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POSITION TITLE:                         Marketing Account Advisor

POSITION NO:                            116321

CLASSIFICATION:                         Administration Officer Grade 8

DIVISION:                               Organisational Culture and Communication

DEPARTMENT:                             Marketing and Corporate Communications

DATE PREPARED:                          October 2011

       Chisholm has a proud history of delivering technical training in the south east of Melbourne.
       With 1,500 experienced staff we currently engage 40,000 students per annum. Our networks
       of six campuses are all located in the southeast region of Melbourne, a culturally diverse
       region that is home to over 600,000 people. It is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia,
       and is of significant social and economic importance to Melbourne and Victoria. Chisholm is
       strategically positioned to serve this population growth corridor.
       The Board of Chisholm Institute has approved the strategic vision, purpose and values as part
       of the blueprint for Chisholm 2020. These serve as a guide to prospective employees of the
       Institute’s expectations of staff:
                     Our strategic vision …                                      … and purpose
            Chisholm is the catalyst for dynamic career                … accelerating economic and social
                    pathways in our region …                        prosperity through skills and qualifications

                                                           OUR VALUES
           Making a           Integrity and           Service and  Diversity       Excellence     Sustainable
           difference            respect               relevance                                   practice

          This means:        This means:          This means:       This           This          This means:
                                                                    means:         means:

          Creating           Working      in      Individualising   Drawing on     Setting,      Balancing
          opportunities      ways that build      learning and      difference     achieving     financial,
          that               trust      with      services          as         a   and           social     and
          transform          learners,                              resource in    maintaining   environmental
          individuals        colleagues and                         learning       best          returns
          and                partners                                              practice

          Securing           Displaying           Imparting the     Celebrating    Building      Maintaining a
          resources to       open                 most     up-to-   the richness   reputation    future
          enhance the        communication        date              of our many    that          focused
          success    of      and                  information       cultures       surpasses     mindset
          our region         transparency         and skills                       competitors
                             of    decision-
            Our focus                           Our approach                       Our undertaking now for the

Pos. No. : Marketing Account Advisor (October 2011)
       Chisholm’s core business is the delivery of quality education and training with a focus on
       putting students first in meeting their personal aspirations. Chisholm courses and training are
       delivered through a network of campuses in the south-east region, strategically linked to serve
       population growth corridors of significant social and economic importance to Melbourne and
       One of the largest TAFE training providers in Victoria, Chisholm delivers certificate, diploma,
       advanced diploma and graduate diploma courses with a range of flexible options. These
       courses are specifically designed to ensure students are ready for employment, a new career
       or as a basis for entry to further study including university degree courses.
       The Institute offers vocational programs and courses in Australia to students from overseas
       and also runs courses in other countries, in partnership with other institutes or industry
       sectors. This delivery often includes the development of training systems relevant to a range of
       different cultural environments.
       Chisholm also offers vocational, technical and recreational short courses as well as industry
       workplace training tailored to employer requirements.
       A clear Institute direction has been articulated through Chisholm 2020 and Chisholm Strategy
       2010 – 2014.

       The Organisational Culture & Communication Division comprises the following departments:
              Marketing & Corporate Communications
              Learner & Community Engagement
              Human Resource Development
       The Director, Organisational Culture and Communication Division, is responsible to the CEO
       for the effective provision of a range of organisational culture and communication services and
       associated support systems throughout the Institute and the student body. These services
       broadly cover human resource development, student advice, information and liaison services,
       relationships with secondary colleges, the engagement with the broader community and
       marketing and corporate communications activities. It also has a major role to play in the
       provision of information to support teaching centres and staff in their roles and to external
       bodies. The Director, Organisational Culture & Communication also assumes the role of
       Board Secretary.
       The Marketing and Corporate Communications Department provides leadership and
       management on a range of corporate and marketing services including strategic advice in the
       development of Institute marketing plans to support the achievement of identified business
       growth. Additionally the Department provides corporate and strategic marketing and
       communication services and direction for all marketing activity across Chisholm.

       Securing Jobs for your Future establishes the Victorian Government’s policy intention of a new
       contestable environment for Victoria’s vocational education and training system. Students will
       have greater capacity to select where they wish to train and TAFEs such as Chisholm will
       need to reposition themselves to operate in a fully demand driven sector. This will see an
       increased focus on Chisholm being able to market itself effectively.
       Within this changing context this position is responsible for ensuring that the Institute
       maximises its brand and corporate marketing effort in line with the Institute’s strategic
       directions and supports the achievement of business growth. The Department operates as a
       service provider to the Institute with centres and divisions as the main client groups.

Pos. No. : Marketing Account Advisor (October 2011)
       The Marketing Account Advisor will provide end to end Marketing advice and direction to the
       managers and teams of designated Centres and Divisions. The advisor will need to work
       closely with the business area to understand their products and target market and interpret
       market intelligence to respond and ensure product uptake.
       The Marketing account advisor will need to support the Senior Advisor - Marketing in ensuring
       consistent positioning for the organisation and marketing planning and campaign management
       is integrated.
       The Marketing Account Advisor may be required to work on any campus within the Institute
       and must be willing to travel between campuses and work at a range of locations.


     The major challenges for the position are to:

              Build effective collaborative relationships with centre/division teams to deliver innovative
               solutions and effective outcomes for the organisation.
              Use knowledge of designated organisational areas to identify and implement strategies
               to address marketing challenge and respond to market need.
              Use marketing metrics to proactively identify issues, trends and opportunities for
               improvement within organisational areas.
              Translate organisational wide marketing plans to designated centre/division and ensure
               they are embedded in the practices of each area.
              Provide excellent, timely and consistent marketing support services and advice to the
               management and staff at all levels and across all campuses of the Institute.
              Develop and implement Chisholm’s marketing plans in-line with the Marketing and Brand
               strategy and other planning documents.
              Provide leadership and expertise to the team and within Chisholm.
              Manage the budget and associated marketing activities including advertising and
               collateral expenses
              Work closely with the Senior Advisors of the Marketing, Web Services and Corporate
               Communications Team to ensure and deliver seamless, integrated, creative and
               innovative marketing solutions.

              Act as the central point of contact for Departments seeking marketing advice and
              Actively develop and maintain strong relationships both internally and externally.
              Work collaboratively with other team members to ensure the delivery of seamless and
               professional marketing services.
              Manage the integrity of the Chisholm brand ensuring it is protected and used
               appropriately both internally and externally.
              Partner with Division/Centre management in developing and implementing marketing
               plans to support specific divisional/centre strategies.
              Provide coaching and support to line management to enable them to build their own
               capability as leaders and managers.
              Provide regular reports, value-adding analysis and advice to managers on relevant
               marketing metrics.

Pos. No. : Marketing Account Advisor (October 2011)
7. KEY SELECTION CRITERIA (Mandatory unless otherwise stated)
              A relevant tertiary qualification (marketing, advertising, brand or communication) and/or
               relevant work experience.
              Proven experience in end to end campaign execution and managment, including
               managing external creative agencies, briefing and utilising expertise within the marketing
               and corporate communications team.
              Excellent negotiation skills with the ability to influence decisions that result in positive
               outcomes for both internal and external projects and stakeholders.
              Excellent communication and stakeholder skills, both written and verbal and ability to
               liaise and communication with a broad range of people.
              Excellent project management skills with the ability to multi task, co-ordinate resources
               and assign priorities ensuring all projects are delivered on time and within budget.
              Demonstrated ability to work in an environment with competing demands and needs and
               proven ability to think creatively, positively and solutions orientated.
              Knowledge of current education and training issues in industry, community and
               government with particular focus on the Victorian TAFE system.

       Chisholm Institute adheres to the merit principle in all its personnel positioning. Diversity
       valuing is fundamental to its staffing operations, and it affirms its Code of Conduct and
       compliance with all applicable ethical standards and anti-discriminatory lawful prescription.
       Family-friendly work practices supportive of responsible work-life balance are respected and
       applied wherever practicable.

       Chisholm Institute provides as far as is practicable a working environment that is safe and
       without risks to the health of its employees or members of the public. It also strives to improve
       the health and welfare of its employees through active health promotion activities, whilst
       requiring of them that they take all reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of
       others who may be affected by their actions or inaction.

       For further information please contact Zac Vlahandonis, Senior Advisor, Marketing on
       (03)9238 8497.

Pos. No. : Marketing Account Advisor (October 2011)

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