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					             What we know
1. Collapse of USSR and communism
2. East Asian strategy success
3. Info-Tech revolution
4. US is not declining; US system is not
5. Regionalism (From Rourke)
     1. NAFTA - FTAA
     2. EU
     3. APEC
        Globalization (in class)
            Summer 2008
• Pro                      • Con
• Spreads wealth           • Illegal commerce
• Spreads technology         (smuggling)
• Spreads cultures         • human trafficking)
  (Chinatown and Little    • Rule of law hasn’t
  Italy in NY)               caught up
• Increased competition    • Cultural imperialism;
• Forces countries to be     homogenization of
  competitive                cultures
• Less conflict; war is    • Does not include
  bad for business           everyone
        Globalization (in class)
            Summer 2008
• Pro                        • Con
• Creates jobs in the
  developing world           • Competition for
• More communication;          domestic markets
  spreads knowledge
• Acceptance of              • Job losses in rich
  differences; less racism     nations
• “Crappy jobs” better
  than no jobs               • Wages go down
• Drives down prices         • Environmental
                             • Labor rights
          Globalization (in class)
              Summer 2008
• Pro                        • Con
• Rising incomes             • Rising inequality
• World Bank report on       • Smart vs. dumb
  Africa                       globalization (exploiting
• Are there any other          resources vs. careful
  alternative ideas?           strategy that mixes
• Nothing else has worked      integration with world
  to increase wealth and       economy and protection
  spur development             of domestic economy as
                               S. Korea has done).
• How would you stop it if
  you wanted to?
         Growth Rates/Inequality

Wealth      upper income

                             middle income


• Alternatives to globalization?
• How would you stop globalization, if
  you wanted to, without restricting
  people’s freedom?
• Is the answer this: building a better
  – Environment
  – Labor rights
  – health
        Globalization (in class)
               Fall 2007
• Pro                       • Con
• Drives down prices        • Drives down prices
• Creates jobs in poor      • Creates crappy jobs in
  countries                   poor countries Reduces
• Crappy jobs better than     quality of products
  no jobs                   • Reduces wages in rich
• Increases agricultural      countries
  output                    • Outsourcing – job loss
• Education                   in rich nations
• Interdependence
        Globalization (in class)
               Fall 2007
• Pro                       •   Con
• CEO – no labor rights     •   Exploitation of resources
• Rising incomes lead to    •   Exploit the labor
  democracy                 •   SEZs
• Rising living standards   •   Loss of farming
• Mixture of cultures       •   Urbanization
• Info-tech                 •   Labor rights
                            •   Ignores human rights
                            •   Cultural imperialism
                            •   Terrorism and organized
                                crime are easier
Globalization (Newmann added)
            Fall 2007
• Pro                  • Con
• Greater access to    • Greater spread of
  products               disease
                       • governments lose
• Greater access to      control of their own
  medical technology     economy (foreign
• Ease of travel         investors determine
                         economic life in small
• pressure on            nations)
  authoritarian        • Rapid movement of
  governments to         investment and
  change                 factories creates
• Nothing else has       economic instability
  worked               • Westernization

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