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					                      SCOTTISH BAKER
                                               Vol. No. 194

                                                                          Atholl House, 4 Torphichen Street,
 Scottish Association of Master Bakers
                                                                          Edinburgh, EH3 8JQ
 Incorporating SAMB and
 The Scottish Bakery Training Council                                     Tel:   0131 229 1401 Fax: 0131 229 8239
                                                                                 0131 538 7343

Happy New Year.

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us, it’s time for SAMB members to let their hair down at
the first round of this year’s social events. First up is Regions 6 & 4 Burns Supper. This is always an excellent
occasion and this year it is being held again at the Irvine Thistle Hotel on Saturday 20th January 2007. Following
rapidly on we have Regions 4 & 6 Annual Dinner Dance to be held at a new venue this year, the Radisson SAS
Hotel, Argyle Street Glasgow. The Dance will be held on Saturday 3rd February 2007. The Regions will be
welcoming a large deputation from the NAMB including President Shirley Ryder and Vice President Mike
Holling. Bookings forms have gone out for both events so I will see you there.

There has been a lot of media interest in recent weeks about the impact of the increased flour prices on the
industry. Whatever the justification for the increases, and it is undeniable that there has been a dramatic increase
in wheat prices, it is the smaller bakers who will be most exposed in this extremely competitive market. This raw
material increase together with the impact of increases in energy and labour costs means that all bakers must be
vigilant in protecting their margins. Easier said than done!

It was disappointing to read that one of my favourite Glasgow hostelries, the Horseshoe Bar has decided to ban
the Scotch Pie as a gesture towards the healthy eating campaign. It was heartening to see the customer response,
which was to sign up in thousands in support of the online petition for the Horseshoe to reinstate the pie. The
message for the Industry is that we must raise our efforts to promote the positive nutritional messages inherent
in our quality products like the Scotch Pie. If there is really a consumer demand out there for “healthier” products
then this is an aspect that we should be looking at. Arthur Rayer and his training department will be looking at
running a number of courses at our new training centre in the coming year looking at this theme.

I frequently get asked about the activities of the SAMB Benevolent Fund. How do the Trustees disburse your
generous contributions? In the past year we have continued to support a range of beneficiaries the bulk of whom
are retired bakers facing financial difficulties. Two new beneficiaries were approved at the last round of
considering applications. One, a young baker who had fallen into depression and anxiety, following a period of
drug use. The Fund made a substantial grant to allow him to purchase essentials in the setting up of his first home
to help him get back into the routine of working life. The Fund also gave support to a retired baker suffering from
ill health to allow his wife to enjoy a badly needed respite break. Your contributions towards the Fund are put to
good use and are greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries. If you know of anyone who has connections with the
industry and is suffering financial hardship please submit their name to Fay Somerville at Atholl House in order
that the trustees can consider their requirements.

                                           VICE PRESIDENT
At the December Board Meeting, Directors unanimously supported the nomination of George Stevenson, as Vice
President of the SAMB in the year 2006/2008.

George was born and brought up in Edinburgh and graduated from Oxford University in 1972 with a degree in
geology. After a spell with a financial institution in London he returned to university life at University College,
London where he gained a masters degree in geophysics before joining BP as an offshore marine geophysicist.
He married Margie Mathieson in 1977 and joined the family business in 1979 becoming Managing Director in

The Mathiesons family bakery business was in established in 1872 and recently moved to a new state of the art
bakery in Larbert which now supplies 25 shops and 9 restaurants employing over 450 people across Scotland.

George and Margie have three children, Catriona, Euan and Kirsty. A keen sportsman, George had his rugby
career curtailed by a back injury. He now plays occasional golf and tennis, enjoys walking and fishing for brown
trout in hill lochs, and he is an accomplished piper.

His service to the community, industry and the association is substantial with his current activities including:-

•     Justice of the Peace (District Court Judge for 8 years)
•     Chairman of the Scottish Family Business association
•     Chairman of the Scottish Bakery Training Council
•     Director of Bakery Training Council
•     Board member of Scottish Association of Master Bakers
•     Fellow of Scotvec and SQA (Chaired Food and Drink Advisory Group)
•     Member of Falkirk Business Panel Leadership Group
•     Member of British Confectioners’ Association

His past activities include:-

•     Scottish representative on National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NCVQ) for 3 years
•     Member of steering group that developed original Investor in People standards
•     National Training Awards Judge
•     Chaired FVE’s Forth Directions
•     Chaired UK Bakery Lead Body and NTO since inception
•     Board member of Falkirk College for 8 years (Chair of Strategic Planning Committee)

Among his business and corporate achievements are:
•   3 National Training Awards
•   Independent Baker of the Year
•   Developed “Rising to the Challenge” training programme for the Craft Baking Industry
•   Recently launched the Scottish Family Business Association to help business families throughout
      Scotland deal more successfully with the many “family issues” that can and do impact adversely on
    their ability to grow and flourish. (Currently around 10% of family businesses survive into the 3rd
    generation and beyond).

It can be seen that George well deserves the honour bestowed on him, and that he and Margie will be
outstanding representatives of our Association and Industry.

        TREASURERS TREASURES                                    The one realisation that will transform 2007 for you is
      REFLECTIONS IN RETIREMENT                                 that true happiness lies within all of us. Searching for
                                                                peace and contentment in the world outside can be
As we look forward to a new year even Treasurers can            frustrating and ineffective. There can be some
become philosophical!                                           reassurance in having, some pleasure in getting, but
                                                                real happiness only comes from giving. So make a New
You don’t have to actually answer the questions. Just           Year’s resolution to reach out, share, smile a lot. Don’t
read this straight through, and you’ll get the point.           shake hands, be unscottish and hug instead. Think of
                                                                happiness as a perfume, which you cannot spray on
1.    Name the five wealthiest people in the world              others without getting a few drops on yourself. Life is
2.    Name the last five ‘Big Brother’ winners.                 a great gift – enjoy it.
3.    Name the last five winners of the Miss World.
4.    Name ten people who have won the Nobel or                 And finally - Never worry about the world coming to an
      Pulitzer Prize.                                           end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.
5.    Name the last half dozen Academy Award
      winners for best actor and actress.                       The lighter side of labelling!!
6.    Name the last five winners of Sports Personality
      of the Year                                               Christmas shopping is generally a big turn off for
                                                                men. If you use the time to read the labels it is
How did you do?                                                 amazing what you will find. Here are a few
                                                                examples from actual labels.
The point is, none of us remember the headliners of
yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They             On Tesco’s Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom) —
are the best in their fields. But the applause dies.            “Do not turn upside down.”
Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten.                     (well now! Could be a bit late in telling us!)
Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.
                                                                On Sainsbury’s peanuts — “Warning: contains
Here’s another quiz. See how you do on this one:                nuts.”
                                                                (talk about a news flash)
1.    List a few teachers who aided your journey
      through school.                                           On Boot’s Children Cough Medicine — “Do not
2.    Name three friends who have helped you through            drive a car or operate machinery after taking this
      a difficult time.                                         medication.”
3.    Name five people who have taught you something            (We could do a lot to reduce the rate of
      worthwhile.                                               construction accidents if we could just get those
4.    Think of a few people who have made you feel              5 year-olds with head-colds off those
      appreciated and special.                                  bulldozers.)
5.    Think of five people you enjoy spending time
      with.                                                     On Marks & Spencers Bread Pudding — “Product
                                                                will be hot after heating.”
Easier?                                                         (now there’s a surprise!)

The lesson: The people who make a difference in your            On a Sears hairdryer — Do not use while sleeping.
life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most       (what? Even on a short back and sides?)
money, or the most awards. They are the ones that
care.                                                           On a bag of Fritos — You could be a winner! No
                                                                purchase necessary. Details inside.
                                                                (is this the shoplifter’s special?)

                                                                On a bar of Dial soap — “Directions: Use like
                                                                regular soap.”
                                                                (and that would be???)

On some Swanson frozen dinners — “Serving
suggestion: Defrost.”                                         Region 3 & 5
(well, it’s just a suggestion.)
                                                              Dinner Dance will be held in the
On packaging for a Rowenta iron — “Do not iron                Queens Hotel, Perth on Saturday
clothes on body.”                                             3rd March. Full details later.
(why not? We are all so busy it would save time)
                                                              Region 4 & 6
On a child’s Superman costume — “Wearing of this
garment does not enable you to fly.”                          The annual Dinner Dance will be held on 3rd February
(don’t blame the company. Blame the parents)                  at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Argyle Street, Glasgow.
                                                              (close the Highlandsman Umbrella) Entertainment by
On a Swedish chainsaw — “Do not attempt to stop               Atlantic Avenue and the Craig Mcissac Disco. Cost
chain with your hands or genitals.”                           £40 per person, tables of 10 or more £35 per person.
(the mind boggles – is this what they get up to in            Accommodation £90 per person bed and breakfast,
Sweden?)                                                      book direct on 0141 204 3333.

On Nytol Sleep Aid — “Warning – This could cause              Dinner will be at 6.45pm.
(Why are we taking this?)                                     Bookings to Alistair Lawrie, Kirkwall Avenue, Priory
                                                              Bridge, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 9NU. Tel: 01698 824
On most brands of Christmas lights – “For indoor              293.
and outdoors use only”
(Where else do they have in mind?)                            Region 6

On Japanese food processor – “Not to be used for              Following the great success of last year’s supper,
the other use”                                                Regions 6 and 4 are delighted to invite all members near
(Can someone out there enlighten me, I am really              and far, guests and friends, male and female to.
                                                              THE SAMB BURNS SUPPER 2007, on Saturday,
On an airline packet of nuts – “Instructions: open            20th January 2007.
packet, eat nuts
(Food for thought)                                            It will take place at the fabulous Irvine Thistle Hotel
                                                              who looked after us all superbly last year.
               REGIONAL NEWS
                                                              The evening promises to be every bit as good – if not
Region 3                                                      better than last year. It is a celebration of Burns’ music
                                                              as well as his penned works. With the ‘world acclaimed’
                                                              Bobby Harvey (fiddler) and Ivor Britton (Accordionist)
Please note change of name of member to Goodfellows
                                                              once again leading the musical entertainment, combining
of Dundee Limited. Address and telephone numbers
                                                              with Sandy Morrison, the original and best Caledonian
remain as before.                                             Tenor, your entertainment is guaranteed. In addition,
                                                              there will be two expert speakers who will provide us
Region 5                                                      with a knowledgeable and humorous insight into the life
                                                              and works of ‘The Bard’
One of the major downsides of 2006 was the fire which
destroyed United Central Bakeries factory in November.        The format will be very much the same as last year:

Parent company Finsbury Foods recently announced              •A superb 4 course meal starting with the haggis being
that full production should be effective by April 2007.       piped in.
The re-building and business interruption costs are
expected to be in excess of £5million.                        •‘World Class’ artistes, singers and speakers interacting
                                                              with the audience throughout the evening (including a
New plant and equipment is now being ordered and it           wee time to dance to some traditional favourites).
is expected that the current workforce of 140 will be         •A good mixture of Burns’ poetry and his music as well
maintained.                                                   as humorous entertainment from quality speakers.
•Top Table guests will include President John Chalmers                            New Year Greetings
and his partner Wendy.                                                                  From

•Chairman for the evening will be Region 6 Chairman
Angus Lamond.

•All for an incredible £28 per head. N.B. Tables of 10
= £250.                                                          As we boldly look forward to the exciting prospects
                                                                 for 2007 let us first reflect on one of the 40 Group
•Overnight accommodation is an amazing £27 p.p. for              highlights in 2006.
B&B – double rooms, with a single supplement of £15.
                                                                 The SAMB 40 Group Committee would like to thank
•Start your year off with an enjoyable experience that           all those who attended the party held on the 9th
will last throughout the year.                                   September 2006 at the Royal Hotel in Bridge of Allan
                                                                 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their unique
•Look out for the booking form enclosed with this                organisation.
                                                                 A total of 70 people gathered on the night to eat, drink and
Ayrshire is the recognised venue for the very best in            reminisce about their experiences of the 40 Group. Guest
Burn’s Suppers. This SAMB event is one of the best               of honour was the founding Chairman Harold Forwell.
of the best. If you have not experienced the enjoyment           There were also an additional 12 Past Chairmen
or participation in the past you will not know what you          of the 40 Group in attendance.
are missing. Give it a try – book your tickets NOW.
                                                                 Proceedings got underway with a drinks reception and a
                                                                 chance to meet old friends. After everyone had taken
World Scotch Pie Championship                                    their places at their tables, top table guests were piped in
                                                                 by Past SAMB President John Young. For over 20 years,
                                                                 John served on the 40 Group Committee as the official
In our list of winners in the last issue of Scottish Baker       SAMB representative. He is also the only known person
we inadvertently omitted Irving’s of Beith who won a             to have attended (and survived) every study trip organised
Gold Award in the Scotch Pie category. Maurice Irvine            by the 40 Group – foreign and domestic!
has accepted our apology with good grace, but of
course Maurice is synonymous with “good graces”.                 After a delicious meal, the fun really began with a verbal
For the uninitiated who have never attended the World            joust between two heavyweights of the Scottish baking
Championship Award day, Maurice gives a grace to                 industry, Past (it) 40 Group Chairman Alan Stuart and the
the pie, which always gets the lunch and awards off to           young(ish) pretender Past 40 Group Chairman Alister
an outstanding start.                                            Asher. There was much hilarity from both speakers who
                                                                 relived some of their experiences from 40 Group activities
Centenary Club Sector 3                                          in the distant and not so distant past.

A meeting of the No. 3 Sector of the Centenary club              There then followed a fascinating insight into thinking
took place at Haggs Castle Golf Club on Tuesday 19               behind the formation of the SAMB 40 Group. Founding
December 2006 when some 13 members (a good                       Chairman, Harold Forwell spoke eloquently about the
Bakers dozen) enjoyed Christmas lunch, 14 members                formation of the 40 Group as follows:
apologised. This was an informal meeting and over a
glass of wine and a most enjoyable lunch we had the              “Chairman Brian, my thanks for the courtesy extended to
pleasure of each others company.                                 my wife Isobel and myself in inviting us to attend this 50th
I should like to thank everyone for their support over           celebratory dinner of the SAMB 40 Group.
the last two years as Chairman of the Centenary Club
and would wish my successor George Wallace as good               As the founder Chairman appointed 50 years ago, this is
a time as I have had in his term of office next year.            quite an emotional evening for me personally. That
It only remains for me to wish everyone all the very             historic date 16th May 1956 will always be important to
best in the year to come.                                        me.

Andrew Noble (Chairman)
May I take the opportunity to give a very brief story on         On a sadder note, unfortunately, of the original seven
the origins of this idea of a young or junior group within       member committee now only two survive, myself and
the SAMB. It was suggested on several occasions in               David Goodfellow, who became the first Secretary and
the immediate years following the end of World War II.           Treasurer. I don’t know if it happens now at the Annual
The young servicemen, including myself, had finally              SAMB Conference, but visiting English Presidents
returned home from war service in Europe, India and              were very keen to accept an invitation to attend the 40
the Far East. Food and clothing rationing were finishing         Group AGM and observe its activities.
and the baking industry was still suffering from severe
shortages of materials. However, for many of us the              Chairman Brian, best wishes for the future of the 40
world renowned Scottish School of Bakery in Glasgow              Group and its members. Isobel and I also extend our
was making best efforts to produce trained bakers,               grateful thanks for the invitation to attend and enjoy this
mainly sons and daughters of Scottish and overseas               evenings special occasion, taking place as it does in my
bakery owners, all on two year full-time courses. The            81st year.
excellent training staff with such experience included,
Dougie Campbell, Angus McKenzie, Jimmy Brown                     Incidentally, it has been personally very interesting
and Professor Tod. Such a super team! Such memories!             tonight to meet up with, after so many years, the 40
                                                                 Group Chairman’s chain of office which I donated to
Meanwhile, Alistair Goodfellow from Broughty Ferry,              the Group after my year in office was complete.
joined by a few others were suggesting a place in the
SAMB for this new generation. The editor of the                  Congratulations Brian, wear the chain with pride, and
SAMB Year Book in 1954 took up the challenge. He                 best wishes for a very successful year in office.”
was John Copeman. On a trip to the USA, John
attended a meeting of the Young Executive Group of               Chairman Brian then presented Harold with “his”
the US Bakers Association and was very impressed                 chain of office and was rewarded with a standing
indeed. In 1955 he suggested at the AGM Conference               ovation. Brian and Harold then proceeded to cut the
in Edinburgh that a young executives group should be             birthday cake donated by Goodfellow and Steven. This
formed within the framework of the SAMB. A further               consisted of a beautifully crafted scene of a working
supporter was Archie Clark from the flour millers who            bakery. This has been carefully preserved and is now
staunchly supported the suggestion. Archie had                   on display at the SAMB Training Centre at Larbert.
experience from the Young Millers Group, and this
experience proved invaluable in the setting up of a              Following a brief interlude, the band for the evening
young bakers group. The SAMB General Secretary at                swung into action much later than planned but nobody
that time, James Dandie, used his influence to persuade          seemed to care. They were probably the best paid act
the SAMB Executive that it would be a good idea.                 in the world that night! It seemed like only after five
                                                                 minutes since our plates had been cleared away that
However, at that point, some of the older members of             the midnight feast stovies appeared. After a plateful
the SAMB Executive were “rather lukewarm” and                    (or two) I think everyone was sated. The night really
restless about the whole idea and the “young upstarts”           flew by and all too soon it was over.
involved in this change. Change of course is something
                                                                 The following companies are to be thanked for their
many of you will have experienced when dealing with
                                                                 help in making the night possible – ADM Milling, British
your older relations in family businesses! At the spring
meeting of the SAMB Executive in 1956, Alistair                  Bakels, Robert Hutchison and BAKO Scotland.
Goodfellow, Archie Clark and John Copeman managed
to gain support for the 40 Group idea from the SAMB
Executive. The SAMB 40 Group was now a recognised
body within the SAMB.

The three sponsors who had done so much work
assisting in the formation of the group stepped aside,
nominating myself as the first Chairman. It was later
announced that the three sponsors were to be elected
as Honorary Members of the SAMB – a fitting reward
for a job well done!

                 40 Group Update                              We wish to remind you once more that 2007 really is
                                                              the last year for offering training opportunities on this
The 40 Group were due to have a committee meeting             scale through European funded projects. After this
on 5 th December 2006 but due to unforeseen                   year the UK will receive only 40% of current European
circumstances this had to be cancelled on the day. The        funding and we are not sure at this time how much of
main purpose of this meeting was to introduce a new           this the SBTC will be able to secure so please do not
committee member and also to try and organise a               waste this opportunity and leave us to return large
timetable of events for 2007.                                 amounts of unspent money. In 2006 due to a lack of
Since the last SAMB Board Meeting, the 40 Group held          take up by you the members, we underspent on
a very successful night to celebrate their 50th               projects by at least £35,000. What could you have
Anniversary – see attached report.                            done with some of this money?

The committee would also like to extend their                 So let us all be positive about training in 2007 and help
congratulations to one of our members, Keith Stuart for       to make it our best year yet or as Tony from Tile it All
being the driving force in his company’s winning of the       would say, “our bestest year yet”. For further
World Scotch Pie Championship. Stuart’s of Buckhaven          information please contact your designated Training
have already been reaping the benefits of such a              Advisor or call either John Livingston or Arthur Rayer
prestigious title.                                            at Atholl House.
The next meeting of the Group will be sometime in
January. The exact date and venue will be confirmed           Your New Year’s resolution for Training
shortly. It is also hoped to have a visit to Mathiesons
new bakery and also have a tour of the new SAMB               How many New Year’s Resolutions did you make and
Training Centre in Larbert.                                   how many have you already broken? We wish to ask
                                                              you to make one more and this one should be easy to
Please note that we now have some very attractive ties        keep. “When I require any training for myself or my
and pens in stock. These are available from Brian             staff I will contact SAMB Training first to see if they
Sarafilovic at Pars Foods Ltd, 8-12 Glentanar Road,           can help” There, that is an easy one to make and we
Balmore Industrial Estate, Glasgow, G22 7XS.                  are hoping you will not only make it but you will keep
Telephone 0141 336 7755 Fax 0141 336 5522 Email               to it.
                                                              The SAMB training department exists to ensure training
Ties cost £10 each or 2 for £15                               is available to help bakery companies develop their
Pens £7                                                       business through the development of staff. It does not
Cheques should be made payable to SAMB 40 Group               seek to make a profit but must cover the cost of it’s
please.                                                       operation.
                                                              At a time when other sources of bakery training are
                                                              already very scarce and reducing by the year, it is very
                                                              important to the Scottish baking industry that the
                                                              SAMB will always be able to offer a training service
Once again the Scottish Bakery Training Council
                                                              to members. We have through the development of the
has secured European Social Fund projects designed
                                                              Scottish Bakery Training Centre and the European
to offer a range of training opportunities to you and
                                                              projects, put into place the facilities and resources to
your staff. Within the next few days you will receive
                                                              make this happen but we need your custom and
details of some of the training opportunities. Through
SAMB Training there will be support for a range of
SVQ courses covering Bakery Retail, and Food and
                                                              Who you decide to use for your training is always going
Drink Manufacturing Operations as well as a limited
                                                              to be your decision, after all you are the customer. If
number of Hygiene and Safety courses. In addition
                                                              you choose to use other training providers and SAMB
to the SVQ courses we have funding to subsidise the
                                                              can no longer offer the bakery specific support to
costs of other courses to be delivered at the Scottish
                                                              companies as a result, will these other providers be as
Bakery Training Centre in Larbert, in the Highlands
                                                              committed to the future of the industry in Scotland?
or at your premises if you have sufficient staff
numbers to be trained. There is funding available             Please do not let us down. Make the resolution now.
again this year to part fund some specific staff              We are always available to discuss your training needs
training of your choice but this is much less than in         and to visit your company if required, just give us a call
previous years so you need to take advantage of this           on 0131 229 1401.
sooner rather than later.                                 7
Supervisory Skills Course                                         generally helpful: the preoccupations of management
                                                                  are not necessarily shared by their employees. This is
Scottish Meat Training is running a two day Supervisory           not to say that staff are invariably cynical or indifferent.
Skills plus and Introduction to Employment Law course             but it does suggest that it cannot simply be assumed that
at the Falkirk Stadium on 27th and 28th February. This            managers and those they manage look at things in the
course is being subsidised by their Objective 3 European          same way.
project and places are being offered to interested                After all, it is the task of business owners or mangers
bakery companies at a cost of £60 per person. Enclosed            to look at the broad picture. Staff, on the other hand,
with this Scottish Baker is a copy if their course                tend to concentrate upon their own role, which almost
information sheet. Anyone interested in this course               by definition does not include the wider areas of
should contact Scottish Meat Training direct on 01738             management responsibility. A Cambridge Professor
637 785.                                                          recently carried out an assessment of a supermarket
                                                                  chain’s expensive customer – focus training programme
Training Qualifications Update                                    to establish how effective it had been.

Congratulations                                                   The supermarket executives had been assured that
Congratulations go to the following people from member            their training programme was an unqualified success.
organisations who have successfully completed Scottish            But that was because they relied upon the feedback
Vocational Qualifications.                                        from store managers, who claimed that all staff had
                                                                  signed up to its values. What they really meant was that
Bakery Retail & Service Level 2                                   they had seen the video.
Pamela Black of Mackenzie Bakers, Alysha Whittle,
Tracey Stewart of RT Stuart Ltd and Lesley Miller of              Of course, this is not the only example of training failing
Patthead Bakery and Marion Greig of Fords the Bakers.             to achieve much. There is a growing feeling that formal
                                                                  staff training programmes, so much a part of
Bakery Dough Production Level 2                                   management thinking in recent years, need to be
Richard Jacek of Stag Bakeries, Paul Mackintosh of                rethought.
Mackenzie Bakery, Alistair Petrie of Sinclair’s of Rhynie
and Steven Riach of John Donald.                                  As an industry that invests significantly in our staff, this
                                                                  is not merely an academic point to SAMB members.
Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations Level 2                   However, much of our training is aimed at providing
Martin Wallbank of Arran Fine Foods and Ann Thomson               technical knowledge and specific professional expertise.
of Fords the Bakers                                               The supermarket set out to change retail attitudes,
                                                                  something that is very difficult to do.
                                                                  Does this imply that such exercises will inevitably be a
                                                                  failure, and that businesses that embrace customer
                                                                  focus, market responsiveness, staff empowerment and
                                                                  all the other jargon of the training industry are – to put
                                                                  it candidly – wasting their money? Perhaps this is a
                                                                  rather extreme view, and most businesses should
                                                                  continue to believe, that they must invest in training
                                                                  their staff. The question is, how can this be made more

IH                                                                A changing mood
                                                                  While there may be no simple answers, a number of
Why so many companies fail to deliver quality                     ideas have begun to emerge that suggests that the
service                                                           traditional approach to customer service training, with
                                                                  its flip charts, it’s group discussions and its classrooms,
You might expect that staff would not really believe in the       is fundamentally flawed. The argument is that there is
customer focus value, you would be partly right: 85 per           little to be achieved by holding courses for individuals
cent have never heard of it!                                      who are not disposed to benefit for them. If an individual
                                                                  is not by nature courteous and helpful, no amount of
There, in a nutshell, lies the dilemma for businesses              training will change that!
seeking to make their people more responsive, alert and
By this way of thinking an effective customer service        •   Extends the period of statutory maternity pay
programme should begin even before a new employee                (SMP), maternity allowance (MA) and statutory
starts works. When assessing a person’s suitability for          adoption pay (SAP) from 26 weeks to 39 weeks.
the job, their attitude and general demeanour should be
as important as their skills and experience. In retail       •   Removes the length of service requirement for
perhaps even more so.                                            additional maternity leave (AML) so that all mothers
                                                                 are now entitled to one year off for maternity
When training is carried out, it should not promote              leave.
empty slogans but seek out, identify and reward real
service. Wherever possible it should minimise                •   Increases the period of notice that an employee
classrooms and groups, but be carried out on an                  has to give when returning early from AML or
individual basis. When staff have got it right they should       additional adoption leave (AAL) from 28 days to
be told so. When they have got it wrong they should be           eight weeks.
told that too, in a personal, frank but sympathetic way.
Essential reading for all owners, managers and               •   Allows woman or adopters to go into work for up
supervisors is Ken Blanchard’s “One Minute Manager”.             to 10 “keeping in touch” days during their maternity
Could be your best buy for 2007.                                 leave, without losing SMP or SAP entitlement.

None of this means there is no place for formal training     •   Clarifies employers’ rights to have “reasonable
programmes, but they should be carried out more                  contact” with employees on leave.
flexibly and on a smaller scale – “downsized”, to use a
piece of jargon of which management consultants              Collective redundancies
themselves would approve!! Moreover, they should
concentrate upon the specifics of an individual’s job,       The Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation)
rather than aiming at abstract concepts.                     Act 1992 (s.193) has been amended to provide that an
                                                             employer proposing collective redundancies must notify
In a way, this would be a return to a more conventional      the Secretary of State of its proposals before it gives
way of thinking. But as you know I am a conventional         notice to any employee to terminate his or her
“chappie!” If you hire pleasant, agreeable people and        employment contract.
help them to do their job well, your business is very
likely to provide a high quality of customer service. If
you simply try to impose it, you are unlikely to succeed.
                                                             The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) was set
If you do succeed let me into the secret!
                                                             up to curb the exploitation of workers in the agriculture,
                                                             horticulture, shellfish gathering and associated
                                                             processing and packaging industries. It is now illegal
Changes                                                      for a business to provide labour to these regulated
                                                             sectors if they do not have a gangmaster’s licence.
Several significant changes in employment legislation
became effective on 1st October 2006.                        Law Lords send paid holiday case to ECJ
                                                             The case concerning the paid holiday entitlement of
Age discrimination
                                                             workers who have been off sick has been referred to
                                                             the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for it to rule on the
The Employment Equality (Age) regulations 2006 make
                                                             relevance of EU legislation to the issues under
it unlawful to discriminate against someone on the basis
                                                             consideration. The House of Lords has decided to the
of age unless it can be objectively justified. The
                                                             send the case of Ainsworth v Commissioners of the
regulations came into force on 1st October 2006,
                                                             Inland Revenue to the ECJ. The Public and Commercial
although the pension provisions were deferred until 1st
                                                             Services Union (PCS) took the case to the Lords after
December 2006.
                                                             the Court of Appeal ruled that a worker who is absent
                                                             on long-term sick leave loses his or her holiday
Family-friendly rights
                                                             entitlement. The Court of Appeal agreed with the
                                                             Inland Revenue, the employer, that workers on long-
A number of provisions of the Work and Families Act
                                                             term sick leave forfeit the right to compensation for
2006 and related regulations came into force on 1st
                                                             holiday not taken if that worker’s employment is
October 2006 and apply to employees whose expected
                                                             terminated during the leave year.
week of childbirth or date of adoption falls on or after
1 April 2007. The legislation:                           9
The Law Lords referred the case to the ECJ in the light          If your staff are operating plant and machinery it’s very
of a recent German court’s decision to refer the case            important that their ability to make decisions isn’t
of Schults-Hoff v Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund.              affected. Some over-the-counter painkillers can have
That case centres on whether article 7 of the Working            side-effects, such as drowsiness. Most medicines will
Time Directive means that workers must receive                   carry warnings indicating that users shouldn’t drive or
minimum annual paid leave of four weeks during a long            operate machinery after taking them. So we’d suggest
period of incapacity for work. The Law Lords considered          that you create a ruling prohibiting anyone working in
that guidance could be sought by joining Ainsworth to            an area after taking such medication as it could impair
the German reference, even though that case is                   their ability to work safely.
considered with German case law and the relevant
collective agreement in that country.                            To enforce your ruling make it a disciplinary offence.
                                                                 This will help make it manageable. This may seem a bit
All other employment tribunal and employment appeal              harsh, but we’ve heard about numerous accidents
tribunal cases currently stayed, waiting for the                 occurring as a result of this. To stop your staff using
outcome of the appeal to the House of Lords, will                your precautions to their advantage, we’d suggest you
have to wait until the ECJ has ruled.                            have a rule that prohibits those in charge of machinery
                                                                 etc. from taking any medication that may cause
HEALTH AND SAFETY                                                drowsiness. Otherwise, it could be used as a good way
                                                                 of getting out of work.
Got something for a headache?
                                                                 Why are they taking it?
A subscriber has discovered that a first aider has been
                                                                 Another reason is to find out what’s being taken, when
handing out painkilling drugs to colleagues. They don’t
                                                                 and in some cases why? For example, “I’ve got a bad
think this is allowed and are worried. What’s the legal
                                                                 back and I needed to take something”. Had they told
position and what should they do?
                                                                 you about this? Are they blaming work for it? Is their
                                                                 work making it worse? This might not come to light until
A difficult position
                                                                 much later, the worst case being when they make a
                                                                 personal injury claim for something you knew nothing
Firstly, to clear up the legal position, your staff shouldn’t
                                                                 about and which you’d taken no action to prevent. It
be handing out drugs to their colleagues. Even fully
                                                                 could also highlight problems such as regular hangovers,
qualified first aiders aren’t allowed to give any type of
                                                                 ill-health or stress, all of which could be acted upon
medicine, even if it’s over-the-counter, non-prescription
                                                                 quickly and prevented from becoming more serious for
items, such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Surely this is
                                                                 both the employer and the individual. It’s also important
a bit over the top? What if the person who takes the
                                                                 to know if your staff are taking medicines for conditions
medicine suffers an allergic reaction? What if it prevents
                                                                 such as epilepsy. If they are you’ll need to revise your
the emergency services giving other treatment for fear
                                                                 risk assessments accordingly.
of a reaction? Both highly unlikely, but possible, and as
such they are key reasons why untrained people should
                                                                 We suggest you keep a very basic record in the
not give out medicines.
                                                                 individual’s personnel file, in order to identify any
                                                                 possible potential problems. You’ll have to make this
So what can you do if one of your staff asks for
                                                                 known to the individual to prevent falling foul of the
medicine for a headache etc?
                                                                 Data Protection Act.
A number of options

You can allow your staff to have their own supply of
over-the-counter medication on-site which they are
permitted to take. But, and this is a big but, we’d
strongly suggest that they make you aware of it every
time they do. Why? Because you’re a nosy employer?
No, because you don’t want your staff putting
themselves and their colleagues at risk thanks to the
side-effects of a medicine.

       A Happy and Prosperous New Year                        READERS LETTERS
                 From Juliet
                                                              George Dunlop – Paxton/Linpac Materials
How do I know Adam would have made a good baker?              Handling
Because he preferred to eat an apple while a naked            General Manager, Scotland – Retirement
woman was discussing temptation.
                                                              I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my
I read in a Christmas supplement that love,                   Scottish Bakery customers for their support and loyalty
companionship and sex are three things a woman                going back to 1968 when I started Paxton in Scotland
needs from a man.                                             and thereafter in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic
Rubbish. She could not be bothered going to three             in 1974.
different places.
Women are at their best when over forty but men of            To be in same position and a sales career for nearly 40
that age are too daft to realise it.                          years is something I am extremely proud of and the
                                                              support and friendships I have made particularly in the
The only way to get your man to remember your                 bakery industry in Scotland as well as the bakery
anniversary is to get married on his birthday.                industry in Ireland is extremely special to me.

We were having a quiet drink in the local when the man        I take great personal satisfaction in seeing ingredient
at the next table could not open his Budweiser. He            storage done in a correct manner to the benefit of each
called the waitress and said “Could you help me out?”         individual bakery business no matter the size of the
“Certainly” she said smiling, “go right through that door     bakery. I called this the messy end! Outwith myself no
in the corner”.                                               one else was much interested in understanding handling
Did the Christmas meals tell a tale on your waistline?        problems. Paxton was the first company to create an
I found that my favourite trousers were a bit tight and       alternative to wooden bread boards in 1970 and I was
said “I think they need altering”. “No” said my sweetness     fortunate to be involved in designing the three different
and light “they don’t – you do” To make things worse          depths of trays with three variations to each depth, not
he suggested I take up jogging again and said “It’s the       because we wished to make all these variable, but we
only time I get to hear your heavy breathing”.                recognised the importance of air-tightness to keep soft
I mentioned I would quite like to try cucumber soap. He       products soft, solid base with perforated sides to avoid
replied “Why don’t you just rinse them like you normally      crumb penetration still allowing air flow and lattice
do!”                                                          base for hot product cooling to avoid condensation on
                                                              the product.
Give him his due though he did get me a bottle of Chanel
No 5. The assistant asked if it was a surprise present.       I also recognised the need to create a roll basket – to
“Sure is” he replied “she’s expecting a weekend in            be bagged rolls or straight from the pan. Once again
Paris” - and I was.                                           this basket was designed from knowledge of the
                                                              industry whereby you avoided condensation on the
Now I would not say that my man is mean. Well not if          product. All these products were designed, based on
he is listening but I gave him a new mobile phone with        listening to bakers suggestions not by proceeding with
120 minutes of free calls. Caught him in the garage           a design which did not function correctly to the industry.
phoning his pals with an egg timer on the car dashboard.      All these products are still currently used by the
                                                              industry the length and breadth of Scotland and beyond.
He was really excited by the present he got from the
bakery staff. It was a new book 50 Ways to Mate –             I recall my very first order from a bakery in May 1968
translated from French with 100 illustrations. He was         as you never forget your first order – it was from
so excited – pity he does not play chess.                     Calder McGhee at the old bakery up a flight of stairs to
                                                              the office. It was for six flat boxes and lids and 6 flour
I started with a question so will finish with another two:-   scoops. The discussion went along these lines “let me
                                                              see your book son” as Calder looked at the catalogue
How many men does it take to change a toilet roll?            “o.k. give me six of these with lids and six scoops all
Nobody knows, its never happened.                             alright, goodbye” and that was that, in Calder’s direct
How are men like dogs about housework?
They run and hide every time they see a vacuum
cleaner.                                       11
What I learned very early on is you never sell anything
to a baker. I realised you tell the benefits of your         Oddy Pinner/Moulder - excellent condition £1200
products to the business without being pushy and let         Mono Automatic BDM reasonable offers considered
him come back to you in his own time without forcing         Contact Jim Johnston - 01542 832 024
the sale and that applies not just to bakers but to all
potential businesses as well as existing customers. I        2 Tom Chandley Ovens 1x4x3 Decks 1x3x2 decks
realised at that very early stage the importance of          1 mono hi-speed mixer
learning industry terminology relating to bag capacities,    1 spiral mixer
preparation of mixes, resting of pastry, chilling product    2 bear varimixers
and understanding how a bakery functions with regard         1 Waddells auto pie machine
to the distribution of confectionery and bread products.     1 Rondo belt table top brake
                                                             racks, provers, ss tables & much more
I wish the Scottish Bakery Industry all the best for the     Telephone Jim on 07870 651 929
future and thank everyone for their loyalty to myself
over the years.                                              Washing Machine for utensils, by JEROS,
                                                             Type 8120
The talking machine is about to stop talking and have        4 ¾ years old and working well, Maintained by AES.
some private time and play a bit more golf, bowls and        Available at £5563.00 + VAT, installed & commissioned.
gardening!                                                   Client buying larger machine.
                                                             Contact Malcolm Crawford – 07788 926 925
Best regards to all.
George Dunlop                                                Konig 5 pocket roll plant
                                                             Peerless 80-ltr mixer
WANTED                                                       Hobart 20 quart mixer
                                                             3 bread slicers
3 OR 4 Deck 2 pan oven                                       Stainless steel tables (various)
Contact Jim McLean 0131 316 4188                             Rondo brake
                                                             Storage bins (various)
                                                             Tins (various)
                                                             Revent 4-rack prover

                                                             Contact number
1. Oddy Novater 428 divider moulder does 50g to 90g          01620843883 - 07711195003
pieces, good condition Spare main motor and gearbox.
New infeed belt gear machine. £8250 o.n.o
                                                             1     5 pocket Konig with Pinner Panner £35,000
2. Staff lockers nests of 4. Full height, keys available     1     6 pocket Konig with Pinner Panner £30,000
£30 per nest of 4. (six sets)                                1     1x36 Pan Reel Oven                  £6,000
                                                             1     Wrapping Machine                    £5,000
3. Gas hotplate 6ft long. Working order but some             1     7 Rack Freezer                      £1,200
burners broken £100.                                         1     Winkler 6 Pkt (good head)           £2,500
Stan Johnston                                                2     Rack ovens with racks               £2,000
Tel: 01387 261970 and 264850                                 1     12 rack prover                      £1,200
Mobile: 07885 146 960                                        1     18 rack prover      /retarder       £1,200
Express Bakery                                               3     Climators                        £500 each
                                                             1     Chocolate enrober                   £600
Wabama dual slicer (10+14mm)                                 1     Deck oven 18 tray                   £500
Wabama piccolo table top (8m)                                1     Mono depositor                      £500
Mono L.sealer                                                1     Konig 5 pocket (spare or repair)    £900
Contact Jonathan Kelly                                       1     Semi divider moulder                £400
Tel:0845 456 1902                                            2     Double racks + 30 trays             £90
                                                             1     Single rack + 15 trays              £50
                                                                   Various mixers                      Ask

                                                             Contact Billy Tosh on 01236 754 442

Sinclair’s of Rhynie                                     2007
Old Road, Strathbogie
For sale as going concern, turnover 31/1/02 £550,000.    20   Jan   Sat         SAMB Burns Supper, Irvine
Comprising of modern equipment, main bakery and
retail shop.                                             3    Feb   Sat         Region 4 & 6 Joint Dinner
Both leasehold                                                                  Dance, Radisson SAS Hotel,
Price to include all equipment, van and goodwill of                             Glasgow
Contact Alan Duffus 01466 799 327                        21   Feb   Wed         Training & Education
                                                                                Committee Meeting, Athol
For sale as going Concern                                                       House
Bakery and shop with outside storage space. Some
wholesale.                                               28   Feb   Wed         SAMB Board Meeting
Also adjacent house on three levels with 4/5 bedrooms
+ two bathrooms.
Spacious accommodation. Main street location in          3    Mar Sat           Region 3 & 5 Joint Dinner
Pretty, Coastal village of Cullen.                                              Dance, Queen’s Hotel Perth
Contact Alan McPherson 01542 840512

Business For Sale North Ayrshire                         18   Apr               Wed SAMB Board
For sale as going concern                                                       Meeting
Includes – Bakery, three shops and wholesale.
All fixture and fitting included
No leases                                                24-27 May Sat-Tues     SAMB Annual Conference
Annual turnover at 31/05/06 - £354,000
Contact A Mackenzie 01294833004
                                                         Those arranging events are reminded to check
                                                         that the date for your event does not clash with
                                                         another SAMB event already booked.


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