2012 Middle School Summer Camp by cdssf

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									                                                                  2012 SuMMer CaMp
                                                                    M     i d d l e             S   c h o o l                St      u d e n t S

                                                                  C            ome          join         us
                                                                               our unique camp tucked away on
                                                                  a be autiful and secure acre of land in the
                                                                                                                  for        summer               fun        at

                                                                  Mission Distric t neighborhood.

L   ocated across from historic Mission Dolores and nestled safely in the middle of the
    block behind Notre Dame Plaza, the Children’s Day School campus has one of the
largest outdoor playgrounds in the city. Our sunny campus, bordered by palm trees and
featuring a farm and organic garden (complete with chickens and sheep), gives children a
safe place to be themselves, play freely and explore the natural environment.

¦ C h i l d r e n ’s D a y S c h o o l ¦ 3 3 3 D o l o r e s S t , S a n F r a n c i s c o , C A 9 4 1 1 0 ¦ 4 1 5 - 8 6 1 - 5 4 3 2 ¦ w w w. c d s - s f . o r g ¦
¦ SUMMER C AMP 2012 ¦
                                                               Middle School
                                                               Middle School Camp operates on a daily schedule
                                                               similar to the CDS middle school during the
                                                               school year. Throughout the day, students will
                                                               enjoy morning and afternoon snack, morning and
                                                               afternoon meetings, outdoor time, lunch, art
                                                               activities and much more. Here is an overview of
                                                               the themes interwoven into camp that students
                                                               will explore during each session.

¦ C h i l d r e n ’s D a y S c h o o l ¦ 3 3 3 D o l o r e s S t , S a n F r a n c i s c o , C A 9 4 1 1 0 ¦ 4 1 5 - 8 6 1 - 5 4 3 2 ¦ w w w. c d s - s f . o r g ¦
Session I > June 18 - June 22
Techsplosion’s pixel players: The Great Ma ze escape!
It’s game time! Slap on your adventure caps and get ready to explore an ama zing
ma ze of your own creation. This is a fant a s tic introduc tion to video game design,
where bur geoning techies will lear n how the video games they play ever y day wor k ,
and will leave class with a game they can show to fr iends and family!

passion for percussion!
This fun-f illed percussion camp led by B r it t any Iver son will allow s tudent s to explore
the fa scinating element s of percussion and r hy thm. Student s will focus on body
percussion, bu t will also lear n the fundament als of playing var ious dr ums , mallet s and
percussion ins tr ument s . We’ll lis ten to percussion ins tr ument s and s t yles from around
the globe . This is a per fec t camp for s tudent s to gain awareness of the r hy thms that
we encounter in our ever y day lives , and engage in the excitement of the wor ld of

Session II > June 25 - June 29
Techsplosion’s robot academy: robotic adventures
B uild a LEGO® MINDSTOR MS® robot that walk s on it s own, or a rover that uses an
ultr a sonic sensor to navigate around obs t acles! Challenge a fr iend to a robotic sumo
match and push him ou t of the r ing, or if you’re feeling adventurous , t ake on “ The
Pit O’ Despair ! ” Techies will lear n abou t engineer ing and robotics by using the LEGO
MINDSTOR MS NX T sys tem at this ama zingly fun wor k shop!

SF adventure
This is the week to get of f campus and discover what’s beautiful about San Fr ancisco. Field
trips will include special hikes, secret locations and fun des tinations. Emilie Rohr bach
will lead excur sions seeking tas ty treats, breathtaking views and s tr ange sights.

Session III > July 2 - July 6 (No camp July 4)
Music of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
This camp will t ake a look at how music ha s evolved over time. Student s will compare
music to visual ar t s throughou t time , a s well a s examine how specif ic his tor ical event s
have inf luenced major wor k s . Special empha sis will be on music of the pas t 10 0 year s ,
including the r ise of ja z z and rock and roll, and how cer t ain genres have evolved into
the music that we hear on the r adio today. This session, led by B r it t any Iver son, will
conclude with projec t s abou t what the fu ture of music holds . How will it change?
Where will popular music go from here?

¦ SUMMER C AMP 2012 ¦
Session IV > July 9 - July 13
Traveling artist
The Traveling Ar tist Camp will use traditional and contemporar y ar t to celebrate the
beauty and myster y of the San Francisco Bay Area. Pack your backpack with a sketchbook,
pencils and brushes on one day, digital cameras, microphones and audio recorders the nex t.
Campers will learn what it takes to make ar t and tell San Francisco stories with a diverse set
of tools. Discover how to use old and new media while gaining a fresh look at this amazing
city. See you out and about!

Session V > July 16 - July 20
Media ar ts Met amorphosis
Camper s will focus on photogr aphy and video,
explor ing the technical and creative a spec t s of
light , composition and s tor yboarding. In an age of
fas t moving media , we will t ake time to lear n the
sk ills necessar y to shoot a s tr ik ing photogr aph,
lear n abou t exposure, and explore digit al editing
progr ams using tools to layer and touch up images .
Come ready to rethink how you use your camer a
and tr y something new!

B asketball
One week of hoops , s tr aight r unning, shooting
and dr illing, 9 to 5. Come add new sk ills to your
game . Play in f ive - on-f ive and three - on-three
tour neys and compete in daily free throw, 3 -point
and conditioning contes t s . You’ll lear n dr ills you
can repeat individually or with fr iends and family,
and you’ll have a blas t tr ying to win the silly-
shot competition, the spir it award and live -ac tion
basketball tr ivial pur suit .

¦ C h i l d r e n ’s D a y S c h o o l ¦ 3 3 3 D o l o r e s S t , S a n F r a n c i s c o , C A 9 4 1 1 0 ¦ 4 1 5 - 8 6 1 - 5 4 3 2 ¦ w w w. c d s - s f . o r g ¦
Session VI > July 23 - July 27
Mix par t y Mixt apes
This cour se is an introduc tion to the wor ld of DJs and ba sic music producing. Student s
will lear n abou t counting B PMs , mixing records , a s well as basic recording techniques .
Student s will also discuss the his tor y of DJs , Hip - Hop music, look ing for records , par t y
playlis t s , and pu t ting together mix t apes . B r ing your headphones and get ready to head
k nock cuz this par t y will not s top.

The Wild World of printmaking
Have you ever been cur ious abou t pr intmak ing? Dating back to 1455, when the f ir s t
Gu tenbur g B ible was pr inted, to the present , this session will explore the wild wor ld of
pr intmak ing and moveable t ype in all of it s var ious for ms . Pr inting on both paper and
t-shir t s , we will s t ar t by mak ing pot ato pr int s and will quick ly gr aduate to block and
relief pr int s , focusing on subjec t s from pop ar t and self-por tr ait s , to local cit yscapes .
This session will also include a f ield tr ip to Ar ion Press in the Presidio, one of the las t
t ype foundr y, let ter press pr inting and book binding facilities in the nation.

Session VII > July 30 - august 3
Focus on photography
Discover the world of photography! Learn how a camera works, basic camera controls,
lighting for indoor and outdoor photos, and exposure. Students will also learn how to
use iPhoto and its editing features to enhance their photographs. Deepen your interest in
photography and learn how to better control the pictures you want to take!

¦ SUMMER C AMP 2012 ¦
Creative Writing
What better way to spend those long summer days than penning the great American shor t
stor y? Come join us for a week of creative writing where we’ll discuss the elements of f iction
and learn to craft a successful shor t stor y. We’ll also delve into the ar t of poetr y, exploring
poetic forms such as the Renga, the Villanelle, the Pantoum and the Sestina. We might even
tr y out Shakespeare and write a few sonnets! Once our masterpieces are created, we’ll
compile our best pieces in a literar y magazine to distribute to friends and family.

Session VIII > august 6 - august 10
French Culture and Cuisine
Are you interes ted in French culture , geogr aphy and cook ing tr aditions? Join us for a
s tudy of French regions , focusing on people , geogr aphy, his tor y, lifes t yles and culinar y
tr aditions . We’ll also plan a French menu, go grocer y shopping and prepare the meal
together. Bon appetit!

The Greater Good: Creative Thinking and problem Solving Blit z , par t I
This camp is designed by Ter r y A shk inos a s an intensive, challenging and ener gizing
wor k shop to produce a projec t or ser vice that uses creative think ing for the greater
good. Student s will collabor ate in small groups , engaging in creative think ing exercises ,
r apid protot yping and idea gener ation to identif y a local problem and create a positive
change . They will create pieces of wr iting, a s well a s cont ac t civic leader s , abou t
mak ing a change somewhere in the Mission Dis tr ic t where they f ind there is a need.
The pur pose of this class is to hone in on abs tr ac t think ing and creative problem
solving sk ills and then apply that br ains tor m to the real wor ld. Student s will be
encour aged to continue their projec t s ou t side of camp and possibly in fu ture ser vice
lear ning projec t s .

Session IX > august 13 - august 17
The Greater Good: Creative Thinking and problem Solving Blit z , par t II
This week is designed as a continuation of Par t I (Augus t 6 – 10). Student s are
encour aged to regis ter for both week s to exper ience the entire cour se.

Bringing the rest aur ant Home
We’ll spend the week visiting local res t aur ant s and chefs to f ind inspir ation in
their meals . We’ll t ake that inspir ation and create dishes that can be prepared at
home . Student s will discover new foods , improve their cook ing techniques and
pr ac tice recipes . Some comfor t and pr ior exper ience with k nives in the k itchen is
recommended, bu t not required.

¦ C h i l d r e n ’s D a y S c h o o l ¦ 3 3 3 D o l o r e s S t , S a n F r a n c i s c o , C A 9 4 1 1 0 ¦ 4 1 5 - 8 6 1 - 5 4 3 2 ¦ w w w. c d s - s f . o r g ¦
¦ SUMMER C AMP 2012 ¦

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