch and a viewing of the      ciation was expressed to the par -     Where Is Pretty Little Susie?"
  ball, and Durango I placed sec-       BEGINS YES CHORALE                       show on videotape.                     ticipants . Afterward YOU              Bears and clowns were used as
  ond.                                                                              The theme of the revue was          members joined guests for card         props when the YES teamed with
     Denver I placed first in YOU          BELLE VERNON, Pa.                     " A Musical Salute tn the Last 50      and board games, while the chil-       the younger children to sing
  cheer leading , and Midland was       The first performance of the             Years." It included an Andrews         dren watched two movies.               "The Bear Song " and "Pierrot
  second. Denver's peewee cheer-        YES chorale here, directed by            Sisters act; a barbershop quartet;        Brethren paid $5 each for the       Pong-Ping."
  leaders took the top honors , while   Connie Erler, was Jan . 7. The           tap, swing, jazz and gymnastic         dinner, and the YOU raised                The YES children took over
  San Antonio, Tex., came in sec-       children sang "God Is Watching           dancing; piano , flute, clarinet       more than $200 . Jeannine Lor-         by singing and acting out num-
  ond.                                  Ove r You," composed by Mary             and trumpet solos; and songs           tie.                                   bers such as "The Happy Wan-
     In basketball, results were pee-   Fozard of the Washington, Pa.,           ranging from "The White Cliffs                                               derer," complete with knapsacks
  wee boys: Denver first, San Anto-     church.                                  of Dover" and selections from          YOU WEEKEND FEATURES                  and Swiss hats .
  nio second; peewee girls: Amarillo       Members of the children's             "Chiquittita" to The Sound of          DANCING, SKATING, SKIING                  The program also included
  first, Lawton, Okla., second;         choir include Eddie Copper,              Music.                                                                        flute . piano and vocal numbers
  YOU girls: Lawton first, San          Shawna Copper, Alana Hoffer ,               Masters of ceremonies were            TORONTO, Ont. - YOU                  and the demonstration of three
  Antonio second; YOU boys :            Ranea Kancir .. Sarah Novak,             YOU       members        Robbie       members from eight churches             square dances. The Bugaboo
  Amarillo . first, Denver second;      Stephanie Novak , Andrea Pro-            McGowen and Bryan Rogers .            arrived here for a weekend of           Boogie and the stick dance that
  men's division: Denver I first, San   tos, David Sethman, Sonya                   At the end of the party David      activities sponsored by the To-         was performed by the Young
  Antoniosecond.                        Simons, Liza Sprowl, Christine           Johnson, pastor of the Houston        ronto East YOU , which began            Ambassadors in the 1983 Feast
     District results: YOU boys'        Smithburger , Ronda Stahl ,              East congregation, and John           with a dinner-dance Saturday            film were performed by YOU
  basketball: Amarillo first, Mid-      Mike Summy, Scott Summy,                 Ogwyn, pastor of the Houston          evening, Jan. 14. The dance ,           and YES members.
  land second; YOU girls' volley-       Janet Thompson, Debbie White             North congregation , com-             with a Hawaiian accent, took               YES members Heather
  ball: Midland first, Amarillo sec-    and Michelle White .                     mended the YOU members for            place at the Don Valley Holiday         McCord and Robin Johnson
  ond.                                     Assisting with the chorale are        their participation and for the        Inn here .                            were masters of ceremonies.
     Boys' basketball sportsman-        Debbie Lamm and Angie Protos.            standard of excellence they              YOU members Paul Knapp              Shawn Anderson .
  ship trophies went to Aaron           Colleen Erler is the pianist. Bet-       aimed for and achieved . Yvonne       and Wayne Woods were disc
  Beans of Liberal, Kan., and Rick      ty Novak,                                Davey.                                jockeys for the evening .              YOU HONORS WIDOWS
  Maddy of Amarillo. Tina Her-                                                                                            After the dance the YOU             WITH DINNER, SHOW
  ring of Amarillo won the girls'       CHURCH GIVES CARNIVAL                    YOUTHS TRAVEL TO                      members stayed at the homes of
  volleyball sportsmanship trophy.      FOR PRE·YOU CHILDREN                     WEST GERMANY                          Church members. Sunday                    SAN ANTONIO, Tex .
  The overall team spirit trophy                                                                                       morning, Jan . 15, the group of        YOU members were hosts for a
  went to San Antonio. Sammy               ALBANY, Ore. - About 60                   BOREHAMWOOD, En-                   107 teens went roller-skating at      widows' dinner at the Live Oak
  oo-u.                                 pre- YOU children and their               gland - Thirteen young people        Wheelies Roller Rink in Picker-        Community Center Jan. 22 .
                                        families attended a Carnival              from several churches in En-         ing, ant.                              Master of ceremonies Sam Pat-
  YES MEMBERS ATTEND                    Night Jan. 7. The event was a           , gland left on a weekend trip to         To top off the weekend, more        terson opened the evening by
  THREE·DAY CAMp·IN                     service project to benefit the 3 to       West Germany Friday, Jan . 13.       than 60 teens showed up for            welcoming guests, which in-
                                        12 year aids.                                After traveling by road and       cross-country skiing at High           cluded pastor Gregory Sargent
     DERBY, England - Arter                Game booths were set up in a           sea, the group stayed with the       Park in Toronto. Jean Schei-           and his wife, Marian, and the
  the Sabbath, Dec . 24, seven YES      school gym . They included a fish         Johannes Eisermann family .          fele .                                 local elders and their wives.
  members had a three-day camp-         pond, darts to break balloons , a            Sabbath services took place in                                              A number of YOU members,
  in at the home of Mr. and Mrs.        ball toss, bean-bag toss , ring toss,     Bonn for the combined churches        ONTARIO CHURCH                        briefed ahead of time in serving
  Brian Gale.                           wheel of fortune and a cake               of Duesseldorf, Darmstadt and         SPONSORS INVITATIONAL                 ettiquette, served dinner to each
     The camp-in differed from a        walk .                                    Bonn. Minister Alfred Helle-                                                guest. The meal consisted of
  camp-out in that it took place           YOU members manned the                 mann gave a sermon on the                SAULT STE . MARIE. Ont.            Hawaiian chicken over rice com-
  indoors instead of outside, where     booths while the younger chil-            importance of knowledge and           - YOU members and parents             plemented by a vegetable and
  it was cold and damp. Ideal           dren earned prizes . Prizes were          wisdom.                               from the Sudbury and North            dinner rolls and followed by pud-
  camping conditions in Great           awarded for participation so                 After the service, a dinner and    Bay , Ont., and Wolverine,            ding for dessert.
  Britain are not often found           every child went home with a              dance took place. The next day        Mich ., churches attended an             Entertainment featured a pi-
  because of the frequent climate       helium balloon and pockets full           the group drove to Wuppertal to       invitational weekend here Jan .       ano solo, a poetic recitation, a
  changes. The boys slept in one        of goodies.                               ride asuspended monorail before       14 and Jan . 15.                      vocal solo and duet, a flute trio
  room and the girls in another in         Handcrafted prizes were                returning to England. Vanessa            A Sabbath sermon was given         and a modern dance interpreta-
  sleeping bags on the floor.           made by older members. The                Vaughan.                              Jan . 14 by Leo van Pelt , district   tion by some of the teens. Sam
     Most young people in the           cost of putting on the carnival                                                 YOU coordinator.                      Patterson.
  British churches are familiar         was small because of donated              GIRLS SERVE ELDERS                       Saturday evening activities
  with this because houses are          time and prizes.                          IN SERVICE PROJECT                    consisted of volleyball and swim-     YOU RAISES MONEY
  small and when they visit, it is         The event was coordinated by                                                 ming . Subzero temperatures           FOR SKI OUTING
  common to share rooms this            Greg Kinser, and Pam Penrod                  PARK FOREST, III.                  Sunday morning, Jan. 15, did
  way.                                  was in charge of prizes. Local            "Across the Generations" was          not prevent the families from            FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.
     For three of the children it was   elde r Rex Sexton was overall             the theme for the Girls' Clubser-     heading outdoors onto a speed-        Forty-three YOU members and
  their first time away from home.      director. Susan Wheeler.                  vice project here Jan . 14.           skating rink .                        their families traveled to Appa-
     Daily activities included                                                       Each girl in the club made            After a lunch provided by the      lachian Ski Mountain in Boone,
  swimming, roller-skating and          YOU MEMBERS PUT ON                        cookies and served them with          Sault Ste. Marie brethren, teens      N.C., for a day of skiing Jan . 22.
  horseback riding, Indoor activi-      REVUE AND CAST PARTY                      coffee and punch to the congre-       and parents were treated to an           Most of those who went skied
  ties included playing board                                                     gation before services .              old-fashioned sleigh ride . Gary      although some were spectators.
  games, making clowns and cal-            HOUSTON, Tex . - A cast                   A few weeks before, each girl      King.                                 Lawrence Grieder, pastor of the
  endars from cloth and paper and       party for teens from the Houston          interviewed an older member of                                              Fayetteville church , and his
  drawing.                              North, East and West churches             the church and then wrote an          MONTREAL CHURCH                       wife, Bonnie , gave lessons to
     Older children helped with         who participated in a YOU revue           essay from the interview. During      PRESENTS YES FAIR                     those who had not skied before .
  household chores like cooking         took place Jan. 8. The revue was          the tea the essays were posted on                                              The YOU earned the money
  and cleaning up. The calendars,       staged here Dec . IO during a             a bulletin board.                        MONTREAL, Que. - The               for the trip by selling candy and
  clowns and drawings were exhib-       YOU district weekend.                        The Girls ' Club is organized      second annual Montreal English        by selling baked goods at church
  ited on the church notice board          Stage hands and family mem -           by Nancy Wright and Janet             church fair for the YES took          socials. Janice Bridges.
8                                                                                      Th e WORL DWIDE NEWS                                                                      Monday, March 12, 1984

Area activities include dances, fairs, skits
    SYRACUSE, N . Y ". brethren             amo ng arts and cra fts and in a country   bras and a punch foun tain. Children
brought their favo rite d ishes for a       store and flea market .                    we re en tertained with ga mes ,
wint er soci al Jan . 2 that included           " Terrells" Taco Hou se. " mai n-      mov ies and d owns . An antique pop-
tal ent perfo rmance s and slid e           tained by wom en fr om both                corn machine received much attention .
show s .                                    c h urc h e s . pr o v ided a Me xican        Two do or prizes were g iven
   After a meal Jeff Blouin , juni or       meal. A cakewa lk , cartoo ns, vide o      away . An original oil paint ing by
division winner in the dist rict and        games and doo r prizes rou nde d out       Barbara W illia ms de p ic tin g t he
reg iona l YOU ta lent f ina ls , pe r-     t he ac ti vl ty . The co untry fair       theme of the even ing was won by
for med h is ent r y: a pia no so lo        served as a fu nd- raiser fo r both        the Do n Ross family, and the Lloyd
" Second Air Variation" by Bellini .        churches .                                 Lee fami ly won a silk flower ar-
   Then the internati ona l travels of         ST, CATHARINES, Ont. , breth-           rangement by MMi . Miller .
two members were featured . Laura            re n took part in their third annual       The RAPID C ITY, S.D ., and
Maybury gave a travelogue of her             country-time shindig and potluck'         CHA DRON, Ne b. , churche s got
trip ( 0 the Jerusalem dig in 1983 .         Jan . 28 . Sabbath se rvices were         together Feb . 4 for a sing -along and
incl ud ing sce nes of Ambassado r          'co nducted with St. Catharines' sis-      skits. Musi c was provided by area
College students and historic and            ter co ngregation, Hami lton , Om.        musicians Bev Hilmer, Dan Dunlap
sceni c spots such as Mt. Sinai , the                                                  and Waldo A rmst rong , a loca l
                                                 After service s abo ut 225 brethren
Sea of Galilee , the Red Sea, a bed-                                                   church elder . Leading the grou p in
                                             shared th e potl uck a nd we re
ouin settlement and Egyptian desert          serenaded by bl ueg rass and down         so ng were Don Hilmer and pasto r
scenes .                                                                               Steve Buchanan .
                                             eas t fiddl e tunes . The mood was set
   Jerry Sm ith showed sli des o f                                                        Cl arice Arms trong prep ared
                                             for bre th re n to don Weste rn
sights he and his wi fe , Norma, saw                                                   sing-a long books filled with songs
                                             clothing and danci ng shoes for an
when they attended the Feast in                                                        that have become American tradi -
                                            evening of sq uare dancing . Music
Malta in 1983. Syracuse brethren                                                       tio ns . The books were printe d and
                                             was provided by Hamilton membe r
were surprised to see how close ly                                                     bound for the evening and for fu-
                                             Ron Hepworth and the Across the
the terrain of the Maltese islands re-                                                 ture use . Brethren created a West-
                                             Lake Bo ys. Gerry Cooke was danc e
se mbled that o f Israel. Mr. Smith                                                    em atmo sphere by replacing chairs
included slides o f Engl and, Scot -                                                   with hay bales for audien ce se ating .
land and the Black Fore st in We st             One h undred eighty LA KE                  Vem on Rockey, a deacon from
Gennany .                                   C H AR LES, La . , and BE AU·              Chadron, sho wed the audien ce in a        TALENT NIGHT - Rapid City, S .D., and Chadron, Neb ., ch ildren sit on
    Brethren ranging from toddlers to       MONT, Tex., bret hren gathered             skit a " typical" day in the life of       hay ba les used to create a We stern atmosphere du ring a sing-aJong Feb.
grandmothers sped down hill during          fo r a " Touch of Elega nce " winter            (See   ACT IVITIES . PI g.   91       4. (Photo by Doug J ohannsen)
a s led d ing party at Turt le River        fonna l dance Jan . 28 , organized
State Pa rk in G RAN D FORKS,               by We nde ll and Carmen Miller and
N.D . , the even ing of Jan . 21. A
week before, the wi nd chill factor
                                            assis tants. A variet y of music was
                                            provi ded b y the Kingsmen , a
                                                                                       Churches commemorate anniversaries
kept temperatures arou nd minus 50          gro up from San Antonio , Tex .
                                                A gazebo created the focal point         Nearly       400    bret hren    from    Maureen Leible and Lois Haeffele .          Wo donga, Temo ra and Wa gga
degree s Fahrenheit (about minus 46
                                            in the cente r of the dan ce floor, and    MANSFIELD and FINDL AY,                    A floor fountain featured live go ld-       Wagga , Australia, churche s, and
Cel sius). but wanner air prevailed Jan .
                                            a tropica l garden was set off by a        Ohi o . and surro unding church are as     fish .                                      Mr. Wurster cut a decorated an-
21 with virtuall y no wind .
                                            fountain .                                 gathered Jan . 21 at the Myers Con-            Bab y-sitting was provided by           niversary cake made by Lora ine
    When not s ledd ing, the group en -
                                                Brethren danced am id splendo r        vocatio n Center in Ash land , Ohio ,      area teens , and c h ild re n were          Lord . Afterward a supper wa s
jo yed a barbecue, popcorn. game s
                                            reminiscent of a So uthern colon ial       to cele brate the 50th an niversary of     treated to two feature -length Disne y      served .
and fellow shipping in a cha let.
                                            plantation . When not danci ng . they      The Plain Truth and the Philadel -         film s.                                         After stayi ng overnight in Myr-
    Young and old alike fo und fun
                                            fellows hipped at cand lelit tables.       phia era of God's Ch urch .                    T he W O DONGA, Aus trali a .           tleford, ma ny brethre n enjoyed an
and entertainmen t at the MO UL-                                                          Sabba th serv ices included guest                                                   Aussie barbecue breakfast Monday
                                                                                                                                  church ce lebrated its 10th annive r-
TRIE, Ga. , country fair afte r the Sab -       Finge r foods and punch , supp lied
                                                                                       speaker Guy Engle bert, pasto r of         sary on Australia Day weekend Jan .         morning , Jan . 30 , the n a picnic that
bath Jan . 28, when Moul trie and Ta l-     by mem bers, were arra nged on ta-
                                                                                       the Cleveland, Ohio, East church .         28 to Jan . 30, with 126 persons at-        included softbal l, volleyball , touc h
lahassee, Fla . , breth ren brow sed        bles complete wit h silver cande la-
                                                                                       "Golden J ubilee Ball" was se lected       tendi ng Sabbath services . Loca l          rugby , swi mming , a treasure hunt
                                                                                       as the theme for a din ner and dance       church e lder Pete r W urster re -          for the children. a nail-driving con-
Clubs feature special events                                                           that evening.
                                                                                          Brethren dined on a catered mea l
                                                                                                                                  counted the history of the area .
                                                                                                                                      Sunday.. Jan . 29 , 126 people at-
                                                                                                                                                                               test , gum - boot throwing and nappy
                                                                                                                                                                               (diaper) tying on three dolls .
                                                                                       of baked sirlo in and all the trim-        tended an anni versary dinner fol -             Weekend act ivities wer e o r-
   An evening of con viviality and          c lub vice pre siden t . for a ta -        m ing s . and later danced to th e         lowed by a family dance in Myr-             gan ized by Mr. Selzer , a deacon in
informatio n marked the first ladie s'      bletopics session , during which not       mu sic o f the band " S tard us t , "      tieford . a village south of Wodonga .      the Wodonga church, and Church
night o f the KINGSTON, Jamai ca ,          o nly the men but also the women           compo sed o f membe rs from the                The hall was decorated by Alan          membe r Hedley McLa ughlin .
Spoke sman Club at the church of -          thought on their feel.                     Canton and Findlay , Ohio, churche s.      and Meryl Harris and the sing les .             Brethren commemorated the 10th
fice Jan . 24 .                                After tab letopics Macomb cl ub            Deco ration s included a banner         More tha n 1;000 pink and white             anniversary of God' s Church in the
   Fifty -one people . inc lu d in g        President Bob Volmer spoke about           constructed by Betty Ha ll and her         cre pe flowers were sprinkled amid          BAHAMAS duri ng January , be-
gues ts , attended the even ing . Pres i-   the Macomb club, before introduc -         son Gary . Flora l arra ngement s were     trai ls of green ivy , arou nd the          ginning with festiviti es in Freeport.
dent Derrick Milwood was chair-             in g the af te rnoon 's toast master       made by women of the Mansfie ld            stage , door and walls and on tables         Baham as , Jan . 7.
man . Pas tor and dire ctor C har les       Barry Brown , Macomb club 'vice            ch urch, u nder the di re ct ion of        surrounding the dance floor.                    Pasto r Kingsley Mather co n-
Fleming gave the o pening praye r           presiden t .                                                                              Photos of activities during the         duc ted Sabbath serv ices , exhorting
and led voca l exerc ise.                      In the spe ak ing ses sion Mr .                                                     past years were displayed on two           Chu rch members to obe y c" o f
   Josten Sutherland prese nted ta-
bletopics, and toastmaster Gerald
                                            Brown introduced Rod Fortne r and
                                            Mark Bannier o f Macomb and Russ
                                                                                       Floridians                                  bulletin boards, along with photo s
                                                                                                                                   and card s from past mi nisters of the
                                                                                                                                                                              God 's commandments. In the eve-
                                                                                                                                                                               ning 41 brethren celebrated in the
Scale presented speakers woodrow
Hartley , Lawford Chang , Junior .
                                            Mulvaney of Pe oria . Mr . Smith
                                            evaluated the entire meeting, after
                                            which he prese nted Bob Drui en , a
                                                                                       raise funds                                 Wodonga congregation.
                                                                                                                                      The Wodonga Continental Band
                                                                                                                                                                               roof suite of the Shalimar Hot el
                                                                                                                                                                               with a social and games.
Hart , Dan iel Smith and Carlton                                                                                                   and a talent show rounded out ac-              Jan . 14 ce lebrations moved to
   The Most Effec tive Speech cup
                                            Macomb loc al churc h elder.
                                               Mr . Druien co nducted a workshop       at NFL game                                 tivities . Ted Ots recounted the dan -
                                                                                                                                   ger s of a tri p to the "suffermar-
                                                                                                                                                                               Na ssau, Bahamas, where a con -
                                                                                                                                                                               gregat ion o f more than 130 heard
                                            during which 21 club members ex-                                                       kef' ; Debbie and Jenny Wyatt per-          Mr. Mather speak on rec ognizing
was awarded to Mr . Taylor . Mr.
                                            pounded upon d ifferent portions of the      Super Bow l S unday , Ja n . 22,          formed a jazz ba llet routine; Kare n       and appreciati ng God 's power and
Hart recei ved the Most Improved
                                            club manual. Mr . Druien concluded by      was one of the bigges t eve nts to hit      McGo rlick reci ted a sto r y of a          persona lity. T he Nassau cho ir,
Speaker trop hy , and the most Help-
                                            quoting Pastor General Herbert W .         TAMPA, Fla.. in years . About 215           youn g motor enthusiast , Ethe l            commemorating to years of servi ce
ful Evaluat ion troph y wen t to Ber-
                                            Armstrong : " T he value and impor-        bret hren from Tampa , Lak eland ,          Read ; Janet and Pa ul Selzer and Liz       under the direction of Basil Lord ,
nardo Beckford .
                                            tance of Spokesman Club is beyond          Sarasota and Fort Myers , Fla ., sold       Wurster sang " T ime in a Bortle":          performed two selections that were
   Harry Gr an t pro vid ed back -          eva luating."                              Nationa l Football League (N FL)
gro und m us ic, and refreshments                                                                                                  and the Jacob family played " Get           videotaped with the church ' s newly
                                               The Macomb cl ub featu red an ac-       novelty item s to rai se fund s for         Me to the Church o n Time : '               acquired audiovi sual equipmen t.
were served by Jennifer Fergu son           tivity with the group dividin g into       thei r church areas .                           Later Gordon Muri son , master of          That evening women prepared a
and Valrie Morri s.                         teams and receivin g a grab bag of            The gro up foll owed the exa mples
   Men and wi ve s o f the MA·                                                                                                     ce re mo nies , orga nize d children ' s     potpourri of finger food.s that added
                                            hou sehold items . The team s were         of the Pasadena Amb assado r Col -           games.                                     s pice and en jo yment to a ta lent
CO MB and PEO R IA, III., Spokes-           instru cted to devi se a skit using the    lege student bod y, which sold simi-
man Club s assembled on the Mon -                                                                                                      Bru ce Dean , past or o f the                lSee CHURCH ES. page 91
                                            grab bags.                                 lar items at the 1983 Super Bowl in
mouth, lll. . College campus Jan . 28          T he firs t after-brunch meet ing       Pasadena .
and Ja n . 29 for an overn ight outing.
   The o uti ng began after sunse t
with the Peoria cl ub prov iding re-
                                            of the NEW ORL E ANS , La ..
                                            Spokes ma n C lub wit h wome n
                                                                                           Pa stors Rona ld Lo hr , Fra nk
                                                                                       McCrady III and Dan Bierer en-             Seniors honored at potluck
                                            guests too k place at the Ramada Inn       couraged brethren in their areas to
freshm ent s and a number of ac-            in Metai rie, La ., Jan . 29.               serve in the activity . Some served          After afternoon Sabbath services         books, which were added to the
tivities. including a lost-shoe relay and      Becaus e of cost, room availabi l-       by providing baby- sitting .               Feb . 4 , the SEATTLE, Wash ..             ch urch library.
a back ward spelling bee .                  ity and convenience , club members             Traini ng began in mid-Dec ember       co ngrega tio n sha red a po tluck in          After s undo wn Mr. Luker ' s
   Sund ay mornin g both club s rose        decid ed that a brun ch would pro -         when about 150 brethren learn ed          hon or of senio r citi zen s ran gi ng      wife , Lee Ann , narrat ed a mu sical
early for breakfast at the co lleg e        vide a pleasurabl e environme nt for       mana gement respon sibilitie s. Tw o       fro m age 65 to 92 . After the meal         varie ty sho w acce nting so ngs and
cafet eria . Jess Erne st . Peori a and     a club meeting .                            meetin gs followed in Januar y that       evange list Denni s Luker . pastor ofthe    m us ic fr om er a s in wh ic h the
Macomb pastor, pre sented a o ne-              The cup for Mo st Helpful Evalu -        brought togeth er all 215 volunt eers .   Seattle church, commented on the            se n iors gr ew up . Th e Gay
hour lecture titled " What is a Rea l       ation went to Conan Webster. The               At the Super Bowl 46 stands were       wea lth of know ledge co ntained by         Nineti es, Roarin g T wenti es, De-
Christian Leade r?"                         Most Impro ved Speake r was Curti s         ere cted with d ispla ys and novelt y     seniors and presented each senior with      pre ssion Yea rs of the 1930 s and
    Mr . Erne st ' s lect ure wa s fol -     Verdun , who spoke on the 19 -year         item s. Twe lve to 16 hours were          his or her biograph y.                      war years of the 1940s wer e rep -
 lowed by a club mee t ing . Gar y          time cycle, and the Most Effectiv e         spe nt selling souve nirs 10 many of         Se nior b iograp hies are an ongo -      resented in music. song and dan ce .
 Smit h, assoc iate pastor , introduc ed    Speec h c up wa s awa rded to               the n .(){X) fans. Com miss ions to-      ing project of the Seattl e churc h to         Ta b les were clea red to mak e
 Steve Han shaw , Peori a club presi-       Maurice Ledet for a speech on how           taled $ 10,946 .99 . which will be di-    preserve in writin g the life experi -      room for a da nce . The first seg ment
 dent , who outlin ed high points of        club s train men .                          vided proportionatel y am ong the         ences of the senior citizens . Church       fe atured the churc h's o wn swing
 the cl ub year . Mr. Hanshaw then             Derrick Milwood . Janice Keefer          churches participat ing in the proj-      members helped in inte rvie wi ng,          band . Two other bands then played .
 introduced David Davison , Peori a         and Maurice Ledet ,                         ect. Phillip J . Brooks.                  writi ng, ed iting and publi shing the      Gar)' Crouse .
Monday, March 12 , 1984                                                                The WORLDWIDE NEWS

Activities                                     Lee S ie g from the Fl ags taff,
                                             Ariz ., church won a trophy for the
                                                                                       Ameri can music . Hors d' oeuvre s
                                                                                       and a Mai-Tai punch were served
                                               st         stor
                                             be chili , Pa Douglas Horchak             forrefreshments.
        IContinued fr om page 8)              presented a slide show including YO U      Mor e than 180 O CALA an d
an o pto met rist. Dori s West and            functions, young adult activities and    GAINESVILLE, Fla.. brethren at-
Thelma Elwe ss prepared a skit in             past church socials.                     tended an annual international night
which some of the YES- age girls                Area members then presented a          in Gainesv ille Jan. 22 with a talent
mod eled hats . A brother and sister         talent show, with acts ranging from       sho w and sampli ngs of food from
team, Frank and Jennifer Mannen s,           comed y to dancing and singing . An       around the world .
acted out a childre n' s book on Rag-        int ern ati on al de ssert cab le co m-
gedy Ann and Andy.                           pleted the eveni ng.                         "C uisine of the Na tions " in -
  PRINCE ALBERT, Sas k.•                        Musical variety skits . songs and      clud ed menu selectio ns fro m Af-
bre thren spo nso red a c hurch fair         dance s were the order Jan. 29 for        rica , the Ca rib bea n, Eas tern
Feb . II with the help of Tisdale            SPOKANE, Wash .• and COE UR               E urope, Me xico , the Ori ent ,
and Sask atoon, Sask . • brethren.                                                     Polyne sia, Scotland , the Uni ted
                                             D' ALENE, Idaho, brethren who
During the afternoo n service a YES          began activitie s with a potluck at       Kingdom and the United States.
cho ir sang " For the Beaut y o f the        the Masonic Temple in downt own              The theme of the evening's talent
Earth" and " Blessed and Happy Is            Spokane.                                  show was " Harmony Around the
He: '                                            Area members , in groups and in-      World . " Yo ung and o ld parti c i-
   After Sabbath services 142 breth-         di viduall y, performed 28 musical        pated in a variety o f skits and song
ren ate a potluck. When the tables            numbers , sk its and piano , vio li n    and dance routin es, instrum enl als
were cleare d an arts and cra fts d is-      and guitar so los . Each perfonner        and recitation s.
play was set up featuring ceram ics,          wore clothing befitting his or her          " Memo ries in Song" served as a
se wing and needlew ork, poetry ,            skit or song.                             theme for th e fo urt h an nua l
woodw ork ing and basket weaving.                Val Deininger and her daughter        SASKATOON, Sask ., church con-            SEMIFORMAL EVENT - Clem and Loretta Scardino . the Sound
ph otograph y a nd ar t and hand i-          Nicole, 5, performed a clown co m-        cert at Cas tle Theatre Jan. 5 . From     Transttlon Dee Jays with more than 4,000 records in their collection,
cra fts.                                     pany dan ce . The Cabbage Patch           the start of rehe arsals in Novembe r     play for a Baltimore, Md.• dinner-dance Jan. 28 . (Photo by Bob Collins)
   Brethren age 4 to 84 parti cipated        Kids , a quartet of preteen girls ,       to showtime , pastor Maurice Yur-
for prizes in each category . While          dressed like dolls and sang' 'I Love      kiw stressed an attitude of team -
many viewed the displays young-
sters took part in carn ival games
                                             to Laugh."
                                                The Coeur d' Alene young singles
                                                                                       work, service , enjoymen t and the
                                                                                       need for famil y orien ted en tertain-
                                                                                                                                 New church in Philippines
organized by YO U membe rs. So me            sc ratched and crowed to " S te w         me nt.
of the men jud ged a pie-b akin g                                                                                                   Felipe C. Casing, pastor o f the         from Tacloban , gave a senno nette
                                             Fowler ," a Western sk it depictin g a       The stage, arran ged by Blanche
con test.                                                                                                                        Tacloban City , Philippine s, church,       o n gratefu lness, and th e ni ne -
                                             s ho wdo wn o f strutti ng cocks for      Friesen, conveyed a cozy home at-
   BALTIMORE, Md. • brethren                                                                                                     co nducted the first Sabbath service        member Cat balogan church chorus
                                             king o f the hen house .                  mo sphere . Singers and mu sicia ns
attended a semiformal dinner-dance                                                                                               Jan . 14 for th e new church at             sang "Praise God's Name:'
                                                Ballerinas Jenn y and Shelly Long      perfonned in a family room settin g ,                                                    After services brethren feasted on
Jan . 28 at Martin ' s Eudow ood in                                                                                              CATBALOGAN, Philippines, with
                                             graced the stage with " Catrina Bal-      with a firepl ace , plan ts , st uffed
Towson, Md., with musical e nter-                                                                                                a sermo n titled "What Real Chris-          a lun ch prepared by Ca tbaloga n
                                             lerina . " Violet Wright san g nurse ry   toys, rocking chairs, cushion s and                                                   brethren, before attending a Bible
tainm ent provided by Clem and                                                                                                   tianity Mean s" to 54 people in atte n-
                                             rhymes with her hand puppet, and          co lorful afghan s.                                                                   study on Proverbs I to 3 by Mr .
Loretta Scardino.                                                                                                                dance .
                                             the Dupuis family performe d a                                                                                                  Ca sing . Emesto S. Zeta Jr .
   The Scardinos have more than                                                           About 400 people heard the                Gorgon io D. de Guia , a deacon
                                             Filipin o dance, stepping in and out      45 -member ch orale, di rect ed by
4,000 records, so me from as far             of bamboo 'poles .
back a s 1936 . The couple have
provided mu sic ' for family dance s
                                                Master o f ceremonies was local
                                             church el der Rick Stafford. The
                                                                                       SCOII Friesen and acco mpa nied by
                                                                                       pian ist Clara Friesen, open with
                                                                                       " It' s a Grand Night for Singin g "
                                                                                                                                 Inventory brings in $1,789
at the Mount Pocon o , Pa., Feast            church band .. Short Notice " pro-
site.                                                                                  and close with an encore of ••Li' I          Jan. 22 . 115 TORONTO, Om. .             su ch a large group, wh ich sim-
                                             vided music for a famil y dance .         Liza Jane: '
   Afier an open-bar cocktail hour ,
                                                After combined services o f the                                                  EAST brethren raised $1,789 in              plified her recruiting work. Each per-
282 brethren feasted on green salad,         HAMMOND, Ind . • and PARK                    Ma ster o f ce re mo nies Jerry        less than five hou rs assisti ng a          son was paid $3 ..50 an hour. and the
pineapple wedges, roast sirloino f beef                                                Lucky dedicated tbe chorale ' s reno      K Mart store with its annual inven-         money was co llected by deaco n Don
                                             FOREST, 111. , churche s Jan . 28,
o r stuf fed bo ned breast of hen,
                                             brethren s hared a potluck . After        dition of "Paper Moon" 10 Mr . and        tory. Church members assembled at           Wallbridge.
ro lls, duchess potatoes and peas                                                      Mrs. Yurk iw , wh o were cele-            the store at 7:30 a. m. and counted           The fund-raising effort brought in
                                             dinner Bob Branch served as master
with mushrooms. Cheesecake, tea                                                        brating dICiT 18th wedding anniversary    stock until abo ut noon with one            enough money to fund almost six
                                             of ceremonies for a talent show , in-
and coffee topped off the meal.                                                        that day.                                 IS-minute break.                            months of activities in the Toronto
                                             troducing performers ranging from
  Brethren then danced to song s                                                          After the show, ca st and crew            The store manager. appreciated           East congregation. Ken Parker .
                                             cheerleaders and piano and guitar
spanning six decades . Pastor Roy                                                      presented the Yurk iws with a bon
                                             players 10 flutists and vocalists.
Demarest and his wife , Pauline , en-
joyed the jitterbug , There were
fo x-tr ot s , waltze s, polkas , fa st
                                                Four children ' s numbers were
                                             presented by Kati Wright , 8, who
                                                                                       voyage cake before the y left the
                                                                                       next d ay for the Mini sterial Re -
                                                                                       freshing Program in Pasadena.
                                                                                                                                 Midwest basketball tourney
                                             sang " Somewhere Over the Rain-
dances and novelty dance s such as
                                             bow "; Kenn y Grisw old , 8, " To -          Marilynn Denny, Polly Edington,           Tea ms from Oklahoma , Missouri             AI noon S unday , Feb . 5 . the
the Alley Cat. the Stroll. the Bunny
                                             morro w" ; the Keenan famil y             Pal Godwi n. Craig Roberts, Weru:kll      a nd Kan sa s participated in a             game s stopped for a cheerlea der
Hop and the IIokey Pokey.
   The management o f the caterin g
                                             (Becky. 10. Carey. 8. Melanie. 5).        F . Mill er Jr. , Doug Jo hann sen .      MCRIT A, Kan. , basketball tour-            showcase. Each squad performed a
                                             "Best Friends"; and the Liesenfelt        Sheila Hainstock, Jon and Ginnie          namen t Feb . 4 and Feb . 5 . Judd          c heer for the audie nce , with the
facility was so impres sed with the
                                             family (Anna , 7, Greta, 4), " Man        Cook , Christine Spitz, Lisa Kenna .      Kirk, pastor of the Wichita church,         girls showing the results of work
group that they offered three hours '
                                             Named the Animals ."                      Rod Hall. Linda HaWar , Patricia          set the theme for the weekend with          and co ach ing . Th e fina le was a
free use o f the establ ishment .
                                               Dessert s were served after the         Gaud en , Terri e Payne and Jak e         an introd ucto ry se r mc ne tte            cheer performe d by all the squads.
   A biannual fun show took place
                                             show . YOU members sold popcorn           Friesen.                                  teamwork on and off the co urt .            John M . Williams .
Feb. 4 for GRAND ISLAND and
                                             and sodas . Tables were set up for
NORTH PLATTE, Neb.• brethren
                                             board game s and cards .
who shared a potluck after Sabbath
                                                In rec ognition of the Church's
services led by pastor Donal d Hooser
Jr.                                          new Festiv al s ite in C hina ,
                                             WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis., breth-
                                                                                       Lists (Continued from pIIie 5)
                                                                                                                                 jo laine Dubois, J anet Eddi ngto n,
                                                                                                                                 Reese Edm ond son, Ca ra Edward s.
                                                                                                                                  Drew Efimov , Na bil EI H age . Co ry
                                                                                                                                                                             Mich ael North . Er ic Olinger, Sheri
                                                                                                                                                                             Olmstead, Armand o Olvera, Kennan
                                                                                                                                                                             Owens, Frank Parsons III, Catherine
    Afterw ard Doug Raym ond and
Do ug Schrad er were master s of             ren used " An Evening in China"           dale, Linh Duy Bui.                        Erickson, David Evans. Alex Evdo-          Pe in e , Den n is Pe lley, M ich ael
ceremonies for 45 talent acts, in-           as a theme for a winter social Jan .         Debb ie Bur bach, Rober t Bur -        kias, Pam Fan nin, Kerry Flaman,            Peter son, Teresa Peterson, Mich ele
clud ing an t ic s by clo wns ' M ary        28.                                       bach. Kath y Bur ch. C he ryl Camp-        William Flaman .                           Pett y, Ann a Pifer, Kim Poph am .Jen-
Pe yt on , An gie Gr au s and Barb              Aft er Sabbath se r vic es a nd a      bell , Helen C ha nd le r. Yo land            Je ffre y Fozard , Dawn F ricke ,       nife r Pr eteroti, Elisabeth Prevo, Mar -
 VanWinkle .                                 Bible study, brethren dined on a ca-      C ha ngo , C lifton C ha rles, Karen      Sco tt Fr iesen . Frank ie G omer , M il-   tin Prin ce, Liane Proulx.
    A vari et y o f performances fea-        tered Chinese dinner , complete w ith     C hi ld ers. Fr ank C la ncy . J oan      lie Gon zalez, Darlen e Gunderson,              Pamel a Rain s, Ernest Raynor,
tured poet ic recitations , instrumen-       chopstick s. Chinese background           C lark, Mardy Co bb, C h rist i Co le,    Co lleen Gu s, Geo rge Hagu e, Barb a-      Dougl as Rendall, Raym ond Rex,
tal numbers, a children's c ho ir ,          music and decorati ons of bamboo          Terri Cont i, Ross Couston. Maria          ra Haine s. Beck y Harden. Amy             Danie l Reyer, Lynn Reyngoudt,
vocal selections, humorous glimpse s         wall -hangings with Ch inese designs      Co x, Luciano Cozzi, Tim Cr abb ,          Hargarten . Wendy Harley, Mary             Michael Rice , Geoffrey Robertson,
of life, acrobatic s and a friendly unit -   and basket s of flowers added to the      David Cuvelier.                            Hay s, Mar y Beth Hills , Jean Holm,       Julane Roecks. C hristophe r Rossi,
 ing of Nebra ska farmers and ranchers       theme of the evening .                       Belinda Davies. Mark Dixon.             Larr y Holm , Roger Hoope r, Don-          Blanca Roybal, Doug Ruml, C ha r-
to sing a song.                                 After dinner brethren danced to        Berm evon Dizon. Jeff Dowd . Mar-         a ld H orn sb y, S ha ro n Hunt er .        lott e Ruppert , Marti n Ryser, Tam -
    At the close o f the pro gram , Mr.                                                                                           Melissa lvey, Holly J ames, Gil ber t      my S anders. Kath y Sarfert, M i-
 Schrader summo ned Mr. and Mrs.                                                                                                  Javier, Kay Je rmako wicz, M ar y          c hae l S avo ia. A ngela Sc hart ne r,
                                                                                       of " Letter to Alfte. "                    Let itia John son, Mar y Lynn John -       Kadi Sc hmidt . No rbe rt Sc hne ide r,
 Hoo ser and the ir c hildren , Amy,
 Rand y and Dann y , to the stag e           Churches                                     Gi fts o f ap preci at ion were pre-
                                                                                       sented to Mr. and Mrs. Mather by
                                                                                                                                 son, Rose Johnson.
                                                                                                                                    Ran del Kell y. Rond a Kell y
                                                                                                                                                                             Pr akash Sebastian, Sarah Segers.
                                                                                                                                                                             Lorr ye S hambl in, Sio Ch ing Shia ,
 where Ralph and Doris Dierbur ger ,
 No rth Platte mem be rs, pre sent ed              (Continued from page 81
                                                                                       the co ngregation for 10 years o f        Su san Kipfe r. A I Kosteniuk. Allen        Sio O ui S hia , Kat hi Sh ields, Joe
 them with a quilt made and signed           show, dancing and games for chil -        leadership . Gifts were also given to     Kroska, Gc rard Landreth, Sa ntiago         Slevin. Ca rme l Smith. Linda Sn uf-
 by church familie s.                        dren and adults. Th e talent show         Mr . Lord and Naomi Lockhart for          l ange. Robert Larson. An n Led-            fer, C rysta l S pahr. Sand ra S tead-
    The sixth annual PRESCOTT,               includ ed semicl assical and Broad-       their serv ice in the music dep art -     ing ha m, Gr an t l edingh am, Jana          man , Li sa St een port, R am on a
 Ariz . , winter soc ial Jan . 28 featured   way voc al and instrumental music.        ment.                                     l ed y, Lind a Lee , Ca rlos lester ,       Steph en s, Ed win St epp, Li nda
 an international potlu ck o f Mexi -        Katherine Moss traced the history            Anniversary festivities continued      Kar en Le ve rett. Donn a LeV oir           Strel ow, Su san Sutter .
 can , Italian and Oriental food s and       and grow th of the church in the          J an . 22 , with the f irst mon thl y     C urt Lind sley, Ralph Lucia.                   Lisa Tanksley, Ken T at e, Robert
 a chili coo k-off.                          Bahamas in a humorous renditi on          Bible study co nducted on Abaco ,            John Mabr y, Doug Ma cDonald ,           Taylor, Robert Te nna nt , David Ter -
                                                                                       the seco nd- larges t isla nd in the      Me lody M ach in , Br ad M ann,             dik , Karen T homas, Da niel T homp-
                                                                                       Bahamas.                                  Joseph Ma rti re. Nei l Mal kin, Ste-       son, Roxanne Tidmore, Kimberly
Singles mark 'days of yore'                                                               Ce lebra tio ns cl imax ed Jan. 29
                                                                                       with a luncheon and lectur e fo r
                                                                                                                                 ven McAfee, Jacq ueline McC alla.
                                                                                                                                 Paula McFa ll, Rand all McG owen,
                                                                                                                                                                             Tompsett, Ruth T raynor . Donald
                                                                                                                                                                             Tu rgeon, Lau ra U rista , Chri stine
                                                                                       Plain Truth newsstand d istributors       Shanno n M cin t yr e , J o na t h a n       Vavra . C litT ton Veal, David Yer-
   Si ngl es o f t he AN NISTON ,            News magazi nes fro m as far back as      and telephone o perators . White din-      McNair, Joseph Mc Nair , Timot hy           nich, Sophia Victor . Ch arle s Wake-
Ala. , church thre w a banqu et co m-         1948.                                    ing at an area restau rant they were       McQu a id, Rober t Me ade, S he rr i        field , Rober t Walker . Wanda Wal -
me mo rating " days o f yor e " for              Singles served dinner with wine       updated on ways to improve their           Means. Joel Meeker . Teresa Meis-           ler. Te d Welch , M ichael Wells.
Annisto n senior ci tizens Jan . 22.         to the seniors, after which a biog-       approach and meth ods of sharin g          ner, M elind a Mez, Kerri Mil es.           Julius Weyman. C indy Whittome,
The church hall was decorated with           raph y of each sen ior ci tize n was      Christ's Gospel and told of God' s        Se mira Mir afsari , Glen n Mit ch ell,      Roger Widm er , Ed na Wilki e, Ger-
booths cont ai ning mementos, pic-           read by the single who intervi ewed        apprecia tion for outstandi ng coop -     Jeffrey M itch ell, Ste ven Myers.          ald Willi ams, David Witt , Ji ll Woel-
ture s of the senior cit izen s as in-       him or her . Afternoon activities         era tion durin g 1983 .                      Bha rat Naker, Ti to Na man. Kate         fle, R on d a Woodbri d ge , Perry
fants, teen s or yo ung adult s, and         en d ed w ith a sing-along . Kathy           J im Haeffete , Ja n Wyall a nd         Nelso n, Kat hryn Ne well. Mari e-          Wort hen. Debo rah Wr igh t, Briar y
display s o f Plain Truth and Good           Str ange.                                 Kayla Edwards .                           T heres Ng ubi , Re becca No rrod .          Yeate s and Agnes You ngblood .
10                                                                                                                                Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                                       Monday, March 12, 1984

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                                  lliRTHANNOUNCEMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                                        W e'd like to let the read-
                                                                   pound. 1ounc"s. I'IOYI' I bo)'. 2 girl.                        . nno unC. lh. engegern.nl Ol lhe ir d. ughlllf Oebr.                 ers of The Worldwide
                                                                                                                                  K.ren AndIf .OIl of PhOfil' • . Ariz.• 1 "'.,on Doug l••
BIRTHS                                                             RY"'N. GordOll .nd lyll (F.lIows) . 01 Brisb an •.
                                                                   Aultlllia. boy. Kelly GorOOll Feb 1. " :IlS p .m.• 9
                                                                                                                                  Benn llf 01 Berk le .... MICh _ 01Mr. • nd Mr . lynn e
                                                                                                                                  Benner . BoIh . re
                                                                                                                                                         _ 1Or••  t P. a.adeNo Ambassa dor
                                                                                                                                                                                                        New s know about yo ur
                                                                   pound.8 ounce'.1IOW   2boyl .lgirl.                            CoIIeoe ·A M. ... , ...eddong i.planned                               new bab y as soo n as it
ABERCAOMBIE. Frank and Cyn th. (Wager), at
                                                                   RVAN. P.I.nd Keren (D.y). of New Plymouth. New
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ar rives . Ju s t fill out this
Jle"'onYille. F ltI .• boy . BrQonOwiyht . F.t> . 2. 8 :.e                                                                        Mr. • nd Mr• . Glen l . Ruck er 01 Wichlt • . K. .... . re
p.m .• 5pounda I t ~ • . now I boy, 1 Q'Il1                        Zea land. boy. c.-.ig Anthony. 0c1 . 2. 1: 15 p .m.• ~         ple ..e d t o .nnounc e the .ng.g.ment 01 their                       co upo n and se nd it to the
                                                                   pourId.140Uf\Cf1 . .....l child                                d. ughl llf Juli. Lin to Rober1 L. Hildebr .nd. ton 01
                                                                                                                                  Doshi. Hlldebr.nd ol loullburg. K. n. Th. . .edd ing                  address gi ven as soon
ARNOlD. Pet8l' Ind Ma rilyn (Sanden), of Shreveport,
L. _ lI irl , l lufen Emil y. Jan, t6.9:40p, m,,8poundl
   .                                                                         .
                                                                   SCHMIDT G.ry .nd J..nie (P"' IIf. en). 01 Gr.nd                .. iIItak .pla c"M arc h 3I inWi chit.                                as possible after the
2~oullCill.•rl    tchild                                           R.pid •• Minn.. girl. Reb ec c. Je .n. Dec . 28. 2:25 • .m.•
                                                                   8pound. 3 ounee ' ,Ilr. l child                                                                                                      baby is born .
BEATH RHI and GIly. (Ha"or d). o'Perth, "u.I•• I~ .
       .                                                           ST . PIERRE. Tr. cy . nd Kriat i (W. ..g.,, " H ). of
;ir1. K.~ .....-. .HR . 23 . 6 :52 ' .m., a pounds ,
                                                                   Omaha . Neb .• boy. Mitchell c..ood. Jl, n. 22 . t2: 12
                                                                   . ..... 1 pound . 21t ouncN• • 1t eNId .
                                                                                                                                  WEDDINGS                                                                 Our c oupon b.by Ih" iaa
                                                                                                                                                                                                         K.vonDaniel Pe.r aon • ..", oIK
BL AC KWELL . 8 'u cl an d Jane (Seholar) , 0 1                                                                                                                                                          GierId.P•• r..",ofP..... Herbor.FI.
                                                                   WATSON• ...,..Joe and Nalley (NocMIe.). of New
~. N.C ., boY. Trll¥Of JoaepI'I. J.n. 15. 1iI
• .m.• epoullda12_• • llOW lboy,lgifl.
                                                                   onea""u..boy . ChrialOClherJoe.F~. 10.B pound •
                                                                   I I" ounce, . now1 boy . 2"" .
                                                                                                                                                                                                        BIATH ANNOUNCEMENT
Bl UE. DII'iid I nd P,meI.I (hrteyl, of P...".,... boy ,                                                                                                                                                'THE WORLDWIDE NEWS '
                                                                   WATSON. Rich.rd Ilnd linda (Morton) . of P...dINl .
Rya" David. Feb . 11, 2:28 '.m., 9 pound. 8 ounce"                 girl. Menyro.- V.lor • • Feb , 11. " p.m .• II pound s 4                                                                             BOX: ttt
now 2 boy l .
                                                                   oune" •. now2~ • .                                                                                                                   PASADENA . CAUF .• 111123 . U.S .A.

BROCIWAN.         ,..~   and Kith)'   (Gor. l. of   King sl on ,
                                                                   WIESMAN "..• • 1Id Ja ... (MiNer). 01 CineiMa li.
Ont ., boy , Jonathan OIIvld , Ja n. 20 , 7: 15 p.m.. 9
                                                                   Ohio . girt. Julie Ann.Feb . 1. g: 15 p .m.• 1 pound. 4
pounda2~ . _ lboy .lgirt
                                                                   ounce,.trstel'li6d .                                                                                                                  Last name                                   Father's first n am e                 M o ther ' s first n a me
C AM ACHO , A ul us and Lc»eta (G~• • • y) . of
Falrnoooctl. Antigua . boy , RIIIlo AntOOlio. ..... 26. 7
' .III.• 8po11ftdllS_.now1boy,lgir(.                                                                                                                                                                     M o th er ' s ma id en n am e               Ch urch ar ea or c ity o f        resl d e nc e~tat e/co untry

CHAMBERS.        o.vidand 0ebb0e (Fl....l. of s.*".                ENGAGEMENTS
()r   e.. girl. ~... Ktly. J.n _22. 11:08 p .m.,8 pound.,
now2 girll                                                                                                                                                                                               BabY's S'II:                   Baby' s f i rs t and mid d le names
COCKREl l . Tim a nd Ca thy (Llicu l, of Kanl n City.
Mo.. bo y. .... tk lw.c. .. Feb . 11. 8:"1 • .m,. 1pound.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            o Boy        OGl rl
13ltounee• • Ir.lchild                                                                                                                                                                                   M ont h o f b ir th            D ay o f m on th             T ime of da y    ~. I welg ht
COOf>ER. home•• nd Chery!(AIwor1 hl. oI P~.
              T                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 D A .M .
Or • .• giI1. 0._CllMe..J.... 20 . 2: 48 • . m.• 8pou1ldall                                                                                                                                                                                                                         o P.M .
~._ lboy.2gir1a
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Number o f so ns y ou n o w have·                           Number of dau gh t ers you n ow ha ve ·

DANIElS . Chucil and la...- (Smith). 01 ArWtg!0fI .
r.ll .. boy. ....nhttw D. vld. JI, ... 30. 10 :40 '. m.. 1
pound., lOUIlCe•. ar.t etlild                                                                                                       MR. AND MRS. REGWINN BORROW                                           InclUd ing newborn                                                                                            3 84
DENNY. M.rk . nd JlKIilh (M.nning). 01 P' H~.
boy . MlctMlelAndr_.F.o. 20. 3:3O • .m.• 1 pound . 8
ounc ... _3boye. lgir1.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       AvrilRabl. dlughl... ofMr.IlndIolr• . Clil Rabiofthe
PeSANTO. R. y and Kaf ... (JI, neailo ). 01 Pitl llburgh.                                                                                                                                                                                                              JofIa nnelburg. So ulh Afric•. c hurch . • nd John
P • .• boy .1oIicl\HI RayfIloIld. Jan . I~. 7;1)lS p.m.• II                                                                                                                                                                                                            McCerthy, aon 01 Dr. Mel ....... Roy McCarthy . _ .
povnd. 3 ounce•. now I boy. I girl .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   riad in .... ma ge Jan . 15 in Joha_IIblltg. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       c*emony • • • perf ormed by        Dr. tr.IeCarthy . regior\ll
DITZEL. p.ler .nd "'.ry a.l h (R.yllOld. ) . 0 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                       dorector lortheCtM.wch • .."..... Afriea
P....s-..boy.JonI"'-.. Ru..... Feb . 11. .. :2....III .•
8 pouIlda .. _ . . .1tc:NkI.

DREWNIAK, •.laurlc • •nd J o.i. (I( yrylukl. 01
Wirlniplg , M.n ., girl. Jolene uu"n ". Jan . 8. 8:18
p ,m.• 8pol111d now1 boy . I girl.
                                                                      DENNIS KUHNS AND BETH NOEL
Elllon       Icolm.nd ....rilnne (Gilberl).of W.co.                Mr . • IId ...... . E~NoIIoftheVoung.IOWft, Ohio.
T. ,"-
     .girI.  ~ ... Ga rl-,F eb . 2. 12:15 p.m,.1pounda
                                                                   church wiah 10 IMOUftCI 1M eng . goernen 01 ttlH
8 ounee• • now2boy• . l gir!.                                                                     .
                                                                   ciaught... 8ettI io OeMiIKiotwIa "'" of 1oIr • nd . . .
                                                                   Levi Klftna ol the Ca nl: fI 0hi0. churcIl. ArI ApriB
FORO . .... and ~(RiI~ugh). oI DaIlll • • T.....
                                                                   weddiIlg it pIa-.d in Can6lld. Ohio
boy . Cody Rhya. FMl. g . 1130 • .m.• 10 pounda B
ounce• • _lboy. 2 girfs .

FOWLE R. Rog.r . nd J" n..ll.r (K no . I"I). 01
Borehamwood. Engl.nd. boy , Rich.rd D.'ikl ChIne •.
Dee. g. 1:20 •. m.. 8 pound. ~ oune ... now3 boy .
FULLER. Sleph en . nd Judi (Mud..",). of Hou.ton.
Te a., boy . Slmuel ... "'thal . Nov . 7. 10 :46 •. m.• 8
pound. B _      .. now2 boy .. I girl.

HADEN Jay.1Id Cathy (StanpNr). 01 KeIl&U City .
Uo .• boy .lQglllOee. ... ... 1.2 :43 • .11I• 1 pownda8"
                                                                                                                                                                                                  .... ,. IId     Fred BetI . . oI s..... V.lley .Calil.• a.ndMr .
HARMER Pel....nd Ann
     .                          (~).         of     Ablro-.                                                                                                                                       • nd        A.. D. R..- ... Jr . 01 SoultIport. N.C .. .,.
$colland . boy . George Clviltopher. Feb . 1.. . 4:15                                                                                  MR. AND MRS. CARL KINSEUA                                  h. P9Y 10 . nnounce the weddmg of lheir eft;Idr...
p.m.• 1 pouond 501.1nCM
             .          .....tcttild                                                                                                                                                              VickeY'ndA.D, Oct , 1I!l, Robin Webber. • mini.l llin
                                                                                                                                  K.lhyHenlon . d.ugIlt... of Mr.•nd""" . David Henion .          IheP. .. d",.AudilooumP ."' .cIIurcll.peol1orm.dtfla
                                                                                                                                  .nd Carl KIn..lls . .an of Mr. • nd Mr•. P.I . Kin..II     •.   c. rernon y. J . net Te ytor .. .. rn.idolhOl'lDr•• ndM .rk                MR. AND MRS. JOHN YAVELAK
HIBBS. John . nd Ann (Heylloop) . ollond on. Ont .. girl.                                                                         ..life united in m.rri . ll-' July 23. 1983 , Th. c... . mony
D.rl _  R.c hel . Dec , 28. 6:25 p ,m" 1 pound. 14                                                                                                                                                Ker .h • • • b• • t ",.n. Th e coupl. r••id. in                      John .nd S lephania Nicolai. ... of plf1II Amboy. N.J .•
                                                                                                                                  . . . perlormed by K...h W.Iden. pHl or 0 1 lhe
ounc •••1lOW3girl.                                                                                                                MidlllId .1Id l llbboc k. T•• .• • 1IdHobb ••1IdRo. .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                  P. ..dena.                                                           . r. pll.Nd to       .1WlOUIlC'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the rn niage 01 the;,
                                                                                                                                  N.M.. churchel. The"..id ol iloftor."L. .. Heniorl.                                                                                  dllI'ghI: DonN 10 JohrI V.¥elak. _0I 101r. • 1Id.....
ISAAC. .....n and So&aI (Troh). oIK.m~ • . B.C..                                                                                  • 1Id the bUt _ n .... 80tl TomplliIla. The couple                                                                                   0IIIIItli V    k 01 Carteret. N.J . The weddillg _ •
boy . JoIhuI. ""11. 01<:. 2 t . 5 :t 5 p ,m.. 1 pound. 13                                                                         rHidl ill Oregotl                                                                                                                    perfonfted by                  pe ll orol lhl l,lllionlftll
0UIICI• • _3boy• .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     lroIiddlIt-. N.J.• ct."chetI. The ~ reeiOe in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RIIldGIph.N .J .
JASfoWII AIldr • • nd JeeiMM (Slvard) , 01 Mon1r,,~ .
0ve .• boy. E~ o.niel.Jan.B.2 :23 p .m .. 1pov1lda
6 ounc.....1chikl.                                                        M. MORRISON AND J . WOOD
                                                                   J a"'l Wood of P.p.kur• . New Z•• I.nd. • 1IdMich I e!
KIL GORE. Jimmy . nd She li. (5&.1 .). of O.km.n.
                                      .                            Morri.on olp. ..d.n•• r.pl••ae d lO, Mou nce lheir
AI• .. (Iffl.Am .nd.G.il .J.n 11. 9:31 • .m,. 1 pound . 1          eng.g"m enl . Mr. Morrl.an i•• 1983 grad..-t. 01
ou nc... _ 2boy•. lgirl.                                           P...d",. Amb-a <tor...    CoII eg • •• nd Mi.. Wood will
                                                                   gr.d..- I. ltIi . y.ar, An October weddirlg in New
KLUNDER Jack.1Id AM (Druar). 01 Windaor . Onl .•
                                                                   Z" land itplanned.
~, P.meia Sun..... . Feb t5 . 7:18 "m.• 1 pound.
21tounc: . .. .ltctMkl

LeB ARON . V~ and Lori (Baldwirl). of ~mo. ..
CoIo.• girt.L.ceyleigh. ... ... 19.1poundto 12ounce• •
_   2g irla

lINKE. John .ndNancy(Thull). oIThund... a .y . OnI .•
boy . Ju.tin Jonn . Feb . 1. 12:02 p ,m.• 8 pound . 14
ounc... lr .l child
LOEWENOICK l.wrence .nd Lori (L.llllhin), of
CoIurnbv1.Ohlo . girI. Di.... lyMI . .ktIy I . 1:11 • .m.• 8
poundtl 4ouncel.lrltchild

LOPE Z. ArIdr •••1Idl     (~) . of San Benito .
T.... boy . Aaronl    Jerl . 18.8 poundt I" ounce• .
1lOW2boy• . 3gir1a

"'EIER . Helmut . nd Ger d. (Dverk. ). 0 1 D.rm.t. d1.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        MR. AND MRS. DAVID KESNER
W. It Germany , girt. Gabrie-ll M. rton. Feb . ... 12 p.m.•                                                                                 MR. AND MRS. JIM SMITH                                Lea h Sue Moahold ... . d.ught... of Mr. • nd Mr . , J . y
3. 12 kilogllms . fillt c hild                                                                                                                                                                    Moaholdar ••ndD.vldJ.II              Ke...-. • on oIMr . • nd
                                                                                                                                   J ennller P. .cae. daughl er of Mr. • nd Mr• . "'ubray         Mra , ......m.nl(• ...-          unit.dinm.rri.g. S.pt. ..                   MR. AND MRS . PAT DELFINO
MILLER. Bob .nd Ruth (Black). of p ... d.n•. bo y,                                                                                 PIICO. of Auckla nd. Ne .. Z.al. nd.•nd J im Smilh .           inO.kton . V• . The y          m. rried by Rictl.rd Fr. nkel .
Bri.nRober1.Feb,5 .1 • .m.. 1pound.IOounce•. 1IOW                                                                                  ao n 0 1 Mr, . nd Mr . , J.m. . S mith 0 1 Gl.agovrr .                                                                               M. rie---..."". VOIlAn:. dl ught ... of lolr.Ilnd Mr•. Erwin
t boy . 2 girl.                                                                                                                    Scotl.nd. • lIfe m. rried in london. Engla lld. by Robon
                                                                                                                                                                                                  pa.lor olthe W.$hirlQlOll.D .C.• church
                                                                                                                                                                                                  f.miIie ••!lIlld . T1lebride ·. .. . ter . J.rMce
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Von Ani of Gt.nby . o.....• nd P.I      DelIr>o."'"    01 Ur .
                                                                                                                                   JOlIe • • p. .tor 01 the London .1Id Belildorl. England.                                                                             .nd Mr•. Salv.tore DeIIrto of Mont r. .l. Que .. _ .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  01 horIor . • 1IdI.... groom ·. l.ther • • • blit man . 1'hI          united il'l m a rr i.g. J uly 17 . t883 . in SI .
                                                                                                                                   ~ch . ..              1~. Betl "... . . . a   Gr_ Og .......
 Alas1r.lia. girl . Sa'"
 MILLS. Pet ....nd AoY1Ifle (St.plla) . olBnllbane.
                     Emoly Jan . 2iI . 8:~ ' .rn.• 1
 poynd. 3 ouncea. now 2 gitta                                             M. WILLIAMS AND J . ROECKS
                                                                                                                                               J. I'I.
                                                                                                                                   • 1Id bridIaIII.idlI_.Ehz.beth Atia".nd M. ry
                                                                                                                                   Finch . The couple ";11 rnide .1Id .!lend church in
                                                                                                                                                                                                  couple reaicll InF•• s Church. v•.                                    Roc h ·d . ·I·Achi g. n. a u• . Th. cer.mo ..y •••
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        performed byCeeit .... r....... pallor of the UonI rMl
                                                                                                                                   L .                                                                                                                                  .nd .... gog . QoIe .• ErtgItah churetll• . The eOUJlle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        re.idein .... nlOf'Ville. Oue .
 MOMSA. A, .nd Gr.e • . of Lusak • • Z.mbIa. boy .                                .
                                                                    Mr . • 1Id IrMa Du.ne Roeck . 01 Othello. W. sh .• • r.
 BevinH ,. Ja n. IS. 2 • .m,. 3 kilogr . .... . 1IOW3boya           ple .sed 10 . nno unc. Ih• • ng.g.m.n l 0 1 th..r
                                                                    dsu ght... J ul. ne 10 M.rk W,lli.m a . lOfl ol Mr" nd Mil
 PAlM . G.ne .nd Kllhl ll8ll (Wium.n). 0 1 Columbu• .                           .
                                                                    Dean WiII,m . 0 1 Fill Rock . N.C. M.rk . nd Julan e ,
 Ohio. boy . Kyle Rich lfd. J .n. 8. 1:01 " m.. 6 pound .
 I" ounc ••, n-ow5 boys . I girl.
                                                                    .Iu~n"" Pa sadena Amb. .s . dor Co lleg• • ar e
                                                                    planning s M. y 2 t .. eddi ng on c ampu• .                     'Announcements'
 PATTON. J.lIr.)' . nd C.rol.n n. (Gib.o n). 01
 P..., * " . boy . JoahuI St_.rt. Fib. 4. 2:.5p.m.. 1
 pouno:tI7 ltounce• . • • tchild .
 PAYNE   .KIiIIl.1Id Dianna (OK:kin..",). of Big Sandy .                                                                                    Her e are guidelin es to
 boy . Ke...... OIllyM. Feb . 8 . 8 :22 ' .m.. 10 pounds 15                                                                              foll ow when submitti ng pi c -
 ounc. • . 1lOW2boy • .
                                                                                                                                         tures for the " Announc e-
 PETERSEN. D. vid . nd Joni (Cym. n). of Blllll io. N ,Y..
 girl.J.cqu .lin .Ren• • . F.b, 10. 10 :30 "m.. 9pounds                                                                                  ments " se ction of The
 1 oune. ...rlt child                                                                                                                    Worldwide News .
 POWERS . Keith.1Id Jerrie (OIiv... ). of Gr.."sboro.                                                                                       -Include only the bride and
 N.C.. boy . Theodor. Jerom • • Fib. 14. 5 :0 1 . ,m.• 9
 pound. t S ounc e • . Irllchild                                                                                                         groom in wedding phot os.
                                                                                                                                            • Black and white or high -
  PAU. NomIarl .nd e-a (Holbroohl. 01 [)en"....
  CoIo.• ~.CMl... R. y• . F'O . 3. l : t 3 p.m.. 1pound.                                                                                 quality col or photos are pre -
  10ounc. .. llOWlboy. 2girl.
                                                                                                                                         ferred .
  PRlWTY. Mich. el .nd Catherina (McGuinneas) . of                                                                                          • Plea se sho ot verti cal
  Mon.gh.n .Republic ol lrel.nd.girl.li.. K. t i• . J.n .
  3 1.12:46 •. m.. 8pound . ~ ounc • •. fi"t child .                                                                                     pictures. Shoot head and                                       MR. AND MRS. NEIL SCHNEIDER
  PUJAT. Joh n . nd M. ry (V. n B.ul en) . 0 1 Montv. i• •                                                                               shoulders phot os of th e bride                           N"I Scllrleider • ..",ol Mr. • ndMr ' .K en Sch neide r.                      MR. AND MRS. PAUL CURRY
                                                                                                                                                                                                   .nd Debr . w. n. d. ughter 01 Mr . • nd Mil , l _ w.n.
  N,J .• boy . Ad. m L.mbert. Ja n, 7. 5: 11 p ,m.. 9 pound .                                                                            and groom stand ing cl ose                                _.untIedin marrilgeNov .21 inlp.wich . Au.lr.1ia                      Mr , .nd Mrs      J.me. E. Dougl. . .r. p....ed 10
  4 1t ounce • . lIOWlboy.2 girl.
                                                                         D. BENNER AND D. ANDERSON                                       together.                                                 TheOUldoorwedding ••• performed by D. v;<f olter .   N                .1WIOUtICI the "...o.g. of their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       dllJOhl... l.uOI Anne
  RlNELS. Tommy .nd DeflIOCI (J .ck.). of li111e                                                                                                                                                   p. .tor of the L. k. Mooger.h. ...... tr. lia. ctlutch. The
  Rock . AI1I• (Iffl. Monica NIC . Dec. 18. 1:25 ' .rn.• 9
            .                   ole                                 Mr. • nd Mrs      Donald A. Fos ter . r. pla.. ed 10                                                                           couple wil r. alde. t l.k. Moogef.Il .                                 (See ANNOUNCEMENTS, page 1 11
Monday, March 12, 1984                                                                                                         Th e WJRLDWIDE NEWS                                                                                                                              11

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       econ ...... .ric dold rum s, an d the natio ns
Parliament                                                  Fra nce an d Luxembourg . Nobody
                                                            wan ts (0 lose th e money gene rated
                                                            by th e pre sence of burea ucra tic bod-
                                                                                                                               Europe                                              Eu ropea n standards. The key t rade
                                                                                                                                                                                   union dem and in the curre nt round
                                                                                                                                                                                   of wage negot iat ions is red uct ion of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       of Western Eu rope fear that they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       too may be co nsig ned to a second-
         (Continued from page 2)                            ies.                                                                                                                   th e work week from 40 hours to 35,                 class future.
all 434 Eur o-MPs ( Me mbers of                                 Nonethel ess, co m mu t ing be-                                       (Conti"ued fr o m page 21                    said to be j ustified to share jo b                     G iven thi s set of ci rcumsta nces, it
Parl iamen t ).                                             tween three citi es cost s the Co mmu-                             affluence a., .. wide range of socia l              oppo rtun ities wit h t he large num ber            migh t prove logical for the Soviet
   But Lu xem bourg's hillt o p sett ing                    nity more than $7 million ann ually,                               benefits have ten ded to dampen the                 of unempl oyed , C ritics say. howev-               U nion to tur n more than ever to
is bot h ins piring and cond ucive to                       In addi tio n valuable time is lost in                             entr eprene urial driv e of the nat ion.            er , this policy will only make West                West ern Eu rope for econom ic
clear t hink ing.                                           tr ansit.                                                          West Ge rma ns don't work as hard as                Ge rma n indust ry less compet it ive.              relief. T he West Eu ropeans have th e
   Nat urally. suggestions of saving                                                                                           they used to-or, more correc tly ,                                      n
                                                                                                                                                                                       T he high-Flyi g econ omi es of                 techn ological expe rt ise to help the
                                                                Rem embe r, Euro- M Ps mu st also                              they may work hard, but the y're not                Japan and th e U nited St ate s are rac-            S oviet world - th e latest in hig h
money by moving th e whole ope ra-
                                                            cope with norm al tr avel between                                  at the job long enough.                             ing ahead, with the U nited States                  techn ology may not be necessar y.
tion to Brussels are opposed by
                                                            th eir constitu encies and Co mmo n                                   For anyo ne more th an 3D six  ,                 incr easingly looking to the Pacific                And West Eur opean s could certain-
                                                            Marke t headqu arters.                                             weeks of annual vacat ion are com-                  Rim area for its future, Meanwhile                  Iy use the bu siness - especially if
                                                                The European Parli ament is com-                               mon, a benefit gene rous even by                    the Soviet bloc langui shes in the                  tr ade t ies wit h the U nited S ta tes

   Letters                                                   p.JSCd of Co nservatives, C hristian
                                                             Dem ocr at s. Libe rals, Soci alists and
                                                             a small number of Co mmunists .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cont inue to worsen.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Su ch a tie-in co uld form t he eco-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       nomi c par t of a larger East- West
         (Continued from page 2)
                                                             So me 20 members even ca ll them-
                                                             selves Independent s.                                             Couple commemorate                                                                                      " deal" in Europe in th e future. In
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the light of thi s, the loan last fall
                                                                The fund am ental problem wit h                                                                                                                                        from West German y to East Ger-
T hird tithe
   This open tetter to members ofGod' s
Church. was written by Dennis Diehl.
                                                             the Euro pean Parliam ent is th at it is
                                                             a legislativ e bod y with out an execu-
                                                             tive, Th at is roughl y equival en t to
                                                                                                                               70 years of marriage                                                                                    man y tak es on added significance.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The loan was hand -deli vered to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        East G erma n par ty c hief Erich
pas tor of ,nt> London. Somerset and
Middl esboro, Ky .• congregations.                           the U,S , Congr ess without a pr esi -                                                                                                                                     Hcn ecker by none ot her th an Fran z
                                                             dent. Real power rest s individu all y                                                                                                                                    Josef S trauss.
  For me it is past time to writ e you a                     with the 10 governments of th e                                                                                                                                               For more th an 30 years East Ger-
note of thanks on behalf of those I serve,                   Common Market.                                                                                                                                                            man sc hoo lc h ild re n have been
for yO U T un failin g fait h in support of th e                                                                                                                                                                                       taught that Mr . Strauss is imperial-
                                                                 Will the Eu r c -P arliament
widow and orphan in the C hurch of                                                                                                                                                                                                     ism incarn ate ,
God.                                                         eventually exercise great powers
                                                           . in Europe in both the economic                                                                                                                                                East G er mans were bewildered to
    Having peste red for 10 years in the                                                                                                                                                                                               learn by West German television
more affluent c hurc hes of the Nor theas t                  a nd politi cal s p he res? Will it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (wh ich 80 percent of East G erma ns
United States. and now moving to a n                         com e to possess much greater
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       view) , that Mr. Strauss was t he
a rea of the country where life ca n mostl y                 power and influence than the 10
consist of need s and not wants , let me                     national parliaments? Only time                                                                                                                                           main agent in lending East Germa-
ass ure you all that your obedien ce to                                                                                                                                                                                                ny one billion deutsche mark s
                                                             will tell.
C hrist in t his ar ea translates into genuin e                                                                                                                                                                                        (roughly S370 million) . They sud -
relief and hope for many of the brethren                        Co nside r ca refully the following                                                                                                                                    denly faced the rud e real izati on th at
in th is area of the count ry.                               point. The existen ce ofs uc h aparfia-                                                                                                                                   their co untry was in such eco nomic
    Wer e I not able, on be half of t he                     ment co uld turn out to be enor mous-                                                                                                                                     d isarr ay it had to acce pt a loan from
C hu rc h. to otTer som e real aid thr ough                  ly convenient for a future powerful                                                                                                                                       the avowed a rc hene my of ' real
these times for many . I trul y wou ld feel                  European leader .                                                                                                                                                         soc ialism:
as if I were only saying "be wa rmed and
filled" and leaving some without ' any                                                                                                                                                                                                     Moscow is simply unable to pro-
hope or pract ical assistance.                                                                                                                                                                                                         vide the economic assistance need ed
    I feci t hat you who ca n give what God                        Memb ership Breakdown                                                                                                                                               by th e relat ively prosper ous ( by
has blessed you with need to know that                                                                                         70 YEARS - Pictured above are William and Clara Oliveri us when they                                    East bloc measu res) East Germa n
you are do ing a real work in t he lives of                     United Kingdom                                 81                                                                                                                      economy, T he Ge rman Dem ocratic
                                                                                                                               were married in 1914 , and in 1984 after 70 years 01 marriage.
ma ny of your breth re n, C hrist com-                          West Ge rmany                                 .8 1                                                                                                                     Republ ic has to mai ntain a highe r
mand s us to pray for one anot her, but in                      France                                         81                                     11
                                                                                                                                  HI NSD A LE. 1 - W illiam and                    Roebuck . a nd then for 13 years in the             sta nda rd of living th an th e ot her
th ese thin gs we ca n also have the means                      Italy                                          81              C lara O liverius cele brated their 70t h           fashi on de part me nt of Mon tgom ery              East ern countries because its citi-
to do for one anot he r.                                        Netherlands                                    25              weddin g anniversa ry Feb. 14.                      Ward , retiring in 1959. Mrs: Oliver lus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       zens are accustomed to comparing
    As a respon sible past or it is my                          Belgium                                        24                 Mr . Oli veri us, 90 , and Mr s. Olive-ius.      e njoys sewing, designing a nd alterin g
respon sibilit y to be sure the need s a re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       their life-style with the West Ger -
                                                                Greece                                         24              89 . have two daughter s. two gra nd-               clothin g for her family,
genuine a nd that those in need are doing                                                                                      daugh ter s. two grea t -g ra ndda ug hte rs            Mr . Oliver ius said of his ea r lier years ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       mans. The Kremlin has no ch oice
their ind ividual part to help t hemselves .                     Denmark                                        16                                                                                                                     but to give th e G .D, R. a larger eco-
                                                                                                                               a nd one great-great-grandson . Mr. Ol iv-          " W e wor ked ha r d du rin g o ur
But wit hout your faithful giving. I would                       Republic 01 Ireland                            15             erius was bap tized in 1975 and atte nds            days .. , very hard ." He said he wou ld            nomi c (but not political) leas h,
spe nd ma ny sleep less nights wor rying                         Luxe mbo urg                                ~                 the Chicago. III.. West churc h.                    advise young couples to " Iearn how to do               Th e lesson is that Moscow will
abo ut how to help t hose whose heart s a re                      Total                                      434                                                                   t hings fo r you rse lves . Eve ry t hing's         proba bly have to give all of Eastern
righ t and whose eyes are genuinely on                                                                                            Aft er their marr iage, the Olivenuses           already done for peop le toda y."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Europe a longer leash. A nd th e
the goa l in the C hurc h of God. Thank                                                                                        operated a confec tionar y in the C hicago              Aft er Sabbath services Feb. II the
                                                            PARLIAMENT MEMBERS -                                               area. a nd st ill e njoy makin g ca ra mel can-     C hicago West congregation honored the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We st Europeans will welcome the
you. on their behalf. for the y would
thank you all if the y could, and on my                     Members of the European Parli a -                                  dy from scratc h. Mr . O liveri us was a            couple wit h a ca rd from the me mbers hip          business.
behalf for t he mea ns to be a doe r a nd not               ment are dire ctly elected every                                   barber for a time and recalls t hat " hair-         a nd cong rat ulato ry greeti ngs from Pres-            " East is east and west is west ,"
a hea rer on ly!                                            five years through universal suf-                                  cuts were 35 ce nts bac k then ."                   ide nt Ronald Reaga n. A U.S: flag t hat            goes the old sayi ng, "and ne'er the
                              Dennis Die hl                 frage. These elections are inde-                                      He worked for 16 years in t he novel-            flewover the U.S. Capi tol Feb . 14wi ll be         tw a in s ha ll m eet. " Exce pt in
                            So merset, Ky.                  pendent o f national parliaments.                                  ties and notions department of Sear s &             presented to t he couple.                           Eu rope, that is.

ANNOUNCEM.ENTS                                                                                                                                                                        To ledo pastor G eorge Kackos con-
                                                                                                                                                                                   du cted funer al services.

                                                                                                                                                                                      TO LEDO, Ohio - A rt Horn . 77,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Knu tson spe nt his life farming in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nort h Da kota until he beca me il l. He
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       lived in a nursing home for a number of
         (Continued from page 101                           Broo6tI)'ll, N.Y.• ehwdl _ . v IeeI ill ~ Nov
                                                                                                                                                                                   died Feb . 9 of heart disease . Mr . Ho rn             Fun e ral service s were conducted in
'oP.",Oft;dCuny.The ~'ooI<plaeeo.c .11 .                    20 . The bticIe • • , giYoeIl. _ , by EdWtr'd Fe"',                                                                    was baptized J uly 4. 1971.                         Bismarck by Dan C reed. pastor of the
JoIwl S".Ill. • milIo.'.,in ttw Hou"Oft. T..... NorItl
churetl. perlormed ItIe e_ y . Sheil. AIMIer ,    _
                                                            p. ,tor of 1M ~. V.... churdI. Earl WilIiIIm,.
                                                            pa ..t or of 1M Brook"" and eu-., N,Y.• ctlur dln.
                                                                                                                                                                                      fi e is survived by his wife, Marjor ie:         Bismarck . Dickin son and Minor. N .D.,
• i.. ... of'he ~ • • • • lNIlron of tlonor •• ndU. rtII    oIIciI led . V... oniea ROM . nd Flo. . RiYer. _ .                                                                     daugh ter Kath y Re nner t; three grand-            chu rc hes.
CUI'l'V. brother of the groom , w•• be.1 INIII. The         m.id.oItlonor, .nd 51. ... U..... os w• • " .1 IIItn. The                                                              childre n; a nd one gre at-g randc hild .
eo\lPl. ' e "d• • 1 91119 Otderlburg l en., Hou.ton.        e oupl. . . .id• •1 681 55th 5 1., Brooklyn . N.Y.,
T• • .• 77066                                               11220                                                                                                                     Funeral serv ices were cond ucted by                NO RF O LK. v a. - Ed it h PiCl ark.
                                                                                                                                                                                   To ledo pastor Geo rge Kackos.                      75. a me mber of th e C hurc h since 1982,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       died Ja n. 26.
                                                                                                                                                                                      SHE R IDAN , Wyo . - O rra l W .                    Mrs. Cla rk is sun..ived by he r hu ..-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Snell . 95. died Feb .7 in the Eventide             band . Floyd. a mcrnberin Norfolk .se ven
                                                                                                                                                                                   Nur sing Home in Sheridan . lie has been            sons ; four daughters; 33 grandchildren :
                                                                                                                                                                                   a membe r of the Chu rc h since 19 56.              and four siste rs.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Mr . S nell is surv ived by his wife.               Ser vices were conducted by Edw ard
                                                                                                                                                                                   An na, also a me mber; one son; t hree              Faulk, pastor of the Norfo lk c hurch.
                                                                                                                                                                                   gra ndc hild re n; one ste pson; and thr ee
                                                                                                                                                                                   ste pda ughte rs.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Funeral service s were conducted by                 W INTE R G A R DEN . Fla. - Te ssa
                                                                                                                                      MR. AND MRS. DALE BAILEY
                                                                                                                                                                                   Denn is Whea tcr oft, pastor of the She ri-         D. Blevins. 15. died Ja n. 13 of injur ies
                                                                                                                               ~,.....   W. IoYa you! Br_. Colleen. Scan. Oebbta                                                       su stained in an auto accident. Miss Blev-
                                                                                                                               • nd"""'Bnn • ...,.                                 dan a nd C aspe r, Wyo ., and Billings•
                                                                                                                                                                                   M om., ch urches . Inter ment was at the            ins att e nded the Orlando. Fla., chur ch
                                                                                                                                                                                   Sh erid an cemetery.                                with her mother. Mrs . Rud y Ruthe r-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ford . a membe r since 1980 .

                                                                                                                               Obituaries                                             INDIANAPOLIS. Ind . -Grace M .
                                                                                                                                                                                    Walk er . 83, a me mber since 1972, die d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Surv ivors include her mother and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       step father . Mr. a nd Mrs. Rudy Rut he r-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ford; her fat her . James Blevins; brothers
Norm.nl. . S.ullbeny .nd.S II..n Gayle Winlr.,
                                                                                                                                  VANCOU VE R. B.C. - C lifford                     Dec. 27 of ca nce r.
. ... vnd ed III m. me ge Nov . 6 III N. ah.. ~I • • T_                                                                        Irving Bergqui st. 69 . died Jan. 12 afte r            A nat ive of Ind iana. s he was born              Ra y. Ron. Jimm y. Rud y and Robby;
J.m., Fridd l•. p U lo r of Th. N. , h ..ill• •nd
                                                                                                                               suffering from di abet es. He has been a             Mar ch 3. 1900.                                     paternal grandfat her Curtis Blevins; and
Uurtr...ooro T_.. churche • • offiei.I:TecI .1 1M
~-,                                                                                                                            me mber of the C hurc h since 1968.                    Fun er al services were in Frankfort .            her maternal gra nd pare nts. Mr . a nd
                                                                                                                                  Mr. Bergqu ist is s urv ived by his               1nd.. a nd bu rial was in Mulbe rr y. Ind .         Mrs. Ray Simpson. members of the
                                                                  MR . AND MRS. NATHAN BERG
                                                                                                                               wife , Alice ; sons C lifton . La rr v and           Verno n Har grove. pasto r of the Indi a-           Chu rch .
                                                            N.Th.n Eoie Berg . nd Cherine Gay Cot. neh were                                                                                                                                Fune ral servic es were conducted by
                                                            married Mev 20 on The p . . .den. Ambas aedor                      Dou gl as: one g ra ndc hild , W-a yn e;             napo lis church. officiated.
                                                            Co llege c a mpua , Maid 01 hon or was Debbi e WfXX1.              brot he rs Euge ne and Victo r: a nd sis-                                                                Robert Bertuzzi. pastor of the Orlando
                                                            and bee t man w.. Jell l e dy. The ce re mony wn                                                                                                                            c hu rc h.
                                                            p..-formed by Wilb\l, A. Berg . lather oI lhe groom a nd           ter s Ed it h Mu m for d a nd M yrt le                  MI NOT . N .D. - G illiam St rand . 78 ,
                                                            , mini.. ., in the l Ol'lQBe.eIl. Calif ,. eIlllfche• . N. ttl.n   Grasser.                                             a member of the Church since 1969,died
                                                            .nd Cherin. Ii ... ,n 9 ig Sandy a nd . ork lor
                                                            A.mb ....dorCollege                                                   Interment was Jan . 18 at the Forest              Jan . 29.                                              YPS ILANTI. Mich. - Eddie Rei-
                                                                                                                               Lawn Cemetery in Vancou ver . with t he                 Mr . St rand is survi ved by a so n              lers. 52. a mem ber for nearly 19 yea rs.
                                                                                                                               funer al se rvic e co nd uc te d by Ly le            and th ree dau ghters. incl udi ng Leor a           died Oct. I.
                                                                                                                               Sim ons. a minister in the Vancou ver                L augh lin , a membe r in H o b b s .                   Mr . Belle rs is survived by his wife
                                                             ANNIVERSARIES                                                     church .                                             N .M .                                              of 29 yea rs. Ba rbara: sons Eddie,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Funeral service s were conducted in             To ny a nd Rick y: d au gh te r Cathy :
                                                             De. r..' Paulll and Orrin P.nkrllTz Hepp y lir. 1
                                                             .n nrre ... ry! g e al WI.hfl. now .nd in the luTur , May            TOLEDO . Oh io - Bcvcr lv Charles.                Blaisdell. N .D., by Dan Creed. pastor of           a nd gra ndchi ld re n Chad Alle n and
                                                             God ble.. yOll wolh • Ia,ge I.m o . nd p,oa~, you
                                                                                                  ly                           50.;1 member for 17 yea r!'>. d ied Feb. I of        th e Minot . Bismarck and Dickin son .              Sarah Ma rie.
                                                             • hoI.y. , Be. lw .. he.in.NoIyourellOlt•.•ndh ... . .
                                                             "IrOf>d.ertuisecond,.ar.                                          cancer of the t hv roid.                             ~ . I) .• chu rches.                                                    "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Th e fune ral wa. condu cted by the pas-
                                                                                                                                  Sh e is survived by he r husband . Wil -                                                              to r of the Det roit West a nd Ann Arbor .
    MR. AND MRS . P. EKONOMAKOS                              To Mom , nd Oed . Ur . • nd Uri . D.1e E. 9.ailey of B'\I
                                                             S.ndy : Cong't1utllion. on your 251h wecldlllg                    liam. a nd daugh ter s S ue Jantzen. Lisa               BIS\fAR CK . ' . D. - K nut e Kn UI-             Mic h.. c hurc hes. Ray Woolen . \ tr. Bel-
                                                             • nnrr.,tary U. fl;:h,.. Th. nkl lor " "'Il suc h g, ••1          and Kim.                                                               .
                                                                                                                                                                                    son. 91. died Join 20 afte r a long illnes ...      ler s was buried in Ypsilant i.
12                                                                                          Th e WORLDWIDE NEWS                                                                               Mond ay, March 12, 1984


   PAS A D EN A - Pastor Ge nera l           Naur u (see " Inter na tional Desk,
Her ber t W. Ar mstrong approved a           WN , June 27, 1983). On e Chu rch
student tran sfer program between            membe r lives in Kiribat i.
the Big Sandy and Pasaden a ea rn-               Rober t Morton, region al d irect or
puses of Ambassador College Feb .            of God 's work in Au st ralia and
24, acco rding to Aaron Dean. t he           Sout heast Asia , said: .. It is a pit y
pastor ge neral's perso nal aide .           th at in this t ime when ma ny door s
   " A bout 15 Pasadena j un ior s will      are being opened to Gad 's work.that
be selec ted for lead ersh ip positi ons     th is one should be closed. However ,
next year on the Big Sa ndy cam -            C hrist knows what He is doing and
pus," Mr. Dean said .                        will ope n so met h ing big ger to
   Unde r the program Pasadena               enab le His Gospel to reach th e
jun iors will be appointed to posi-          people of th is area ."
tions of faculty assistants. residen t
assistants , club presiden ts and other                    "* "* "*
lead er sh ip posi t ions o n the Big            PASADEN A - Four co nsecu-
San dy cam pus . The j unio rs will                                                         FESTIVAL COORDINATORS - Evangelist Ellis La Ravia, a member 01 the Festiva l Coordinating le am ,
                                             tive World Tom orro w tel ecast s              speaks to Festival co ordinators and business managers in Pa sadena Feb. 23. dur ing planning me etings for
retu rn to the Pasadena campus to            aired in J anu ary and February
complete their bachelor's degrees                                                           the 1984 Festiyal. [Photo by Ha l Finch]
                                             br ou ght in 47 ,699 calls to the
af te r the 1984- 85 schoo l year.           C h urc h's Wide Area Tel epho ne              tha t The World Tomorr ow is d iffer -          Unveiled at Last! and The United               orda ined in Pasaden a, afte r att end-
    "These leader sh ip positions will       S ervice (W A TS) lines here, acco rd-         ent," said Mr. Rice. " Viewers are              S tales and Britain in Prophecy .              ing the Min isteri al Refr eshin g pro-
also be availab le to sophomo re and         ing to Richard Rice. di rector of th e         part icular ly intrigued by [Pastor                                                            gram, by evange lists Dibar Apar·
freshman studen ts who continue
beyo nd the two-year prog ram," he
                                             M ail Process ing Ce nte r.                    Gene ral Her be rt W . Ar mstrong's]                          "* "* "*                         tin, Dean Blackwel~ R....1d Kelly,
                                                 " Rev elation : Catastrop h ic             clear present at ion of biblical proph-            PA S A DENA -          Mi nist erial        R a ymond McNair an d Joseph
added .                                      Event ," ai red th e weekend of J an.                                                          Se rvices her e ann oun ccd the follow-
                                                                                            ecy and his message of hope abo ut                                                             Tkach.
    Mr. Dean said that Mr . A rm-                           d
                                             2 1 and 22 3Q drew a reco rd 13,87 3           God's f u t u re g ove rn ment o n              ing ord inat ions:                                Richanl Pulliam of the Ci ncin-
strong ap proved the prog ra m after
                                             ca lls (sec "U pda te," WN , Jan . 30).        eart h."                                           Earl Roemer, pas to r o f the               nati , O hio, Sout h co ngregation was
discussions with evangelist Leslie
                                                " Many ca llers commented tha t                Booklet s offered d uring th e pro-          Anchorage, Fairbanks and Palme r,              or dai ned a local church elder Feb.
M cCuUough, depu ty chancellor of
                                             they normally show little inter est in         grams included Where Is the True                Alask a, churches, was raised to pas-          II by Bob League , pastor of t he Cin-
th e T e xas ca m p us , and Larry
                                             relig ious-type TV programs, but               Church? The Book of Revelati on                 tor rank Feb . 25. Mr . Roem er was            cin nat i Nort h and South churc hes.
Sal yer,dean of stud ents,d uring Mr.
Arm strong' s trip there Feb. 24.
    " Mr. A rmstrong noted that t he re
are still plenty of opportu nities for                                                                                                       audie nce of 95 pe rcent of t he popu-        selected Asian count ries to bri ng
under classmen to deve lop leader -                                                                                                          lation.                                       some growth .
                                                                                                                                                 Ad vert isements in TV Week
ship qualities at Big Sa ndy ," Mr .
Dean ex plained . "The freshme n and                                 INTERNATIONAL                                                           magaz ine dr aw viewers' atte nt ion to
                                                                                                                                             t he program and ai ring times ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ca nada
                                                                                                                                                                                               The number of radio sta tio ns car -
                                                                     DESK ~ MAJ.1~~~
sophomores there next year will be
able to learn from th e leader ship                                                                                                          increasing response: -                        ry ing Th e World Tomorr ow
ex per ience of senior-level stude nts                                                                                                           More t ha n 80 .00 0 co pies of           throughout C anada was redu ced in
from Pasad ena."                                                                                                                             The Plain Truth are distributed               December. The audience is much
                                                                                                                                             ea ch mon th fr om 19 6 o ut le t s           more fragmented than it was some
                                                                                                                                             across the co unt ry. se rviced by            years ago, and thi s has spawned

    PAS :\ OENA - Thi rt y-eight
U.S . Festival coord inators and busi-
                                                 PAS ADEN A-The C hurch set
                                             up mailin g offices InGhana, Ni$e -
                                             ria and Kenya.                 .' .. -
                                                                                             5.7 pe rce nt, and mail recei ved was
                                                                                            .ur--' .7- 2 f'U~~~_~!. ~~uary, 1983_
                                                                                        - - (donatio n mail was up -:nl S- per -
                                                                                                                                             200 members. Newsstands are at
                                                                                                                                             19 percent of the major Airports ,
                                                                                                                                           ' in- 901i<ws-.geiili;>.nlfoppifi~­
                                                                                                                                                                                           rad io stat ions who cate r to these
                                                                                                                                                                                           s maller audie nce ce lls. T he budget
                                                                                                                                                                                           fI t ed u p wili -beptl l into othe r pro-
ness man ager s took par t in plannin g          The Brit ish O ffice in Boreh am -          ce nt ).                                        malls. 14 railw ay sta tions and four         motional areas .
meetin gs her e Feb. 22 and 23 for the       wood, England, reports th at a letter               In 1983 , 15 piece s of mail wer e          bus terminals, accordin g to the                  The overaJl goal of the Canad ian
1984 Feast of Tabernacles, acco rd -         in Th e Plain Truth to these areas,             sent out for every letter received .            of fice in Burleigh He ad s. The              office is to add more th an 120,000
ing to evangelist Ellis La Ra,ia.            tellin g readers to write to the area           Out going - item s numbered 1.127 ,             newsstand program added 9 ,291                names to the mailin g list in 1984.
Church faci lities manager .                 offices rather than to the British              19 5 of which 14 per cent were let-             subsc ribers last year.                       Th is will be acco mplished by add ing
    Al so atte ndi ng were Richard           Office, has met with almost 100 per-            ters, 40 per cent newsstan d Plain                  Ci rculation of Th e Plain Truth in       to the current program s - te levi-
Fr ankel. coordi nato r for the Je rusa-     cent coope ratio n. Th e Afr ica n mai l        Trut hs , 36 percent subsc rip tion             A ustralia is more th an Time and             sion br oad cas t s. b low- in cards,
lem, Isr ael , site; John Halford. coor-     ar riving to Britain dec lined d ramat -        cop ies and 10 perce nt ot her items.           Newsweek com bined. Mor e than                newsstand s, wait ing rooms and card
d inator for the Na nji ng, C h ina, site;   icall y.                                            T he ch urches gre w too , with             140,000 cop ies are d istr ibut ed each       holders.
a nd Geo rge Patrickson, repre-                  Co mplete stock s of main booklets           1.055 people att endi ng eac h Sa b-           mont h by mail and newsstand s.                    The first big progr am to be imple-
se nt ing th e Ca nad ia n Region al         and reprin t art icles were sent to the         bat h (u p 5 perce nt) in 14 congrega-              Ad s placed twice in Reader's             mented will be the d irect mail. For-
Office in Van couver , B.C.                  t hree offices, and literature requ ests        tions. T here are 68 2 bap tized me m-          Digest and five other leadin g mag a-         ty thousand pack ages will be sent
    " T hese were t he smoothest set of      are now handl ed locally , saving up to         be rs. New visits for the year were up          zines in 1983 brought nearly 6,500            out. incl udi ng test packages to find
Festiva l mee ti ngs we've had," Mr .        fou r weeks deliver y time.                     8 percent.                                      new subsc ribers.                             the most effective way of ge nerating
La Ravia said . " We look forwa rd to            In t hese areas the re is a high self-                                                          In As ia, meas u res were int ro-         replies. Dir ect mail is one of t he
                                             generated deman d for The Plain                                     Austra lia                  d uced in 1983 to co nt rol circu lat ion     least expen sive ways of adding to the
a Feast of T abernacles of equ ally
high ca libe r."
                                             Truth. Even wit hout promotional                    At the endof 1983 in Au str alia 72         growth because of bud get co nsider-          mai ling list. In late August or early
    Mr. La Ravia serves on a Festiv al       activity. req uests co ntin ue to roll in.      telev isio n statio ns carried The              aticns . The s u bsc r i p t io n l is t      Septembe r a nation al newspaper
coord inati ng team with eva ngelist         It isn' t easy to cont rol circul at ion to     World Tomo rrow (Incl uding                     dr opped. 16 perce nt. leavi ng 34,800        insert campaig n will be tried again .
J oseph Tkach Sr ., d irecto r of M inis-    keep wit hin t he budget and income .           sma ller rel ay sta tions th at broadcas t      people on file at t he end of Decem-
te rial Se rvices , and evangel ist leroy        To maint ain the circulation and            to remote popul at ion cen te rs) . Th e        ber, but income thi s year should
Neff, C hurch tr easu rer. The thr ee        yet stay within the budg et, Pastor             tele cast has a pote nt ial viewin g            a llow mod er at e advert isin g in
report d irectl y to Pastor Ge ne ral        Ge ne ra l Her bert W . Ar mstr ong
                                             ap prove d th e redu cti on of t he
Her bert W. Ar mst rong.
    Mr. La Ravia said t hat wor k is
proceed ing on the 1984 Festiva l
                                             English-language magaz ine for th is
                                             area from 48 to 32 pages, starting              HWA                                            A udito rium are incomparab le.
                                                                                                                                                Afte r the co nce rt th e group

 Planner, a tabloid publicat ion list-       with t he March issue .                                                                        joi ned a rece pt ion of 300 peo ple
ing accommodations for Ca nad ian                Now th e circulation can be held                     (Co n t i nu ed from ~. 1 1           at an at ri um on the top floor or                                                            (\j
and U nited States Feast sites. T he         at 40 ,00 0 t hr ou ghou t the year ,            reta ry of state; Aus tria n President        th e ce nte r.                                                                                (\j

pu blica tion is sche duled to be dis-       alt hough 20,000 req uests for Th e              Kirchschl aeger ; and Th omas Kles-                                                                                       I"l   W           o
                                                                                                                                                Mr. Arm strong was introd uced to                                       <t    V)          0
tr ibute d in late A pril, he added .         Plain Truth held over ca nnot be                til. the Au strian ambassador to the
                                             immed iately fulfilled .                         United S ta tes.
                                                                                                                                            prominent individuals in the nation 's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ;;                -o

              "* "* "*                           Afr ican brethren arc in good spir-
                                              its. Th e crisis in food supplies in
                                                                                                  At intermission the pasto r ge ner-
                                                                                              al and M r. La Ravia talked with
                                                                                                                                            capita l who t hanked him for his
                                                                                                                                            involvement in the performin g arts.                                              "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              U           .J
                                                                                                                                            Man y com ment ed on his World                                                    0
    BURLE IG H HEA DS , A ustr a-            some areas several mont hs ago has               Vice Presid en t Bush. Sec retary                                                                                         I"l   U
                                                                                                                                            Tomorrow programs and about his                                                        ....
lia -Afte r seven week s on the air in       eased to some ex ten t.                          Shultz, P resident Kirchsch laeger             Wall S treet Jou rnal advertiseme nts.                                     r-    eV)
the Pacific nati on of Kiribati, Th e            In Nigeria, a suit able Summer               a nd Am bassado r Kle stil. After                                                                                          I    .J
                                                                                                                                            As midnight approached the group
                                              Ed uca tiona l Progr am (SEP) site                                                                                                                                              "" UJ
World Tom orrow was suspended
from future broadcasts, acco rding            was found .
                                                                                              learni ng of M r. Armstrong's t ravels
                                                                                              Presiden t Kirc hschlaeger exte nde d
                                                                                                                                            returned to the hotel.                                                      "'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (\j   o:u
to Phil Kingsman of the Chu rch's
regional office here.
                                                           South Pacific
                                                                                              a perso nal invitation for th e pastor
                                                                                              ge ne ral to visit him in Vienn a.
                                                                                                                                                Tuesday , Feb. 28, Mr. Ar mstrong
                                                                                                                                            and his group took part in a luncheon                                       '"
                                                                                                                                            at the emb assy of t he People's Repub -                                    0     IJ ) .'-;I')
    Th e Au st ralian Office received a           In late Janu ar y, Peter Nath an.               Alth ough M r. Arms tron g's con-                                                                                           c           -c
telegram from the ma nage r of the
gove rnment- run s ta t io n sayi ng
co mplaints were received from lead-
                                              regional di recto r of t he work in New
                                              Zealand and the S ou t h Pacific.
                                              visited Fiji and Tong a. H e made five
                                                                                              versatio n wit h Vice Pr esiden t Bush
                                                                                              was not long. he was impressed with
                                                                                              the vice president 's abilities.
                                                                                                                                             lic of Ch ina. After din ing on C hinese
                                                                                                                                            delicacies (the C hinese are familiar
                                                                                                                                             with Church d ietary requ irements),
                                                                                                                                             Mr . Ar mst rong discussed t he sched-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              c. - I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ (\,j U

ers of the Catholic and Protestant            new visits on Fiji and bapti zed three              Th e seco nd hal f of the concert
ch urches claiming The World                  members in Tong a. including two                was as imp ressive as the first. Th e          uled Pasadena performance of the
 To morrow co nflicts with majo r             daughte rsofiocal e1derTol u Ha'an -             Vien na Phi lharmon ic pe rfo rmed            chi ldren 's performing gro up in Ma y.
ch u rc hes ' interpre ta t ions o f the      gana .                                           th e same co mpositio ns as in the                Arter sayi ng good- bye to his
 Bible.                                           Fifty-ni ne mem be rs live in Fiji           A mbassado r A ud itori um, wh ich            frie nds Mr . Ar mst ro ng and his
    Kir ibati, form erly th e Briti sh -      a nd To nga . and Mr . Na t ha n                 allowed the group to co mpa re the            g roup d rove to the Nati onal Airport
co nt rolled G ilbe rt Island s, was the      reported t hat t hey are well and                two halls. Th e group ag reed that             for th e return tr ip to Ca lifornia. Th e
secon d weste rn Pacific nation to            growing in the faith .                           while the Ken ned y Ce nter's acous-          g rou p arrived in Pasadena at 5:30
 beg in broadcasting The World                    Th e A uc kland, New Zealand ,               tics are superb . the qu alit y and inti-      p.m ., PST, completi ng a s hort. but
 Tom orrow in 1983. The first was             Office repo rted t hat income was up             macy provided in t he Ambassador              successful t rip .

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