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									                     From Discovery to Innovation

  National Research Council Canada (NRC)
and the Industry Partnership Facilities (IPF’s)
       NRC Research Institutes

                                                                                                 Institute for Aerospace Research
                                                                                                 Institute for Biological Sciences
                                                                                                 Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology
                                                                                                 Institute for Information Technology
                                                                                                 Institute for Microstructural Sciences
                                                                                                 Institute for National Measurement Standards
                                                                                                 Institute for Research in Construction
                                                                                                 Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences
                                                                                                 Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
                                                                                                 Corporate Branches (ASPM, CS, FB, HRB, IMSB)

  Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation –
  Vancouver                                                                                                                          Institute for Ocean Technology -
                                                                                                                                     St. John’s

                                                                                                                                 Institute for Information Technology –
                                                                                                                                 Atlantic – Fredericton, Moncton,
                                                                                                                                 St. John, Sydney
Herzberg Institute of
Astrophysics – Victoria,                                                                                                    Institute for Marine Bioscience -
Penticton                                                                                                                   Halifax
            National Institute for                                                                              Industrial Materials Institute – Boucherville,
                                                   Institute for Biodiagnostics –
            Nanotechnology - Edmonton                                                                           and Saguenay
                                                   Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax
                                                                                                    Biotechnology Research Institute –
                               Plant Biotechnology Institute –        Integrated Manufacturing      Montreal
                               Saskatoon                              Technologies Institute –
Making News

         March 12,
The NRC Vision 2001 to 2006

 Recognized globally    outstanding people –
 for research and        outstanding employer
 innovation, NRC will   excellence and leadership in R&D
 be a leader in the
 development of an      technology clustering
 knowledge-based        value through new companies
                         and technical transfer
 economy in Canada
 through science and    enhancing international
 technology.             opportunities
Industry Partnership Facilities
NRC’s - Industry          Partnership Facilities (IPF’s)
 • Past
   – Co-Location until 1998
   – 2 Facilities (IPF’s) constructed in 1998
      • Montreal at BRI – 70,000 sq. ft.
      • Ottawa at IMS & IIT – 35,000 sq. ft.
 • Today
   – 15 New facilities (IPF’s) recently built or under construction
   – 1 Expansion (Montreal 30,000 sq.ft. to be completed shortly)
   – 1 Expansion under consideration (Ottawa 35,000 sq.ft.)
 • Future
   – All 20 Institutes are to have Industry Partnership Facilities
     (IPF’s), with little or no co-location
      Industry Partnership Facilities at NRC
•   St-John’s, Nfld - IOT
•   Sydney, NS - IIT
•   Halifax, NS - IMB
•   Fredericton, NB - IIT
•   Moncton, NB - IIT
•   St-John, NB - IIT
•   Chicoutimi, PQ - IMI
•   Montreal, PQ – BRI
•   Montreal, PQ – IMI
•   Ottawa, ON – IMS/IIT
•   Ottawa, ON – SIMS/IBS
•   Winnipeg, Man – IBD
•   Saskatoon, Sask – PBI
•   Edmonton, Alta – NINT
•   Penticton, BC – HIA
•   Vancouver, BC – IC
•   Victoria, BC - HIA
NRC - Industry Partnership Facilities
are primarily Technology Incubators…but…
NRC - Industry Partnership Facilities
Technology and Business Incubators
• Facilities that aid the early-stage growth of technology-based
  companies by providing
• Technology
   – Access to Space (Offices and Labs)
   – Access to facilities (Researchers and Equipment)
   – Shared services
   – Tenant entry and exit criteria

• Business
   – All of the above plus…
   – Mentoring and networking
   – Young Entrepreneurs Program (New)
   – Business consulting assistance
   – Plus plus plus
           is a business

The basic concept is to
Meet your client’s needs
Success will generally follow
  From Discovery to Innovation

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