; Department Staff Receives Esprit de Corps Award
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Department Staff Receives Esprit de Corps Award


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									    Winter 2007
                                            N     E    B   R   A   S   K   A   D   E   P   A   R   T   M   E   N   T   O   F

    Volume 4

        Dave Heineman
                               Governor                    Department Staff Receives
           Ann M. Frohman                                  Esprit de Corps Award
                                                           The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
Inside:                                                    bestowed its Esprit de Corps Award to the Nebraska Department
                                                           of Insurance during its winter national meeting in Houston, Texas.
DIRECTOR NAMES KEY STAFF                          2        Director Ann Frohman accepted the award, which was presented
                                                           by NAIC President and Alabama Insurance Commissioner Walter
FRAUD DIVISION                                    2        Bell.
•             Health Care Fraud—Consumers Pay
                                                           “In recognition of the entire Nebraska regulatory staff’s
LIFE              &   HEALTH                      4        outstanding leadership on a variety of insurance issues, I am
                                                           proud to honor them with the Esprit de Corps Award.” Bell said.
•             Interest Rate on Death Proceeds
•             SERFF Filings
                                                           “Nebraska was one of the first states to adopt the Interstate
                                                           Insurance Product Regulation Compact — and loaned staff to
PRODUCER LICENSING                                4        assist with the review of product filings with the Commission. The
•             Renewal of Producers’ Appointments
                                                           department has also been a participating SERFF state since
•             Agency License Renewals

PROPERTY                &   CASUALTY              5        Nebraska was recognized by Bell for its active participation in
•             TRIA Extended Until 2014                     numerous NAIC committees, task forces and working groups —
•             Helpful Information on Website               including the Property & Casualty Insurance Committee, the
•             SERFF Update                                 Climate Change & Global Warming Task Force, the Market
•             Motor Vehicle Service Contracts              Regulation and Consumer Affairs Committee, and the Workers’
•             LB573                                        Compensation Task Force.
LEGAL DIVISION                                    6        During the presentation, special mention was also made of
•             Case Summaries                               former Nebraska Insurance Director Tim Wagner, who passed
•             Producer/Company Actions                     away in October from complications of a stroke. “Tim was a true
•             In-Force Deferred Annuities                  NAIC ambassador whose knowledge, expertise and kind and
                                                           generous spirit set an example we all respected and admired,”
EXAMINATION DIVISION                            10         Bell said. “In addition to Tim’s dedication in the area of climate
•             Daharsh Joins Division                       change, he demonstrated creativity and leadership in many areas
•             Fourth Accreditation Award Received          of insurance regulation.”
•             Exams Completed
                                                           The Esprit de Corps Award was established in 2006 to recognize
MARKET CONDUCT DIVISION 11                                 outstanding service to the NAIC and the demonstration of a spirit
•             Exams Completed                              of cooperation with its members. The name of the award was
                                                           chosen because “Esprit de Corps” is defined as “a common spirit
NAIC Committee Assignments                       11
                                                           of comradeship, enthusiasm and devotion to a cause among the
Department Calendar                             Back       members of a group.”
                                                                                                     WINTER 2007
                                                                                                       Page 2

Director Names Key Department Staff
Ann Frohman, who was appointed Director of Insurance by Governor Heineman on November 28,
2007, has named Bruce Ramge to serve as Deputy Director, and Christy Neighbors to serve as
General Counsel. Bruce began his employment with the Department’s Market Conduct Division in
1984 and has most recently served as Chief of Market Regulation. Christy has been employed as
Counsel for the Department since 1997. Bruce’s and Christy’s new duties became effective
January 2, 2008.


Health Care Fraud---A Cost Paid By Consumers
One of the difficulties in measuring insurance fraud is that much of it goes undetected. What is detected
often goes unreported. Although most states provide for mandatory reporting requirements by the
insurance industry, professional organizations often find only a small percentage of fraud “discovered” is
actually reported to authorities.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance, Insurance Fraud Prevention Division (IFPD), recently received
information from a medical provider. The medical provider suspected an employee of diverting cash from
clients’ accounts in the form of “insurance co-pays” as well as “self-pays.” Shortly before termination of
employment, the employee reimbursed the medical provider for the dollar amount of cash they felt had
been diverted from the office. The provider was surprised when the employee paid back the estimated
loss which the employee estimated to be $8,500. The medical provider had expected a loss of only a few
hundred dollars at the most.

The provider then became aware there may be additional concerns when the office received an
“Explanation of Benefits” form along with a check from an insurer listing one of the employee’s children as
a patient. The doctor on occasions had seen family members, however his care was considered a “fringe
benefit” of employment. To the provider’s knowledge, the insurer of his employee had never been billed by
his office. The doctor contacted the insurer and reimbursed the monies received. The doctor, through his
attorney, also contacted the IFPD regarding the matter wanting to ensure his office was in compliance with
mandatory reporting statutes. Similar cases have gone unreported to authorities.

The IFPD opened an investigation based upon the information received. The insurer was contacted
regarding the loss and a request was made for additional billing information that may be present on the
employee’s policy through the provider. The findings were of no great surprise, however the lack of
recognition of the fraud indicators was, considering the number of fraud indicators present. Some of the
indicators present included those published in the “Insurance Fraud Detection Hints” put out by the
Nebraska Department of Insurance, IFPD:

       •   Similarities of reports or evaluations for several patients.
       •   Vague medical reports and/or records, missing information and inconsistent information.
       •   Change in or unusual billing pattern.
       •   Indications of altered or manufactured document.
       •   Similarities in doctors notes regarding office visits or treatments.
       •   Signs of excess treatment.
                                                                                                  WINTER 2007
                                                                                                    Page 3

Other indicators were readily recognized:

       • Seven patients from the same family treated three to four times a week.
       • Unusual treatment by a provider—-one patient was a six-month old.
       • All family members were being billed for the same CPT codes.
       • No noticeable preexisting conditions or injuries.
       • “Back-billing” for nearly 10 months.
       • “Handwritten” notes from the provider’s office to reimburse patient directly due to the fact the patient
         had been self-paying.

The investigation revealed nearly $100,000 was diverted from the insurer over a 26-month period. The
family of seven had incurred 1,942 office visits with the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, each averaging
three to four office visits per week. This investigation has been forwarded to the county attorney for

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association has estimated that health care fraud amounts to $162
million per day, an astronomical dollar loss to the nation’s economy. Mandatory reporting requirements,
educational campaigns, and aggressive investigations are the keys to having an impact on insurance

2007 Insurance Fraud Statistics

During 2007, the fraud division received 535 case referrals regarding potential violations of the
Nebraska Insurance Fraud Act. One hundred thirty one (25%) of the case referrals were made through
the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and 16 case referrals (3%) were made via the National
Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). An actual or potential monetary loss exceeding $3
million occurred in 65% of reported cases.

Cases are evaluated based upon a number of criteria, including the statute of limitations, applicability
of Nebraska statutes, and solvability factors. Upon completion of the case review, status letters are
generated to the complainant informing them whether the referral was declined, referred to another
agency, or accepted for further investigation.

   2007 Cases Sent for Criminal Prosecution                                2007 Convictions
   • 324 cases                                                             • 249 cases
   • 22 suspects involved                                                  • 8 suspects involved

Cases referred to the IFPD for investigation had venue in 42 Nebraska counties—47% of which were
located in Douglas, Lancaster, and Sarpy Counties.

              Save the Date
            Plans are underway in developing an agenda for the Annual Industry Insurance Fraud
Conference at Mahoney State Park. Mark your calendars to attend Tuesday, June 10, 2008.
                                                                                           WINTER 2007
                                                                                              Page 4

                                      LIFE   &   HEALTH DIVISION

                                      Interest Rate on Death Proceeds
The 2008 interest rate to be paid
on death proceeds not paid within     The 2008 interest rate to be paid on death proceeds not paid
30 days of receipt of proof of loss   within 30 days of receipt of proof of loss is 6.151%.
is 6.151%.                            Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-3,143 requires that interest be paid from the
                                      date of receipt of proof of death to the date of payment.
                                      Information can also be found on the Life/Health Division page
                                      of the Department’s website at www.doi.ne.gov and also at

                                      Life and Health SERFF Filings
                                      During November and December of 2007, the Life and Health
                                      Division received over 85% of its form and rate filings via SERFF,
We would like to have companies
                                      which provides an electronic system for the receipt, review, and
consider using SERFF for all life     approval of filings. All correspondence pertaining to filings and
and health form and rate filings.     the approval of filings is communicated to companies
                                      electronically. The Division would like companies to consider
                                      using SERFF for all life and health form and rate filings. SERFF
                                      information is available at www.serffcentral.com/index.htm.
                                      SERFF Marketing can be reached at (816) 783-8787.

                                      PRODUCER LICENSING DIVISION

                                      Renewal of Producers’ Appointments

                                      Notices have been mailed to all insurance companies licensed
                                      to transact business in Nebraska concerning the renewal of
                                      producers’ appointments for 2008-2009. All active producers’
All active producers’ appointments    appointments will be automatically renewed May 1, 2008,
will be automatically renewed
May 1, 2008, unless canceled by       unless canceled by the insurance company prior to April 15,
the insurance company prior to        2008.
April 15, 2008.
                                      The notice also contains information regarding the process for
                                      terminating producers’ appointments, the procedure for
                                      requests for cancellation forms received after April 15, 2008,
                                      company notification of producers who have failed to renew
                                      licenses or have moved to another state, and the procedure for
                                      new appointments of producers.
                                                                                          WINTER 2007
                                                                                            Page 5

                                  Agency License Renewals
                                  Notices have been mailed to insurance agencies outlining the
                                  agency license renewal procedure for May 1, 2008 to April 30,
Agency renewals for May 1, 2008   2009. The notice contains information regarding agencies
to April 30, 2009 may either be
mailed to the department or       licensed under DBA names, adding or deleting a designated
faxed to 402-471-6559.            producer to an agency, deleting a name, changing an agency
                                  name or address, and documents that need to be submitted to
                                  the Department to renew an agency license. Agency renewals
                                  may either be mailed to the department or faxed to


TRIA Extended Until 2014
The Department has issued Bulletin CB-116, dated January 9, 2008, as a result of the
enactment of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Extension Act of 2007
(Act). The Act extends TRIA through December 31, 2014. CB-116 provides the necessary
information needed to submit filings in order to comply with the requirements of the Act. A copy
of CB-116 is on the Department’s website at http://www.doi.ne.gov/bulletin/cb116.pdf. If you
have any questions, please contact the property/casualty division.

Website Provides Helpful Information
The Property/Casualty portion of the Department’s website provides information that we think
you will find helpful. We have included a listing of property/casualty staff, along with phone
numbers, e-mail addresses, and a schedule of lines that each analyst handles. If you have any
questions regarding a particular filing, or would like a status, feel free to give the analyst a call.
Please keep in mind that for those lines that are File and Use, the effective date is the date that
we receive it in our office--not the date of your letter.

SERFF Update

During 2007, we saw a large increase in the number of filings that were submitted through
SERFF. We received 3,629 new filings--of those 2,815 (78%) were submitted through SERFF.
Final action was taken on 3,278 filings--2,830 of which were accepted on a File and Use basis
on the date received. We encourage everyone to consider SERFF when making filings. It’s a
great way to submit and monitor filings made.
                                                                                              WINTER 2007
                                                                                                 Page 6

                                          Motor Vehicle Service Contracts
                                          CB-106 (amended), “Motor Vehicle Service Contracts,” points
                                          out that one cannot market under a name that is different than
All service contract forms are required   originally submitted to the Department without first notifying us.
to be submitted to the Department         All service contract forms are required to be submitted to the
prior to their use—one cannot market
under a name that is different than       Department prior to their use. If you find it necessary to
originally submitted to the Department    market, under a new name, a form that has already been
without first notifying us.               accepted as filed by the Department, please send us a letter or
                                          e-mail giving us the details—-including when the form was
                                          originally filed, when accepted, how it is now marketed, and
                                          how it will be marketed in the future. CB-106 (amended) can
                                          be found on the Department’s website at www.doi.ne.gov.

LB573 makes social hosts who allow
minors to consume alcohol on their        LB573 was passed during the 2007 Nebraska legislative
property, adults who procure alcohol      session to become effective January 1, 2008. This bill adopts
for a minor, and retailers who sell to    the Minor Alcoholic Liquor Liability Act. The Act makes social
minors liable for injuries or other
damages caused by the negligence          hosts who allow minors to consume alcohol on their property,
of an intoxicated minor.                  adults who procure alcohol for a minor, and retailers who sell to
                                          minors liable for injuries or other damages caused by the
                                          negligence of an intoxicated minor.


Case Summaries

Davis v. Crete Carrier Corp., 274 Neb. 362, ___ N.W.2d ___ (October 26, 2007)

In 1989, Davis suffered a compensable back injury while employed by Crete Carrier Corporation.
On February 2, 1993, the Workers’ Compensation Court review panel granted an award of
temporary total disability benefits for an indefinite period, benefits for any residual permanent
partial disability that existed after the total disability ceased, and vocational rehabilitation
services. Further, if Davis and Crete Carrier disputed the extent of Crete Carrier’s liability for
permanent partial disability benefits, either party could seek a hearing on the motion.
                                                                                         WINTER 2007
                                                                                           Page 7

In November 1993, pursuant to the parties’ stipulation, a judge ordered Crete Carrier to pay
temporary disability compensation while Davis was undertaking vocational rehabilitation and
maintaining satisfactory progress. Crete Carrier subsequently stopped paying temporary
benefits on December 29, 1994, after paying 300 weeks of benefits, without a hearing before
the compensation court.

On October 2, 2003, Davis filed a motion against Crete Carrier and its workers’ compensation
insurer (collectively Crete Carrier) seeking delinquent temporary benefits, waiting-time penalties,
interest, and attorney fees. A review panel ultimately concluded that benefits may not be
summarily terminated, but may only be terminated pursuant to a hearing. The Court of Appeals
reversed, holding that the November 1993 order, based upon the stipulation of the parties,
modified the duration of the prior award for temporary total disability benefits pursuant to

On appeal, the Nebraska Supreme Court stated that, as a general rule, an employer may not
summarily terminate payments of indefinite temporary total disability benefits without a
§48-141 modification. However, in this case, Crete Carrier did not need to file an application to
modify the award in order to terminate Davis’ temporary total disability payments and begin
payment of his permanent partial disability benefits because, under the terms of the February
1993 award, Davis could have requested a hearing if he disputed the determination of
temporary total disability benefits.

Reimers-Hild v. State of Nebraska, 274 Neb. 438, ___ N.W.2d ___ (November 9, 2007)
On June 8, 1999, Reimers-Hild, an employee of the University of Nebraska (University) was injured in
a car accident with Johns in the course of her employment. The State of Nebraska, which is
self-insured, paid workers’ compensation benefits to Reimers-Hild. Johns’ motor vehicle liability
insurer, Guide One Insurance Company (Guide One), settled Reimers-Hild’s claim for the policy limit
of $25,000 before the four-year statute of limitations expired, in exchange for Reimers-Hild’s release
of all claims against Johns. Reimers-Hild never filed suit against Johns. The State consented to the
settlement through its third-party administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
(Sedgwick), and Guide One paid Sedgwick in satisfaction of its workers’ compensation lien.

After settling her claim with Johns, Reimers-Hild sought payment under the State’s underinsured
motorist coverage. Sedgwick denied the claim on November 3, 2003, and Reimers-Hild filed a
complaint against the State, the University, and Northland Insurance Company, which provided all
lines aggregate insurance coverage. The defendants claimed as an affirmative defense that
Reimers-Hild’s claim for underinsured motorist benefits was barred because her underlying tort
claim had “expired” within the meaning of §44-6413(1)(e).

At a separate trial on whether Reimers-Hild’s claim was barred by the statute of limitations, the
district court held that the claim was barred because Reimers-Hild did not pursue an action against
Johns within the four-year statute of limitations period. However, the Supreme Court reversed that
decision, holding that §44-6413(1)(e) does not bar an action seeking payments under an uninsured
or underinsured policy when an insured has settled his or her underlying claim against an uninsured
or underinsured motorist prior to the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations.
                                                                                                    WINTER 2007
                                                                                                         Page 8

Actions Taken Against Producers
CAUSE NO.                       ALLEGATION                                            DISPOSITION

Nebraska Supreme Court Cases
A-1721               Violated Neb.Rev.Stat.             §§44-1525(10), (11) &   Order
David H. Andersen             (13), 44-4028(1), (5), (6), (11) & (12) (Reissue  Producer license revoked
Omaha, NE                     1998), 44-4059(1)(b), (e) & (h) and Title 210 NAC 10/30/07
                                                    Made false or fraudulent
                              Ch. 19 §003. 272 Neb. 554 (November 9, 2006)
Pogge v American Family Mutual Ins. Co.,
                              statements on an application; failed to respond
                              within 15 business days; violated §44-361;
                              violated sustained serious injuries in an automobile accident with Sisson
On January 15, 1999, Rosemary Pogge any insurance law; forged name to an
and Mandell. Pogge settled a negligence suit with Sisson’s insurance carrier for the liability policy limit
                              application demonstrated untrustworthiness;
                              failed to submit to reexamination; $75,000,
of $100,000. She settled with Mandell’s insurance carrier forreplacement which was $25,000 below the
                              violations on life insurance policies.
liability policy limit. Pogge sought to recover additional damages from American Family under her
underinsured motorist coverage.
A-1745                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-1525(11) and 44-          Order
Marilyn Robinson                4059(1)(b), (d), (g) & (h). Failed to respond in 15   Producer license revoked
Omaha, NE                       business days; violated any insurance law;            10/16/07
                                improperly withheld or converted money; unfair
                                trade practice violation; used fraudulent, coercive
                                or dishonest practices.

A-1746                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-1525(11) and 44-          Order
Kevin Allner                    4054(8). Failed to respond in 15 business days;       Producer license suspended
Elkhorn, NE                     failed to change address in 30 days.                  11/15/07

A-1749                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-4059(1)(b) and (h).       Consent Order
Gilbert W. Larsen               Violated any insurance law; used fraudulent,          Producer license revoked
Bloomfield, NE                  coercive or dishonest practices.                      9/18/07

A-1750                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-4059(1)(b).               Order
Jeffery M. Carley               Violated an order of the director.                    $100 admin. fine
Omaha, NE                                                                             12/20/07

A-1751                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-1524 & 44-1525            Order
Robert L. Linhardt              (11). Unfair trade practice violation; failed to      Producer license revoked
Lincoln, NE                     respond within 15 business days.                      12/14/07

A-1752                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-4059(1)(h). Used           Consent Order
LTS Title Services &            fraudulent, coercive or dishonest practices.          Agency and producer licenses
Sally J. Beyer                                                                        revoked
Omaha, NE                                                                             1/2/08

A-1753                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-4059(1)(b) and Title       Consent Order
Randy Richards                  210 Ch. 19 §006.02 and 006.02(C). Violated            $500 admin. fine
North Platte, NE                any insurance law; life insurance replacement         12/21/07

A-1755                          Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-4059(1)(h).                Consent Order
Troy J. Peterson & TD           Demonstrated financial irresponsibility.              $2,500 admin. fine
Insurance Agency                                                                      12/21/07
Waterloo, NE
                                                                                                       WINTER 2007
                                                                                                         Page 9

Actions Taken Against Companies
CAUSE NO.                             ALLEGATION                                         DISPOSITION
C-1662                                Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-2133(1). Holding        Consent Order
Great West Casualty Company           Company Act violation.                             $3,000 admin. fine
(NE)                                                                                     10/27/07

C-1664                                Violated Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-1540(3), (4) & (7).    Consent Order
Time Insurance Company                Failed to adopt prompt investigation and claims    $1,500 admin. fine
(WI)                                  settlement standards; did not attempt in good      10/24/07
                                      faith to effectuate prompt, fair, and equitable
                                      settlement of claims submitted when liability
                                      has become reasonably clear; refused to pay
                                      claims without reasonable investigation.

C-1677                                Violated Title 210 NAC Ch. 61 § 008.02 and         Consent Order
Conseco Health Insurance Company      008.03, and Neb.Rev.Stat. §§44-1539, 44-           $1,000 admin. fine
(IN)                                  1540(3) & (4). Violated standards for prompt,      01/08/08
                                      fair, and equitable settlements; failed to adopt
                                      prompt investigation and claims settlement
                                      standards; and violated the Unfair Insurance
                                      Claims Settlement Practices Act.

                                      Administration of In-Force Deferred Annuities
                                      The Nebraska Department of Insurance has recently been made
                                      aware of an issue relating to improper administration of annuity
Many annuity owners prefer to leave   contracts. It is common for deferred annuity contracts to specify
their annuity in the accumulation
status, but we are concerned that     annuity dates, annuity commencement dates or maturity dates.
doing so without permission or an     The problem brought to the Department’s attention is that some
amendatory endorsement, if            insurers are leaving the annuity in accumulation status after the
applicable, violates the terms        scheduled annuity date without obtaining permission or an election
of many contracts.
                                      form from the contract owner. Although the Department recognizes
                                      that many annuity owners prefer to leave their annuity in the
                                      accumulation status, we are concerned that doing so without
                                      permission or an amendatory endorsement, if applicable, violates
                                      the terms of many contracts. Some contract owners may not fully
                                      understand their options and would not know when the annuity
                                      payment phase begins.

                                      For instances where annuity contracts permit the owner to change
Insurers should not assume that       annuity commencement dates or settlement options prior to the
the absence of contract-owner
communication requesting annuity
                                      contractual annuity commencement date, the Department expects
payout indicates a willingness        insurers to communicate with contract owners at an appropriate
to keep the annuity in the            time to obtain instructions. In the absence of contract language to
accumulation phase.                   the contrary, insurers should not assume that the absence of
                                      contract-owner communication requesting annuity payout indicates
                                      a willingness to keep the annuity in the accumulation phase.
                                                                                              WINTER 2007
                                                                                                 Page 10


Daharsh Joins Examination Division
Jeanne Daharsh will be joining the Examination Division as a Life and Health Actuarial Examiner.
Jeanne began her employment with the Nebraska Department of Insurance in 2004 as the
Actuary & Administrator of the Life and Health Division. Jeanne is a Fellow of the Society of
Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Prior to joining the Department, Jeanne worked for several years in the insurance industry.
Jeanne will transition into her new position during the month of February. She will assist the
Examination Division with the review of actuarial opinions and memorandums and the financial
examination of Nebraska companies.

Accreditation Award Received
The Department received its fourth accreditation award on December 2, 2007, during the NAIC
winter national meeting in Houston, Texas.

Accredited insurance departments are required to undergo a comprehensive review by an
independent review team every five years to ensure the departments continue to meet baseline
financial solvency oversight standards. The accreditation standards require state insurance
departments to have adequate statutory and administrative authority to regulate an insurer’s
corporate and financial affairs, as well as the necessary resources to carry out that authority.

The Department’s initial accreditation award was received in December, 1992.

Financial Examinations Completed During Fourth Quarter, 2007
Cornhusker Life Insurance Company
First Landmark Life Insurance Company
Republican Valley Mutual Protective Association

                                                         Financial examination reports become public
                                                         documents once they have been placed on
                                                         official file by the Department. Copies may be
                                                         obtained from the Department at the cost of
                                                         $.50 per page.
                                                                               WINTER 2007
                                                                                 Page 11


Market Conduct Examinations Completed During 2007
First National Life Insurance Company of USA
Physicians Life Insurance Company
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
West Coast Life Insurance Company
World Insurance Company

                                 2008 NAIC Committee Assignments

                   Vice-Chair Examination Oversight (E) Task Force
                   Member Principles-Based Reserving (EX) Working Group
                   Member Speed to Market (EX) Task Force
                   Member Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee
                   Member Regulatory Framework (B) Task Force
                   Member Senior Issues (B) Task Force
                   Member Property and Casualty Insurance (C) Committee
                   Member Workers’ Compensation (C) Task Force
                   Member Antifraud (D) Task Force
                   Member Accounting Practices and Procedures (E) Task Force
                   Member Capital Adequacy (E) Task Force
                   Member Life and Health Actuarial (Technical) Task Force
                   Member Valuation of Securities (E) Task Force
                   Member International Insurance Relations (G) Committee
                   Member Life and Health Actuarial (Technical) Task Force
                                                 Department Calendar

                                           Feb. 18:       Department Closed – President’s Day

                                           April 25:      Department Closed – Arbor Day

                                                                 —Save the Date—
                                           June 10:       Annual Fraud Conference
                                                          Mahoney State Park (details available at later date)

State of Nebraska                                                                          Prst std
                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Department of Insurance                                                              Lincoln, Nebraska
941 O Street, Suite 400                                                                Permit No. 212
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

22 69 00

   Website: http://www.doi.ne.gov   Phone: 402-471-2201     Fax: 402-471-4610           Hours: 8:00–5:00

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