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					            Minutes of the NBASW, Fredericton Chapter            Oct 14, 2011
Present: Suzanne McKenna, Leslie LeCour, Todd Young, Susan Gavin, Wendi Nixon,
Sandy Gordon,
Evelyn Morrison, Amrita Sethi, Valerie DeLong and Denise Selesse-Guitard, and Janet
The Directors Report was read by Janet Crawford
The Treasurer’s Report was read by Denise Selesse-Guitard, Treasurer. Denise moved
to accept the report and Val seconded it.
The Education Report was read by Janet Crawford. Denise moved to accept it and
Wendi seconded.
There was some discussion around attendance at meetings. Wendi suggested that newer
members be reminded that the meetings are educational and count as education credits.
Susan suggested we visit STU classes to let people know we are here and that we get
students more involved. Suzanne mentioned that students can be members. Wendi
mentioned that previously the social action committee was made up of students.
It was moved that the Fredericton Chapter sponsor two students to be members of the
NBASW and that they liaise between the students and our chapter. Moved by Janet
Crawford, Seconded: Amrita Sethi. All were in favour.
Leslie will be speaking to a class and will mention it to the class and check with Miguel

Election of Officers
President: Val Delong nominated by Denise Selesse-Guitard
Vice President: Leslie LeCour nominated by Denise Selesse-Guitard
Secretary: Susan Gavin nominated by Denise Selesse-Guitard
Treasurer: Denise Selesse-Guitard nominated by Leslie LeCour
All four allowed their names to stand and were elected by acclaimation.
There was some discussion around social action and Suzanne McKenna and Susan Gavin
agreed to be members of the committee. Wendi Nixon agreed to be a member of the
education committee.
Suzanne McKenna won the draw: a gift certificated to the Blue Door restaurant.
The meeting was adjourned, moved by Val.
Respectfully submitted by Janet Crawford, outgoing secretary NBASW Fredericton

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