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									References & Endorsements for Frank Burke (can also be found on Linkedin)
       Endorsements for role of Software Engineering Manager at Teradyne
  Scott     “I started supporting Frank while at GenRad (acquired by Teradyne) and
  Kwait     he is outstanding. He was a S/W Project Manager for R&D, and also was
 Internal    the interim build release Manager until I was able to hire a replacement.
Recruiter: Extremely results oriented, creative, with a common-sense approach to his
            projects and management style. If I had a position for him in San Diego, I
                          would have already hired him.” (March 9, 2005)
   Jon    “Frank and I worked closely together as management peers at Teradyne.
 Leblanc He is an effective and efficient manager of both people and projects. Frank
SWE Mgr: is also excellent at taking ownership of issues and driving them to closure.
               I would recommend Frank to any company looking to add quality
                      management staff to their ranks.” (March 9, 2005)

Endorsements for role of Software Development Manager at St. Bernard Software
  Marv      “I worked directly with Frank on the same product. I was very impressed
Ahlstrom   with his ability to hit the ground running. He efficiently managed the group
QA Lead:   and improved processes that directly impacted throughput. Frank not only
              took ownership of his initial responsibilities but he also looked for new
           opportunities. I would highly recommend Frank to any company that wants
                            to add value their workforce.” (June 6, 2005)
 Daniel        “Frank is a talented and inspiring leader, reminiscent of Sir Ernest
 Gullo       Shackleton. He was faced with many challenges when he came to this
 Senior    company. He took those challenges head-on and now has one of the most
  QA:          highly motivated teams in the company. In all of our dealings, he is
              thorough, respectful, and appreciative. I look to him as a trustworthy
                      resource and a positive role-model.” (April 14, 2005)
  Lori   “I had the pleasure of working with Frank Burke at St. Bernard Software on
McCartin    multiple business development projects. Frank is a professional who is
Bus Dev     easy to work with and understands how to plan and execute. Frank is a
  Mgr:       team player who earns the respect of his co workers with his "can do"
                      attitude and his timely execution.” (August 2, 2005)

Further Strong Professional References Available from:
                       QA Manager at St. Bernard Software (SBS)
                       Director of Technical Support at SBS
Peer                   Product Manager at SBS
                       US Sales Mgr at SBS
                     VP of Engineering at GenRad/Teradyne
Supervisor           Bus Dev Mgr at GenRad/Teradyne
                     VP of HR at SBS
                     Development Supervisor at SBS
Direct Report  Staff Scientist at GenRad/Teradyne

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