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					                                            8th Grade Glimpse --- September 20 - 24

Science: This week we will wrap up the inquiry unit, by reviewing all the components of a science investigation.
Students will be asked to: identify the IV, DV, constants; write problem statements, hypothesis, and procedures;
construct data tables and graphs; identify trends and write conclusions. Gold Day students will review on Wed, and
have a test on Friday (9/24). Blue Day students will review on Thur and have a test on Mon (9/27). If you have
questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Mrs. Rhoad       660-584-7161     Plan: Gold (4th block)   Blue (5th Block)

7th and 8th grade RISE: Students continue to read I Have Lived a Thousand Days and find evidence for their
ladder of prejudice. They will view pictures of the concentration camps that the main character enters, and
compare and contrast current day pictures to the camp art of the time. We will be using the website if you want to view it at home also. If you need to contact me, my information is School:
660-584-7127 e-mail:
7 /8th Grade Health/PE:
The student will be able to discuss how to express emotions in healthy ways and discuss how to meet emotional needs in
healthy ways. The physical education class will be able to explain the rules of football and demonstrate their knowledge of
the game by taking part in an organized game of flag football (SEARS). The physical education class will be able to
explain the rules of soccer and demonstrate by playing an organized game of soccer (Forsee).,

FACS We have started our Clothing and Textiles Unit. We will begin be learning the parts of the sewing machine and
taking a test over them. We will also be learning names and terms for garments and parts of garments.
Food Science We continue to work on describing textures and flavors. We will also be looking at how the microwave
oven works and how to use it effectively when cooking.
Mrs. Goodman

8th Grade Band
We have been reviewing music in Essential Elements Book 2, which they already have from last year. We are
working on playing the school fight song “Onward Huskers” and will begin to learn how to march and play to
prepare for the Homecoming parade on October 15th in which the 8th grade will march with the High School.
Please check out the concert events and dates in the syllabus that was sent home with students.
Please let me know if your student needs another MS Band Blue Polo for concerts! The price is $15. Please
make checks payable to Lafayette County C-1 Middle School. I will have a deadline for purchase at a later
Please contact me with questions!
PRE-ALGEBRA: Students in this course learned to multiply and divide integers this week.                                                                    We
reviewed all of chapter 1, including variables and expressions and operations with
integers. Blue classes will take the Chapter 1 test on Friday, September 17 and Gold
Classes will take the Chapter 1 test on Monday, September 20
ALGEBRA: This week, students learned to identify properties of real numbers and use the properties to simplify
algebraic and numerical expressions. Algebra I students took the Predictive A Acuity Test on Thursday,
September 16. Algebra 1 students will take the chapter 1 test on Wednesday, September 22.
Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns at or 660-584-7161
Conference: 1:30-3:00 Natalie Nikkel
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                         Signatures indicate glimpse has been read…both signatures must be present for extra credit
Student Signature:________________________________________________________ September 17, 2010
Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________________________________                              Date: ___________________
                Glimpses need to be signed and returned to Mrs. Rhoad no later than Tuesday, September 28 for extra credit
8th Grade Vocal Music
Students will be able to sing basic sight-reading examples using the pitches 1-5 and
basic rhythms (quarter, half, whole). Students are also studying three pieces of choir
music. Boys are working hard on matching pitch in the correct octave. Girls are working
on singing out and singing together.   Please contact me if you have any questions or
Sarah Cook Plan time: Gold 3 and Blue 1

8th Grade Art
Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to observe, and illustrate an animal using life like details and textures using color.
The students have transferred their outline drawing of their animals to final paper. Next, they will demonstrate their ability to
illustrate life like details and textures using color. This project is messy and I suggest they wear something over their clothing like an
old shirt to keep from getting the conte’ chalk dust on them. This project will take about 2 weeks to complete.

All students will need to bring in their supplies of….6B Pencil (soft lead), 2B Pencil (medium lead), Magic Rub Eraser, Kneadable
Eraser (*Kramer Clothing carries theses supplies) Masking Tape, and Sharpie Markers. If you can’t send the supplies with your
child, please send a note to let me know they have sent a supply list home to you and a possible date when I can expect that they will
bring their supplies to school.

Students will be creating a portrait later in the semester but will need to bring in their own photos to work from. Please help them
locate a photo that could be scanned and returned to you. They may also use photos from magazines, books, the internet, or other
photo sources for this project. It takes time to scan and print these images for the students to use so I appreciate them bringing those
to me early in the year. The subjects may be family members, friends, or other people that they want to illustrate. The larger photos
work best….no billfold sized.
Computer Graphics
Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to design and create a 3 fold flyer publication using MS Publisher.
This week the students will continue creating a tri-fold flyer using MS Publisher. They will edit their tables, insert photos, and word
art. Once students complete this flyer they will begin photo editing in and use those photos in their publication projects.
During bellringer keyboarding warm ups, students will demonstrate proper position of the body and keyboarding techniques.
Rhonda               Middle School Office Phone: (660)584-7161
Conference: Semester 1 Gold 1 8:00-9:26AM and Blue 3 10:04-11:30AM

MATH – Mrs. Lettau – 7th/8th grade – Students will compare and order numbers by graphing them. They will also be able to
determine units of measurement which will coordinate with skills needed to complete tables in the science classroom. If you have
questions, you may call me at 660-584-7161 (Gold – 1:30-3:00 or Blue 10:00–11:30) or email me at

Mr. Moore, 8th Grade American Histroy: We will analyze the ways in which Spain's conquests affected the economic
and social development of the Americas, and examine why European nations established colonies in Norht America.
(Plan Period: 8:00-9:30, daily). e-mail:

Mr. Rogers Exploratory Ag: We will begin the FFA unit in understating what FFA has to offer. What is involved in FFA, and how
FFA will help you succeed in life? If you have any question you can email me at

Com. Arts: We are currently reading part 1 of, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. This moving story is about a
young man (Charlie) who is mentally handicapped and wants to become smart. Charlie undergoes an experimental
operation to increase his intelligence which, may or may not last. At the end of part 1 students will be able to
(SWBAT) use the following skills for both reading and writing. Use context clues to determine words and their
meaning; make inferences and generalizations; draw conclusions; identify authors intent, homonyms, cause and
effect, figures of speech, static and dynamic characters, and character traits; foreshadow events; locate, evaluate
and analyze details; use correct conventions in writing. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
contact Mrs. Sellman G/B3 10:05 – 11:30 or Mrs. Lettau G5 1:35 – 3:00/B3 10:05 – 11:30 at 584-7161 or or

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