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					About A Paramedic To RN Bridge Program
"You are going to school online?!?" This was the response I received the day that I told my
grandmother that I enrolled in a non-traditional Paramedic to RN bridge program. My grandmother is
an old-fashioned person that believes people should complete their Master's degree in a classroom
setting, work in the field of the degree completed, then get married and have children, in that order
precisely. Despite this belief, I did the opposite. When I got married and my husband and I decided to
have a child, I thought I was going to be working on an ambulance for the entirety of my life and did
not need to continue school. After being a full time Paramedic and loving every moment of my career,
I decided that I wanted to further my education so that I could help my community in more ways than
working on the ambulance.
After speaking with different schools and many different non-traditional students I found the program I
was looking for. The program allowed me to study on my own and at my own pace. When I felt ready
to test for each concept, I would take a trip to my nearest testing center to take each exam. Before I
knew it, I was "NCLEX eligible" and the reality kicked in. Wow! I had made it through all my nursing
exams with a newborn baby and two full time jobs. How did I ever make it this far?
I am often asked why I chose to do an online Paramedic to RN bridge program instead of going to a
traditional classroom setting? I think of all of the parents, full time career-minded people, and people
that do not have a traditional RN institution around them to attend and know that they are in the same
boat as myself. Traditional programs have their benefits and depending on the type of student may be
beneficial. For so many of us out there though, the non-traditional, online program is the preference.
Nontraditional programs are self-motivated and convenient in so many ways that the future of many
careers may depend on these programs. The fact that students must perform studies at their own
pace goes to show that these people are motivated and fully enthused about their education and
career choice. This ensures that once hired, the employee will be a reliable and competent asset.
Most important to all of us is family. With traditional schools, time with family can be compromised.
With nontraditional schooling, students can be with their families without having to worry about being
to class on time or sacrificing their job or lifestyle. Whether it be a new baby or the grandparents in
the nursing home that helped raise their grandchild whom is now trying to attend college are able to
spend priceless time with each other that, in other circumstances, "the traditional school setting",
could not be spent.
Another thing to consider is that when data is compared, the nontraditional students are just as
competent and reliable as traditional students. Statistics show that 76.3% of community colleges offer
distance learning (nontraditional). 88.6% of these colleges state that they expect a moderate-to-large
increase in enrollment in the nontraditional programs. These statistics do not include the major
universities that also offer nontraditional education including Harvard, Duke, and Penn State. The fact
that these major universities offer this should say something in itself. In a study done by the National
Research Center for Career and Technical Education, research proved that there was no variation in
achievement rates between traditional and non-traditional students. This studied showed that the
passing rates for national boards were passed on the first attempt in students that attended non-
traditional schooling.
As time goes on and more people are attempting to further their education and the demand for
nontraditional schooling will significantly increase. Studies and research have proven effective in the
use of these schools. The fact that certain fields, especially medical, are in demand for help is reason
enough to consider online education as a formal and accurate means to continue the process of
nontraditional schooling.
So to answer everyone's question as to why I chose an online Paramedic to RN bridge program
instead of a traditional RN program, my answer is that I had to. It fit my lifestyle and I now have my
RN degree, the same degree that traditional students hold.

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Description: the nursing home that helped raise their grandchild whom is now trying to attend college are able to