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					                       I can identify political leaders and
                       their duties
                       I can identify the districts in
                       which I live
                       Entry Task: What is the final step in a
Political Experience
•School Board             Bill becoming a Law?
Meeting Feb. 28th

                                 February 16, 2011
                       • Political Leaders
                       • Flash Cards

                       Exit Task: How are your flash cards

 Who are our political
White House

• President Barack Obama (D)
  – 44th President of the United States
• Vice President Joseph Biden (D)

• Speaker of the House
  – John Boehner (R)
• Secretary of Defense
  – Robert Gates (R)
• Secretary of State
  – Hilary Clinton (D)
• National Security Advisor
  – Thomas E. Donilon
United States Senate

• Sen. Maria Cantwell (D)
• Sen. Patty Murray (D)
United States House of Representatives

District Representative (Party) Hometown
• 01Jay Inslee (D) Bainbridge Island
• 02Rick Larsen (D) Everett
• 03Jamie Herrerra Beulter (R) Vancouver
• 04Doc Hastings (R) Pasco
• 05Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) Deer Lake
• 06Norman D. Dicks (D) Belfair
• 07Jim McDermott (D) Seattle
• 08David G. Reichert (R) Auburn
• 09Adam Smith (D) Tacoma
8th – Dave Riechert (R)
9th District – Adam Smith (D)
   Washington State

• Governor Christine Gregoire (D)
    Washington State
• Brad Owen, Lieutenant Governor (D)
• Sam Reed, Secretary of State (R)
• James McIntire, Treasurer (D)
• Rob McKenna, Attorney General (R)
• Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands
• Brian Sonntag, Auditor (D)
• Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner (D)
• Randy Dorn, Superintendent of Public
  Instruction (non partisan office)
Washington State

• There are 49 legislative districts
  – Each district has one state senator
  – Each district has two state representatives
  – Senators term of office is 4 years
  – Representatives term of office is 2 years
    25th Legislative District

• Sen. Jim Kastama (D)
• Rep. Bruce Dammeier (R)
  – Position 1
• Rep. Hans Zieger (R)
  – Position 2
    2nd Legislative District
• Sen. Randi Becker (R)
• Rep. Jim McCune (R)
  – Position 1
• Rep. J.T. Wilcox (R)
  – Position 2
• Puyallup
  – Every two years the members of the City
    Council select from among
    themselves, one council member to
    represent the city as mayor and one
    council member to act as deputy mayor.
  – District 3
    • Kent Boyle
    • Don Malloy
  – Mayor
    • Kathy Turner
Pierce County Council
• Pierce County Sheriff
  – Paul A. Pastor
  – Pierce is the only one out
    of the 39 counties that
    DID NOT elect its sheriff
    (until 2008)
     • Due to a scandal in the
       1970s when a sheriff
       wouldn’t step down

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