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              ConneCting       Education          PatiEnt carE         rEsEarch         To be among the premier academic
                                                                                       Orthopaedic Departments in the country
                                                                                                                   Volume 4, Issue 4

  Message from the Chair
               I Don’t Care                    medicine - from the early training to         or innocent.
                                               the most recent lectureships. All the                I implore all my fellow MDs to do

         he problem seemed simple              lectures, patient rounds, morbidity-          the same. Let others decide right or wrong,
         enough:      severe,     chronic      mortality conferences, journal clubs,         guilt or punishment; as physicians, our
         osteoarthritis of the hip in an       national medical forums, and ethical          mission is not to determine who deserves
 otherwise healthy, middle-aged male           debates that I could recall provided          our help. Our only job is to provide
 with healthcare funding. Despite              great insight into the accurate diagnosis     care. Besides, where do we draw the
 the patient’s diligent adherence to           and optimal treatment of disease. There       line: manslaughter, assault, physical
 appropriate conservative measures, he         was not a single aspect of my medi-           appearance, socioeconomic standing,
 was essentially incapacitated due to          cal education, formal or otherwise, that      sexual or religious preference? That’s
 persistent, agonizing pain. The solution      assigned to me the authority (or wisdom)      not our job.
 was fairly straightforward: an elective       to determine who was worthy of my                 So, I’m scheduled to perform a THR
 total hip replacement (THR).                  professional services - and who was not.      on this patient, and, as I do with my next
     The story within the story, however,             Physicians are not the only            surgical case, I hope this THR is the best
 was unquestionably more complicated           persons to find themselves confronted         I’ve ever done. The upstanding citizen in
 and, frankly, somewhat disturbing.            with this type of moral dilemma               me will continue to revile the patient’s
 This individual had committed the             (i.e., a job which demands that one’s         transgressions, and sincerely hope that
 most heinous crimes against a sup-            personal convictions are left at              his punishment equals his crime. But the
 posed loved one. Similar egregious            home). In a memorable scene from the          physician in me won’t care.
 acts involved a child. As the entire          recent film The Fugitive, Lieutenant
 medical team attempted to come                Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) has lost                         --Ronald W. Lindsey, MD
 to grips with this chilling aspect of         his weapon to Dr. Kimble (Harrison
 the patient’s history, the inevitable         Ford). While keeping his adversary
 question was eventually verbalized,           at bay, Kimble proclaims “I didn’t
 “Do we really have to treat this guy?”        kill my wife,” to which Gerard em-
      Momentarily I even thought the           phatically replies, “I don’t care.”
 same, but didn’t dare verbalize it.           Gerard recognizes that his one and only
 Over the ensuing days, I reflected            responsibility is to apprehend Kimble,
 long and hard about all my years in           not determine whether he is guilty

Faculty Spotlight
                         John W. Kosty, MD, is Assistant Professor in the Division of Joint Arthroplasty and General Orthopaedics
                         and Medical Director at UTMB’s South Shore Harbor Clinic. Born and raised near Philadelphia, he graduat-
                         ed from Penn State University as a biology major, earning his MD at the University of Pennsylvania School
                         of Medicine. Shortly thereafter, he entered the US Air Force, completing a General Surgery internship at
                         Wright Patterson USAF Medical Center. He then completed a 5-year residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at
                         the University of New Mexico Affiliated Hospitals. He completed his Air Force commitment in 1987 and
                         joined the staff at UTMB in 1988 as a clinical instructor. Serving as a clinical instructor and full-time faculty
                         member, he has been affiliated with the DOSR for over 20 years. During his time at UTMB he has also been
                         Vice President of the Galveston County Medical Society, Chief of Staff at Mainland Hospital, and previous
                         Department of Surgery chairs at Mainland and Danforth Hospitals in Texas City. He has recently extended
his research involvement at UTMB, serving as primary investigator for a study of an injectable compound to alleviate arthritic shoulder
pain. UTMB’s Office of Regional Medical Education recently awarded him Top Doc recognition for community-based education. Dr. Kosty is
a dedicated teacher and surgeon and an inquisitive researcher; he never stops questioning, never stops examining and scrutinizing for
ways to improve himself as a clinician, as a teacher, as a surgeon.
Allen JC Jr, Lindsey RW, Hipp JA, Gugala Z, Rianon                                 The 26th Annual
N, LeBlanc A. The effect of retained intramedullary nails                     Conference on Innovations in
on tibial bone mineral density. Clin Biomech (Bristol,                          SPORTS MEDICINE
Avon). 2008 Jul;23(6):839-43.                                                 July 11 & 12, Galveston, TX

Merriman D, Carmichael K, Battle SC. Skimboard injuries.         Allen SD. Stress Fractures—Etiology and Management.
J Trauma. 2008 Aug;65(2):487-90.
                                                                 Garges KJ. Injury to the Lower Back.
Nourbakhsh A, Grady JJ, Garges KJ. Percutaneous
spine biopsy: a meta-analysis. J Bone Joint Surg Am.             Grecula MJ. Exertional Compartment Syndrome.
2008 Aug;90(8):1722-5.
                                                                 Gugala Z. Gene Therapy and Athletic Medicine.
Schroeder FA, Viegas SF, Carmichael K. Shrimp winch
injuries. J Trauma. 2008 Jul;65(1):142-6.                        Ivey FM. The Patellofemoral Joint (Workshop).

Watters WC III, Baisden J, Bono CM, Heggeness MH,                Ivey FM. Sudden Death in the Athlete.
Resnick DK, Shaffer WO, Toton JF. Antibiotic prophylaxis
in spine surgery: an evidence-based clinical guideline for       Lindsey RW. Cervical Spine Injury—Initial Examina-
the use of prophylactic antibiotics in spine surgery. Spine J.   tion and Treatment (Workshop).
2008 Jul 9. [Epub ahead of print]
                                                                 O’Neill DB. On the Field and Sideline Evaluation of a
     Publications Erratum                                        Player with a Suspected Head Injury.
Buford WL, Hollister AM, Andersen CR. Modeling
avian kinematics using software developed for the                Panchbhavi VK. Injury to the Foot and Ankle.
human musculoskeletal system. Conf Proc IEEE Eng
Med Biol Soc. 2007:4301-4.                                       Panchbhavi VK. Nerve Entrapment About the Foot and
Caban ME, Kuo YF, Mahnken JD, Nosek MA, Freeman
JL. Mammography use may partially mediate disparities            Randall D. Slap Lesions of the Shoulder—Diagnosis and
in tumor size at diagnosis in women with social security         Treatment.
disabilities. Women Health. 2007;46(4):1-17.
                                                                 Smith BA. Failed ACL Reconstruction—Causes and
Panchbhavi VK. Calcaneus fractures: reduction of the             Management.
medial wall. Foot Ankle Int. 2007;28(7):849-50.
                                                                 Stephenson KW. The Pregnant Athlete.
Yazaki N, Burns ST, Morris RP, Andersen CR, Patterson
RM, Viegas SF. Variations of capitate morphology in the          Viegas SF. Joint Injuries in the Hand—The “Jammed Finger.”
wrist. J Hand Surg [Am]. 2008 May-Jun;33(5):660-6.
                                                                 Yngve DA. Children’s Sports Injuries.
     Grants & Funding
Stryker Orthopaedics has recently allocated $25,350 for a project entitled “Biomechanical Evaluation of the Sur-
gical Treatment of Metastatic Femur Lesions in a Cadaveric Model.” William L. Buford, Jr., PhD, Toribio
Natividad, MD, and Randal P. Morris, BSc, will serve as co-investigators on this project under the direction of
primary investigator Christopher P. Cannon, MD, of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.
     Summer Research Student
Over the summer, local area high school student Parth Patel was assigned the project “Mechanical Testing of Rabbit
Achilles Tendons,” by mentors Vinod Panchbhavi, MD, William L. Buford, Jr., PhD, Randal P. Morris, BSc, and
Jinping Yang, MD. Final results of this project are shown in his poster entitled “Designing a Reproducible Model of
Achilles Tendon Rupture.” That poster is currently on display in the hall outside of the faculty conference room. We
invite everyone in the DOSR to stop by and view Mr. Patel’s poster.
                                                                                   Grand Rounds
                                    The July 9 Galveston Grand Rounds speaker was Leonard Swischuk, MD, Professor of Radiology and
                                    Pediatrics, Director, Pediatric Radiology, Children’s Hospital, UTMB. Dr. Swischuk presented “Pediatric
Ronald W. Lindsey, MD               Musculoskeletal Imaging Correlations.”
Department Chair                                                  On August 13 Dr. Mark Wylie, Medical Director at the Fort Worth
The John Sealy Distinguished
                                                                  Spine Center, Texas, and Assistant Professor at the University of
Centennial Chair in
Rehabilitation Sciences                                           North Texas, Department of Orthopedic Surgery in Denton presented
                                                                  “Stingers and Cervical Neurapraxia in the Athlete.”
Foot & Ankle and                   Ronald Lindsey, Leonard
Infections & Wound Care
                                                                  The July 16 Austin Lecture Series featured Laura L. Tosi, MD. Dr.            Dr. Wylie
                                   Swischuk & John Kosty          Tosi is principal investigator at the Children’s Research Institute,
Maria T. Guidry, MD
Vinod K. Panchbhavi, MD                                           Center for Genetic Medicine Research and Associate Professor of
                                                                  Orthopaedic Surgery, Pediatrics at George Washington University
                                                                  School of Medicine and Health Sciences, both in Washington, DC.
Hand Surgery                                                      Dr. Tosi presented “Fragility Fractures.”
J. Pat Kearney, Jr., MD
Steven F. Viegas, MD                                              On August 20 Alexander M. Cherkashin, MD, with the Seay Center
                                                                  for Musculoskeletal Research at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for
Joint Arthroplasty &                                              Children in Dallas presented “Complications in Limb Lengthening
                                Laura L. Tosi displays the July   and Deformity Correction: The TSRH Approach.”
General Orthopaedics            Austin Grand Rounds Certificate
                                                                                                                                   Dr. Cherkashin
Stanley D. Allen, MD
E. Burke Evans, MD
Michael J. Grecula, MD
John W. Kosty, MD
Kelly W. Stephenson, MD

Orthopaedic Research
William L. Buford, Jr., PhD
Zbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD

Pediatric Orthopaedics &
Scoliosis Surgery
Kelly D. Carmichael, MD                           Justin Klimisch &                                                     Mike Campbell, Paul Rath &
David A. Yngve, MD                                Thomas Tanous                                                         Bob Dreager

Spine Surgery &
Mabel E. Caban, MD
Lilly L. Chen, MD
Kim J. Garges, MD
Ronald W. Lindsey, MD

Sports Medicine and
Knee & Shoulder Surgery
Frank M. Ivey, Jr., MD
                                                             Zbigniew Gugala                                        Niki Leontaritis &
Brian A. Smith, MD                    Lucy Glen & Frank                                                                                Rose Garcia &
                                                                                                                    Charlie Moulton
                                      & Bobbi Ivey                                                                                     Frank Ivey
                                                                                Jerry Hurt & Carolyn Woodward
Stanley D. Allen, MD
Ronald W. Lindsey, MD
                                      Focus on Biomechanics
                                                    Randal P. Morris, BSc, is currently a Biomedical Engineering Specialist III and Biomechanics
UTMB                                                Laboratory Manager in the Orthopaedic Research Division. He graduated from Texas A&M
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                    University in 1994 with bachelor’s degrees in Bioengineering and Biochemistry and
301 University Blvd
Galveston TX 77555-0165
                                                    came to UTMB in 1995. Among his many duties, Mr. Morris collaborates with faculty,
409.747.5700                                        residents, department personnel, and students in every stage of research—from con-
                                                    ception and design to analysis and reporting. He has co-authored 25 peer-reviewed
www.utmb.edu/ortho                                  papers and proceedings and has given over 30 presentations at scientific meetings.
                                                    He also assists in obtaining department funding through grants, corporate proposals,
                                                    and institutional contracts. In addition, he performs all design and maintenance of
                                                    the DOSR UTMB website. Randy has been an integral part of the research division’s
                                                    success for over 13 years. Our faculty, residents, and students rely on his dependable,
                                  consistent research and biomechanics expertise; our department appreciates his efforts in advancing our
                                  core values and we look enthusiastically to the future, to the many bright and prosperous years ahead
                                  with Randy and the research division.
                If you have comments, questions, or news you would like highlighted in a future edition, please contact Rob Cox at recox@utmb.edu or 409-747-5735.
            ConneCting        Education          PatiEnt carE          rEsEarch          To be among the premier academic
                                                                                        Orthopaedic Departments in the country
                                                          Upcoming Events
UTMB Galveston Grand Rounds:
 --September 10: September Grand Rounds will feature two speakers:
        --Jean Sibonga, PhD, Sr. Research Scientist, USRA Basic Science Lead, Bone Mineral Laboratory and Bone Discipline Lead,
          Human Research Program, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston
        --Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD, SouthWest Orthopaedics, Houston

 --October 8: Clifford B. Jones, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids, MI

                   Save the Date: The 2009 Eggers Conference will be held March 27-28 at Moody Gardens in Galveston.

                                                          Voluntary Faculty
                               We are pleased to announce our voluntary faculty appointees for July/August:

                               Gary Gartsman, MD                                       Sherwin Siff, MD
                               William Granberry, MD                                   Todd Siff, MD
                               Thomas Greider, MD                                      Roy Smith, MD
                               Marc Labbe, MD                                          William Watters III, MD
                               Rita Patterson, PhD

    301 University Blvd
    Galveston, TX 77555-0165


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