Semantics is the branch of linguistics that focus on the study of meaning in language. Ullmann
(1962), defines semantics as "the study of the meanings of words". Lyon (1981), is defined as the
study of semantic meaning, while the linguistic semantics is the study of all types of fixed
meaning in language. Problem that arises is one interpretation of the meaning of each word in
itself. For example, there are a few examples of events that would create one of language and
meaning of different interpretations of an event such as the following language;

Events in the classroom.

A student to tell his teacher that he wanted to go to the toilet.
Student: Teacher I want pi to the toilet.


This verse, if not spoken with proper intonation means teachers will be going to the toilet but if
spoken with the correct intonation mean that students ask permission from the teacher to go to
the toilet.

Events in the mosque

When DJ Fauzi religious teaching in the mosque, Bilal looks fun looking at the clock as time
praying was almost.

According to a parish: the most brutal Bilal as to prayer.


If once heard we do not understand what is meant by the parish, the listener will make an
interpretation that the parish was a tyrant, or do not understand at all what was said by members
of the parish. What actually is meant by the parish is Tok Bilal was busy looking at the clock
because the want to know if the time came for Isaac or not.

Events in the hospital

A man has told his visitors that he would like to Pak Din in hospital wards.

Sharif: Did you do anything here?
Saad: I want to visit Pak Din, who said he was a heart attack and is in the hospital.
Sharif: Oh, Pak Din's now gone.
Saad: Oh My God.

In a conversation on what is meant by Pak Din Sharif is no longer in the hospital and allowed to
return home, but what is understood by Pak Din Sa'd was already dead.

The titles of local newspapers and cartoon dialogue

For example, local newspaper headlines such as product "Jilbab, Friday, November 5, 2010". Of
course their goal to attract readers to buy their newspapers. Are all the readers to understand the
meaning, for example:

i. Murray pointed a way out.
ii. Scene at a petrol station on the price of RON 95 petrol.
iii. The desire to celebrate Deepavali boy did not come.
iv. Summons Nouvelle Beauty.

Referring to the situation of sports fans do not know that Andrey Murray have lost or lost in the
room and shown the door to exit.

Are among students understand the RON 95. What a welcome Deepavalli meaning as welcome
for the fall and summons Nouvelle Beauty who summons one. One common interpretation, but
the reader will understand if read the entire contents of his citation.

Factors that influence the existence of mis-interpretation of an event language.


Environment plays an important role in influencing the interpretation of the existence of one
language in a particular event. In the first incident in the classroom, in fact what is spoken by the
students is done by all the habits of pupils at the school before that there are even students who
call other words, 'my teacher can'. So the students affected by the previous environment will also
mention something that can lead to the misinterpretation.


The existence of one interpretation of that language in a particular event is due to the dialect of a
particular area. Dialect is a variation of a language, regardless of the language has a code or not
verbally or in writing only. Language has a variety of speakers and speakers and to communicate
or interact with other people using a particular dialect. The events featured a social dialect
spoken by the speaker of the state of Kedah has a different meaning of the language of myths and
misunderstandings, for example, 'most' means moving to see an otherwise well meaning is. So,
the words of a particular dialect of the social dialect of a place will give rise to misinterpretation
of language. It happens more complex interpretation of Kedah and Kelantan dialect example the
word 'Chinese cucumber' in the Kelantan dialect means watermelon in Kedah dialect.
The influence of mass media

The mass media often influence the thinking in the use of native languages. This can be seen
through the mass media such as newspapers when the festive season. Many terms have the
meaning of the language issue which contradicts the true meaning of which can lead to wrong
interpretation of the language such as 'windfall' which means the price down so much when the
function of these terms only to obscure the eyes attracted consumers to buy certain goods,
especially in the festive season.

Physical Disabilities

Physical or psychological factors of a speaker is closely related to the organs of speech and
environmental conditions. Organ of hearing the speakers must be functioning properly prior to
speakers can absorb. A person who is the organ of hearing or deaf damaged obviously not
sufficient to capture the sound was heard and not be able to respond correctly. When a speaker is
unable to respond correctly there will be one interpretation in their speech.

Children's speech organs that mimic other terms must be perfect and good. Organs of speech or
expression is defined as the upper and lower lips, teeth, gums, tongue tip, middle and base of
tongue, tongue, hard and soft palate, throat, nasal cavity, larynx, vocal cords and glottis. If the
upper lip was defective speaker (chipped), then the voice will go into the cavity of the mouth and
nose and this will result in an inaccurate reference to, for example 'orange' to 'tiger' and 'immune'
to 'escape'. Due nasalized sound due to defects in these organs occur so easy misinterpretation of

Social factors speakers

Social factors include lifestyle, economy and environment. Environment and the socialization
process is important to facilitate the process of good speech. More then one is socializing more
knowledge to be acquired and the area of hearing one sound, words and sentences. Socialization
process will help a person to one interpretation of the language. A person who 'quiet' because it's
not much exposed to the natural 'communication' and the relationships of others and this is the
cause of limited mixing can lead to wrong interpretation of the language.

The era of information and communication technology (ICT)

The emergence of the Internet has expanded the use of ICT with integrated network to enable
applied as a medium of communication involving text, sound, graphics and video. This
phenomenon is not directly influence and challenging integrity and position of the Malay
language spoken by many inhabitants of the archipelago.

An emphasis on ICT in the era of globalization and liberalization means the use of English is
becoming increasingly important and inevitable in today's society. Changes in this environment
raises the question whether much can the Malay language used in the era of ICT as an alternative
intermediate language for the benefit of society or how much can the Malay players using ICT as
a tool research, hardware, software and applications for Malay relations. Examples can be seen
in passages where the components 'mouse' used to mean 'rat' if translated into the Malay
language is totally different with the word 'rat' who refer to animals in society, especially the


However, this misinterpretation can be avoided if the Malay community has an open attitude and
a willingness to face the challenges of rapid growth to the influence of a foreign language is
English. The development of globalization and liberalization should be seen as an opportunity to
speak Malay community to ensure that the Malay language remains well respected by the Malays
and non-Malay community by manipulating fully ICT.

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