workshop_notes by xiagong0815


									Poster Production Workshop

                Andy Rogers
     Office of Information Technology
             Capital University
Why require a workshop?
30+ minutes to print if file ready.
Previously, people often not really ready.
Highlight most common issues.
Reduce last minute problems & delays.
Where To Start?      Page Setup for
Initial Page Setup
                     Final Inspection
Formatting &
Composition          Saving &
Graphics             Other Methods
            Where To Start?
Complete all research and writing first
Plan & prepare/gather text clips & graphics
Save components separately!
     Might have to start over from beginning
     Difficult to re-gather graphics, quotes
     Save everything individually, separately
     Keep until poster printed

Storyboard – Rough sketch of poster
           Initial Page Setup
Using PowerPoint
     Poster is essentially giant slide

Portrait vs. Landscape Orientation
     Normally portrait, check with Symposium committee member

Final dimensions 36 x 48 (35.5 x 47.5)
     Setting now vs. later

Slide Show vs. “Freestyle” poster
Slide Show vs. Freestyle Layouts

  “Freestyle”   “Slide Show”   Combination
  Formatting & Composition
Inserting content
– Slideshow
    Save slides as .jpg files
    Create poster slide & insert like photos
– Freestyle
    Photos & text boxes
Background/Foreground – High Contrast
– Usually dark text on light background
Photo for background? “Wash out”
Charts & Graphs
   Photo vs. original
         Poster printer chokes on charts & graphs

   Should use photo
         Create chart/graph on separate slide in
         separate PPT presentation

         Save slide as JPEG

         Insert in poster like photo
    Video display resolution vs. print resolution

    Web content usually intended for video display

    Screen resolutions may distort in print

    Check printability before using
Photo file types

Avoid .GIF

NO Animations!
    Page Setup for Printing
If in default page size, set to poster size
    35.5 x 47.5

Check layout & proportions
    May change when size changes
             Final Inspection
Poster cost is $4.25 per foot
     mistakes are expensive

     “free printing” certificate does not cover reprints due to
     content or formatting mistakes

Check spellings, data, graphics, formatting, etc.
     Catch problems BEFORE printing!
Saving & Transporting
 CD-R (avoid CD-RW)

 Floppy diskette (definitely back up!)


 USB “thumb” drive

 E-mail to yourself for backup
       – (no network/Internet access on poster printer computer.)

 Save in multiple locations!
      Other Methods
Variety of graphics programs


Avoid word processing & page layout
program files
    Can convert to PDF
            Hours & Support
Poster hours Mon-Thu, 9-7; Fri, 9-4:30

Can assist with PowerPoint questions, printing

Cannot assist with poster design nor revisions

Questions to
     Include “poster” reference in subject line


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