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									                      The Dallas Area Light
                       Monthly Newsletter of the Dallas Friends Meeting
Issue                                                                                               January 2007
In this issue:
Announcements                             1                     Minutes …                      4-5
Fair Trade                                2                     Treasurer’s Report …           6-7
Swift Plant Workers                       3                     Calendar and Mailer page … back page
State of the Meeting Queries              3, 4

We are having the following special events over                  Churches and the Environment
the next few months!
                                                                 Northaven Methodist Church has a First Friday
          th                                                     Film series which is open to the public. On
On the 4 Sunday of January we will have a
potluck and a discussion of the State of the                     February 2 they will be showing, in rooms 237
Meeting Queries. The queries are included in                     & 239 at Northaven, 11211 Preston Rd., the
the newsletter.                                                  film Is God Green?, from the Moyers on
                                                                 America series. This film focuses on
On the 4th Sunday of February Stephanie                          conversations with conservative evangelicals to
Scribner will talk about her trip to India.                      examine the theological, ecological, and
                                                                 political implications of their debate over the
A group of Friends from our meeting has been
working out a plan to do a more structured                       Please consider adding this film to your list of
study of our Quaker beliefs and practices.                       must-see’s not available from NetFlix.
         There will be introductory sessions on
January 7th after eating meeting and on January                  Martin Pyle loves to hear from us:
31st at 6:30 pm. Please spread the word about                    Snail mail to:
these sessions                                                   Kendal at Longwood
                                                                 Room 441
        There will then be 6 sessions of
                                                                 441 Kendal Dr., Kennett Square, PA 19348
Quakerism 101 after Eating Meeting starting on
February 4th. All are welcome to come to one
                                                                 His room phone is 484-259-0202.
or all of these sessions.
                                                                 The main number is 610-388-7001 and the
                                                                 Nurses' station is 610-388-5522.

To update contact information, get in touch with Chris Fulmer at or by phone at 972 – 393 – 0239. To
submit something for the newsletter, send it to Liz Wolff at or send it to DMMF, Attn: Newsletter,
5828 Worth Street, Dallas, TX 75214, or talk to Liz at meeting about it. We try to put the newsletter together between the
last Sunday and following 2nd Sunday.

                                   A Fair Trade Experience
        We are somewhat new to fair trading, but on Nov. 10, Lewis Phelps and I drove from Dallas
to Austin to participate in the Women and Fair Trade event sponsored by the AFSC office.
        We arrived at the office in time to help with some last-minute preparation for the third
annual Women and Fair Trade and Cultural event that was to begin the next morning. That evening,
we were fortunate to hear one of the women who traveled to Texas to sell goods,
        Celia Santiz Ruiz, a member of Jolom Mayatik, a women’s weaving cooperative in Chiapas,
Mexico. Celia had been invited to speak at the University of Texas to an audience of about 300
students and faculty, and as we listened and watched her slide show, we became much more
informed as to the poverty, cooperative life, politics, and wonder of the struggle of women in
        The next morning, we moved tables, helped set up displays, and talked with the venders.
What we learned in Austin was that any fair trade sale is about much more than purchasing quality
products. It is about supporting the cooperatives that serve as a living alternative to dominant forms
of production and distribution — that exploit rather than support the creators of the goods we
        Most workers of the clothes and other goods we typically buy are not paid fairly for their
work. I knew this first hand as one of my daughters and I had been to the border on a trip that the
AFSC Austin office organizes four times a year. I had been in the homes of these workers, eaten
several meal s with them, been to the building where their sewing machines are kept busy — and I
knew that supporting this alternative to the sweatshops made any gift precious.
        We are only developing the habit of buying directly from those who produce goods instead
of supporting large companies and adding to corporate profits. We regularly purchase fair trade
coffee and support local businesses.
        For the Women’s Fair Trade event, we had made snack bags for the vendors, knowing that
these women would be behind their tables all day, needing to sell, unfamiliar with the shops in the
area where they might grab a quick bite to eat, and we wanted to make a personal connection.
        A financial contribution from Dallas Monthly Meeting of Friends assisted us in this gesture
and helped pay for our gas so that we could drive a truck to Austin and help move tables and chairs.
        Throughout the day, as we helped sell coffee and T-shirts, we periodically visited the
venders of other cooperatives who work at the grassroots level in enabling their communities to
prosper and continue their cultural traditions based on weaving, sewing, basketry, and ceramics.
        We also heard native poets and musicians on stage, as well. Mid-morning Saturday, we were
able to hear a panel of women from several cooperatives inform the audience of their lives and
work, and answered questions.
        Because I am a member of the Program Committee for the AFSC-Austin office, I know that
staff and volunteers have long been committed to moving the debate around trade out of the realm
of theory and into real life. There is nothing more real than women searching for ways to provide
for their families while maintaining dignity and preserving their culture.
        You too, can help many around the world by purchasing fair trade products this holiday
season. And if you take the time to talk with such vendors, you will find that behind the table, each
of these people has a story that can offer you a window into the daily lives of the producers, their
hopes for decent lives for their families, and how they are impacted by the broader global economy.
        Take baby steps with us to learn about and support fair trade.

       Barb Luetke (Dallas Monthly Meeting of Friends and AFSC volunteer)
             Reprinted from the Penn Valley Monthly Meeting Newsletter

SWIFT Plant Workers

We received the following from Ron Wilhelm:

       Friends, as you and I celebrated the promises of Christmas and New Years with family and
       friends, the families of the Swift plant workers in Cactus, Texas, experienced a time of
       uncertainty, fear, and separation. One of my colleagues at UNT and some students in our
       bilingual education program and from SMU collected clothing, money, and toys and took
       them to the children left behind when their parents were detained and deported. Attached
       please find a brief report (Where is my dad?) and contact information in the panhandle. I
       hope we can find ways to respond soon to this human rights tragedy within our own state.

We will publish the report Ron mentions on our web at for those
who are interested in learning more and possibly helping out.

                                  Queries State of the Meeting Report
How does the Spirit illuminate your meeting's worship? How do you encourage ministry and seek
to deepen the spiritual life of the meeting and of individual Friends?
Meeting Community
How does your meeting's community reflect its corporate spiritual strivings? How do Friends care
for one another in times of spiritual or material need? What roles do children play in the meeting
Religious Education
How has study deepened our faith and your understanding of what it means to be a Quaker? How
have you explored issues of faith with newcomers, seasoned Friends, and children?
How have you, as a meeting, witnessed to Friends testimonies? How has your meeting stood, by
faith, against injustice and helped those in need?
Decision Making
How is the good order of Friends used among you? How does the Light illuminate your meetings
for worship with attention to business? How does your meeting deal in love with the inevitable
differences that arise from diverse leadings and points of view on issues of faith and practical
Intervisitation and Outreach
How has intervisitation and involvement with Friends outside our meeting affected your meeting's
spiritual growth? How have you reached out to seekers and the community around you?
Membership changes
How has your membership changed? How has this affected the life of your meeting? Among other
changes, please state information on births and adoptions for the Minute of Thanksgiving: the
child's name, birth and/or adoption date, parents' names, and grandparents' names (If they are
SCYM Friends of if this information would be of interest to SCYM Friends) If you like, please
include a brief statement about the child's life, spirit, or personality to give Friends a better
understanding of the life we are celebrating in the minute.
Does your meeting have concerns that have not been adequately explored in answering the queries
above? How have these concerns affected your meeting's spiritual and community life?

                   Dallas Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
                              Meeting for Worship for Business
                            Third First Day, Twelfth Month 2006
                                    (December 10, 2006)

The Dallas Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business opened with a moment of silent worship.

Persons present included: Stephanie Palmer, Barry Crossno, Ellen Danielson, Renee Taylor,
Stephanie Scribner, Shelly Angel, Kjell Johansen, Barb Luetke, Cathy Tuzinski, Gene Tien, Becky
Tien, Jules Palmer (clerk), and Liz Wolff (recording clerk).

The minutes for November were approved.

Cathy Tuzinski presented the Treasurer’s report for November. Cathy reported that we got a larger
amount of contributions in November than in previous months. She reminded people that through
the end of November we are $2000 behind of what we spent. She reminded people that she needed
contributions to be in her hand by December 31st in order to be counted in this fiscal year. People
asked that the Dallas Peace Center come and talk to us so that we can discern how much to
contribute for next year. Cathy also noted that utilities were higher this year than last year.

Barry Crossno reported that he had looked into a virtual PBX system which would allow the phone
number to be forwarded to a cell phone or a home phone. If the phone to which our number is
forwarded does not answer then the call goes to a voice mail box which is then forwarded as an
audible message to a e-mail address. This option would require that we get a new phone number.
We could alternatively just have our phone calls go to call notes and keep our current phone
number. It’s unclear if the PBX system would allow us to keep our white pages listing. The
meeting is leaning is in favor of the virtual PBX system. Barry agreed to look into the cost of
yellow page listings and what it would cost to forward our current number to the new number.

Barb Luetke raised a question about the current lack of child care. Stephanie Palmer said she would
prefer to have members and attenders provide the child care and that the next budget should look at
providing materials and a better environment for our children’s program. There was still
enthusiasm for painting the rooms and new flooring. The name of the line item in the budget could
be changed youth programs.

MINUTE (29-2006): The meeting agreed that at this particular time we not renew the budget line
for hiring a child care worker. The meeting also agreed to use these resources for new flooring,
supplies and paint for the children’s program.

MINUTE (30-2006): The treasurer’s report was accepted with thanks.

Jules Palmer raised the issue that underskirt of the building needs to be secured. He agreed to refer
this to the building committee.

Liz Wolff presented the Ministry and Oversight Committee Report. The committee proposed the
following schedule: For the 4th Sunday in January in 2007 we will have a potluck and then an open
discussion of the State of the Meeting. In February we are planning to have a Peace and Social

Justice Forum presentation by Stephanie Scribner about her trip to India on the 4th Sunday. On the
4th Sunday in March we will have a compassionate question session on simplicity which leads into
the SCYM program about how Quakerism speaks through our lives.

MINUTE (31-2006): The report of the Ministry and Oversight committee meeting was accepted
with thanks.

Barb asked for M&O to discuss the following: In the Chicago meeting they have a poster board
with pictures members and attenders and their names and the committees on which they are serving
on. She also thought that M&O might discuss if regularly during eating meeting that could be
celebrations of membership and other important events.

Cathy Tuzinski suggested that people bring their favorite Christmas cookies to the musical program
next Sunday.

Becky Tien reported that the ad hoc committee on Quakerism 101 are about to start their outreach
for their program including mailings to all of our members, attenders and visitors as well
distributing posters and cards to coffee shops and other places. Stephanie Palmer agreed to send
Becky a list of places to put out PSAs about the programs.

The meeting closed with silent worship.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Wolff
Recording Clerk

                     NOVEMBER 2006: MONTHLY TREASURER'S REPORT
                                               Donations     Interest    Withdrawals          Balance 11/30/2006
           General Operating Reserve            $1,520.00       $13.88      $1,207.27                 $11,673.40
           Building Fund                                         $7.11                                 $5,283.90
           Scholarship Fund                                      $0.60                                   $441.10

           Adult Education                                       $0.42                                   $311.70
           Memorial Funds                                        $0.09                                    $69.08
           Special (e.g. Eyes Wide Open)                                                                   $0.02
           Hurricane Katrina Relief                                                                   -$1,535.00
           Quarterly - Cielo Grande                              $0.02                                    $15.87
           TOTAL ASSETS                        $1,520.00        $22.12       $1,207.27                $16,260.07

                                               Deposits      Interest    Withdrawals          Balance 11/30/2006

           Viewpoint Checking                  $1,520.00                    $1,207.27                  $1,939.24
           Viewpoint Regular Savings                                            $1.00                      $0.00
           Viewpoint Ultimate Savings               $1.00        $7.99                                 $9,731.95
           Viewpoint CDs                                        $14.13                                 $4,088.88
           Friends Meeting House Fund                                                                    $500.00
           TOTAL ASSETS                        $1,521.00        $22.12       $1,208.27                $16,260.07

                      Description                Fund       Payments        In-Kind                  Category
           Repro/Post Newsletter
           Apr/May+June                                                         $30.55   Newsletter
           Barbara Luetke - AFSC conferences   General         $300.00                   Conferences
                                                                                         DPC Peacemaker
           Dallas Peace Center Banquet         General         $750.00                   banquet
           AT&T Bell                           General          $59.63                   Utilities
           ATMOS Gas                           General          $23.75                   Utilities
           TXU Electric                        General          $40.97                   Utilities
           Dallas Water                        General          $32.92                   Utilities
           TOTALS                                            $1,207.27          $30.55

           FUND NAME                                            USE                        RECOMMENDATION
           General Operating Reserve           pays all budgeted expenses                full year's budget by 1/1
                                                                                         10% of bldg's value
           Building Fund
                                               unplanned expenses for building           13,500
           Scholarship Fund                    member attendance at Quaker college       awarded as needed
           Adult Education                     travel/honorarium for adult ed speakers   whatever members give
           Memorial Funds                      seating for meeting house                 whatever members give
           Special Funds                       Specific projects e.g. Eyes Wide Open     whatever members give

                              NOVEMBER 2006: YEAR TO DATE AGAINST ANNUAL BUDGET
                                                  Category                            Draft 2006 Budget     As of 11/30   YTD In-Kind
                             Contributions                                                     $14,000.00     $9,600.00

                                                      Other (part of contributions)               $200.00       $702.00
                             Interest                                                             $200.00       $165.66
                                                Total Income                                   $14,200.00     $9,765.66

                             Adult Ed.                                                          $100.00           $0.00          $0.00
                             Bldg. And Grounds                                                 $1,000.00      $1,274.36        $111.89
                             Childcare                                                         $1,100.00        $355.00          $0.00
                             Clerk Expense                                                        $50.00          $0.00          $0.00

                             Conferences: e.g. SCYM,FGC,Rep. Etc.                               $100.00         $300.00          $0.00
                             Kitchen Supplies/Food                                              $200.00          $20.00          $0.00
                             Youth Programs                                                     $100.00           $0.00          $0.00
                             Library                                                             $500.00        $100.00          $0.00
                             Ministry and Oversight                                             $150.00           $0.00          $0.00
                             Music                                                              $200.00         $135.00        $145.00
                             Peace                                                               $100.00          $0.00          $0.00
                             Prison                                                             $550.00           $0.00          $0.00
                             Quaker Service Projects                                           $1,000.00      $1,000.00          $0.00
                             Suffering                                                            $50.00          $0.00          $0.00
                             Discretionary                                                        $50.00          $0.00          $0.00
                                           Total Activities Expenses                           $5,250.00      $3,184.36        $256.89

                             Advertising                                                         $150.00        $60.00           $0.00
                             Insurance                                                         $1,800.00      $1,766.00          $0.00
                             Newsletter                                                          $250.00         $0.00         $324.68
                             Safe Deposit Box/ Archival Stipend                                  $110.00        $110.00          $0.00
                             Utilities                                                         $2,700.00      $2,787.17          $0.00
                             Building Fund                                                       $500.00          $0.00          $0.00
                                           Total Admin Expense                                 $5,510.00      $4,723.17        $324.68

                             AFSC (American Friends Service Comm)                                $200.00        $200.00          $0.00
                             Dallas Peace Center                                                 $500.00        $500.00          $0.00
                             DPC Peacemaker banquet                                              $600.00        $750.00          $0.00
                             FCNL (Friends Comm Nat'l Legislation)                               $100.00        $100.00          $0.00
                             FGC (Friends General Conference)                                    $200.00        $200.00          $0.00
                             Friends Peace Teams - African Initiatives                          $100.00        $100.00           $0.00
                             FWCC (Friends World Consultative Comm)                              $100.00        $100.00          $0.00
                             Pendle Hill                                                         $100.00        $100.00          $0.00
                             Quarterly - Cielo Grande                                             $50.00          $0.00          $0.00
                             QUNO (Quaker United Nations Org)                                   $100.00        $100.00           $0.00
                             SCYM (South Central Yearly Meeting)                               $2,100.00      $1,800.00          $0.00
                             SCYM - Simple Meal                                                                   $0.00          $0.00
                                         Total Outside Organizations                           $4,150.00      $3,950.00          $0.00

                                              Total Expenses                                  $14,910.00     $11,857.53        $581.57


Meeting for Worship is held on Sunday at 10 a.m., followed by refreshments and then another event
at 11.30, usually lasting until about 12.45. Children join worship, coming in from their program, for
the last few minutes. During and after meeting there is child care provided. Everyone is welcome
for all of these events!

       Regular Schedule

           First Sundays           Potluck lunch at 11.30, Quakerism 101 at 12:30
           Second Sundays          Singing
           Third Sundays           Meeting for Business for Worship
           Fourth Sundays          January: Potluck and discussion of the State of
                                   the Meeting.
                                   Even-numbered months: Peace & Justice

       Midweek meeting for worship on Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm.

See Announcements for special meetings in January, February, and March.

If you wish to receive this newsletter via e-mail, contact or the newsletter
editor. If you wish to discontinue receiving the newsletter through e-mail, let the newsletter editor
know so she can put you on the snail mail list.

Dallas Monthly Meeting of Friends
5828 Worth Street
Dallas TX 75214


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