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									                Prairielands Post
A publication of Prairielands Council, Boy Scouts of America
       Serving over 5,000 youth in central Illinois and western Indiana

                      A 2010 Centennial Quality Council                                        August

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              COUNCIL CALENDAR
   August                                                28       Council Training Committee Meeting
   13        SCOUT SHOP OPEN
   20        Rank Advancement Day – Camp Drake           1        Council Commissioner Conference

   22        Council Executive Committee meeting         2        Many Streams Cub Scout Fun Day

   24        Council Training Committee Meeting          7-9      Order of the Arrow Fall Pow Wow

   27        Prairielands Classic Sporting Clays         17       Council Camp Properties Committee Meeting

   September                                             18       2012 Friends of Scouting District Chair Meeting

   2-5       Labor Day Family Camping at Camp Drake      21-23    Outdoor Leader Skills Training

   5         LABOR DAY – Council Service Center closed   22       Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

   9-11      ILLINI JAMBOREE – U OF I CAMPUS             22       Outdoor Webelos Leader Training (OWL)

   14        Popcorn show-n-Sale orders due              24       Council Executive Committee Meeting

   19        Council Camp Program Committee Meeting      25       Monical’s Pizza Night

   22        Council Scoutreach Committee Meeting        26       Council Training Committee Meeting

   24        Popcorn Show-n-Sell distribution            27       Council Scoutreach Committee Meeting
                                                         29       Prairielands One Stop Training (POST)
   25        Prairie Fire Cub Scout Fun Day
                                                         30       Council Smilin’ Pumpkin
   25        Indian Trails Cub Scout Fun Day
                                                         31       Popcorn Orders & Show-n-Sell payment due
   26        Council Executive Board Meeting                              Popcorn Prize Orders Due
                        St. Joseph & Council Scouter
The Prairelands Council lost a true friend, Stephen Ray Hartman over the summer. Mr. Hartman
passed away May 31, 2011 at Carle Foundation Hospital of complications following an infection.
Steve was a self-employed real estate developer for 42 years. In his early years, he built
houses, room additions and small apartment buildings. He later specialized in campus
apartments, eventually joining his brothers, Jeffrey and Michael, to form JSM apartments and
other partnership entities.
Steve was a loyal Illini fan and active in his community. He was a member of the St Joseph-
Ogden school board for 12 years, was involved with Parkland College, and chairman for the
local Republican Party for quite sometime. Steve loved the Boy Scouts of America. He was
active in Scouting for decades. He started as a Webelos Leader in Pack 40 and progressed to
the Troop 40 committee, Assistant Scoutmaster, and Scoutmaster. He too served as the Board President for Prairielands Council. He
guided his son through to becoming an Eagle Scout. He was active in many projects at Camp Drake and cooked for Klondike Derbies
as well as other events. Steve was a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow and in 2001 received the Silver Beaver Award. Rest in
Peace, Steve.

                                                            Camp on Campus at The Illini Jamboree
                                         Join the Prairielands Council and the Texas Bowl Champion Fighting Illini on the weekend of
                                         September 9-11 for the 9th annual Illini Jamboree. The University has graciously invited us to
                                         camp on the grounds behind Japan House along Lincoln Ave south of Florida Avenue. It is a
                                         park like setting with grass and large mature trees, perfect for camping! A grand march will
                                         occur as all of the Scouts and Scouters make the short hike together to the game VS South
                                         Dakota State. After the game visit vendor village and/or the demonstration area where different
                                         groups will have displays and information as well as the inflatable games and bounce houses!
                                         Visit for registration information……GO ILLINI!!

                   2013 National Jamboree Leadership Named
The Prairielands Council is pleased and excited to announce the leadership trio for the 2013 National
Jamboree Contingent to The Summit High Adventure Base in West Virginia. The following leaders
have been chosen:

          Scout Master – Allen Jones from Troop 30 in Rantoul, Illinois.
          First Assistant – Marion Knight from Troop 402 in Urbana, Illinois
          Second Assistant – Rod Henk from Troop 224 in Oakwood, Illinois

Details will be released very soon about this once in a lifetime trip. Thirty six Scouts will represent
Prairielands Council in our lone contingent troop. Please contact one of the leaders above; or the
Raymond Lee Service Center if you are interested in attending this awesome adventure!

Visit for information and to register to attend the 2013 National

                            Council Calendars
                            Have you received the most valuable tool in your arsenal for planning the ideal year of Scouting? What tool
                            is this you ask? Why the Council Program Planning Calendar of course! If you need a 2011-12 planning
                            calendar, please stop by either service center or let your district executive know. They are ample in supply!


                                                     Case Closed on 2011 Day Camp!
          Another day camp season has come and gone. We are pleased to report that our four council day camps served a total of
290 Cub Scouts this summer. This represents a 13% increase in participation over 2010 and each of our four camps had more campers
in 2011 than they had in 2010. It’s also reported that the Cub Scouts had 67.8% more fun than in the past! (Approximately ☺)
          We want to thank Brian Minsker and the Cub Camp Committee for all of their hard work in getting the camps planned and
ready to go. We also want to thank our camp directors and the many adult and youth staff members and workers who donated their
time to make sure the Day Camp experience was a GREAT one for our Cubs and their families. Those people are:

                    Rob Munds                      Camp Drake
                    Cynthia Munds                  Camp Drake
                    Ruth Hodolitz                  Crescent City
                    Linda Atherton                 Urbana
                    John Boone                     Urbana
                    Jean Holmes                    Tuscola
                    Dave Johnson                   Tuscola

Finally, we wish to thank parents and leaders who chose to be walkers at each camp to watch over and help the Scouts have the best
camp experience they could. Without any of these people our camps could not have been a success. THANK YOU!

                                                         AARRGGHH – Pirates on the Salt Fork!
                                   There were a many Cub Scout Pirates seen this summer lookin’ for buried treasure and fun aboard
                                   the pirate ship Camp Drake! I don’t know if the treasure was discovered but the fun definitely was!
                                   Two sessions of Cub Adventure Camp, blue and gold were offered this summer where Cub Scouts
                                   could work on Webelos activity pins as well as Cub Scout belt loops. By all accounts no Cubs had to
                                   walk the plank and all came home safely. Thanks to the scurvy pirates that served as staff for this

                                                                        Cub-O-Ree Thanks
A BIG thank you to Cub-O-Ree Director Stewart McConnell of Rantoul for organizing the Family Cub-O-Ree at Camp Drake on July 29-
31, 2011. One of the best opportunities of Cub-O-Ree was the connection between the parent(s) and Cub Scouts. Participants enjoyed
  such events as campfires both nights, swimming, boating, nature games, and sports. Aquatics skills highlighted the advancement
                     opportunities for the Cub-O-Ree program. Thanks Stewart for your service to Cub Scouting!

                                             Pinewood Derby Car Give Away
                                                    Pack Join Scouting Night Incentive
Scouting in our Prairielands Council is a GREAT activity full of fun and excitement that ultimately helps build young boys into men of
character. All of this of course cannot begin until our newest Cub Scouts officially become members!

To help your Pack make the fun a reality as well as the official membership, Prairielands Council is offering the following incentive:

          -For every new Cub *officially* submitted before September 30; three
          Pinewood Derby Cars will be issued per new Cub. i.e.—5 Cubs = 15 cars
          -For every new Cub *officially* submitted before October 31; two
          Pinewood Derby Cars will be issued per new Cub. i.e.—5 Cubs = 10 cars
          -For every new Cub *officially* submitted before November 30; 1
          Pinewood Derby Car will be issued per new Cub. i.e.—5 Cubs = 5 cars


                  Congratulations New Eagle Scouts

               Kyle Ball          Crew 7         Christian Holhusner      Troop 104
               Austin Berlocher   Troop 6        Patrick Kearney          Troop 9
               Robert Born        Crew 7         Isaac Thompson           Troop 272

                                                   Eagle Scout Project Tips
ATTENTION Life Scouts and their leaders! If an Eagle project is in the near future, please be aware of the following as you are putting
together the Eagle project details that will be presented to the district for approval:

          1.    All signature lines need to be signed before the Scout contacts a district representative for their signature.
          2.    If your Eagle project involves building something (shed, cabinet, shelves, etc) there needs to be a sketch and/or
                Blue print of what the final project will look like. This does not need to be professional, just a representation.

Good luck with your projects!

                                                           Prairielands to Philmont 2012
                         Council Vice-President for Program Flint Pellet has gained reservation positions for a crew for the 2012
                         summer at the Philmont Scout ranch in northern New Mexico. For our council contingent, youth and adults will
                         traverse the high mountain back-country for two weeks. Applications are being accepted by contacting the
                         Raymond Lee Scout Service Center. Youth can lock in their position with a $100.00 down payment.

                                                Camp Drake Thanks to Staff
Thanks to the hard-working staff at Camp Robert Drake for all the thrills of 2011: Sponsored by Fun. Sincere gratitude to the camp
leadership of Program Director John Marquardt, Camp Commissioner Jack Stiverson, and Camp Ranger Ed Pundt. A tip of the cap
goes to Wayne Frankie for all the extra effort at the Shooting Sports area. Special mention goes to Aquatics Director Elliot Smith for
his all-around staff skills and guiding the program adventures with exuberant flare. To all the counselors, support staff, camp
volunteers, and counselors-in-training, thanks for making the summer fun in 2011.

                                  New; New Scout Program Action at Camp Drake
The whirlwind of activity at the first Year Shelter at Camp Drake was the mastermind product of First Year Program Coordinator Richard
Horler of Champaign. This summer, all new Scouts were invited to action involving the basic requirements for the first three Scout
ranks. Not only did the first year camper cover the advancement requirements in training, but also in skill competition to reinforce the
skill development. First Year Campers enjoyed an educational experience in a fun and action-packed setting.

                                        Bugle Troop Leadership Appreciation
Special appreciation goes out to the adult volunteer leaders of the Bugle Troop at Camp Drake in steamy July. Thanks to Scoutmaster
Brian Brauer and his assistants Ruth Hodolitz, David Michl, and Michael Rosenbaum for their guidance with the Bugle Troop members.
The adventure that is summer camp was available for each Bugle Troop member to experience summer camping programs without the
leader from their home troop. Despite the warm conditions, the Bugle Troop members enjoyed a great week of Camp Drake

                                  COUNCIL TRAINING NEWS

BSA is requiring that all Scout Leaders be completely Trained within the next five months. Before January 1, 2012, all unit leaders have
to be trained; includes Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Team Captains, Venturing Advisors, and Ship Skippers. During 2012 (before
January 1, 2013), all direct contact leaders who work directly with youth will need to be Trained; includes Den Leaders and Assistants.
It is imperative that you make plans now to receive the required training for your Scouting position. To be fully Trained requires:

   •      Youth Protection every two years (which is available online).
   •      Fast Start for your Scouting position (which is available online).
   •      This Is Scouting (available online) OR New Leader Essentials if taken in the past.
   •      Specific Training for your Scouting position (Cub Scout Specifics, Boy Scout Specifics, etc.). The Cub Scout Specifics is
          available online.
   •      Outdoor Leader Skills Training is required for Boy Scout Leaders, Varsity Leaders, and Venturing/Ship Leaders that have
          an outdoor program. Leaders who took Scoutmaster Fundamentals before 2000 fulfill this required training.

ATTENTION: If you take an online training course, you MUST print two copies of the certificate at the end; keeping one and submitting
the other to the Council office. We advise everyone to take their individual training as soon as possible. Your unit will not be able to
finish its rechartering if the unit leader is not fully trained. Check the scheduled training dates of your district (or those of other districts)
within the Prairielands POST, your Roundtables and the Council web site. Remember every Scout deserves a trained leader.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Scout office, or council training chair Paul Lang -

                       Upcoming Training Events (to make your Scouting job easier)
Wood Badge – for leaders of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venturing.
Wood Badge training is considered the PhD of BSA leader training, and has been a tradition of Scouting for over 90 years. You will
learn advanced leadership and management skills over two weekends that most participants consider one of the highlights of their
Scouting career, and return to your unit with goals that will significantly strengthen your position and Scouting program. Release your
inner Wood Badge critter; the next Wood Badge course in Prairielands Council will be in the fall of 2012.
Cub Scouts: BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation): This course teaches leaders basic Cub safety in the outdoors. It is
BSA required that to take Cub Scouts camping, at least one adult leader be BALOO trained. A course will take place at Camp Drake
October 22, 2011 from 8:00AM until approximately 5:00pm. Please stay tuned for details….
OWL (Outdoor Webelos training): This course is also an introduction to outdoor experiences, but is geared to the Webelos leader.
Learn the skills you will need to teach the Outdoorsman, Forester, Naturalist, and Geologist activity badges. You’ll also learn how to
take your den camping, so you will be better prepared for Boy Scouts. This course will be held at Camp Drake on October 22, 2011
from 8:00AM till approximately 5:00PM. Please stay tuned for more details…..
Boy Scouts and Venturing: O.L.S.T. (Outdoor leader skills training): This course is required for all Scoutmasters, Assistant
Scoutmasters, Venturing Advisors and Assistant Advisors (if their crew has an outdoor program). Camping, outdoor skills, and “the
patrol method” will be taught, in addition to the skills needed to help Scouts complete rank requirements through first class. The next
course will be October 21-23, 2011 at Camp Drake; from 7:00pm Friday night until about 2:00pm Sunday afternoon. Guess what – stay
tuned for more details….

                                         Fantastic Youth Leader Training in 2011
Prairielands Council's version of BSA's National Youth Leadership Training was held at Camp Drake July 2-8, 2011. Thanks to Course
Director Wayne Frankie, Assistant Course Director Dawn Pajor, and a great group of instructors the Trailhead NYLT provided a
fantastic 6-day intensive course in Scout leadership and the Patrol Method, in a tremendous outdoor camping setting. Fourteen Scout
participants built their management skills during the fun and educational session. Look to join the NYLT movement in 2012 at Camp
Drake to provide the definitive education on troop administration for boy-led units.

The Council Tribute Fund is a wonderful way to acknowledge an important event in a friend or family member’s life, or remember a lost
loved one in a special way. Some of the ways Scouters use the Tribute Fund include:

         *Cheer someone up during a time of illness        *Recognize a Scout’s advancement to Eagle Scout
          *Mark an anniversary or birthday                  *Honor a religious celebration
          *Honor a graduate                                *Comfort family and friends at the loss of someone

            Gifts to the Tribute Fund can be made for any amount and all funds are used to support the Scouting program in
Prairielands Council. An acknowledgement is sent to those being honored, though the amount of the gift is kept strictly confidential.
To make a gift to the Tribute Fund, simply send a check to the Prairielands Council, P.O. Box 6267, Champaign, IL 61826-6267.
Please provide the following information: 1) The name of the person being honored or remembered; 2) The name and address of the
person who should receive acknowledgement of the gift; and 3) your name and address

In memory of Leo Gossett               Ellen & Ralph Kuchenbrod
                                       Jim & Myrna Kirkpatrick

In memory of Stephen Hartman           Van & Patti Dukeman             Commerce Bank, Brian Egeberg         Bill & Mary Ann Kreitzer
                                       Marilyn Welch                   Beverly Cottrell                     Maurice & Ruth Gordon
                                       Gary & Beverly Smith            Erica Rickords                       James & Rebecca Simon
                                       James & Ruth Jesso              George Amaya                         Dale & Helen Holt
                                       Judy & Bill Terpstra            Heidi Ladd & Rick Huls               Carl E. Judson, Jr.
                                       Ronald & Ranae Birke            Jeffrey R. Hartman Company            Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Peckham
                                       Pam & Phil Knox                 Kathy & Tom Mitchell                 Donna Beck
                                       Bill Gear & Ann Morgan          Dan & Mary Slack                     Ken & Kimiko Gunji
                                       Todd Miller                     First State Bank                     George T. Shapland
                                       Diane & Lee Tichenor            Bill Black                           Martin & Linda Lipinski
                                       Champaign Country Club          Petry Kuhne Company                  Lou & Mary Henson
                                       Marine Bank, Springfield        Brenda & Kent Arends                 Shirley & Art Traugott
                                       Michael & Gwen Goughton Alaina & Larry Kanfer                        Mike & Cathlyn Johnson
                                       Erma Hewerdine                  Les & Sheila Busboom                 Daniel & Karen Rock
                                       Joan & Andrew Rickords          John & Claudette Basham              Jane & Joseph Marriott
                                       Carl & Wava Meyer               Dianne Hays                          James & Judy Morgan
                                       Michael & Jill Guth             BuseyBank                            Anonymous
                                       Christopher & Peggy Huson
                                       Town & Country Catering, Matt Fejes                Marci Dodds & Jon “Cody” Sokolski
                                       Bash Family (Charlotte Bash, Martha & James Bash, Patty Bash & Tom Harp)
                                       Marc & Fran Ansel, Ansel Law Jennifer Czajkowski, Intel Americas
                                       Ross Hall Family (Kristine, Randal, Mark, & Timothy)
                                       East Central Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council
                                       Dolores Swan, Fleet No 83 F.S.S.A.
                                       Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates, LLC

                                                                              Council Total Campaign
            COUNCIL FUND-
            RAISING NEWS

Council Friends of                               $250,000.00
The 2011 Friends of Scouting campaign          $200,000.00                                                                    Goal
has achieved some milestones over the
                                               $150,000.00                                                                    Raised to Date
summer. Many Streams was first to goal,
followed closely by Indian Trails to do so
next! Awesome job to both of those teams.
The campaign as a whole surpassed the            $50,000.00
$200,000 mark making this campaign one
of the best ever. Vice President of fund
development Brian Egeberg remarked,
“We now need to put this campaign to bed before fall recruiting, as well as to make our 2011 efforts in FOS the best ever!”

To schedule the all important Family Friends of Scouting presentation, or to make an investment in the Friends of Scouting campaign,
please contact the Council office or your District Executive.

Council Staff Campaign                  Goal: $7,000                  Raised: $ 7,045                 100.6% of goal
Council Board Campaign                  Goal: $115,100                Raised: $ 96,525                83.9% of goal
Prairie Fire District Campaign          Goal: $ 81,250                Raised: $ 67,493                83.1% of goal
Many Streams District Campaign          Goal: $ 12,550                Raised: $ 13,453                107.2% of goal
Indian Trails District Campaign         Goal: $ 14,100                Raised $ 15,844                 112.4% of goal
Campaign Total                          Goal: $230,000                Raised: $200,360                 87.1% of goal

                                                       Plan to attend the Prairielands Classic Clay shoot!!
                                                                              Presented by Kurland Steel
                                                                           *Saturday August 27; 9:00 am
                                                                           *Olde Barn Sporting Clays – Oakland, Ill
                                                                           *Open to all shooters
                                                                           *Lunch included
                                                                           *Pricing options begin at $50.00
                                       2011 POPCORN SALE

                     Start preparing to have the best popcorn sale ever!!

Popcorn leadership notice: URGENT: Please assign your popcorn kernel for your unit as soon as possible. Also
establish a goal for your group as well as each individual Scout. This goal should be based on your group’s annual
budget. The sale as a whole was kicked off and reviewed in July at the Fall Preview.

Popcorn Sales Calendar

        New this year is a REALLY COOL recognition for reaching $600 in sales. A Zyclone shooter will be issued
with the other prizes to the Scouts selling $600.
        $100 Military Sales will receive a commemorative patch
        $600 Sellers will receive a Zyclone shooter
        $1000 Sellers are invited to a celebration party and Illini women’s basketball game.
        $1500 Sellers are entitled to $50 Wal-Mart cards from Trail’s End.
        $2000 Sellers will receive a trophy to be presented at the celebration party
        $2500 Sellers can qualify for the college scholarship program from Trail’s End

Military Option
Customers who don’t want to purchase popcorn can opt to “Support the Troops, while supporting a troop! Send $30
or $50 of popcorn product to our military service men and women over seas. Don’t forget the new patch for $100 in
military sales!

New popcorn choices for 2011
Three new popcorn choices are being introduced for 2011:
        -White Chocolaty Pretzels will be a stand alone choice offered at $25 (No chocolate Lovers)
        -Kettle corn micro wave will be a $20 item
        -Butter Toffee Carmel Corn will be a $16 item (Last year there was a toffee light)
Recruit your help to administer the sale, set your goals, GO SELL POPCORN, and have the Best Year of Scouting

Order of the Arrow Lodge 55
Lodge Chief:         Will Provin                  E-mail:
Lodge Advisor:       Butch Price                  E-mail:
Lodge Staff Advisor: Mike Graham                  Phone: 217-356-7291, x6447

                                                        Summer Reunion!
ATTENTION lodge members: Illini Lodge will be having another Summer Reunion on August 13. The lodge will be doing service for
Camp Drake in the morning and then in the afternoon, fun events will be set up throughout camp. An informative lodge meeting will be
conducted. This was an Illini Lodge tradition for many years and the lodge leadership decided to bring this event back. It was a rousing
success last summer, which is why the Summer Reunion is continuing. The cost will be $5.00. Join your fellow brothers for fellowship
and brotherhoodlyness at the Summer Reunion on August 13th at Camp Drake. Sizzle on the side of the pool in your arrow trunks and
splash your favorite officer with a Wimachtendienk cannonball. Remember to bring the sun tan lotion and your coolest shades.

                                                   Move Up To Brotherhood
Scouts and Scouters who are already Ordeal members in Lodge 55 may choose to seal their membership in the Order by completing
Brotherhood ceremonies. The ceremony will be held at the Fall Pow Wow and Spring Fellowship. The cost of participating in this
ceremony is $18.00. Please encourage all current Ordeal members to participate in this important commitment to service. Order of the
Arrow camp staff members will be available to assist your Scouts in preparing for the requirements for Brotherhood. See your Order of
the Arrow handbook for more information on this topic and join the e-mail listing. Be sure to get your name into Lodge Clerk Susan Coller
at to get regular lodge updates on fast-breaking happenings of the arrow. Keep up-to-date with your links to
the lodge under the Boy Scout tab on .

                                              Fall Pow Wow…at Camp Drake
Come help Illini Lodge #55 celebrate the Fall Pow-Wow on October 7-9, 2011!!!
Who should be there?: All Illini Lodge Arrowmen (Youth & Adult)
What is going to happen?: Illini Lodge’s Fall Pow-Wow. We will have Friday night ceremony, Saturday morning Ordeal and cheerful
service, plus Saturday afternoon events. Then the ceremony & banquet, Saturday night Brotherhood ceremony & Vigil callout.
Plus: 2011-2012 Lodge Officer Elections!!!!!!!! (All youth interested in any Lodge Office need to be there for Supper)
Where does all the fun happen?: Beautiful Camp Robert Drake

                                                   Committee Involvement
The OA operations of Illini Lodge depend on a wide variety of committees to complete the plethora of duties set each year. Each lodge
committee is led by a youth chair and an adult advisor who are responsible for their area of expertise in the lodge. In order for all of the
goals of the lodge to be accomplished each year, many Arrowmen are needed to assist with the important tasks. Opportunities to join
a committee will be presented at the OA Fall Pow in October and the Spring Fellowship in May.

                   Illini Lodge #55 presents its 2011 Lodge Leadership Development
Lodge Leadership Development Director Alyx Parker is pleased to present the next best arrowman training…Lodge Leadership
Development. This year’s excellent training opportunity will begin at 12:00 noon on Sunday, November 6th at the Provena Covenant
Medical Center, 1400 W. Park, in Urbana. There are no fees involved and refreshments, pizza, and A PATCH will be provided – what a
great deal! All youth and adult members of Illini Lodge #55 are invited to attend this elite leadership experience. Specialized
Breakout Sessions will personalize youth and adult educational seminars. The leadership training provided at this event will help
Illini Lodge members not only be more effective leaders and communicators within the Lodge, but also be more effective leaders within
their Scout troops and committees. The techniques taught here can also be used back in school or on the job. Illini Lodge hopes to see
you there! Mark the date for the educational experience.
                                                             District Chairman:         David Hood
            Prairie Fire District                                                       E-mail:
                                                             District Commissioner:     Dan Strole
    Serving southern Champaign, Piatt and                                               E-mail:
              Douglas Counties                               Senior District Executive: John Williams
                                                                                         Phone: 217-356-7291, x6445
                                                             Senior District Executive: Lovetta Ash-Simpson
                                                                                        Phone: 217-356-7291, x6453
    A 2010 Centennial Quality District                                               E-mail:

August 2011
1       Mon      District Committee Meeting, 7:00, IFSI
17      Wed      District Commissioner Meeting, 6:00, LDS Church
17      Wed      First Ever NEW ROUNDTABLE FORMAT! 6:30 pm, LDS Church, 604 W. Windsor Rd.(Windsor Road-two blocks
        west of Neil St. on the north side of the street.)

September 2011
2-5                 Holiday Weekend Camping, Camp Drake
9-11                ILLINI JAMBOREE, Now on University of Illinois Campus!
14     Wed          Popcorn ‘Show and Sell’ order due
24     Sat          Popcorn ‘Show and Sell’ product distribution
25     Sun          Cub Fun Day, TBA

October 2011
7-9                 OA Fall Pow Wow, Camp Drake
21-23               BS Outdoor Skills Leader Training, Camp Drake REQUIRED TROOP LEADER TRAINING!
22      Sat         BALOO/OWL Training, Camp Drake
25      Tue         Monical’s Pizza Night
30      Sun         Smilin’ Pumpkin, Camp Drake
31      Mon         Popcorn orders due

                                      Scouting Kick Off event COMING SOON
           Most schools will be gearing up for a new year at the end of August, though a few have already been hard at work. August is
traditionally when Scouting kicks into gear as well. Prairie Fire has a combination kickoff event/Roundtable to help every leader get
things ready to go for their Scouts. Every unit wants to have someone pick up their packet of information so you know the opportunities
available to your Scouts this fall. The event will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints on Windsor Road between
Prospect and Neil on Wednesday August 17 at 6:30. All leaders who can join us will be fed as well. BE THERE!

                                              FREE Pinewood Derby Cars!
           Yes, you read it correctly pack leaders we are offering your pack the opportunity to earn FREE cars as a reward for your
recruiting success. The plan is simple. For every new Cub Scout recruited this fall you will receive:
           3 Free Cars for each application that comes in to our office by September 30th
           2 Free Cars for each application that comes in to our office by October 31st
           1 Free Car for each application that comes in to our office by November 30th
To qualify each application must be complete with both a parent’s signature as well as the unit leader’s signature. Proper payment must
also be included. Plus, all new Scouts that have been added via spring recruiting or any time this year before now will earn 3 free cars.
           As an example say your pack recruited 5 kids this past spring and another 15 in August and September with applications
turned in by 9/30 you would receive 60 free cars. Add 3 more kids in October and get another 6 cars for those new youth. We
successfully offered this program 4 or 5 years ago and had several packs meet their total pinewood derby car needs with the freebies
they earned.
                                     Membership Drive Time…POPCORN TOO!
            In case you were unable to be there we had over 50 leaders show up for the council’s big annual fall membership/popcorn
kickoff event on July 21. Attendee’s were able to hear a representative from our popcorn company provide details and tools on the
upcoming popcorn sale. New products and prizes are set for us this year. If your unit was not represented at the meeting you can get
your sale information as well as your units KICKOFF packet of tools and goodies at the Scout office or at our August Roundtable event.
            The rest of the leaders were introduced to our annual membership drive program. We will have flyers, posters, signs and
other tools designed to help us help units introduce kids this fall to the thrills of Scouting. But we need your help setting things up at
your schools or in your community. What we ask is:
            1. Schedule a Join Scouting Night event at your school, church or meeting place as soon as possible
            2. Schedule a Boy Talk at your school(s) to take place 2 to 5 days before the Join Scouting Night
            3. Get permission to hang posters and distribute flyers in advance to promote the event and Boy Talk
We will provide district people who come in and help with the events. It is important to start trying to schedule these now to take place in
the first few weeks of school. Contact your unit commissioner or John at 356-7291 x6445 or Lovetta x6453 to get your dates locked in or for more information on the recruiting plan. Remember every new
youth participant we find means that you have at least one if not two parents or guardians who can be called upon to help out with your

                                               Cub Fun Day September 25th!
        Mark your calendar now for this popular fall event. Cub Scouts of all ages and their siblings are invited to join us on Sunday
September 25 for an afternoon of fun and activities. Because of its popularity we plan to again have TWO BB gun ranges available this
year along with sling shots and archery. Trained instructors will be on hand to teach any participant how to properly and safely shoot.
There will be plenty of other stations for participants to run, jump and throw to earn various rank advancement requirements and
achievements. NOTE: for several years this event has been at Parkland College. But this year the college has construction and
equipment in the track area so we will NOT be at Parkland. As of this posting the new site has not been confirmed. Stay tuned for an
update on location when it is available.
                                                     Leadership Inventory
          Now is the time to make sure you have leaders in place for the meetings you’ll have in fall. Packs, especially, should make
sure they have leaders for all the dens and the different age levels. If a leader isn’t coming back, you have some time to find a
replacement. You don’t want boys to miss out on the fun Scouting has to offer because a leader moves away.

                                             Spring Camporee Host Needed!
           Every spring your Prairie Fire District offers a spring camporee for troops and crews. Each year we have one or more troops
step up and serve as host troops for the event. We are still looking for a group or groups willing to help us with the 2012 event. Troops
that have stepped up and taken the lead in recent years include:
           2011      Troop 104 Urbana
           2010      100th Anniversary Council Event
           2009      Troop 121 Champaign
           2008      Troop 490 Monticello
           2007      Troop 17 Champaign
           2006      Troop 101 Champaign
           2005      Troop 80 Tuscola
Host troops create the theme, come up with events and activities and even determine the location. The only thing set is the date which
is on the council calendar for the weekend of April 27, 2012. IS YOUR TROOP OR CREW READY TO TAKE A TURN? If so, we would
love to hear from you.


                                                              District Chairman:            Fred Bohlmann
           Indian Trails District                                                           Phone: 815-432-3488
                                                              District Commissioner:        Kent McMahon
  Serving southern Ford, Iroquois, northern                                       
     Champaign and northern Vermilion                         District Director:            Mike Graham
                 Counties                                                                   Phone: 217-356-7291, x6447

August 2011                                                           September 2011
Tues.     16th      Fall Kickoff Program at 6:30 pm                   FSS          9-11   Illini Jamboree
                    Fire Station in Cissna Park                                           University of Illinois campus

                                                                      Tues.        13th   District Committee/Commissioners Mtg. at
                                                                                          6:30pm; Fire Station in Cissna Park
                                                                      Sun.         25th   Cub Scout Fun Day from 1:00pm until 4:00pm

                                                    Fall Kickoff in August
Coming to a roundtable near you, Indian Trails Cub Scouters will kickoff the fall Scouting season with an entertaining informational
session on the events of the back-to-school timeframe. This upcoming season is the best recruiting time of the year with students
moving on to new activities….let’s make Scouting a program to join! All unit leaders are encouraged to attend the Fall Kickoff at the
Fire Station in Cissna Park held on Tuesday, August 16, 2011. The roundtable will begin at 6:30 pm with food, treats, and door
                                                       Membership Rally
Membership recruiting is the lifeblood of the Scouting program and all units should take advantage of the fall sign-up period to publicize
their Scouting efforts in the schools and communities. Use all of your unit leadership to conduct several opportunities for new
members to find your program this fall. Here are a few methods to promote the benefits of Scouting in your area.

          1> Provide a colorful display of past Scouting activities at a school Open House evening
          2> Hang BSA posters and handbills in public areas such as libraries, gas stations, and churches.
          3> Conduct a boy-talk at your school to invite all eligible students to attend a Scout meeting
          4> Encourage current Scouts to bring their friends to a special event and recognize the youth recruiters
          5> Designate a Join Scouting night in your community and publicize through local media outlets
          6> Plan a Scouting activity in a very public location to show off the highlights of our program

Plan now to publicize the efforts of your Scouting adventures and always be prepared to have new Scouts join your den, pack, patrol,
troop, or crew. The benefits of Scouting show off the life-changing programs that are developing the leaders of tomorrow.

                                                    Fun Day in September
This fall, Indian Trails Cub Scout Fun Day Campers will enjoy crafts, sports, water games, archery, bb guns, and slingshots. . All
parents and siblings are encouraged to participate in the events of the Fun Day. The Indian Trails District Fun Day Camp will be held on
Sunday, August 25, 2011. The Day Camp will begin at 1:00 pm and continue through 4:00 pm. The cost of the Day Camp will be
$5.00 per Cub Scout. Fun Day Camper will receive craft materials, snacks, program opportunities, Cub Scout advancement
achievements, beverage refreshments, and a patch.
                                                             District Chairman:           Travis Mains
         Many Streams District                                                            E-mail:
                                                             District Commissioner:       David Rediger
   Serving southern Vermilion and northern                                                E-Mail:
  Edgar Counties in Illinois and Fountain and                District Executive:          Stephanie Moore
        Vermillion Counties in Indiana                                                    Phone: 217-442-0869 ext, 6444

          4 - District Committee Meeting and Scout Fair Meeting
                    6:30pm Danville Scout Office
          11 – Many Streams Fall Kickoff Roundtable
                    6:30pm Second Church of Christ

       1 – District Committee & Commissioner Meeting
                  6:30pm Danville Scout Office
       16-18 Many Streams Fall Camporee
                  Hanging Rock West Lebanon, IN
       24 – Scout Fair
                  Danville Village Mall 10am-3pm

                                                            Scout Fair
           Many Streams will be hosting a Scout Fair at the Danville Village Mall on September 24, 2011 from 10am to 3pm. We would
like to have all of the units participate in this event and set up a table to display their unit and show what Cub Scouting and Boy
Scouting is all about. This will be a way to help units recruit new youth and new parents to be involved. We will be having another
planning meeting on Thursday, August 4th at 6:30pm at the Danville Scout Office. Please make sure you send one representative to
learn how you can grow your unit this fall and participate in the Scout Fair!

           PLEASE NOTICE THE CHANGE IN ROUNDTABLE SCHEDULE!! We will only have four Roundtables a year, instead of
having one every month, making it even more important for everyone to attend all four Roundtables! Roundtables will be held on the
second Thursday of the month in August, November, January, and April at Second Church of Christ in Danville. Dates will be August
11, November 10, January 12, and April 12. Please make these changes in your calendar now!! The new 2011-2012 council calendar
still has our old dates, so just mark those out and write in the new correct dates. Sorry for any confusion this may cause anymore, but
we believe this change will benefit everyone.
           Be sure to attend Roundtable on August 11 to learn about the 2011 Popcorn Sale, Fall Recruiting and Join Scouting Nights,
Scout Fair, Fall Camporee, and MORE!!

         The popcorn sale is just around the corner! Make sure your unit is signed up to participate in this year’s event! Please assign
your popcorn chair for your unit as soon as possible. This is a great way to earn money to run the unit and help teach the kids fiscal
responsibility. The sale begins Saturday, September 24, so get your unit ready! Please attend the August Roundtable to find out about
the 2011 Popcorn information, as there are some changes this year.
                                                           Fall Camporee
           Boy Scout Units….COME HANG AT THE ROCK! Many Streams District’s 2011 Fall Camporee will be held on Friday,
September 16 through Sunday, September 18 at Hanging Rock Christian Assembly in West Lebanon, Indiana. This camporee will be
one that you will not want to miss! Activities available will be horseback riding, mini golf course, rappelling, zip line, low ropes C.O.P.E.
course, capture the flag, hiking, tug o war, basketball, and a fishing derby! Fee will be $20.00 if paid and registered by August 19th – so
get your troop signed up!! ALL MEALS PROVIDED ON SATURDAY!!! Hosted by Troop 272 – more information and registration forms
available at Questions? Call John at 765-397-8038 ( or Mark at 765-299-5771 (m-

                                                           Fall Recruiting
           It’s that time of year again when we need to start setting up Join Scouting Nights. I would like every school in the area to have
a registration night, so this means that some packs will need to do multiple schools. Once you have contacted the school, let me know
the date and time, so I can help you out.
           Join Scouting Nights are a very good recruiting tool and as such, ensure that your unit lives on into the future. In order to have
successful troops, we need flourishing packs with energized boys. These registrations nights are a great way to get not only the youth
in your pack, but also parents. We all know that we can always use more help, so do not forget to recruit the parents. Please let me
know if there is anything I can do to help.
           Let’s not neglect any youth and give everyone the opportunity to grow through scouting. Please let me know what I can do to
help you make these school nights happen!

                                                 Many Streams Cub Fun Day
           We need a volunteer or volunteers to help plan the Many Streams Cub Fun Day on Saturday, October 2nd. This event is
designed to welcome new families to Scouting. It is held at Camp Drake from 1pm to 4pm. It’s an afternoon of Scouting fun often
including archery and BB gun ranges, crafts and physical fitness activities. The whole family is invited to attend. If a unit would like to
chair the event, that would be great also! We have had successful Fun Days in the past and I would like to continue having a great
event! Please let me know if you would like to help.

                                                         Youth Protection
          Youth Protection is a REQUIRED Training for ALL unit leaders and needs to be taken every 2 years. If you and your
leaders do not have an updated Youth Protection Training, they will not be able to recharter. All new leaders also need this training
before they can become a registered leader. Please have your leaders take the training. It only takes 20 minutes to complete online
and can be found at under the training tab. If you have any questions about the Youth Protection
requirement, please call me.

                              Boy Scouts of America, Prairielands Council
                            On Facebook at Prairielands Council-Boy Scouts of America

         Raymond Lee Scout Service Center                                                     Danville Scout Office
         3301 Farber Dr., P.O. Box 6267                                                       305 Woodbury
         Champaign, IL 61826-6267                                                             Danville, IL 61834
         Phone: 217-356-7291/1-800-464-7291                                                   Phone: 217-442-0869
         Fax: 217-356-7785

                                                 Robeson Scout Shop
                                   Located in the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center
                                      Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:00 am—6:00 pm
                                            Tue & Thurs: 9:00 am—5:30 pm
                                       2nd & 4th Saturdays: 9:00 am—1:00 pm

                                           Eric Meyer, Council President
                                   Ellen Kuchenbrod, Council Commissioner
                                        Timothy J. Manard, Scout Executive

                                            Council Connections
                                         Raymond Lee Scout Service Center
                                        Phone: 217-356-7291/1-800-464-7291
                                                 Fax: 217-356-7785
                                                Danville Scout Office
                                                Phone: 217-442-0869


Robeson Scout Shop/Glenn Overby               Phone   x6443                          glenn.overby@scouting;org
Office Manager/Sharon Kirk                    Phone   x6440                
Registrar/Flora Filler                        Phone   x6442                
Program Support/Susan Coller                  Phone   x6441                

ScoutReach Program Aide/Gino Corrales         Phone x6446                  
ScoutReach Program Aide/Greg Bruett           Phone x6446

Prairie Fire District/John Williams           Phone x6445                  
Prairie Fire District/Lovetta Ash-Simpson     Phone x6453                  
Indian Trails District/Mike Graham            Phone x6447                  
Many Streams District/Stephanie Moore         Phone x6444                  
Assistant Scout Executive/Dan Baker           Phone x6448                  
Scout Executive/Tim Manard                    Phone x6449                  

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