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									                 ROYAL ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                     NEWSLETTER - March 2011
                       “Your School Connection”

This will be the last time we will be sending home a hard copy of the newsletter with all of our
students. Starting next month we will only be sending them home with the students we have
now identified with not having internet access at home (or if you wish to continue receiving a
copy please contact the school). This will help the school save on the cost of copying as well as
“going green” and reducing our paper usage throughout the year. As always, the newsletter and
calendar will be available online at the school website at
Thank you 

                               Don’t f or get !

                          Y’s Men Breakfast
                                      in support of
                  Royal Road Element ary School
                          March 26t h
                     The breakfast w ill be held at the
               W illie O’Ree Place com m unity room from
                             8 am to 11 am
                                $6 - adults
                                 $4 - kids
                         Have a hot breakfast and
               help us im prove technology in our school!

                        Vesey’s Seeds
                        Spring 2011
                        Fundraising Campaign

Order bulbs & seeds for spring and support Royal Road School (We earn 50%
of funds raised!). The campaign runs from March 28 – April 18.
More information to follow.
                      NEWSLETTER - March 2011
                        “Your School Connection”
The Fredericton Music Festival is soon beginning. The schedule for Royal Road’s participation
is as follows:

Thursday, April 7: 10:20--Grade 3-5 Choir
                11:20--Grade 5G
                11:35--Grade 5P and Grade 5L

Tuesday, April 12: 9:00--Grade 1-2 Choir

Wednesday, April 13: 10:05--Kindergarten Choral Speech
                  10:45--Grade 2 Choral Speech

Thursday, April 14: 9:00--Kindergarten Choir

All classes are performing at Fredericton High School and there is a small admission fee if you
would like to come and be part of the audience.

Also, Mrs. Saunders is still looking for more 4 litre size ice-cream containers to use during a
drumming unit. If you have this size container, could you please send it in with your child?
Thank you.

                                  CROSS STITCH
                                    Royal Road Stitchers

We are starting to count the “sleeps” until the Spring Stitch-In on Wednesday, April 6th from
noon until 5pm in the Arts & Sciences Room. Please remember to pick up a permission slip and
return it. Hope to see you there.
The stitchers are finishing up many projects and are now starting to stitch Spring and Easter
patterns. Some stitchers are designing and stitching their own projects. Well done everyone.

-   Yours in Cross Stitch, Mrs. Barr

Reminders to Parents:
       Please do not go beyond the “Bus Only” sign when dropping students off in
        the morning – the upper parking lot is for staff only.
       There is “No Smoking” on school grounds.
       Supervision begins at 7:45 am
       First Bell is 8:05 and instruction begins at 8:15
       Dismissal times K-2 1:50 / 3-5 3:00 / Wednesdays K-5 11:50
                     NEWSLETTER - March 2011
                       “Your School Connection”
Mrs. Somers' Grade 2 class was pleased to present their Polar Animal project to their parents on
Tuesday March 22nd. The students enjoyed presenting a French Story, 2 Read Aloud poems
about Penguins and Polar Bears, they challenged each other to Polar Animal Math Problems then
ended with presenting facts about their chosen Polar Animal. They enjoyed hot chocolate and
timbits too! This was a great opportunity for the Grade 2 class to show how much they learned
and to present their facts. They would like to thank "everyone" for coming…it was a great day!
                                                            Mrs. Somers and Students

All Royal Road students are now participating in a marathon run similar to Brian Jones, a father
from our school who participated in the Atacama Desert Crossing marathon. Our goal is to reach
10,000 laps together. As of early this week, we have reached 7,068 laps. Keep up the good work!
                        NEWSLETTER - March 2011
                          “Your School Connection”

Information Release - March 1, 2011

Residents, Businesses Invited to Participate in Earth Hour Events on March 26
Fredericton, NB – Fredericton businesses and residents are once again being urged to show their
support for the environment by reducing their energy consumption during Earth Hour on March 26.

“We are asking businesses and residents to show their support for action on climate change, by turning
their lights off from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 26,” said Councillor Eric Megarity, chair of the
City’s Public Safety & Environment Committee. “We are proud to show our on-going commitment to a
more sustainable community by participating in Earth Hour once again.”

Earth Hour is a global World Wildlife Fund (WWF) climate change initiative. The event began in Sydney in
2007, when two million people switched off their lights. Since then, more that 1.3 billion people, in 128
countries, and 4,616 cities and towns worldwide have participated in the largest voluntary action ever
witnessed, and the largest environmental movement in history.

In conjunction with Earth Hour, the City’s Green Matters office is partnering with the New Brunswick
Department of Environment and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick to host an “Unplug Your
World” event at the Boyce Farmer’s Market, also on March 26. Taking place from 7:30-9:30 p.m., the
energy-free celebration will feature local musicians, the Downtown Blues Band, and the talented Katie
Macdonald, David Suzuki’s Playlist for the Planet finalist.

You will also be entertained by the Calithumpians Theatre Company and Perley the Magician, and enjoy
treats provided by the Bundle Hut and Gagetown Fruit Farm. Members of the Royal Astronomical
Society of Canada (RASC) will have telescopes available in the parking lot for the public to
enjoy a close up view of some of the wonders of our night sky. Information booths will also be on
display to allow participants to learn about climate change and the environment. Admission to this event is

Green Matters is also partnering with Science East and the RASC to educate the public about astronomy
and light pollution as well as offer planetarium tours at the Regent Mall from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on
March 26. This is also a free event.

Residents and businesses alike are being encouraged to participate in Earth Hour. Businesses are asked
to turn off all external lighting, including signs, and as many lights internally as safely possible for the
hour. Residents are encouraged to not only turn off all non-essential lights but go a little further by turning
off all electronic appliances for the hour.

“Not only do we want you to participate, but let us know what you have done,” said Coun. Megarity. “You
can tell us your plans and find out more information about Earth Hour at .

Green Matters and the City of Fredericton have been proud supporters of Earth Hour since 2008, in
support of this important climate change awareness initiative and to demonstrate their on-going
commitment to the environment.
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                        Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y7                               Tél. : 506-460-2181 / Fax : 506-460-2134
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